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This is a set I created for my niece to wear at her wedding two weeks ago. I was honored at this unexpected task, as it had been a long time since I had made anythiThis is a set I created for my niece to wear at her wedding two weeks ago. I was honored at this unexpected task, as it had been a long time since I had made anything. She fell in love with it & I have to say, I was quite pleased as well. I love unusual things & instead of collecting as before, I find myself on the selling side. Unless, of course, I choose not to...Always on the hunt! (Read more)


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Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Pendant, Navajo  - Native Americanin Native American
Pitcher with Cobalt Handle/Rim and Lily's - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Sue Wong Black Silk Dress - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
1940's Olive Green Velvet Handbag "IDEAL" - Accessoriesin Accessories
1950's Faux Leopard Skin Handbag 'DAY SOL' - Accessoriesin Accessories
Illusions perfume bottle, Italy - Bottlesin Bottles
Ceramic Unicorn Head 1950's - Art Decoin Art Deco
Ceramic Wall Plates Kerr? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Satsuma Egg - Asianin Asian
Robinson's of California Mink Fur Stole  - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing


  1. Thank you Phil for the love!!!
  2. Thanks for the loves pops and Jewels!!!
  3. That's a very beautiful set! Perfect together...
  4. Thank you agh and Pat :)
  5. This is really much intrigue with the detail! Does that statement make sense??? lol
  6. Love dragon flies too! Very beautiful!
  7. Really pretty opal Mike. Sure look real to me, especially if they "breathe"...(which means the back is open too) I sorta think it's older than the 90' really don't see much Italian silver a...
  8. Thanks for the loves Vet, Mani & PatSea!!!
  9. ;) Me too, but it's gotta fly the coup! lol
  10. Thanks Mani & Surfdub!!!
  11. OH! and I LOVE, LOVE your Godzilla!!!
  12. What??? You better not go anywhere Nutsy!!! We would all miss you and your posts and your loves and your crazy good comments!!! :)
  13. Interesting! Why are the newer ones harder to find? I'm very curious about that...
  14. Mani & Radegunder Thank you!
  15. Thanks for the loves...I just found out these are Original Arnart Japan Wall Plaques. It also said they were from 1950's and Jasperware. Could that be right?
  16. Oooohhhh! yea, those don't even have a macro, do they? You would thing they would tho...anyway, I'd love to see a clear pic of this, the earrings and your cute little canoe. That may be tribal as w...
  17. I love this photo! You two were havng so much fun!
  18. You're welcome Moon!!!
  19. I can't find the pic of my necklace, don't know what I did with it, but will get it done hopefully by tonite!
  20. Awe! This is very elegant!!! Thanks for posting :)
  21. This is way cool! Is it leather? and what is the name on the top of it? Can you get your loop out and let me know all that you see there? that number you put for a date looks like 19-1743 to me an...
  22. How about a mimosa??? :)
  23. Ah yes, this looks Navajo to me, black onyx stone and awesome design. UGH!!! Is your camera doing what mine is...smoking out the lense too. lol Are you setting it to the macro setting...the litt...
  24. Just by looking at your photo, from the design on the silver, it's most likely black onyx Jewels...did I miss the bracelet? I'll look for it now.
  25. Here's a good one. Don't know why it won't highlight? You could also add the word Chinese to your search. I didn't but be ready to spend some time on your search. This site below tells you how to ...
  26. Yes, I have a while back. In fact, I found so many then all it did was confuse me because I couldn't find one like I had! I will quickly look for you and put a link here, but if I don't find it,...
  27. Thanks for the loves agh, racer, Phil, mike and vet!!!
  28. Thank you Mani...I know about how the Peta people feel. I like to ask them what kind of purse they have or what kind of shoes they are wearing!!! I know, Controversial, but what can I say...
  29. Okay, the vote is...I'm going to repaint these. They are so dull and ugly like they are, that's not dirt or I will repost after! It may be a while till I get to it, but eventually. We'll...
  30. Thanks Jewels and Racer...Okay, I will wear it next time I, I don't really know where the heck I would wear this too. Maybe the casino???!!! Yep, that's it! And thanks for all that great...
  31. Thank you Sean, agh, mike and racer :) The raised embossing is right on the hinge where the mouth opens! On that little tab.
  32. Thank you racer, mike, Jewels & agh. The other photos I have would not upload! Figures, but I really wanted to show where this is stamped so everyone here will know where to look when they can't fin...
  33. Look at that! All over the world, I knew I was right about nothing rare anymore :))) Thank you racer! Mike, agh & Czechman!
  34. I love that you put this story and the picks up! Elvis was quite the 'chunky monkey' by this time...I personally am not an Elvis fan either but I think it's very say what the medical industry and or ...
  35. lol!!! This one actually does fit me, I just want to shorten the hem some if I were to keep it-Maybe!!! I've never worn it in the 5 years that I've had it...That's a real night on the town that I've...
  36. These colors are so precise and really do pop!!! I may be able to find out for you, send me a photo to my email so I can relay it, if you want. I'm pretty sure the answer is on that side!
  37. HA HA HA HA!!! OMG! Ya know??? Only me! and Nusty, don't cha know that because I am the one that would try that, the only thing that would happen is the ink would wash off and the paper would sta...
  38. Thanks Jewels! It's also in great condition! Fun, right?!
  39. :)
  40. I have one similar and the sticker is still on the bottom. It says "ILLUSIONS" "24% full Lead" "Made in Italy" I'll post mine to show you...
  41. Oh Sean!!! I love this clock! yep...this is a love, love too! miss ya
  42. Hi Lee!!! How beautiful you look! And now I know where I lost my nail polish :) lol I wear that same color almost always... These are soooo's a love, love!!!
  43. Thank you PatSea and Surfdub!
  44. Thanks Ron :)
  45. Good job Jewels!
  46. AH!!! I would LOVE to have this!!!
  47. Oh yea, and I think it's really really awesome that the tag is still there! wow!
  48. Oh My!!! I say 1940's... The Department Store Neisner's was opened by two brothers in New York, 1911 as a "five and dime" store lumped together with Woolworths and Kresge's. After WWI, they cla...
  49. This is amazing Phil!!! And how fortunate for you Mani to have this... Just awesome! :)
  50. Here ya go! This link was given to me from Our very own T.A. :) Let us know, when I saw these I wondered about that as w...
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