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Angels Among Us - Photographsin Photographs
Porcelain Glazed Insulator Maker? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
GIANT Glass Insulator - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Small Temple Bell? - Dragon?  Serpent? Country? Perfectly pitched ring. - Asianin Asian
Vintage Chinese Yixing ZiSha (Purple Clay) HIGHLY Detailed Madarin Lucky Duck - Marked 21?? - Asianin Asian
1970s Taxco Modernist Atomic Swoop Sterling .925 & Brass Brooch by TR-57 LATON - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Art Deco Sylized WHITE Leaping Deer by Stewart B. McCulloch California Pottery - Figurinesin Figurines
Vintage "Smoking" Dinosaur Brachiosaurus Ceramic Ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Vintage Ceramic Spatter Glaze Soap & Toothbrush Holding Hippo! - Animalsin Animals
Funny Little Indian Papoose Kewpie Japan BisqueCeramic - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Looks like Vincent Price!
  2. You'd spin them in a ring of string or other barrier and last one standing won.
  3. Islam has no human icons. At all.
  4. It definitely Orthodox of some sort. Coptis, Russian, Greek, Byzantine? I wish your pictures were better. Can't see lettering.
  5. Coptic Christian?
  6. LOVE IT!
  7. Loved listening to it!
  8. You know how I cover up those little knicks that show white matrtial under the paint? I use a black Sharpie pen. It cover it up, and is matte, so you don't really see the touch up.
  9. He is so EAGER to please!
  10. Here's an interesting little history of medicine dosing that mentions mimims. https://www.rpharms.com/museum-pdfs/20-taking-medicine.pdf
  11. Google image search: minim measure. All see to be around 1900 or so. None a little stoneware one like yours! I learned something today too!
  12. Here's the direct link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minim_(unit)
  13. LOVE IT!
  14. This is the setting I was talking about in relation to the beautiful blue Topaz pieces just posted! The Flower PRONGS are exactly the same! The stone is a different color, but seems to be the same c...
  15. OMG! That stone shape & cut and the flower prongs are EXACTLY like mine on my necklace I posted. Go look at my items! I'll bump it up.
  16. I say shaggy dog. Goats don't have long tails. Very sweet. Would benefit from a good cleaning. A lot of old dirt in those nooks and crannies. It would REALLY look good then!
  17. You can look up egyptian revival cannetille filigree.
  18. Here's a set gold washed. They say it's from 20's - 30s. I think your piece is much later. I love the buttterfly effect of yours. If ound one that is 800 silver. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1920-193...
  19. Nice set here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/437271445040528962/
  20. The scarabs are glazed ceramic. Similar here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Egyptian-Hand-Made-Crescent-Filigree-Silver-Plated-Scarabs-necklace-/261781457992
  21. Let's have an update on your son's collection! He's got to be 15 or 16 by now!
  22. YEAH I went OH WOW! Indoor plumbing does have its advantages! OMG! His place sounds AMAZING! Private invitation only? That would be my dream property! 25 people on the train?! That's like a...
  23. It's called a Spinet Desk (after the Spinet Piano!) http://www.ebay.com/itm/55875-Antique-Mahogany-Spinet-Desk-Restored-/291798331954?hash=item43f0893232:g:xjsAAOSwd0BVsZWL
  24. fhrjr2 - it is not a drop front desk. The TOP lifts up, and the desk top slides out. No dropping front at all. Here's one similar: "Mahogany Lift Top Writing Desk Turned Legs" https://www.an...
  25. 3rd one is 1940's - see the NRA sign in window? Love the crowns on top of the pups! Looks like the proprietor's name is Willoughby. (Over the door.)
  26. Sweet piece!
  27. DARN that's cute!
  28. Adorable! LOVE the eyes.
  29. The baby is adorable! Caricature cute!
  30. Ues all four pics. Show inside.
  31. What is it? Is it embroidery? Size? Use your WORDS and use all four pictures.
  32. Rotate your pictures, try to use a neutral background.
  33. The bottom is red? Is the inside of the vase red? How tall? Only two applied red cabochons? Moser used a custard colored glass and sometime cabochons.
  34. Use all four pictures.
  35. Bohemian High Fired vase. Put in the Bohemian glass category. It's a stunner.
  36. Weird Al: My Bologna...
  37. I'm 55, but have never lost my sense of childish wonder. I still go "Oh wow!" at least once a day.
  38. I LOVE old machines! Don't judge me -but I want to smell them... And touch them, and pull levers and push buttons and sit in the seats. This is someone's PRIVATE collection?? AND they have a scale...
  39. I'd have it fixed again. Nice.
  40. There is a store called Cliff's Variety on Castro in San Francisco. It's been there since 1936. Looks like it could be their sticker. (If you are ever in San Francisco - check out Cliff's!) http...
  41. I LOVE Cemeteries. I live near Colma, CA - the City Of The Dead - Literally. And I too LOVE the grave photos. I've spent many happy hours at the cemeteries. http://www.notfrisco.com/colmata...
  42. Pretty! Does this hang directly on the wall?
  43. Lucky, I guess! I love teh graphics on this.
  44. Where did you get it? I'll bet it was E.A. Jones.
  45. : ) You are welcome.
  46. I know someone in Brownsville, CA. and that is a SMALL town!
  47. Good luck - it's a great unit!
  48. Here's another. I doubt they were in business long after they tried to pass off bad product! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/364158319848542418/
  49. California product. OH MY! Look at this lawsuit. They pulled the old bait & switch and tried to profit on war! http://law.justia.com/cases/california/court-of-appeal/2d/87/supp933.html
  50. You are welcome! I'd wash clothes etc with it - but I doubt I'd take a bath! Try washing hands first. Oh - the mislabeling was on their fluid cleaner.
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