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Betty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I wasBetty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I was 7 yrs old. You can see the post here. There are so many areas of collecting and I love them all. Each as unique as the person collecting their passions. Onward to learning and expanding!!! (Read more)


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An old oil painting on what? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Per Lutken? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cats n Fish - Figurinesin Figurines
QT ...Cutie in Initials, Sterling - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Heart pendants 14K with unknown makers marks??? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
10k white gold pendant marked AV 53 ??? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
RS Prussia Mini Pitcher & German Pitcher - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Leaf and Berry Silver Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Great Grandparents - Photographsin Photographs
Great Grandfathers Gold & Ruby Ring - Victorian Erain Victorian Era


  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest a charm bracelet, especially since you love your bracelets!
  2. Nice brooch! I think you're on the right track with the Danish modern. They used 830 Sterling a lot, there are so many makers it can be hard to place. I'll take a look to and see what I find.
  3. Hi kyra! Lovely piece, has me a bit puzzled too. I would think by mark, Native American, but the style is more A&C. I love it tho. Very interesting. Yes, I've seen Worthpoint too and will not s...
  4. I can ask a friend for you, if you don't get an answer here. I'll do my best to get back in a couple days to see ;)
  5. So worth the $40 even if they are "Japanese"! Haha ha I love your moment by moment description! If she only knew who she was talking to...OMG! These are spectacular!
  6. I'm with Karen on these! Nice choices.
  7. vetraio got me started! Check this out: just scroll to see his drawings...
  8. These are just gorgeous! I'm finding I love this color too ;)
  9. Very nice finds nutsy! Dragonfly just happens to be my animal totem ;)
  10. Wow. It's pretty amazing. I would imagine too that it would be worth quite a bit.
  11. I stayed up there too for a minute. Seems a lot of people just walk off without their belongings. Kind of cool being on the receiving end of that. There are a lot of sites you can look at...just go...
  12. I would think if it's an original, you scored. I would imagine Walt himself did do this and I wonder who Charlie is???
  13. This sure caught my eye! What a beauty. Love all the comments too ;)
  14. Oh, and I was going to say that maybe that "cup" is intended for the knot to be a bit hidden.
  15. This is beautiful kyra and your choice of clasp could not have been better! They belong together ;)
  16. I do know this style was very popular in the late 60's early 70's...but most had barrel clasps. This style did come back, as does most everything it seems, in the late 90's into the 2000's.
  17. These are both so pretty! Can't say I've ever seen those stamps...curious tho.
  18. Hi Ms V! You did an amazing job, I love this piece!!! As I was looking at it, and the ebay linked one, I thought yours was so much nicer and then I see you made it. It's beautiful!
  19. Perfection!
  20. Sa-weet!!! Looks like an NE From.
  21. This is a beauty! It looks as if it has age to me too. Love, love it!
  22. Lovely piece! You will be amazed at all you learn here AdeleC. Tons of knowledge and fun.
  23. Very nice! I can see how this would grow on you. I think I absolutely love this. I already love those colors. If it were on my desk, I'm sure I'd be staring at it ;)
  24. That baby is sooo cute! I don't get to come on very often anymore but I'm glad I got to see this post. A well written and heartfelt one at that. Great saga... I'm going to check and see what other...
  25. thank you everyone for all the loves. Much appreciated!
  26. Wow Rose, this is beautiful! Lots of great info too.
  27. Thanks for all the loves: Peasejean55 aura Manikin fortapache Windwalker antiquerose vetraio50.. Much appreciated!!!
  28. Thank you EG, MFT and martika! Yes, yes and yes ;)
  29. Kyra nails it again!!! Nice going. I have a feeling it was probably done in a class and the person that did this one took an old frame from their home, making it into the easel. I thought white ony...
  30. Karen, I really am, it's so amazing to look at. I have it right here on my desk and I can't keep my eyes off of it. Thanks for the love and comment!
  31. Caperkid, thanks for the love and comment. You should see it with lights in front and behind it. I think this one's a keeper!!!
  32. Karen, my screen is a little off on the color, I've been trying to adjust it...I see you said that they have a blue tint and that makes me wonder, could they be Tanzanite? I know I was looking at the...
  33. Ok, I will... I was in a different thrift than usual today, yea! I got to get out!!! Anyway, this place wanted $ 5.00 for a spatula! An old one, which is great but 5 bucks, come on! You're right, ...
  34. This is very pretty!
  35. Thank you for the love Geode.Jem. Much appreciated.
  36. Oh wait, haha that jewelry box is most likely old, I would say. Someone has just taken very good care of it. I have some very cool old jewelry boxes from Japan and that wasn't an unusual color, so ...
  37. EG, what's happened is the world of on-line purchasing! They are keeping the best and selling them like so many others. Their shipping fees are astronomically ridiculous! (sorry Karen, I'm leaving ...
  38. Pssst! Mike, there's another store close by, maybe even closer that is calling your name!!!
  39. That same thing grabs me too!!! I was just going to look for you to say hi but I just had to stop to see this brooch! haha so HI!!! I believe the 950 is silver content. Platinum is 750. Stunnin...
  40. Thank you aura for the love!
  41. Hi EG, yes they do and I think this is one of them. It would look great in a kitchen full of copper! Thanks for the love and comment. Did you live there long?
  42. 12??? How awesome is that. You keep her very healthy, she looks great! I bet she's the sweetest thing!
  43. Thank you robin56 for your kind comment. Always appreciated!
  44. Thank you agram.m it's officially Turkish ;)
  45. Rick55, you called it! Actually, when they do paint it, they use enamels, some plates have many colors to them. Thanks.
  46. This just reminded me of the copper plate I have listed and just found out today what it is, yours here looked the same but I see it's glass. Same region though. I LOVE your puppy! Soooo cute!
  47. Thank you for the love Trey. Keep watchin' for the 3rd part of this saga!
  48. Hi Vintage Fran, yes...George is the bossman! Thanks for your kind words ;)
  49. Hi J, well, I'm sure you've read the update on top by now. Can you even believe this??? This is how so many things go for me. All I can do is laugh. So if I ever post something and for the descrip...
  50. Kyra, thanks for the support. That nail polish really did work, I just didn't want to damage the key so I sent it back to George. Now I'm a bit scared to see what it all looks like but thank goodn...
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