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Betty Boop, a classic character that spans the globe! Each collection is as unique as the person doing the collecting, with all things that hold a special place & mBetty Boop, a classic character that spans the globe! Each collection is as unique as the person doing the collecting, with all things that hold a special place & meaning to each of one of us. Most of my "collection" pieces come & go now...out with the old, in with the older & better than the last, thanks to CW ;) (Read more)


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House of  Gobel Tea Cup/Saucer & Unexplained shadow - Kitchenin Kitchen
Amethyst Necklace Moonstone? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
South German Vase and Photos - Potteryin Pottery
Snuff Bottle with Cannetille Flowers, Jade & Coral Top - Asianin Asian
Reddish Orange Perfume Atomizer - Bottlesin Bottles
Cast Iron Press for Gigantic Garlic Cloves? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Porcelain Shoe 1940's Nippon Noritake and Roses - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Clear Glass Cakestand - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pidgeon Blood Crystal Platter - Glasswarein Glassware
Large Crystal Serving Dish Silver Inlay - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. haah I was just reading their description, I have heard that name but I was thinking it was watches he was known for. It's just been a long time since I've read up on Trifari...
  2. Hey!!! That's my girl!!! Wow, a pocket watch to boot. And I love you display stand!
  3. This is a fab find!!! I love, love this one. Ok, I have a question for you...who is Phillippe Trifari? Look at this link plz;
  4. At second look, I'm wondering...were the backs changed? I have had pieces that look brand new also that were just well taken care of, but SC always signed their pieces, even if they were Pat pend. A...
  5. Interesting Ken, When I saw these just now, I thought they were like the ones that I have, my G-ma's, that are black...the ones I have are not SC but from Germany! The same pattern for sure...These a...
  6. Hi Phil! I have missed so many of your posts so I clicked on your name and was amazed to see all the beautiful items you have shared! This just so happened to be the first one I picked to comment on...
  7. Thanks to all that stopped by to show the love! I appreciate it very much ;) fleafinder LovelyPat magician1962 fortapache rosieboo101 AdeleC
  8. Martika, thank you for the lovely comment! I know that there is a phenomenon that happens with the camera and a plane flying by the moon, seriously, that I read once and this reminded me of it. I do...
  9. Caper, thank you. When I picked it up I wondered what it was besides being so pretty. It's not a transfer either, all hand done. When I was researching what I thought to be a tea caddy is how I fou...
  10. Mr J, Thanks so much. I always love reading your comments! I agree, very cool reflections! Thanks
  11. I just had to come back to say thank you although copy and paste, at least I got back here and hope you understand. You know how it is when the 'sometimers' thing or the back got whacked at this poin...
  12. Hi there, sorry to hear about your dad. We don't do appraisals here but maybe someone might know something about a maker. Is there anything on the bottom with any kind of name on it? how tall is he...
  13. You are very welcome! Can't seem to sign off here today!!! ;) Too much fun!
  14. Don't know about the maker but it's very elegant Jean. Love it.
  15. This is different! Do you see what I do? A heart! I wonder if the (missing?) piece is a seat for this to be right side up? The markings sound like silver to me, looks like it too but don't know.
  16. I just have to say, very much like cannetille work!
  17. Fab piece! No, I don't think you paid too much. And there are a lot of Yazzies, I think you broke it done and now you know you have a special piece! Unique indeed.
  18. Very nice pair of chairs. I would agree with antique rose for sure. Nothing underneath?
  19. I just can't seem to get out of here today! I love these two. There's something about them, kind of wild looking almost whimsical, yea, that must be it.
  20. Wow! This is amazing, I see why you would want to keep it!!! I think I would want the outer tin to be orig too. Show it off when you're done please. Beautiful...
  21. I don't know if it's got it's own name, probably so and you're right, there's a lot going on there. So much so, I just had to see it before I sign off! ;) Verynice.
  22. These are so very cool. Have you seen the really large white porcelain ones? I'll see if I can get my friend to take a pic of his...There are some that are unbelievably large, especially when you ar...
  23. I knew by the photo exactly whom it was these belonged to ! Do you still have them and or the rest of the set? Love them! And your stand of course...
  24. Wow! What a great story!!! These are superb...
  25. Thank you for the boost! Much appreciated. I wish you all could see this in person, I think is has a different affect! mikelv85 vetraio50 TassieDevil Efesgirl ty
  26. Thomas...I definitely know what your saying...makes you think sometimes, "That's not what I saw when I snapped it". I just think this one is so strange because the saucer and the cup have almost a do...
  27. Ok no problem but I cant get to it right now...unless I didn't delete the pics. I'll check. thank you!
  28. Hi friend, I have a question for you. I have a small pocket knife, 2 blades, open on either end. problem is, one of the blades is broken off, can that be fixed? It's a Crown Imperial. if yes, woul...
  29. Oh wow, this has gotten lots of love! Thank you all so much, I appreciate it more than you know. I hope you don't mind me not naming everyone...I'm afraid at the moment while my back is screaming at...
  30. Oh, forgot to mention about your link...I have no question that it's not a sign for "nickle content' or the like, would this be Scandinavian?
  31. Hi Bonnie. Thank you so much. I would agree with you but...haha I have to say, I think it's original because it looks like it's been cleaned. I don't know how large the photos show up for you but ...
  32. Ms Val, I wish you could see it in person. I have one other piece with moonstones, they are of poor quality I think but this has some of that same thing going on as it moves...the light reflects in a...
  33. Thomas, thank you for the nice comment! Much appreciated.
  34. Thanks for the love Caper, fleafinder and lane...greatly appreciated!!!
  35. Oh kyra! I think this just might be my favorite, so glad it's yours! It's funny, when I see the bug brooches I always think of you first ;) I really love this one!
  36. Yes it is...this did come in the box you found, right? So lucky. It was just waiting there for you.
  37. I actually was thinking Fenton too, not that my opinion here with the glass objects matters because it's just a guess. I do know Fenton used this color.
  38. I see it because you pointed it out, otherwise... I think it's worse when you get home and you, yourself ask, What was I Thinking!!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!
  39. This is absolutely beautiful! It reminded me at first of the old paintings on velvet ;)
  40. A moving story. Thank you for sharing.
  41. You hit the jackpot with your find, without a doubt. Could this one be the first print? It's awesome that you found this instead of someone that is unknowing!
  42. That was supposed to say Well, not Wee...hahaha
  43. Wee look at that! Do you suppose maybe the makers of the dolls? That's really cool and the fact that you ended up with them is so perfect!
  44. Very nice. Can't wait to see the answers, I have some of these too that I would like answers on.
  45. I just saw the link, the black onyx win by far...
  46. Bonnie and I can duke it out for this one!!! hahaha love you Bonnie! ;)
  47. I got chills!!! I'll take it in a second! Black onyx is one of my favs! OMG!!!
  48. I have to laugh because my great aunt was the same way. Many pieces she had were, to me, gaudy. My tastes have changed since then, of course and I wish I had more of the jewelry she had. Sometimes ...
  49. Hi MsC, in this case, this piece is even more special. Most unsized pieces such as yours here were not made to be sold, they were made as gifts to a relative. In tough times, the beholder of such a ...
  50. Thanks for stopping by fleafinder! Much appreciated ;)
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