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Pensacola,Fl. & Murphy,NC.

Retired, Originally from Wisconsin Now live in Florida & North Carolina, like pretty much anything old or unusual.


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Embury Air Pilot No.2 - Lampsin Lamps
2007 -p John Adams error dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
 Linden ? Wall Clock with Radio - Clocksin Clocks
Vintage Turner TV Tuner - Electronicsin Electronics
Vintage Pump BB gun - Toysin Toys
1970 Saladizer Supreme - Kitchenin Kitchen
50's ? Wyeth eye wash bottle  - Bottlesin Bottles
Early  small 1920's Coffee Grinder - Kitchenin Kitchen
Dietz K Mart Lantern  - Lampsin Lamps
 8 Day ? - Clocksin Clocks


  1. I used to have the matching tap handle.
  2. Thanks pops52 It's still a mystery I pulled it apart to clean & oil and it has the same markings on the plates of the works but I've had no luck finding it any where.
  3. Thanks lisa
  4. Thanks Bruce99 by the way I did take the clock that had the UST as a trade mark apart to clean and oil it and the works also had that same trade mark and nothing else, I can see by the back of the ca...
  5. Thanks Hunter
  6. Thanks kerry10456
  7. Thanks blunderbuss2
  8. Thanks birdie
  9. Treasure-Hunter I'm not sure of the age, I just know I read the span they were made but I like the shape of these, and I still see a few on occasion.
  10. Thanks beachbomb
  11. Thanks AR8Jason
  12. Thanks mustangtony
  13. Thanks mustangtony
  14. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris
  15. Thanks officialfuel
  16. Thanks officialfuel
  17. Thanks zguy2112 I've often wondered if there was a grip on it or not, I've tried to find other pictures of it but have only came close and nothing just like it, this is just the way I got it so i'm r...
  18. Just picked one up myself yesterday.
  19. I saw one very similar in Wisconsin about 15 years ago so they've been floating around for awhile.
  20. Thanks chrissylovescats
  21. Thanks AR8Jason
  22. Thanks mustangtony that was quick, thanks for the love to.
  23. AR8Jason That's the beauty of this one no cartridges to mess with, just pump and go.
  24. AR8Jason no, no cartridge.
  25. AR8Jason, I think I saw it just before it went down.
  26. Thanks petey
  27. Thanks petey
  28. Thanks petey & ttomtucker
  29. Thanks petey
  30. Thanks miKKoChristmas11
  31. I was out pickin today and didn't see any myself, and I've never seen one like this.
  32. Thanks AR8Jason
  33. Thanks kerry10456 I to have been looking around US Time but haven't stumbled upon anything yet.
  34. Thanks kerry10456
  35. I'm sure there are some old pellet guns around blunderbuss2 but I haven't seen to many lately, I got this from my father in law about 18 years ago and still need it for my garden.
  36. Thanks blunderbuss2, the old thing still works great.
  37. Thanks walksoftly
  38. Thanks trunkman
  39. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris
  40. Kind of like todays digital box but todays doesn't hold a candle to the looks of this one.
  41. Thanks for the love toolate2 still really haven't figured out what we got here.
  42. Thanks toolate2
  43. Thanks for the love & info mustangtony I didn't have a clue what it was really for.
  44. I had no clue about looking like old cars, but I can surely see that in them, I can see where I need to start collecting some, we went out yesterday but didn't see any.
  45. Thanks jahnkekong This one is near mint I paid $40. for it, I have another not quite as nice in green and picked it up for $26. So far I have seen them all over the board in price with $125.00 given f...
  46. Thanks mustangtony
  47. Love it, reminds me of a old Buick
  48. Thank you lisa
  49. I don't have a clue but I like these mechanical things. Thanks for posting it.
  50. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, mustangtony
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