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Betty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW iBetty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW is here & we can all get together, sharing what we love, laughing & learning. We're all a special breed & I have much love & appreciation for all of you here! (Read more)


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Japanese okimono figurines & Danish Vikings - Figurinesin Figurines
John Perry Walrus Figurine - Animalsin Animals
1965 Chevrolet Pick-up - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Hand Made Linen Tablecloth - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Marble and Onyx Fish Decor - Animalsin Animals
Fenton Glass Vase or Not Fenton??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tortilla Warmer 1970 Mexico - Kitchenin Kitchen
White and Blue Ceramic Fish Japan - Kitchenin Kitchen
Little Porcelain Zebra - Animalsin Animals
Brass Peacock Fan Fireplace Guard - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. These are really pretty beads, nice job fixing too! Would match the dress I just put on ;) Hot right?! What is it 90 degrees???
  2. bill- great find...
  3. Wow, nice friend...that ought top brighten you day ;) These are all nice, I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite!
  4. I have a better answer for you...Put your fingers at your pull, what do you see!!! hahaha Sorry but I just had to say that!
  5. I shouldn't be such a smart a__!
  6. I get it! The glass does the same thing to me... It's like I know it's not Murano, yet I purchase it anyway! The price has always been right for me too so I have no regrets after. I think with Mura...
  7. Thanks for the love BB2!
  8. Now how much did that help??? haha sorry!
  9. These are both very pretty! Especially since you love this type of jewelry I think they are both great choices for you. My guess would be ivory but it's hard to tell on my screen, the photos are not...
  10. My kids dad had one of these when we got married way back. His had the short bed on it too! It was a great truck!
  11. That's all it takes then...wait a minute, ya'll must have SOMETHING in common!!! Bet I know what that must be ;)))))
  12. I always wonder how he knew so much too! Photographic memory I tell you ;) I have so much glass I could keep him busy for days!!! ;
  13. I was wondering if nutsy saw these!!! I love the simplicity of the leaf.
  14. PCC has it right! Tongue oil would probably be your best bet. This baby is thirsty!!! But very beautiful, it just needs the TLC done.
  15. Thanks everyone for stoppin by and hittin the love!!! EJW-54 mikelv85 thegatherer - love that name! I gather too ;) swampdogg vetraio50 Caperkid buckethead nutsy officialfuel brunsw...
  16. Spirit Bear, I'm lucky to have a guy here that can fix just about anything! I just have to keep him away from my vintage and or antiques. He always wants to 'clean' them!
  17. Thanks Ted, Yes sirrreee Bob!
  18. bcv, I am already havin' fun but thanks so much!!!
  19. So BB2, what kind of wax would you suggest??? hmmm, I'm scared of your answer now HA
  20. Thanks Roycroft, pickem up I will! ;)
  21. Rose, I will try to call her Jezeabel, mostly tho, when I'm callin' my vehicle a name, it's not so sweet!!! haha You wouldn't need a hint on that, now would you?!?
  22. You got it inky! Would love to have you along!!! Thanks for stoppin in!
  23. That def could be a ladle. You haven't said what size it is...
  24. Hey ya...You know, it may even be from a ladle because it does look rather large. Sometimes sellers to tell some tall tales too because they just don't know but don't want you to know that. BUT I w...
  25. That's different for around here! It's a porcupine right? I just find coyotes trying to eat my pit bull!
  26. Heck yea ms mani...I'll be making my rounds for sure!!! You're next! ;))) then we can just pick up everyone else along the way!!! YeeHa!!! I'm so happy with this. Of all my old cars I've never really...
  27. Apologies to those I haven't thanked yet! I've been on the road all day and every time I think I have a minute to say thank you for sharing my enthusiasm, I get interrupted! I promise I'll be back l...
  28. Brutalist??? haha I just wanna know. ;)
  29. Very pretty! Love that blue and silver (or is that white gold) and then the yellow gold!!! Can you tell me, what is this look categorized as...modernist? minimalist? I honestly don't know and woul...
  30. Looks like I've loved this before, but I'm back!!!! I hope you are wearing this proudly. It's just amazing!
  31. Thanks fort for the love! Much appreciated...
  32. LOL! I LOVE that first one...always in great humor you are! love it!
  33. I love owls...I guess I keep hoping they will make me wiser! LOL!
  34. hahaha how fitting is this?!? Too cute!
  35. This is great! Nice that it's found you to care for it so well ;)
  36. I don't think I've ever seen the bear! My sister in law collected these. She had tons of them...I agree, pretty cool!
  37. Wow, I thought it was beads! This might actually be called petite point and that's even better than needle point!
  38. That's a hard call on what it should be...looks like there are missing parts from the top and the bottom of the handle. In fact, I bet the lid was attached to the handle at one point, but hey, a nice ...
  39. Awesome...I have some old bottles you can rescue right here!! haha I think the one that says TONI is hair dye. In fact, it looks like you have two bottles from hair color. Maybe some old model pai...
  40. I like this design too. PA Dutch style.
  41. I've got some of these, rectangle ones though...mine don't have lids either! And look how close you were to the age! We all wish we knew about dinnerware glass like TallCakes!!! Glass period. He m...
  42. Now I'm thinking I should have told you not to get rid of this. So I'm back to say that. Just hang on to never know!
  43. Yes, they do mark their pieces. Or I should say did even back then, most of their pieces were marked. I've actually sold quite a lot of W German Pottery and your piece here is nice although I have t...
  44. I think you guessed that right. There was probably a little trinket jar that went with it...something to sit on a vanity. It's pretty!
  45. Can you get a close up photo of the signature. In the 2nd photo, it almost looks like wall paper but I doubt that. I also thought it was toll painting (not spelled right) but I don't think that eith...
  46. Try searching Eastlake furniture too. That's basically Victorian...
  47. It has a gothic appeal to me. It also looks like it has been reupholstered but you might still find something underneath. A tag, markings on the wood...take a peek there and see what you can find.
  48. Manikin might know about this. I think it's from the 50's or 60's. Hopefully she will be along soon to let you know more.
  49. It's a beauty. What you can do is look underneath, it may just have a tag or marking under there. Look and the back of the wood, the legs too. I can tell you that by seeing how many upholstery tack...
  50. As I was looking at it I wondered if you got ahold of these all at once! Awesome!
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