I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family tradition for a while with WWI collectibles but have move onto pottery, furniture and jewelry. I absolutely love to thrift and sneak it into my schedule whenever possible. I used to have a booth at an antique mall but am now am looking for a new outlet for all my collecting. I have two great children, a lovely husband whose only flaw is that he doesn't "get" thrifting. Feel free to email me at: (Read more)


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  1. Agram, I have an agreement with my husband. I can buy as much as I want but have to sell the overflow. Therefore I will participate in the Randolph Street Market three or four times a summer. That's t...
  2. They are breeding like rabbits!
  3. Oh the cuteness! You do realize that you now have to have a bilby in all your posts.
  4. Really interesting color!
  5. Go overboard please! I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  6. Wow, you have quite a collection! Love the staging. I have similar picture moments on here and they are some of my favorites!
  7. My sister actually took a class on how to make these last year. I'll have to ask her the ingredients but I remember that it's mostly sugar.
  8. Well you know I love these! Just finally got a couple of these cuties myself. Super love!
  9. Another beauty! You must have a vault to keep it all!
  10. I saw a dish one today too. Not soon love with those. I can almost never spend retail
  11. Ooohhh, good one for the list!
  12. Zowie, absolutely.
  13. It's was all fine in the end. Boy child still not finding it fascinating so it might make the trip to Randolph.
  14. Fun! Great bird
  15. That helmet hat is spectacular! Another beauty Phil.
  16. Seriously cute is right!
  17. Orange-y goodness!
  18. Who's Christie and can I get a Christie? Wonderful!
  19. Never heard of Olden!
  20. Seriously! At an antique mall!
  21. Ha, very fun AR! Like the tail the best. More of this spectacular is coming!
  22. Googled it! Hahaha!
  23. Haha, yep we had a miserable winter but the hyacinth are blooming and the wine is breathing. Night night, looking forward to seeing more of your treasures. So nice to meet you!
  24. Okay, I'm so bad at this...what's FNG? Yes it sounds bad...hee hee.
  25. I'm in Chicago but will always travel for house here too!
  26. You buying? I'm in!
  27. It's is cool!
  28. Here the chamber pot...
  30. Well hopefully champagne!
  31. Welcome to CW Raven! You have some beautiful treasures. Looking forward to see more!
  32. Adorable!
  33. Oh just wait Cha Cha, another bad addiction of vintage Easter coming. Thank you, we are having loads of folk over. Planning a big egg hunt!
  34. Sweet! How's the store going?
  35. So shiny! Very pretty!
  36. Sorry, it's crazy here. Will call you to witch about it tomorrow. Great pieces you've been posting.
  37. Hee hee, Phil you have excellent taste. More thanks for the bunny love!
  38. Yea but people seem to be into it. His website has wicked high pricing.
  39. More thanks for the lives from my gang of furry friends!
  40. Hahaha! Too true.
  41. Go get him Mani!
  42. Let's cook something up!
  43. Wow, Anne these are great, but I love the story more. New obsession because of the one that got away? Yep, been there
  44. Sweet collection UPstate!
  45. This great. There was a time when women used a belt buckle like jewelry.
  46. She said six dollars, I said yes ma'am.
  47. The story? Found him at an estate sale of a woman wearing a cowboy hat and a fringe jacket. She was a spry thing, at least 80.
  48. My animal gang and I thank you gap for the loves, and for stopping by...
  49. UPstate, you are exactly right. You just recognize...hmmm...what's the right word here...quality? Talent? But you get what I was saying. Toot toot for all the the love!
  50. Hippity hop for all the love! Racer and AR, they are so awesome!
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