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My husband and I have been collecting art glass for a number of years. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass from the Art Nouveau period to works from StudMy husband and I have been collecting art glass for a number of years. Our interests range from Loetz & Bohemian glass from the Art Nouveau period to works from Studio artists such as Lotton, Satava, etc. In 2012 when Eddy Scheppers decided to sell the website he had created, Loetz.com, Tony Ellery and I purchased it to ensure that collectors from around the world would continue to have access to this amazing site. We are in the process of updating and adding new information about Loetz and hope to unveil the new Loetz.com site in 2013. We welcome any large size photos of Loetz examples that you would like to submit. My email address is: Deb@MoltenSplendor.com (Read more)


Identifying Loetz Decors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Identifying Loetz! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Decor Names... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PG 6893 was not only fairly common but was made in almost every color that Loetz produced! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Animal Figures- Turtle & Stork - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. A very rare shape for Loetz and a wonderfully detailed explanation of the decor. Nice! I bet it would look awesome resting on a mirrored under-plate.
  2. I am not an expert in Steuben but from the photos the glass certainly looks like Aurene. My guess is that this is either a car flower holder or as you you were thinking a base is missing where it woul...
  3. Andy, I could never be mad at you! This piece reminds me of another one that I have in the same shape but not the same coloras yours. Mine was made with a silver overlay. I will send you a photo of it...
  4. A very rare decor indeed! Congratulations on a fine addition to your collection. You also described it perfectly. You don't see the translucence of these pieces in most photos.
  5. Another new discovery! You are a good treasure hunter. Love this decor.
  6. A very rare decor. Congratulations on such a great find! Looking forward to adding this to the site.
  7. Beautiful - shape and decor!
  8. The swan was produced by Loetz in 1905!! The PN is II-2066 and the decor listed for this size and two other sizes (II-2065 & 2067) includes mention of the "Papillon" decoration. Actually, most of the...
  9. Wow! What a beautiful piece of Harrach and such a great write up on it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Good detective work on this one!
  11. Congratulations on a great piece of Loetz. Based on the color of the glass shown in the photo of the pontil, I would say "bronze". This decor is on my "gotta have" list! :)
  12. Gary/Frank, This is a brand new decor! I just posted it to the site yesterday and will add a news announcement about it on the site when I get some time this weekend. Warren had discovered it a while...
  13. Beautiful! I also find that the pansy Empire examples have much thinner threads than the other colors of Texas Empire.
  14. How tall is this vase?
  15. Lundberg, Lalique, Labino, Littleton... With the exception of Littleton, much of these artist's works are in the Art Nouveau style which is most likely why they ended up in our collection. But Littlet...
  16. Lovely example and, yes, a rare color. If you would like me to post a photo of it on Loetz.com, let me know.
  17. Love Lotton & Loetz! It wasn't on purpose but I discovered later on that our art glass collecting preferences seemed to include a lot of "L's"! LOL We are close friends with the Lotton family and ha...
  18. Your bronze Rusticana looks like it has a nice Silberiris finish to it.
  19. Lovely!
  20. Warren, I watched this one too and almost bought it for the same reasons that you did. It is such an unusual example of Rusticana. It really was a special piece. I am sick to hear that after 120 year...
  21. Great work, Warren! We will be posting this new decor on the site for sure. Now the world will be able to learn about your discovery of a new Loetz decor, "Esmeralda"! This is also an opportunity t...
  22. Wow! Very cool. Didn't know about this glass company but you hit the jackpot with this piece!
  23. Yep, it sure looks green now! Photos can really distort the true colors of a piece. Sometimes this is done on purpose by the seller and other times, as in the example of your vase, it is just bad ph...
  24. Silberiris, one of my favorite decors! Simple yet the best way to show off an elaborate shape. That is why so many of the difficult extruded vases were done in this decor. Very Nice!
  25. Love it! I can faintly see the cross hatched star pattern in the center of the enameled cartouche indicating that it is DEK I/200.
  26. I just love this decor. You don't see these come up very often! I like the four lobbed effect on this one. Nice size too.
  27. Very nice, Lee. I love the colors on this one!
  28. Love, love, this one, Mac!
  29. Rare and beautiful!
  30. This was typical of the Series pieces. Corriea is still selling numbered "editions" of their 90's pieces! I love Kelsey Murphy's work. Love the blue too.
  31. Thank you! I will post it this weekend. BTW, how tall is this vase?
  32. Love the story. Very fun! I have the Prestel book and compared your vase to the one mentioned as being on page 67 fig.13. The book piece is blue, does not have mica flecks and the ribs are slanted ra...
  33. They are all lovely pieces of glass and hopefully some day we might know more about them. To answer Frank's question, while there isn't conclusive evidence to place these pieces in a particular catego...
  34. Wow! These are beautiful! Thanks for saving them for the next 100 years! They are certainly worth putting in any collection. :)
  35. To me Norma is easier than Delphi. Norma is more opaque and has more "pock" marks than Silberiris. I also usually see a spattering of darker spots (almost looks like a dull papillon) in the Norma exa...
  36. Wonderful example of cobalt Pampas! Great shape and the rarer color of the two in this decor.
  37. I like your detailed description of this decor and comparison with Silberiris. Nice!
  38. Gary, Congratulations on a lovely addition to your Loetz, seashell and art glass collection and a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary! I can see the addition of a "silver overlay" piece in anoth...
  39. Seriously, I'd double Frank's offer maybe even add a bit more ! LOL beautiful and what a great find. Yes, "Syrius" is the decor made for E. Bakalowits. You didn't say how tall she was but the shape l...
  40. At one point these melon ribbed pieces were thought to be Delphi because of their placement on a PGM shelf but thanks to Jitka's new book we now know that they are actually a decor known as "Goldiris"...
  41. Congratulations on your new vase. Another piece of information - it is a DEK I-202. This seems to be a common DEK pattern that was applied to Loetz Malachit examples.
  42. Alisa, I will be delighted to take it down. I would agree that if you took it from the museum on the sly that it should NOT be allowed to be posted publicly. I would think then that you should also t...
  43. Lee, I keep learning something new about Loetz every day! That's half the fun of collecting it. Keep up the great research work that you are already doing. It will pay dividends later. :)
  44. Lee/Frank. yes! The color of your vase is "heliotrope". See similar colored vase in the photo link that provided above. However, I am not sure what the "decor" is called.
  45. Well, I think this might have been one of the photos that I took of the PGM Tango case as I have sent this photo out to a few people that I know. It certainly looks like your bowl on the bottom shelf....
  46. Poor Lee. Sorry for all of the confusion. Your vase is indeed a "heliotrop" color. Frank, Yes, this has been a conundrum for me for a number of years because I own an example of the Paris Expo piece...
  47. I have the twin sister to this vase! The DEK # is not very clear but it looks like "FH 1362 K I"
  48. Lee, Happy B Day. BTW, Heliotrope is a color. "Persica" is a decor which has Heliotrope colored glass applied to it as well as a yellowish green opal. I know, there is lots to remember but I think tha...
  49. Ok, it took me most of the day but I think I can now connect the dots using Rosa Maria Tomàs Roig? vase! Based on her vase which is PN II-151, the decor listed is officially "blau Cisele"! BTW, the ol...
  50. Frankly, I have always leaned towards the Neuwirth tile as being the correct example for "cobalt cisele" as I have not been able to find this decor name mentioned for any of the shapes that were produ...
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