Ross-on-Wye, England

I collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my BeI collect vintage items of interest, beauty, quirkiness, from intricately laced linen, wall art, old carved furniture to - anything really as long as it rings my Bell!!! lesleysumner135@btinternet.com (Read more)


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  1. It's a little beaut inky!!!!!:)
  2. Hope you can get an id Inky, beautiful piece!!! Great pics too!!!
  3. This one is absolutely Fantastic inky!! Well done you!!
  4. Great shot in the dark!!! Love it!!
  5. I was very cross with myself for forgetting to bid on this vase!!!! Had visitors and just got distracted!!! Damn, looks wonderful!!
  6. And what a wonderful treasure it surely is!!! Beautiful!!!
  7. Don't think I have ever seen such beautiful iridescence!!!!! Absolutely fantastic inky!!
  8. Just Gorgeous inky!!
  9. What a beaut inky!! Well done you!!:)
  10. Thank you for taking the time to comment kerry10456, very much appreciate it!!:)
  11. Thank you once again Manikin, as I am still trying to find out about them - I love them!!
  12. Hi Artique for your interest!! I have found out nothing more on it or its value I am afraid! Interesting to hear that you similar one was bought in Venice in the 50's as I had the feeling that this ...
  13. Absolutely gorgeous inky!!! Love it!!
  14. Gosh! Wish I was that shape!!!!!:) A beauty MacArt!!
  15. Hi there shareurpassion, unfortunately I have not discovered what skin this bag is made from!!! The label inside says 'Made in England', it is certainly a vintage bag, but no indication of maker. I...
  16. Thank you for your comment Moonhill - I do hope you come across a top, I did not realise how lucky I was to find one intact!!!:)
  17. You have some wonderful glass and so much of it!!!! - where on earth do you display it all? Lets see your shelving!!!lol!!:)
  18. Inky - Just Fabulous!!! What a beaut!!!! Well done!
  19. What an absolute gem inky - so very very beautiful!!
  20. Missed this one inky with the modem on the blink! Very beautiful, love the detail on it!!
  21. You have a fantastic collection!!! Love them!
  22. Thank you for your comment tamikaanderson, if you read some of the above it may help with your similar mark.
  23. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!:)
  24. I posted a similar small bottle approx 12 months ago, follow the link - I was told it was an Egyptian perfume bottle! http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/83853-bohemian
  25. I just love the history you include with your wonderful purchases, no matter what they are! Very informative as usual and most interesting too! I have never seen anything quite like it, but if I eve...
  26. Inky! You continue to find the most beautiful pieces of glass!!! I totally agree with Jayhow that you are a natural at it!! May you continue to find such wonderful piece's such as this!! I am totall...
  27. Thank you so much for your very pleasing comment on my cupboard! I sometimes sit having breakfast and admire this beauty, so glad I brought it home! It would be hard to find another that I don't have ...
  28. What a wonderful, beautiful, fabulous piece to own inky!! Well done that girl!!!! You are getting TOO GOOD at this!!:)
  29. Glad to hear Mum is on the mend!! My Mum is almost 90 (next month) and we know how important they are!! Beautiful vase too vetraio!!
  30. Beautiful inky!! We need to know how you come by it!!?
  31. Love the way it is raised up on that foot!!
  32. Thank you piazzafan for your comment, much appreciated!:)
  33. Love the entwined one the most, but all beautiful!!
  34. Love the first one in particular!!!
  35. Great photographs inky! Can almost touch them!!! Beautiful!!:)
  36. Yes, my first impressions was War of the Worlds!! Beautiful! Dear Vetraio I too wish you and yours a most Wonderful Christmas and the very best of a New Year to come!! Many thanks for your Seaso...
  37. Fantastic find inky! Well done you!!
  38. Just fantastic - Love them!
  39. Great colour inky!! I don't have any with the 'mark' on!!
  40. It's gorgeous inky!! Love it!
  41. How beautiful are they!? - Very!!
  42. Thank you so much vetraio50 for the information!! I can research this vase now, I have since bought a second one which I thought would be an good match, but if fact, it is more orange and the ribs a...
  43. Fab inky!! How much glass have we NOT seen? Lots of beauties in the last photograph!!!!:)
  44. Another beauty inky!! Both are in fact!!
  45. Love this one inky!! Jagsrock95 comment on the dripping effect - it is gorgeous!!
  46. Thank you chimo13 for your communication regarding Goray Douglas, I had left you a reply on my page before finding your posting. Wonderful picture, such a talented artist!! Thank you again for shari...
  47. chimo, its ok I have found it! Wonderful, what a character!!! Thank you so much for sharing it - absolutely brilliant!! Must be a pleasure to own, as I feel mine is!!
  48. Hi chimo13, I have checked this category, which one did you put it in? Failing that, copy and paste the link at the very top of your page and send it to me. Would love to see them!!:)
  49. Thank you Alfredo for taking the time to comment. I am pleased with your confirmation, also pleased that it is a new one for you to see with the crackle and handle together! :)
  50. Love them all!!
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