1. I've seen British Clock Makers case German Movements before and "Foreign" was the designation but I didn't know it was a Europe wide convention. The main wood looks like it may be quarter-sawn Oak ...
  2. If it is a reproduction (or counterfeit) , it is a relatively old one done by someone very skilled. The patina fasteners and general design all look authentic to me, but I'm no expert in French Clock...
  3. I think it would have to be a remarkably good reproduction, but it's possible. If you have access, can you add a well-lit photo/closeup of the movement?
  4. Very nice clock. Old and apparently in remarkably good, museum quality condition! Ferdinand Berthoud, a Swiss clockmaker serving the king of France Some of his more ornate clocks sell at auction ...
  5. I can't find this model in any of my references. The wood "rivets" are a design element of some Kroeber Clock models, but the date code was a Seth Thomas convention so I don't think it is a "marriage...
  6. 5981 C corresponds to a manufacture date of March 1895. The case appears to be wood, is that right or is it refinished metal?
  7. Lovely. How about some more pics? If you have the time, you can post up to four. Thanks for sharing.
  8. If you like to go through antiques, you may end up solving a few mysteries too. Hope to see you around Tennessee. Best regards.
  9. Hello Lori. Thanks for taking the time to post the extra photos. Please keep in mind that if you do decide to put this clock up for sale, you should remove your post here. Items currently for sale ...
  10. Hello Lori. You really should split these two listings up and provide more photos/info on each. Regarding the clock, are there any stamps or markings anywhere on the case of the brass plates of the...
  11. You're very welcome Tennessee. I'm happy I was able to help you in some way. One of our daughters graduated from Vanderbilt. Beautiful area of the Country. She loved it. Hope you'll stick arou...
  12. Very nice looking example. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Collectors Weekly.
  13. My reference (Tran Duy Ly) has it as circa 1863 but he further states that the case style was popular 1850 so it evidently had a pretty long production run.
  14. Arthur Imhof's Company manufactured high quality timepieces. I'd call your clock's case style a hybrid between the Crystal Regulator and Carriage Clock. In my experience, it's distinctive. There i...
  15. I think you've nailed it. My source has it circa 1911 but there's usually a range of plus or minus 5-10 years. I think you've solved your own mystery "StillLearning"! :)
  16. For what it may be worth, I agree with racer4four, I would leave the clock's finish as is. Maybe apply a good wax to it is all that I would do. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Thanks Scott! That's very kind of you to say.
  18. For all the reasons I've already stated. Bear in mind that I'm guessing "circa" 1863. It's very doubtful to me that it would be later than 1865 unless Seth Thomas was using up old label stock print...
  19. Based upon what I can see, you have an early Seth Thomas "Column" Clock. Probably circa 1863, perhaps earlier. Since it is an 8-day clock it couldn't be too much earlier than that. Plymouth Hallow...
  20. I thought I was being clear. The top of the clock is important. If it's just flat across then don't worry about it. I'll look in my references for your measurements when I get a free moment. Than...
  21. Hi Nufson. Welcome to Collectors Weekly. What are the clock's case dimensions? Can you post a photo that shows the entire case from top to bottom?
  22. Any stamp or marks on the movement?
  23. You're very welcome Vlad. Happy to be able to help. :)
  24. You're welcome auctioneer. If you're not holding on to it, I hope you find a good home for it. Regards
  25. Hi Debbs5555. Welcome to Collectors Weekly. I was lucky enough to find your clock in one of my references. It is the Seth Thomas "Drummers A". Reportedly from circa 1894 (so your date code confir...
  26. You have an Ansonia "Montague" from circa 1914. Here are a few online examples:
  27. You should indicate "Mystery Solved" in your listing since Edisonfan nailed it.
  28. Hello Vlad. You have a Kroeber model called they called the "Turenne" from circa 1895. 8-day gong strike. Height 12 inches. It came finished in black, white, pink, blue, red, green and brown. Se...
  29. Love these. Marvelous Clocks.
  30. Nice job. These can be very difficult to get regulated but once you do, they can be very accurate over a long period of time. Thanks for sharing it.
  31. Hey Shawnicus, Looks like some version of the Seth Thomas "Deft 3" model from circa 1950. The only problem is that the catalog describes this model as having a solid mahogany case. The brass bezel ...
  32. You're very welcome John. Here's one example which sold for about $80 at auction (Buyer's Premium included) in 2011: That ...
  33. Glad to help Alexander. There is a check box in your listing that will indicate your mystery is solved. I try to "collect" solved mysteries when I can. :) Thanks.
  34. You have a Sessions "Duke", Black Enamelled Wood Mantel Clock from circa 1908. Although the side ornaments did vary on this model, here's an example which is very similar to yours:
  35. I've you like Mickey, you've gotta love that.
  36. Nice save.
  37. You're very welcome! Sounds like you do have quite a few clocks around. One quickly gets used to their presence but overnight guests rarely do. :) That may be an "89 D" movement. The 89 "XX" s...
  38. Hi rossjim, Welcome to Collectors Weekly. Your heirloom Seth Thomas *may* be a version of the model they called "Hallie" from circa 1909-1915. I say *may* because the illustrated example in my ref...
  39. Correction, that should read approximately $290 to $315 in 2014 dollars.
  40. Hi Scott, Another very interesting posting. I haven't expanded our collection into Calendar Clocks yet. Not sure I could find the room if we do but I hope to some day. You're right, this kind ...
  41. That is strange. Maybe they've been having some problems with the website lately. It's usually a very stable site. I've been here on and off for about five years now and can not remember a time wh...
  42. Looks like we're back to unsolved? Good luck and let us know what you find out.
  43. I think that if the numbers are fired into the porcelain/glaze that would pretty much seal the deal as far as it being some type of notation from the porcelain worker/maker/manufacturer. What do they...
  44. What numbers and what page are you talking about? If you are talking about the handwritten markings in your fourth photo those may have been added by a worker at the Royal Bonn factory or anyone of a...
  45. Not sure what the hand painted notation is for. I believe that the impressed "5" and round seal refers to the model number and the Royal Bonn mark. Some of Ansonia's Royal Bonn Porcelain Clocks had...
  46. As StillLearning has pointed out, you have an Ansonia Crystal Regulator No. 5. They came in a wide variety of colors. The case is made of Royal Bonn porcelain. That was Ansonia's top of the line, h...
  47. It's a Belasco. Circa 1900. Originally listed for $8.65. A largely intact label is relatively rare...especially when it is located on the outside of the case. Your clock looks very nice. It doe...
  48. Hi. It looks like you may have a Waterbury Enameled Iron Case Mantel Clock model called the "Una". It is from circa 1906 and could have been manufactured a few years before or after that genera...
  49. Hi Tom, My reference material is has a copy right restriction. Just as well as the measurements don't match so it can't be your clock. Follow slackjack's advice. They have more flexibility the...
  50. I see. I doubt it but I really can't say one way or the other. I do know that 1914 was kind of a high-water mark for Ansonia. They had over 450 different models that were offered to the public duri...
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