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Fluorescent Calcite Willemite and unknown minerals in concrete Franklin NJ - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Glass Hanging Birdcage Fairy Lamp...Unknown Maker - Lampsin Lamps
Murano ? Vaseline Glass Donkey - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Lamp Loetz ? Kralik ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
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Glowy Maybe Glowy 15 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glowy Maybe Glowy 14 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glowy Maybe Glowy 13 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glowy Maybe Glowy 12 - Lampsin Lamps
Glowy Maybe Glowy 11 - Lampsin Lamps


  2. Very cool I live on North Church Road and also collect glowy stuff...maybe something in the water ?
  3. Have you ever been to the mineral museum in Franklin NJ ? If not you should check it out .
  4. She was not happy when I took that first pic .
  5. The glass ( not marble ) was made by Houze Glass in Port Marion PA. Made in the 20's and 30's. This glass was made with uranium oxide and will glow a bright green under long wave uv light. (Poster bla...
  6. I think he understood "White mans ways" very well !!
  7. Consolidated Glass
  8. This is Fenton . Very nice .
  9. Not sure but these look like Steuben pieces to me . Very nice !
  10. Very cool ... I have a few . But you have it upside down . The creosote went in a little tray that sat in what you are using for the base .
  11. I'm thinking it is galena in quartz .
  12. The old crow is getting slow. The young crow is not. Of what the young crow does not know The old crow knows a lot. At knowing things the old crow Is still the young crow’s master. What does the...
  13. Nice piece of peacock ore !!
  14. Nice !
  15. Gonna need a pic of the back side to make sure that is authentic .
  16. Nice ride Mani !!! You've posted a pic of you driving your pick up now we need a pic of you on your trike !
  17. Thanks martika !
  18. Nice to see you back Phil !!
  20. Joey Kocur and Bob Probert... "The Bruise Brothers" !
  21. Wow !
  22. 1920's 30's . The stone is actually glass...most likely Houze Glass. Possibly uranium glass. Shine a poster blacklight on it to see if it glows. Beautiful piece !
  23. Hey Vintagefran This was definitely made as a lamp. It has feet to allow the cord to exit the base with a centered hole. I actually just got a second one about a month ago . The white light pics do n...
  24. Speaking of killer weiners ...
  25. Maybe we could airdrop Dachshunds on IS
  26. I've heard the Bushes ,you know George and George had planned on mass breeding and air dropping these guys all over to finish their plot to take over the world .
  27. You're a Trump fan aren't you scott ?
  32. " is a website run by Colleen Lynn. In June of 2007, Lynn was an unfortunate victim of a dog bite while she was out jogging. Because of the dog bite, by a dog that is said to be a 'pit bul...
  37. "Interestingly, the breeds of the dogs involved in fatal attacks could only be identified in 18% of the cases. Often times, the media's report of the dog's breed conflicted with animal control reports...
  39. Different but same principle.
  40. "End caps " for fluorescent tube fixture.
  41. Lamp shade
  42. A Very Merry Christmas to you wolcott !! ALL the best !
  43. A little Christmas Ore on this Christmas Eve ! A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night !
  44. May the Miracle of Christmas cure your ails ! The best to you and yours kerry !! Oh and don't bogart that spliff my friend, don't bogart that spliff !
  45. Fenton
  46. Tiffin No 18
  47. Hey Mani !!! Nice to see ya ! This has always been one of my Fav posts !
  48. Thanks Efesgirl,nuts,antiquerose,kyratango,Nicefice and shareurpassion !!!
  49. It will appear brighter with no white light but you should get the affect with very low white light also.Some pieces have a higher concentration of uranium than others and will glow brighter.
  50. No He certainly isn't !! He is the bright light in a field of darkness !Thanks Deano and ho2 !!!
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Glowy Maybe Glowy 5 Glowy Maybe Glowy 6 Glowy Maybe Glowy 4 Glowy Maybe Glowy 2 Glowy maybe glowy number 1 Glowy Maybe Glowy Glass 3 Throwin down the Gauntlet !! Let the games begin ! A ST. LOUIS ART NOUVEAU DOUBLE-OVERLAY CAMEO SHADE  Kralik iridiscent vase ? Reed Utica Plane Public Telephone Sign Help identifying glass patterns - part 3.


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