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Betty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I wasBetty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I was 7 yrs old. You can see the post here. There are so many areas of collecting and I love them all. Each as unique as the person collecting their passions. Onward to learning and expanding!!! (Read more)


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Porcelain Shoe 1940's Nippon Noritake and Roses - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Clear Glass Cakestand - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pidgeon Blood Crystal Platter - Glasswarein Glassware
Large Crystal Serving Dish Silver Inlay - Glasswarein Glassware
Mexican Straw Art - Visual Artin Visual Art
Translation needed. Sushi Snack Plates-What are these made of? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Six Sided Antique Glass Fauce Knobs - Glasswarein Glassware
Pen & Ink Drawing-Who's the artist??? - Visual Artin Visual Art
German Porcelain Half Doll / Pin Cushion Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Waterford crystal butter dish and vase ? - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks for the love Japan lover!!! hahaha guess not this one then eh?
  2. Thanks for the love fort and martika!
  3. Hey, I have one of these too! Mine is brown and yup, made in Taiwan! I have the cork too, seems like it's been shoved in a bit. Love the Jaws effect!
  4. This is a beautiful and Rose has it right about TC! Without doubt! We all love having him here ;)
  5. Thanks to all for the loves and stopping by. I really do appreciate it! TassieDevil jscott vetraio50 aura Efesgirl mikelv85 brunswick fleafinder Hope you like!
  6. That's a great story! See? What did I tell you? Anyone that loves and ex's new wife has got to be great!!! haha or even speaks to the ex for that matter!!! (I actually did too, speak to him that ...
  7. OMG I love her! This is right up your alley kiddo...He must have thought she looked like you. she also has that rockabilly look (without the foofoo tail of course)!!! I've gotta get going but I'm s...
  8. I love Cher too! This gave me chills and actually reminded me of Billy Jack. Do you know that a lot of the tourist boom with Native American jewelry was due to Cher!
  9. I love this too. There is so much "wonderment" within it! Is that even a word??? haha
  10. Thanks for the love fleafinder! Appreciated!
  11. Sooo pretty. Look at all those colors!
  12. Very elegant. And of course, I love those roses!
  13. And just to add a little more for you, sometimes you may find one that does have quite a bit of damage but almost like everything else, the rarity of it matters at that time. You just have to know ab...
  14. Ah, I used to have a grip of these. There is a website with tons of info on probably every one made and I can't think of it right now. I recently gave my last green one away, it had a few chips on t...
  15. Well hey there Melanie! How are you??? This is an unusual and very nice bracelet you have here. I'm trying to think if I've ever seen anything similar...I don't think I have. Possible Mexico aroun...
  16. Thanks Trey, I wouldn't know and that's why I stay away from that (your) brand ;) I actually thought you might want that if it were real. People really do lots of fake with Coke. I'd have to star...
  17. Oh yes, these are great! Apple Juice huh? I'll have to remember that. I bet they look fantastic on either a sweater or a hat, like you
  18. I really like these too...both of them! I think the fact that they were gifts' always makes it better! How nice...
  19. Love these! Remember mine? I had to laugh that we have much the same... very cool!
  20. Yes there are! Goodnite...nice to see you!
  21. This is gorgeous K and a grip of great info you've got going on! Very nice. I too find a pinky ring hard to wear but maybe with this one you'll get used to it. Love everything about it and yes, gre...
  22. This necklace is amazing! I just had to see the matching bracelet too...very nice! I'm thinking this may be more than 925, maybe not but the lower you go the harder the metal and to do this with les...
  23. That is so cool that you and martika have the same design! No markings on yours?
  24. Oh! I see that's not your cabinet! haha...
  25. Hi Inky! This is awesome and your display is beyond lovely!
  26. The pic on the right that says Waco looks like it says Blues. The one on the left with a desert scene sort of tells me it's Waco, Texas. And the men...well, I don't know. Kinda spooky.
  27. There's always that ? in the link for this area, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with questioning the date.
  28. There's that lil darling again! Cool sign too. Hey, check this out, thought you might be interested:
  29. You can check out this site too and maybe then you can search for vintage pueblo pottery.
  30. Such a lucky girl!
  31. Really nice. I was thinking ashtray too but since it's 7" I doubt it. It's too short for that I would think.
  32. Very can just about see it glowing green without the black light!
  33. Awe...these are so cool! I could just walk around and read those all day long!
  34. Have them check to see if it's gold while you're at it. The "winder" I believe is called the crown. The button there doesn't push down? Pretty cool item.
  35. I have a little owl I'll post. It's really cute.
  36. This is gorgeous! If I'm right, you'll need to check that price for today's market. I believe it's a lot higher than that!
  37. Outstanding!
  38. Thanks for stopping in and loving; Manikin edkal65 Ted_Straub SEAN68 inky ho2 Recordmantime I appreciate the support!
  39. Great bag. Great story too. I love seeing things, whatever they may be, go full circle!
  40. Thanks again to all. I smile every time I see these pieces from my Great Aunt. I hope she's smiling too! Thank you!
  41. Oh this is absolutely beautiful. And yes, he is very detailed, I almost can see him at work...I'll have to look up his work and guess at which one you are looking forward to ;) Gorgeous shape and co...
  42. Well hi there! These are all beautiful! I've got my one and even tho it may be from China, I do still love it but if I saw these out there I'd probably want them too. It's so good to be here on CW ...
  43. Love this guy! He's great in concert.
  44. This is awesome! I hope to find one of these one day. I will keep my eyes peeled for one for sure.
  45. It is a real stunner!!! I love it...
  46. I wondered if these were newer but in looking at the did a great job with them. The link is long and I did see some very similar, you'll just have to sort through them. Here you go, if ...
  47. T. A. I have one more question for there a date on one of these papers that you can see? Thnaks.
  48. OHHH, I just looked up Kasutera and I have had this, my bro and his girlfriend get these cakes for my mom every holiday. Well, they are...different? It takes a moment to get used to the texture and ...
  49. T.A. ! So you ARE still here!!! Perfect and thank you very, very much for the correction. I should have replaced the photo of the foil sticker as I don't think the lettering came out well enough an...
  50. Thanks for the love Sean. Much appreciated.
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