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murano ashtray - Art Glassin Art Glass
chris lanooy vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
unmarked pitcher - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
amp smit candle holder - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
leen muller vase gouda  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
unknown vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
pieter groeneveld unique - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
pieter groeneveld vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
sphinx vase 20s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
putter - Animalsin Animals


  1. great story about this one rolling in!!!
  2. you are not only a great collector but a foto artist too!!!
  3. organic hot shot!!!!!!!!!
  4. very welcome sean ,good to be back amongst all birds of a feather off course!!!
  5. thanx moonstoneloverrr!!
  6. thanx tom 61375 !!sarahoff,pickrknows!!!
  7. thanx a bunch spiperato!!!
  8. thanx crabbykins!!
  9. thanks gluechip ho2 and gtmom!!!
  10. when i bought my laura de santiliana from venini (similar colour and technique ) i was almost a hundred year overtime,....!!!
  11. red way to go!!!
  12. trippin....!
  13. thanks agram!!
  14. thanx belle epoque agustin and agram!!!!
  15. very very cool!!
  16. wow wow wow!!
  17. true art is like true love pretty seldom,man i had to search hard between the colour explosion!! lol
  18. lovely ensemble!!!
  19. happy 2014!!! to all artlovers and connoisseurs!
  20. lovely design and colour!!!
  21. lovely shape and sweet colour....!!!
  22. fortunately art and prices are not compareable in terms of weight or size,well done vlkma you must be extra happy owning this special piece instead of the money you spent on it!!!!?? lovely find!
  23. what a stunner super pictures as well!!!!
  24. super eye catcher!!! lovely!
  25. wonderfull art nouveau,stunning!!
  26. lovely geometric design mmm!!!!
  27. beautifull design and colour!!!
  28. beautifull combination as well love orange and purple!!
  29. nice one! i have something similar but with other decoration,...thanks for sharing!
  30. many thanks aimathena!!
  31. many thanks sarahof vintagemad fantastischglas bratjd ozmarty hunter and czechman!
  32. many thanks aimathena msl and bratjd for loving and nice comment!!!
  33. many thanks msl austrohungaro loumanal and greatsnowyowl!!
  34. many thanks aimathena!!
  35. back than marketing sure wasnt so brutal like it is now, but very aimable (loveable) aaah those were the days!!! thanks for sharing these and reminding everybody!!
  36. many thanks aimathena for a wonderfull idea ill make the ice than!!!lolalso thanks to sean68!!
  37. meerschaum is as sculpturers say an easy (soft) material to carf art work from but if you ask me this is all but easy to make, so detailed and fine just stunning,many thanks for sharing!!!
  38. this character is called the devil(bad guy) by some religions because they rather wanted the people to come to the church and bring their money (wich meant power in those days) in stead of believing i...
  39. very special never seen this technique beeing used with glass,superb!!
  40. i have a cabinett that belonged to the van houten family,custom made for them you can see it on my account lovely sign!!
  41. royal leerdam is a dutch firm but havent seen this one before,very nice find!!!
  42. wow nice carafe what are we drinking tonight!!
  43. the expression on these faces marvelous!!!
  44. i am honoured by witnessing so much knowledge beeing shared, career and money is sometimes nice but this brings even more satisfaction!!thanks for that agram m and vetraio
  45. these owls lok great partially because they look like been there!!
  46. it is easyer to recognize the architects work than the person self, by the way somewhere between comments i read you quit cw? before you do must thank you again and will struggle finding a guru that m...
  47. very classy!!
  48. lovely coincidentely i have the same in silver i promise to post it pretty soon!! thanks for sharing
  49. craftmanship is the key!!
  50. very special lovely colour!!!
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