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Betty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I wasBetty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I was 7 yrs old. You can see the post here. There are so many areas of collecting and I love them all. Each as unique as the person collecting their passions. Onward to learning and expanding!!! (Read more)


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Cats n Fish - Figurinesin Figurines
QT ...Cutie in Initials, Sterling - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Heart pendants 14K with unknown makers marks??? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
10k white gold pendant marked AV 53 ??? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
RS Prussia Mini Pitcher & German Pitcher - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Leaf and Berry Silver Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Great Grandparents - Photographsin Photographs
Great Grandfathers Gold & Ruby Ring - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Modernist Ring by Julius A L Klagenborg 1960's - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sarah Coventry Cufflinks - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Thank you for the loves aura and bladerunner. EG- I tried to get a better photo. But what happened was I still couldn't figure it out and eventually I flipped the pic to make it like an x-ray and ...
  2. These are nice and you've kept them in great condition. Most times the weaving comes undone or breaks. I'm thinking these may be from the 30's. Just a guess. But hey, we've got a secret for you......
  3. And by the way, silver jewelry is one of the hardest things to photograph for me too as it's so reflective! I try to wear dark clothing when taking the shots. It helps.
  4. Beautiful! And kyra! You are a genius!!! I never thought of doing that and it's simply brilliant.
  5. Thanks for the love aura!
  6. EG...I didn't know they made dogs too! Please post when you can. I bet the dalmation is a QT...haha little plug pun... It makes sense that they would make others as well as cats. Thanks for the lo...
  7. I now know just what you mean. I have learned so much just from being here on this site. And honestly, with much of your collection, my eyes have opened to a whole new (old) world. pretty amazing.
  8. Hi there. It's called a trench lighter and more than likely from the 40's. Search for vintage dunhill trench lighter and you should be able to find what you're looking for. Don't you wish they all ...
  9. I think it was 1975 I saw him play, Shrine Theatre L.A. One of the best venues for sound back then. I believe he opened for someone else but can't remember who that was. He was much better than the...
  10. Thanks for the loves: vintagelamp Mani brunswick nutsy ;) bladerunner22 mikelv much appreciated!!!
  11. Hey Mr. J!!! How you been?! I actually had another cat up with them but it's so tall I couldn't get it to fit in the pic right unless I stopped and took another shot. You see where that's at. Than...
  12. Nicefice, I figured it was time I get a couple different things, other than the elephants I have. Thank you for the love and comment. Very sweet.
  13. Karen, thanks for stoppin' by. I'm not much of a cat person but had to get this one. I have to stop doing that, I have got to whittle down what's already here! It is where I get my kicks tho ;)
  14. No wonder I love this, he studied with Georg Jensen!
  15. Ah, so awesome fort!!! You are so welcome. I didn't even think to tell you to look there, for some reason I just assumed you had already done that! We all know what assume means... ;) So happy t...
  16. Thanks to all that stopped by. This one took a good fall and is not longer happens.
  17. Thanks collecto for the love and bringing it back...thanks to all I missed too.
  18. I remember this! Sooo sad. What's really cool is that my son loves them. He's got a rock and roll old soul. It's great to see.
  19. I had to look at them again and I love their fancy logo sticker. And yes, they absolutely do look brand new.
  20. Hi Karen! Funny, when I saw this I thought to myself, hmmm, that doesn't seem like Karens' style, only to find that was the beginning of your first sentence!!! It is a very nice set though and bet...
  21. Thank you all for the love and comments. I do appreciate your time, I have just had no time to myself to come enjoy all the goodies and friends here. I'll explain a little in my next post. Thanks...
  22. I love it! Very different and pretty darn cool ;)
  23. I forgot to say, from 1840 - 1860. Could be..
  24. LOL! I love your description! I actually believe this may be a bit older than you may think. As soon as I saw it I thought of the Eastlake picture frames. I'm pretty sure this is hand carved, here...
  25. Heyyyy!!!!!!!! I made it back ;) so I could say thank you to all. I do appreciate you all giving a love tap and a smile. Thanks so much.
  26. This is so pretty! How do you display all your pretties? Last time I went to the flea market, I took two matching frames, put them back to back and it worked perfectly as a display case. xoxo
  27. Hi Karen!!! Ya know, I think this is just like some personalities...cut & dry, by no means do I mean that in a bad way it's just like...right there, bam and that's it's. Cut & dry! Love it.
  28. Hi Alan! This is very pretty. That color makes it look so rich!
  29. Hi Lee! Thanks for the love...
  30. Ha ha ha...I just looked one up and holy cow!!! You know that means if I ever do see one, I'll be snatching it up for myself! lol. wow, it is gorgeous. I'm pretty sure you'll find one. Just stay ...
  31. I love this bottle and it's so sad that it is broken. I didn't look to see where you, but this is not a bottle I would forget so I can keep my eyes open for it. Untill recently, I didn't realize j...
  32. Well hi there! Good to see your still posting and enjoying yourself. This is a great painting and I do love that frame as well. It does look like the Eastlake frames, but what do I know?!? I love ...
  33. Hi Rose! I love this color and think it goes with just about any color. Gives everything a little twist. Very nice. Sue
  34. What a beauty! Is that Aquamarine and blue topaz?
  35. Hi Melanie...these pieces are so amazing, right?! They just look so real.
  36. I believe you're right about the time. Check under "trench lighters". I think you'll find something there.
  37. BTW love the tools too!
  38. I wanted to see what this ring was...I laughed to see it was yours! Only you, I thought ;) Okay, I guess me too cuz I think it's kinda awesome too...
  39. Ditto to you Agram.m and as usual, gorgeous and unique!
  40. Could that be for Pandora? I would make a post to ask this question but my camera took a dive! What is the solution for jewelry that has been accidently sprayed with bleach. All silver. I see ...
  41. I just have to add, great photos too. I wondered at first if you had that in front of a mirror. Nope, you have 2 unusual and beautiful vases. I'll check back to see what they are too, love curios...
  42. This dresser is gorgeous!!! I love, love those drawer pulls (a person would have to pay a pretty penny if they were to buy them separately) and the drawers at the top is like the icing on the cake ;)...
  43. I was thinking the same thing...talcum powder. If you have a lot of bottles I think one of the best sites to go to is "Digger O'Dell". Do a search on that and you'll spend a good amount of time ther...
  44. Very pretty, Love that shape too.
  45. Of course Manikin was the first to answer this one! And I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking Schneider or Sherman but they'd both be signed I would think. Phil would know!
  46. She's a beauty!!! I've never seen one like this, I love it!
  47. I imagine these are amazing to wear. I recently bought a pair of earrings that have moonstones, a not so great example of them sadly, BUT...I have to say, they are so interesting! These look perfect...
  48. Great find Karen!!! I'm looking for something similar myself. I love these little pieces af artwork! Happy New Years to you and hope your Adams family x-mas was loads of fun!!! LOL! xoxo
  49. This is so, so pretty!!! Happy New Years to you Kyra!!!
  50. You've got such a great collection of these Happy New Years to you! I have so much catching up to do!!!
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