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  1. This beautiful piece was made by the Morimura Brothers for Noritake in, I believe the 1920’s. It is a rather unusual subject, obviously made for the Western market. Noritake had several companies work...
  2. Oops, didn’t mean to post that twice, sorry!
  3. I just sent you a link on your other Wedgwood posting to marks and dates etc Here it is
  4. I just sent you a link on your other Wedgwood posting to marks and dates etc Here it is
  5. here is a link to, which is a great resource for Staffordshire pottery. You can get an idea of the age of your pieces by the maker’s mark, but there’s probably also an impressed alpha...
  6. I’m wondering if they just punched the holes before firing,so that it wouldn’t explode in the kiln, and the pieces of clay were pushed inside and hardened in the kiln, and that’s what is making the no...
  7. Oops, I didn’t see you had mentioned the initials.
  8. Love it and I’m also intrigued! There are initials on the back of the neck -SA?
  9. Here’s a great link to Pinterest with hundreds of photos of Studio pottery marks, you might find your mark there. Even if you don’t, it’s a great resource for the future! Good luck! https://www.pinte...
  10. Sorry, Rumtopf!
  11. It looks like a Rumkopf container ( not sure if the spelling is correct) People of German heritage would add fruits and alcohol together in a lidded ceramic jar, leave it for a few months, and serve i...
  12. Beautiful. what does it say around the circumference?
  13. Beautiful and unusual stylized bird, I think? I will see if I can find any info on the maker
  14. I thought it was Byron Temple, but it’s not. Here’s a great link to Pinterest, which has hundreds of photos of Studio pottery marks. I’m still looking for yours too!
  15. I”m sure I’ve seen it before. I will see what I can find
  16. Tresseman & Vogt is the full name of the maker
  17. I did a search and didn’t find another Limoges vase with his portrait, so may be quite rare. Here are examples of portrait of him, but I’m pretty sure that’s who it is
  18. I think it’s Louis XVI
  19. According to marks4antiques, this mark was used between 1892-1907
  20. OOPS! sorry, that was meant for someone else!!!
  21. According to marks4antiques, that particular mark was used between 1892-1907
  22. Stunning!
  23. You can probably find it at
  24. There appears to be a signature on the base. Can you look carefully, maybe darken the image a little so there’s less reflection?
  25. It is beautiful! They look like Japanese characters incised into the design, but maybe just pseudo-characters. I’ll see what I can find
  26. I love it, but was able to find anything on the mark
  27. Please post a photo of the marks on the bottom, as that will help determine the age
  28. According to marks4antiques the addition OEPIAG dates it to 1918-20. Sorry can’t send a link, as you have to be a member. The company was owned by Fischer & Mieg
  29. When I first glanced at the mark, I thought it was the German company Heubach Brothers, but I’ve never seen a mark of theirs with a globe, usually a starburst
  30. The wine glass and fork is the maker’s mark for Fapodel SA of Alcobaca, Portugal
  31. I think there’s a link to decipher the impressed date codes on there too
  32. Post it in the glass category
  33. Yes, it looks like a cake stand that someone has taken apart. you can find info on the company at the other link I posted
  34. Here's a link to the, a great resource for all things Staffordshire:
  35. Jaffe Rose was a British importer of porcelain and glass, primarily from Europe, I believe in the Mid-century period. That’s why there are various marks on some of the pieces, the maker and the import...
  36. Maybe you’ll find the mark here:
  37. Very nice piece! I just found this large collection of identified Studio Pottery marks on Pinterest. which may help you, and other CW members
  38. It is a K on the bottom right?
  39. I think it may be a crock which is missing the lid, possibly the style with the metal clasp lock which seals it. Not sure what it’s called. Don’t think that handle belongs. I’ll see what I can find o...
  40. Possibly made by Marzi & Remy. Here’s a link to their marks on steins
  41. I love it! Ironically, the piece that survived the London Blitz is probably German. I really don’t know much about steins, but the styles of the characters do not look British. Unusual not to be mark...
  42. They look like funky sake cups. How big are they?
  43. Love It!
  44. The reason I mentioned the zip code is it just helps date the piece. it can’t be any older than 1963 because of that. It is very pretty!. It does look like “Aug” for August. If you're planning to ...
  46. They do have it listed, just nothing in stock right now
  47. Well the label shows a Zip code, which was introduced , I think in 1963?
  48. Beautiful. Can you see if you can get a close up of the first mark in the rectangle?. It looks familiar but can’t see it too well. I also just came across this awesome Pinterest posting which has to...
  49. It is adorable!
  50. From my neck of the woods. Maybe older 1890’s to turn of the 2oth C
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McCoy Vase "Early American" c1967 Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find