I collect a lot of different things--I love old things and their history! :)


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  1. I love this!
  2. Thank you Fanci! : )
  3. Hi, yeah, I know how frustrating that can be. Let us know! Beautiful brooch!
  4. Thanks share and pops! :)
  5. Sean, I saw that they featured this vase on CW on facebook! : )
  6. Aww friend! : )
  7. Thank you nutsabotas!
  8. HAHA smiling back!
  9. Hi mycollect, I'm not sure if there is a good online resource for signatures. What I do when I cannot quite make out a signature is go through each letter very carefully with a loop--it sometimes wor...
  10. I love the first one as well!
  11. Hi mycollect, what is the signature? Maybe that would help tell more about this beautiful brooch! : )
  12. Thank you Virginia! : )
  13. I used to live in Hawaii, so Hawaiian images are endearing to me : )
  14. HAHA! Thank you so much Phil! :)
  15. Thank you Virginia!
  16. He is Humpty for sure! That is his name around here c: Thanks much Kerry!
  17. Yes, yes, he does! Thank you nutsabotas!
  18. Thank you Mani! c:
  19. Thanks SEAN! c:
  20. HAHA! Thank you Kerry!
  21. Thank you nutsabotas!
  22. Thank you Sean! I think he looks a little like Bill Murray :)
  23. Hi pops! Would love to see them!
  24. HAHA A big hello to your family! My grandmother is from W. VA. Hmmm haha
  25. HAHA Sorry for the confusion, I live in Virginia c:
  26. By way of Germany c:
  27. She is from Virginia! c:
  28. Aww thank you so much tora!
  29. Bhaha! Love it!
  30. Thank you pops!
  31. Hi Debbie, You can get an idea of the time period based on the clasp.
  32. Thank you nutsabotas! I hope you come across a one soon! c:
  33. Thanks nittygritty and ho2cultcha! c:
  34. Thank you pops! Hi Peasejean, These are just slightly larger than the usual glass marbles.
  35. Love it! I have one in blue! : )
  36. Hi Mani, good to "see" you again. I haven't been on CW in quite awhile. As always, thank you. I took your advice, I tested it with a little "409." It isn't bakelite, it almost "sounds" like glass when...
  37. Of course, you have an amazing collection : )
  38. Thank you Kathycat! :)
  39. Thank you ho2cultcha! :DDD
  40. Thank you Mani! You always come through :)
  41. Thanks for your info jericho!
  42. Thanks for the interest AmberRose :)
  43. I thank you Bellin! Still wondering where they are from... :)
  44. that story, Mani!
  45. Thanks Mani for your time! Her clothes are unmarked and I double checked and the marking is "27C" :) I like that she is from the fifties and I rescued her as she was filthy and I think no one else wan...
  46. Thank you for the info! I combed through her hair and the only thing I could see was "27C"
  47. Hi Mani! No, she doesn't, but she does have a waist that swivels.
  48. Thank you Scandi :)
  49. Thanks Mani! We will keep her forever and we will love her :D
  50. Mani, Forgot to ask...Any idea as to who might have made her? Thanks!
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antique doll w/ glass eyes - no visible markings


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