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  1. Wayne, thank you. Kyra, not yet!!
  2. Ooh, I saw the paintings and both are super cool and sort of goes with this... So, you like em horny... got it.
  3. Val and VL, thank you
  4. Zowie, antiquerose, viriginia and J, thank you for the loves and comments. Sean, agh, Pat, Cindy, pops, Manikin, Kevin, Rose, Mike, and Val, thank you for the loves.
  5. Sean, agh, Pat, Wayne, Cindy, Zowie, Pops, Keivn, Mike, Val and J. thank you
  6. Sean, thank you for the lovely compliment... Wayne and Zowie, thank you also, freiheit, agh, Pat, Pops, Manikin Kevin, Mike, and J thank you
  7. Super awesome... Congrats my friend.
  8. So cool.... I had never heard of Vegetal Ivory.
  9. It's super interesting. I don't know what it represents, but love everything about it... Even the devil...
  10. It's not 1800, because of that type of clasps were not made back in the 1800s. The pictures are somewhat dark, so I can't tell for sure, but I think it might be a Balinese dancer...
  11. Some type of bone.. I like the cute elephant.
  12. This is so cool... Love it.
  13. Sarah and Katherine, thank you
  14. sarah, thank you
  15. Katherine and Eza, thank you
  16. Katherine, Eza and glasslove, thank you
  17. Katherine, I know... I guess I love em all.. :)
  18. Kevin, Pat, Torakitty, Trey, J, Katherine and VL, thank you
  19. Izenglish, thank you
  20. Katherine, thanks... I am glad I found it too... Antiquerose... Thank you. Kyra, thank you
  21. Ivonne, thank you
  22. This is so cool... My imagination went wild, because I see horns on the musician's head... So, I thought maybe it's some sort of mythical seen?
  23. I love this... I am getting really hooked on insect jewelry these days and I am blaming you all...
  24. Great present.. Lucky grand daughter...
  25. This is absolutely awesome.. Your husband is so cool to pick this up for you... LOVE IT. Welcome to CW...
  26. Great, and I love it.... Welcome to CW.
  27. Thanks for the enlightenment... This is why I never buy anything unless I can examine the back also. Whether it's signed or not, I think the back of brooches are more telling.
  28. sarahoff, ttom and Katherine, thank you
  29. Beautiful piece and I really love the tall one too...
  30. Elisabethan, thank you... Interesting information about the triangles. I think it's hard to pin point the location too.
  31. inky, thank you... I think the first one is my favorite.
  32. J, thank you. Sean, Kevin, Pat, Torakitty, Trey thank you
  33. Thank you Katherine.
  34. mackay, agh and Elisabethan, thank you
  35. I agree... I think this necklace is from the same region too.
  36. Ted, Artdecogirl and ttom, thank you
  37. ttom, thank you
  38. ttom, thank you
  39. Elisabethan and ttom, thank you
  40. Katherine and Elisabethan, thank you
  41. Cindyjune and Elisabethan, thank you
  42. Ted, trey, VL, Bootson, Phil and Karen, thank you
  43. ttom, thank you
  44. ttom, thank you
  45. shareurpassion... I just finally finished being in pain... It took a while to get over it. Hopefully you have better luck than I did. ttom and Sarah, thank you
  46. ttom, thank you
  47. Elisabethan, thank you
  48. Elisabethan, thank you
  49. I love this color... So pretty...
  50. I think it's definitely middle eastern. Did you check for bakelite? I have a similar one posted, which I am still a little puzzled about... It's too heavy to be a necklace, so it's probably an orna...
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