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Betty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW iBetty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW is here & we can all get together, sharing what we love, laughing & learning. We're all a special breed & I have much love & appreciation for all of you here! (Read more)


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Little Porcelain Zebra - Animalsin Animals
Brass Peacock Fan Fireplace Guard - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Glass Rooster - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cherry Blossom Tree on Hammered Copper Plate - Asianin Asian
Art Glass Penguin - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Pelican Murano??? Maybe???  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Red, White & Blue Kelly Bag - Accessoriesin Accessories
A collection of beads expanding from early 1900's to 1999!   - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Velvet Purse 1930's or 40's - Accessoriesin Accessories
Vintage Handbags 50's 60's Swift Metal Zippers - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Wow! That is really beautiful. I thought it was a jewelry box, I have one very similar, but no...this is a large trunk?! Amazing. We have lots that know about trunks, I'm sure they'll be by to giv...
  2. That's awesome! Thanks, and much the same back at cha.
  3. Wow, I posted her 3 years ago! She's from the family I am speaking about. Don't you think it would be kind o...
  4. It's so amazing that so many of these photos have made it through all these year and look so good. I'm sure you could tell me the meaning or benefit of the photographer signing the piece. Were there...
  5. I just looked again and I don't recall even ever seeing any like the ones with the 'dots/thumbprints'. Really nice Freiheit.
  6. That is a very lovely collection! Maybe someone here has an extra one. Why don't you put the size and shape up...I have lots of extra crystals, not sure if I have exactly the ones you need. That's ...
  7. I recognized this, not that I have been locked up but I did notice it right away and also called tramp art. Hey, better him than you, correct?!
  8. Every time Mr. Limpet came on, I would watch it! He was great on Andy Griffith, always such a clown. You know that Opie is Ron Howard, right?
  9. That is so awesome! You must have seen my comment on...someone's post, I can't remember who's! This is great!
  10. Great story! I'll always remember her for the movie Black Beauty!
  11. Sure is like his! You've got a good memory! I might as well post my vase with speckles or sparkles...I think mine is a lot newer than yours. I just got it because it was so different. I'll wait ti...
  12. Very pretty!
  13. Lol...Alan was all over that one, right?!? He hit the nail on the head... Nice going Alan!
  14. I was thinking W Germany at first, Schneider but then you said sparkle and I also looked at the bottom. W. Germany, at least from the 50's on signed their pieces. I also have one with speckles all t...
  15. Vegas I would think. Didn't he play there a lot?
  16. I like it too. In fact, I always love boxes no matter what they are made of...I always want to know what's inside!!! It looks very 70's by the colors, could be a little earlier. It's got the psyche...
  17. Ho2, it's just spelled wrong. Heck, I don't know how to spell it either...Carousel. There ya go. The thing that goes around and around and has exotic painted horses/animals that you ride like at Gr...
  18. That would be nice for you to find both. I'm sure you will. At first I wasn't sure if it was Mr. Limpet or Popeye! Neither ;)
  19. I was thinking India. ???
  20. Great post vet! Loved the story and you're right, it could be gone forever if in only one persons hand! Good tip!
  21. Seems it's got the shape of a Morris chair, but I haven't known one to be wicker, so I wouldn't know. Look at the underneath parts all over. Looks like it's been painted/redone so you might not find...
  22. have you looked here?
  23. That's from an old Singer, you're right!
  24. wow very nice!
  25. That's a puzzler for sure! I was thinking tealight candle but no...not that. Unless maybe it was to a larger piece that had plenty of those on there and tiny lights were strung thru the whole piece ...
  26. LOL, wow, for not knowing, you sure did well!!! These are all awesome pieces. Where the heck are you located? I want to go yard saling in your neighborhood!!!
  27. Most likely a Fred Harvey Era piece. Which means possibly 60's-70's. Check around to see if you can find a better price for the fix. Efesgirl is right about the repair procedure, but 200.00 seems a...
  28. Hi there. This is a gorgeous piece! Have you pulled out each drawer and looked inside them? Look on the side and underneath of each drawer and also the back and bottom of the whole piece. There mi...
  29. Isn't there something written on the back? I've seen these before where a certificate of authenticity is on the back along with other info. But then you wouldn't have had to ask, right? It's got hi...
  30. New to me too. It's very cool and very well made, possibly a recent piece. Hard to say without a name or symbol. Even that doesn't always help!
  31. Awesome for sure. Glad to see it's authentic and so beautiful!
  32. This is gorgeous and has been well taken care of. It looks like petite point stitching and also you can tell a lot just by how many upholstery tacks were used. This is definitely not inexpensive. W...
  33. Interesting. Some kind of wedding vase probably. Can you give the measurements?
  34. Here's one of mine. I gave it to my dad, he loves it! You might want to turn your bear around, easy to displ...
  35. take a peek at the cost of this one! And it really doesn't show that well on that site.
  36. You are so welcome Alan, you have learned so fast about all the glass and your collection has come such a long way. I wish I could retain just half of what I have seen and learned here. You have don...
  37. Hi there, sorry to hear of your parents passing. What you will want to do is turn them over and look at the bottom. Most likely there will be a tag of some sort attached to the fabric. You may also...
  38. You are very welcome ;)
  39. Thanks for the loves Mani, Sean and fort!!! Always appreciate when you stop by!
  40. Karen, and all others as well, I apologize and should have marked this as "Solved" as soon as I read Karen's comment. I must have forgotten that I had marked it as unsolved in the first place. Ros...
  41. Oh hey, that's a very nice surprise then. Glad it wasn't a marriage...could have ended in divorce! haha... This is a very pretty piece. I love the gold specks, makes it spark!
  42. Thanks for the love everyone. I appreciate you stopping in! Ted_Straub fixitjmc Manikin SEAN68 Pickaboo Radegunder JImam brunswick
  43. Thanks Rick for the love and comment. And that's exactly why I pretty much stay away from glass items...he looks so lonely in the photo. Maybe I'll pick up just one more ;)
  44. Thank you all for the loves: Vintagefran Ted_Straub Manikin SEAN68 Rick55 JImam brunswick vet Always appreciated!
  45. Yes, I was only hoping it wasn't Rick. He's still good and not a pocket breaker! Actually, you can tell it's not Murano because the little fish is not perfect. Murano = perfection!
  46. I remember these! You're probably going to hear a lot of that around here... ;)
  47. I bet you may have brought home another since this post! These are awesome!
  48. I'm surprised that you don't have shelves over your windows! I love your puppy!
  49. Aren't these awesome! You got a slammin' deal there. Slammin!
  50. Here's one and it may not show yours, just put the word antique before you complete your search query and whatever area you want to search.
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Boch Freres Yellow White Floral 1930s Art Deco Faience Cracker Box


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