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I like to take pictures with some mood in them. Not focused enough to be very good. glasses, dishes, pottery, form and function stuff. We grow grapes and I like to take pictures with some mood in them. Not focused enough to be very good. glasses, dishes, pottery, form and function stuff. We grow grapes and garden crops. Wine maker Love to bake, cook. thrifter store shopper, auctions, garage sales but I definitely go for the social outlet too. Definitely would attend more auctions if I had the time. We've got dogs. The big guy in the middle is the male of the group, super smart, scares everyone who doesn't know him. The other German Shepherd is a sweet tempered timid to people but tries to keep the others in line. The Siberian husky is independent and hilariously entertaining and charming. For many years my husband and I had been working in agriculture research. Now we want to put our gifts to help others where we are "planted" semi retired. Our vacations consist of working together on projects. "Sweet" Blessed with a handsome charming and can build anything husband. " To the hard way" is our motto. Because we try to do things with the minimal amount of cost by renewing and reusing and hard work. (Read more)


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Interesting mixed metal cameo silouette pendant necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Stangl pottery Terra Rose tulip candle holders jump into spring - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Never heard of this pottery company b+B: But love the colors  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Blown glass mini rabbit - Art Glassin Art Glass
Black  transferware pedestal bunny rabbits  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Art glass bowl  Steuben? Murano? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pressed glass seashell with lady figure: EAPG or Foreign glass?  - Glasswarein Glassware
Pretty neat Santa Clause by Anthony Costanza  - Christmasin Christmas
Gustavsberg Swedish pottery vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
 Margot de Taxco ? molded Silver choker - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Thx maryh1956 racer4four PatSea aghcollect. It took work to train the German Shepherds not to chase the parade of deer. We live close to a state park and a lot of timber so critters are a plenty. ...
  2. Thx SEAN68: I'm a Midwestern too! There are great finds here. Many Scandinavian and German heritage in this area.
  3. Thx for all the love! Inky The big boy in the middle is scary smart. The German Shepherd female is a sweetheart and the Siberian husky is funny and independent.
  4. I have seen one similar in an art glass book I have. Loetz Bohemian glass 1880-1940, by Hatje Cantz. page 321. It is a vase with applied frills. Your library may have this book.
  5. Thanks SEAN68, I should of put a ? mark by it. Do you have a clue what it is? I thought that was as close as I could get as far as it looks. It looks a little like a hand grenade.
  6. Thanks bettywirsen. I have cleaned doilies and pillow cases like that. I will post a picture of them when I get them done. Thanks for the love Manikin Jewels aghcollectaghcollect loves vetraio...
  7. Jewels handmade gifts are special. What I was told that the women in the 19th century probably only had two or three dresses. The collars were added basic black to make it look like a different dress...
  8. Jewels, Funny. I didn't include this in the picture but there is a nice vintage store bought ribbon that was laid in the holder that reads Merry Christmas.
  9. Jewels, It is a holder for the collars.
  10. Embrace your individuality . Maybe she's adopted. Great colors
  11. Sorry 12.5 inches and about 10 lbs. a serious piece
  12. For this I'm jealous.... I have noticed also that my local thrift shops have a lot more stuff and finds. A shop owner told me she gets garage sale left overs and more people move in the summer.
  13. Thank you shareurpassion. That would be nice. I looked on line how to tell if it is coral. They suggested to dribble a little lemon on the piece and if it adheres it could be the real thing. It puddle...
  14. Thanks SEAN68. Very informative TallCakes. There is quite a few scratch wear on the foot. And either mold deformations or chips that have been smoothed out.
  15. Thank you TallCakes, is there a way to tell the difference?
  16. Thanks surfdub66. She is too big to be a creamer. I was thinking a watering can or milk pitcher. She has the 1930's look like Disney's Mickey or Bugs.
  17. The color is off in the first picture . and the number on the bottom is 410
  18. Thanks for the love racer4four,vetraio50, Moonstonelover21, & aghcollect
  19. Thank you TallCakes! I think it is the diamond glass company. The color and condition of these candles are great. Are these considered a eapg pattern? or depression glass?
  20. beauty! I definitely will look out for similar items. What size is this?
  21. Thanks Paul71. I have collected and inherited EAPG. Its good to know when you are trying to ID a pattern that you don't pull your hair out trying to find a name. I am a little obsessive about solving...
  22. I added a closer picture of the mark. It does say 17. I believe the other mark is a g with a crown. I saw in a book that the filigree part was also named flower heads.
  23. I believe my great grandfather born in Sweden in 1862 and came to the US in 1882 and his wife in 1886.
  24. Thank you Elisabethan! I'm glad you could see the hallmark. The mark after the crowns is a mark that is a capital G with a dot over it. Is that the gold content? It is a more delicate design. But I do...
  25. Thank you TallCakes. What is your favorite cake plate? Do you have this one?
  26. Thank you TallCakes. What does #41 mean?
  27. Very nice: I saw a listing under morning glory antiques web site about these. gold cuff and safety pins for baby, ladies and children. Solid gold front, rolled plate and sterling safety pins. A.C. B...
  28. The box has a stamped mark on it that Germany. I think this may be the original box.
  29. I added a picture of the bottom. and more to the description
  30. Thank you DaysiMeadows. No marks on the bottom, except one more narrow ring that runs around the inside foot. I have seen these lines identified as Kangxi or Guangxu Mark. I have a picture I could add...
  31. I should have put in the measurements. It is smaller than a spoon rest. Chinese style soup spoon is a type of spoon used in Chinese soup. It is shorter and thicker with a deep flat bowl. It is used ...
  32. No just this piece. Gorgeous art work. I have several pieces of Asian porcelain and pottery. I should make an album of them.
  33. Very nice. I see many Portugal,Italian and Mexican pottery pieces in thrift stores here. They are not the first thing grabbed by the pickers in our area. I like your explanation even better than the...
  34. The beer bottle is for perspective. I have only seen Nemadji in very small pieces. Thanks for the comments.
  35. I wanted to know if this is a piece of NEMADJI pottery. Or if anyone has seen one like it?
  36. Thank you idcloisonne! that was tremendous help! I look at the site to try and identify Asian porcelain. Do have go to sites that you could recommend. Our German Shepherd 5 years old mal...
  37. The lettering is Dutch. They are Af Venskab meaning "of friendship". Not a good picture. It is a cup people would give to their friends. Maybe as late as 1870-1880. 7.62 centimeters. Or 3 inches tal...
  38. Love the chocolate cup. I posted one similar to yours. I didn't know much about it. Thanks for sharing
  39. Thank you maryhi1956 and surfdub66 . I thought it could be a Royal Worcester piece. The reason I thought of Japanese is because of the butterflies. It does look like a nightingale. Also I was wonderi...
  40. Thank you for your comment on my bowl and my German Shepherd. He is amazing scary smart. We have a female German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. Fortunately we have room for all. It was quite an adjust...
  41. no the coat of arms griffins are just in front
  42. LosFabulous, Thank you for the information. This is a beautiful piece and appreciate your insight. The cuts are deep and I see a few marks that I have seen with wheel cuts. Have you seen a lid like ...
  43. lol. Well we do have engineering geniuses in our family. I did have "the crochet lady offer to purchase it" but she didn't offer any explanation.
  44. Probably more than 10 years ago I sold a small vase like this, not knowing it was Loetz. There are a few things I have sold wishing I wouldn't have. Now I do as much research on items as I can. Thank ...
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wheel cut? day lily or iris glass lid with applied mouth blown ball handle


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