I collect a lot of different things--I love old things and their history! :)


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  1. Hi AB, I saw a teapot like this once before--Very cool! I did a google search and found that it is Japanese. One listing said their teapot had an original foil sticker that said "Vicki, Japan." Good p...
  2. Love that gargoyle!
  3. Right! : )
  4. He is passionate! And you know a lot! Believe me, if there was a poem in Spanish, I wouldn't know what was going on! : D
  5. I love poetry! Very powerful stuff--they say things you have thought, but not put into words, the good ones, I mean. He is a "spoken poet" so he uses a lot of emotion!
  6. I should have ducked away from that death trap my parents sent me in--it looks like a toy! : D Just kidding, they love me! And ahhh thank you so much for the compliment!!! ")))
  7. He is basically saying we can meld together, we are all one people. Don't let language be a barrier! English uses many Spanish words. Let us dance the salsa to the songs of Johnny Cash! : D
  8. Thank you nutsa! That is a little compact mirror! So I can check my face in style! :)
  9. Thank you pops! :)
  10. Virginia, please watch this video by this amazing spoken poet--let me know what you think...
  12. Thank you Sean! Almost missed your comment! : )
  13. Oh yes, my mom is sweet, but you couldn't pull anything past her! Sweet memories with your mom, love it!
  14. Thank you Virginia, your language is a beautiful one! Oh walksoftly, no wonder!
  15. Oh you are too kind! I really embraced the 80's! Really fun times! Getting perms was all the rage--my mom mostly did my perms at home! Every once in a while for a splurge, I would go to a salon.
  16. I don't know, but it's certainly cool and unique!
  17. Would be so cute framed! The fruit in the kitchen and the soap powder in the laundry room!
  18. Okay, Virginia, I added the prom pic, of course, I'm the one on the right :)))
  19. I had a little pack of vintage matches that looked like a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken! It was funny, but I gave it away : )
  20. Great graphics!
  21. So charming!
  22. HA! Thank you! : )
  23. Thank you so much Virginia! I have so many funny photos, they can take their pick! Maybe sometime soon I will post a prom pic from 1989, that my friend sent me, it's great!
  24. Nice! I love buttons!
  25. Haha! My family loves to pull out this photo and laugh at me! I paid no mind that the lady is taller than me and standing up tall! :)))
  26. You are so kind Virginia! I took French in High School and College. My son is learning Spanish and he is very good! I bought him some Spanish children's books that I found at a book sale--thought that...
  27. Summer flies by, I remember as kid, how it flew by and it was time for school again
  28. Beautiful Virginia!
  29. : ))) I apologize walksoftly! It will be here soon enough : )
  30. Hi Virginia! Thank you! I understand what you mean, no need to ever be sorry : ) I commend you, I would be terrible to be on a site where Spanish is mostly spoken, I would be in big trouble : D
  31. I love him as well, nice find! I have Wind in the Willows that he illustrated
  32. Hi nutsabotas! I had to buy a huge box of Christmas stuff and sort through it and that is like Christmas for me! : ) Presents for the children has begun as well--I usually have to go to the mall for t...
  33. I love these pixies!
  34. Thank you very much kyra!
  35. Thank you so much inky! :)
  36. Ahh You are an Ohio native as well! : )
  37. haha! : D
  38. I always wondered how a little girl acquired "wire hangers." Hmmm
  39. Thank you Virginia! I'm happy you like it! : )
  40. Right! That's the one I saw! The book was better, as "they" say : )
  41. Or Robert Redford? He played Gatsby as well, didn't he?
  42. Thank you nutsabotas! Sometimes not so meticulous, but I'm not taking a pic of that! : )))
  43. Very Gatsby! : ) Maybe not, I cannot remember what kind of car that actually was, but I imagine something like this
  44. Thank you ever so kindly pops! : )
  45. That color! : )
  46. Thank you SEAN! : )
  47. Ohh I see you already got the answer : )
  48. I have learned so much about deities trying to figure out who she is for you :). I notice that she has nothing in her eight hands, hands open, and one hand bent toward her chest--I'm guessing all symb...
  49. Oh no! Mommie Dearest!
  50. :) I was trying to just put a :), but they said my message was too short : )
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