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I collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more thatI collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more that deserve our attention! I also enjoy research and love a good glass mystery. I collaborate with an international group of collectors and have great fun doing it! (Read more)


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Bohemian Iridescent Rococo Enameled & Gilt Vase #3 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Iridescent Rococo Enameled & Gilt Vase #2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Iridescent Rococo Enameled & Gilt Vase #1 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glasfabrik Elisabeth, Kosten bei Teplitz vase, ca. 1900-1903 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Vase - Empire, pensée verlaufend Texas mit Silber, PN unknown, ca. 1906 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Crystal Optic bowl with applied drips, PN II-6176, ca. 1908 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Moser acid-carved vase designed by Heinrich Hussmann, ca. 1928 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz White Chiné cabinet vases, PN Unknown, ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jean Beck jeweled pen/pencil holder with glass windings, Hansa acid-stamped mark, ca. 1910-1914 - Art Glassin Art Glass
UPDATE: Legras (attrib) "Jersey" enameled glass vase with Winter scene, ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I hate lima beans. :P But the vase is pretty cool... :)
  2. Looks like it was inspired by Prohibition :)
  3. Dibs you got
  4. Thanks, Volkmar - the only thing I love more than a good mystery is solving a good mystery. :)
  5. Not likely, Marty - with a few exceptions, every Poschinger piece I've ever seen has had a fire polished rim and ground and polished pontil - even the enameled ones.
  6. I changed out photo #4 so you can get an idea of the color through the interior.
  7. Hooray for those Lladro collectors :)
  8. Brian, it was mainly the crystal body with the optic twists. I was aware of this series of shapes in crystal with green drips due to the research I've been doing for I had just never seen o...
  9. Thank you, Kirk. I can only hope to find another one some day. Warren
  10. Ginni used to have one like Michelle's on the Czech Collector website- it's not there anymore, but in any case, it's definitely Czech. Carl Hosch retailed hanging lamps that are similar in form betwe...
  11. Superb, Marty - hit 'em with a black light!
  12. Nice color group
  13. That's as sweet as they come, Mac
  14. If I had looked closer, at Alfredo's page, the answer is right there - this was part of a writing set. As far as comparisons to Loetz tango glass, this observation was also made by Ricke in his bo...
  15. Interesting - I found this shape in the Legras book - it's called "Jersey" - but the examples in Legras were light blue and red crystal. So, Legras is now a serious contender.
  16. Brian - one of the vases in this decor in the Ricke book has a Jean Beck label.
  17. I'm not usually a JIP fan, as you know - but seeing these three together - I get it. :) Nice group!
  18. I AM in shock, Al - if you have any beads to spare, I'm missing one!
  19. Best of all, Kevin - it was CHEAP. :) I just wonder what the deal is with the drilled holes...
  20. That's a bit of alright :)
  21. Agreed, Scott! wrg
  22. Lisa, Fran - I would be happy to look at your pieces - if you would like, you can email me at
  23. Thanks, Sean - this color is hard to photograph, but in hand, it is really amazing.
  24. Thanks, Steve - it is interesting - I'm particularly interested how the color of the underlayer affects the appearance of the outer layer. Yesterdays - I did see that one. I'm not 100% sure, but I ...
  25. I guess it depends, Brian, on whether Alpenrot is defined as a decor, or a color. If Alpenrot is a specific shade of red, then it makes sense that there would be instances of it on different grounds (...
  26. Frank - I saw your awesome bowl and was wondering where you got the Poschinger info
  27. Thanks, guys - Al, I don't remember the Atlas photos- if you do find them, I would love to see them.
  28. I have an aqua marine vase listed on eBay, so I can't list it here, but I will email you a link to it. It doesn't glow, either.
  29. Does it have a slight green tint? It may be Steuben Aqua Marine
  30. Absolutely wonderful!
  31. Great find; nice write-up - thanks for sharing it!
  32. Of course if I knew then what I know now, I would have kept the bowl - but there are more finds out there, and I know the bowl is in great company.
  33. The thought had occurred to me, Steve - also the similarity of the decor to a certain yellow shaded bowl you and I both know. :)
  34. It sure has the markers - white dots - impeccably painted birds...
  35. You might be onto something there, Marty - Harrach was always a contender for me. I'm just not sure enough to make the call. :)
  36. Thanks, guys
  37. That mark was used by Carl Hosch, so the piece may well have been executed by Kralik.
  38. twentiethc could be right - I was thinking either Israeli, or Grecian - Lipasmata Glass Works. They also made thin-walled glass with a rustic look.
  39. Again, Mac - really love it- and so great to have the catalogue page! Nice pick!
  40. I was reading Cantz last night, and they noted that in the early days, while Tiffany was trying to reproduce almost exactly the old Persian rosewater sprinklers (narrower necks, more delicate), Loetz ...
  41. No problem - if you drill down into the FAQ page, there is an email address where you can contact them: wrg
  42. Filip Ravert, Romanian:
  43. Nice one - glad you got it.
  44. Thanks, Kevin - I loved the handles - had to have it. :)
  45. :) I was typing, Mike was posting LOL
  46. Jeff, this is the work of Karl Pohl, who operated a painting and engraving workshop in Novy Bor in the early 1900s (and personally decorated much of the glassware produced there). The Pohl family were...
  47. According to the Series II book, these came in sizes all the way up to 18.5" - those must be something to see! I normally don't care for JIPs all that much, but I love this one. Congratulations, Al!
  48. That is called fusing and slumping - accomplished in the intense heat of a kiln in pretty much the manner you described.
  49. Mac, I will try - I looked at it under a loupe, and it looks to me like it's been rolled in glass frit, then re-heated until the frit began to melt, creating a stippled texture. It isn't coralene - it...
  50. Glad we could help :)
  51. See more


Rindskopf Purple Iridized Marble Swirl Cabinet Vase Nouveau Kralik Tri Claw Ruffed Rim Green/White Opalescent Iridescent Vase Wood Shoes Form early 1900 Fantastic Kralik art glass Seashell Vase ca. 1900 Bohemian THE GILDED MAIDEN: A CZECH GLASS MYSTERY. Czechoslovakia Kralik Cobalt glass vase with red, white, green and blue mottling CZECH GLASS BARREL SETS Kralik 1930's imported glassware STEUBEN VERRE DE SOIE VASE OFF THE BEATEN PATH: LEERDAM FIGURINES Emanuel Beranek, 1958, pattern 5869 for Skrdlovice Loetz Bronce Glatt c. 1900 DECO CZECH TANGO: FUN WITH COLOR DURAND GOLD IRIDESCENT VASE  c. 1925


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