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i visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. Mi visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. My wife swears it runs in the family. The Collecting that is! (Read more)


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Engraving ,Shakespeare and friends 1859 through 60 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Autographed "Lorenzo Lamas" Renegade  Movie Script  - Moviesin Movies
Wood block prints I think, unknown age or artist - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Antique Sadler Print unknown title and age - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Antique Press Back Chair Restoration Cont. - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage beautiful plate, unknown mfg. & year and style - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
6-Mini Collector Plates - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Vintage Gondilers Theater Billboard Poster ink. Year - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Antique platter blue and white grazing - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Wizard of oz poster! Unknow mfg. or year! - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Thanks a lot TubeAmp, Love the Help !
  2. Thx. Scott !
  3. Nice, Love it.
  4. Thx. Manikin so much! That is so cool!
  5. Really, I would've thought it was older than that thanks for the info. I want to also, know the mfg. Thx. Kanukster!
  6. Update on this Press back Chair. I'm having fun trying to restore it. Step one for me was seeing what the Wood looks like and figuring out what type of wood it is. Collector's weekly family, I'm using...
  7. Thanks aghcollect!!!!
  8. TallCakes, thank you for the knowledge ! Much Appreciated !
  9. Thanks Valentino97, Yes she was!
  10. fhrjr2 Thanks for the information. Did not know Mazor Furniture ever existed. Being this furniture was received when I live in Maryland and the name shows store location being in Washington D.C. kin...
  11. Aimathena thanks! I have been having so much Fun On Collectors Weekly and learning so much about Collecting it's just Awesome filling up on info. Meeting people who have already searched different Ant...
  12. Manikin it is inlaid I think. Up close Does not look to be a decal.
  13. Wow, very interesting to the eye! Beautiful
  14. Vetraio50, Thx. So much my friend for the info , SEAN68, Thant you my brother !
  15. God forever bless the Vets , Active, and those who gave there life protecting our Country !
  16. I love Collectors weekly 1 So much history to be Shared and So Much Knowledge to be gained. Thanks for Sharing!!!!!
  17. Awesome !!!!!!
  18. Manikin that's the best thing in this world to bring back, Life !!
  19. manikin I will check your listings on CW, interested in seeing Military pics. :)
  20. Manikin, thanks your son for me also and yes we are proud I am a veteran and the wife retired from the military trying to keep this country protected LOL
  21. Thx.,Sean
  22. Thank You so much AmandaAAuctions! Very interesting read and very much Appreciated. !!!!!!
  23. Hunter thx. Interesting looking to date this one !
  24. Thx, Sean68
  25. Thanks Tubeamp, !!!!!
  26. Nice! I also agree the last picture is just stunning!!!!!
  27. Thanks All. Google here I COME !
  28. Thx. Ho2cultcha
  29. Beautiful piece of history nice camera!
  30. The pages are 11- 12 and 13 inside and 14 on the back cover!
  31. That appears to be the name of the drawing on the inside. (Galleria-di-Milano) but to this day, no one has been able to tell me if this is a true mock-up or not. Sotheby's took pictures and sent up...
  32. Burled veneer
  33. Manikin, wow your knowledge on this bed Makes me think it was yours in the past :) laughing out loud. thanks so much, appreciate you. I will take better pictures of the other ones for you, thanks so m...
  34. manikin, were the side rails attach to the Headboard and Footboard looks like a round wooden peg would have been inserted there????
  35. Thanks Vdf, This chair is also small, like for a child or very small women!
  36. Happy holidays to you and yours also enjoy my brother!
  37. Thx. my amberRose, on the second rug I did find a label on the other end once I unrolled it. it Reads, THE GULISTAN, A&M KARAGHEUSIAN INC. 295 5th AVE. N.Y. Is that just Dust under the rug or what ?
  38. aghcollect, thank you so much for your knowledge, and for sharing !!!
  39. Thanks ScottVez, once again walk softly as Amber Rose said you are the bomb!
  40. Thanks Amber Rose and what's again I love my collectors weekly family
  41. Thx. walksoftly. I wasn't sure what it was called. Press back. Thx. again.
  42. Sean68, man that's just 2 of them, Some really interesting old foreign post cards not to mention the Huge Stamp collection some in books and some in packets, from all over !
  43. Thx. Again Scott... :-)
  44. I'm with you AmberRose, Looks Relaxing !!!!!!!
  45. Thx. Scott, would have been nice if you slipped and mention your friends name..LOl
  46. Yes Sir Vetraio50, i'm on it ! LOl
  47. Thx. My friend, will be Researching !
  48. hey there Zowie, no I guess I got stuck on the ideal they were Andirons. Could not find anything else about them.
  49. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, YOU Are the Man ! Thx. my Brother, A Whirlygig. Very interesting. I wonder who might have Carved this, "Gentleman of a tree" :)
  50. Wow, look at my family with knowledge. :) I appreciate this latest History lesson, Thx, to the Following Teachers, Thx. again my Amber Rose, and Signaholic, Thx. to you too my friend. Now To the Pr...
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LOETZ CRETA SILBERIRIS RUSTICANA c.1899 To all Veterans and My Veteran we remember ! Son Under fire in Iraq Now home ! WWII Family Member  who was there on  D-day Normandy KEHRÄ - TAMARA ALADIN - RIIHIMÄKI Anthony Champion Stereo (c.1888) with Brightly Polished Nickel Lenses JUICY SALIFS X2 PHILIPPE STARCK for ALESSI No outside markings Small glass dated 1910 modern woodmen of america More Original Guinness Poster Art


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