Harrach Art Nouveau Enameled Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
The tale of two sisters.....or two Rare Pieces of Harrach Art Glass, Copern & Platin - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Benedikt von Poschinger Compote designed by Georg Carl von Reichenbach - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach "Kiralfy" 1900 Art Nouveau Cameo Glass  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Rainbow Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Most Recent Cameo Glass Acquisitions - Galle' and a Mystery Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Really like that!
  2. Happy Birthday Lee, glad to see you got your birthday Loetz PG, and it's a spectacular one at that!!
  3. Very nice! I have one in a kind of pink/cranberry color.
  4. You're killing it Warren, nice one!!
  5. Gotta love that one!
  6. Great piece Warren! Is it slightly iridescent?
  7. Looks to be a match to this piece:
  8. Nice! Could well be Moser, or Harrach glass with a Moser decor, or a Harrach glass with Harrach decor sold by Moser :)
  9. I think I saw that one too. Nice piece, great you were able to determine all the details on it!
  10. Nice perfume! Are you sure it's not a Loetz Ciselé?
  11. Super piece Warren!
  12. Happy New Year! I'm finally getting caught up on my holiday break emails and see you picked up a lot of new treasures! This is stunning in the mount.
  13. Lee looks like the elephant found a good home! Looks great, Happy New Years!
  14. Definitely Harrach, I would guess a vase, they did some funky tops back then, this would date to late 1870s IMO.
  15. Love the colorway on that!
  16. If you research this a bit, I think you'll find that it's Mt Washington cameo glass.
  17. Super piece Warren, congrats on the acquisition!
  18. Makes a stunning pair Lee!
  19. I was watching that too, but wasn't convinced it was Hecket so I didn't go in on it. It's a nice piece, but not sure who did it.
  20. Beautiful piece!! The color is striking.
  21. Warren you did a good job capturing it's wonderful iridescence!! They were on their A game the day they made this one, it beautifully done.
  22. Beautiful piece Lee. I suspect this is amber and ruby flashed over clear. Probably c.1880's or so.
  23. I missed that. I'd probably lean somewhere towards 51% Harrach, 49% Riedel :)
  24. Warren did you see the piece on page 318, plate 384 in the Harrach book?
  25. Cannot go wrong with the beautiful Loetz Candia Papillon !! I don't think that's the correct pattern though, close but no cigar :)
  26. Thanks for all the great comments and loves! This really is a super piece, belongs in Passau IMHO :)
  27. Nice early Loetz, classic shape, and love the handles!
  28. Thanks LoetzDance, inky, lostspirits, bracken3, and ozmarty for the comments, it's really an incredible piece in person. Thank you everyone else for the loves!
  29. Fritz Heckert all the way!! Beautiful piece!
  30. I have an almost identical Loetz Marmoriertes vase, but it's 10" tall.
  31. Love those Loetz pieces with the wild handles. As delicate as those handles are, it's amazing to find one fully intact without damage, congrats on a nice find!
  32. I like that design!
  33. A timeless, elegant, classic design, nice acquisition!
  34. Nice find Warren, and wow that shape came in a huge variety of decors!
  35. Ah ha, so that's where those went :) Congrats, terrific buys on exceedingly rare glass! Nice to see better photos, and see the base.
  36. Thanks Lee and Inky! Keep looking Inky, there's out there and once and a great while, you'll find a sleeper :)
  37. More likely it's Harrach from the 1850's -1860's, it's a drinking goblet, no lid.
  38. I believe I was the under-bidder on this one. I was wondering if it would make a reprise :) Very nice piece, glad you're happy with it.
  39. Great piece of Harrach, need to find that design book :)
  40. Very nice acquisition. I believe the Loetz Brown Metallin is really lovely, especially in person (it's a bit tricky to photograph IMHO).
  41. Lee nice piece of Harrach! When I photographed the Harrach design books, the book with these designs turned out to be a real treat. Someone back when these were made cut out the original Silber & ...
  42. Stunning piece of art!
  43. So funky, you have to like it!
  44. Lovely color Lee!!!
  45. Warren that was a great connection you made! I'm curious, what clued you in initially that it might be Loetz vs Kralik?
  46. I believe this is definitely a Loetz vase. One thing to keep in mind is that Loetz, Kralik and Rindskopf were (as we found out from Jitka Lne?nic?kova?) all making glass for each other, so that muck...
  47. Beautiful, and well paired :)
  48. Definitely not B&S.....most likely Bohemian, or another European source (the PK mark comes to mind).
  49. I have one of these as well but it also has the bowl that sits atop the piece :) I wonder what the purpose of having two different finishes on the plate was?
  50. Shame that piece of art lasted almost 100 years to meet the tragic death of a 25 cent paper bag :(
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