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eton john band plectrums - Musicin Music
metalica tour plectrums - Musicin Music
kiss gene simmons plectrums actually used in concert (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used in concert by tommy tailor (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used by paul stanly in concerts (europe tour) - Musicin Music
lucky 1922 us silver dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
chris v/d hoef bronze coin - World Coinsin World Coins
movado watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
chris v/d hoef silver coin - World Coinsin World Coins
coca cola light 25jrs celebration bottle - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. more like a museum than just anybodys home...!!!!
  2. badass piece of glass!!!!!
  3. musea can be jealous of your collection,very inspiring!!!
  4. very special,spatial,....thanks for the inspiration!
  5. an amazing set...,again stunned...
  6. a museum piece!!!!
  7. stunning.................................
  8. i know a very good accordionist named oleg he had his accordeon built in italy for the price of a nice luxury car but of course not all of them are this expensive...yours definitely looks very attract...
  9. Lucky us there still are people who do not notice great art, fantastic score...i am amazed!!
  10. very psychadelic... fits to Valencia like Calatrava!!!!lol
  11. this feels to me as a spring sign,thanks austro!!
  12. amazing collection you have lovely inspiration!!
  13. lovely glaze like to feel it...!!!!
  14. this is an amazing statue to encounter in Bratislava,slowakia,really funny too!!!!
  15. many thanks sean68,surfdubbb,jensen racer4four,aghcollect!!!!
  16. thanks sean68 getthatmonkyoutofme,racer4four vetraio and aghcollect!!!
  17. thanks sean68 sunnybrook,vetraio,racer4four and surfdubb for loves and comments!!!!
  18. wow i like psychadelic!!!
  19. nice and bright!!
  20. wonderfull taste!!!!,i share it to bits...
  21. lovely subtile piece of art very japanese,i still have gaps in my collection to be filled but the good thing about that its a never ending story,thanks for sharing,both art and filosophy...
  22. number1 cars for me thanks for sharing this passion,the wave shaped wheelcovers wow great eyecandy...!!!
  23. as long as there is ink in the well you are very wellcome,sean!!!...
  24. wonderfull!!!
  25. many thanks austro,gtboi,and sean68!!!
  26. many thanks aghcollect!!!
  27. thanks ho2culta vetraio lissyb and musikchoo!!!
  28. many thanks tom 61375 toolate2,vetraio mikkochristmas and booknookrat!!!!
  29. thanks ozzmarty sklo42 aghcollector charrcoal cindb,elisabethan and radegunder for loving...!!!
  30. thanks janos torok!!!
  31. many thanks cindyb sean68 and iheartlisalarson forenjoying this sea monster..!!!
  32. thanks ozzmarty,mrmajestic ,amberrose and vetraio!!!!
  33. thanks for loving this one ayboy it will Always be free..!!!
  34. thank you sean and fledermaus,agramm and jensen!!!
  35. thanks wksgibson and melaniej..!!!
  36. many thanks tom 61375!!!
  37. thank you tom 61375!!!
  38. thanks nldionne bratjd and tom61375!!!
  39. many thanks tom61375 cogito,nldionne and moonstoneloverrr!!!
  40. thanks abunch Cindy b!!!!!!!!!
  41. thanks abunch patsea for ejoying this !!!
  42. many thanks moonstonelover missglass and inky!!!!
  43. manythanks phildavidalexandermorris vetraio moonstonelover bratjd and nldionne!!!!
  44. many thanks blunderbuss bratjd vetraio nldionne ho2culta and amberrose!!
  45. haha you can come pick it up any time sean,as long as you put it down again before you leave off course!!lol thanks for sharing emotions bro!!!also thanks bratjd foxterrier9lives and Jewels!!
  46. many thanks big texn aghcollect czechman, geo26e tom61375 and maryh 1956!!!!!
  47. many thanks aldo78 nldionne moonstonelover and tom61375!!!!
  48. many thanks sean68 andaghcollect!!!
  49. thanks vetraio gluechip getthatmonkeyoutofme and ho2culta!!!!
  50. many thanks wksgibson,sklo42 and cindyb!!!!!
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