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RARE La Mirada Potteries Quan Yin Kwan Yin! - Figurinesin Figurines
Nuline Wheaton Amber Glass Curved Discs - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who is this doll?!?!  Is she Black or Native American?  Who made her? - Dollsin Dolls
I have no idea what this is ! ! ! - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Cinderella Princess Coach & Four Horses by BZ Originals, CA Pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
RARE! Toonerville Folks Fontaine Fox MINIATURE Comic Strip "Little Brother" Bell Newspaper Syndicate - Comic Booksin Comic Books
RARE! SF Call Bulletin Newspaper Pre-1960's Canvas Paperboy Delivery Saddle Bag - Paperin Paper
1946 Arvin Tablemodel 558 Radio/Phono Combo.  WORKS! - Radiosin Radios
Please help me identify this BEAUTIFUL Glass bowl! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian??  I saw the posted Peacock like this... 


  1. Looks like a 1913 mark.
  2. They could be Biwa seed pearls, too, when Biwa lake was still producing in Japan. I had several of these earrings. LOVE THEM! People wear clip earrings all the time. I do - and I have pierced ears.
  3. Will this bump up? I still can't find out what this is! Anyone have any news ideas? Thanks!
  4. Funny - I have a similar Mother of Pearl chunk necklace! Mine has an ordinary clasp, though. Nice piece!
  5. Just FYI - it's Ordnance, not ordinance!
  6. Side table for next to a couch, I mean.
  7. I think it's a side table and you put flower pots in the tray. The pull out was probably for drinks so you didn't damage the leather top with moisture rings.
  8. Are you sure that is Japanese? Looks more Chinese to me. Possibly an incense burner? MOre and/or better picture would help. What is carved on the tusks? The one on the left looks like a Chinese d...
  9. What year were your going to grandmas?
  10. Here's an original 'Chuck': http://www.hakes.com/item.asp?Auction=195&ItemNo=71272 Yours looks like a re-pro from a later period.
  11. Too bad Aunt Clara is passed away... Aunt Clara was Samantha's eccentric aunt on Bewitched, who collected doorknobs!
  12. It's an old FTD vase. "FTD Association". From WIKI: "Retail Florist Association (formerly Extra Touch Florist Association and FTD Association) is a trade association that originated as the member...
  13. Thanks! And she's only 6 inches tall!
  14. Ths pic does not enlarge! WHat do you get for a penny? Nickle? Was it for peanuts? gun? Love it!
  15. Davy - great idea! What a great statement piece they would make as bracelets or even a fantastic pendant. Google them later, you will find them available!
  16. Those are simply glass seed beads. The thorn could be a porcupine quill. (Or a dart gun dart) This does look more like an American Indian collar necklace. The bones are not naturally shaped like th...
  17. Technically it is an ewer. Is it silver applied? Any marks on the silver? What are the little blue dots? Is the decoration the same on the back? Any marks on the bottom? More information is alwa...
  18. The insignia is interesting and suggests Thanksgiving. The lady with the cornucopia, the 'Squanto-type' Indian, the eagle the US shield (that looks like it has 19 stars?) and the wheat sheaf. But th...
  19. You may want to contact the 117th Cavalry and ask them about it. The insignia is very interesting and is an old one. http://117th-cav.org/index.htm
  20. Definetly a Cavalry Stetson Hat. The Army 117 Cavlary unit is in New Jersey now. Feldman Brother's Uniforms was in business in the 1930's-40's. The Owner died around 1962. They made all kinds of u...
  21. Oh - I gorgot - they have the remnants of glue on the backs of them and rounded raised dots.
  22. What is the box made of? What does the top of the sticker say? `something` and Packed by? Is that a drawer or does the lid lift? Is the picture reverse painted? It's hard to try and help when the...
  23. P.S., I'm a Sag - I love it!
  24. It's Sagittarius on the front, and the signs and sun positions of all the signs of the zodiac on the back. The names are in Greek, then the astrological sign symbols and the numbers are their order i...
  25. ANYTHING Tiki-related sells well on feebay!
  26. One sold on ebay some time ago - 170919383575. No info. They called it a trunk. It does look like a sort of suitcase. May have been a pencil box.
  27. Or maybe for grain silos or something. Bureau means agency, and brin means several things in French. Maybe something to do with wine making? Cask labels maybe? See brin translation here: http:/...
  28. I think they may be old Car licence plates? Cléry-Saint-André is a commune in the Loiret department in north-central France.
  29. Can you open the watch and get the serial number and see who the original purchaser was? There is usually tons of info INSIDE the watch. They may keep good recoirds since they are a very prestigious...
  30. What exactly do you want to know?
  31. Better pics would help. Can you re-take the hallmark? What does the hallmark above the MA SFF say or depict? Is that a number 372 I see?
  32. Google Thomas Wildey. All yo umight want to know is there. Google is your friend. You can also Google Oddfellow symbolism to learn abouthte symbols. The Rebeckah's were (are ) the ladies side of...
  33. Does it DO anything? Does it have any moving parts? It just looks like a chair for a big-bottomed person! Can you take additional (and better lit) pictures? Give a better description?
  34. What about a man's chantelain? I thought maybe you would hang you napkin on it while eating if you hung from around your neck? Or a cravat-typr tie? I thibnk it is older thanVictorian.
  35. LOL - I sure had a lot of typos yesterday. I was into about 16 hours into nicotene withdrawl. Brutal! But I'm still going strong on my second day! Thanks for trying to help me figure this mystery ...
  36. It IS a gen-yoo-ine mystery! I assure you - it does not open! I don't believe it ever did - there is no secondary solder. The chain is attached to the body of the piece, not the ends. I thought it...
  37. Several bottles have sold - but NONE with the label on it. Just Google the name - plenty of information.
  38. Oops - Martin H. Smith! Here is a 1900 medical book on Google - page 381. http://books.google.com/books?id=LrLlAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA380&lpg=PA380&dq=martin+M.+Smith+Co.+chemists+glyco-heroin+New+York&so...
  39. What does the bottom of the bottle say? Can't read it. What is the impression above the label? Can you take a better (clearer) pic of the label? It was Cough syrup. I found an old advert on Pin...
  40. WOW - beautiful trunk. Why is is called a Jenny Lind? I know she was an actrress, no? I have an old wood trunk that is HUGE, with a rounded top and false bottom inside. And a very weird smell in...
  41. Sometimes those short legged chairs are midwife chairs.
  42. I'm in Alto Mexico AKA California!
  43. How are the balls floating and lit? Superb lamp! I love it!
  44. Psychogram! That's funny.
  45. Nope - no luck! But I did sell it as an unknown piece. CAn't recall how much for, now! It sure was a beauty! Thanks for the info!
  46. Maybe it's a key to another world...
  47. OH! I see you sold it in August on ebay! Beautiful clock.
  48. BTW - yeah, I'd say 1930's art deco.
  49. Sweet! Here's one on ebay in black. No add'l info, though. Post a picture of the box. Any serial number inside? Is it an alarm clock?
  50. Wow, AR! Nice call. I never knew there were corn shuckers. Of course, I don't live in Iowa...
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