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I'm Dave, and I have been collecting glass since around 2000. I started out with little colorful vases and pitchers, then decided I liked iridescent glass. NaturallyI'm Dave, and I have been collecting glass since around 2000. I started out with little colorful vases and pitchers, then decided I liked iridescent glass. Naturally I found some nice iridescent Bohemian glass, and the rest is history. A link to my website: http://sites.google.com/site/loetzglass/Home My email: Dclfd911@gmail.com (Read more)


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Loetz Violet Argentan 1908 - Art Glassin Art Glass
1904 Loetz Medina Optic - Art Glassin Art Glass
Signed Marie Kirschner Loetz Candia Optisch Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Arcadia "Tulpenvase" (Tulip Vase) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Medici Group - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Yellow with Black vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Ausführung 166  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lundberg Studios Van Gogh Sunset lamp and paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
1900 Loetz Rubin Matt Iris Dek I/117 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Groups of Loetz Decors in different colors - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I would have to say this one, Anne. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/85997-my-first-piece-of-loetz-who-would-have The first piece of Loetz anyway, and my interest in glass just took off afte...
  2. To answer your question about the photos, I took them all at a slight angle, both so the light didn't reflect straight back off the glass and mirrored back, and so the photographer wasn't in the shot....
  3. Nice example Gary. I remember when we had a discussion about the "hybrid" shape and decor.
  4. Thanks for sharing this Alfredo.
  5. Thanks Karen, I keep staring at it too. I'm glad it is not any larger than it is, it's about as large as any vase I want to keep in my cabinets, and I wouldn't want to leave it out in the open.
  6. Thanks everyone. It only took me 14 years to find one.
  7. They are talking about a little bit of snow here tomorrow, so it's not quite over yet. But as long as there are double-digits on the thermometer I am not going to complain (much).
  8. Thanks, I've been in a glass drought lately.
  9. I like Kralik for this also.
  10. Indeed Warren, like the silver threads on my Loetz Peacock vase. I found that using a dark (black in my case) background showed the lighter reflective material better.
  11. Nice Tony, good size and shape, great example of the decor.
  12. 1900 Series II PN 381
  13. I had my turn and it lasted about 2 years. Things are back to normal now. Maybe one new piece every 3 months. But the things I'm looking for are a lot harder to find.
  14. Alfredo, as they are marked that way you can narrow your search down a bit and start at 1918 and later. Love the set and glad you got them!
  15. My own Oceanic is identical size and shape. Nice example.
  16. As the text underneath the drawing shows, this piece was made under two different Production Numbers...Loetz' own II-6893 and Commissions by M. Emanuel & Co., 346/1830.
  17. I agree that this is most likely a later Loetz production. For what it's worth, there are quite a few later decors which we have not seen very often, and even plenty of earlier decors. I own at least ...
  18. I would lean towards Creta, it doesn't look light enough for Olympia. Your earlier photos made it look a bit lighter than these ones.
  19. One of my favorite decors.
  20. Art Nouveau period, most likely 1900-02 for this one.
  21. I would use one of these regularly in my house. They are not as delicate as earlier Loetz products, and were really made to be used. I bet lemonade would taste really good out of it. Or perhaps mulled...
  22. I haven't seen another one in person to compare to it, so I couldn't say. I used very bright lights and the subject was in better focus for this shot. Some of the ones I take are not quite as sharp.
  23. The decors list in the Series II book states 36 were made in Medina Optisch for this PN.
  24. I was with you when you bought one of these, the shell I think. I bought a couple vases from the same dealer...a tall Kralik "red swirl" and a nice Loetz Max Emanuel ball-shaped Creta glatt.
  25. Nice cobalt pampas!
  26. http://loetz.com/decors-a-z/phaenomen-genres/phaenomen-genres-enter-here/pg-2-450 Looks a lot like this one.
  27. Pepita is also quite transparent. All of the Grenadas I have seen are very opaque like the one above.
  28. A classic Rindskopf form Lee. A "must have" for any Bohemian glass collector. I had one in a different decor, minus the snake.
  29. And the top has been glued on with a modern glue, I can see the glossy surface where it has oozed out. So you will not be able to remove it even if you determine it is a marriage. But it doesn't look ...
  30. The only pieces on my site that aren't mine are marked (AJ).
  31. Exact match to the one on my site Gary. That one is Andy's though, not in my own collection.
  32. I told you that you would like it. My dining table was the only place I could display it where it wasn't lost among the other glass, or taking up too much space on a shelf. It looks good with fruit in...
  33. The color in the photos seems to be off a little. If it is UV reactive, it is not bronce glatt, as none of my bronce glatts are reactive, but all of my Olympias are. It looks like the color saturation...
  34. It was nice of them to put the PN on the bottoms to make it easier for us to look up 110 years later.
  35. Great work, Warren. Lots of progress has been made since the printings of the Series II book. We can only hope for more answers when/if the rest of the pattern books come out.
  36. Although the color is almost identical to the peach Kraliks, that is where the similarity seems to end. Close examination of the Kralik will show that the finish is actually spotted, like a colorless ...
  37. I'll drink to that Frank! I guess I should watch for a verlaufend one now, eh Tony?
  38. Happy Birthday, Alfredo!
  39. I have owned a few Kralik overshot pieces. This is not overshot, it is artificially aged to look like dug up glass, like the old Roman stuff. Overshot would have applied frit. This actually looks like...
  40. Not Loetz, and I doubt Kralik also.
  41. Glad you got it Gary, I was an underbidder. I really didn't need another candia papillon though. Love the small size.
  42. Glad you got it, Alfredo. I seriously considered it for a few minutes, but I'm trying hard to stick to my plan for buying, and it was not something on my "list". The price was very good and well worth...
  43. I'm glad it found a good home.
  44. This form was made in numerous different sizes and decors. 6", 7", 10", 12", 14", 18". There was a version called 6978/II that came in 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14", 18". I believe yours is the 6978/I...
  45. My own Kralik one is quite large and heavy, and the threading is coarser than my Empires and Gloria. The iridescent finish on the Loetz is much brighter too. I have definitely seen more Loetz examples...
  46. Yes Sean, I figured I would get out the other two vases and put them in this post too, as they are the same type as the first two.
  47. I was surprised it didn't get more attention, really.
  48. Nice one Warren. Mine is a pitcher form, 1907 II-4713
  49. It is getting hard to find intact Astartigs, and especially taller ones. Nice vase Gary.
  50. We know that the listed colors in the books are not all-inclusive, as something always seems to show up in one that is not listed. For example, the colors listed for the Medicis I just posted do not m...
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KRALIK STRIPED CANDY CANE VASE Emile Gallé Cameo Glass Bowl, ca. 1905