My wife and I are avid antique clock collectors.


Seth Thomas Chime No. 70 Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Herschede Hall Clock, Pattern No. 122 - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Hello tonyschacher. Welcome to C.W. As rlwindle stated, American Clock Manufacturers of the era represented by your "Tambour" style of Mantel Clocks were always changing style and Sessions had a lo...
  2. Hello JoJo. These types of clocks are also known generally as a "Tambour". This clock probably has a movement made in Germany although I can't say for certain. I would suspect that 15cm might refer...
  3. Nice. You're always dishing up some nice items from your collection Kerry. This is another one in a long line of MANY. Thanks for sharing!
  4. That should read "carefully give it" NOT "give carefully it" :) If crazycharacter has solved your mystery, please be sure to indicate "Mystery Solved" in your listing. Thanks.
  5. Personally, I would leave the finish as original as possible. I would just clean it with something that's not too harsh or abrasive and then give carefully it a coat or two of a good quality auto wax...
  6. You have a long drop octagon wall clock. Search eBay for sold listings of "New Haven Drop Octagon Clock" or just click here:
  7. Make the search for "Ansonia FOOT" (not "FEET")
  8. Regarding your question of adjustable foot replacement: Several clock supply houses sell them but the quality is spotty. Some of them are nice and round but some of the castings are oblong or oval. ...
  9. That was some ultra-fast shipping! Great deal. No doubts you'll have it in great shape soon. :)
  10. Really neat. Never have seen anything like it but why hide the face of a clock? Seems as though it would make checking the time a little "time consuming". :) Thanks for sharing.
  11. You're very welcome Rickey! That's a nice example of an American Black Mantel Clock and I'm glad that I could help.
  12. Hope that helps solve your mystery. If so, please be sure to indicate "Mystery Solved" in your listing. Thanks for sharing your clock with CW.
  13. I just happen to have that listed in my Waterbury Reference book. It appears to be Waterbury's "Home No. 3" and was produced circa 1925. If so, it should measure approximately 11 1/2 inches high by ...
  14. That didn't take long at all Kerry. You impress with the quality and speed of your work. Thanks for sharing "Doc"! :)
  15. M-I-C, K-E-R, R-Y-D-O-C! :)
  16. Hi Luis, You're very welcome! Thanks for letting me know that was helpful! :)
  17. It may be a "Mauthe" German Clock. It's hard to see details of the trademark.
  18. I saw a "FK" design in the glass pattern. I don't think that you often see it in the glass but that definitely means you have an original glass pane there. FK stands for Florenz Kroeber. See this ...
  19. I don't have any references on F. Kroeber clocks, but I believe that you may have one there. Very nice clock. Thanks for sharing.
  20. I've never seen side ornaments exactly like those on your heirloom clock before. I'm not too familiar with Gilbert Models and wonder if it might be one of theirs... If you follow Kerry's advice that...
  21. You can't help but notice what time it is with that clock in the room! Fantastic piece. Thanks for sharing it.
  22. There are just so many models of "Gingerbread" clocks it would be helpful to get a little more information to go on. I didn't see it in my Ingraham reference book and I'm not sure if those "Maltese" ...
  23. Obsessive and Mikelv85, thanks for stopping by and for the "loves"! You're welcome Perpcal70000000! Sean, doing well thanks. Hope you're having a great summer! :) Russ, thank you for stopping by a...
  24. According to this CW Article: this clock could date from 1871-1880. It has a Moon Phase Dial, a se...
  25. Extremely nice photography and write up rlwindle. Thanks for sharing.
  26. Not aware of any source for that information. It would be nice if you could share a photo of the clock itself though. Thanks.
  27. See:
  28. In my catalog illustration, the feet were different, the side ornaments were not lion heads and there was no cast 'ribbon' below the dial. I've found another example online which has feet similar to...
  29. This type of clock are often referred to as "Novelty Clocks". I can't find your particular model in any of my references but I see something similar from circa 1895. It looks like it may have a 30-...
  30. It is not an exact match, but your clock is very similar to a Sessions Clock called the "Brewster". I see three relatively minor differences, otherwise the models look the same. The Brewster is fr...
  31. It seems you've posted this same clock twice. You have a Sessions "Manhattan" from circa 1921. The hands are probably not original and in any case the hour hand looks to have been damaged. Other th...
  32. I want "1", just "1" Count Van Count Clock! Ah! Ah! Ah! :) Very nice Kerry. My kids always loved Sesame Street. Thanks for sharing.
  33. That's what I tell myself when I walk through an antique mall and start recognizing things from my childhood...I'm still "vintage". :)
  34. Thank you for the nice comment and link pops52! Glad you liked the video. Thanks Ilikeart for stopping by with the love. Very much appreciated!
  35. What does it say on the very bottom of the dial. I think I can make out "Waterbury" but I'm not sure. I don't see the clock in my references but the dial should give you some information. Good luck.
  36. It's obviously a Calendar Clock. The case style is called a "Column and Cornice". The hands look like it might be an early Ingraham, but I'm not sure. It looks like the glass tablet has been re-st...
  37. Love 'em Kerry. You always post wonderful pieces of your collection along with background information and how it fits into you larger collections. Can't imagine anyone coming to "Collectors Weekly" ...
  38. I found your model in noted authority Tran Duy Ly's reference book on Ansonia Clocks and Watches. You want to make sure they have experience working on antique clocks such as yours. They should be a...
  39. Thanks GlockGuy! Very happy to know that you enjoyed our post! :)
  40. Thanks for stopping by and for the "love" shawnicus. Very much appreciated!
  41. You're welcome Kerry. Great item. As always, a very nice post with good background info. Thanks for sharing with us.
  42. What is it worth to you? You've got good provenance information on it. You've correctly identified the model name and circa. Condition is a question. Damp storage may have caused rust in the movem...
  43. Florida is a big State. Here are a couple of NAWCC members with clock repair/service businesses in no particular order... http:/...
  44. Thank you rlwindle and trgrubaugh for stopping by with you loves and nice comments. High praise and very much appreciated!
  45. Hi, approximately whereabouts in South Florida? What city are you close to?
  46. No. Sorry. Not familiar with this clock model at all.
  47. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment Peavie. Thanks for the love dclee! :)
  48. Also, many records were destroyed in the European Wars which makes finding particular clock "models" more difficult.
  49. The history of French Clocks is a notoriously difficult thing to do. Clock making in France was a cottage industry with a lot of artisans and craftsmen casing manufactured movements. The hairlines ...
  50. It looks like you have an unlisted Seth Thomas Adamantine Black Mantel Clock. Probably from circa 1905 give or take 10 years. Yours is a little unusual in that it has eight half-columns. *Most* of ...
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