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  1. It is stunning!.I think it may be a monogram of some sort, as space was limited in the area of the mark. I have to say that the last two letters look like the mark of Upsala Ekeby of Sweden.
  2. Welcome to CW! You have a stunning collection and love that you supply the history of the pieces too. Being a birdwatcher, this has to be my favorite!
  3. And here’s your pattern info
  4. Here a link to a great resource for Staffordshire pottery, the with the marks for Winkle & Co:
  5. I know that the French company Vallauris used a similar mark in the 80’s
  6. The plate that has two marks is blurry. It’s possibly Paul Müller, Selb, Bavaria and the reason there are two different marks is that some pieces in the set were replaced at a later date and the mark...
  7. I was amused by the monogram "PMS” ! Think we have to find a maker before we figure out the pattern though. Can you take another pic of the otter mark, as its blurry.
  8. I believe it is Wild & Adams Ltd of Longton Staffordshire. According to the, they were only using that name between 1909-27.
  9. I can’t even see where the mark is!
  10. It is a stunning photo!
  11. LG stands for Lawrence & Grundy.He went into partnership with his nephew John Grundy. Your piece dates from 1920-20’s
  12. OK, I think I found it ! Thomas Lawrence, a Staffordshire pottery, so I don’t know the significance of the embossed Oxford mark, unless its a body shape. Anyway, here’s a link to the marks: http:...
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Maybe you can crop one of the photos of the base so that the mark is bigger?
  15. The only Oxford pottery I found was in the USA, so obviously the pottery was in Oxford, England, but that wasn’t the name. I tried searching potteries in Oxford/ Oxfordshire, no luck there either! T...
  16. My guess is the it’s German or possibly from the Alsace area. There are many beer steins with similar themes. I think you have to work on deciphering the signature of the artist.
  17. Here’s another link to The Homer Laughlin Collector’s Society Facebook page. If you post a pic and ask if it’s rare, they may five you some info, but they do not do appraisals unless you’re a member. ...
  18. Here’s a link to theHomer Laughlin dating system, but looks like 1945 to me:
  19. I looked at, but i was mistaken, they don’t have a Marshall Fields category, but did have Union Ceramique. Unfortunately older pieces which don’t have an actual name on the pieces the...
  20. Can you post a photo of one of the plates please
  21. IT was made for Marshall Fields by Union Ceramique between 1909-38
  22. I’m guessing that the MF stands for Marshall Fields in Chicago, but will search for the name of the maker. I believe may have a Marshall Fields category
  23. According to marks4antiques, it’s a copy of a Sevres mark
  24. Can you get a better, close up photo of the marks please?
  25. Here’s a link to a great resource for Japanese marks:
  26. Chopstick rests?
  27. Au gratin dish?
  28. The plate is beautiful and so is Chloe!. I would be worried that she would be causing an insurance claim, not filing one!
  29. This mark was used from 1913 onwards, however the Victorian pattern shown on is quite different from yours, so I’m guessing may be have been replaced by the other, or just different f...
  30. Could you please post a close up of the marks?
  31. The mark on your piece was used from 1913 onwards, and if that’s a 2 digit number in the centre of the plate , that may be the actual year of production. Looks like the pattern is quite rare, I couldn...
  32. I have the same dish, which I posted not too long ago. Your mark is upside down. It’s by Wachtersbach of Germany. I’ve had no luck trying to figure out the dating system on the back though! Here’s t...
  33. These beautiful pieces were made by Unger & Schilde of the Thuringia region of Germany. Some pieces are also marked Saxe, so I’m not sure if that would help date your piece more accurately, Altenburg ...
  34. You are welcome! I love a good mystery! I wish we could find more info on the period it was made though.
  35. I was going to say that it looked german, but Betschdorf is a commune in Alsace, North Eastern France close to the German border. Part of the Remmy family moved to the USA, where some settled in Phila...
  36. I think I found it Remmy MM. Here’s a link:
  37. According to marks4antiques, your mark was used between 1888-1910
  38. I just love Hollyhocks!
  39. I just remembered that Mine were Enoch Wedgwood, which is always well marked. I forgot to say that I believe your pieces have a depiction of Windsor Castle.
  40. Unfortunately many transfer ware patterns were sold to more than one company, so without any markings on the piece, it's difficult to figure out who they were made by because of that. The squared off ...
  41. Stunning. I just love their tiles! And you will always have it to remind you of your friend.
  42. It is stunning!
  43. Beautiful! Here’s a link to their marks:
  44. Sorry, I meant Gmundner!
  45. According to marks4antiques,this mark was used between 1905-28, Gmunder is the name of a town in Austria, they also had a factory in Vienna
  46. Stunning! What does the embossed lettering say?
  47. is a great resource for Staffordshire pottery. here’s the link for your other piece:
  48. Sorry messed that up!
  49. Here a link to the showing the Fielding marks
  51. See more


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