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I collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more thatI collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more that deserve our attention! I also enjoy research and love a good glass mystery. I collaborate with an international group of collectors and have great fun doing it! (Read more)


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Charles Lotton Golden Cypriot vase with gold luster lava swirl decoration, 1979 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Pink Silberiris vase, ca 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kent Forrest Ipsen art glass vase, Christmas 1972 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Papillon Vase, Cobalt spreading to Candia, ca. 1936 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Charles Lotton vase with orange"Multi Flora" design in light blue opal, 1976 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Dresser Box, signed "VELES", PN III-599, ca. 1920 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Era Loetz (attrib) ribbed vases, ca 1890 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lundberg Studios Blue Luster Glass Vase, 1994 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz "Rüschen mit kugel optisch am Boden", Candia Silberiris, PN II-1350, ca. 1904 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Charles Lotton Mandarin Red Glass Vase with Blue Luster Pulled Feather Design, 1981 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I sent you a photo, Al
  2. Thanks for researching and weighing in
  3. Thanks, Deb. It's nice to have something else to keep an eye out for when the Loetz bargains run dry. :)
  4. For sure there is disagreement among some over Dr. Zelasko's findings. In the Heckert book, there is no line drawing that matches these shapes - it appears she is attempting to link the vases to Hecke...
  5. Without documentation, anything is possible, but I think it's more likely that the pink pitcher on your other post is also (possibly) early Loetz. Of the three others you posted there, I would say tha...
  6. Thanks, Marty -it's certainly possible.
  7. Hi - if you would like to email photos of your piece, I would be happy to take a look. Send to Thanks
  8. Well, in fairness I should say that my interest in this artist's work is rather new. I haven't been waiting 40 years to find one - but it did take 40 years after it was made for me to discover it! The...
  9. Nice buy - the mandarin yellow color really pops!
  10. The inkwell is home at last! Very, very nice
  11. Fantastic piece - great size. I have a tiny one that is damaged. Love this one
  12. mtb, thanks so much for the information - very much appreciated!
  13. Great example - never seen that shape before
  14. I think what this shows is that there was a separate series designation for these floral type enameled decorations from the early 1890s that is different from the later "pastry bag" type decorations.
  15. Sean - sorry, I have no idea where they might have been made.
  16. Sean, I have one too - not Kralik - modern, I think. Mine arrived smelling like perfume.
  17. Thanks, Rick - it was a bad photo special - the design of the silver galvanized decoration drew me to it and made me think it was probably better than it appeared in the auction photos - and it is :)
  18. Love the way the design fits onto this shape
  19. Deb, I thought we had agreed that "glatt" referred to nothing more than a smooth surface. At any rate, this piece is a shiny and glossy as anything else on the Ausf. 129 page, and shinier than any oth...
  20. Love this one, Al - my favorite of the bunch
  21. Deb, I will certainly try. :)
  22. aka if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy
  23. OK, sweetheart - you have dibs. (my wife, folks) :)
  24. Thanks, guys - this one was a real thrill to find.
  25. Mac, it is a colorless outer layer over an opaque yellow ground. The depth of color and iridescence are what set it apart. I would not call it MOP or air trap - it's pure tango.
  26. It's a sweet little vase - you're welcome- I would also like to say to those tuning in that trading can be a good way to freshen up the collection without spending a lot of money :)
  27. Yes indeed, Tony - that one is PN 330, on the same page.
  28. That's what I love about posting here, Kevin - learning from others, and sharing what I've learned. :)
  29. Teplitz turned out some amazing furnace decorated glass! Nice group of inkwells!
  30. I wish - saw the DEK 439 and knew somehow it would wind up here. I thought of your 7993 immediately. They were doing some cool stuff with shapes right about then.
  31. Great piece, Marty - has it all... thanks for bringing it out of the shadows :)
  32. I lean towards Legras on this one, Marty
  33. One of the best of its kind - nice pickup :)
  34. Deb, I sure did notice both things. Series II has the right descriptions, but the wrong photo. I am also curious about Orchis. I have started doing some preliminary searching, but nothing yet.
  35. You've been busy :)
  36. Same to you, Kevin!
  37. Thanks, Penny :)
  38. Absolutely beautiful!
  39. Could be, Marty - or it could be just bad penmanship! :) Thanks for the comments, racer4 - it means a lot - as hard as I try, mistakes are sometimes made - the key is to stick to the formula - I a...
  40. Frank, the shape is similar (or equal to) PN II-514, ca. 1900. The pattern doesn't list this decor, but it's not unheard of for the drawing not to include all of the decors a shape came in, particular...
  41. Of course you know how I feel about it :) Love this vase.
  42. I'm picking up a Harrach vibe
  43. Eye heart this
  44. It looks like the stoppers evolved a little over the five or so years - from somewhat flatter in 1924 to fully round by 1927?
  45. Jerome Massier Fils - I sent you a link to check out
  46. shareurpassion, I will say that I am happy to finally have it safely behind glass doors. :)
  47. Thanks, Jeff - there is also a set currently listed on 1st Dibs. Such cool stuff!
  48. Thanks for the info, Ian - I'm kind of lost in the area of heraldy :)
  49. Add Josephinenhütte to the list of curled foot aficionados.
  50. Worth the price, no matter who made it :)
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Rindskopf Purple Iridized Marble Swirl Cabinet Vase Nouveau Kralik Tri Claw Ruffed Rim Green/White Opalescent Iridescent Vase Wood Shoes Form early 1900 THE GILDED MAIDEN: A CZECH GLASS MYSTERY. CZECH GLASS BARREL SETS Kralik 1930's imported glassware STEUBEN VERRE DE SOIE VASE OFF THE BEATEN PATH: LEERDAM FIGURINES Emanuel Beranek, 1958, pattern 5869 for Skrdlovice Loetz Bronce Glatt c. 1900 DECO CZECH TANGO: FUN WITH COLOR DURAND GOLD IRIDESCENT VASE  c. 1925


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