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I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw (and then purchased) my first piece of Loetz - a beautiful little double gourd vase. I always love to learn more from others, and to share in the joy of our latest finds! (Read more)


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Kralik Burgundy & Gold Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Arts & Crafts Era Bohemian Vase? No.... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Abstract Flower Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik 'Gloria' Bowl Variant? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Blue Martele vase with Aventurine Serpent - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Acid-etched Pink and Green Marbled vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Enameled Vase in the Japanese Style - Art Glassin Art Glass
Baccarat Molded Opaline Morning Glories Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Creta Papillon Vase with Ring - Art Glassin Art Glass
Baccarat Molded Opaline vase in an Unusual Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Who could through out such wonderful books! It was such amazing luck that you were able to save them Alan. Thank you!!
  2. Thank you, inky! :)
  3. It's a beauty Alan - I can see why you were so anxious for it to arrive! :)
  4. Thanks so much, kivatinitz!
  5. By the way, I just came across this vase currently being sold on Ebay as Murano! :)
  6. Happy to do it, Marty! :)
  7. Penny, this is such a beautiful bowl. As usual, your eye for the unusual didn't let you down! I'll have to go look at my Passau books for the shape. I just love this one! :)
  8. Well you have a lot of years on me, then! :) I bet you have some amazing things, olebodie. Your posts here have been a pleasure to see. I am glad you are enjoying glass so much, and I know that a lot ...
  9. Hi olebodie, thank you, and yes, it is very addictive!! These were early pieces I added to my collection in about 2002 or so; I always thought they dated to about about 1900 (very Art Nouveau), so I t...
  10. Hi olebodie, I'm sorry, I made a mistake - I just checked my cabinets, and I have two vases in different shapes from yours in the Burgundy & Gold. The vase I thought was similar to yours in shape is a...
  11. I do think I see 'GOODS' on the label; so perhaps it was a UK or US retailer? Just a guess though!
  12. Hi olebodie, thanks so much for the additional picture. I actually don't think I have posted that particular vase; I have two in this decor, and I'll try to post them soon so you can see them.
  13. As always, your groupings show a great eye, sklo. And they also teach us something - possibilities the designers saw for variation on a theme. As you can guess, I love your last image!
  14. I really like the satin finish on these; you posted a great example, Phil.
  15. So pretty! It is a taller version of a vase I have - 10 3/4" is a nice size! I really like this decor. I'd love the see another shot of the label, too. :)
  16. Phil & kivatinitz, my pleasure! :)
  17. You are right - there are a lot of reproductions being sold out there! Buyers have to be very careful about that kind of thing...
  18. Hi oldbodie, I am glad it doesn't look right to you - you have a good eye! I think that most experienced collectors here would also know the difference, but I am concerned about some newer collectors ...
  19. Stunning, Rick - I am so glad your patience paid off! :)
  20. Fran, I'd lean towards Welz as well...the way the pieces of the colored glass are jagged reminds me very much of the individual pieces seen in many Welz vases, too. Some call it 'decoupage' which I pe...
  21. Unusual - I like this one a lot. Thanks for sharing it!
  22. Oh - I just saw this one - how beautiful! I am always drawn to poppies, and to see them on such a beautiful dark iridescent is a treat. Wonderful!
  23. Beautiful examples, sklo! I particularly like the green inner casing of the first vase, and the really unusual shape of the last! :)
  24. What a great Welz vase! I don't recall having seen one like it before - very pretty! :)
  25. Thank you for the excellent post; the additional vases images that you use to illustrate your point are very helpful and clearly support the attribution.
  26. Excellent post. And how I envy you having being able to spend hours photographing glass at Passau! :)
  27. What a special one - I love the 'leaves' at the top, the molded texture of the glass, and the colors! You really have such an amazing collection, sklo.
  28. Sklo, this is a beautiful decor! I don't remember seeing it before. How wonderful that you were able to find a jar - with its lid!
  29. It is a similar shape to some of there work, but closer to Kralik in form, to me. Rindskopf never polished their pontils this way, and they wouldn't have a polished rim on simple form like this, it wo...
  30. Is the rim fire polished, Warren? It looks from the pictures that it may be.
  31. Thanks so much, Rick! I am glad you like it!
  32. Thank you all so much - I am glad you like 'psychadelic coolness' of this one! :)
  33. Thanks so much, Alan! I do love your biscuit jar; such a nice piece!
  34. Hi Craig - perfect! Thanks so much for showing me this one!
  35. ho2cultcha, thanks so much!
  36. Too funny, ho2cultcha! ;)
  37. Also, I just read through this post, and a vase the same shape as this one is shown in image three. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/195345-quittenbaum-pallme-knig-and-kralik
  38. By the way, it is 5-1/2" tall.
  39. Nice one! I like this form very much. I just saw the same shape, but in a much paler coloration, on Ebay last week. The ribs add a really nice interest.
  40. Inky, what a lovely post. This beautiful piece is so perfect for you, too! You are creating quite an early Loetz collection! :)
  41. Inky, as I always say, you do have the most wonderful eye for glass! I am so happy you found this beauty!!
  42. Wow22, are you in the Facebook Art Glass Collectors group? Anyone can join; Volkmar posted the page there for everyone to see. If you aren't on FB, I can email you a copy of the image.
  43. Volkmar, thank you very much! I really appreciate your input. I'd love to see a picture of the product sheet - I didn't know any existed!
  44. Oooh, I just love Metallin - especially the blues...lovely!
  45. Peggy, that is a really huge compliment! Thank you very, very much!
  46. Thanks so much, Craig. It will always be 'Cabbage Leaf' to me. ;)
  47. Thanks, Alan! I will keep an eye out for your latest prize, too! :)
  48. Thank you, Mac!
  49. The enameling is so fine and graceful - just a stunning vase.
  50. That is very true! :)
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