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  1. So funny about AFLAC... we are always saying that in our house... Kevin is so good at solving complicated things. Val, thank you.
  2. Katherine. Yes, those are called rondelles or rondel (I have seen both spelling).
  3. Or sometimes at estate sales they shove them in one bag and by the time you get them home some get damaged. That's happened to be before too.. I am going to be more careful about that next time...
  4. Thanks Katherine... So springy...
  5. I have been back 2 more times since my first visit... I have to share the latest loot...
  6. Pops and Katherine thank you... Kyra, agreed... Nice way to see flower's names. I like this little one.
  7. Kyra, thanks... I paid less than $20 for both...
  8. Somehow I missed this one... Very nice collection. Did you know the company was named after the founder's granddaughter? How sweet is that?
  9. Did you see my bell telephone systems? That was a good lucky one!!!
  10. Thank you Val... I ve been buying a lot lately. :)
  11. Hi AmberRose, thanks... Doing great and you?
  12. OOh, it's larger than I had pictured in my mind... Did you just add picture one or am I fuzzy from my afternoon drink?
  13. I have had a few pieces of 925 or 14k (white gold) that turned out to be fakes. It's actually against the law in US...
  14. Me too... Sometimes I purposely look for them... But I think some sellers have figured that out too :)
  15. Val, thank you
  16. radegunder, thank you
  17. Nathan, Vladimir and inky, thank yiu
  18. Vladimir, thank you
  19. Heehee... Just sayin
  20. Surfdub,Kevin, karen,inky mad mike, thank you
  21. Surfdub, Kevin, karen, Vladimir and mike, thank you
  22. I can just imagine the pile you are referring to. :)
  23. I m will Sean... It's so interesting
  24. Val, that sucks... Karen, agreed... Sometimes I like the bad pix more. :)
  25. Katherine, J.,Phil, and Brat, thank you
  26. Thanks Bratjdd, for the lovely comment. Sean, agh, antiquerose, Pat, Jscott, Phil and Manikin, thank you
  27. Thanks again :0)
  28. agh, thank you
  29. Sean, Virgina, pops, agh and rose, thank you
  30. Rose, you are awesome... You found it so quickly. And it's exactly the same bracelet. Wow... I looked for a very long time and never the exact one...
  31. This is one of your most creative Kyratisation yet.... I really love em. I haven't seen that mark in the past, but will keep my eyes open as I look thru my reference sites.
  32. I really like this ring... Very pretty.
  33. Phil, I am so sorry for your loss. May your father rest in peace. Keep strong... Nadia
  34. Phil, thank you.
  35. Lundy and Phil, thank you
  36. It's so unique and so very pretty... I love it.
  37. This is an awesome picture... I love everything about it.
  38. Purrrrrrr.....
  39. Beautiful...
  40. Very pretty... I love it.
  41. Wow... It's gorgeous.. What does Depose mean in French? Or is it the designer?
  42. Soooo beautiful...
  43. Agram, this is very beautiful and thank you for the information too. I was wondering about this design and the origin of it.
  44. Katherine, Thank you... Nadia
  45. trey thank you
  46. VL and Trey thank you
  47. VL, trey, moon and Katherine, thank you
  48. Very pretty
  49. No not a horny lot!!!
  50. Michael, thank you
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