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Tamara Aladin - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hovmantorp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kastrup - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wiesenthalhütte - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wiesenthalhütte - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nanny Still Luxus with Rex glasses - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nanny Still Luxus - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gullaskruf - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nanny Still Paraati - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jacob Bang. Kastrup  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. it also had 2 matching jars and the serie was called in the 1967 catalog Benny when correct the cheese bell came in 3 sizes the jars http://www.finn.no/finn/torget/annonse?finnkode=40106208
  2. a really great piece this technique gives a stunning effect .I think looking at the web that the Gullaskruf pieces by Lennart Andersson are called Snoddas if i am wrong someone will set me straight.
  3. Great Bolek boxes perfect for your item nr 500 You've taught me a lot with your all your posts thanks harro
  4. if you are still awake check email
  5. thanks cobalt and vetraio got it cheap from germany was listed as unkown
  6. such a great design
  7. its an amazing piece
  8. great piece
  9. these are so great they have been on my wish list for awhile now
  10. such a great design and that for only 2,99. great pics like the dark back-ground
  11. OOOOOH its breathtaking so beautiful
  12. supperb
  13. a great piece the top works perfectly congrats
  14. beautiful red jug
  15. cant believe i missed these such a great color and really like the design of the candlesticks
  16. the goblet looks amazing happy new year
  17. love these , great shapes and the collar one is superb
  18. they are looking great I just missed out on the oil and vinegar set
  19. http://www.huuto.net/kohteet/290445000?ref=hm_qr
  20. this was the link i stupidly stupidly let it slipp
  21. great looking set love these
  22. a nice piece with a great cut pattern
  23. thanks for the likes and comments it was on ebay for a long time 4 months ago i made an offer which he did not accept last weak i raised my offer a little and he accepted at the end I paid a lot less...
  24. great gifts very good friend
  25. I am 50% Fries
  26. just saw the decanter in green with a bo borgstrom/aseda sticker sadly they will not ship to me
  27. thanks for the loves and comments Cheye zeergestoordgedoe@gmail.com
  28. added smal pitcher and small glasses
  29. the text is in Fries , both my father and grandparents came from Friesland ( part of the Netherlands ) The Netherlands has 2 official languages Dutch and Fries The literal translation says "The truth ...
  30. wauw a great and very interesting piece
  31. great looking massive decanter
  32. great looking square decanter nice contrast with the other round pieces
  33. great shapes
  34. they are looking great
  35. thanks for the loves and the comments it dates from the year 2000
  36. thanks for the loves and coments if i find more of them il buy them
  37. love the color
  38. such a beautiful set
  39. love the wood glass combination
  40. Stunning these clear shark tooth's
  41. great vase supperb color and technique thanks for all the information you provide
  42. great color beautiful wave top
  43. great vase love the contrasting colors combined with the clear part and great to read about the technical details
  44. received another Ametisti today
  45. love these stackable saara hopea glasses great fleamarket find ive never seen the jug in red
  46. great collection of sun-bottles
  47. A supperb set
  48. it is signed t sarpaneva 2502 i think its the same as GlasswareGuy has
  49. great looking combination
  50. thanks for confirmation bought it as something scandinavian
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