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Pensacola,Fl. & Murphy,NC.

Retired, Originally from Wisconsin Now live in Florida & North Carolina, like pretty much anything old or unusual.


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enamelware cheese grater  - Kitchenin Kitchen
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Steeple clock - Clocksin Clocks
Remington oil lamp display ? - Lampsin Lamps
Ansonia cast iron clock - Clocksin Clocks
Embury Air Pilot No.2 - Lampsin Lamps
2007 -p John Adams error dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
 Linden ? Wall Clock with Radio - Clocksin Clocks
Vintage Turner TV Tuner - Electronicsin Electronics
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  1. It resembles that blue and white China I see so much
  2. Actually it's a windmill on a island
  3. I agree but a few cosmetics don't bother me a bit over a time of about 170 years.
  4. Your correct, they are a bit lighter I just checked and they are veneer but may to have been done at some point the lighter shows more on camera then looking at it all in all I couldn't pass it up for...
  5. Just saw one on antiques road show identical era and maker to bad the tile was replace on mine value of one on TV $800.00 they didn't seem to have a model name on that one either
  6. One other note if you google it you will see they were also known as having the worlds largest 6 pack which back then had the old style logo on the cans but that has changed now.
  7. Actually old style was from LaCrosse Wis. Where the G. Heileman brewery was located, I believe they shut down sometime in the 80s and then started up sometime later as City Brewery I left there in 02 ...
  8. kerry10456 No the paper work inside didn't give much clues at all but pull up terry & Andrews clocks and the style of that era and the length of time they were in business puts the case and movement...
  9. After doing a lot of digging I tend to believe the movement and case are era 1840 - 50s but the painted tile has obviously been replaced at some point as it doesn't match that date. At any rate very d...
  10. racer4four, I agree it's cool but in reality much safer than the old board type cutters because your fingers never get near the cutting blade. Thanks.
  11. AzTom I also seen soom today but electrified not actual kerosene lamps so I agree the word replica fits it well, but it will still work for us in our mountain cabin.
  12. blunderbuss2, been researching all day, nothing! I'm thinking it may have just been a store display or something of that nature. Don't really have a clue
  13. Zowie, I thought so to but most I have seen were somewhat of a reflective type material and this may have been at some point but not anymore and I'm trying to find out he Remington comes into it.
  14. Bruce99 got the best interior pic I could the movement is stamped Terry&Andrews Bristol Conn. The movement is also pinned together at the frame rails instead of bolts and nuts this is the first time I...
  15. Bruce99 I will get some inside pics when I open it up because a lot of the joints have loosened and need to be reglued I did pull thin clock maker up on line and cases of thin nature appears to be ...
  16. Riply206 I think you should do a bit of research they did have glues in those days and these models were also made with wood veneers which was GLUED over sub standard woods to give the appearance ...
  17. GTBOI yes I've checked yours I don't have this jug at my house it's at my mountain cabin and I don't have the measurements but it is much larger than it appears in the picture about 18 inches high an...
  18. Thanks GTBOI
  19. Bruce99, Any thought as to value refinish or not? I haven't a clue of that, I did however see another collector stated this clock was only listed in the 1886 catalog and no catalog before or after...
  20. Bruce99 Under normal circumstances I would take your suggestion but this clock is more cast iron than paint, I to hate to steer away from original but putting wax into a pourous metal can lead to ...
  21. Thanks Bruce99 Got it running great and it is in need of refinishing the case, a lot of missing and chipped paint so once finished it will look great on the fireplace
  22. I used to have the matching tap handle.
  23. Thanks pops52 It's still a mystery I pulled it apart to clean & oil and it has the same markings on the plates of the works but I've had no luck finding it any where.
  24. Thanks lisa
  25. Thanks Bruce99 by the way I did take the clock that had the UST as a trade mark apart to clean and oil it and the works also had that same trade mark and nothing else, I can see by the back of the ca...
  26. Thanks Hunter
  27. Thanks kerry10456
  28. Thanks blunderbuss2
  29. Thanks birdie
  30. Treasure-Hunter I'm not sure of the age, I just know I read the span they were made but I like the shape of these, and I still see a few on occasion.
  31. Thanks beachbomb
  32. Thanks AR8Jason
  33. Thanks mustangtony
  34. Thanks mustangtony
  35. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris
  36. Thanks officialfuel
  37. Thanks officialfuel
  38. Thanks zguy2112 I've often wondered if there was a grip on it or not, I've tried to find other pictures of it but have only came close and nothing just like it, this is just the way I got it so i'm r...
  39. Just picked one up myself yesterday.
  40. I saw one very similar in Wisconsin about 15 years ago so they've been floating around for awhile.
  41. Thanks chrissylovescats
  42. Thanks AR8Jason
  43. Thanks mustangtony that was quick, thanks for the love to.
  44. AR8Jason That's the beauty of this one no cartridges to mess with, just pump and go.
  45. AR8Jason no, no cartridge.
  46. AR8Jason, I think I saw it just before it went down.
  47. Thanks petey
  48. Thanks petey
  49. Thanks petey & ttomtucker
  50. Thanks petey
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