Interested in very early verge and lever fusee pocket watches.


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  1. Hey Cindy! Hope you are well friend. I really love these sketches, some real talent here!
  2. Hey Cindy! Enjoying the summer I hope. This egg is awesome!
  3. Hi Cindy, Always nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.
  4. Hi Kenny, It was nice to hear from you, love this model! Hope you have a Nice memorial weekend!
  5. Hi Cindy, So very nice to hear from you! Hope you have a wonderful memorial weekend as well!
  6. Hi Cindy, still loving this beautiful old trunk! I hope you are doing well also!
  7. What a great find Cindy, love this old trunk! It was very nice to hear from you, I hope you are having a good evening!
  8. If you have any more goodies, be sure to post them!
  9. Thanks for sharing your idea! Looks great!
  10. Mine is a actually a brochure that opens to a poster.
  11. Oh wow! That is so sweet!
  12. That's great Mike!
  13. Make sure you keep us up to date Trey!
  14. The elephant is considered to be a symbol of good luck. Nice Ken!
  15. This looks pretty real to me!!! Great shot!!!
  16. Beautiful!!!
  17. Hi antiquerose, Thanks for sharing this great post with us! Glad to see you are in better spirits!
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  19. Goodbye dear Nadia, I can't believe you are leaving too. Take care and give DrFluffy an extra treat from us.
  20. http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-gasometer-vacuum-gauge-early-automotive
  21. Great looking piece Sean, love it!
  22. Hi Cindy! Hope you have a good day today! This is a great platter!
  23. Thanks to all my CW friends for all the great comments and the many loves!
  24. Great logo design!
  25. This little guy is pretty neat!
  26. Looks like you did good today Mike! Some great looking brooches!
  27. Wow great find Sean! And beautiful too!
  28. The color is amazing!
  29. Thanks everyone, for all the great comments and loves!
  30. You're welcome Dave, always enjoy looking at your posts!
  31. You really have an eye for these beauties Ken!
  32. Nice piece Sean!
  33. Hope you find an insert for this beauty Mike, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  34. Hi Cindy, hope you are having a wonderful day! I am loving this egg again, amazing color!
  35. Quite nice upstate!
  36. As usual, very nice Dave!
  37. Awesome and stunning Sean!!!
  38. Great post Dave!
  39. Stunning Kenny!
  40. Hello Virginia, I really love this stirrup cup, thanks for sharing!
  41. Gorgeous tea set Cindy! Have a great day!
  42. Stunning Sean!!!
  43. Very beautiful kyratango! I always enjoy looking at your pieces!
  44. Hi Ken, What a fantastic find! Nice to see that they are in such good shape. Some kids really loved their toys enough to take really good care of them.
  45. Trey, I put these back in the watch cases they came in were they will be safe for another couple hundred years!
  46. Hi there Cindy, good to see you back! This sure is a beautiful plate you have posted here. Hope you have a better day today!
  47. I've been wanting one of these!
  48. nie ma za co
  49. A very beautiful vase for sure!
  50. Well it's past my bedtime, so I will say dobranoc Ivonne!
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