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Two Tiered Clawfoot Table Mystery Piece Please Help - Furniturein Furniture
Houze Slag Glass Ceiling Fixture Uranium  Rare Piece - Lampsin Lamps
Fenton Topaz Coinspot Vaseline Uranium Glass Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Kralik Bloom Vase ?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Almeric Walter ? Tiffin ? Glass Ram - Animalsin Animals
Blue Opaline ? Glass Elephant Ashtray Pintray ? - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Uranium Art Deco Shade - Art Decoin Art Deco
Murano Uranium Vaseline Glass Heron  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik ? Victorian Blue and Oxblood JIP Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown Custard Glass Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Very cool !!!!! White light pics please .
  2. Thanks Shawn !!!
  3. Thanks Sean !!!
  4. Mid century Danish ... most likely teak . Very Nice !!
  5. Unridden !!?? A beauty like her must be mounted and ridden ! A guarantee she will reward you with an exhilarating experience !!
  6. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/27631-every-year-i-asked-for-a-pony-for-my-b-d
  7. Happy Birthday !!! Very pretty ! The tall one may be Paden City or Mosser Glass. http://www.realorrepro.com/article/Confusing-glass-ponies
  8. Very Cool Trey !
  9. Thanks Phil,ag and Zowie !! The details are what got my attention and the price ( Thanks again Melissa !! ) And good call Phil...I googled vintage two tiered tables clawfoot images and found many simi...
  10. That's too cool !!! I bought the one in TallCakes link ! I got it dirt cheap,I was the only bidder.Unfortunately about a year later I was short on cash and sold it on Ebay.I thought I would do well wi...
  11. Second pic...look under the ring .
  12. A very beautiful Boyd piece !!! http://www.boydglass.net/our-products/our-trademark.html
  13. Merry Christmas surf !!!
  14. Merry Christmas valentino !!!
  15. Merry Christmas vet !!!
  16. Merry Christmas Vintagefran !!!
  17. Merry Christmas Ron !!!
  18. Merry Christmas BB !!
  19. Merry Christmas Michael !!!!!!!!!!
  20. Have a great holiday packrat !!!!!!
  21. Phil Thank you for consistantly spinning your magical web !! You are a CW star !!!! Wishing you the greatest of Holidays !!!!
  22. Merry Christmas lisa !!!
  23. A very Merry Christmas to you scott !!!!!!
  24. I hope for you a Very Merry Holiday Season walksoftly !!!
  25. Wow I grew up in the 70s very very cool Spunkysmom !!! Merry Christmas !
  26. Merry Christmas brat !!!
  27. Bitten by Butterflies !!?? Love bites I'm sure ! Merry Christmas kyra !
  28. Agram Thank YOU for all of the great posts and kindness you offer to the site. I hope your holidays are as kind to you as you are to us !! 500 Wow !
  29. Trey cool !! Do you drum for Greenday ? Merry Christmas Trey !!
  30. Too cool toolate ... wish mine had been that easy . Have a Very Merry Christmas !!!
  31. Very Happy Holidays to you as well wolcott !!!!!!!!!! Would like to see ya round a little more often : )
  32. Merry Christmas Manni !!! You are the perpetually shining star on the CW tree !!
  33. My pleasure Sean and A Very Merry Christmas to you my friend!
  34. You are a Jewel !
  35. Back at ya Mani !! You are a true CW Treasure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. Gorgeous !!!
  37. Thanks all for the loves !
  38. Thanks Sean,official,Jewels,fort,vet,walksoftly,surf,smiata and aldo !!!
  39. To date myself , I remember my Mom getting these with a detergent...can't remember what brand.And yeah it was in the 60's.
  40. That is a seriously special piece Mani !
  41. I'm confused Jewels...could you elaborate ?
  42. Oh Nooooo don't refrain...we collect things,they sit there and look pretty or at least interesting.Have fun with it !
  43. Very cool !! I live next to a railroad and find quite a few large pieces of coal. Which I had the artistic talent to carve something recognizable .
  44. Thanks again Sean !!!
  45. Thanks agh !!!
  46. Thanks upstate,walksoftly and Sean !!!
  47. Dammm I missed all the fun on this piece !!! And it came with a paddle too !!??
  48. Nice vase Sean !!! Do you think they are related ? http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/65991-uranium-glass-opaline-vase
  49. https://www.google.com/search?q=vintage+cast+iron+firestarter&biw=1920&bih=943&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=25t3VK2jJ-TGsQT3xIDQDQ&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg
  50. Very cool...or I should say hot ! This is a firestarter.
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A ST. LOUIS ART NOUVEAU DOUBLE-OVERLAY CAMEO SHADE  Kralik iridiscent vase ? Reed Utica Plane Public Telephone Sign Help identifying glass patterns - part 3.


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