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adam jablonski egg and presse papier - Art Glassin Art Glass
1:18 delahaye (my fafourite all time model0 - Model Carsin Model Cars
chrysler atlantic model cast iron car 1:18 - Model Carsin Model Cars
eton john band plectrums - Musicin Music
metalica tour plectrums - Musicin Music
kiss gene simmons plectrums actually used in concert (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used in concert by tommy tailor (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used by paul stanly in concerts (europe tour) - Musicin Music
lucky 1922 us silver dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
chris v/d hoef bronze coin - World Coinsin World Coins


  1. finally art again...
  2. 1 out of thousands...
  3. such a beauty!!! and very rare...
  4. what else!!
  5. real art!
  6. different...tight design
  7. very special....!!!!
  8. i have a similar coloured smaller piece check it out...
  9. love the picture from the top thanks for making it!!!..
  10. hurray for the natural people!!! of north america,and others....
  11. to me this plate is east european,maybe china is the decoration name?
  12. sang de boeuf [French for oxblood] glaze... nice vase beautifull!!
  13. finally something that isnt loetz because it is different makes it even more beautifull!!
  14. beranek maybe...stunning piece!
  15. seen it before ..not sure ,scandinavian or italian sorry to vage to be helpfull..
  16. very nice piece i love the shape and vacuum blown bubble...very decorative
  17. super piece also like the name morgenster (morningstar) used to refer to people who live on the Streets in amsterdam picking the sellable items from the garbage during the night early morning...
  18. thanks for the attention and stories!!!
  19. it took me some effort to really see what it is but that is beautifull i would say divine even,thanks for sharing !!!,hope we will see more exceptional glass art from other parts of the world.?????
  20. good luck! maybe the frog has a good chance on being reassembled!!!haha
  21. is it my turn to be beamed up?
  22. sorry mister esotheric this is not a watch you buy on time square for 10 dollars,unless you buy it off an ignorant thief off course,the prices are around 1000 euros. so my conclusion is that you bough...
  23. it is almost impossible to own them all and every once in a while it is good to regret,but i am simply thankfull you share this thanks a bunch!!!
  24. he didnt make his escape in one piece obviously,hope he is happy to be back with you!!
  25. lovely taste i feel like you are family that i never knew extistance of, good to meet you here bird of a feather!!!!!
  26. they made a lot in gouda,but this is definitely one of the better pieces,lovely find!!!
  27. another great item and story,iam dreaming of how scuba diving was in 1969...!thanks again!
  28. wow what a story, this item really waited for the right owner...something to dream of !!! thanks for this wonderfull dream and sharing this beauty!!
  29. i would buy it any time for that price...wonderfull find!!!
  30. stunning box mate,craftsmanship seems to be the key!!!
  31. you allready found the purpose by liking/loving it cheers mate good find,thanks for sharing /put the hammer away im pretty shure we can rely on sean 68!!!lol
  32. maybe kosta boda or ahus amongst other danish or swedish companies, quality piece beautifull!!!
  33. good story!!!
  34. lovely vase, the picture is a little dark i think i like also the picture of leon good movie thanks for sharing!!!
  35. definitely lis larson she is well known for her animal statues also in ceramic, sorry for late reaction bro...
  36. very special at first seemed to be ceramic lovely colours!!
  37. wow a real skoenvirke museumpiece!!!!
  38. that seems to be a real bargain it is definitely white and granberry coloured on blank glass (or cristal if you like) and it seems to me areal nice studio piece well done,very decorative!!!
  39. very rich,....!!!
  40. supersonic fishhhhh,...!!! very adoreable!!
  41. stunning red...!
  42. lovely colour shape and found,well done bro!!!
  43. those were the days!!,...but at this very moment we are on the doorstep of the biggest threat of humanity (artificial intelligence) we are about to manufacture robots that beat human skills (outcome o...
  44. lovely score...!
  45. this bird seems to have it all straight!!
  46. wonderfull craftmanship!!!!!
  47. i certainly wouldnt say boring,try to imagine the difference between ten objects like this on a row compared to ten really colourfull objects...the colourfull ones can become a blurr easy.. or is this...
  48. many thanks cindyb vintagelamp sean68 austrohungaro rustfarm pops52 aghcollect officialfuel drfluffy pw collector nutsabot6 racer4four and vetraio!!
  49. many thanks sean68 vintagelamp austrohungaro blunderbuss2 roycroftbooksfromme1 racer4four cindyb manikin drfluffy aghcollect officialfuel vetraio nutsabot6 pwcollector and pops52!!!
  50. thanks a lot sean68 vintagelamp budek agram.m austrohungaro antiquerose pops52 racer4four deano vetraio sklo42 aghcollect cindyb and drfluffy!!!!
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