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adam jablonski egg and presse papier - Art Glassin Art Glass
1:18 delahaye (my fafourite all time model0 - Model Carsin Model Cars
chrysler atlantic model cast iron car 1:18 - Model Carsin Model Cars
eton john band plectrums - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
metalica tour plectrums - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
kiss gene simmons plectrums actually used in concert (europe tour) - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
kiss plectrums used in concert by tommy tailor (europe tour) - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
kiss plectrums used by paul stanly in concerts (europe tour) - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
lucky 1922 us silver dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
chris v/d hoef bronze coin - World Coinsin World Coins


  1. has definitely got my adoration!
  2. fantastic...wish i was small enough again !..
  3. my guru vetraio youre Always welcome!
  4. very welcome mine is packed away btw but i promise when i come across it i will share it. it is not signed or marked otherwise
  5. long ago i bought a similar bowl with orange inside..the seller told me it was barbini ..very nice thanks for sharing!
  6. very genuine...
  7. touching...
  8. happy hollidays!....
  9. mini
  10. super pictures again...
  11. dont put too many on the table ,they might eat you...
  12. lovely mysterious colour...
  13. subtileness is key for inspiration....thanx for inspiring!
  14. thanx for loving aura behrinmind kivatinitz cindyb and gluechip!!!
  15. i recently encountered a piece like this in the exhibition about the 100 year existance of het scheepvaarthuis (a very important amsterdam school style building) in het stedelijk museum in amsterdam...
  16. thanx tom61375 for loving this!!!
  17. it seems you became the artist now ...wonderfully done!
  18. a field of poppys is Always good to look at...beautifull!!!
  19. lovely example...very beautifull!!!
  20. great vase...i met jaap ravelli in an antiques center [de looier] in amsterdam where he was selling some of his pottery,he said he did that to make a world journee.i hope he made it because he was alr...
  21. such a fine detailed piece wonderfull!!!
  22. i saw this shape earlier today on cw as a bamboo i like this one much better
  23. super tight!!!!!!
  24. superset!! they look like they a family going on a holliday...
  25. very special...!!
  26. very special...
  27. bright is more what i meant...
  28. very clear wow!!
  29. almost spooky even...
  30. sweet!!!
  31. i believe humans are bio/chemical mechanical self renewing robots and yes we are destroying ourselves ..but not yet haha thanks for inspiring!!
  32. great shape!!!
  33. wonderfull shape and colour!!..
  34. totally agree with belle epoque!...
  35. looks like carved or etched but if its pressed you should see the line in the middle...extraordinary...
  36. hahaha!!!...
  37. very cutifull!
  38. its the beginning of world peace!...
  39. thank god nobody invaded your property so this can still be used as inspiration , a weapon it can probably be used only once...
  40. amazing collection!!!
  41. wow...that glaze,bet it even smells fishy and how does it feel? oops sorry dont want to make a pottery pervert impression!haha
  42. like your style bro...respect,very beatifull
  43. did a vulcano really spit this out? ...made by mother earth herself eh....
  44. wirkkala rocks!!!
  45. both the world and the aliens benefit ,you are a true hero sir vetraio... thanks for sharing another great story!
  46. most likely gouda but why someone cut off the base is hard to find out...
  47. finally art again...
  48. 1 out of thousands...
  49. such a beauty!!! and very rare...
  50. what else!!
  51. See more


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