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my passion is fenton glass, especially the hobnail pattern. i have around 5000 pieces in my collection. my collection continues to grow and expand every day the mailmy passion is fenton glass, especially the hobnail pattern. i have around 5000 pieces in my collection. my collection continues to grow and expand every day the mail comes and takes up the entire 2,000 squarefoot basement at my home in minnesota. i hope you enjoy all my pics. THANKS! (Read more)


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Newly Purchased Items From a Local Auction - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton French Opalescent Coin-Dot Large Pitcher with Ice Lip - Glasswarein Glassware
Stunning Large Fenton Spurce Green Carnival Hobnail Pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Plum Opalescent Hobnail Satin 8" Trumpet Vase: Not in Regular Line! - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Cherry Pattern Purple Slag Toothpick: Levay 1980's - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail Lamp: Unique Shape - Glasswarein Glassware
Stunning Fenton Honey Amber Hobnail Overlay Finger Lamp - Glasswarein Glassware
Newly aquired box lot of glass from a local auction - Glasswarein Glassware
Stunning Fenton Green Slag Logo Display Sign - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton French Opalescent Hobnail Vanity Set  - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. hi, if perfect, this set is worth about $600. it is fenton plum opalescent hobnail. hope this helps.
  2. hi, i actually do. it has been packed away for probably 2 years. it has the regular 7 inch amber overlay shade and then the amber overlay fount in the middle. I have a few honey amber overlay lamps.
  3. post a picture please... i can tell you what you have based on the picture. thank you.
  4. hi, the plum one is nice, i have one myself. they were made in 1984 for Levay by fenton. Are you looking to sell it and need a value/price to place on it or what ?
  5. thank you so much for your nice comments SunnyCA. means a lot to me! im glad i could share my collection with you and that you appreciate it, thanks again.
  6. Hi that seller is so over priced... I laugh at the prices they place on some things. Anyway I really need to stop the collecting. I have been collecting hobnail for 5years or so and I already have 500...
  7. hi, it is the same shape as the 11 inch hanging bowl, but there are no holes in it where the chains would go to hang it. i have many connections at the fenton glass company and purchased it straight f...
  8. hi, yes it does have a hole in the top of it. i have now over 50 Fenton hobnail lamps in many different colors. check my other show and tell items, i have a few posted on here. thanks, hope that helps.
  9. made by fenton, worth about $25.00. its very pretty. thanks for sharing!
  10. hi, yes it is pretty common...tallcakes is correct on the pattern. made in the 70's worth about $20 or so. hope that helps!
  11. not worth very much...$50- $75...maybe a little more or less. hope that helps. thanks for sharing.
  12. blue opalescent is blue with white (opalescent) and french opalescent is clear crystal with white (opalescent). they are not the same. blue is more desirable. hope that helps.
  13. yes this piece is newer, not old. it is a very pretty lamp. thanks for sharing!
  14. nice lamp but seems top heavy to me? the flip vase is a hard to find item, but who wants one with a hole in it? thats the question. thanks for sharing.
  15. yeah this is a great piece of fenton glass. it has a great carnival finish and a beautiful pattern! thank you for sharing! fenton didnt start making their items until the 1970's. this piece could be e...
  16. tall cakes is correct. made my fenton, pattern is spanish lace on silver-crested milkglass.
  17. i have made these sunflower looking glass pieces before for my yard... and i wouldn't trade them for anything, they sparkle in the sun so nicely. thanks for sharing!
  18. thank you officialfuel!
  19. thank you cocacolaman62!
  20. thank you mrj303!
  21. the color is called pink, even though the color looks almost like a peach-orange color. hope that helps. the glasses are fairly common to find. thats all i know hope that helps.
  22. thank you thriftfan!
  23. thank you thriftfan!
  24. thank you thriftfan!
  25. thank you mrj303, and thriftfan!
  26. thank you thriftfan!
  27. thank you Mrj303!
  28. thank you Mrj303!
  29. thank you Mavericklane and AmberRose!
  30. yes i did, i got them all from the same person. and i know...if my glass broke i would be so sad. luckily my kids are older and i have the entire basement for my glass collection. i have built-in shel...
  31. haha. yeah i paid $150 for the complete set (the punch bowl, base, glass ladle, and 12 cups). but there are only 500 bowls in existence and they are getting harder and harder to find. there are probab...
  32. thank you ThriftStoreAddict!
  33. i love the shade. i will post my honey amber overlay lamp i just bought right now. thanks for sharing!
  34. thank you ThriftStoreAddict!
  35. depending on the condition of the pieces is what determines the value...many vintage barbie doll collectors want mint accessories and outfits. it also depends on the rarity of the outfits. i collected...
  36. thank you mrj303!
  37. thank you mrj303!
  38. i would say that a plum hobnail epergne in the diamond lace pattern would fetch around $300 or so depending on the size and color. but i would have to see the exact color to make sure... can you post ...
  39. thank you MarilynD826!
  40. thank you mrj303!
  41. yeah i dont know either.... oh and thank you MarilynD826
  42. im not sure what you mean by reproductions....there arent any reproductions out there...there are later issues of items, but they are not reproductions.
  43. very nice piece. i would say that it is worth at least $100- $150. made in the 50's. personally i wouldnt take less than $150 for it. very nice item! thanks for sharing!
  44. i see that you are no longer selling on ebay... what happened?
  45. hi mrj303. i just purchased a complete lamp in the hobnail amber overlay it comes with the shade and the font assembled into a lamp. it is one of my new favs. i love lamps. i will try to post it today...
  46. glad i could help susan!
  47. these are very common. has a value around $10. but it is still very pretty. thanks for sharing with us.
  48. yes paul is right this is a reproduction lamp.
  49. hi. i have a huge collection of fenton hobnail and your little vase is fenton french opalescent hobnail and is known as a mini vase or hatpin vase. it is a nice item and worth about $15 in perfect co...
  50. i know it looks so intricate. very nice.
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