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I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see more of my collection please visit my website (www.tallcakes.com) or email me: tc (at) tallcakes.com (Read more)


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USG #15056 Florida Cake Stands c1898 - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton 6913ML Teardrop cake stand c1955 - Glasswarein Glassware
'Sensation' cake stands, Adams & Co. c130 c1885 - Glasswarein Glassware
thoughts on ladderback bent arm rocker... - Furniturein Furniture
Cast Iron 'Playful Kitten' - Animalsin Animals
Cats by Nina - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Charlie the RedCat - Jim Tweedy c1999 - Animalsin Animals
Cast Aluminum Rabbit - Animalsin Animals
McKee & Bros. 'Deer and Pine Tree' c1886 - Glasswarein Glassware
McKee & Brothers 'Solid Stem Salver' c1882 - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. not definite either, but at least plausible; hope someone can find a more concrete reference
  2. I suggest checking online auction sites for current values
  3. I'm with vet, with the eye screw attached, this looks more like a hand/dish towel clamshell holder tongs
  4. here's a modern version called a crochet hook suture passer: http://www.innomed.net/Images/SurgShots/crochet_tip.jpg http://www.innomed.net/Images/prod_shots_430/7007.jpg
  5. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/134964-beautiful-antique-jar?in=user
  6. Heisey #433 'Grecian Border' (AKA: Greek Key) c1912; I think this form was called a fruit jar
  7. and the knurled handle aids in gripping in a surgical environment
  8. a needle would have a hole to pass the suture. a suture hook on the other had would reach to catch the suture
  9. just guessing possibly old surgical suture hook
  10. yes, Imperial Glass made at least 4 different 'Laced Edge' patterns, including the plain version.
  11. this vase is Imperial Glass #192 'Tricorn'; it was made in various colors, including slag glass and carnival glass over several years, and is a reproduction of an EAPG era pattern.
  12. think it's cut glass; possibly ABP
  13. Imperial Glass #745 'Laced Edge'
  14. "R" has this in pink as Jeannette 'Chantilly': http://www.replacements.com/webquote/jegchap.htm
  15. grapefruit segmenter
  16. generically speaking, this shape is called a ship's decanter. the photo is very fuzzy but looks to be Anchor Hocking's Wexford pattern
  17. Imperial Glass #750 'Long Hobstar' c9125
  18. 'Rings' pattern by Dunbar Glass c1935; AKA: Aramis , Porthos
  19. very nice set : ) Dugan Glass 'Victor' c1905; AKA: Jeweled Heart
  20. U.S. Glass 15104 'Victoria' c1907; AKA: Buzz Saw In Parenthesis
  21. not really certain Katherine, but somewhere greater than 200, less than 300; closer to 300...
  22. Beatty-Brady also had a very similar pattern called 'Indiana Feather'. And it MAY have been possible for Cambridge to have produced some forms of the 'Doric' pattern while part of the National combine...
  23. very welcome. yep, unless this size is in one of the many that I haven't gotten added to my database; I've got lots of work to do to catch up.
  24. intended for wood shingles, here's an article: http://www.leevalley.com/en/newsletters/Woodworking/7/2/whatisit.htm
  25. thank you ho2cultcha : )
  26. looks to be McKee Bros. 'Doric' c1896. I have this in 2 sizes: http://www.tallcakes.com/CakeStands/McKeeBrosGlass/DoricCrystal.aspx
  27. thank you Celiene : )
  28. thanks for the kind words. and Pamela was kind enough to help me with an ID on a couple of Vallerysthal Portieux cake stands.
  29. Walther 'Greta' http://www.pressglas-pavillon.de/vasen/00734.html
  30. yes, the NUCUT line was initially issued as crystal wares but was later made in colors...
  31. Hocking Glass 'Princess' c1931
  32. Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby #A588 3-toed Nappy
  33. thank you TimeTraveller : )
  34. this is Anchor Hocking's 'Early American' pattern (AKA: Bubble) c1950 and the red glass was called 'Royal Ruby'
  35. pretty sure it's Imperial Glass from their NUCUT line but don't know the number.
  36. thank you brunswick : )
  37. thank you copperNstars : ) thank you marnie61 : )
  38. Imperial Glass #745 'Laced Edge' c1930s; this color was called 'Stiegel Green'. The 'Laced Edge' motif was used on several different patterns including this cane motif.
  39. this is Westmoreland's #1875 'Ring and Petal' pattern.
  40. Westmoreland reissued this pattern as #1048 'Argonaut Shell' beginning in the 1960s; it was eventually made in at least 35 different colors of glass. This 'Shell and Dolphin' item was introduced by WG...
  41. made in gold carnival for QVC in 2000 made in ruby and crystal for QVC in 2003 so possibly this red carnival is a QVC special not noted in the fentonfan database
  42. yes, your pitcher is definitely Fenton Glass and #9666 'Sandwich'. It's shown in the 1991 catalog in cranberry with crystal handle.
  43. etchings and other décor were very often done by a 3rd party, and often unknown
  44. Imperial Glass #400 'Candlewick' pattern c1936-84
  45. thanks for that solve, Rita! knew it had to do with a clothes pin in some way. Ducky Sheet and Blanket Fasteners: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/WrAAAOSwnipWUAuY/s-l1600.jpg
  46. nice candlesticks : ) these are L.E. Smith #33 'By Cracky' c1926-31
  47. looks to be Federal's 'Madrid' c1932 but hard for me to see the detail: http://www.replacements.com/webquote/fegmada.htm
  48. yes, it is carnival glass. a good site for carnival glass including values is ddoty.com: http://www.ddoty.com/peacocktail.html
  49. Indiana Glass called this color of their 'Heirloom' pattern 'Iridescent Sunset Carnival' in their 1978 catalog. This pattern was introduced in crystal c1905 as #123 'Paneled Daisy & Fine Cut'. The cu...
  50. looks like a tea infuser spoon
  51. See more