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  1. You have the name right,Pekin and it looks like the impressed mark on the back is a date code, probably 1917. have a similar example from 1907
  2. What would you like to know?. The small size cup is usually referred to as a demitasse. I can’t see your mark too well but appears to be one from the 19th century 1850’s. here’s a link to Copeland ma...
  3. I see that you said they were Johnson Brothers, so a pic of the mark will help with the age.
  4. Are there any marks at al on the back ? If so, please post a photo, as it might help identify the maker and date the pieces
  5. I see what you mean, they certainly aren’t Asian characters
  6. Love it!
  7. assign a code to patterns that they haven’t identified but have pieces of in stock. It’s really just to keep track of their own inventory and helpful if you want to purchase more piec...
  8. Here is a link to a Nippon collectors club with free access to the area which shows the marks/backstamps:
  9. If I could only type too!. I corrected the date and it’s still wrong, Should be 1940-60’s I believe!
  11. 1960-60’s!
  12. Langenthal, Switzerland 19440-60’s . I thought it was a crown above the shield but think it says SUISSE
  13. You have it up the right way to view it
  14. I see it now! An Afghan hound?
  15. Love IT!
  17. I’m looking at the centre illustration and believe it is Caernarfon Castle in Wales with Snowdonia Mountains in the background.
  18. It is perfect for it!
  19. Now part of the Czech Republic, I believe. Give it bath in some warm soapy water, looks like it has a lot of tobacco smoke stains. You can even use soft toothbrush in the nooks and crannies.
  20. The mark says W S &S- This is Bohemian, William Schiller & Sohn, dating from 1850-1914. Here’s a link
  21. A piece of paper and a crayon or thick lead pencil , and do a rubbing. It works
  22. Love the blue one too. The one with the cork looks very British mid-century to me
  23. The decoration is most likely the town crest or coat of arms for St. Malo
  24. Too bad, it is lovely and a great match!
  25. I love it! I can tell you that it has a Tenmoku glaze, if that helps in your search
  26. Very pretty!
  27. Is the base separate or is it part of it?
  28. It is lovely, I do like the simplicity of the white!
  29. I didn’t find an exact date, but the stylized figures make me think you’ve got the date right, 1950-60’s. Here’s a link to the, a great resource for all Staffordshire potteries, which a...
  30. Windsor was one of the brands made for the Co-0p, another was Crown Clarence. Yours was made in Longton, Staffordshire and production of that “label” started in 1911. I will see what else I can find o...
  31. If you have a registration number, you should be able to get more info on the maker, if it’s legible
  32. Welcome! I found something very similar at, a pattern called Wilton, same pattern but this one has a border. There is also one called Garden gate, but not may pieces to view. You can ...
  33. You could look here
  34. Sake cups? hard to tell the age when they’re unmarked
  35. You can check, a great resource for Chinese & Japanese pottery Here’s the link to his home page, you can click on the marks category on the left
  36. I presume that there are no marks on the base?
  37. Looks like L V H
  38. Certain Royal Albert pieces have recently been reproduced, but it is the older pieces which are desirable. There are no valuations on this site, but posting a photo of the mark on the base will help d...
  39. I am no expert but the first tow characters appear to be Kutani. Here is a link to the Japanese Kutani marks on, a great resource for Japanese & Chinese pottery marks. If you don’t find ...
  40. I also looked through the British china search company,but no luck with this pattern, however I think they will try and find it for you if you sent a photo. here’s the link:
  41. It could also just sat ITALY!
  42. Yes, it does look like the maker's mark is peeking out from underneath the rammer label.If you soak in hot soapy water it may come of in one piece, no guarantees though, but may be worth it
  43. It’s a duck flapping its wings
  44. You can look through this link from and see if you can find the pattern. Don’t look at the shape, just look at the flowers.
  45. Very nice, and quite different than the usual blue flow!
  46. The Potter’s Co-operative was only in business from 1882-1925, but you may get more info from the East Liverpool ceramic museum.As far as figuring out a pattern name, that I believe is probably unavai...
  47. Maria, I think is the shape of the piece or mold shape
  50. Maybe Saint Clement of Luneville, France. They’ve been around since the 19th century and have a lot of different marks on their pieces If you google "St Clement faience plate" you will see the simila...
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McCoy Vase "Early American" c1967 Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find