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I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw (and then purchased) my first piece of Loetz - a beautiful little double gourd vase. I always love to learn more from others, and to share in the joy of our latest finds! (Read more)


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Loetz PN I-7302 c.1898 in an Unusual Color - Art Glassin Art Glass
Japanese Kutani-style Glass vase c. 1880 attrib. to Harrach - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Loetz Gilt Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Legras 'Delft' Hyacinth Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tischer, Karlsbad Enameled Vase with Prunus and Bees, c. 1890 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Crete Chiné Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Smith Bros. Opaline Vase with Crane c.1885 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Triangular Rusticana Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Legras et Cie Gilt Rococo Footed vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Mother and Child Reunion - Legras et Cie - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Very Pretty, Peggy! I like this one very much - especially due to the colors, I think. :)
  2. Phil, when you go in, you go in deep!! What a terrific piece of Harrach! The salamander legs are amazing! (I love salamanders...) and the oak foliage with them is superbly done. And this one has so li...
  3. Karen, I have been loving the teasing going on here! ;) I completely agree with IronLace - Bohemian, Victorian, and possibly UV reactive. And a lovely pair, too! The turquoise blue go so well with the...
  4. I my goodness - I can't believe the story of how it finally came into your hands! It is a miracle it wasn't smashed, and I am so glad you were able to fix the legs. It is a really neat decor, and I am...
  5. Thank you, Peggy. I do believe this piece to be Welz now. Good to know about the feet shape! :)
  6. Thank you, skivatinitz - I appreciate it, and glad you like the vase. :)
  7. Thank you very much, skivatinitz! :)
  8. Hi Steve, that's great - I'll look into your information - thanks so much! I thought you might have some ideas! :)
  9. Fran, thank you! I am glad you think so! :)
  10. inky, thanks so much! :)
  11. Thank you!
  12. Sure thing! I believe the article just shows some examples of Harrach tango, and not all of the items they made.
  13. The shape of this one is great, too! Really a nice piece all around, Ian.
  14. Peggy, thank you; having 'movement' is a perfect description for it! :)
  15. Thanks Sammyz - I am glad you like it!
  16. How fun! I have never seen any Kraliks in this beautiful shade of green - another great find, sklo! :)
  17. Peggy, Brian Severn is, as you may know, very knowledgeable about Harrach, and he wrote an article about Harrach Tango glass. I thought you may like to read it. Here is a link to it: http://www.glassc...
  18. Oh, I have just seen this one! What a pretty, pretty piece! The colors are just so cheerful! It does remind me of Welz, as does the molded basket and the twisted handle. This is really lovely!
  19. Neat shape on this one! I have come across this decor on other Welz vases, too, so I agree with you and Peggy's thoughts on this one as well.
  20. I have never heard Burt's name used in such a way Ian, but it made me laugh out loud! And I love the vase, too! :)
  21. Oh my goodness - 17" tall and almost 20lbs?? That is massive! But also what a stunning piece of art glass. Your photo has perfect light for catching the bubbles and shape of the glass. Crack or no cra...
  22. Phil, I love it when information comes at just the right time and you remember a piece that for some reason catches your eye. And I agree - it is so modern looking that it is hard to believe it was ma...
  23. Oh, the colors are so rich! This is like a carved gemstone, Malkey!
  24. What a beautiful vase; the silver overlay and the white flowers are gorgeous together. It is so nice to see it used for the purpose it was meant for! :)
  25. The silver is almost mirror-like! This is a really beautiful combination of colors - just wonderful!
  26. This is a very interesting decor! Out of curiosity, how tall it is? Thanks! :)
  27. Thanks so much Phil! I have always loved this shape, too, and was very lucky to come across one in this color. :)
  28. Nutsabotas6, thank you! :)
  29. Thanks, Warren! I was hoping for your thoughts! :) That is one of the colors Deb and I discussed as a possibility. She said that to her it is a bit of a greenish blue, and I could see that in some of ...
  30. Malkey, thanks so much! I am so glad you like it. It is on our mantle now, and as one walks by, the colors change constantly due to the shape of the vase. It is really a favorite of mine! :)
  31. My pleasure, Phil! You did very well for £20 - these often sell for quite a lot more! :)
  32. By the way, I have read that Schneider typically did not sign their tableware pieces, so your piece, being unsigned, is very typical.
  33. Hi Phil, yes, your pitcher is by Schneider for sure. I had one in the other color they made - mine was a cranberry color with a very dark amethyst handle and had 'France' etched on the bottom. This p...
  34. Peggy, I would know that color of peachy-pink on the feet anywhere! ;) It is a color I so much associate with Welz. The striped body (slightly opalescent?) on your vase is quite different - I really l...
  35. This is a beauty, Alan! I always like Rindskopf's oil spot decor, and this is a lovely example, especially in the mount. I would never have imagined this to be an oil lamp - good for you on the ID! :)
  36. Terrific vase, Fran! It is really very different. I am not sure who made it, but the white spatter with the foil inclusions, the green threading and the applied raspberry prunts are all really cool. I...
  37. Wow! This one is really different, but I can see it going perfectly with your collection, IronLace! Very nice!! :)
  38. I love the color and texture on this one, Ian. You give a great description of it, too. very nice!
  39. inky, what a beautiful, beautiful vase. I love how delicately she is picking up the little bird, and the expression on her face. It looks like she is helping him onto the branch! I am so glad you foun...
  40. Peggy has a great eye, too, Craig! How sweet of them to surprise you with such a neat vase! :)
  41. Hi Tiurr, thank you, I appreciate your comment! :)
  42. Inky, thank you, that is so nice of you to say! I am glad you like it! :)
  43. Thanks so much, Marty - I am going to read up on him! :)
  44. My pleasure, Phil! I am glad you found it interesting. :)
  45. Thanks so much, John! :)
  46. Those swans can be nasty sometimes - I once saw one attack a man at the Place of Fine Arts in San Francisco! But I think he got too close and sort of deserved it. I'm glad it didn't get you and your v...
  47. Ian, you are right - yours is much more intricate - in the base I can see daisies with a leafy frond - very pretty. Sorry, I was on my iPad and couldn't see it as clearly as I can on my desktop today!...
  48. Oh my goodness - how creative! Your silversmithing is fascinating, and what a worthy project for these lovely vases. Good luck with the engraving process!
  49. Oh inky, this is right up my alley - the colors are amazing. Such a beautiful rich chocolate color and with some of the nicest enameling I have seen on these. I really, really like the enamel pattern ...
  50. Malkey, thank you! I think you are right about the color, and am so glad you like it! :)
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