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i visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. Mi visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. My wife swears it runs in the family. The Collecting that is! (Read more)


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Antique Unmarked Glass bead Table Chandelier  - Lampsin Lamps
TYPHOON FLOOD OF SHANGHAI 1933 and HANG CHOW TRIP China  - Photographsin Photographs
Post Cards from China 1920'-30's  - Photographsin Photographs
Buildings and animal, in China 1932-1937 - Photographsin Photographs
More Photo's To Identify From China and far east ! - Photographsin Photographs
More Photographs and  Post cards From 1932-1937 From China Japan ECT. Need  help identifying some of the Shots  - Photographsin Photographs
CHINA 1932 RACE HORSE " LINTIK "  With the Griffens Championship Cup he won Photographs - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage 1930'ish.  SHANGHAI  China Original Photographs Family Alblum. - Photographsin Photographs
University of Wooster Souvenier  Cup??????? Made in Gemanyfor Gog. F. Wllcox - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
1921 Limoges  CHINTZ Cup Artist Initials   and dated on Bottom - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. :) You Know Blunderbuss2.
  2. Blunderbuss2, I hear ya, You know it's after 11 at night where I'm at and I gotta be to work by 5am, Just can't learn enough! Thanks Again !
  3. racerfour4, Cool ! The information is out standing. It goes along with a lot of other pictures I have. So curious to find out what exactly this gentleman did. He was part Co. Owner of a Championship r...
  4. Blunderbuss2, thank you I didn't want to post as many as I did but the more I looked at them made me want to look at them more, even closer for the details. just awesome, I'm researching just about ...
  5. Thx. TubeAmp, Now I must research this horse Lintik, being that he won the Griffens cup by the photos I have think there should be some type of information about him out there. I'm on it.
  6. TubeAmp that is exactly who it is. After a little further Research I found out that Prajadhirok, also known as King Rama VII, was the last absolute king of Siam. Under his watch, after a coup d'etat i...
  7. Racerfour, Tubeamp, thanks guys for your expertise on the site. the uniform this gentleman has on as you know I am in the United States and do not know much about china, that's why I depend on my coll...
  8. Thank You Kivatinitz !
  9. UDATE !!!!!!! After Further Research I found out the history of Limoges. This is a Super Great Find ! Now to take the time and figure out if this was painted by an American Artist as a blank that was...
  10. Thanks again PatSea!
  11. Your awesome! Yes the K- mystery.
  12. PatSea, you are on the money! aseda, wow your fast! Thanks Bunches, and yes I'm still trying to research the Kensington lighter company have seen a couple of Kensington lighters on eBay nothing like t...
  13. COOL !! Thanks Paul71, SOLVED !!!!!
  14. UPDATE !!!!! The Dish is "LOMONOSOV PORCELAIN" Collector's Weekly make researching So Much Fun! Great Informative Pages, With Very Informative People! Love the Collector's Weekly family. Wow, I so...
  15. Riply206, on the Money! It does look like an 8, 1882 looks and sounds good too me. Thanks for looking!!!!
  16. (UPDATE) After Reading about Old Bottles here on Collector's Weekly, I truly believe this is an Old Black-Glass Beer Bottle. Possibly around the late 1800's.
  17. Thanks Jewels!
  18. Thx. Jewels, I went to the site it says Sold. The picture looks raised like the one I have. Thanks again!
  19. racer4four I know. The black and white border titles are in small blocks of 8, and are all uneven. The more I look at this piece something else stands out to me. Thanks.
  20. Thx. PatSea!
  21. PatSea nothing more as of yet. No one can tell me anything about this Company. I won't give up !
  22. Thx. sean68
  23. Thanks Jewels, More too come from this Estate.
  24. Riply206, You are Correct ! Looks identical too me. Thanks!
  25. PatSea, that is Correct, that they both have Crowns.
  26. Yepper, Thanks Fifties50s, and Riply206.
  27. I Know nutsabotas6, Look's so familiar to me. Have been researching now for a couple of days after work. Thank God for the Weekend, Research...research...Research.
  28. Yes I hear ya ! I am going to clean this up in hopes of finding more markings.
  29. Thanks Jewels! I am starting to become a statue of knowledge, I love finding items and my gut gives me that "I got to have it feeling" Rhen researching and Oh boy, here we go. Thanks again!
  30. Silver plate Cool!
  31. Sean68, When I first glanced at them the only thing I see is 90 and the word Italian. I will inspect closer once I get off work. Thanks !
  32. PatSea, Once I get off work this evening I will upload a clear picture of the inside of the box thanks for all your help!
  33. PatSea, wow it just might be located here somewhere, looking through site now thanks!
  34. Fifties, Wow, okay decorative mother of pearl balls. that's them, wonder who the manufacturer was? Thank you!
  35. Valentino97, No way to connect to a rod on the Ends, completely sealed!
  36. You go pat, i'm researching everything you Mentioned, thanks a million.
  37. PatSea, You are definitely right the value does not matter at this point what really matters is who is this company Kensington and what is the logo on the front of thank you so much for your help as m...
  38. PatSea, Well at least someone found something. I know Value My Stuff stated probaley worth 20 to 30 dollars. Stated a look alike lighter. Even with the sapphires??? Oh well, I won't stop till I find ...
  39. Riply206, No bottles posted by me recently. None with ship paintings, Sorry.
  40. Update !!!!! I Took the lighter to a Family operated established Jewelry Store who did the same thing I'm doing, Scratching my Head, The Gemologist did tell me the STONES are Blue Sapphire and state...
  41. Thanks Ginseng108. The research is Crazy trying to find info. on this brand.
  42. nutsabotas6, I hear ya, man I have tried every avenue I know. I feel some information has to be out their, going to search a little more tonight then get some rest and try again tomorrow.
  43. Riply206, I though about checking other Mfg. also. Nothing as of yet !
  44. Riply206 my eyes were crossed last night trying to find information on this Company, back at it today!
  45. Thanks posted last night, big fingers litte keypad.
  46. Researching that now vetraio50, Thanks !
  47. Thanks valentino97 !
  48. racer4four, I agree, lot's of questions come along with the little things that keep us together when formal attire is required. This is becoming an interesting search. The Manhattan Co. is like a need...
  49. Thanks Jewels!
  50. Really nice !
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Stunning agate, silver and mixed metalls hunza cuff bracelet from Pakistan Vintage THORENS Music powder Box Silverite Co. Unknown date Tapa Cloth 3 Peces FONTANA BIRD BATH Jamaica - "King George VI" Postage Stamps BRUXELLES - L'ÉGLISE du SABLON. LOETZ CRETA SILBERIRIS RUSTICANA c.1899 To all Veterans and My Veteran we remember ! Son Under fire in Iraq Now home ! WWII Family Member  who was there on  D-day Normandy KEHRÄ - TAMARA ALADIN - RIIHIMÄKI Anthony Champion Stereo (c.1888) with Brightly Polished Nickel Lenses JUICY SALIFS X2 PHILIPPE STARCK for ALESSI No outside markings Small glass dated 1910 modern woodmen of america More Original Guinness Poster Art


Vintage 1930'ish.  SHANGHAI  China Original Photographs Family Alblum. Geo S. Cook Charleston SC ambrotype of woman


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