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i visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. Mi visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. My wife swears it runs in the family. The Collecting that is! (Read more)


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Antique Marriage Certificate  - Paperin Paper
Appears to be Child Size Western Saddle - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
Wilcox and Gibbs sewing machine - Sewingin Sewing
Wood & Tin Hand painted trunk unknown Mfg. - Furniturein Furniture
The Complete works of Shakespeare  Full Eight Volumes. - Booksin Books
Black Retro Voigtlander Brillant S ( Focusing )  Twin Lens Reflex camera - Camerasin Cameras
Chalkware or Plaster Black Americana  Girl Holding  Watermelon  - Figurinesin Figurines
L. Harding Oil  Painting unknown title 
Attica Prison Break Photos. Unknown when - Photographsin Photographs
Stamps foreign found in book Newfoundland ! - Stampsin Stamps


  1. AmberRose doing just fine, this summer keeps me learning more and more about, well just about anything. :) hope your having a great summer also !
  2. Thx. AmberRose !
  3. Thx. trunkman, Appreciate it !!!
  4. antiquerose,Wow yes I see the L clearly in some of those paintings. After further review I believe it is an L.
  5. Antiquerose you got it, it's a j. The same signature same style you found it thanks so much for all your help!!
  6. your welcome !
  7. Aghcollect, now that is funny! Posting at the same time, the same thing.
  8. Aghcollect. You know, I'm laughing with joy, I long to have knowledge like you! Thanks again.
  9. JSmed....???? This has no electric source.
  10. JSmed, I don't know, Aghcollect I just saw the tobacco card and the Calendar unbelievable I guess my big print is a collectible. from the Knapp lithograph Company. Thanks Guys, interesting. And it is...
  11. Thanks aghcollect, you guys are keeping me young by researching I love it!!
  12. Thanks TA, And you keep me searching ! When I find something and I Feel it has a Story, and come to my Collectors weekly family for help, it just keep me searching and following my gut. Appreciate all...
  13. Thx. Tubeamp & aghcollect.!
  14. Solver, as always your knowledge and expertise on researching astonishes me more and more thank you so much my brother may God bless you and keep you for a long time you got a lot of information!!!
  15. Fhrjr2 thanks so much for the information, Mirror is beveled around the edges and needs to be tighten up, it moves around!
  16. Solver, thank you ! I work a full time job as an Emergency Medical Tech. being their for people in need of medical attention, I guess my wind down is Estate sales. and seems like people know my 2nd ...
  17. Shareurpassion yes, your right ! We would be twiddling our thumbs.
  18. Well the search is on aghcollect! :)
  19. Thanks aghcollect. Appreciate That !
  20. Thx. Fhrjr2
  21. Thx again Solver.
  22. Thx. TA
  23. Scott, love your vast knowledge of just about anything! I'm in the process of moving don't know exactly where yet thinking about moving south coming across so many items I have collected in the past ...
  24. Thx. Scott!
  25. Thanks Scott, ur the man!
  26. Lol Amber Rose I was trying to use my young eyes and seen soda bottles. Guess I better put my over 50 glasses on, I know better.
  27. Vetraio50, Cool beans now I know who made these ! so now I figure the 03 is 1903. very cool. thx. Sir !
  28. solver once again you have come to my rescue! The photo from Live Auctioneers appears to be on the same type of paper as the one I own. It appears the oil paint on the Horse left hoof is blotched on j...
  29. Solver, Now I know why you carry that name! Kudos, enjoyed reading and learning. Great info. And wonderful Site. Thank You!
  30. I'm sorry Sean68, was in the attic using cell phone and my pictures keep rotating when I post. Gonna start using the wife's digital camera, when she goes to work. Lol. I hope she doesn't read this p...
  31. Was told back then a lot of Models and actors pose for pin ups. Do these girls look familiar???????
  32. I hear ya clockerman! No identifying markings at all on these.
  33. TallCakes, I took the last picture of it on an angel to show the bottom, they do have a slight bow to them. Wow they are not flat! So I guess they would be called shallow bowls. Thx.
  34. I took the last picture of it on an angel to show the bottom, they do have a slight bow to them. Wow they are not flat!
  35. The lid just it's one the other smaller diameter across the top
  36. I have to exactly the same different sizes one measures 8 1/2 inches in diameter by 6 1/2 inches tall the other one is 5 1/2 inches in diameter by 6 inches tall
  37. Olofz, I agree!
  38. Wow, just wish it wasn't damaged. :(
  39. Yes it is the WRONG BOTTOM, Sorry, my mistake I listed the two and on my phone I place the wrong bottom. .
  40. the top appears writing appears to be something .... harm, just can't make it out
  41. Thanks Again tallcakes, You are the Glass expert with all the Information. I appreciate you so very much !
  42. Thanks all after going thru the other boxes of magazines I found #180 also, in about the same condition as #181, Beautifully kept. I guess I really need to get them appraised. Who ever had them Placed...
  43. AmberRose you know who knows if you don't know ! Thanks Dear ! Thanks to all for the information on these Glass pitchers. I did not take pictures of the other glass pieces that came with this set, wi...
  44. jsmed, Thanks I had a chance to look at these bottles a little closer and on one bottle it is pat. 1923 and has the Root embossed on the bottom. The other one has Pat. Applied for, and also has the Ro...
  45. Thanks amber rose. just curious as heck now.
  46. Thanks for the knowledge! aghcollect.
  47. Virginia.Vintage, Thank You so much! I posted more close up shots in hope someone could translate . Thanks again!
  48. Thanks All!!!
  49. Sarahoff, Yes Nephew back in the 1800s to early 1900s they dressed little boys in dresses or gowns. Especially if they were royalty
  50. Thx. Sean68
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Jamaica - "King George VI" Postage Stamps BRUXELLES - L'ÉGLISE du SABLON. LOETZ CRETA SILBERIRIS RUSTICANA c.1899 To all Veterans and My Veteran we remember ! Son Under fire in Iraq Now home ! WWII Family Member  who was there on  D-day Normandy KEHRÄ - TAMARA ALADIN - RIIHIMÄKI Anthony Champion Stereo (c.1888) with Brightly Polished Nickel Lenses JUICY SALIFS X2 PHILIPPE STARCK for ALESSI No outside markings Small glass dated 1910 modern woodmen of america More Original Guinness Poster Art


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