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I call this one Alice. She was a SURPRISE buy! - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Super Rare Lucky International Open Tournament Cufflinks by Delmas & Delmas Jewelers - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
I call her Miss Amelia - Visual Artin Visual Art
Spectacular Black & White Chinese Export Brass Walled Enamel Cloisonne Ginger Jar PAIR - Asianin Asian
Chinese Boys w/Firecrackers Silk Embroidery On Silk - Type of Needlework? - Asianin Asian
Chinese Export Porcelain Yellow Ware Jar w/Applied & Painted Plum Blossoms & Single Butterfly - Asianin Asian
Arts & Crafts Sterling, Pearl, Marcasite & Pink Sapphire (?) Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
RARE La Mirada Potteries Quan Yin Kwan Yin! - Figurinesin Figurines
Nuline Wheaton Amber Glass Curved Discs - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who is this doll?!?!  Is she Black or Native American?  Who made her? - Dollsin Dolls


  1. The Ciggie holder 'crown' reminds me of the Brunswick Bowling Equipment logo! That little indent in the front? That was to squash your ciggie out in! I've never seen an ashtray like that. I wond...
  2. Upload it to youtube!
  3. Can you do the hot pin test?
  4. LOVE it! I want to see the whole house!
  5. I love them! I would paint each one a different color, like a rainbow.
  6. Size? It's hard to tell scale without a reference. Can you take a pic of the inside of the filigree? Any marks on the filigree? (You will have to look closely on bottom and around bottom edge.)
  7. Hi & welcome. We need more info - what is it made of, bronze? Size? Color of glass (I can see some green in the 3rd photo.) ? Any marks you can see? It's really beautiful. It looks like it was a...
  8. Yes - every country has its own marks. This is a GREAT resource for worldwide silver & silverplate marks. http://www.925-1000.com/
  9. I know here is a collector's market for decorated envelopes, but I can't remember what they call them. I have one (somewhere) with what looks like a watercolor Picasso painting on the back of it. I...
  10. LOL - I missed the title AGAIN! Sometimes - the titles don't even show! That happens to me on Facebook, too, and I have no idea why titles disappear on this computer. LOL - I know Ivorine! I have ...
  11. I want to live there.
  12. Ivorene?
  13. I'd guess Ivory.
  14. LOL! Either way - they are STUNNING cars! I love that there are still living examples!
  15. The Cleveland doesn't even have a running board. GREAT cars, though! WHEN I win the lottery.....
  16. Nope - it's the Peerless. Look at the box on the running board.
  17. What is the Granny Store?
  18. On Heritage Auctions, one sold for 87 & one for 44.
  19. Topsy was the little slave girl in 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. Your book was originally published in 1890! http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Vintage-Black-Americana-1890-Rare-Topsy-Die-Cut-Book-by-McLoughlin-Brot...
  20. Quite rare, quite valuable Black Americana... Topsy. New York: McLoughlin Bros., ca. 1894-1914. [catalog record] Topsy This chromolithographed shaped book was published by McLoughlin Bros., ...
  21. Yeah - it was a ceramics company in Costa Rica - that is still listed in their current phone books, but appears to be out of business. Alfareria (Pottery) Suraj, S.A., Bo. Escalante, Carmen, San Jose...
  22. Confusing. Suraj is a Ceramics company in Costa Rica. (Closed) http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:-2UXyl2mAcMJ:cri.bizdirlib.com/node/11482+&cd=7&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  23. Sweet! WANT!!!
  24. 1925 Peerless Concept car? 1909?
  25. What year?
  26. Mr. D. Y.
  27. I have one EXACTLY like it!
  28. Adorable!
  29. I love your hearth! I especially like the poke-out bricks that are like little shelves.
  30. That is beautiful.
  31. He is one well-loved bear.
  32. It is lovely. You need to wear it every day. Benrus is a good watch. And those are nice rubies!
  33. Gobsmacked!
  34. Yeah that gorgeous!
  35. LOVE IT! I'd find a clear marble to put in it. It'll look really nice when it's cleaned up. It looks like it has a lot of color under all the dust!
  36. You are welcome!
  37. OR - the lighter is missing in the bottom of mom. Here's a christmas tree one. I HATE that smoking is so taboo now! They had the neatest doodads for smoking! https://www.etsy.com/listing/2463385...
  38. If the figure is hollow, I believe you would stack cigarettes in the dish part - see how all the edges are round to fit more in? Probably non-filter ciggies. The flat dishes are ashtrays.
  39. Oh - ho2cultcha is in the Bay Area! Me too - just across the bay and down 101!
  40. Brunswick - where are you? I'm in Rwdcy!
  41. I bet that was a prize at a State or County Fair! Who madeit?
  42. Treasure alert!
  43. Pretty!
  44. Family lore if often wrong!
  45. Have you found comparison signatures? DO you have any Ukraine in your area who can translate? It is SO beautiful!!
  46. I LOVE IT!!!!! Have no idea about it, but I LOVE it.
  47. I have a thing about chairs - and I am LOVING that beauty!
  48. LOVE! I love petit-point!
  49. LOVE the TV, too!
  50. 1970's. That's my date guess! Did you put the felt on the bottom? If not - take it off and look for mark.
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