1. What an unusual, magnificent clock! Do you operate it? What are the names of the chime melodies? Have you ever had it serviced? If so, what did the person tell you about it? Someone may be able ...
  2. See this link for an idea of current market value for Black Marble French Mantel Clocks (as per sold eBay listings)
  3. They all look as though they have been around for a while ekim. The one in the middle looks to me to be an original Seth Thomas Key. I've not seen the style on the right before. I like them all.
  4. You're welcome. In your movement photo it is located behind and slightly to the left of the Crutch (the thing that looks like a bent fork). If you read through the reference link I provided earlie...
  5. Carolina824, it looks like your clock has a "Brocot" suspension which would suggest that it's from the mid-19th century. You can search for images of the Brocot Suspension on the net to confirm this....
  6. Yet another great piece and write up Russ! Thanks for sharing. :)
  7. That's really a beautiful Garniture Clock Set. Records for antique French Clocks are pretty sparse and IDs can be hard to come by. Some of the larger movement manufacturers had stamps on the back pl...
  8. Doing fine Misty. Happy to hear that you and your husband are doing well in 2016! Hope you'll be able to find good homes for the clocks you decide to part with. I'm thinking of those rooms with yo...
  9. Mike, you're very welcome brother. The movement probably takes a size 6 or 8. Carefully measure the square winding arbor ends and see this reference chart:
  10. Hi again Mike, From what I can see, I was unable to find this model in any of my references. Waterbury was manufacturing clocks similar to this around 1900 give or take a decade. It's definitel...
  11. Hi Mike, In the future keep in mind that you can usually access movements in clocks like this by simply removing the hands and dial. You can then leave the case intact. Looks like a piece of th...
  12. Haven't seen you in a very long time! Welcome back! :) Hard to know what kind of finish is on these clocks but considering their age I think I would just use a damp cloth with dish washing deterg...
  13. You're very welcome floridafun land *NO*, there's nothing wrong with having a so-called "Unlisted" model. Even the most comprehensive references don't have all of the models a manufacturer offered. ...
  14. Unless I've missed it, Tran Duy Ly's Ansonia Reference doesn't show this model. It's very similar to some of the Marble Cased Clocks in the "El ____" series such as the El Rey see: http://www.collect...
  15. What is the clock case made from? Is it cast iron or marble? Are you showing the entire case? It looks like there may be more on the top of the clock.
  16. You're very welcome and thank you ekim! That's very kind of you to say. There are a lot of very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful Collectors here are Collectors Weekly. It's a great website and r...
  17. Well, he was a Jeweler so given the right equipment he could have certainly been capable. It does look to be pretty well machined doesn't it? Wish I could help but I've never seen anything like it ...
  18. You're very welcome Arc44. Glad we were able to help.
  20. That's a high quality movement alright. What did the local clock professional think?
  21. You're very welcome Steve. I couldn't find any examples online. The model must not be commonly found in the market.
  22. So....did you have any other questions "HandsofTime"? Our ears are open....
  23. He Sbooher (Steve). Welcome to Collectors Weekly! You have a model that Seth Thomas called the "Dreadnaught". The Dreadnaught is from circa 1913. It might also be the "First Call Alarm" from c...
  24. Hello Arc44. Welcome to Collector's Weekly. You have an Ansonia "Corinth" from circa 1904. Here's another example: Hope that solves...
  25. Hello HandsofTime and welcome to Collectors Weekly. It looks like you have a Sessions Credo from circa 1908. The model could certainly have been produced several years before or after that date. He...
  26. Well, we know that Ridgeway/Gravely didn't start until 1926. "Tempus Fugit" (or Time Flies) became popular in the 1960's so without more information my guess would be circa 1965 give or take 10 years...
  27. Could they tell you where to look for it, or does you clock just not have one?
  28. Hi Robin. This is an interesting piece you're sharing with us. It seems that Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks began as the Gravely Furniture Company in 1926. They started producing Grandfather ...
  29. Apparently Shaw's is still in business. Have you tried contacting them? I think that's where I would start researching for the history of this piece.
  30. Hi, My reference has this model at circa 1906. Nice clock. Thanks for sharing your heirloom.
  31. You're welcome Kerry. Another nice item for all of us to enjoy. Thanks for sharing it. :)
  32. I'd have to be able to example the case. You say there are extra "nail" holes under the movement. That strongly suggests to me that the Welch movement is not original to the case. I will say, thoug...
  33. Hi Whitewalker, Your clock has an Ingraham Clock Company Movement and Dial. It closely resembles their "Empress" model but it is not an exact match so that is not its model name. Here's an examp...
  34. I'm not quite sure what you're saying above pglenn. You're right in that F. Kroeber's Clock Company did have a model called their Fifth Avenue No. 2 which actually pre-dates the Ansonia model by abou...
  35. Looks like they may be authentic Sessions Clock pendulum bobs (or weights). Here's a link to reproductions offered by a popular Supply House:
  36. Thank you racer4four. That's very kind of you to say. I hope we helped the owner. It is still a very nice clock.
  37. You're very welcome ekim. I'm glad we could help. Obviously the old-timer is in good hands now. :)
  38. I would tend to agree with Kerry. It appears as though you have a Ridgeway. The Roanoke is shown on eBay with raised bronze numerals and there's a little difference in style/ornamentation on the case.
  39. Condition is an extremely important determinant as far as market value goes. Since you've taken such good care of your Family Heirloom, I would say that your clock is worth more than a barely running...
  40. Hi ekim. Thank you for the measurements and for sharing your Antique Clock with us. It looks like you have a Seth Thomas "Dana No. 1" from circa 1913. Your model originally listed for $6.50 whi...
  41. Beautiful heirloom. Thanks for sharing RevClaye and welcome to Collectors Weekly. This is from New Haven's model line called the "Mersey Line" from circa 1907. They listed at that time for around $...
  42. Hi. What are the measurements of the case?
  43. What a rare and significant clock from your collection! Thanks for sharing it Kerry.
  44. Hi pglenn1970. You appear to have what is known as a "Marriage". Someone may have taken an Ansonia Clock Company Case from their "Broadway" model from circa 1883 (See:
  45. Urgos is a well known German Manufacturer of Mechanical Clock Movements. Most seen today seem to be for Grandfather Clocks. Yours is definitely post WWII so I think your Wedding Gift dating makes se...
  46. Nice...You've got skills Russ! :)
  47. Happy to see you sharing some of your wonderful collection of clocks with the CW Community Kerry. Hoping you and yours have a wonderfully happy 2016! Regards.
  48. It looks like you have a Wood Case Mantel Clock that New Haven Called their "Camden Line". They had three different patterns in this line. Yours is Pattern "A". They were all made of Oak. The mod...
  49. You're welcome Tony. That happens at auctions sometimes. I'm usually not that lucky but fortunately the market usually keeps prices fair and reasonable unless a bidding war erupts. Auctions can be ...
  50. I did find another example searching under Ansonia Horse Mantel Clock. It was described but not identified as the "Coventry". Here's a link:
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