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Betty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I wasBetty Boop, a classic character we all know! I love collecting in many different areas. I realize now that it all started with birthday cards I received when I was 7 yrs old. You can see the post here. There are so many areas of collecting and I love them all. Each as unique as the person collecting their passions. Onward to learning and expanding!!! (Read more)


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Bronze Cowboy Boots 1959 - Shoesin Shoes
Classic 1950's Baby's Room Decor - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
1950's Vase with Birds from Japan - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Amber and Sterling Heart Pendant - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Cattails, Lilypads and a Bronze Frog Sculpture Attributed to Curtis Jere - Visual Artin Visual Art
1950's Las Vegas Boomerang Ashtray on a Chrome Stand - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Bronze Ballet Dancer by Bodrul Khalique - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Bronze Desktop Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
A little Tiffany Heart and Bead Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Set of three Kokeshi Bobble-heads from the 50's - Dollsin Dolls


  1. I was thinking these were newer too. But you say they are clip? You might be able to tell that I don't shop in the stores much...well, thrift stores maybe I supposed they do still make the...
  2. Really beautiful!
  3. What's funny to me about it is that I had never seen one either and now there are two with in as many days! That's what I meant by funny!
  4. This is so funny! One of these was just posted recently. Tall Cakes says: Boiled egg topper!
  5. What a great way to keep your treasures! Airtight, won't get damaged and yes, you can see them all the time! Awesome and awesome collection!
  6. Just gorgeous! I wonder with the specific color stones if this was somewhat of a "mothers ring" in the choice of stones? Really awesome.
  7. Yes...bronzed. After seeing these, I just posted a pair of cowboy boots that belonged to my brother.
  8. Thank you for the loves, Gillian inky blunder vetraio Shaik, Trey & Ted. All appreciated!
  9. Thanks Sean.
  10. Thank you Rick for the love and it for a song and a dance! haha scuze the pun...
  11. Thank you for the loves: Ted Trey ShaikCorso Rick Always appreciated!
  12. Rick, trey and Ted Thanks for the loves ;)
  13. Thanks for all the loves! I knew this one was a keeper! Ted_Straub loves this. TreyTrey loves this. Roycroft melaniej Manikin mikelv vetraio
  14. Karen...10 bucks. Easy choice.
  15. Karen, those counters are easy for me to be near, it's when I get to the glass, I find my blood pumping! Seriously...I think it's because I just don't know what's what. I'm trying to learn though ;)
  16. Nutsy, you are so welcome...I mean what I say!
  17. Thank you kyra! Special coming from you ;)
  18. Mike, Ted and Sklo thanks for stoppin' by and giving loves ;)
  19. Nutsy, I was surprised to see that too. I just could not leave without it. Thanks friend!
  20. Thank you for the loves Kerry, Mike and of course...Nutsy!!! Always appreciated.
  21. Thank you Virginia for your sweet as always comment! I hope you've been well ;) miss you!
  22. Hi Katherine. This is a great piece of art but the reason I'm commenting on it is because I was looking for a painting (or print) I thought you posted not long ago that was of a Native American male ...
  23. Ok, I'll see if it's still there. I know it doesn't look new and of course I don't know all products but I do know sometimes things are made to look old. We shall see.
  24. Thanks for the love vet. Always appreciated!
  25. Thanks for the love Trey. I'm going to get to that Coca Cola thing I have that I told you I'd post a while back. Hey! I guess my memory is coming back...only in spurts tho.
  26. Awe, thanks Mani! xoxo
  27. Did you post that awhile back? Sometimes I wonder just where it was that I left my what??? Now I have to look to see if you posted it. By the time I get there I will have forgotten what...
  28. Hmmm. I looked at a few peoples posts that I thought listed 2, but couldn't find it. When the other did post, I looked at that specific site and they did come as a pair. Possibly came single too. ...
  29. Thanks for the loves Trey and Vet!
  30. Karen, that's what i thought! lol Thx for the L & C
  31. I agree, she's a beauty.
  32. Just curious, does it maybe 'feel' like there might be a makers mark under that sticker? I wouldn't suggest looking just yet. Wait till you see if you get any answers here first. This is really an ...
  33. Wow! That is one nice bracelet. It does say Sterling and 925 which is perfectly fine. That is a different looking sticker and I imagine the stones are onyx. It doesn't appear to be classic Navajo,...
  34. Awesome advertisement. I searched for vtg Jiako advertising. Not the right thing to search, but thought I'd try it. Nothing on this that I can tell but I came up with a lot of Asian writing so I ca...
  35. I love this vase. Yes, it has the Picasso feel to it for sure. Love, love it!!!
  36. I love this! Glad it's on a second or third round!
  37. Love it. I just saw one of these. The design was the same but no signature and I believe the bottom had a pontil mark. I didn't get it because I was thinking these came in twos as I had recently se...
  38. Good job Trey! hahaYour Blythe is like...Daddy! I just want to play with my dolls! haha That sign is in near excellent condition! The other day I was out and saw some signs...all I wanted to do...
  39. I keep meaning to stop in to see this. I think the color is great!
  40. I bet she had the necklace that went with the earrings at some point but I don't ever remember seeing it. Now that would have really been nice, right?!
  41. This is a nice set though your color isn't blue. Maybe soon you will end up with an outfit it will match well with. You know that's how things go sometimes. I believe you're right about the date. ...
  42. He's going to try to blame the pain meds again, right?! lol Jest joking Blunder... At least Blunder is always having fun and he's not mean. Nice watch by the way. Yes you should take it in. Th...
  43. I thought it was Murano Glass Clown too but I've never seen one as a bowl. It's nice who ever made it!
  44. I agree 100% w/ kyra! Good job!
  45. This is amazing!!! I just saw too that it's from 3 yrs ago. So glad I got to see it.
  46. SCORE!!!
  47. This is a love, love!!!
  48. Hi Katherine, thanks ;} -I like my new smile!
  49. She's a beauty! Her skirt looks like liquid glass.
  50. Ah...I didn't realize you're new here. Sorry about that! Sometimes ya get a bit slap-happy. I honestly have no idea what the heck that is. Wow, something that needs a definite grip though. Some...
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