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A collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme KönigA collector of anything that takes my fancy or is just plain unusual. I love glass, particularly European/Bohemian Art Nouveau and Deco - Loetz, Kralik, Pallme König, Weltz etc etc... (Read more)


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Kralik spatter/confetti ball vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Josef Riedel Light Green Satin Enameled Vase C1880? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of Amber Handled Czech Glass Spatter Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Leveille Rousseau enameled glass vase C1885 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Ribbed Vase with Webbed Décor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Aesthetic Period Amethyst Enameled Lizard Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Satin Bambus Ball Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Bohemian Purple Vase with Spatter and threads - Art Glassin Art Glass
Leveille Rousseau Craquelle Glass Vase (pre 1885) - Art Glassin Art Glass
French Schneider Orange Pitcher or Jug with Green Handle - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Fab observation, interesting and is it just me, but funny too!
  2. Appreciate the compliment Thomas - thanks!
  3. Thank you Peggy and Malkey, your comments are always very welcome!
  4. You know how much I like these Peggy!
  5. Great couple of shape study posts Jericho - thanks!
  6. Love the gluechip lamp!
  7. Love the marbling and the shape - very unusual, great find!!!
  8. Nice find Ian!!
  9. Penny Gillian Thank you ; )
  10. Thanks for the WOW Bijou!
  11. Thanks Rick - Thanks Penny, always enjoy your contribution to my posts!
  12. Thanks for the comments guys - you can fit that little bird in a square inch, so yes extremely fine illustration.
  13. Thank you Peggy, always appreciate your comments!
  14. Celedon - Fabulous, never lost for words! You're very welcome as always Malkey!
  15. Looking forward to it...!
  16. Very nice Fran and definitely Bohemian I would say.
  17. I couldn't compete with you on this one Jezza, and I wanted it so much, I guess it hasn't arrived yet? I know it hasn't been identified as Kralik - re some previous postings on this shape you have a...
  18. This is lovely Alan.
  19. Looks suspiciously modern, but you would have to see if any of the experts have any further comments on this.
  20. Portrait vases like similar to this are common in the late c19 and are typically Bohemian, although this could be English copying a Bohemian style, as the quality of enameling is not high - very hard ...
  21. What a beauty!
  22. Thanks Rick ... love your pieces too...
  23. Yes, I agree, it's certainly subtly different enough, but also sits so well with other Kralik pieces to be almost part of the family
  24. Safe to say it's European then?
  25. Hi Jericho ... yeah, by the way, did you see this pair, you didn't comment, which isn't like you :
  26. Your quite right, but I'm not purposefully looking for it, I just come across it looking for Harrach pieces for example, and if the price is right, normally when the seller doesn't know what he's got,...
  27. and you too IronLace - Cheers!
  28. Again... Thanks for the comment - I just keep stumbling upon this stuff lately.
  29. Always good to get your feedback Malkey - Thank you!
  30. Hi Michelle - I was extremely lucky with this one, listed on Ebay with a very poor, none descriptive title and just 2 pics. I enquired about the condition - I didn't place a bid, and two days later, a...
  31. Another fabulous group shot!!
  32. I just love the riot on this one Peggy!
  33. Hi Celiene, I'm not sure exactly - probably sometime between 1870-1880, maybe earlier?
  34. Come on Jericho love mine and I'll love yours!
  35. ooooohh!
  36. ...welcome to the dark side Kaz....!
  37. Alan and Kev - Thanks for the comments guys
  38. Thanks Penny - Salamanders - yes me too, always admired the ones with them on the sides of vases, but to have three put to purpose is a bonus. And though they look delicate they are actually very subs...
  39. Thanks Malkey, I can't begin to tell you how difficult it was to do the deal on this one, but it was certainly worth the trouble.
  40. Thanks Peggy - it was a lucky find I have to tell you!
  41. Thank you Mrs T
  42. Caramel!!! - yes that's the colour - Thanks Malkey!
  43. Thanks Alan - This one wasn't so tough, although I recently bought a spectacular early Harrach piece last week .... and, well, it was something of a Saga - negotiated for a week!! Some sellers are ver...
  44. Thanks Scott... you gotta love it, right?
  45. Very nice Alan...!
  46. Thank you Michelle - So I've had my head turned by yet another maker....does it ever stop this obsession?!
  47. Love this Ian.... I remember a full set of 6 glasses in this décor including this exact same pitcher and it's lid and only one glass had a small chip on it on about a year ago - £100 for th...
  48. I love these 'propellor' vases, and a real eye opener on the decor, thanks for posting Michelle.
  49. Thanks Penny.... Interestingly, I have some lingering suspicions about this piece, which Karen has politely and subtly pointed out and which has been mentioned too by others. If there appears a flock...
  50. Very nice indeed and the enamel is in such great condition, great find!!
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