1. Great snag Warren, you almost had competition on those! Although I'm glad they updated the description to include why they arrived at their conclusion, I'm not sure I agree with the Alp...
  2. Really great pieces Warren, I too was almost a contender, just wasn't sure enough on the attribution at the time to pull the trigger. Great to see them stay in the family so to speak :)
  3. Just the way the rim/lip is formed, it looks like it was made to go into a lamp shade fitter. Is the top ~ 2.25" across?
  4. Nice piece of Loetz! I wonder if it wasn't a lamp shade?
  5. Great piece Warren.
  6. Nice unusual example of Rusticana! Warren I had a shipper (UPS store no less) ship me what was a fantastic signed Moser lidded box and they plastic wrapped the lid to the box. When it arrived and I ...
  7. Wonderful pair!
  8. Nice snag Warren, I was really contemplating this piece.
  9. I'll have to check my Riedel pieces when I get home, for some reason I recall them as a letter period and three digits, typically very neatly written.
  10. Hi Warren, I could see the confusion, but I strongly suspect that Lee's air-trap vase is a Riedel piece. The numbering, a letter, a period, followed by three digits, and very neatly written is very c...
  11. Might actually be Riedel, isn't quite the type of numbering we generally see on Harrach glass, but Riedel did very similar numbering schemes, and made some very nice air-trap glass.
  12. I think that pink/orange is called salmon :) Beautiful piece!
  13. LoetzBuddies I have the article at home, I don't believe they're available online. I'll find the article and post the reference. If you can forward me your email address, I may be able to scan the ...
  14. The Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG.ORG) published an interesting article on these (this piece is photographed in the article) whereas their research showed that these were actually designed by a couple...
  15. I was tempted to buy that set when I saw it, it's really a lovely old quality set. Difficult to attribute a maker, it would be purely speculation on my part. Glad it went to a good home.
  16. Here's a short bit I wrote many years ago on Harrach Peloton glass, and updated with the patent info that Warren found on google:
  17. I definitely count fleabay as a fleamarket......but yeah definitely early Loetz :)
  18. Great write up Warren, it's an absolutely stunning beautiful piece of Moser history. Question for you - I'm not near any Mosher references at the moment, but was it Rudolph Wels or Rudolph Weiss? I t...
  19. Stunning example of 19th century Loetz, it's very interesting how they were able to effectively recycle old Japanese and Islamic designs into, new art, or Art Nouveau.
  20. Very nice acquisition Warren! That mark is also shown on a piece (or pieces) in the PMC.
  21. These are tough ones, because offline several of us have bantered back and forth whether or not these are Harrach, and thus far they lack enough proof to definitely say they are IMHO. Of the over 5,0...
  22. I agree with Warren in so much as I doubt either factory did the decorating, the blank, could be from just about any glasshouse really. The piece you referenced in LA is really very different, and ...
  23. Don't believe these are Harrach, but not sure who did them?
  24. Nice addition Warren. I have five pieces of this line in various colors, but oddly no blue yet. Two of my pieces are in the same shape as two of yours, but in different colors. BTW I don't believe I...
  25. Stunning Harrach glass!
  26. Nice piece. Typically you see these enameled with flowers on them, surprised to see a blank one so to speak.
  27. Great piece Warren! I always thought the Jodhpur pieces were etched and enameled, not iridescent enameled pieces. Does the Heckert book show this iridescent enameled Heckert work also as Jodhpur?
  28. Mac the shape is definitely similar to some of the Octopus pieces.
  29. I assume you mean the coloring of the enameling of the DEK numbering? If so, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the confirmed Loetz DEK #'s seem to be done in gold. In my second paragraph, the color...
  30. Mac it's a very nice vase, but I'm not seeing Loetz. Have to agree with Alisa on this, more of a Harrach, or possible Riedel feel to it IMHO. The disc style foot is something Harrach used a lot, the...
  31. Beautiful piece of glass. The problem with Leslie Pina books, is that she was highly erroneous in her attributions.
  32. I can't see the writing on the base, but yeah I have seen FH with unpolished pontils.
  33. The more I look at it, I do believe it's a 19th century Historic Revival piece, but not Harrach or Heckert. They'd typically have a polished pontil, but I suspect most of the glass houses were making ...
  34. Probably Heckert or Harrach historium glass from the 1800's, it was a very popular "revival" trend of the 17th century style glass.
  35. Stunning piece, congrats!!
  36. Great buy Warren! One of my best Loetz buys came from the "Asian Art" section :)
  37. Beautiful piece of Victorian era Loetz! I'll have to keep my eyes out for this opalescent lavender glass now :)
  38. Glass houses buying and contracting with other glass houses definitely makes it challenging to attribute the work. One item to note, when I say the rainbow glass between these makers is different, I'...
  39. Jay I was a contributor to Leland's Phoenix Glass book. When I showed him my video of the Harrach Glass Museum collection, he was shocked by some of the work Harrach did. Personally I suspect Phoeni...
  40. Beautiful, bonus to find a piece with an original label!
  41. Very nice buy!
  42. This may be the first time I've seen someone reference Duncan's "Paris Salons" book. I have it, but haven't found it to be a useful reference, glad you were able to put it to use.
  43. Many of us have known all along :)
  44. Super find Warren!!
  45. Having been to Marienbad, that is a pretty neat piece of glass!
  46. Yeah I'm sure these probably all had different names. That's a great piece too by the way! The gold at the top looks perfect, usually these seem to have a fair amount of wear, nice find.
  47. Not sure I'd put this in the same category as Persica, which is a stained or coated glass (it's base is clear), or heliotrope, which is an iridescent glass. As it's basically a Victorian dye away s...
  48. Stunning set!
  49. Beautiful, great Christmas colors too!
  50. I love that design too, that one I have as well :)
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