Muller Fres Cameo Glass Vase Meets Greek Mythology - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Ausfuehrung 136 - 1910 - PN II-7506 - Art Glassin Art Glass
1900 Paris Exhibition piece designed by none other then Franz Hofstätter, PN II-375 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Harrach Art Nouveau Enameled Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
The tale of two sisters.....or two Rare Pieces of Harrach Art Glass, Copern & Platin - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Benedikt von Poschinger Compote designed by Georg Carl von Reichenbach - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach "Kiralfy" 1900 Art Nouveau Cameo Glass  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Rainbow Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Most Recent Cameo Glass Acquisitions - Galle' and a Mystery Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Beauty! Getting very difficult (and expensive) to find nice Loetz these days :(
  2. I was also tempted, very nice piece!
  3. Being that there's not that many Schliersee pieces documented in Christine's book, you have to wonder what else they made eh?
  4. Very nice Warren! I have two pieces of Moser iridescent enameled glass from their islamic series.
  5. Good discussion!
  6. Very nice!
  7. Beautiful piece! I think Norma is a bit, splotchy, for lack of a better word.
  8. Hi paris1925! I agree, and I'd love to find the original source artwork they used to create this.
  9. Thanks Thomas, Vetraio and Brunswick. Vetraio I tested it with my UV lamp and no reaction whatsoever.
  10. Quite an interesting life during a very pivotal era of central European history, thanks for sharing the background on Cuno.
  11. retro597 there is zero evidence to support the PK mark being Poschinger. There actually is a Poschinger book, albeit not the most complete book, but it does cover Poschinger and other nearby glasswor...
  12. Super piece Warren, it made a most excellent Christmas present :)
  13. Nice sleuthing Warren, it's a beauty!
  14. 100% Loetz, definitely not Harrach.
  15. Thanks for all the loves, and thanks Warren for finding the PN!
  16. Nice one Mac! I believe that same shape and color was also my first Loetz mini. I almost bit on one with a snake wrap earlier this month, but the snake wrap was pretty sloppy for Loetz, so I'll hold...
  17. I have a few of those myself, their very nice, much nicer in person then photos tend to convey.
  18. Very nice find Warren. These signed Meitzen pieces are a treat to find for sure, there can't be that many of them out there eh?
  19. Beautiful piece, that's about as perfect of a match as they get! When I was photographing the section of the Harrach design books that had Silber & Fleming glass in it from that reprinted catalog, ...
  20. Very, very nice snag Warren!
  21. Love the handled Astraa vase, amazing those fancy, delicate, handled pieces survive intact. In your last photo, the vase in the very front right, I have in the same shape, but in PG 829. I'll have...
  22. Very nice piece, Congrats! I was so, so tempted to pull the trigger on it!!
  23. Congrats Warren, it's a superb example! On my bucket list too for quite a bit....eventually the right opportunity will come up :)
  24. Exactly, I don't believe the waffle pontil on this red piece is Steuben glass, but it is well known that they did use an unfinished waffle pontil a fair bit. I'll try to get a good photo from one of...
  25. It's well known that Steuben used the waffle pontil, mostly on pieces whereas the pontil didn't interfere with the items table surface. The piece in the third photo above is not a Steuben waffle pont...
  26. schreiberneffen I've looked through (to some extent) those Schreiber-Neffen catalogs. Some interesting stuff, albeit a LOT of utilitarian work. verretcheque HTF = Hard To Find No is patronizi...
  27. There's a HTF book on Schreibber-Neffen.
  28. I just sold an interesting variation of this Rindskopf pulled feather decor. The base glass was paper thin, almost transparent with a beautiful emerald green applied iridescence, and the same style p...
  29. Fantastic piece Warren!
  30. Very nice! I have a matching lamp shade that was shown on the Kralik site as Kralik. I'll update my info, thanks!
  31. Thanks John, yours is a beauty as well!
  32. Here's a really beautiful piece I picked up while in Europe a few years back: I should get all my Heckert ph...
  33. Very nice piece! I'm a sucker for Fritz Heckert, have quite a large collection of his work. I do not (yet) have the Heckert book, is your vase documented as a Sütterlin design in the Heckert boo...
  34. Wow, they look great!
  35. I have two of those in my collection, it's a great shape and decor!
  36. Great birthday gifts, and they make a beautiful set!
  37. That's a stunner alright!
  38. It pains me to see this broken, I've never seen such a lovely Arcadia rose bowl, what a loss of a beautiful treasure :(
  39. Your Loetz collection is really growing into a wonderful collection! BTW I have a Loetz piece like your vase on the far left/front, and those are stunning in person!
  40. Nice display Lee! That little ewer in the back on the left looks familiar :)
  41. Very nice! I have that same vase, and I agree, it's a beauty :)
  42. Great early Loetz piece. Now I know who I was bidding against, you should've told me Warren :)
  43. Very likely Harrach, less likely, but possible, Baccarat. Both were doing this kind of glass in the 1850's-1860's.
  44. Great Loetz day for you today!!!
  45. It's a stunner!
  46. Congrats Warren, it's a beauty!
  47. Interesting piece, it's well made, looks to be from a quality glass house.
  48. Beautiful piece Warren. There was an identical piece in gold for sale recently.
  49. Legras did some beautiful work. If you don't have the Legras books, I highly recommend them, they did some beautiful work that's often attributed to many other companies.
  50. Nice and interesting piece, that I would wager is most likely Kralik. eBay has turned into a flea market. It's cheaper then using an auction house, but some of them are getting top dollar for glas...
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