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I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see more of my collection please visit my website (www.tallcakes.com) (Read more)


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"Nellie" Cake Stand by McKee & Bros. Glass Works c1892 - Glasswarein Glassware
"Crystal Wedding" Cake Stand by O'Hara Glass Co. c1875 - Glasswarein Glassware
1876 Cape Cod Collection Cake Stand for Avon by Wheaton - Glasswarein Glassware
My Catrike Expedition: the new addition to the bike/trike transportation collection... - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Lancaster Glass #1831 - Petal - c1930s - Glasswarein Glassware
Westmoreland Glass #556 Sawtooth ruby cake stand - Glasswarein Glassware
Spring cleaning; pardon the dust... - Glasswarein Glassware
United States Glass #15005 "Silver Age" (U.S. Coin) Cake Stand c1892 - Glasswarein Glassware
KEM Plastic Pinochle Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards
Icicle laden Big Top bird feeder delimma : ) - Animalsin Animals


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  13. You're very welcome. And congrats on obtaining this interesting bit of history. Hope you can provide a proper spot for it on your website and share the history. I share your error in that I collect EA...
  14. just a guess, but perhaps for the January 6, 1800 maiden voyage of the USS Congress https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Congress_(1799)
  15. check Anchor Hocking 'Milano' http://www.replacements.com/webquote/AHCMILB.htm#10712544
  16. yes, appears to match the Zabkowice Fox On Nest from the 1910 catalog: http://www.glas-musterbuch.de/Zabkowice-1910.339+B6YmFja1BJRD0zMzkmcHJvZHVjdElEPTEzOTM0JnBpZF9wcm9kdWN0PTMzOSZkZXRhaWw9.0.html
  17. "R" has this bonbon in emerald green but the color in their image isn't so great: http://www.replacements.com/webquote/CAMCAPEG.htm
  18. looks like a #3887 candy jar sans the lid (tho' they may have also issued w/o a lid). Per the colors codes at fentonfan.com turquoise was made c1955-58
  19. cvr box = covered box or sometimes called covered candy. This is a reproduction of Westmoreland #1884 'Beaded Grape'. If that is the correct color name the years would be 1980-1982 per the color codes...
  20. Dugan Glass 'Winter Cabbage' and Northwood Glass 'Blossoms and Palms'; color looks like maybe green opalescent
  21. cheese tester ???
  22. Dugan Glass #607 'Inverted Fan and Feather' c1901; this is considered a whimsy and the color is opalescent. Pattern has been reproduced.
  23. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/12143-blue-glass-lamps
  24. nice vase : ) don't see the ruby stained versions of this pattern very often.
  25. this is EAPG: Crystal Glass Co. 'Arctic' c1880 from "American Pottery and Glassware Reporter", May 27, 1880: "The Crystal Glass Company... have now ready for the trade their new "Arctic" water se...
  26. measurements (2"x4")??? This is EAPG and Fostoria Glass #1299 Long Buttress c1904. One place mentions this form was advertised as a 'sanitary' toothpick holder.
  27. could be an early Westmoreland #60 c1912; very little EAPG was marked. Might UV check for manganese since more recent reproduction more likely used different glass formulas.
  28. http://www.replacements.com/webquote/ATCPREG.htm#4676293
  29. nice little handled nappy. I missed seeing this one earlier, tho' I don't recognize the pattern.
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  32. I saw that 'claim' too but don't have anything to verify.
  33. http://indianaglass.carnivalheaven.com/id3.htm
  34. Colony was a subsidiary and Indiana Glass made the glass for them; so you'll see it listed both ways. Not familiar with Keen Industries but these do show up with Google...
  35. #3652 cobalt blue Hobnail swung vase; page 21 of Fenton's 1969 catalog: http://fentonfan.com/catalog/1969january/1969january.swf
  36. link to an advertisement: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1876&dat=19300711&id=7TosAAAAIBAJ&sjid=j8oEAAAAIBAJ&pg=4961,702334&hl=en
  37. found another as well with the following comments: Kings Crown It is pictured in Thuro's Oil Lamps I, Section: "United States Glass Company," p. 310, fig. b. Here is what is said about it: "The ...
  38. very interesting lamp : ) haven't seen that buttress treatment on King's Crown pedestal design before.
  39. nice vases : ) maybe check cloudglass.com
  40. calf weaning device; so yes torture : )
  41. the plate seems to blend in with the background making it hard to see any detail but maybe check Park Lane by Colony.
  42. Hard to say for sure, as unfortunately it appears that the background is in focus rather than the glass. Possibly Imperial NUCUT #539 8" spoon tray
  43. looks like cut glass to me too; possibly ABP
  44. to get best idea of current value it's best to check the completed sold auctions on eBay or other auctions. From what I can make out of the detail in the first image it appears to be a reproduction pi...
  45. should also mention that L. G. Wright did reproduced some forms of this pattern in light amber glass, which this could very well be...
  46. Wildflower: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/60676-1885-adams-and-company-wildflower-in-canar
  47. it is only to stretch small areas for bunions... ditto AGH is great at this stuff : )
  48. yes, this would be satin glass. Makers often made the same pattern/form in different colors of glass. This is Walther Glass and this is their Flute & Pan Water Lilies pattern centerpiece. http://www....
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