My wife and I are avid antique clock collectors.


Seth Thomas Chime No. 70 Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Herschede Hall Clock, Pattern No. 122 - Clocksin Clocks


  1. This model is called the "Bonhomie" from circa 1913.
  2. This looks like "Gainesborough by ???????? Amsterdam Holland" to me. If the clock movement is original to the case it would have to be after 1930. Perhaps there's more information sta...
  3. Thank you smiata! Glad you liked it. :)
  4. Thanks for the love smiata. Thanks for stopping by kerry! Always very much appreciated.
  5. The hands of this clock match one of your others, so the clocks themselves all seem to be from the same manufacturer. Pretty elaborate cases though. This is a beautiful piece. Thanks again for shar...
  6. I like this onyx/marble clock much better...just my own opinions...still need more to go on regarding the clock mechanism....thanks for sharing with us.
  7. Sorry, that woman has a creepy smile to me. Not sure what she's holding in her hand either! Yikes! Are there any maker marks, numbers or stamps anywhere on the clock?
  8. You're very welcome. If you have any other questions, ask away. Someone here can probably help you. If your mystery is solved, please indicate that in your listing. Thanks.
  9. You're welcome Kerry. Very nice post! We "ain't never had a friend like" him have we?
  10. There's a lot of information readily available on the internet about Joachim Hill Clocks. Here's a very good article on Joachim Hill: Regarding val...
  11. Here's a Willard No. 4 apparently without the case bottom: It does have the top finial illustrated in the original Waterbury Catalogs thou...
  12. It looks like you may have a "Willard No. 4" described as being made from Flemish Oak with Cast Gilt Trimmings. Is it weight or spring driven? Apparently most of the "Williard" models were circa 19...
  13. Go to the NAWCC's message board for information on Enfield along with proper repair & maintenance. Here's a link:
  14. Very nice design and colors!
  15. Classy!
  16. This is a short-drop octagon wall clock. The style is often referred to as a School House Clock. They can achieve some pretty decent accuracy. If you provide case dimensions perhaps one of us can ...
  17. I agree with Kerry. Looks like a pretty modern timepiece with the Quartz movement and Phillip fasteners. Looks nice though. Thanks for sharing.
  18. I agree with Phil. I think this is probably green onyx. A beauty!
  19. Thanks for the additional photos. They are inconclusive to me. Some of the older movements had a different style of the "Ansonia" stamp in the brass plates along with patent numbers and dates. I do...
  20. I would call this is a "Tambour" case with a blended Doric Arch style.
  21. Yes, I got a chuckle from it. I always enjoy your posts Kerry. Thanks for sharing the Rat with us! :)
  22. Too smart for his own good. The cheese will have to be poisoned! :) Rocky will be nodding off in no time...
  23. You're very welcome Russ! I always enjoy and learn a lot from your posts. Best regards, Bruce
  24. Very nice! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
  25. Hey Russ, I did find this model in Ly's book. It's a "Wagner" from circa 1923. You have some good friends. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  26. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  27. Love Ansonia...can't find your model in my references but considering the history of the *original* company I would guess that it's circa is somewhere around 1925. The rights to the "Ansonia" name w...
  28. You might consider using a little lemon oil & bees wax on the wood. Doesn't build up quickly. Easy to apply and will help to protect and conserve the finish. Very nice pick. Thanks for sharing.
  29. Thanks for taking the time to post the additional photos schallerpen. Your clock looks authentic to me and I think that your circa may be a little too old. Similar examples I'm finding online say 1...
  30. Could you post some photos/close ups of the interior/movement? It does look to be in remarkably good shape for a clock from that era. Looks nice in any case.
  31. Here's an example that I found which auctioned for $170 back in 2005: I think that was a pretty low price (equivalent to around $200 today). Here's a lin...
  32. May I make a suggestion? If this were my clock I would try a minimal approach first. Clean it up with automobile rubbing/polishing compound and then apply a good coat of car paste wax to the enamel...
  33. Nice....Open Escapement and good porcelain enamel dial too. Thanks for sharing this great example.
  34. Cute commercial but I think I would rather have had a good interest rate instead. That would be somewhere around $800 in 2014! "Show me the Money!" :)
  35. Very nice clock Lovefourantiques. Thanks for taking the time to post some more pics.
  36. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris is spot on in regards to the general date of this clock's manufacture. Ansonia made at least three mantel clocks which featured this statuette. They were the "Troubadour" h...
  37. Hello Nate. Not necessarily. All of the early American Clock Manufacturers made a wide variety of models. There's a LOT more that I don't know compared to the small amount that I do. You sho...
  38. No idea when it was manufactured. There was one just like it offered for sale recently on eBay. The asking price was $135 or best offer. The Seller accepted an offer, no way of knowing how much tha...
  39. Not familiar with the model. Can you post a well lit photo from the rear of the movement?
  40. It's a new hobby/interest of yours. It wouldn't be fun nor challenging if you already knew it all. :) I look forward to seeing you around. I think that both the CW and NAWCC are pretty great reso...
  41. With a couple of hens like these, who needs roosters to wake you up?
  42. Hello Andrew, The Avondale and Venus are very similar models. The Venus was circa 1908. It measures 10 5/8" high and 10 " wide. The columns illustrated in Tran Duy Ly's reference are simulated ma...
  43. Hi Andrew, that a typo and should read "sash" not "sahs". Here's a link to a Sessions clock not unlike yours: My reference shows hands like that. ...
  44. P.S., if the above information "solves" your mystery, please indicate as much in your post. If you have additional questions, fire away. Regards, Bruce
  45. Hello fixit9660. You have a Sessions "Avondale" from circa 1910. According to Tran Duy Ly, it has an Eight-Day Cathedral Gong with the Half-Hour Strike on a Cup Bell. If that's what you have it sho...
  46. Just keep an eye on eBay. Try this search:
  47. Search "Sold" listings for clocks similar to yours on eBay. That will give you some idea of what they are currently selling for.
  48. It could be an hour/half-hour strike or a quarterly strike. Looks like there are three chime rods so it would most likely be some sort of "bim-bam" pattern.
  49. Nice clock! My *guess* is that you have a British Black Marble or Slate Time & Strike Mantel Clock probably from circa 1900 give or take 10 years. Depending upon the market and running condition...
  50. jojo63, thank you! Much appreciated.
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