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Collector= Bought something beautiful once ... trying to stop since ... My postings here are an attempt to repay some of the generosity of those dedicated and devotCollector= Bought something beautiful once ... trying to stop since ... My postings here are an attempt to repay some of the generosity of those dedicated and devoted individuals who have donated so much of their time, knowledge and experience to the Public Domain. You guys have opened new doors for us all and have made my world a better place ... Specifically Eddy, Alfredo, David, Brian, Warren, Tony, Deb and Craig ... and more generally to everyone who contributes ... Thanks (Read more)


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OMG ... the long forgotten .... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Merry Xmas MMXIV ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Shades of Green - Art Glassin Art Glass
... Merry New Year ... Pastry Bag Dekors & IV/706 - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Mail ... to Munchen .... - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Magical ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
... Mono et Mono ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Miraculous ... (Loetz Paeonia Aurora) - Art Glassin Art Glass
... the Majestic ... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetzmania.401 ... Hunting the mythical ... - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi Vladimir ... Not sure if you noticed this piece has been put up on as an example of "Early Loetz Production" (under "Identifying Loetz Glass) ...
  2. Think we got that bar on the side down to (from base to top) 5cm black, 5cm white, 1cm black, 1cm white, 1cm black, 1cm white, 1cm black = 15cm total ! Fairly sure you contributed at the time ! :-)
  3. Al ... is there a smaller version of this PN about ... the 7685/276 is around 14" tall in the drawing ....
  4. Hi Inky ... Very Nice Missed this one in the Bohemian Glass thread ... The Number from here is "4147." Still potentially Loetz ... but would make it a PN rather than a Dek ...
  5. Sorry ... missed the "?" Haven't seen those z shaped 2's before either ... This one has an unambiguous IV
  6. That would make it pretty good buying ! Interest you in IX/202 ... picture is suggestive but not conclusive ...
  7. Thanks for the id and translation Warren. Have never been able track it down so had always thought of these as a Krystal Melusin ... Does the MK piece in PGM have any other info with it ? Is next to...
  8. Hi Paul Is a pretty piece ... The best answer you may get is that it remains a mystery as does much of the History of the Smaller Bohemian Glass makers of the 19th Century ! Think you may be bein...
  9. i.e. a Greek reference
  10. ... does put it into the same territory as Olympia ...
  11. Warren ... Could also try 7931 and 7934 ... Series 1 ... "Corinth" ...
  12. Almost looks like a cross between Oceanic and Diaspora ... think Alfredo posted something on Oceanic variants here a few months back ... Not seen a Diaspora using that glass color ... even under th...
  13. Hi Inky Think you have it right at this point ... With the dark brown lines should go to Onyx ... Did not want to ruin Vet50's opening comments ... The lighter Color on the back is actually quite c...
  14. ... was that a confession ?? ... or an attribution ? ... :-
  15. Many of the "pastry bag" pieces are turning out to be "700"series pieces ... wondering if the Dek index makes a lot more sense if viewed in that way ....
  16. Full title "Official Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations 1851"
  17. Thanks Vet50 Fascinating links again ... From a different (more speculative) perspective that almost looks like an Olympia piece ... From the 1860's!
  18. Hi Alfredo Is an interesting listing of many of the names that are discussed here frequently ... Posted it at this magnification to be legible ... But there are 2 columns which I think run to a se...
  19. Hi Vet Have your link to the Sydney pic in one of my previous posts here ....and there is another one related to that picture in the 300 years of Harrach Glass .... Also saw a link (? from you) to...
  20. Please note: Pieces in the background of this picture are probably not all Loetz items ...
  21. Ivonne Another Lovely piece ... Decoration is very Loetz ... Somewhere (think it is Cantz) there is mention in a commentary from one of the early exhibitions of a "Horn" decor with a isolated red st...
  22. Or you could go here !
  23. Hi Ivonne Loetz in Gelbgrun is good .... Think it will turn out to be a I/43x when we find a number ... have not seen a marked / identified one yet .... The only difference from the I/439 lies in...
  24. Oops ... Missed the dimensions = 9.something inches or 24cm tall Thanks to all for the +comments & feedback ... All the best for 2015 !!!
  25. Hi Vladimir Thanks for the extra pics ... still difficult to resolve that first part ... Worth having a look at it under oblique lighting and magnification as it is sometimes possible to make out out...
  26. Great color too! Think it said massive before ... or did I miss the dimensions ... :-).
  27. Great color too!
  28. Very nice Interesting to see it is numbered twice ... 849/5 Could we have the dimensions ... ? 5cm or 5" tall by any chance? Cheers
  29. Hi Vladimir Could we have another picture of the numbers on the base to play with ... need to shoot across the base a little - probably 45º would be ideal - and would be helpful to turn it around so...
  30. Love the color combination! The shape reference is 6653 from 1896 ... from Das Bohmishe Glas Band III Thanks
  31. Hi Warren Great pair! After seeing Brian's post on Fb tend to favour the idea that it is Verlaufend and Alpen which are the opposites .... although another word synonymous with fading on descent wou...
  32. Hi Shawn Looks like Marigold Carnival ... puts it into Dugan territory I think ...but I am a bit light on with familiarity with this .... Cheers
  33. Hi David .... Any reason particular reason for the 1902 date ? Cheers
  34. Hi Katzl The picture do help ... and appears you are correct on the "/21" ... number above the "/" could be the base of IV (Roman "4") ... but it could be other things as well .... Thanks for the ex...
  35. Thanks Will find the LA piece some space nearby when it arrives ! (have been keeping quiet about that for weeks!!!)
  36. ... think the flowers were different on that one .... :-) ... and it was a IV/5 .... the LA piece looks more like the IV/13's ...
  37. Hi Warren Great piece! What do you think of this for another Makart ? ... and I thought this one a probable as well ... http://www....
  38. Hi Katzl Lovely piece ... good picking ! My thoughts are Loetz in Makart with a IV/4 Dekor ... but we do need more pictures of the base ... could be a XX/21 as well ... haven't seen that one that ...
  39. OzM ... Think you were probably detained in Helsinki for questioning at the time ....
  40. ... that was a question btw ... :-)
  41. Hi Warren Have a tumbler in these colors if that helps the pattern / color search ...
  42. Would think you should be calling that 4 rather large Martinis ... :-) Stunning !
  43. Hi Dave Nice Shape ... Think we pinned the Mercur down on a piece of Franks last year some time .... Sage green spots with a gold decor .... had pictures of a pale (silver) Blue spotted piece from eB...
  44. Hi BG&M Lovely piece ... Was hoping the asking price would come back a little more ... darn! The "frit" is coralline / Moriage rather than bead / sand blasted ? Cheers
  45. Very Nice ... Looks "Impatient" from any angle ... a bit like some of the Bronze Glatt ? Emanuel pieces ... :-)
  46. Certainly lives up to expectations! The FB link certainly makes it easier to track updates ....
  47. Congrats The Green is quite rare and sought after ... I have never managed to land one at auction ...
  48. ... think you won on the postage costs ... !
  49. Yes indeed ... thought that was stunning .... left a fair bit of a cushion in my second bid (fortunately !) ... and there I was thinking I was the only one that had seen it ... :-)
  50. Hi Marty ... thought I put in a reasonable bid on this one ... great colours ...
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LOETZ 8050 (1899); 172 (1900) Unsung Heroes of Glass  #2  Erwin Pfohl –the younger brother Loetz Metalica #7 - Ausfuhrung 134


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