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I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw I have been collecting Bohemian glass, mostly Rindskopf, Kralik and Loetz, for over fourteen years. I find it so intriguing and beautiful. It all started when I saw (and then purchased) my first piece of Loetz - a beautiful little double gourd vase. I always love to learn more from others, and to share in the joy of our latest finds! (Read more)


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Loetz Art Deco Papillon Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Candia Papillon Vase PN-7492  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Black and White Tri-handled Tango Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iridescent Pink and Yellow Bohemian Jar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Metallrot Vases, PN II-251  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Baccarat Enameled Opaline Vase with Swallows in an Ormolu Stand - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mirrored Pair of Baccarat Opaline Vases Enameled with Roses - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Opalescent Blue Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Rindskopf Teal Martelé Hyacinth Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Enameled Cobalt Blue Loetz Vase PNIII-355 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Wow! The colors and depth to this vase are just amazing. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing it. You have such a wonderfully broad collection, Malkey!
  2. Thank you, Phil - and good luck! ;)
  3. Phil, you made me laugh out loud. :)
  4. Thank you, Malkey! :) It is so different from the earlier Papillon decor - this one is much brighter, and very butterfly-like for sure!
  5. Thank you Malkey - this shape was borrowed from antique Japanese vases, and I just love it; I am glad you like it too. And yes, it was a very special gift - my husband is a sweetheart! :)
  6. IronLace, I agree that the piece in image 3 had either a frog or a lid like your biscuit barrel example - I think they could be the same shape. A friend just sent me a link to another piece in this de...
  7. Thank you, Gruff, I appreciate it!
  8. Wow - gorgeous, sklo!! This is a really nice one - I love the shape and all those deep, rich greens. It is Rindskopf's marbled decor, shown off so beautifully on the vases's form.
  9. Wow - what a gorgeous piece! I love it! I know what you mean about large pieces, but I'd have gone for this one, too! You don't see yellow very much at all, either. Very special and unusual! :)
  10. Aw, thank you, Karen - I am glad you think so!
  11. Thanks so much, rose - I know that is right up your alley! :)
  12. Thank you, sklo! It is very silky in feel, too. I just looked so sweet that I couldn't resist it. I can see one of these it fitting in with your kitchen collection, perhaps - I'll keep my eye open for...
  13. Hi Phil, I agree, and I am so pleased you like it!
  14. Thanks Jericho!! :)
  15. sklo, I completely agree - it needs the flowers, doesn't it? :)
  16. Thank you, Rose! :)
  17. Thanks so much, Malkey - I am glad you like it! :)
  18. Happy new year, Bob. I am so sorry to hear you and your wife haven't been feeling well; we have been battling colds and the flu here, too. No fun! I hope things get much better for you soon. This is a...
  19. This style of ribbing is so tight and clean - it makes these tall sinuous pieces look even more elegant, I think. Very nice, sklo!
  20. I love, love the texture on this one - great color, too!! :)
  21. This is another beauty, Gruff - very nice!! :)
  22. Happy to help! You might want to post it in the Loetz group, too. :)
  23. I'm looking forward to seeing the other jar - sounds interesting!
  24. Yep - Loetz. Mike Moir has a very similar piece shown here: http://www.manddmoir.co.uk/phdi/p1.nsf/supppages/moir?opendocument&part=9 :)
  25. Malkey - your photo of this piece with the organic patterning, sitting in a lovely pool of green moss, is amazing. One of my favorites!!
  26. Phil, I have been learning so much for all the recent articles and article updates on Loetz.com. Great stuff!!
  27. Lovely, sklo! Honestly, apart from the handles, I don't think I would have said these were Welz at first. Such a gorgeous shade of blue, too. Thanks for the education on these! :)
  28. Odd but really cool, right? :) Currently attributed as Kralik 'Humpen' with overshot. It may be by another Bohemian maker, but that hasn't been proven 100% yet, I believe. I am so glad you found this ...
  29. I'm thinking Loetz, too. Let me see if I can find an example for you...really a great piece!!
  30. Wow - these are gorgeous. But the one with the spotting is my favorite!!
  31. Ooooh - this one is very interesting! I have to say I've never seen one quite like it...I have seen some vases with similar pulls at the top, but not combined with these colors and shape. I have no id...
  32. Oh my goodness Phil - what an amazing piece. The very deep red, the feet, and the gorgeous pattern of berries and seed heads - I am in love with this one.
  33. Hi Alan! I've been away traveling due to family things, and just am getting caught up on CW today. Wow - what a post!! That is such a special piece, and right up your alley. I can see why it is now in...
  34. Great post, Craig. I love the image of one vase on top of the other - there is no doubt they are fraternal twins! :)
  35. What a great grouping! And there is the pale pink Welz I had mentioned before - they all look so lovely together. Your pinks are just so cheerful - I can't imagine feeling sad when looking at them. :)
  36. Oh my goodness - I just acquired an example of the same lidded jar about a month ago! Mine comes with a spoon, but I am not sure if it is original to the set. I have found a few other pieces online re...
  37. This is beautiful in its simplicity. I believe it is Victorian, and personally think it could be Bohemian due to the style and casing. I have seen a few similar pieces over the years. While a lot of V...
  38. A beauty! I also agree that it is Bohemian. I love the combination of the organically shaped top and the flowers - really well done. :)
  39. I know nothing of the maker, but this is a gorgeous bowl - I just love it. It's milky blue hues are gorgeous!
  40. What an amazing piece to kick off 2017! And gorgeous photos, Mac. Happy New year to you!!
  41. Hi glassgaga, this is a really beautiful vase. I'd be happy to have it in my collection! I own quite a few Harrach, and I agree with Kevin that it is very likely Harrach. I don't believe it is Loetz, ...
  42. Happy New Year to you and your family as well, Alan! I look forward to your posts in 2017 - happy hunting! :) All the best, Michelle
  43. Beautiful candlestick, and a great excuse to be able to wish you a very happy New Year, Peggy! :)
  44. Terrific post, Kai. I always learn so much from you - thank you for all the detailed information you give about your vases. I always enjoy reading your posts, and the glass education is terrific!
  45. As soon as I saw this piece, I thought Rindskopf Persica, too, so I agree with Craig. But wow, I have never seen Rindskopf glass in ewer form before - very interesting and unusual!
  46. Just gorgeous - and in perfect condition! Thanks so much for sharing this beauty!
  47. What a beautiful, beautiful vase. The details are amazing! Thank you for sharing it!
  48. A very happy New Year to you, too, Kevin!! :)
  49. Thank you, Warren!
  50. My pleasure - you found quite a treasure for only 50p!! :)
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