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I'm Dave, and I have been collecting glass since around 2000. I started out with little colorful vases and pitchers, then decided I liked iridescent glass. NaturallyI'm Dave, and I have been collecting glass since around 2000. I started out with little colorful vases and pitchers, then decided I liked iridescent glass. Naturally I found some nice iridescent Bohemian glass, and the rest is history. A link to my website: http://sites.google.com/site/loetzglass/Home My email: Dclfd911@gmail.com (Read more)


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Loetz Cameo/ACB/Wheel Cut Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Riedel Marbled Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz decorated pieces - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual colored Loetz tango box - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Verlaufend Geschrenkt - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Ausführung 226 in Pink - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large Rindsopf vase with pulled decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Creta Formosa  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Creta "Zig Zag and spots" decor. - Art Glassin Art Glass
1903 Loetz "Vulcan" decor for Bakalowits - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. 1923 Series III PN 1790, p. 245 in Ricke band 2
  2. The ball footed bowl is an exceptional example.
  3. It always upsets me when something which has survived for 115 years is treated so carelessly that it gets damaged or destroyed, and the seller often says "it's OK, it's insured", as if that makes ever...
  4. I agree Sean, very nice decor.
  5. It was actually Andy's snag, Gary. I'm just a way station for this beauty.
  6. Zelda's one of my faves too, lol. No Loetz collection would be complete without a nice ast ;)
  7. I think the DEK number is actually I/107.
  8. Alfredo, I have just one Creta Rusticana with a snake, a large bowl/vase. It is amazing that any of these survived intact, as a simple bump would ruin it. I got mine in New Bedford, MA at the antique ...
  9. Wow, that's a monster Frank. Nice going.
  10. Gary, I'll message you.
  11. Thanks for the loves and comments everyone. I have wanted to own one example of each (affordable) decor I could find, and would often replace a piece with a better form when one came along, but this o...
  12. Agreed Warren. In person the optic feature isn't very evident, although in the photos it is.
  13. This finish looks and feels like silk, and is just as slippery. Hold on to it with 2 hands!
  14. From 1899, Series I Production Number 8115. I have this form in both Candia Papillon like yours and Creta Papillon. Very nice!
  15. Deb and I had this very one in our hands a couple of weeks ago. Glad you got it, Warren.
  16. How tall is it, Frank? Looks similar to my Aus. 143, although mine is ribbed.
  17. It depends what language you are using. Medina Optic is the English for Medina Optisch, which is the German.
  18. If you could have only one example of decorated matt iris, this is the one to own. Nice piece Frank.
  19. The first piece is probably 1920-1930. The PG 6893 in the second photo is most likely 1898-1900. The third one is around 1910-1920. I don't have the production numbers offhand, so I can't give exact y...
  20. My fish are also under the ice for the winter, though I have a heater to keep it open for oxygen exchange, much-needed in these crazy low temperatures. Supposed to go down to -10 F tonight. Ugh. I'll ...
  21. Hi Sean, good morning to you also. Yes, it is a nice one. I was fortunate enough to have it in my possession for a few days before having to send it off to Croatia.
  22. Very nice, definitely Loetz I would say.
  23. Happy New Year everyone!
  24. Nice comparison Marty. This is the same effect I get when I mix up all the different colors of Tango glass on one shelf. Thanks for the comments and loves everyone.
  25. This is the only one of these I have ever seen. As uncommon as the Loetz ones are, I have seen more of theirs.
  26. Thanks for the comments. Austro, that is an excellent example of a mount, for sure.
  27. Now that's about as Art Nouveau as they come. Nice.
  28. I would suggest that the mount has been bent over the years, perhaps due to removing the glass to clean it or the metal. Compare the mount and glass to these: http://loetz.com/decors-a-z/image?view=...
  29. I am in agreement with you. But the blue with white decoration is an uncommon combination and still worth having.
  30. I don't think it's Bohemian. It looks more like studio work to me. Rough ground pontil, incompletely ground out. Bohemian makers would not have left it like that, and Loetz would be highly polished.
  31. Not Loetz.
  32. I actually saw a green one recently. A pale green, but the color gave the spots a light blue color as with silberiris.
  33. I have this in lime green with blue rim, oval mark.
  34. Thanks everyone. Not sure about that one, I have seen these in Candia and green, but no other colors. as far as I know none of the shapes are in the books, but I hope to see a Series III book eventual...
  35. I do too, Tony. A nice way to show off the forms without losing it in a busy decor. I have just 2 bronze glatts left now although I have had a lot of them over the years.
  36. I was supposed to go to that auction, but ended up not going, and I would have bid on it. I guess you were meant to have it, Rick. Congrats. It's the identical shape as my PG 377, which I bought 2 yea...
  37. https://sites.google.com/site/loetzglass/loetz-page-3 It's about halfway down the right column.
  38. Medici decor, I have an identical one.
  39. One of my favorite shapes. I have a Rusticana to match as well.
  40. This looks very much like mine Frank. The metallic yellow ones are more iridescent than the lemon yellows, as the name would suggest.
  41. Thanks everyone. Frank, there are 2 different yellows used. I believe this is metallic yellow (metallgelb). The other is lemon yellow (citrongelb).
  42. Hi Marty, it looks like a smooth-ground but not polished pontil. If that is the case, it's not Loetz. I have at least one piece of Tango with a pontil like that, but it has no markings at all. Sorry I...
  43. The appraiser is using old information, and they need to buy some new books. These overshot frit pitchers' decor is documented in more recent books, using catalog pages from the Czech companies which ...
  44. Like my Rusticana, 3rd one down in the left column. https://sites.google.com/site/loetzglass/loetz-page-4
  45. Alfredo has one similar, same colors. I gave it to him years ago. He might know more about who might have made it.
  46. Not Loetz, more likely Kralik.
  47. You know I will keep in touch too, Anne. I'm sorry to see your posts (and loves) gone from CW, but I understand. Sending emails is a bit more personal and meaningful than posts on a public site :)
  48. These are gorgeous!
  49. Nice one Tony, glad you got it, and a great shape too.
  50. Hi Anne, yes, that's me. You're too kind, but thank you. I had plenty of help early on in my collecting, and I like to pay it forward when I am able. My mind is not as sharp as it once was, but I have...
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KRALIK STRIPED CANDY CANE VASE Emile Gallé Cameo Glass Bowl, ca. 1905