I collect art glass especially Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I also collect antique Russian icons and am a consultant for the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Mass.


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Warren :  My one and only Charles Lotton (1976). - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victor Durand Red Pulled Feather Vase c.1925. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victor Durand Gold iridescent Vase c,1925. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Rusticana Jack in the Pulpit. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Decorated Steuben Brown Aurene Vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Phanomen Genre 7734 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steuben Blue Aurene Twist Raised Compote. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steven Correia Peacock Feather Paperweight. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Neurot Cytisus Vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Imperial Red Ausfhurung 119 (1911). - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Warren : you are getting into a C. Lotton mode.
  2. Not Loetz.
  3. David : 6.50 inches high. Same as on Loetz.com without the lip.
  4. GLUE : 6.50 inches high.
  5. I would say nice but not Loetz.
  7. The handles look like Loetz.
  8. Lisa : the seller called the color lavender. I thought it looked "pink". But when it arrived it was obviously Violet.
  9. Rose & Mikelv : Over the years I've had hundreds of glass vases shipped to me and not even once was there any damage. God bless the post men and women.
  10. It is Loetz Cisele. Look 6 rows down on this Loetz page and you will see my Loetz vase in the same shape with a DEK I/ 439 decor.
  11. I believe the purple ones are Kralik. I have a green one which is signed Loetz Austria which I will post for you to see. Go to Loetz.com / Decors Index.
  12. Michelle & SEAN : I added 2 more photos showing the polished rim and large polished pontil. Age wear on the bottom.
  13. Thanks rose.
  14. Many years !
  15. kairomalte : Yes, actually I knew that ....must have been a "senior moment".
  16. Tony........thanks for the grouping. Looks great.
  18. Moon : not Durand....it's Imperial. Either Free Hand or Lead Lustre. Go to IMPERIALARTGLASS.COM and you will find it.
  19. Love the first one.....looks like Loetz.
  20. horeau : It is Loetz Ausfhurung 56 c.1908.
  21. MacArt : yes that is the difference as I see it. Hellmarmor is wispy LIGHT brown threads wheras Onyx is darker. Look at the examples on Loez.com.
  22. Thanks Scott.
  23. Thanks JJZ.
  24. Not Trevaise. No button pontil. I think it's Quezal.
  25. I came VERY close to bidding but I already have an 829. BEAUTIFUL.
  26. Thanks Warren.
  27. Signature is fake. But nice vase.
  28. MOON : I guess I forgot you are Claydon Jewelers. Glad you like it. I am thinning out some of my Deco pieces....NO MORE ROOM.
  29. SEAN : added another photo.
  30. YESTERDAYS : I planned to have the fake LCT removed but it is so faint you really have to struggle to see it..... so I'm going to leave it.
  31. DAVID : I have seen yours. Love the colors. Two days ago a Loetz vase in lime green with blue rim... 8 inches high and oval mark sold on Ebay for $75. I had placed a bid of $74. That's what I get f...
  32. About a year ago Skinner Auction had a set of these.....a large one and four smaller ones. Of course they had no idea they were Loetz. I went to the preview and sadly they were all badly damaged so I...
  33. Warren the Loetz Detective strikes again !
  34. I almost went for this but I'm so sick of Loetz pieces with fake Tiffany signatures. These fakers should all be shot at dawn ! Beautiful vase however.
  35. yesterdays : thanks for the post. The vase on the left is the same decor as mine....just a different shape.
  37. Thanks Tony.....can't wait.
  38. Thanks SEAN....I think so too.
  39. Chalcedon cousin.
  40. Nice example....the same one is on Loetz.com.
  41. czechman : not a problem......I get 50% ID's wrong ! This Loetz thing is very confusing.....my thing is American iridescent art glass c.1900-1930.
  42. Thanks SEAN & Rick
  43. Harrach : could you post a photo of the bowl that goes with the underplate ? I will have to keep an eye open for one. Thanks, Frank
  44. I believe the green one is Loetz Phanomen Genre 1/473. Go to Loetz.com and for Phanomen Genres.
  45. WRAP IT UP.....I'LL TAKE IT !
  46. No....no repairs or damage. The seller sent me several close-up photos before I bid.
  47. Warren....it was on a dealer's website from Texas. He called it Poschinger and had some "backup" info. but I dfon't remember what it was. He was just probably wrong. I'm changing mine to Kralik.
  48. Warren.....I almost gave you a run for these. BUT I have the rose bowl version which I was told was von Poschinger. I will post it for comparison.
  49. I like it whatever it is.
  50. I have one and call it Creta Silberiris Wellenoptisch.
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