I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family tradition for a while with WWI collectibles but have move onto pottery, furniture and jewelry. I absolutely love to thrift and sneak it into my schedule whenever possible. I used to have a booth at an antique mall but am now am looking for a new outlet for all my collecting. I have two great children, a lovely husband whose only flaw is that he doesn't "get" thrifting. Feel free to email me at: (Read more)


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  1. Too often these miniatures have the subject with a slightly sour expression...these three look like heroes of an adventure. Full of life, curiosity and spirit. Certainly they will thwart that vill...
  2. I'd say some sort of resin. Yes, it does have value. I'd say at most 200 but others might have a better idea.
  3. Fantastic!
  4. Antique beat me to it! Good job! Knew it was Blenko but had Don Johnson in my head instead! Knew that wasn't right! Great find Cha Cha! It's dried up to nothing here
  5. Hey Racer. Been hitting a ton of thrifts with no treasures to report. I did run into a woman who is having a giant vintage sale starting Thursday. Collection is getting out of hand she says...priced ...
  6. Ribit! Prince Sean?
  7. Hand painted. Would guess its a tourist piece from the Middle East. Likely ten years old. RL is probably the artist from the "factory" this was made. It's really detailed and pretty,
  8. Thanks Idcloisonne and freiheit. I wore my Victorian coral necklace Saturday and thought...I know at least two people who'd want to see this!
  9. Hi FOV, the Japan label is a classic 50s label. I look for that label. I have seen this couple before I least him. I believe they are suppose to be drunk. Sometimes you add beans to these ...
  10. Ha! No, just planning on getting back to Spain
  11. Haha "vindicate my visit"meant "accommodate my visit".
  12. Looks fantastic! Love all the color choices. Can't wait to see more. Plus looks like there's plenty of room in the new pad to a vindicate my visit :))
  13. So pretty! Big fan of peridot. The chain is so delicate. Very nice piece. I'd agree on your dating but I don't know.
  14. I think you are right.
  15. Very cool. How big is it?
  16. This almost looks like the scales of justice... Just pretty, and blue.
  17. Oh and probably 9 carat as that would be more appropriate to the time. It's really nice.
  18. Sorry Mike, you need Trunkman for this one. I do know it's gorgeous and I love that interior!
  19. Fun piece! Fat finger moment
  20. By the clasp I'd hazard 70s or 80s. Sweet fun puece
  21. Victorian, seed pearls and rubies. I think it's beautiful.
  22. Will use it today at our BBQ. Cheese and fruit.
  23. I might a few hidden collections...shhhhhhhhhh!
  24. Racer, on Thurs I read this post then much later in the day I saw a dish very similar. I had that "no way" moment and picked it up. Made in Czech. I then had to use my phone yo find your post. Not ...
  25. You are welcome Cactus. I am a student of Buddhism, a slow student, so when I know something it makes me realize I am learning! It really is a beautiful piece. I love the patina and Buddha's expres...
  26. Link link link then drink!
  27. Hey Cha Cha. Big review this weekend? Hugs!!!!
  28. Light sand and spray paint. Pick a good color and you are all good. Love them!
  29. Heavy sigh...oh the passion!
  30. Share...I think a lot of our size is from nutrition! Plus I'm tall for a gal, 5'10". I'm the shortest of five kids! My baby sister is what she likes to say...5' 12"
  31. I had dreams about being a classic ballet dancer. Worked hard at it until I realized I was close but not...there. It paid for some engineering school as I was a TA for Cecchetti at University. Found f...
  32. Mani, with special hair? We could get a guy from the band! Sean, if I can't get my hands in...gaylene...
  33. Now we both just need a corsage!
  34. Yum, candy cane :))
  35. Mani! Been waiting for you. Had to share some girly stuff. Walksoftly, you are a sweety for braving this post. VV, it is so awesome. Nuts, opera time? Geo, hugs!
  36. Hello Alfredo! Hope you are well. I especially like how open/large the flower appears. Just feels like the flower is enjoying the sunshine.
  37. I love the story of the Earth as witness. Here's a good link with this piece!
  38. Oh no!! Oh my god!
  39. Time for a tea party! Okay, champaign!
  40. Okay now I need a it!
  41. Interesting. I'd say 70s too. Like the organic crumbly look on the sides
  42. Dansk Denmark...the only way to Dansk! Thanks for stopping by with the loves!
  43. What's funny is that I bought mine last week because of everyone posting here on CW!
  44. I think it is a decorative something for a building? (Yep no help) I also wonder if it is upside down?
  45. I really like this too.
  46. Well this is one of them. My photo skills and ability to put together a post have improved I hope. I have more cinnabar I nee...
  47. You must have a lot of wall space for all your art! So interesting. I think you need to send pictures to one of the better auction houses. Love seeing them!
  48. Phil, you big cutie!
  49. I'm president of this club :))) Might be Scandinavian. I have a number of them from there.
  50. A whole lot do furniture folk put out tables in the Chanel style, s it could be from one of them. I think it's beautiful
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