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  1. Seagulls flying over water. Why do you think French? Red clay could indicate the coastal Mediterranean, but also Mexico
  2. Maybe the S is for Swinnertons?
  3. Thank you so much IVAN49. I am so happy you sent the link, and it even has a photo of the artist! Much appreciated Mary
  4. How big is it. Does it hold 6 liters??
  5. Yes, horn ware are items carved from horn I believe there may be an Asian section, you may want to post it there also
  6. American Art china works, Trenton , NJ were founded by Rittenhouse & Evans Maybe these were early pieces before they were partners?? Just a thought More research required! It would be unusual, I t...
  7. This is probably a newer piece, as Royal Doulton and Royal Albert were both taken over by a huge company, among a others like Wedgwood, a few years ago- KPS Capital Partners They probably had some D...
  8. Looks like one side of a button- almost like hook & eye fastener, but yours have a rod instead of the hook part. If you take one of each of the opposite facing horseshoes, can you fit the bar with th...
  9. Is it an actual stone with holes drilled in it, not pottery?
  10. Couldn’t find anything on the mark, but the box does look quite old. You don’t have your location on your profile, but if your in the UK, I would contact Thomas Goode, as I’m sure they must have a con...
  11. Probably belonged to a vase or potpourri jar that got broken but was kept because it fit the dish, but no practical use for it on such a shallow piece
  12. Try here:
  13. Here is a link to, where he has tons of both Chinese and Japanese porcelain marks. I believe yours may be a contemporary piece
  14. Can you post a close up of the mark in a little brighter light please
  15. Try
  16. Thomas Goode is a London retailer of fine china/porcelain from all over the World, so most pieces they sell have there name on them as well as the actual maker’s mark, which gets confusing. Please po...
  17. There are no marks on the pieces anywhere?
  18. P.S. Welcome to Collectors Weekly! I will see what I can find out, but this is definitely something special! Mary
  19. The crane is a revered bird in Japan, and I am guessing that is where it originated from, however many European potteries copied that Japanese style in the 18-19th centuries. It is very well made, of ...
  20. It is porcelain not glass, right?
  21. Why did you think it was made by Lenox?
  22. Lowestoft is in the south of England , maybe it was a commissioned piece, but it definitely says Italy
  23. I drink tea made with loose black tea every day, the British way (I’m from Scotland) with milk. I gave a lot of my teapots away, as I couldn’t lift them when full due to arthritis in my hands. Wish I ...
  24. I forgot to say that the company (initials PT) Tirschenreuth Porcelain became part of the Lorenz Hutschenreuther factory in 1927, so you set pre-dates that change.
  25. It is a beautiful set, and would mix & match with many others. Many older pieces didn’t have a pattern name, and some just a number, which I presume is what is on yours. If you want more pieces, you c...
  26. She is a beautiful cat, why Rusty?
  27. oops, I misread what you had said there, sorry
  28. Looks like it has been reupholstered by an amateur , and wonder if they removed a finish, and that’s why it feels rough, sanded unevenly? I presume their’s no marks underneath?
  29. Don’t touch the finish, just upholster.
  30. It is beautiful, lucky you. Do you drink tea? Great display piece either way!
  31. Possibly a D and C entwined. I’ll see if I can find anything
  32. I thought it odd that is called LIMOGES CHINA, which is not a word they would use in France, and searched for something similar to this mark, but couldn’t find it. I wonder if it’s a piece of American...
  33. Limoges is an area in France, not one big factory, but many, varying in quality. Some were just decorating studios, which bought blanks from various companies and then decorated them. Often a generic ...
  34. The lid doesn’t go with the pin tray. The pin tray either came in a boxed set of two with different patterns, or with the small posy holder/ toothpick holder. They are fairly common, made in the 1960...
  35. No marks on the bases? If there is, post a photo please
  36. Here’s an example of items with the same mark from an auction house
  37. Yes, Russian. It’s Kuznetsov, and your mark dates between 1889-1910 From what I read, the factory was taken over by the Government in 1918 and it became part of Dulevo
  38. Could find anything either, but here’s a link to the Smithsonian museum of African Art, you may be able to contact them and get some info. It is a beautiful piece, I love the texture! https://africa...
  39. The problem with many Chinese marks is that old marks are often copied on newly made pieces. Gotheborg has this mark shown on a few different pieces, some Satsuma copies, dating from the 1970’s- 200...
  40. It is Chinese, and according to marks4 antiques dates from 1910-40’s, but the maker is unidentified. You could check if you wan to try and find the maker
  41. The mark dates it between 1955-64, when they merged with Ridgways, Staffordshire
  42. That type of glaze is often referred to as lustreware. Couldn’t find anything on the maker though
  43. What are the dimensions? It’s hard to say what its purpose was without knowing the size
  44. No valuations are allowed on this site, but you can check for a replacement value. This pattern was made for a long time, so not of huge value, unless it’s a very early one. Any handw...
  45. No valuations here, but you can check . This pattern was made for a long time, so not of huge value
  46. Lovely!. Made by a company founded by Haruzo Saji in 1889, in Nagoya. According to marks4antiques, your maker’s mark dates the piece in the 1920-40’s period
  47. I loved that show, and catch a re-run once in a while.
  48. Get a piece of white paper and a pencil or crayon and rub over the mark with it, you may get a better imprint. Looks like it may be Da_ M....?
  49. It is beautiful, they do look like trees
  50. WOW! Lucky you!!!
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McCoy Vase "Early American" c1967 Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find