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adam jablonski egg and presse papier - Art Glassin Art Glass
1:18 delahaye (my fafourite all time model0 - Model Carsin Model Cars
chrysler atlantic model cast iron car 1:18 - Model Carsin Model Cars
eton john band plectrums - Musicin Music
metalica tour plectrums - Musicin Music
kiss gene simmons plectrums actually used in concert (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used in concert by tommy tailor (europe tour) - Musicin Music
kiss plectrums used by paul stanly in concerts (europe tour) - Musicin Music
lucky 1922 us silver dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
chris v/d hoef bronze coin - World Coinsin World Coins


  1. maybe kosta boda or ahus amongst other danish or swedish companies, quality piece beautifull!!!
  2. good story!!!
  3. lovely vase, the picture is a little dark i think i like also the picture of leon good movie thanks for sharing!!!
  4. definitely lis larson she is well known for her animal statues also in ceramic, sorry for late reaction bro...
  5. very special at first seemed to be ceramic lovely colours!!
  6. wow a real skoenvirke museumpiece!!!!
  7. that seems to be a real bargain it is definitely white and granberry coloured on blank glass (or cristal if you like) and it seems to me areal nice studio piece well done,very decorative!!!
  8. lovely object and colour the penguin shape and colour make me think of iceland but thats just the icey colour but the technique seems to me uberfang in german or sommerso in italy anyway thanks for le...
  9. very rich,....!!!
  10. supersonic fishhhhh,...!!! very adoreable!!
  11. stunning red...!
  12. lovely colour shape and found,well done bro!!!
  13. those were the days!!,...but at this very moment we are on the doorstep of the biggest threat of humanity (artificial intelligence) we are about to manufacture robots that beat human skills (outcome o...
  14. lovely score...!
  15. this bird seems to have it all straight!!
  16. wonderfull craftmanship!!!!!
  17. i certainly wouldnt say boring,try to imagine the difference between ten objects like this on a row compared to ten really colourfull objects...the colourfull ones can become a blurr easy.. or is this...
  18. many thanks cindyb vintagelamp sean68 austrohungaro rustfarm pops52 aghcollect officialfuel drfluffy pw collector nutsabot6 racer4four and vetraio!!
  19. many thanks sean68 vintagelamp austrohungaro blunderbuss2 roycroftbooksfromme1 racer4four cindyb manikin drfluffy aghcollect officialfuel vetraio nutsabot6 pwcollector and pops52!!!
  20. thanks a lot sean68 vintagelamp budek agram.m austrohungaro antiquerose pops52 racer4four deano vetraio sklo42 aghcollect cindyb and drfluffy!!!!
  21. or burglary equipment...!
  22. very genuine!!
  23. on murano there are many bigger and smaller glasshouses (studios) and the Island is packed with stores where in 90% of them tourist stuff is sold from really small to really big items and prices,and ...
  24. very charming,beautifull colour and unusual design!!!
  25. very playfull artistic and natural colours,well done!!!!!!!!
  26. very interesting bee hive..!!!
  27. i think it is time for a smoke all critics invited...
  28. never missed an episode...brillant shapes in transport and wonderfull adventures and quests against evil !!!!
  29. i think it is russian,very natural colours..!!
  30. looks like he is laughin his a off!!!lol..superrroosterr
  31. i feel intense silence when i look at this,does that sound weird? very very deep!!!
  32. i wonder how many pieces with such wide rims survived all those years??? stunning piece however!!!
  33. is this a night light for children? wonderfull object!!
  34. toolate for this mystery havent you got an other one love it to bits ..!!!lol
  35. wow pops that is great so now i know this was a concept and never in production thanks for that,maybe i will learn to provide others with such information somehow i am still old fashion on the interne...
  36. many thanks pops agh collect,cindyb anddrfluffy!!!
  37. amazing form would love to feel the texture of that surface!!!
  38. amazing form would love to feel the texture of that surface!!!
  39. very ...romantic thanks for saving this piece!!
  40. it is sometimes really difficult to say,but the importance is to enjoy or not to enjoy,i enjoy this one thanks for sharing it!!
  41. repro or not it is geourgious to look at...!
  42. never knew an object could be so rebellious...?!!! in a cute way though
  43. i am a great fan of quiet afternoons and Always wander what cats think..we might be surprised!
  44. it certainly tickled my imagination is it glass or a race car...not to mention the comments oops i nearly! ps beautifull set!!!!
  45. would love to but have to study time schedule first for arriving on best smoking time from amsterdam!!!!lol
  46. the only thing it misses out is me smoking a cigar on the side,what a lovely item!!!!
  47. those were the days...!!! lovely colours!!
  48. you coold definitely send him after me,... good luck for the bear after all,being released!!lol
  49. either proves bullets are not rounds or alien cyclopes run around disguised as humans with widescreen cams in their oops sorry for off topic comment beautifull scull by the way!!!
  50. cupids filosophy make us strawl...butterflies..beautifull!!
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