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i visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. Mi visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. My wife swears it runs in the family. The Collecting that is! (Read more)


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Old Metal Cap Gun Unknown MFG or Era - Toysin Toys
Wooden carved bird & Flower Cabinet?night Table?? - Furniturein Furniture
figurine of a lady in blue - Figurinesin Figurines
Old Plastic Betty Boop Looking Doll - Dollsin Dolls
OLD WOODEN &  METAL HINGED BOX  UNKNOW USE OR ERA - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Copper and Pearl Broach Vintage - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old  A. LECOULTRE Swiss Ladies Watch. Unknown Year 14K - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Vintage ladies longings 14k gold watch  with inscription on the back  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Appears to be an Old Metal Cross unknown etching 


  1. Ttomtucker thank you!!!
  2. Thx. staggerlee
  3. These were used in the U.S.A.
  4. Thx. PhilDmorris
  5. blunderbuss2, You Hit the Nail on the Head. !!!! After further research that is exactly what it is. WW I Oak Dovetailed Ammunition Box. Thanks!!!!
  6. Gotcha lol
  7. Racer4four, so what name you going with ???? LOL
  8. Hey manikin, thanks Hon !!
  9. Thanks Nutsabotas6 !!
  10. thanks SpiritBear for the heads up !!!
  11. thanks, researching !!!
  12. Blunderbuss2, I have 6- more getting ready to research. One is printed on the bottom "Drawn After Nature" have too research to find out what that means. And some unsigned, along with a couple by W.J. ...
  13. Efesgirl thanks hon. That's just what that -1- pair is!!! You rock !!!!!
  14. Hey V, my eyes see a cat, best wishes to your mum!
  15. After further research I believe that is a Animal Hat on his head, What type of animal, Not sure????
  16. Lentilka11, Yes 3- yard bags weighing about 23-lbs ea. The lady also made jewelry. Was told she would buy from Auctions, Goodwills, etc. wish you could follow the yellow brick road and help. Lol
  17. nutsabotad6 it would really help if I collected this stuff. Lol, People we're cleaning out an estate & stated it was all coustume jewelry, and it was too much for them too look threw. They just weren...
  18. Thanks all, over 70 pounds of costume jewelry acquired this past weekend from an estate so much to go through !!!
  19. Thx. Valentino97, researching fobs!!!
  20. Thank you ArtFoot!!
  21. Pencil-necked-geek, I know right. I love researching estates sales box lots. Never know what you may find !!
  22. SpiritBear I hear ya. I have some also. That's Cool!!!
  23. billretirecoll i know right. I search for all kinds of paper items at Estate sales and consignments shops. Items people think is just junk. Sometimes i have to read the junk, before calling it junk. T...
  24. Celiene where could I find something like this for a price comparison ??? Is their a site???
  25. Nice!!!!!
  26. Weight is around 8-10 lbs, here is a picture of the Back. Any ideals to how old this is ??? Celiene thank you for all your help. I'm reading up on this trying to get more knowledge. Than you again.
  27. Thanks Phil, And Happy New Years Vetraio50!!!!
  28. Sorry for any confusion, in the title I stated "Vintage PRINT Portrait of Armand Roulin, I should have stated which the painting was created by Vincent van Gogh. This is where I found my information...
  29. I found him, I did a Google image search this is a portrait of Armand Roulin, Created in 1888 by Vincent Van Gogh... Thanks all !!!! Hey I solved my own Mystery...LOL
  30. vetraio50 thanks again my friend !!
  31. Thanks manikin
  32. awesome thank you Gillian !!!!
  33. Gillian thank you for the information, Great Read on the Borghese label & Co. Glad it has a Wood Frame, indicating early production. Thank You again my Friend.
  34. So it is a copy, thanks blunderbuss2
  35. Worth a investigation, Thank You V ????????
  36. Post Card Collector I don't remember it, but I love it!!! And I won't foget it!!! Thanks, it's Stuck in my head Now !!!! Lol
  37. Post card collector I really don't even want to think about living without a Pepsi or Coke I'm a Pepsi man myself !!!
  38. Packrat-place thanks !!!
  39. PostCardCollector, in 1936 A 12 oz Pepsi cola was 10-cents a bottle, due to lack of sales it was reduce down to 5-cents until around 1960's and you got 6-oz of Coke Cola for 5-cents in 1936.
  40. Really I have no ideal where this was taken. Found at estate sale.
  41. Thx. BB
  42. Blundeerbuss2, I know that's right!! Lol
  43. Thank You Vetraio50. you da man !!
  44. Thx. dizzydave !
  45. Thanks Jean123, I am on it.
  46. WoW, you all are teaching me so much, The walkers, Gaited Horses, Rack Stepping. Thank you all so much, I'm Researching till I figure this one out. I believe the photographer was ted freudy, researchi...
  47. NutfieldHistory I do not believe that is it, I look at pictures before and after restoration and neither shows the bridge only being supported only at the ends like in my photograph. The Miller bridg...
  48. 75 is on the other side, 2/75
  49. Nice, trying to research the cycle.
  50. Awesome piece!!!!
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Vintage 1930'ish.  SHANGHAI  China Original Photographs Family Alblum. Geo S. Cook Charleston SC ambrotype of woman


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