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I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see more of my collection please visit my website (www.tallcakes.com) or email me: tc (at) tallcakes.com (Read more)


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Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton #45 Teardrop c1895 - Glasswarein Glassware
Happy New Year!!! Fostoria #2678 'Monroe' c1954-65 - Glasswarein Glassware
Hand Stem by Atterbury and Company c1880s - Glasswarein Glassware
Madoline by Co-Operative Flint Glass c1893 - Glasswarein Glassware
SIZE matters: when considering a cake stand - Glasswarein Glassware
Longaberger Cake Stand - Kitchenin Kitchen
Martha's Tears by Brilliant Glass Company c1889 - Glasswarein Glassware
Super moon and sunset - Photographsin Photographs
The "Ball and Swirl" patterns by McKee Bros. and Westmoreland - Glasswarein Glassware
'Chain With Star' by Bryce, Walker and Company c1879 - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. does look like it may be a vertical chicken roaster; size matters...
  2. by John Käll for Elme Glasbruk Sweden c1960s
  3. this isn't English Hobnail this one is WG's #556 Sawtooth pattern. I have a ruby cake stand in my posts.
  4. Boston Sandwich Glass Co. and McKee & Bros. Glass Works both made the Comet (AKA: Horn of Plenty) pattern c1850s
  5. couple more: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252911612689?rmvSB=true http://www.ebay.com/itm/322507785833?rmvSB=true
  6. this one looks to have the gray cuts: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371933883374?rmvSB=true
  7. found what looks like the same pattern without the gray cuts: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262818363483?rmvSB=true
  8. yep, Fenton mostly marketed these cat slippers as knick-knacks and what-knots...
  9. the #1884 Beaded Grape is often associated with the #1881 Paneled Grape. However, the Beaded Grape is a reproduction of United States Glass #15059 California c1899, which was not made in milk glass. T...
  10. Boyd produced these in more than 30 colors of glass. Unfortunately since shutting down production in 2014 they no long show examples on their website. There are lists of colors and molds tho': http:/...
  11. from these images the color looks more amber opalescent, which Fenton called cameo opalescent. Fenton made glass in this color from 1920 and again c1979-82. This looks to be from the earlier vintage.
  12. could be a modern repro; check against this one at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Co-op-Round-Pressed-Cellar/dp/B00JJXG7QU/ref=sr_1_cc_4?s=aps&srs=2596577011&ie=UTF8&qid=1495156924&sr=8-4-ca...
  13. Duncan and Miller #118 Hobnail c1930s-50s, pink opalescent ivy ball vase
  14. Indiana Glass #606 Loganberry grill plate
  15. it's a Fenton cranberry opalescent swirl piece; not seeing a pontil there, just a smooth bottom and marie...
  16. looks to be blue opalescent and is in Fenton's 1950 catalog as #389 Vase. Fenton made these for many years in various colors; without a maker's mark it is possibly an early piece. FYI Fenton pieces do...
  17. after making my comment I noticed there is one on eBay with an original tag: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/BOYD-ART-GLASS-LEMONADE-COLONIAL-DOLL-FIGURINE-FLORANCE-ONE-LINE-/391740453699?hash=item5b358cf343:...
  18. think this is Boyd's Crystal Art Glass 'Colonial Doll'; they made several similar little dolls. I think this is the color they called lemonade; so the doll would be named 'Florence' c1985.
  19. very nice EAPG in canary (AKA: Vaseline) Central Glass Co. #775 Zephyr (AKA: Pressed Diamond; Block and Diamond), c1885 I have a cake stand in my postings...
  20. seen these referred to as 'arching eagle lamps' but that's it. Here's a bit of info on the style: http://www.artdecolamps.com/2008/09/1920s-rethondes-art-deco-eagle-lamp.html
  21. you're welcome... I have a couple of coffees, an unmarked and set of the spice jars in my wannabe Hoosier cabinet.
  22. nice to know... the number for 16 oz. is #3620JS (must not have hit the 2 hard enough in the above type)
  23. the sugar looks like this Duncan & Miller #29 but didn't see the cutting: http://www.chataboutdg.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=20436&mode=search
  24. Libbey has their Cactus Margarita Juniper Stems in their current catalog in 2 sizes: #3619JS 12 oz. and #360JS 16 oz.; really no way to know exactly when a particular set may have been made.
  25. check the salt dips at the Hoosier site; possibly colonial: http://www.hoosiercabinet.com/salt-dips.htm
  26. yes, looks to be Fenton 9101 Poppy 'Gone with the Wind' lamp c1960s-70s
  27. think these may be the Traditional Mission Canisters for Hoosier cabinets. http://www.hoosiercabinet.com/hoosier-cabinet-mission-canister.htm
  28. Replacements has this pattern as Gourmande by Cristal D’Arques-Durand
  29. try searching: glass kissing doves candy dish
  30. problem with google at times is their attempt to provide "relevant" returns according to your 'perceived' interest... To me the lovebirds on the lid are an approximation to Westmoreland's lovebirds ca...
  31. here's another stating 'reproduction' http://www.ebay.com/itm/Love-Birds-Covered-Footed-Compote-or-Candy-Dish-Depression-Style-Slag-Glass-/181686469909?hash=item2a4d5b8515:g:VF4AAOSw-7RVFhy~
  32. there are several on eBay right now. from the images provided the glass does not look to be the quality of Hofbauer crystal; so I'm thinking possibly a copy/reproduction... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ho...
  33. pattern is Hofbauer Byrdes Collection covered candy dish but I haven't seen it in pink before or with the lovebirds lid like this one. Tho' I'm finding them online in various colors with the same love...
  34. asparagus "buncher": https://img0.etsystatic.com/007/0/6365517/il_570xN.368976620_c6fa.jpg
  35. it's WG's 'Paneled Grape' sans lid; so one could call it an open sugar...
  36. most often known by the name 'Cherry and Cable' c1904 by Northwood, but has also been reproduced. Nice tumbler. This one looks like it may have had the gold with amethyst stain at one time.
  37. nice straw holder; sans the lid also serves as a nice vase. Air bubble are just a result of the process of manufacturing for the masses during the EAPG era.
  38. Heisey #1170 Pleat & Panel c1925; these small handled bowl are usually called cream soup bowls. most often called footed rather than pedestal, as a pedestal typically includes a stem...
  39. this is a reproduction of Northwood's 'Cherry Lattice' c1880s in crystal. repro done by Taiwan imports and Mosser in 1990s
  40. Fenton's Persian Medallion pattern
  41. Westmoreland introduced their pattern #115 *AKA: Late Swan, Swan In Rushes, Three Swans) c1905. The pattern was reissued in later years in carnival glass; the intertwined WG mark was used c1940s-80s...
  42. that's the Westmoreland mark on the swan handled toothpick. The mold was later acquired by St. Clair Glass.
  43. in the 1971 catalog listed as #3700 covered slipper with other knicks and knacks...
  44. you're welcome. look nice in amber. they did often mark their glass; check closely around the underside of the base edge.
  45. this is a vase; wouldn't work so well as a goblet with that rim treatment. Northwood's 'Beads and Bark' c1903 in blue opalescent glass
  46. this one looks to be Westmoreland's 'Fern Burst' c1905
  47. the fish is a dolphin, which were popular from EAPG and Victorian era. This looks to be a version of Portieux, as there are some variations (tho' possibly reproduction): http://www.pressglas-pavillon...
  48. why do you say Fenton; any marks? the tooth pick is 'Three Swans' and maybe a St. Clair reproduction the small footed bowl looks to be Millersburg 'Diamond and Fan'
  49. @ Gillian: yes, I made the cake; yellow cake with buttercream frosting...
  50. thank you Deepseas72 : ) it's a joy to be able to use the collection...
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