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  1. I think there may be a link to a museum on website who could help you. Edward VIII (who abdicated and became Prince of Wales) was born in 1894, so maybe the pattern was named for him?
  3. Made by George Procter in Longton, Staffordshire between 1891-1939, when it became Gladstone China. Your pieces may be on the earlier side of that date, as his brother joined him and it became George ...
  4. They are very realistic and scary, don’t think I could have them in my house!
  5. No marks on the back?
  6. Gubbio is in Umbria, Italy, an area known for it’s pottery
  7. Does the 2nd piece fit into the side of the 1st if you stand it on it’s end/ Japanese modermist ikebana?
  8. Can you please post a photo of the marks on the base if you want help with maker or age
  9. Sorry, I couldn’t find the same mark, but the character to the right looks very similar to ones on some Arita pieces
  10. definitely a contempory incense burner
  11. My orange tabby Gadget passed away in June at the ripe old age of 18 (that’s 88 in human years). The colours in your figurine reminded of him. Thanks for sharing your kitty’s Christmas photo Rose
  12. There is a monogram for the potter, and also for the decorator. The website I sent you the link to is not the easiest to navigate, so I am including the link to the actual page with artist’s monograms...
  13. Here a great link for deciphering Doulton marks:
  14. This is usually referred to as a ginger jar, and if you want info on the maker’s marks, you could try
  15. I would say it’s almost impossible without a maker’s name. The generic JAPAN stamps were used by many importers, and there was probably a label with their name on it when new
  16. I forgot the link!
  17. A cake serving plate probably
  18. Here is a link to the New Hall company history and a guide to the marks. They appear to have started making dinnerware after WWI
  19. The Chinese are notorious for using old marks on newer pieces, “as a tribute to old masters” check
  20. Macau became part of China in 1987, so it is not antique
  21. Your mark dates to 1891-1910 period. I don’t know if you knew this but the word “NIPPON” means Japan, and many old 19th century pieces had that word marked on them , however Noritake, as US importer a...
  23. According to marks4antiques these were made by New Chelsea of Longton in Staffordshire. This particular mark, on your pieces, was used between 1943-51, perhaps in celebration of the royal wedding of P...
  24. Try
  25. The pattern is called Gardena, here is a link. You may find your other patterns here too:
  26. PS he number isa model or mold number, not a date
  27. Don’t know of this helps:
  28. Guess where you live in California the temperature is moderate enough to leave your succulents and your pots outdoors all Winter?
  29. Love the feet o the underside! Happy Thanksgiving to you too Sean
  30. Check the underside in good light, there may be an impressed maker’s mark
  31. Half man, half chick?
  32. Very pretty!
  33. Focus on the Chinese characters , not the story
  34. Try
  35. It is lovely, but not old, as bar codes were introduced in the early 1980’s.cThere’s no actual makers mark on the piece, so it would be very difficult to research it further
  36. There is a letter on the clock dial, is it an A?
  37. I think is actually says Suipe. When you magnify it there a some dirt above the U making it look like an n. Didn’t help defined any info on the maker though!
  38. I love the cat too!
  39. Beautiful! Is there a mark on the base you can share?
  40. I think it says Neide, and I agree that it is a mermaid. When I googled the name, it seems to be Brazilian in origin, but didn’t really see similar pieces expect an old eBay listing, a woman feeding ...
  41. I can tell you that’t’s quite old, dating from 1876-1889 Charles Field Haviland
  42. Check some Haviland & company collectors sites, they may be able to help
  43. Yes, 1890-1910. After that the word ”ENGLAND” was changed to “MADE IN ENGLAND"
  44. I think it’s Japanese with a Suzuki mark. This site has it dated circa 1950’s. marks4antiques has it 1910-50’s
  45. I see one, but can’t read it
  46. Sorry, I know nothing about glass!
  47. Here’s link to another post which I commented on explains the confusion over Czechoslovakian pottery marks. The other has a makers mark, however the history is the same, and worth sharing again, but c...
  48. Probably between the wars of WWI and WWII
  49. Don’t think think it a craft project though
  50. Can’t seem to enlarge the photo to see the signature
  51. See more


McCoy Vase "Early American" c1967 Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find