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I am The Knickknackatorian. I collect ALL KINDS of things! Anything that interests me and catches my fancy.


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French Jet Cha Cha Earrings West Germany - Maker? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pearl Necklace Clasp  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
California Happy Cows! - Photographsin Photographs
Antique screwdriver. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Angels Among Us - Photographsin Photographs
Porcelain Glazed Insulator Maker? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
GIANT Glass Insulator - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Small Temple Bell? - Dragon?  Serpent? Country? Perfectly pitched ring. - Asianin Asian
Vintage Chinese Yixing ZiSha (Purple Clay) HIGHLY Detailed Madarin Lucky Duck - Marked 21?? - Asianin Asian
1970s Taxco Modernist Atomic Swoop Sterling .925 & Brass Brooch by TR-57 LATON - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. UGH! 112?!?! I was camping up there once & it was 109. That was it for me!
  2. It is "A Wheatfield, With Cypresses". The original is in the Tate Gallery. They sell prints. But someone may have gone and did a copy as a study. It looks like it has impasto. If it's a print ...
  3. It sure could be his doppelganger!
  4. What is the medium? Is it a photo?
  5. Those are bamboo leaves. Very interesting clock!
  6. I'd love to! It's too HOT right now! My friend's mom lives up thata way.
  7. Wow! And good find, Hunter
  8. I love that cart - so cool, and I love your place!
  9. Thank goodness Geronimo is protecting that beautiful vase!
  10. I care!
  11. what's the switch near the back left tire do?
  12. Totally looks like him!
  13. From the animated TV advertisements!
  14. Little Women was set in 1868, sooo.... Probably not Alcott's Little Women.
  15. It looks like Clint Howard! (Ron Howard's little brother.) https://www.pinterest.com/pin/336081190914649429/
  16. Love those!
  17. LOL - reminds me of Mrs. Butterworth without her head.
  18. I wish I could love these 10 times!!
  19. What kind of tweezers are those?
  20. Amazing!
  21. It's a Mabe (or blister) pearl, too.
  22. Bummer. You had some cool stuff. No one knows where or hwo you are, unless you say.
  23. You're welcome! It just seemed to go against Victorian sensibilities to have a dedicated mourning hat! There were so many strict protocols back then. I live near a funeral parlor, and sometimes peo...
  24. Or Smitty?
  25. Isn't that Skeezix in the A button? (The 4th one)
  26. That jar makes me smile! What a bright and happy piece!
  27. What else is there to know?
  28. LOVE IT! Look at Dick's square jaw! What is the switch on the bottom left in the back? Does the light light up? Why is the bad guy riding up front? Are those two cops in the back, or a good guy ...
  29. Your hats are gorgeous!
  30. Yeah - it's just a mourning band! "As a sign of mourning, families and friends would place a wide cloth mourning band around their hats, mostly with a vertical row of tiny silk buttons on the sides...
  31. Can you remove the mourning band? Seems to me to be a waste of a good hat, if you only wore it to funerals! Must have been a wealthy person to be able to do that.
  32. STUNNING! Can Clear Glass be uranium glass? I thought it was always green or yellow. That is an interesting cord switch - and I think that is later, probably 1960s. The Pinterest lamp showed a twist...
  33. She looks like a Christmas caroller. See the holly sprig on her hat?
  34. Never saw one like this.
  35. Drooling.
  36. The blonde on the far left is Marilyn. The rest are Dolls Of The World - they were made by several companies in the 50s-60s. Google: vintage dolls of the world. Here is Marilyn: http://www.eb...
  37. Little guy looks like he needs a rest!
  38. Looks like 1986 Here is a lighted version http://www.weeklypaper.com/listing/Budweiser-Vintage-Lighted-Sign/id/4949
  39. What is the item number?
  40. I do believe that is a genuine treasure.
  41. Olebodie! What happened to all your other stuff? It says you have only one item posted.
  42. Thanks all!
  43. I love the carved 'tassels' on the back.
  44. It is a Victorian tufted back sofa Eastlake Style. Very nice! I'll bet my last dollar it was reupholstered in the 1970s... It is worth what anyone is willing to pay for it.
  45. WOW. 20.00 new was a LOT of money back then.
  46. YIKES! Earlier bottles said "Note mild BURNING sensation"! I had an old Prell glass bottle I picked up at estate sale - and I used the shampoo. I loved the smell of old Prell! THIS shampoo? I wou...
  47. Those ones on Etsy look brand new. I like this one better!
  48. She looks like a lot of fun!
  49. Yeah - it must be 'damaged'. That's why I had the three ... !
  50. Jeffrey? Joffrey?
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