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Betty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I wasBetty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I was 7 yrs old. You can see the post here. There are so many areas of collecting and I love them all. Each as unique as the person collecting their passions. Onward to learning and expanding!!! (Read more)


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Brass Amulet/Pendant  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Mats Jonasson Crystal Sculptor Sweden - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hand Carved Wooden Playing Card Box W. Germany - Cardsin Cards
Glass Candy Dish - Glasswarein Glassware
Intricate Etching Folk Art - Folk Artin Folk Art
Repurposed Old Walnut Picture Frame - Visual Artin Visual Art
7 Up Bottle Crate - Advertisingin Advertising
Gold Tone Trifari Leaf Choker - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Native American Zuni Channel Inlay Turquoise and Silver Necklace V & L Dishta - Native Americanin Native American
Carnival Glass Pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Yes, this is very awesome!!!
  2. Love again!!!
  3. This is just amazing Pease!!! What a great piece to have!
  4. From what i see, it looks like an old sewing machine case/holder.
  5. Wow! With the size of that, it's amazing they got out of there with such great film, let alone their lives!
  6. Too big for a garlic press. It's cool looking tho.
  7. I would possibly put a mirror in the top there...
  8. If it were mine, I'd change it up a bit, change to maybe glass pulls, throw some 'shabby' paint on it and make it a jewelry box... but that's just me.
  9. That photo of you is sooo cute!
  10. I love it too... I just wish it wasn't so hard to find matching stones. Too bad I haven't figured out how to replace them to make them all look original. Do you think it's better just to leave them ...
  11. He's sooo cute! And his heart! What size is that anyway? Paperweight?
  12. They sure look proud of all that work they did, right?! I have no idea about the age but it looks like you are right about it being an old car. Very clever ladies, I do say...
  13. Oh my, I don't know which thought I want to say or respond to Good to see you all have so much fun! Your photo, PCC, is just awesome! Then to have Roycroft refer you to what almost lo...
  14. Ok, I'll chime in on this one! I say it's a 'Perkey'...That's penguin and turkey! LOL.
  15. It sure is a perfect fit! I would have never known the difference...
  16. Odd and beautiful at the same time! And how cool is that, Sean hit the nail square on the head ! Nice going Sean!!!
  17. This is a beautiful post. Amazing to have the original box as well! Very impressed.
  18. Tulip???
  19. I would be surprised to find another like this! Such a great find, besides the beauty of it, it's a genuine Trifari "Pat. Pend" Lucky lady!
  20. So pretty. It looks like a Fenton to me. Someone will come along here and give you I.D. on it. I love your profile photo, the swans are awesome.
  21. The color is what attracted my attention too. Vibrant is absolutely the right choice of wording.
  22. Ha ha!!! I just had to come back! And yes, these are what creepy movies and books are made of, for sure. I say go for it. I was checkin out #4 and the fact that all the trees, except the one s...
  23. Really, really awesome! Love popeye and your collection will always amaze me! Take a look at this timepiece!
  24. Yes, I love these. I have my heart clasp posted (I should have linked it here for you) I also should have added the key in the post with it. Maybe I'll redo it...later that is )
  25. That is amazing filigree work! I'll be looking up that maker for sure. Thanks for sharing!
  26. Wow! 1884! Interesting right?! Beats me!!! lol On the first one, the middle one looks like it says 'To' and the last one...does that say 'Ma' and 'Pa'? I don't think those are 'F''s at all. T...
  27. Oh wow, they are awesome to view! I think it's the first time I've seen the heart clasps that are similar to mine. Are the hearts with the keyhole clasps? If so do they open and have hallmarks on t...
  28. This truly is amazing and striking, nice find. Yes, please do show the bottom. Very curious.
  29. I wondered if that's what it was... Looks wicked!
  30. Hi vet! I saw something that reminded me of you: Hope it's still there. (I think Sean had...
  31. Oh what the heck??? This is so very cool! Wasn't aware something like this even existed, thanks for sharing!
  32. Creepy cool. The girls in the first photo have the exact same frown as their mother! Ya know what, these really are creepy, I just went back to see before I wrote more...I don't even know how to e...
  33. Heyyyy!!! I love these and I'm so glad you shared them. I've been putting rhinestones in dice myself and what's so cool about these is that they are truly oldies but goodies ;) I have a questio...
  34. Look like a curling iron to me!
  35. How cute is that!!!
  36. Yes, these razors are nice. Love the deco on some of them too. You do know that the year is on the inside right? I'm trying to remember if that's only on Gillette or is it both? I believe it's on ...
  37. That's an awesome trunk! There are plenty of trunk lovers here that can really assist you with lots of knowledge. Hopefully, they will chime in soon! Welcome!
  38. Thank you all for the love of these cards.
  39. Thank you Vfran! So lucky my daughter lives right across the street from there! I was waiting to see whales jump out of the water like they did about two weeks before. It was soooo awesome!
  40. LOL! you funny too! Hey, I've got some cards from Vegas and I think the others are American Airlines too. They are all from the 50's or 60's. I'll have to dig them up and post...some da...
  41. Thanks for the love and comment Sunny! I think so too!
  42. Thanks for looking and the love everyone. I do appreciate it ;) melaniej Hey, hey T. A.! Good to see you! Vintagefran Elisabethan Radegunder Ted_Straub
  43. Thank you all for the loves! Much appreciated. katherinescollections nutsabotas6 Trey oldandsilly mikelv85 racer4four vetraio50 fortapache Manikin aghcollect
  44. Davyd286, I can agree with that. I really do think it was made to look old. I have had Medallions that were old and the wear was more even throughout the piece. Yea, this one has to be in the "styl...
  45. Thank you kyra. Much respect for your opinion! Always.
  46. Efesgirl, I thought the same thing, but the wear doesn't really mesh right. Thank you for your comment and love.
  47. Funny that when I googled John F etc... I got louie, coco, Gucci and so on but no Hermes. I know louie vuitton has a great site for their handbags, but didn't look for Hermes. Maybe they do. Maybe ...
  48. Hmmm. Could that be one from Flloyd's??? I found a croc bag at a thrift and it said "Floyds Collection" and I can't find anything on that one either. And as you probably know, crocodile is on the h...
  49. It's so pretty. yea, since it's got the silver stamp 925, no gold I don't think but I can't see the hallmark either. If diamonds are good, they do show the colors of the rainbow, but you would know....
  50. This was an amazing artist! Just put his full name in your browser. I saw one there just like this one. You can look on ebay and etsy too.
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