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Speckled matte glaze wheel thrown stoneware vase  - Potteryin Pottery
Hand built Modernist 3 sided vase Helpwith name - Potteryin Pottery
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Terracotta bowl with Native American influence. Help needed with maker - Potteryin Pottery
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Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson - Potteryin Pottery


  3. Maybe Saint Clement of Luneville, France. They’ve been around since the 19th century and have a lot of different marks on their pieces If you google "St Clement faience plate" you will see the simila...
  4. Marks4antiques have it as being a decorative import from Japan during the 1960-80’s
  5. When I checked the registration number, the pattern was registered in 1932. Sad that they didn’t write the names back then, some only had pattern codes or numbers. If that is an alpha nu...
  6. They are beautiful, and in amazing condition for their age! Did you inherit them ?
  7. Don’t know why you have this in the china & dinnerware category. Maybe you should post it in Collectiibles-Military ?
  8. You can contact them and ask a question, but not sure if you have be a member
  10. I think there’s a Haviland collectors society where you can ask for help
  11. There doesn’t seem to be much info on the company, or much on the market, so may be quite rare. I got the info from marks4antiques, of which I’m a member There was also a JB Owen in Zanesville, but ...
  12. It is very pretty Made by Edward J Owen in Ohio, Minerva is the pattern name .The company was in business from 1902-32. They must have won a Gold medal at the St Louis World's Fair. It is the shape...
  13. Now I see Koehn, sorry!
  14. Looks like it says Koshin to me?
  15. Check here. He also has a category on Chinese marks
  16. Great! Good luck, you are so fortunate to have such beautiful pieces which are also part of your family's history!
  17. Thanks Sean, it is Paula M Miller, stamped on the underside too, but I cannot find on piece of information on this artist, so was looking for some help. I would have thought that she would be known be...
  18. Here is a link, which has an explanation on how to read the character marks, as well as many examples of both Chinese and Japanese marks
  19. And made in Bavaria, Germany by Kaiser
  20. This is exquisite! You may get help at a local museum, if they have a Ceramics curator. I’m not sure if this site would be of help to you, but here is the link. I know he also has a help page, there i...
  21. How do you know it’s Korean?
  22. B Jackson? looks like the Jackson part was over written to fit on the base
  23. I found the site I had seen similar styles, it’s Venice Clay Arts, a great resource. here’s a link to the Australian (Oz) page :
  24. Maybe Australian Aboriginal, but as yours is wheel thrown, maybe a more contemporary piece? I don’t know much about the native methods though. Here’s an example
  25. Looks Italian to me, I would call it an urn? It looks like it has some decoration carved in before it was glazed- this technique is referred to as sgraffito. There appears to be a partial signature Di...
  26. If you rotate the image , it looks like the letters AK joined together. I’ll see what I can find
  28. Imari patterns have been copied by many potteries from around the world, so you should concentrate on the marks on the underside. You can start at where you can search through Japanese a...
  29. I believe this may be a contemporary’s a link to a great resource on Chinese and Japanese pottery marks:
  30. You should be able to edit your original post of this beautiful jar, and add up to 3 more photos
  31. Looks like a Z or an N to me? Is it porcelain?
  32. Not a Crane??
  33. Please post photo of the maker’s mark
  34. The mark is GDA for Gerard, Duffraiseix & Abbot, with a mark that dates to 1900-40. Here is a link to an article on Limoges and other decorating studios, which also has links to museums which you can...
  35. They were probably porcelain blanks from different companies and hand painted by the same artist. Pickard China and Stouffer of Chicago are two US companies that had decorating studios which did this,...
  36. Thanks for sharing this info CanyonRoad, I learned a lot
  37. flambe, not flame!
  38. It is well painted and the glaze on the outside is stunning, similar to a flame glaze. Scan the fruit area with a magnifying glass for a signature, that might help you find more info. The base may al...
  39. Does your say editions Kaza somewhere on it, or did you get that from the other pieces when you googled it? Anyway some others mentioned that their pieces, most of which appear to be molded or cast, m...
  40. As yours doesn’t have the “England “ mark, it’s prior to 1891
  42. Thanks for sharing, and explaining to others. I actually saw on eBay , on more than one occasion shaving mugs listed as antique tea mugs with a spot for your teabag to drain. Considering teabags weren...
  43. Looking at the lusterware finish, I’m guessing 1910-30’s?
  44. Take a close up of just the marks. Looks Japanese in design You could look at
  45. Is that a mark on the base? If there is something there, take a close-up and tone down the color saturation
  46. It’s beautiful! I think the bird is a water bird, possibly a Loon- on top of the water with it’s reflection showing beneath it. I don’t know where you live, but I’m guessing this is Native American, ...
  47. No marks of any kind the base?
  48. It is beautiful!
  49. cup, not cap!!
  50. It is stunning! Possibly Satsuma? here’s a link to the Satsuma page on If you don’t see it there, you can return to his home page. It’s better to have the cap in hand when comparing the...
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McCoy Vase "Early American" c1967 Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find