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Betty Boop, a classic character that spans the globe! Each collection is as unique as the person doing the collecting, with all things that hold a special place & mBetty Boop, a classic character that spans the globe! Each collection is as unique as the person doing the collecting, with all things that hold a special place & meaning to each of one of us. Most of my "collection" pieces come & go now...out with the old, in with the older & better than the last, thanks to CW ;) (Read more)


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Huckleberry Hound Bank in Red! - Toysin Toys
Lady in the Vase - Figurinesin Figurines
Japanese Relish Dish 1925  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Blue & White Trivet France - Kitchenin Kitchen
Cast Iron Shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen
Porcelian Dolls  - Dollsin Dolls
Veterans Day Story by Uncle Frank 1996 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
House of  Gobel Tea Cup/Saucer & Unexplained shadow - Kitchenin Kitchen
Amethyst Necklace Moonstone? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
South German Vase and Photos - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Great work Bonnie! Dang, I can't believe it goes for that much and I was going to tell you I didn't know much either, like you said in the post but I did know that first editions can be valuable! An...
  2. This is a great piece. Wife's grandmother! I imagine that gives it some good age, and these type of 'statues' were used mainly as tobacco advertisements. I don't think I just did a very good job of...
  3. These ARE awesome! I will remember that fish mark too for now on. I saw a copy of the tall one and almost bought it until I saw a sticker on the bottom. I'm glad the sticker was still there, a prov...
  4. Looks brand new too! That's one of the best things about a lot of these...they usually are so slightly used!
  5. Hahahaha that's a great lead in to your post!!! It got me smiling...size can matter in various things. These are all gorgeous and I love your photo! It really works...
  6. That's a good reference from GeodeJem! I love marbles too, it's just hard to decipher them for me anyway. love it.
  7. Thank you all that have loved too. Apologies for the lapse of time, I'm a busy bee ;)
  8. Thank you DFP for the comment. It is captivating, excellent descriptive. Appreciated!
  9. I love, love this's so different and wow, could even be older than me!!! haha Hey Bonnie...question to verify something is actually why I popped on today, I need to double check what exa...
  10. Ah, that's cannetille work too!
  11. It looks to be from Taxco, Mexico to me. haha everyone has a different take on it. It's gorgeous!
  12. Great collection! These are all choice pieces...That's the only thing about marcasite's, they're usually missing, especially in rings but they are always so pretty and really, a missing few are no bi...
  13. What the groove is for is the paint brush. Many times they also sat on a wooden base. It's possible this is jade and yes, it's Chinese, IMHO.
  14. Hey there...this is actually a brush washer. It what was used while the artist was painting. Very nice!
  15. Ha ha you scored!!! Most likely emerald and diamonds. A little cloudy, but none the scored. Love when that happens!
  16. You have such a fantastic collection! This is just beautiful and so unusual. love it!!!
  17. Hi ya Rick! No problem. I have little reminders in inconspicuous spots here and there...I feel like it lightens the mood and things aren't always so serious. Usually when others see the characters,...
  18. Well hello Mr J!!! He reminds me of you so much! I'll see what I can do about that! Thanks as always for the love and comment.
  19. Hi Phil, thank you for the love and comment. I have to agree with you, his voice wasn't obnoxious like some for sure. Oh shoot, I'm singing again!!! Glad no one can actually hear me ;) haha Late r...
  20. Thanks for the info fort, I didn't know that! And thanks for the love and comment too ;)
  21. Dowsn't, what does dowsent mean?! haha sorry
  22. Thanks Karen, dowsn't he remind you of Scott?!!! I'm going to see if I can get it to him so he can post as his avatar! That would be so cool!
  23. I had something similar a few years back. Took it to the flea market I used to sell at and cranked it all day long until someone came by and bought it. It was a blast and everyone really enjoyed lis...
  24. Really nice...the colors blend so well together!
  25. I got Mr Js numbers wrong at first...fixed them now!
  26. These are outstanding! Noritake is all over the place, aren't they!
  27. That was a great year. I loved my real one, a 65.
  28. You know sharks eat through metal right??? He better watch it! Really pretty brooch! Hope it stays that way ;)
  29. It looks really did a great job! These make the best ever bar stools! No matter what size you are they are comfortable, even for long periods of time.
  30. Ah, look at you!!! You did yourself good here...very nice.
  31. Yea but what did you put in the stash spot, eh?????
  32. Sometimes it helps to use a different browser once in a while, or like when you can't find something...It doesn't always work, but sometimes...
  33. Here you go, try this link...there seems to be a lot to look through. It's a starter for you anyway.
  34. Now that would be nice! hahaha I just saw the last thing you tomorrow, your gonna be aweful angry at me...hahaha
  35. I want a green olive on mine!
  36. hahaha!!! Hahaha!!!
  37. That's a very interesting piece. I wonder if the drawing or etching was to be the rest of the design. I'd love to know the results.
  38. Hey Rose, no egg nog now but a hot totty sounds warm and good! Are you singing along Rose??? haha
  39. I thought the same thing...looked like Tiffany at first. I've not heard the name before either, but some of the pieces look somewhat familiar. I can't believe they sold it for that, lucky again!
  40. Wow, that's an amazing horse. Exotic. I'm not so sure Mexican, they decorated more with color I thought anyway. It could be. She sure kept it in beautiful condition!!!
  41. Thanks for the love Jlmam
  42. That's right ho2! We had some great cartoons, lots of character. I still love Martin the Martian!
  43. hahahaha That's a good one Bonnie...I wish I had an excuse like that but no, it's natural! OMG if I don't laugh, I'd have to purchase the whole Kleenex Company!!! (That'd probably be Procter & Gamble)
  44. Thank you all for the love hits! Much appreciated... Ted_Straub Truthisanarrow08 PhilDMorris TassieDevil . bijoucaillouvintage & mikelv85
  45. And so Celiene, are you running for detective of the year ;))) Nice work. And yes, I had seen it on the site about the steins. Repros are ok I suppose, but you would think they would at least put t...
  46. And Look at you Rose! I think I put her on here first, maybe only looked at "lady in the vase" is what my friend calls these, I knew it wasn't a head vase and thought it was large but too small for a...
  47. LOL!!! Katherine! I popped back on to "quickly" (yea right) respond here and was reading thru the comments I haven't seen yet and I got to yours and had to actually L.O.L. !!! I know exactly what ...
  48. Thanks for the loves Bonnie, Caper and Karen. Much appreciated.
  49. Mr J, I so agree. She is such an inspiration to me. It's funny, I should say ironic, when you know things were meant to be or paths were meant to cross for a specific reason. A larger than life typ...
  50. Mani, I laughed when I realized what was happening and thought of you immediately!!! Especially after what was said on your post...still has me smiling. How 'new' do you think she is? She's awfully...
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