I been collecting since I was a kid back in the late 60's. I was fasinated with glass. Would collect just about anything back then. As I grew older Records were the I been collecting since I was a kid back in the late 60's. I was fasinated with glass. Would collect just about anything back then. As I grew older Records were the thing, then on to Victorian. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong Century. My Godson has now picked up the fever with Sports memobilia as long as its Autographed. (Read more)


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Undercover of the Night Rolling Stones Signed 45 & Picture Sleeve - Musicin Music
Last Train to Clarksville The Monkees Double Signed 45 Record & Sleeve - Musicin Music
Baby Stop Crying Autographed Bob Dylan 45 rpm Record Sleeve & Record  - Musicin Music
Old Man Need Help Again! Carnival Glass Plate Can't Find Pattern or Maker? - Glasswarein Glassware
Antique Inlay Picture Frame, Carved HELP to Identify? - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. Possible, blanks were purchased in bulk from Germany, but it is Victorian era. That's obvious by the age of frame, looking at back.
  2. Member of Askart for 10 yrs plus. They don't always add Jr or Sr to listings. You will have to look at style and brush strokes. As a Member I can see more than just those visiting site.
  3. Ruth Brown 20th Century Artist out of Virginia
  4. Not Chandler, I have had many Pastels by Him over the last 30 yrs. I will look around for this signature.
  5. Once again Solved!
  6. The first one I can see part of a Signature, Anton? Looks like More under frame? I do know of a Artist who paints this style, scene and its Anton Muller Dutch Artist. Cant see the second one, does it ...
  7. Looks like its solved? lol
  8. G.B Florence made repros around 1940-50s.
  9. Well the 73 painting looks ehhh?? BUT the one behind it looks to be by Edward M. Stevens born 1896-1987. Style looks identical, brush strokes.. Check out this: http://www.askart.com/askart/artist.asp...
  10. Canvas? On Board, got picture of back?
  11. Reminds me of Asti?
  12. Looks to be Victorian era, Most Likely German Factory. Is there any impressed marks on back?
  13. Hard to tell just by picture. Try taking a magnifying glass and look closely at the picture, can you see any tiny dots? These dots make up the colors in a print, if not my be??
  14. Try Seguso
  15. updated info
  16. Appears this piece is signed "Malin" not Martin.....
  17. Looks like a old Print on Canvas, "Repligraph". Then a clear varnish was brushed on to simulate brush strokes.
  18. Grand Son of Maltese Famous Artist "Gieuseppe Cali" This painting was completed in the 70's when He lived in NY. He now lives in Florida. He loved long Island , NY, and Painted many beach and sand du...
  19. LOL For a minute I thought Cory had a pair of Ladies Undies on?? Heck I was about to pull out some Tighty Whities I had 40 yrs ago! My Mistake!! LOL
  20. If You Google Big Eye Paintings you can see many People during the 60's or so did these. Some Artist are still doing them today.
  21. Love these Big Eye Paintings!
  22. Hard to see close up on signature on painting. Back looks like Pierre Jullien?
  23. This is a Student painter, Lee Reynolds aka Lee Burr. He would allow students to sign his name back in the day, Lee signed his Lee Burr and You will not find very many that He did himself. I see peopl...
  24. Vintage Made in Germany around the 40s-50s
  25. http://jamescane.co.uk/
  26. not pencil, its a etching. you can see the plate lines around edges
  27. I would think its more of German descent, Monks were big in the 19th early 20th century in Germany.
  28. By looking at the canvas I don't think its more than 50 yrs old. The weave is a dead giveaway. Also the stretcher that the canvas is on is no more than 30 yrs with those corner brackets as well as the...
  29. James Cane makes paintings using imagery from photographs and film stills. some of these images are indecipherable with a tension between abstraction and figuration. The imagery is often reduced to fl...
  30. Figured I better mark Solved! lol
  31. It is a Mountain Landscape, You have the forward trees and then it swopes down into a valley, then another distant tree line and again it goes down and You have the Mountains in the background. I know...
  32. Its apparent this is not a amateur Artist. Quality is to good for that, hard to make out Signature but You might try using a Black light to see if it will enhance the signature better. I find with cer...
  33. Vinaigrette ring? small containers used for holding various aromatic substances, usually dissolved in vinegar. A tiny piece of sponge, soaked in the liquid.
  34. It was Jakob, he had some issues "ehmmm" but won't go into details..I met Bob about a dozen times over the yrs. You didn't offend Me in any way shape or form. I Love everything Bob ever put out! I am ...
  35. I moved it to the Dining Room! Now I can sit down and play, getting Old you know! lmao
  36. All right Tom, threw a few things up for ya!
  37. Let Me tell You about Bob! Back in the 80's I lived in Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills, next room over was Bob's son. Bob would come by or send someone over every Friday to take care of his boys Hotel...
  38. Just don't Tell Goodwill, they will raise the price on everything! lol
  39. SOLD TO PHIL!! LOL That's what my buddy said, between 1000.00 and 1500.00 would be a good est. Funny they had this stuck on a shelf with xmas items! Thanks to all!!
  40. I sold a desk lamp with double hand blown globes a few yrs back with same pixie reading book between the to lily vine rods that held the shades. I think it went for 650.00 back then to a couple in Flo...
  41. I just got off phone with a friend who used to do appraisal at Sotheby's, it is a Salviati piece enamel by Moser !! Good Eye Twentiethe! Thanks!!
  42. Don't see it in Pearsall catalog?? http://www.adrianpearsall.com/catalogs.htm
  43. Both look more Danish to me. I have Adrian Pearsall Gondola Sofa, Chairs, Tables, so I don't recognize these from catalogs of his pieces..
  44. I LOVE You GUYS!! I get a email and find out 1 year after I posted this item it gets recategorized! LOL
  45. Measures out a 8 x 14
  46. It is a Great piece, I like the area in center that is all carved by hand to match the print arch. Both the frame and print are seamless in transition. Paid $100. bucks at a Estate Sale, I don't know ...
  47. LMAO! I looked and looked! Thanks a Bunch!!
  48. Hey vetraio50!! U are the Bomb!!!! with the description I'm pretty sure you could post the Meaning of Life!! LOL I never knew, it does have the "el Patio de los Leones" way down on the bottom, kind of...
  49. Well Kiddo, It's neither.. It's a Teleflora Vase that came with floral arrangement , not old at all. Here is a link, I see these a lot at Goodwill or DAV Stores. http://www.etsy.com/listing/124510805...
  50. Well its kind of a Sex Record. Ohh Baby Baby style, with a little Deep Soul Dirty Talk! LOL AND Dinoman brought this back up Folks, it wasn't me!! LOL
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