I love antique and vintage jewelry.




  1. Phil and Sean, thank you for your comments.
  2. With all the latest happenings, I don't feel at ease. I am probably paranoid, but the latest crazy posts was a huge wake up call...
  3. Thanks Pops and katherine... It was a difficult decision, but one that is right for me. I will miss my friends.
  4. Thanks Val...
  5. Nice... Phil's a talented photographer...
  6. I love Liz Palacios too and have a few pieces. She has been around 1987 and was selling like hot cakes during the "Friends" ear, because Monica, Phoebe and Rachael wore a lot of her jewelry. I reme...
  7. I am still in shock of what was up for 6ish hours... I only got to see last half hour or so... Very explicit and very bad.
  8. Very cool...
  9. Kerry, it's sad to see you go. I love your collection of watches and your kindness. Enjoy your life...
  10. A girl can always dream.. Right?
  11. Congrats on your big 500....
  12. Super cute...
  13. This is super interesting... Very nice.
  14. You have an amazing collection... Love them all.
  15. Aww... How sweet...
  16. Very nice...
  17. I have this little guy too... So cute.
  18. I believe your necklace is made by Max Neiger... Here is one similar to it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-CZECH-GLASS-MAX-NEIGER-EGYPTIAN-REVIVAL-SCARAB-SARCOPHAGUS-NECKLACE-/321707722512?pt=LH_D...
  19. Drawstring, I think. I have also seen them called flapper or even mourning bags.
  20. I still haven't fixed mine... I feel the same way, I want it to be as close to original as possible.
  21. I had almost the same post a couple of years ago: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/100162-broken-dreams
  22. I have in another posts about my time when and friend and I bought 40 moving boxes full of jewelry at once... It was crazy... It took us about 3 months or so to go thru everything. Very similar to y...
  23. Oh and to answer your questions: It's very common for sets to have some signed and some unsigned. Those might have had tags that are no longer attached. This type of earrings are called cluster ear...
  24. Beautiful... I also really like what's happening in the last picture. :)
  25. Definitely out of my expertise too... I just saw your Hallmark and thought I had seen it before. Have you checked to see whether they are silver? That would be a good start too. Good luck with yo...
  26. Super glad you are back..
  27. http://www.silvercollection.it/englishsilvermarksXBMMM.html There is a BM Co but not sure if it's the same as yours.
  28. Wowwy... Love love love this piece.
  29. Very pretty. I think you and Kyra should meet half way, and ship them to me so they re united... :)
  30. Beautiful piece... Maybe this will help? http://www.925-1000.com/Frussia.html
  31. Yeay.... I was really bummed out about it all and now I am glad that you are here again. Welcome back. Great post too...
  32. I LOVE THE KITTIES.... SOOO freakin cute.
  33. When I worked in Cosmetics 2 decades ago, I got a few large perfume bottles... One was at the launch of Lancome's Tresor. It was gorgeous... Not sure when, but along the way, they got separated from...
  34. The style looks like some stuff I bought I Dubai.
  35. Nice and round, just the way I like em... :)
  36. gorgeous
  37. Love these too... Beautiful design. Yes... Please... Keep sharing. I always think of you when I see Bakelite, celluloid pretties.
  38. Wow... That's amazing price you paid for this... That's awesome. Back then I didn't even know about bakelite :) I love this color. I sort of like how things age. So, my first reaction is to lea...
  39. Beautiful. Like it better than Coors beer :)
  40. Ditto what Manikin said...
  41. Wow....
  42. Great publication. I have a fascination with early airplanes too and collect service lapel pins. Will post soon.
  43. Cute Pixie...
  44. Super cool that you have the whole set. Mine also has a small chip on one foot.
  45. Very beautiful... I love your collection...
  46. Beautiful brooch... Love it.
  47. Wow, never knew that...
  48. oooh, pretty... I love the bottom one in the last picture.
  49. It's a gorgeous piece... I love it. And March 28th is my birthday... :)
  50. Being nosy... did you get this on ebay about a month ago? I think i was betting on one that looked very similar :)
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