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This is a set I created for my niece to wear at her wedding two weeks ago. I was honored at this unexpected task, as it had been a long time since I had made anythiThis is a set I created for my niece to wear at her wedding two weeks ago. I was honored at this unexpected task, as it had been a long time since I had made anything. She fell in love with it & I have to say, I was quite pleased as well. I love unusual things & instead of collecting as before, I find myself on the selling side. Unless, of course, I choose not to...Always on the hunt! (Read more)


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  1. Much smaller than the R.B. but tons of great deals there...check out sp# 31-33 :)
  2. Great Graphics and condition too! very cool!
  3. Pasadena City College aka PCC. The first Sunday of the month...just wondering.
  4. What an amazing collection you have here pops! The designs on each are so different and special...none of which one would find in today's market! Wow.
  5. Amazing! Glad you shared this...
  6. Hey Nusty!!! It's you :) Love these, so pretty and shiny! Love all the colors.
  7. Unbelievable! I have a bracelet that matches this!!! And how far away are we?! Wow, that's very cool!
  8. Agree w/Virginia, looks like you did good!
  9. Zowie, mine has been doing the same thing. I don't know if this will help you but I hope so, if the problem is when you go to add your photos you have clicked and you think your options are not ther...
  10. Hi Zowie, I'm wondering if this is the piece you were talking about? Yes, for sure silver is 835! :)
  11. Hathale is the signer of the Navajo tribe.
  12. Looks like you spent a bit of time there! Do you also go to PCC?
  13. thanks for the love Hunter!
  14. Thank you inky, I have to agree with you on that :)
  15. Oh wow! These are beautiful!!! And once again, fantastic photos!
  16. This looks to me like a Kewpie Doll, but you'll have to wait for Manikin to tell you what it really is :)
  17. Thank you Sean!
  18. Thanks for your input Scott :)
  19. Riply, I just got the chills, I know someone/something of what you are speaking about!
  20. Yea, something that really pops! Awesome!
  21. The depth in this is really cool!
  22. Thank you for the love kyra!
  23. Thanks all for the loves!
  24. Thanks Zowie. I have been dealing with jewelry for a long time now and don't necessarily remember the 835, but that day I commented I saw on-line saying it was gold. After I posted that, I had secon...
  25. Thanks Mike, Vet and Phil!
  26. Thank you AR and racer, you always make me laugh...I can picture it now :! lol
  27. Love the splash of colors! Will look great on your table!
  28. Thanks mike and Belltown for the loves :)
  29. Thank you Phil, it means a lot to me coming from you as my uncle Frank was also a great photographer, and so are you!
  30. Thank you agh for your love, back at you for sure!
  31. Thank you miKKo for your kind comment, and you are right too, I was very fortunate and still feel that way for having such a great example to look up to!
  32. Yes Karen, you are right on the money there...tears came to my eyes when I read your comment! So soft spoken and such a joy to be around. I suppose he was my hero! He taught me how to paint with cu...
  33. You're welcome Jewels. I'll post a couple smalls for you soon...keep your eye out for them :)
  34. Awesome photo with great memories...and Excellent work by Phil-as usual!!!
  35. Under valued then is a great thing for you, right?!
  36. Thank you for the loves Jewels, mike, geo & agh
  37. Thank you Ms Mani for the love and the comment. They surely don't make even the simplest of things the way they used to...
  38. Thanks Karen, lol...Just something I did on my own. No one in my family ever kept anything I can think of. Especially like this. I'm telling you, when I saw the 7yr old card, I couldn't believe it ...
  39. Thanks Jewels!
  40. I just knew these were yours when I saw them!!! Clicked to check myself, and yep! I was right...very nice austro!
  41. Oh Phil, that is just the coolest!!! It gets a love, love from me :) I can't seem to find your email you sent me :(
  42. Thanks for the loves: mike, racer, vet, pops &'s a nice thing!
  43. And T.Y. Nutsy for your comment and love, shoot me your email.
  44. Yes, AR, I forgot to mention I thought it was a 70's item as well! Thanks for the love and comment!
  45. This is cool too! Did you know that some of those thimbles are actual gold? I have a gold one and a silver one. Tiffany & Co. made some that are very valuable!
  46. She's a cutie!
  47. And yet another piece? Nice!!!
  48. Pretty and I love your photo job, that's the way to do it! Thanks for the tip, hope you don't mind if I borrow that from you :)
  49. Nice set Sean! Too bad about the repair :( Seem to be very different pieces tho!
  50. TC has it goin' on with the glassware, right Mike? Very cool!
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