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I'm a newly Retired Army Soldier. This image is of my Hero. I have and collect Oil and Limited Ed Print Art. Pocket Watches, Cameo Jewelry, Glass and dishware, Old 1I'm a newly Retired Army Soldier. This image is of my Hero. I have and collect Oil and Limited Ed Print Art. Pocket Watches, Cameo Jewelry, Glass and dishware, Old 1900 or less Books. Salt and Pepper Shackers, Old Military Gear, Old Bottles, Bottles, Hot Wheels, Toys, Comics, clocks and old Avon Bottles just to name a few. (Read more)


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Wagner Cast Iron Skillet 100 year Anniversary Set.    - Kitchenin Kitchen
medal and Crystal Salt and Pepper Shakers.  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Salt & Pepper Shakers too.  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Salt and Pepper Shakers  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Please name this glass.   - Glasswarein Glassware
Can you name that Pattern?  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Mess Kit/Camping Kit  - Kitchenin Kitchen
What would you call this Bottle?  - Bottlesin Bottles
Fenton - Glasswarein Glassware
Royal Bareuther Bavaria 19 - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Thanks Riply206 I Saw that after the fact. I'm going to regift it.
  2. eye4 & Lou and everyone of you I knew you all were smarter than I am than to make this silly mistake.
  3. Thanks Fortapache I thought that too but did not want to say it.
  4. Thank you very much Gracay but that would kill the thrill of the hunt for me. I look for old and unusual, try not to pay more than a dollar a pair if possible. I look for them to have or had cork stop...
  5. Darn and you didnt get it for me? Well thanks for thinking of me tho. RIPLY I felt pretty good hearing that.
  6. I do believe this is a Pottery Yellow Ware Mixing Blue Band Vintage Serving Bowl .
  7. Almost as Beautiful as you.
  8. Thanks again Sean
  9. Thanks Jewels & Sean
  10. Thank to all of you for looking Sean. Rip & Virginia and all who stop by later. Rip I went there and backed out, lol
  11. I asked on Ebay about this item: Dear Bigsarge, It is made in Russia. As for the company we do not know. Our buyer in Moscow buys them at the market. Regards, - mkintl
  12. Thanks Gracay2004
  13. Thanks as always TallCakes and everyone else.
  14. Thanks for looking Virginia and everyone else.
  15. Thanks vintagefran only problem is it has not been dated and identified.
  16. Everything I have found points to Russian.
  17. Sunnybrook I tried googling it with no luck. I really wsnt to know now so I will keep trying.
  18. Avon? Thanks IMASapp I am surprised.
  19. wksgibson, using your link of the catalogs My best guess is these date 1967 -1965 Not sure of the color I looked at the color chart didn't see Amberina did see Amber. I also found that many other comp...
  20. musikchoo, I have about 9 of these I recorded in Germany 1979 - 1981. I no longer have a Reel to Reel sooo why would I want to hold on to them??
  21. Yes sir, I googled it and it came to 640 square miles.
  22. Thanks Weirdpuckett & SEAN68, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!" That's pretty much what's being said about me, You must have heard it. lol
  23. Oh I am sorry, I am in Houston. You found the bottle in North Houston you say lol. You know we cover over 600 miles.
  24. musikchoo, are you in Houston?? I like that bottle.
  25. Weirdpuckett, How can I date this piece, see it was offered more than once, any Idea. listen to me say PIECE, I am starting to sound like you guys "Real and Serious Collectors."
  27. BTW agh not that it matters I copied that from here
  28. Thanks Weirdpuckett, BTW fortapache, I forget today is 9/11 so I have to reroute the my Soldiers and put them on stand by just in case so they won't be coming lol.
  29. Very Nice. see if your marks match any of these I have been told sterling will either be marked sterling or have a number 925. Don't go by what I said because I am learning.
  30. Thank you agh and everyone else. So I can say it was made some time from 1954 to 1960? I wish I could be exact but it's more than I knew yesterday. Thank you all. Some great feed back came out of this.
  31. Coppied ?Since the 1930's, Regal Ware has manufactured over 5,000,000 aluminum mess kits like this. The components of the five piece set, consisting of a frying pan, plate, pot with lid and cup, ...
  32. You guys are Greatttttttttt!
  33. fortapache, I get now these,, are Vaseline. This is http://www.collecto...
  34. agh it's abit hard to see but there is an M at the end. CSM or GSM
  35. pops52 thank you
  36. Thanks agh, I do not think it is the Girl scouts emblem. The Boy scouts emblem asy Boys Scouts of America I am sure the Girl scouts would be pretty much the same. ai can not figure out what this one i...
  37. fhrjr2, you are correct I did not think of that.
  38. wksgibson Thank you soooooo much. When I found these my day was done, I felt pretty good about the hunt for today. Hunting is therapy for me. I actually go in where ever hoping not to find anything. I...
  39. You sure my flash from the camera isn't causing it to look greener then it is?
  40. Ok fortapache I am going to send some of my former soldiers to meet with you. You keep down grading my whatever glass. I was told if it glows under black light like mine does it one or the other. I ha...
  41. Ok I googled it and it says it has more to do with Russia than the US. If that's true then why did I see a building in downtown Indianapolis with this on top of the building and I saw an older gentlem...
  42. Thanks agh you didn't let me down.
  43. Thanks wksgibson you really put a lot of thought into your response. I took this from someone else's site. Indiana Glass Uranium Green Pebble Leaf Small bowl nut/mint individual ashtray
  44. Darn Geo I am jealous. I love pocket watches but can't find one like the ones you have shown. I need to go hunting with you.
  45. Musikchoo I went to the link you posted but everytime I clicked on something it took me somewhere else I never did figure out how to find information on the cards I have, I dout I have any Rare ones. ...
  46. Where is that edit button CW? Sorry I could not give you a better image of the glow. I tried several times and this is the best I could do.
  47. I have a several Baseball, and Basketball cards that have been in a closet for many years. I really do not know anything about collecting them. Do I just leave them ware they are or should I look thro...
  48. Sorry about the typeo's I need an Edit button.
  49. Yess!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had seen these here. To be sure I put my black light flash to them. I just found 2 of these at GW for $.99. I am not a big fan of GW since I found out that they price the FR...
  50. That is correct Riply206. I went to dig mine up and it is the same as this one. The red line is larger than the originals. everything stated in these post shows this Red Baron to be a repo. He is corr...
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