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My husband and I have been collecting art glass for a number of years. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass from the Art Nouveau period to works from StudMy husband and I have been collecting art glass for a number of years. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass from the Art Nouveau period to works from Studio artists such as Lotton, Satava, etc. In 2012 when Eddy Scheppers decided to sell the website he had created, Loetz.com, Tony Ellery and I purchased it to ensure that collectors from around the world would continue to have access to this amazing site. We are in the process of updating and adding new information about Loetz and hope to unveil the new Loetz.com site in 2013. We welcome any large size photos of Loetz examples that you would like to submit. My email address is: Deb@MoltenSplendor.com (Read more)


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  1. A real beauty! Congratulations on being able to add such a wonderful piece to your Art Nouveau collection.
  2. This piece is spectacular - the drips, shape, iridescence, the entire package. See Loetz.com for the CmB thumbnail. Definitely a standard for this decor. Congratulations!
  3. Awesome! This don't come up very often. Congratulations.
  4. Andy, I like that the metal holder that you found for this piece allows you to display this vase while showing off as much of the glass as possible. I think this metal base is a keeper!
  5. I am so sorry I tried to help with the identification of this vase. I have received 46 copies of private conversations that are totally unrelated to art glass. This is not the way to communicate on C...
  6. Beautiful color. Is the crackle finish rough to the touch? If so then, my guess would be that it is an example of Kralik crackle.
  7. Great story and so lucky to find a color that was the exact size and period for this vase. Usually, "marriages" exhibit differences but these two are definitely soul mates.
  8. Very nice indeed! I think there are two Charles Lotton decors that are a must have for every Lotton collector: Lava & Multi-Flora. These are "signature, iconic" Lotton decors. His Cypriot Lavas are ...
  9. Wow, Warren, what a great find and such an interesting article on its background and history. I am amazed by all that you know about these things! Thanks for sharing this with us.
  10. Great article, Kai. I think your summary which eliminates Rindskopf but leaves the possibility of this decor being produced by either Heckert or Kralik is spot on! Thanks for sharing your insights wi...
  11. I think the slant back elephants could certainly be an indication for Palda. Do you see any other identifiers that could help distinguish between the two manufacturers?
  12. Ok. All of the Palda examples shown in Truitt II seem to have the "silver saddle" on them.
  13. Good eye, mcheconi! Palda it is then!
  14. Very nice collection. I would love to learn the differences between the two types - Pandora and Mimosa and what to look for to detect the differences.
  15. Unusual is it! Very nice find!
  16. Very nice match to the PN! Great piece and rare decor. Congratulations on another fine additon to your collection.
  17. Great grouping of shapes to show off this decor. Very nice.
  18. A wonderful combination of mount and glass to create a commanding Art Nouveau presence. Very nice
  19. Very nice vase and great photos! It's also exciting to see such a nice signature on it. Congrats!
  20. Cool! The decor is even shown on the paper pattern! Congrats on adding a great piece to your collection.
  21. Great find! Also great story of the hunt and eventually bagging this one! I do see now that he is a Rhino. The picture we have of him on the site looks like he has two tusks but that just must be the...
  22. Gorgeous vase! Love the rubin ground and shape. Congratulations.
  23. All of the Richter shapes are so exotic! Love this one.
  24. I love the detail in describing this vase as well as the period that it came from. Andy has a good eye!
  25. Lee, This set is magnificent! You should be very proud to be their new owner. I am very happy for you.
  26. Wow! I love your Orpheus collection. Great combination of shapes that really show off your collection.
  27. John, As a new Loetz collector, I love that you get it! Loetz is about decor, shape, variety and visual interest in art glass that was produced over a 100 years ago! Collecting Loetz is not about acq...
  28. Love these two amazing vases - size, decor, shape. It's also nice to have documented examples! Both are on my Wish List too!
  29. Love, love it! So fun and interesting.
  30. The other similar feature that I have noticed on most of these pieces is that the painted finish is usually bronze at the top and shades to gold at about the halfway point. I like the branches or ten...
  31. Alan, you are certainly welcome to use both the photo of the "Rindskopf" vase that I sent to you as well as the collage of photos that show examples of various makers of "pink/cranberry papillon". Ple...
  32. I have studied this glass and have saved several photos showing the same decor & crandberry ground color and believe this piece could have been made by Rindskopf. If you would like to private message ...
  33. Very nice!
  34. Frank, When you mentioned that: "You have to win once and awhile" it reminded me of the amazing Loetz PG you found in Cape Code for $25 and then there was the $8000 Quezal that you found a couple of m...
  35. Very nice write up! Love this decor. I agree, many Kralik decors are not only high but hard to find. Kralik "Gloria" is another example of this premise. Come to think of it, you don't see many Loetz...
  36. Great find! Congratulations on acquiring such a rare piece of Loetz. Yes, the Loetz.com advisory team works very hard researching and making information like this available and accessible for fellow ...
  37. What a great find! Lovely.
  38. Great story, beautiful work of art and a truly wonderful artist. You and your wife had an experience of a lifetime!
  39. Awesome!
  40. I did bid on it! Great piece. How did you get it so fast?
  41. Very nice. Love the seaweed DEK!
  42. This series of MR footed cabinet vases with black & silver wisteria decoration was introduced by Charles in 1980. His first production of MR was in 1973. I have the good fortune of owning his first e...
  43. Good work on this new Ausf discovery and documentation, my friend. There are lots of things I will be adding to the site and will make sure you are credited for this new discovery! It may be a while...
  44. Good eye! Yes, I would agree that this is an example of Loetz Pele-mele. The small, tightly wound threads around the body of the vase together with the spreading pink color and cattails are features ...
  45. I think a dozen roses would look great in this one! Nice piece. Congratulations.
  46. Love it!! This is a great example and I have now saved it for future uploading! Congrats on a great find.
  47. Your Lotton collection is growwwwing! :) Very nice example and, yes, Charles Lotton signed his pieces on both the bottom and the sides. He makes all of his glass in a two-step process using a blow rod...
  48. I agree with your partiality to the Candia Mimosa examples. Love your photos!
  49. Great example of Charles' work! This one makes a nice addition to any Lotton collection and yours is certainly growing.
  50. Mac, Yep, this stuff is quite addictive! Great shape and rare color on this decor! Very nice. Now you need to get that yummy, tall PG 377 in this same color!
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