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I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see more of my collection please visit my website (www.tallcakes.com) (Read more)


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  1. decanter funnel and Garrison Bros. "may" be associated with Garrison Bros. distillery in Texas...
  2. thank you Mani : )
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  4. thank you Mani : ) thank you fort : ) thank you racer : )
  5. thank you fhrjr2 : ) bet there are lots of these around in Florida. thank you Katherine : ) nothing like a ride thru the country... thank you racer : )
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  7. thank you inky : ) went out on about a 10 mile break-in ride this afternoon... thank you vitraio : ) thank you Ron : )
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  10. thank you Katherine. I missed those reflections; must of been in too much of a hurry.
  11. thank you eye... : )
  12. thank share; it does look almost edible : )
  13. Share, I noticed that covered candy but have no idea on the maker; but I'll check about a see if something turns up. I'll try to get the plate photographed in the next day or two : )
  14. Share, I noticed that covered candy but have no idea on the maker; but I'll check about a see if something turns up. I'll try to get the plate photographed in the next day or two : )
  15. BTW, I have a 3-toed Petal serving/cake plate in yellow.
  16. not sure about why; just these cupped spherical shaped forms are most always called rose bowls, unless on a stem/pedestal when they get called an ivy ball. This glass is called Elegant Glass rather th...
  17. think that is a Lancaster Glass #767 3-toed rose bowl; sometimes called 'Petal'
  18. that one would be considered 'stained'; the color is painted on and refired to fix. Sometimes these stained colors are not too stable and therefore not dishwasher safe.
  19. you're welcome; these were made in 2 sizes with a matching lighter.
  20. this is EAPG; United States Glass #15140 Athenia c1912, aka: Reverse 44. The pattern was originally made in crystal and also stained in different colors (found in green & gold or ruby & gold stain). T...
  21. Viking Art Glass #6625 'Orbital Sphere' c1966
  22. perhaps a darning egg/form tho' the size seems just a bit large
  23. yep, this is Westmoreland #22 Beaded Edge that was introduced c1953; this is called a crimped oval bowl.
  24. slate hammer / pick
  25. EAPGpatterns has 'Pride' as the OMN for 'Double Leaf & Dart'. They aren't always clear on designating OMNs so it may be that "Pride' was also used as an OMN for 'Leaf and Dart' as well, as I haven't r...
  26. your toothpick holder is Imperial Glass #505 Bellaire, aka; Octagon. The pattern was introduced in crystal in 1912 and made for may years. The superimposed IG mark was used 1951-1970s.
  27. EAPGpatterns shows this piece as a spooner in the 'Leaf and Dart' pattern by Richards & Hartley/Flint Glass Co. c1870s.
  28. agree; L. E. Smith Glass reproduction of 'Moon and Star" pattern. Looks like you have an open compote and a toothpick holder. The pattern was originally called 'Palace' when introduced by Adams & Co. ...
  29. congrats! love the emerald green : )
  30. I once had many of my cake stand intermixed with colors, but now they are segregated; maybe next cleaning they'll get mixed again. I knew there was something going on with the image; it turned out nic...
  31. nice collection : ) and very interesting photo! How about arranging the colors and mixing them to create a geometric stained glass motif???
  32. by L. G. Wright and c1960s reproduction of 'Wreathed Cherries' originally by Dugan c1909.
  33. thank you kindly Katherine : ) The shelving project is a very slow moving one; I'm a bit slow to decide on specifics for the shelving design and will likely need to hire out the work. And currently I'...
  34. you're very welcome Katherine : ) nice bowl!
  35. only thing I find on this pattern is that it is called as 'Whirling Dervish' and the maker and date are unknown.
  36. yep, this is Jeannette 'Floragold', c1950s; aka; Louisa. The 'Louisa' aka is by collectors and probably from the similarity to Westmoreland's 'Louisa' carnival glass pattern.
  37. best guess is that these are pressed except the 3rd, which may be blown.
  38. the actual shape and details of the handle are often very important in discerning different patterns, as many are very similar. Clear images showing the profile and measurements help.
  39. Ruby stain was very popular on EAPG, but as I noted this pattern was reproduced in ruby stain in 1970; other patterns were also reproduced witn ruby stain for many years as well. Ruby flashing (a thi...
  40. the creamer in the 2nd image may be Fostoria 'Fairfax' in ruby glass; hard to say for sure at that odd angle and details obscured by the hand.
  41. hard to see with the blurry pics but the last image looks to be maybe a toothpick holder. this originally was made by George Duncan Sons & Co. c1897 and called 'Button Arches'. The ruby stained versio...
  42. Correct, Windsor was a Federal Glass pattern. However, Lancaster Colony, the parent company to Indiana Glass, purchased Federal Glass in the early 1980's. Indiana Glass reissued these carnival glass v...
  43. the metal was added by a third party; personally I think it would looks much nicer without the metal. Very nice find : )
  44. very nice : ) looks like Duncan Miller #130 'Sanibel' c1930s
  45. Brazil by Bryce Bros. c1888; aka: Paneled Daisy
  46. http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/glass_encyclopedia/scandinavian_glass/alsterfors_glass/alsterforsglass_home.html
  47. or Lindshammar??? very nice : )
  48. this style of lamp isn't typically associated with GWTW L. E. Smith 'Southern Belle' boudoir lamp
  49. Yes, McCain does have some errors; but then all EAPG resource books do seem to have some errors. To her credit USG did make #15013 U.S. Thumbprint c1891-92, which is a bit similar to Dakota.
  50. I certainly agree that these late cube patterns are confusing; to further complicate things Godinger is still reproducing the 'American' cake stand in lead crystal. FWIW "R" has this listed as Colony ...
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