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eton john band plectrums - Musicin Music
metalica tour plectrums - Musicin Music
kiss gene simmons plectrums actually used in concert (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used in concert by tommy tailor (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used by paul stanly in concerts (europe tour) - Musicin Music
lucky 1922 us silver dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
chris v/d hoef bronze coin - World Coinsin World Coins
movado watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
chris v/d hoef silver coin - World Coinsin World Coins
coca cola light 25jrs celebration bottle - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. nice catch!!!,you probably end up taking new pictures as i found out after turning my celphone pics on my computer first cw turned them again, after taking the picture (cellphone sideways) again it al...
  2. 53th to love it so many people on cw with good taste...,i feel embarrest to be so late, but better late than never
  3. very interesting piece of equipment...
  4. another item that survived the quality era...!!!superrr
  5. thanks bigsarge nutsabot aghcollect pwcollector blunderbuss officialfuel and mikkochristmass!!!!
  6. thanks moonstonelover!
  7. thanks austro getthatmonkyoutofme and sean68!!!
  8. thanks a bunch msl and sean68!!!!
  9. many thanks agram m!!
  10. thanx getthatmonkyoutofme!!!!!!
  11. thanx very much agallwithglass!!!
  12. thanks cogito and tom 61375!!
  13. thanks a bunch cogito nldionne and tom61375!!!
  14. i suppose so nutsabotas6 thanks mate!!
  15. stunning picture of a stunning object!!!!!!wow again
  16. hey blunderbuss2 thanks for the reaction actual party was about 3/4 years ago,also thanks to sean 68 racer4four vetraio manikin aghcollect and musichoo!!!
  17. hedgehogs are cute,i once saved one from the swimming pool,he was green from alge he sat on the stairs shivering(not long enough to bleach the green on his back)but got away all right just like this o...
  18. amazing to find this on the other side of the planet,well done mate!!!
  19. hi ralph good to see you on cw!!!
  20. i am very happy that nowadays a lot of people dont want to do this to tigers anymore,but this one seems antique and beautifully made,thanks for sharing!
  21. in the 80s i saw a lot of people from suriname with these friendship rings,pretty good design!!!
  22. reminds me of gitano style spanish flamingo ole, also know a spanish band called triana .good luck!
  23. the beauty lies within,to be honest it has not the brightest colour but i have seen bright coloured objects more ugly....very interesting!
  24. this ring has a magical appeal to me,wow it really stands out!!!!
  25. you are very welcome peasejean55!!!!
  26. lots of your stuff give me a warm feeling,now thats what art is about...thanks for sharing!!!
  27. very mysterious...this could take some siestas before restored,good luck amigo!!!
  28. lots of storys from afrika superrr.. also on the baobab tree,some say that god was angry and rammed the baobab upside down into the ground (the branches look like roots) the inside of these fruit is v...
  29. many thanks agh collect!!!!
  30. thanks amberrose vetraio and manikin!!!!
  31. you are forgiven off course vetraio,and thanks very much for that fast research!!!
  32. thanx aimathena toolatetoo and sean!!!
  33. lovely painting you can feel the atmosphere and almost hear the traffic...!
  34. coolest radio ever!!!
  35. thought i would never be attracted to a troll but this one is cute!!!??
  36. many thanks agram m!!!
  37. thanks sean 68!!
  38. thanx a bunch gluechip!!!
  39. such a fine passionate design...!
  40. top nudge austro never seen such a beauty thanks for showing!!!!!!
  41. i like your taste very much freiheit!
  42. very mysterious piece...,did you get to know what kind of ceremony this is made for?
  43. the first word looks like venini to me,nice flute cheers!!!
  44. it is like the purple one watches over the green one {my interpretation} love the picture as well as the beauty in these pieces!!!
  45. wow great pattern on the zebra...masterpiece love the unicorn too i find it not ugly at all,!!
  46. thanx bro will try to amaze you guys later with some eyecandy!!!!!!!!!!
  47. thanks smiata fledermaus and wpj!!!!
  48. hello handsome kindof drifted away in other aspects of life but that certainly doesnt mean out of sight out of hart,you guys and all beautifull artifacts remain in my hart forever.hope you can forgive...
  49. thanks amberrose vintagefran aeon budek and tom61375 for jazzing with me!!
  50. superfind!!
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