1. Hey Texas, you still there?
  2. You're welcome Stacy. If that solves your mystery, please indicate "Mystery Solved" in your listing and good luck with your liquidations. Regards.
  3. Here's another nice example:
  4. There probably are many. You can do an Internet Search for "Bison Clock" or "Buffalo Clock" and see many examples. This is the only antique Ansonia Model (the "Brandon" from circa 1904) that I'v...
  5. Hi Stacy, yes that is typical. If you look at some of the Ansonia clocks which have been posted/shared on this website through the years you'll find other dials similar to yours. Do you have any mor...
  6. I'm sure you'll find many clock repair shops nearby. I have no experience in that area of the country but I would give this one a serious look: This one may be ne...
  7. Hello Celiene. I would not try a screwdriver. It won't work and will only risk scratching/damaging the Silver Finish on the Dial (which should be considered delicate). The regulator arbor is like ...
  8. 1. Seth Thomas Tambour 3 from circa 1928 2. You'll probably not find something such as a manual or "guide" for this clock. These links may help:
  9. I don't know what to tell you regarding current market value is concerned since I can't find any other examples which might have sold at auction. As a general rule, I think that mechanical clocks are...
  10. I was wondering how that display works. Thanks Chadakoin. I would say a couple of mysteries have been solved! :)
  11. You're very welcome Britt. Happy we could help. :)
  12. Hello Britt. Welcome to Collectors Weekly. You've picked up a model called the Ansonia "Bombay" from circa 1904. Looks like a pretty nice example! Here's another example which can be found on...
  13. Hi bstubbs. The name of your Seth Thomas is "Hour Glass" from circa 1931. I've never seen one before. I don't think they are very common. If that solves you mystery, please indication "Mystery So...
  14. Your photos are pretty dark and so it's hard to see much detail. I agree with ticktocktime100. You have a manufactured clock. Factories "tooled up" to make runs of various models of clocks. Here i...
  15. You're welcome Lovee0428. I'm glad we could help.
  16. Hi and welcome to Collectors Weekly! I'm not finding this particular model in any of my references but I do think the model name is "Tambour No. 26" as I've found several other examples named "Tambo...
  17. Nice find save! Thanks for sharing it with us. Here's are some links to *similar* models: htt...
  18. Hi Lovee0428, Welcome to Collectors Weekly. You have a model called the "Dacca" from circa 1885. Here's a link to one example:
  19. You're welcome.
  20. Welcome to Collectors Weekly. Nice clock! I don't know what your background is with repairing clocks but I think what you're looking for is a little beyond this forum's format. I would recommend th...
  21. You're very welcome hartatak! I can see why you love your heirloom. It's really a very fine clock with so much attention to detail. The cut, beveled glass panels in the front door tell you right o...
  22. By the way, Welcome to Collectors Weekly! Your Mother apparently has inherited a Walter *Durfee* Pattern No. 5. A very fine, high quality Tall Case Clock. Here's a link to one which was reta...
  23. Do you mean a Walter Durfee Grandfather Clock?
  24. Hi Lisa, it strikes (or chimes) the hour?! Wow, I only see one winding arbor which normally means just the Time Train. Once we have the measurements I'll see if I can narrow down the circa for you...
  25. You still there Lisa?
  26. You're very welcome debbieotoole! Ingraham made some very nice, reliable clocks. :)
  27. Hope that solves your mystery. If so, please indicate "Mystery Solved" in your listing. If not, ask away. What else would you like to know about it?
  28. Hello Lisa, welcome to Collectors Weekly. Thanks for sharing your family heirloom with us. You have a Seth Thomas Long Drop Octagon Wall Clock. They were sometimes called "Schoolhouse Clocks". ...
  29. Welcome to Collectors Weekly Debbie. You have an Ingraham Cherub Black Mantel Clock circa 1903 or so. Do an Search on "Ingraham Cherub Clock" and you'll see other examples. They had Boy and Girl C...
  30. You're very welcome Dave!
  31. ooops.... hit the wrong button. Anyway....your Seth Thomas Cymbal 2 is from circa 1928. It could certainly have been manufactured several years before or after that date. If your dad is still wit...
  32. Hello Dave, Welcome to Collectors Weekly! Your Seth Thomas Cymb
  33. You're very welcoe leeezae. Hope you can find a bezel for it. Take careful measurements and set up a search agent on eBay. They come up from time to time.
  34. P.S. note that the posted reference refers to a "White Dial" so your clock is probably still all original. :)
  35. Hello Rose, Welcome to Collectors Weekly! My reference (TDL) has the following to say about the Seth Thomas Tambour 14 - 1922, " Mahogany case. Eight-day movement, hour and half0hour strike. G...
  36. Hi Msumm1969. Thanks for sharing your family heirloom with us. I think that unless someone recognizes the general shape of your clock's case, you're going to have to give us a little more to go on. ...
  37. My guess would be circa 1955 give or take 10 years. Because of the style of the face I would lean towards "later" in that range. Here's another *similar* example I found on the web:
  38. The dial appears to say Seth Thomas right about the "6". Is that right?
  39. Interesting. "Necessity is the mother of invention". Never seen anything like it.
  40. I'll leave the dating to slackjack since he's working with you. I'll just add that the clock's case style is called "Column and Splat". It's a very early Seth Thomas as he started out apprenticing w...
  41. P.S., if that solves your mystery, please indicate "Mystery Solved" in your post. I collect Solved Mysteries! :) Thanks.
  42. You have found an Ansonia "Chatham" from circa 1914. Even with the issues, you did well for $25! Does it still run? Probably needs some attention. Antique clocks left languishing on the market usu...
  43. This is (or what remains of) an Ansonia "Calais" circa 1904. Here's another online example: You can probably find many more. Jus...
  44. You're welcome Sockets. I'm glad that we could help a little with your research. These Long Drop Octagon Wall Clocks kept pretty good time. The "Time Only" Timepieces, like yours, were the most acc...
  45. Excellent write up and photos! The clock appears to be a Gilbert Clock model "Consort" from circa 1910. See: and compare yours. It sounds like the movement migh...
  46. Can't see much detail in your photos. What is printed on the dial? Are there any stamps or markings on the movement plates? Looks British or German to me based on what little I can make out.
  47. The top part of the clock is in the style of a French Boulle Clock.
  48. Almost looks like a spring-driven mantel clock which was converted into a tall case weight-driven clock. I've never seen anything like it. If collectors here can't help, try posting it on the NAWCC...
  49. Described as a "MINIATURE CHINOISERIE BRONZE" here is another another example of this model in red: It sol...
  50. Those are Rhinestones. Circa 1960 +/- 10 years? See:
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