I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family tradition for a while with WWI collectibles but have move onto pottery, furniture and jewelry. I absolutely love to thrift and sneak it into my schedule whenever possible. I used to have a booth at an antique mall but am now am looking for a new outlet for all my collecting. I have two great children, a lovely husband whose only flaw is that he doesn't "get" thrifting. Feel free to email me at: (Read more)


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  1. Share, I don't like paying more than a buck or two for these. However subject matter is key! Dogs, working tools, specific jewelry, etc. these can get get to 20+.
  2. Hi Mike, my concern is that I don't think those TV armoires came out until the 90s. Lane is still around, I think this is newer.
  3. Sean, I'll post one just for you. Waiting on computer access.
  4. Cha Cha! Cracking me up!
  5. Phil, agreed. He had at least 200 of them. Ah well rescued a few. Share: yep, how I found a treasure is part of why I love a treasure.
  6. Haha! After yesterday's BBQ just might need a corset!
  7. It's called Florantine. Very popular trays and jewelry boxes.
  8. Hahahaha! No wind in space!
  9. Fun find! I've only seen one in the wild chipped to heck Went to Randolph today...yes I shopped. Will post later. Need help on my new addiction for saying "how much for all of it"
  10. What else ya got in your pockets? Could resist... I have a flashlight and a tape measure...also standard thrift requirements
  11. Think these were popular around 1890s. Called...roman chair? Emperor chair? Ooooffff, will have to look it up for you.
  12. YRH? You are hot? You are homely?
  13. I've only ever found one Rookwood. A dealer friend of mine took one look at it and said I could "make a pile" of whatever I wanted for it. I did. He still has it too.
  14. Shiny! Pretty!
  15. I like boys. I also really like this piece. Super great find. That Wayne liked to make 'em big.
  16. I barely remember sending these to you! You deserve them. Big Hug!
  17. Looks like the wood portion was refinished at one time (at least from the photos). And the needle point top looks like it is from the 40s. I have something similar. I'm uncertain if the nails are sup...
  18. I'm guessing 50s studio piece. To me that shape screams cocktail pitcher. (But in glass).
  19. I'll see if I can drag a bin out and take some photos. Time yo oil them anyway
  20. Lovely. Are you modeling now too?
  21. My sister has one of these. My Mom got bored with all the armor and such my father collected...divided it into piles and gave it to us kids. I have bins of helmets, gauntlets, shields, swords etc wi...
  22. I went back to this sale yesterday. I had such a nice chat with them! She had done pretty well offloading the extras but was already planning on hitting a flea market Sunday as a reward for offloadin...
  23. Tom, hitting a BBQ today and planning on a hot dog myself :)))
  24. Dang it Kerry! Now that song is blaring through my brain. Caught myself singing it out loud while folding laundry. I never thought about it but "sissy kids"??? So not nice.
  25. The actress:
  26. The actor:
  27. Both actors are in Paramount Pictures One is Charles "Buddy" Rogers and the gal is Nancy Carroll Too funny Walksoftly!
  28. Oh Eye, it is so happening! Unfortunately it'll have to happen later today. Having coffee then going to work.
  29. Hahaha! You guys are all wonderful!
  30. Great! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks these are funny. I'll post a few more later today. Thanks!
  31. Spectacular!! This is wonderful, and such a peaceful message.
  32. Think so...
  33. Ha! Knew who she was and no. But how old school adventure do they look?
  34. Hope you are well and having a great summer Mike!
  35. Very cool!
  36. The best part of the zoo was throwing marshmallows to the monkeys on monkey island. They stopped that when the monkeys started getting fat.
  37. Ah, good idea! There are some hilarious ones but this is by far the best!
  38. Scott, I know!!! It made me stop in my tracks. Actually though...oh Scottvez is going to love this one!
  39. Meant going through all the stuff I found today. Cleaning etc. I had a long messy work day with brief but spectacular thrifting. Vintage Christmas, ephemera, blue crest Fenton, MCM mini globe, Victo...
  40. Hahahaha ha!!!! Still the laughter continues
  41. I'm having fun digging through them
  42. Such a pure mustardy color
  43. I remember it! I found a few trinkets today. Need to do some posting :)))
  44. I know!!!! Can't get there until lunch. Arggghhhh! All the good stuff will be gone.
  45. Awesome!!!!!!!!
  46. Hey, nice piece! Watch out for jadeite fakes...China is cranking them out these days. This isn't. This is fab
  47. Hey Cha Cha! Still not finding much here. Got a dog today. A real live one. I was out voted.
  48. A real beauty!
  49. Love it and love how clever the box is!
  50. Too often these miniatures have the subject with a slightly sour expression...these three look like heroes of an adventure. Full of life, curiosity and spirit. Certainly they will thwart that vill...
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