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  1. There’s a similar pattern by Johnson Brothers called Fushan, with the same birds in the centre.
  2. TG Green was famous for there blue & White striped pottery, also known as Cornish ware, which is now very collectible. Your piece is beautiful, and a little more unusual that their usual utilitarian ...
  3. Thanks!
  4. This guy may be able to help. there is also a book produced by Minton & Hollins which shows pics of patterns. You may be able to find it at your local library. I think your tiles predate their partner...
  5. I’ve done a thorough searched, but didn’t find anything. I did find the a very similar mark with a double HH in the same lozenge shape, it was attributed to an exporter of Japanese products in the ear...
  6. Click on the HOME tab at the top, then scroll over for the Furniture section
  7. You would probably get better help in the furniture section. I presume that you’ve checked all the drawers, including the underside or inside the doors and back for a makers mark?
  8. probably fold the from a square into a triangle, then place the in the slot?
  9. Oops, I should have enlarged the photo beforhand! Yours is actually Maling Ware, made by CT Maling of Northumberland, circa 1930-50's
  10. I wondered why there were two different marks on the teapot, so did a little research . The teapot was made by Crown Ducal ( A.G Richardsons) in Staffordshire, and it was made for the tea company Ring...
  11. You can also go to I believe he does have a forum, and also does appraisals for a small fee. It’s really difficult to appraise a piece for authenticity without actually handling it, so ...
  12. These are Japanese porcelain, featuring Geisha girls. The raised details with the dots is referred to as Moriage ware. When I googled it, I found the same eggs cups and teacups in the same pattern, no...
  13. You can also search American Limoges
  14. I didn’t have any luck. I did see similar pieces of Hampton China at,, but no info on the company. You may be able to e-mail them and ask if they know. I know that it’s definitely Ame...
  15. There were several companies in Sebring, Ohio that made very similar pieces in the 1920-30’s.
  16. This is American. The UK never used 22 KT gold, or even used a “K” in Karat, they spell it carat.
  17. I can tell you that the pattern name “Printemps” is French for Spring
  18. Looks like a wine or champagne chiller?
  19. Love it!
  20. You have to post a picture with napkins in it too!
  21. Adorable!
  22. Thanks everyone
  23. Stunning!. I would love to see how you have your amazing pieces displayed
  24. I love it! I will have to look for a a copy!
  25. It is stunning! My local Goodwill doesn’t have much good stuff anymore!
  26. No problem. Please take a look at the bowl I just posted in Art Pottery, it has me stumped!
  27. Carron was well known for their cannons- the Carronades were used in the 18th century on merchant ships to protect them from American and French privateers or pirates. The foundry is gone now, but the...
  28. Here is a link to the Stoke-on-Trent museum where they have archival material on many of the Staffordshire potteries. You could also ask Steve Birks at the to point you in the right dire...
  29. Wow!!!Carron Iron works was just up the road from where I grew up! That’s the name of the town too. I guess they used Edinburgh because it would be more recognizable overseas. They would have made al...
  30. It was made in Japan by IE & C Company of Nagoya, Japan in 1920-30’s I’m not sure if you know this, but the word “Nippon" translates to “JAPAN”. however Nippon collectors concentrate on products made...
  31. I came across your piece when I was shopping on eBay. I would not list it under the Nippon category as most people shopping for Nippon want the Noritake and it’s predecessors. List it under antiques-c...
  32. Yes, it does. I goofed when I was typing the Japanese name. It should have said Namuri Seito Sho of Nagoya
  33. This piece was made by Morimura Brothers, of Nagoya, which later became part of Noritake. Your mark was in use 1910-11. Here’s a link to the Noritake Collector’s Guild of Australia, where you can view...
  34. According to marks4antiques, of which I’m a member, this was a generic US import mark on pieces from Japan circa 1890-1910, so unfortunately no maker’s mark
  35. Beautiful!
  36. I believe there was a famous Japanese potter with the last name of Jyoji
  37. Schoenau Bros, Thuringia, Germany est.1865. At some point merged with Swaine & Co. Your mark was in use from 1933-53. In 1954 they merged with Sonneberg
  38. Here’s an other example, pretty sure it’s the same mark as yours
  39. I guess it didn’t allow me to copy the link, but if you google Schoenau porcelain box it should show up in the images with pics of the mark
  40. Possibly Schoenau -Swaine & Co?
  41. There’s no marks on the base of the vase? If there are, post a photo of them
  42. Forget-me-nots I think?
  43. According to marks4antiques, your piece was made between 1888-96, so is a true Victorian!
  44. It was made by a company called Mavaleix (Paul Maurice Mavaleix), between 1908-14. The company became Maveleix & Granger in 1914. Here’s a link showing the mark, just scroll down the page: http://l...
  45. As I suspected, the Frederick Buscombe mark was a retailer’s mark. He had a housewares store in Vancouver and was also mayor. Here’s a link to ore info. I will look into the maker’s mark http://en.w...
  46. HaHa! I’m wondering if it was a custom piece, part of a restaurant set? I know Doulton and Wedgwood did some hotel/restaurant wares, but don’t know about Johnson Brothers. You can check with Steve Bi...
  47. According to marks4antiques, they were in business from 1952-76
  48. They are beautiful! Too bad about the damage, but we’ve all done it at one time! They look like egg cups, no?
  49. Bourne & Leigh were in business in Burslem, Staffordshire from 1892-1941, and you’ve probably figured out that Delph is the name of the pattern. I couldn’t find your exact mark to get a more accurate ...
  50. At the top of the base photo, at around 11 o’clock, there appears to be an impressed rectangle possibly with initials in it. Can you take a look in that area? Maybe I M?
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Scottish Studio pottery vase by Barbara Davidson Another secondhand store find