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I collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more thatI collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more that deserve our attention! I also enjoy research and love a good glass mystery. I collaborate with an international group of collectors and have great fun doing it! (Read more)


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Loetz Thea Phänomen Genre 6893 vase, PN I-7574, ca. 1898 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach (attributed) Enameled Bowl/Vase, ca. 1898-1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Josef Knizek two-handled bowl, Antonienhütte, Teplitz, ca. 1905 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert "Opal-Cypern" vase, Ludwig Sütterlin design, ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Makart Decor IV/103. - additional (super macro) photos - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Loetz Orientalism Vase, PN I-3282, Makart decor IV/103, ca. 1892 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Creta Rusticana covered jar, PN unknown, ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Malachit vase, PN unknown, DEK I/200, ca. 1890s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cephalonia vase, PN unknown, metal mounted, ca. 1904 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Esmeralda - a new decor identified - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. No problem - if you drill down into the FAQ page, there is an email address where you can contact them: wrg
  2. Filip Ravert, Romanian:
  3. Nice one - glad you got it.
  4. Thanks, Kevin - I loved the handles - had to have it. :)
  5. :) I was typing, Mike was posting LOL
  6. Jeff, this is the work of Karl Pohl, who operated a painting and engraving workshop in Novy Bor in the early 1900s (and personally decorated much of the glassware produced there). The Pohl family were...
  7. According to the Series II book, these came in sizes all the way up to 18.5" - those must be something to see! I normally don't care for JIPs all that much, but I love this one. Congratulations, Al!
  8. That is called fusing and slumping - accomplished in the intense heat of a kiln in pretty much the manner you described.
  9. Mac, I will try - I looked at it under a loupe, and it looks to me like it's been rolled in glass frit, then re-heated until the frit began to melt, creating a stippled texture. It isn't coralene - it...
  10. Glad we could help :)
  11. Thanks, Deb, and I agree - if the seller doesn't ask me to send it back, I'll put it in the "infirmary" - a cabinet section for damaged pieces. :)
  12. I checked a couple of times, Gary, but it's entirely possible I missed it.
  13. Outstanding - congratulations - very important piece, indeed.
  14. Thank you all - Brian, I know how hard Cephalonia is to come by, and I figured if this turned out to be my only example, it would be a nice one to have. :)
  15. Those are a lucky find at any price. Congratulations to you and Dave!
  16. I posted an interesting one a couple of years ago- an Ausführung C variant, according to the catalogue page re-printed in the back of Cantz:
  17. Thanks, Tony - now if I can just find one to call my own :)
  18. I've been looking for it, Al - you would think it would be in there somewhere!
  19. ;) If it will make you feel any better, I was prepared to go much higher :)
  20. Thanks, Bob - I was pretty sure it was a "Franken-lamp"... my interest in it is as art glass first, lamp second. As long as the final treatment looks good and functions safely, showing off the glass, ...
  21. Kai, I would agree with you, and I have posted some Harrach pieces here with the same decoration as in the Harrach book, but then there is Plate 3 in Cantz, as well as the marmoriertes pieces in the f...
  22. Those cartouche indents are typical of Kralik
  23. Love the new photos... nice piece
  24. I believe those are in the Kralik case in Passau. I think there's a photo somewhere.... I'll see if I can find it
  25. Frank, they all start out crystal clear, and depending on the combination of stains/firing/vapor reduction and the chemicals used, they came up with red, blue, purple, even green (and shades in betwee...
  26. Lee... the thought just occurred to me... this could be a Glasfabrik Schliersee piece (vs. PK) - check out the oil spots (particularly the color) in your vase and compare to the pieces in my previous ...
  27. So excellent :)
  28. So noted - thanks!
  29. Congratulations on the big 5-0-0, Al- it seems like just yesterday you were introducing us to the Butler Brothers catalogues... looking forward to the next 500. :) Warren
  30. Beautiful early historic revival piece - nice to see another Harrach in your collection :)
  31. Brian, on my Harrach page, I have a shaded vase in the same decoration (R/500) that I have always assumed was Harrach, as it is also marked 602/17 (a Harrach-looking shape number). Can you take a look...
  32. Me too, Gary - bucket list... :)
  33. Perhaps. The current curator sees everything with Silesian colored glasses... and no museum is perfect - PMC included. The reason I suggested Jitka is because I believe she met one of the recent tour ...
  34. Lnenickova (without the marks) :)
  35. Gary, I believe Alfredo found at least one inkwell that matches this pattern, and he has identified as Kralik. I know that Passau has a lot of unidentified pieces in cabinets out of an abundance of ca...
  36. Gary, I looked in the Legras book - I didn't see anything like this shape. Veloceraptor, I saw the pieces you were referring to in the Legras book, and I see the similarities, as well as some key ...
  37. Ah, OK - I have that book, too... thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.
  38. Is it the big red Baccarat book? If so, I have it a home and will check it when I get back there tonight.
  39. Thanks, Veloceraptor - I want to get it right, so I'll check into those possibilities.
  40. I love the free-form rims of Astartig - to find one with really rich iridescence is an added bonus. Very nice.
  41. Great color combo and shape, Dave. Very nice.
  42. Very pretty. Is it uranium glass?
  43. I think so, Sean - I'm seeing pretty good (low) prices right now - it hasn't always been this way - of course the best thing is to know it when you see it, because sellers don't always know what they ...
  44. The Myra pieces are, Sean - the Ikora pieces, as pretty as they are, are not quite as delicate. They are actually pretty heavy.
  45. things like this are what keep us searching... and searching... and searching.... Congratulations on a great find
  46. Sorry, Gary - in reading your post, I apparently skipped right over the word Astglas - my bad. It is a great grouping though - I stand by that. :)
  47. Nice group, Gary, although the rose bowl, while it does have that underlying "knotty" texture, due to the added crackle layer is actually a different Loetz decor known as Astglas.
  48. Al - that's exactly what I meant! This is a tiny thing - no hot liquids going in there - only half & half :)
  49. Anne, you may call it whatever you wish :)
  50. Nice set, Al - are you going to put it to work on the bedside table? :)
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Nouveau Kralik Tri Claw Ruffed Rim Green/White Opalescent Iridescent Vase Wood Shoes Form early 1900 FABULOUS ART NOUVEAU KRALIK GLASS SHELL VASE CZECHOSLOVAKIA CA 1900 THE GILDED MAIDEN: A CZECH GLASS MYSTERY. Czechoslovakia Kralik Cobalt glass vase with red, white, green and blue mottling CZECH GLASS BARREL SETS Kralik 1930's imported glassware STEUBEN VERRE DE SOIE VASE OFF THE BEATEN PATH: LEERDAM FIGURINES Emanuel Beranek, 1958, pattern 5869 for Skrdlovice Loetz Bronce Glatt c. 1900 DECO CZECH TANGO: FUN WITH COLOR DURAND GOLD IRIDESCENT VASE  c. 1925


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