I have many interests, but my favorite is collecting English verge fusee pocket watches from the 1700's.


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  1. Me too!
  2. Good for you Sean, great find, beautiful piece!
  3. Hi Cindy, I'm so proud of you!
  4. Your wife did good!
  5. Here's a few like yours, not a whole lot of information though. http://airandspace.si.edu/collections/artifact.cfm?object=nasm_A20040289062
  6. Thanks everyone for all the great comments and loves!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7sz-En87Vc
  8. Love Ave Maria!
  9. Really love your new find Mike!
  10. Oh wow Cindy, these are so beautiful! Great pics too!
  11. You're welcome Digital. Glad to see you posting again, looking forward to more.
  12. Now this is amazing! Did you ever think about getting a job with National Geographic?
  13. Hey Julie, you run out of stuff to post or what?
  14. Awesome!!!
  15. Great collection!
  16. Thanks Cindy, I hope yours is too!
  17. Fine addition to your collection!
  18. All I can say is WOW!!!
  19. Happy Friday Cindy!
  20. Love the look of this vase!
  21. What a neat tankard! I think it would look great on a shelf.
  22. Just as it is, a great conversation piece for a great price!
  23. Most amazing oil painting, love the subject matter.
  24. Hey buddy, pretty impressive! Thanks for sharing these with us.
  25. Very nice!
  26. Very interesting design!
  27. Good morning Cindy! Really love this beautiful plate, the pattern is amazing!
  28. Thank you to all my CW friends for the comments and loves!
  29. Absolutely beautiful!
  30. Awesome find Ken!
  31. Beautiful candlestick holder Sean!
  32. So sorry to hear this. I really love the pin.
  33. Thanks everyone who found interest in this very old pocket watch. Appreciate all the comments and loves!
  34. Doing fine Cindy, thanks! Hope all is good with you as well!
  35. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_Temple
  36. She was such a cutie!
  37. Love these oil lamps, they are so beautiful! Have a great day Cindy!
  38. This is amazing Cindy, I really love it! Hope you have a awesome day!
  39. Thanks everyone for all the comments and loves!
  40. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and loves!
  41. Thanks folks for the comments and loves!
  42. Love the engraved movement Dave!
  43. Hey Cindy, love this chair! Have a wonderful day!
  44. Hi Julie, still loving these marbles!
  45. Hi Cindy! Hope you're having a nice day!
  46. Happy Birthday PatSea! Very nice poem!
  47. Very stunning Sean!
  48. Great job Scott! The more I see these beauties, the more I want one!
  49. Nice Sean!
  50. Gorgeous ring, love emeralds!
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