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Collector= Bought something beautiful once ... trying to stop since ... My postings here are an attempt to repay some of the generosity of those dedicated and devotCollector= Bought something beautiful once ... trying to stop since ... My postings here are an attempt to repay some of the generosity of those dedicated and devoted individuals who have donated so much of their time, knowledge and experience to the Public Domain. You guys have opened new doors for us all and have made my world a better place ... Specifically Eddy, Alfredo, David, Brian, Warren, Tony, Deb and Craig ... and more generally to everyone who contributes ... Thanks (Read more)


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Shades of Green - Art Glassin Art Glass
... Merry New Year ... Pastry Bag Dekors & IV/706 - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Mail ... to Munchen .... - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Magical ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
... Mono et Mono ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Miraculous ... (Loetz Paeonia Aurora) - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Majestic ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetzmania.401 ... Hunting the mythical ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz 3/313 ... in Iridescent Green cased Mauve Pink ... 1890± - Art Glassin Art Glass
Colors ... and Mimosa - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. OzM ... Think you were probably detained in Helsinki for questioning at the time ....
  2. ... that was a question btw ... :-)
  3. Hi Warren Have a tumbler in these colors if that helps the pattern / color search ...
  4. Would think you should be calling that 4 rather large Martinis ... :-) Stunning !
  5. Hi Dave Nice Shape ... Think we pinned the Mercur down on a piece of Franks last year some time .... Sage green spots with a gold decor .... had pictures of a pale (silver) Blue spotted piece from eB...
  6. Hi BG&M Lovely piece ... Was hoping the asking price would come back a little more ... darn! The "frit" is coralline / Moriage rather than bead / sand blasted ? Cheers
  7. Very Nice ... Looks "Impatient" from any angle ... a bit like some of the Bronze Glatt ? Emanuel pieces ... :-)
  8. Certainly lives up to expectations! The FB link certainly makes it easier to track updates ....
  9. Congrats The Green is quite rare and sought after ... I have never managed to land one at auction ...
  10. ... think you won on the postage costs ... !
  11. Yes indeed ... thought that was stunning .... left a fair bit of a cushion in my second bid (fortunately !) ... and there I was thinking I was the only one that had seen it ... :-)
  12. Hi Marty ... thought I put in a reasonable bid on this one ... great colours ...
  13. Hi Mr T Very good thinking ... suspect not enough of us have had the opportunity to handle a Leonidis to pick up on this ... but the similarities are evident when you point them out ... Thanks
  14. Very Nice piece ... look forward to seeing them together ...
  15. If these shapes flow into Octopus / Carneol rather than from them they can be first half of 1880's or earlier ...
  16. What we need is some "classic Loetz shapes" from the 1850's to the 1880's to compare on similar terms .... Is there any relevant documentation of 1879 the Paris exhibition ... or earlier - from the ea...
  17. Interesting - just noticed ... think my piece (Carneol has The Paeonies with wisteria ... your's, Brian's and this one have Paeonies with Cherry Blossom ! ...
  18. Deb ... we need a section for Satins ... :-)
  19. sorry: buy = but I The Loetz piece is the one with circa 1890 enamel work ...
  20. Very nice pieces ... buy would not be tempted to confuse your Harrach's with this piece and that is late 1880's enamel work ... .... That Loetz piece isn't the one in the Harrach Museum by any chance...
  21. Mac ... would call it a bronze green from here ... With the Alpens the Orange to white is probably a "Mandarin Satin" = Orange to pink .... A bright yellow is used to create the Grun and a raspberr...
  22. Hi Alisa What a nice piece ! Have often wondered about the near absence of air trap techniques in Bohemian attributed glass ... is this another field to explore .... ? What are your thoughts on the...
  23. p.s. The pieces in question are all on as well (pale blue ground)
  24. Hi Mac ... been at work all day ... but thought this could be more interesting than it looked this am ... Interestingly Webb also famous for "Octopus" and "Victoria" ... Think I see most of the Webb...
  25. Hi Mac Nice piece ... Now this one could be seen as an early version of Luna! :-) Thanks A good find and very interesting ... Not sure if we have consensus on this as yet but I generally see the A...
  26. Is more a voyage of discovery /rediscovery when you get to these old pieces ... There is so little documentation to learn from ... really trying to put together clues from other pieces to make a rea...
  27. Sirius by the way ... Not Luna ... Brightest star in the sky ...
  28. The Beauty of the piece outways (just) the cruelty !... have to love it!
  29. ... occurred to me that Hyacinths do come in pink, white and blue ...
  30. Interestingly Cantz and therefore presumably Ricke reference hyacinth (and Aurora which is pink opalescent to blue) as a Rottone and Heliotrop as a Blautone ... Presumably as a a result of the method ...
  31. Also brings STG's beautiful mounted piece back into the frame ...
  32. Is perhaps the origin of glatt v. ribbed ... although is a little shiny to go with the "flat" that we are used to seeing and I had taken to refer to the level of "glossiness" So the question becomes...
  33. p.s. I am a trying to remain neutral here :-) ... have both pink Hyacinths and a couple of variants of Heliotrope growing in the garden at work ... can recommend both for any gardeners out there!
  34. ... though it is a close run thing ! :-) Need something in Cantz / Ricke in either ...
  35. Hi Warren Think Alisa's pics confirmed the color as one used by Loetz ... but not sure they confirmed it as Heliotrope ... Have been interested in the "Heliotrope Debate" for some time as it is the...
  36. Couldn't agree more Have always had my Specs tinted from rose (top) to blue (base) ... so I am sure it is in there somewhere ... :-)
  37. Sorry to mention it on "Take 27" ... but the color is a better fit for hyacinths than it is for heliotropes ... :-)
  38. Corrections ... alles in German = Everything ... actually says "metallisirt" ... :-)
  39. Hi Lee Great pieces ... The only problem I can see is that the line drawings actually suggest this is Hyacinth rather than Heliotrope ... with chine (? silk de chine) metallic iridescence ... which...
  40. Hi Deb ... not sure of relevance ... ... the slight breakdown in the surface is similar to what would expect to see if you chisel by hand across the grain in a block of wood ... If you chisel with a...
  41. Very nice ... but a very delicate cleaning job ... ... can see the continuity of the iridescent layer just beginning to break up on the MAK sample ... heading toward papillon ... Makes you wonder how...
  42. ... Pan's Pipe ... leading you (and us all) on a merry chase! :-) ps Blackbottom or Blackfoot ? Sigmund
  43. Congrats DAS ... and so hard to find the nice smaller examples for comparison ... :-)
  44. ... long may it continue .... :-)
  45. .... what you really need is a Hard-Hat ! ... all these lovely things dropping out of the Sky !!! ... Beautiful piece btw ...
  46. ... and a gorgeous !! Thanks AH Could we try the in order 4-1-3-2 perhaps ??? though it may disrupt your artistic balance / sensibilities ... :-)
  47. ... a gaggle ... !! ... and a gosh ... !!
  48. ... And well done Marty ... I haven't laughed so much in weeks !!
  49. ... Is this a shape match for your earlier post of the 85/3780 ??
  50. ... Lovely ! ... Could be a good way to move some of those surplus Tiffany pieces though .... :-)
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LOETZ 8050 (1899); 172 (1900) Unsung Heroes of Glass  #2  Erwin Pfohl –the younger brother Loetz Metalica #7 - Ausfuhrung 134


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