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I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see I enjoy researching EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), which was produced during (roughly) the Victorian era. I collect EAPG cake stands. If you would like to see more of my collection please visit my website (www.tallcakes.com) (Read more)


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Westmoreland Glass #556 Sawtooth ruby cake stand - Glasswarein Glassware
Spring cleaning; pardon the dust... - Glasswarein Glassware
United States Glass #15005 "Silver Age" (U.S. Coin) Cake Stand c1892 - Glasswarein Glassware
KEM Plastic Pinochle Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards
Icicle laden Big Top bird feeder delimma : ) - Animalsin Animals
Imperial Glass #514 Wildmill caramel slag glass pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware
Happy Valentine's Day!!! - Kitchenin Kitchen
Atterbury 'Hand With Dove' covered dish, c.1889 - Glasswarein Glassware
McKee Bros' Masonic :: Silicon Glass #1900 - Glasswarein Glassware
Frosted Crystal 'Hand Stem' cake stand by Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. c1879 - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. thank you AGH : ) thank you Kyra : ) thank you Mike : )
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  3. thanks Katherine : ) these are just the stands from the 'front room'; much of the milk glass is in the dining area, and more are spread all throughout the house ; )
  4. thank you AR : )
  5. thank you Katherine, happy to oblige : ) imagine a red velvet cake.......
  6. thank you Joe : ) that's an Eastern Bluebird
  7. thank you AGH : )
  8. spare parts from the GIANT's wristwatch... where are those beans???
  9. you're very welcome Katherine : )
  10. looks like a glue-up to me too. try checking under a black light as typically glue lines will react differently and show up under the light; do this is a dark room.
  11. looks like a mayo bowl in the Windsor pattern by Federal Glass and reproduced by Indiana Glass.
  12. possibly Westmoreland #555 English Hobnail but can't make out the details for sure
  13. looks like possibly Fenton's hobnail pattern in green opalescent
  14. you're very welcome : )
  15. you're very welcome : )
  16. this looks to be an EAPG celery vase. It is Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. #339 'Leaf & Flower' c1890
  17. looks to be Northwood's 'Tree Trunk' swung vase in green opalescent c1908. Northwood often nark their glass; check the bottom of an encircled 'N'. Fenton also made a similar pattern called 'Rustic'.
  18. this EAPG bowl is Imperial Glass NUCUT Line #587 c1914 but wasn't given a specific pattern name.
  19. another EAPG piece: your compote is Westmoreland Glass #240 Paddlewheel c1912
  20. this is EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass) by Duncan & Miller Glass Co. c1890 and is their #45 'Starred Loop' pattern. Welcome to CW! : ) I understand that sometimes there are issues with loading ...
  21. thanks Fanci; it is a nicely detailed little jar : )
  22. you're welcome and thank you Lambda : ) thank you Fanci : ) & many thank for all the loves too!!! : )
  23. Smith Glass #4401 Bird In Flight
  24. Duncan & Miller #112 Caribbean c1936
  25. Generally speaking Elegant Glass is often more valuable than Depression Glass; but there are many desirable collectible Depression Glass patterns as well. I'm not that familiar with selling this, and ...
  26. looks like Tiffin also used the same basket etch and "R" has this as #15024: http://www.replacements.com/webquote/TIF15024PI.htm and a reliable site also has the etch as Tiffin 'Arcadian' c1918-1935...
  27. they do look to be Maryland Glass Co. but don't know what the pattern may have been called; they used the same basket etch and paneled optic bowl on other stems. This is considered Elegant Glass and d...
  28. nice : ) looks Fenton to me
  29. H in Diamond is the Heisey mark; this would be their #465 Recessed Panel candy jar, which was made in several sizes c1915-1933.
  30. here are examples at "R" that may help: http://www.replacements.com/webquote/ATCFLO1C.htm#19627 http://www.replacements.com/webquote/ATCFLO2.htm#2315563
  31. looks like Florentine which is also by Hazel-Atlas. There is a #1 and a #2 Florentine pattern and I can't tell which you have from photos. The form is sometimes called a comport or compote.
  32. you might try checking in some of the catalogs at: http://www.oldhouselights.com/
  33. curio shadowbox
  34. I do have an IG catalog with #282 included in the NUCUT line.
  35. best not to confuse surface treatments used for stretch glass and carnival glass with content of the glass. Hedge, are you gonna update posts to tell what they are other than glow aspects?
  36. these are called swung vases and are made by Jefferson Glass in their 'Lined Heart' pattern c1906. The color is green opalescent. Swung vases are made using shapes like tumblers, spooners, etc.; the g...
  37. thank you Mani : )
  38. thank you nuts... : ) thank you SparksGinny : ) thank you Mani : ) thank you Militarist : )
  39. maybe include a deadline in the original post i.e. 6:00 PM CST 4/8/2015
  40. http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US2803964-0.png
  41. lawn mower blade balancer: http://www.google.com/patents/US2803964
  42. nice example of USG's states series. Delaware (USG #15065) was the 18th pattern in the states series, and was introduced in 1899 and made for at least 10 years.
  43. the glass looks like Imperial Glass #779 Empire c1930s, but that particular form isn't in my catalog. Maybe LOUMANAL will see this and can tell if this is in on of the Imperial Glass books.
  44. the crystal piece is Imperial Glass #212 NUCUT c1912 (aka: Diamond With Fan) and is called a 2-handled pickle in the catalog.
  45. pretty sure this is a McKee Innovation pattern made by Kemple. McKee's Innovation line was a combination of molded glass with cut details. Kemple got many of McKee molds and modified the Innovation li...
  46. the carnival glass pitcher is by Indiana Glass; it's the Heirloom line c1970s which was a reissue of their EAPG line #123 'Paneled Daisy and Finecut' c1905.
  47. might check Heisey 'Yoeman'
  48. this is the 'Lombardi' pattern by Jeannette Glass c1950, and was made in many colors; since it's clear glass it could be considered crystal in the US.
  49. maybe scratch that, it's very similar to Irena....
  50. don't know about the pedestal but the plate fairly recent and is 24% lead crystal from Poland called Irena.
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Fenton Bowl Red Amberina? Marked