I collect art glass especially Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I also collect antique Russian icons and am a consultant for the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Mass.


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Loetz Onyx Vase c.1887 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Hans Bolek Ausf. 177 Vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kew Blas Floriform Vase c.1900. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Durand Bubble Glass Rose Bowl. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Quezal Coil Decorated Compote c.1920. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Loetz Three Prong Stump Vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Loetz Olympia Vase with Handles PN I- 3145 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wilkinson Leaded Art Glass Table Lamp c.1920's. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two Loetz Miniature Perfume Bottles c.1900. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz "Waves & Dots" Vase c.1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Sammyz....goldish.
  2. LOVE this Imperial line.
  3. Gillian.....I have seen many of these and none have stoppers. I don't get it either. Maybe stoppers were put in when purchased ?
  4. MALKEY.....glad you like it.
  5. IronLace.....thanks for your posting. I now know the correct Loetz name for the decor.
  6. Wow22.............each piece is hand made so variations exist.
  7. Nice glass in the cabinet behind you also.
  8. MALKEY.....as always thanks for the comments.
  9. Michelleboo7....about 8 inches high.
  11. MALKEY.....thanks for all your kind comments.
  12. I almost bid on this but I was afraid the metal mount wouldn't clean up. BUT it looks just fine. Glad you like it.
  13. Thanks for the comments.
  14. Isn't the color of the glass itself Crete rather than Candia ?
  15. Wonderful example of Durand work.
  16. Rick55....I would say c.1910. Love it.
  17. Wonderful.....and yes it is early. The scroll was done on better early pieces.
  18. Super-Detective Warren strikes again !
  19. I had my eye on this one too. Nice piece.
  20. dlfd911......it's an Old Austrian saying.....you can never have too many Papillons.
  21. beyemvey.....I said Cobalt before the bottom photo was posted. It is obviously Creta.
  22. Cobalt Papillon...Loetz.
  23. kivatinitz : no mark....it's silver plated.
  24. dlfd911....Yes....same shape. But I don't think mine is a 157....no stripes.
  25. I have this in Blue. Love it.
  26. From as very good source : there are two more colors I don't have.....gray and dark green. I'll keep an eye open.
  27. I almost went for it also.
  28. I think I saw this shade on the Internet. I said to myself..."Oh that must be fake". WRONG as usual.
  29. antiquerose....added photo of the bottom.
  30. Thanks Craig.....love those "drips".
  31. Warren.....I've been keeping an eye on you from Puerto Rico.....you're spending too much money.
  32. OR Delphi.....I never know the difference.
  33. welzebub.....what are you doing up at 6am on a Monday ???
  34. SpirirBear : the bottom section has a silver-blue finish.
  35. Interestingly these two decors are on my Must Have List.
  36. One.....the photo is from the seller. I don't have a cell phone and am proud of it.
  37. "jim"....wonderful example. I have 9 Trevaise vases and they are difficult to find and sometimes identify. The ACORN article by my friend Kirk Nelson is very helpful.
  38. A VERY prominent auction house here on the East Coast had one of these recently in their auction as " Thomas Webb Bronze Glass Vase". It's not even close.
  39. Thanks Ernie....it is a good one.
  40. This is Kralik "pampas". Not Loetz. Fake signature........but still very lovely.
  41. Absolutely on my Bucket List.
  42. LD.....you are right.....I tend to forget other "good buys".
  43. I almost bid on this.....but had bought 5 pieces already this month. I love it.
  44. Now you need one of those big c.1900 hats.
  45. Thanks Welz & Rick
  46. Thanks Ernie.
  47. Skinner ?
  48. Glass : go to Cardersteubenclub.org and there is a Contact email address. Send the photos to them and they will confirm what I said I'm sure. Best wishes, Frank
  49. Was this vase sold on Ebay ? If so I saw it and knew it was not Steuben. It is from a modern glass studio. However it's a nice piece.
  50. Vintagefran : yes....see added photo.
  51. See more


LOETZ ASTRAEA TRICORN VASE More Greens .... Iridiscent art deco vase