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I collect a lot of different things--I love old things and their history! :)


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Vintage Photo Mounting Corners - Paperin Paper
Old photo with children and pet bird  - Photographsin Photographs
Mello Smellos Stickers - Paperin Paper
My friends and me as clowns with cool video games in the background 1988 
Persian rug - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Milk glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Little travel case - Bagsin Bags
Sea glass - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Me and Eric Davis - Photographsin Photographs
Wooden Box  


  1. Okay, I was thinking either MOTU or wrestling figures (who wears little underwear) :) I believe they might be knock-offs. The action figures in the second photo are Secret of the Ninja Martial Arts Ma...
  2. No problem! Nice original shades too! Should add to value because would be difficult to find.
  3. Hi, are they marked at all?
  4. They really are very nice!
  5. Hi, just a guess on my part, I would say 60's-70's. They are very nice and have some value, but not too sure. Maybe check on ebay--search vintage pierced ginger jar lamps. I would say more value in ha...
  6. They call these "pierced ginger jar lamps." Very nice!
  7. Would love to see it! There is black glass as well, difficult to distinguish from black rocks. I only ever found one piece of red, but it is a perfectly sanded gorgeous piece. I couldn't believe it wh...
  8. That color is wonderful! One of my favs. I like the soft green better than the darker green from Heineken beer bottles and such, but I saved that dark green and a bunch of brown and my daughter glued ...
  9. Might look good in a big shadow box. These are nice!
  10. This is very unique! I have never seen one like this, using the bottleneck--very nice and a lovely story to go with it. Such a journey that glass had--trash to treasure =)
  11. Hi valentino, would love to see your rings! I literally walked on the North Shore of Oahu every single morning for 4 years to find these. I have a lot more sea glass, but this is every piece of potter...
  12. Very interesting, I learned something new--thank you =)
  13. Yes, very fun! It is so exciting to find a "good" piece--I was excited about everyone of these : D A lot of time the glass isn't ready yet, so you have to throw it back in the water. I used to live < ...
  14. Maybe they made dishes for the government???
  15. Good article about John Maddock and sons pottery history, says "The company is well known for making lines of china for hotels and fraternal eating establishments. In research, we found china made for...
  17. Look at the top of the link I posted, there is something about date codes "GV" for George V for example, I wonder if it could be a date code
  18. hmmm, looking but can't find anything. Have you seen the broad arrow on dishes before?
  19. Is that the indented marking on the 4th pic?
  20. Awww that is so sweet--I love collecting things in nature too! That's fun! Bird nests (of course empty), rocks (I even found a meteorite), sea glass, feathers, pine cones, shells, etc. =)
  21. I did tell her, she is in the office and I am multitasking, watching tv and looking on the internet =) She ran in, read the comments and smiled : ) Thank you so much!
  22. *she, she is really nice =) Do you collect anything toenail?
  23. Ahh yes! I bought this doll and wondered about her history and that is how I found this site =) I have taken long breaks in between posting and looking =) Thank you for the compliment on the doll, I j...
  24. =) Thank you so, so much southcop!
  25. Hola Virginia =) Thank you so much! She didn't want to wear it when I first gave it to her, but I persuaded her and she loves it =) Thanks again!
  26. Ohhh thank you so much for such kind words toenail =)
  27. I wish I could help, the only thing I recognize is the 925 silver mark. Very sweet ring though
  28. Oh yes, so true! Thanks for that =)
  29. Ahh thank you so such! Back at ya! =)
  30. I haven't even begun to post my jewelry on here! =) I also, sadly, bought a real tortoiseshell brooch by accident! It was in my local thrift shop and I looked at it and it was set in sterling, so I bo...
  31. Thank you Elisabethan! =)
  32. Ahhh thank you so, so much! You have won me over =)
  33. I think she's really sweet. Does she work?
  34. I understand exactly how you feel, I bought a brooch very similar to this and didn't know I was buying a butterfly wing either, but it is really beautiful
  35. Ahhh thank you! I do love the eye detail makeup : )
  36. Thank you toenail! : )
  37. Thank you, you as well =)
  38. Thank you much Virginia! These little cuties are from a school where I volunteered
  39. Wow! A conversation piece for sure : )
  40. Oh great! : )
  41. No problem! I hope I'm right! I volunteer at a thrift shop and do this stuff for them, but I'm not an expert, so I hope it's correct, but I do believe so
  42. Virginia, I noticed you changed your picture as well--a very lovely pic of you!
  43. Hi, yeah, it seems to be the case--a true antique!
  44. No problem! I love old plates!
  45. It says Ltd was added after 1896
  47. This is really charming! Thanks for sharing it
  48. Hmm, cursive letter?
  49. Wow, what a collection!
  50. Hi shrrssn, Can you describe the mark a little more? Is it just an M/W or does it have some other features, such as circled, etc.?
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