I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family tradition for a while with WWI collectibles but have move onto pottery, furniture and jewelry. I absolutely love to thrift and sneak it into my schedule whenever possible. I used to have a booth at an antique mall but am now am looking for a new outlet for all my collecting. I have two great children, a lovely husband whose only flaw is that he doesn't "get" thrifting. Feel free to email me at: (Read more)


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  2. Agreed, think metal flower frog
  3. Oh no! I did one of my agreed upon flea markets to prevent hoarding this weekend. For the first time I had a customer break a piece. She paid for it willingly but I only charged her a small fraction ...
  4. Well it's just great! I like assignments :))
  5. Beautiful!
  6. We'll hello, cute and I missed you this weekend
  7. You are so funny!
  8. Beautiful Austro. Hope you are well
  9. Just love it!
  10. Both are Fenton Silver Crest. Nice!
  11. Fun piece!
  12. Hey Mike, it's gorgeous!
  13. Oooooohhhhhhh
  14. I love finding fab
  15. It's like it was done on purpose!
  16. Really great!
  17. Agree with Racer
  18. Tube Amp, too funny. I get these for awards and such at work.
  19. I'm with the gang and think modern Chinese. For better or worse, my rule is this...if it isn't signed or marked (unless obvious) it's probably Chinese
  20. Anything with little feet is adorable to me
  21. So exotic!
  22. Signed with a label...glorious!
  23. That balloonist darling
  24. Beautiful as always!
  25. Aim is awesome! She has a food/vintage blog called Pyrex Passion. Lots of great recipes there. Stop by and say hi!
  26. Wow!!!!!
  27. Label Label Label QUEEN!!!!!
  28. Ha! Knew it would be! I'll take it! Sight unseen :))
  29. Yours in trade for my new boyfriend!
  30. Mani, I sent you one. Cha Cha the white is so you
  31. Hi V! Amazing the petals stayed in-tacked! Hope you are well
  32. Sent you an email Cha Cha! You'll want yo see it :))
  33. Beautiful! Prague?!? Jealous. Have fun
  34. Italy for sure
  35. Brass? 70s? So hard to tell
  36. I did :))
  37. Ripely, such great info. Thanks!
  38. Really hard to tell from photo. I'd think more 30s late. But that is only a guess.
  39. They're darling!
  40. Hee Hee. Need a new boyfriend!
  41. Dude! Never too old to rock! Fat glass of wine in my hand currently
  42. Aw honey, it's beautiful. Sorry
  43. Blunder, cheers! I toast to your rock n roll lifestyle dude!
  44. It's up there for me too :))
  45. Looks like it to me. Love it!
  46. How bright and sunny!
  47. That color!
  48. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing
  49. Great image! I had a quick moment of thinking the cat was taxidermy prop as well. However, I've never seen that either. But those Victorians were a wacky lot
  50. How different from your usual style!
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