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Warrington, UK

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I collect uranium glass, Mdina glass and paperweights (mostly)!


  1. Bulb vases have to fit bulbs and their roots, so yes their shapes are informed by bulb forcing, but this vase and the Rindskopf ones were not made as such and are totally unsuitable for use as such, t...
  2. Almost certainly remounted. An original mount would have been silver
  3. It's neither a hyacinth vase nor a crocus vase; you'd never get a hyacinth in and it's too big at the top for a crocus. The Rindskopf "hyacinth" vases aren't bulb vases either. I edited The Curious H...
  4. Some say coca cola for the rust or raw onions
  5. I'm just catching up on Craig's posts but would like to reply to Vintagefran re bulb vases. The pedestal vases are not bulb vases for two reasons: the top is too wide to hold a bulb and the bowl is to...
  6. Nice one Jim. You can check if it's Webb by shining a UV light on it. If it glows bright green, then it's Webb
  7. Thanks for your facebook help earlier. I can answer who made the "Twisted" Verre Moiré" aka: "Twisted Nailsea" and Clarke's model 212 fairy lamp, c. 1890. See here and scroll to the end http://www...
  8. OK, not fire polished but blow moulded
  9. See more


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