Freiwald Art Pottery "all is art all is nature" the highway to the unconscious

Creator /Collector “There is nothing quite like it, when I am working on a piece, I feel truly energized”. My passion for this work requires well-designed concepts Creator /Collector “There is nothing quite like it, when I am working on a piece, I feel truly energized”. My passion for this work requires well-designed concepts to be meticulously crafted to the highest standards and to the best of my abilities. I am inspired by visceral nature and sometimes retreat into fantasy. My current art pottery pieces rely on emotional intensities, sometimes based on the brutality and beauty found in nature and imagination. The forms are hand thrown or sculpted and the glazes are full of texture and character. I employ sintered, born of the ashes glazes including my phoenix iridized luster, fractured earth, glass, crater, and matte crystalline surfaces. Layered under glazes and bole paste applied in various painterly fashions unites depth and interest into the timeless beauty of the vessels. My art works are deeply rooted in tradition. I teach, study and love all styles of art including Jugendstil, Symbolist, Secession, Expressionism and Fantastic Mythology. My introspective searching for unknown horizons is a constant life journey as I am always welcoming the unknown and new. It is the quintessence; the resulting art pottery born of earth, fire, water and air that becomes transcendent and takes on a life of its own. (Read more)


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Orivit Pewter Art Nouveau Vase, Germany, c. 1905 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Organic Amphora vessel by Paul Dachsel, 1899 for RStK - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Jardinière, ca. 1893 Lucien Lévy–Dhurmer (French, 1865–1953); Clément Massier (French, 1844–1917) Golfe–Juan, France - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
HAVE A MERRY DADA XMAS! Art Nouveau Bottle Rack 1914 as a tree. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Fledermaus for Fledermaus - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Holland Utrecht Handled Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Waylande Gregory Porcelain - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Harpies in my head and art - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
How collecting influences my art pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Danys Peuch 1854-1942  Porcelaine de Sèvres nationale 1903 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. All of your card images, history and consideration are just wonderful! What a collection you should write a book.
  2. Wonderful! I have been scanning old family pics over the last year. I love the dreamy colors. Beautiful.
  3. I wonder did he share the same glaze chemists and how he worked out the technique? I agree they are at the top! This is such a beautiful master piece. The technique is sooo difficult and to achieve th...
  4. Oh yes very nice and a classic!
  5. This is spectacular! I do love everything about it. I was watching this one as well. Fantastic.
  6. I will have the green one you colored:-)
  7. What a wonderful piece! Love Powolny!
  8. Great pottery and I love the photograph as well.
  9. Very nice form. What an interesting lesson. So sad but his spirit lives on.
  10. I agree he had vision and it is one of the best forms.
  11. Yes, I will have to research this one. It's not perfect but the form is great!
  12. Yes, this is the toughest glaze to produce! I am sure they smiled and grunted funny sounds while holding this one.
  13. A glaze master work!
  14. What an amazing glaze! Simply beautiful.
  15. Beautiful form and glaze!
  16. I love it as well! Beautifully sculpted on a great form.
  17. I just added my new pieces.
  18. Another one of my faves. We are thinking of going to the Neue Gallery in NY this weekend to see the Degenerate Art show. http://www.neuegalerie.org/home Love the room and your paintings!
  19. Yes, I know they were experimenting with resin lusters. For me, Clement Massier was the one who combined the paste lustre and other flash techniques to the highest level ever. I am teaching myself, th...
  20. Sorry about MIA. I will post more now that school is finishing up. I have been looking and watching some. You are right Phil, I think it is more abstract and seems so modern. It is silky smooth to the...
  21. Looks like 9-10 h x 16 diameter. I love it! can't believe I found it. These pieces are so inspiring. I am working on some of my own new lustre pieces. Teaching myself Massier lustre technique is a ver...
  22. Great Lamp!
  23. Beautiful just beautiful! Massier is the best! I just found a piece and should post it. Bravo
  24. WOW! This is the best! I love this art glass vase. Moser was a master of form. It is still modern today.
  25. Another fantastic piece! Have a beautiful weekend.
  26. Wow! These are all great!
  27. Awesome! Do you know any artist doing this now?
  28. Such beauty baths my eyes this good morning. Just wonderful!
  29. Hello Austro, The first may be Felix Bracquemond? He did a similar technique and one is in the muse D'Orsay. You have been listing some great pieces!
  30. Very inspiring forms.
  31. Fantastic vases!!!
  32. Amazing table!
  33. Wow! what a fantastic vase!
  34. mmmmm, beauty to start the day love the mixed metal
  35. We attended a new show at the Met Museum with amazing French Art Nouveau vases from the Ellison collection. The show is called "Making Pottery Art" You can find images online from the show or I can em...
  36. Fantastic Jugendstil! May be Otto Schulz?
  37. Hello Austrhungaro, Thank you for letting me know about these vases. They are awesome! They may be Otto Schultz? He also collaborated with Otto Eckmann. Are you selling them? Cheers Fledermaus
  38. Wonderful piece! We just visited the show at the Met last Sunday. A show not to be missed. Also enjoyed the Carlo Scarpa and more. We purchased a piece of Delaherche in Paris in the 90's and just love...
  39. What a wonderful form. I have not seen this before. Love the Robot! Dr Who and all!
  40. Fantastic center, of center, center. Just great!
  41. Really wonderful form.
  42. Great glazes!
  43. It doesn't get any better!
  44. Love the tree, banner and all! Happy New Year!
  45. Another fantastic form! Great!
  46. This is simply one of the best! Classic! Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!
  47. They are really funny and do make me smile. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  48. I think I have one of these but could not ID it.
  49. Yes, this piece is awesome! 50's Italian Ceramics are among my favorites. I also love Salvatore Meli and Lucio Fontana. Wish I could find some of these. Bravo!
  50. These are wonderful!
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