Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it may there. I generally like to collect most things that goes into houses. The thing's that have slipped through my fingures with needing to partially learn the hard way & times. I would like to start selling , but just really unsure how to go about it without costing a fortune as only a pensinor, as a hobby & to make some money. I have been told I do have the eye for it. To be honest I lack confondunce. Most probaly say or tell more at a later stage. Take care all & if I can help or able to get help great keep collecting. My Email address is zp2011@bigpond.com If you wish to contact me in private. (Read more)


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Females Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
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  1. It sure is nice I don't mind it at all
  2. You get a lot of jewellery that you don't like the animals but they usually stunning pieces as is this one.
  3. It's different for sure
  4. I do like it as it's so unusual be great to wear to a fishing gala or such
  5. It is a pleasure such a unusual sword
  6. Always try & the mornings & night are pleasant here this time of year so at least you can sleep but the days still get hot
  7. No problems I hope your hunting went well & no-one starved
  8. So bold in it's colours a piece for the eye to be drawn to in any room
  9. Love the bright & cheery painting on it
  10. This sure is different xoxoxo
  11. Love the colour & the shape
  12. I'm sorry this happened to you for these reasons is why I don't buy on line as I do not have the knowledge to anyway I would get done. Glad it worked out all Wright in the end
  13. Still a lot of work went into it.
  14. His is so cute. I have just posted a brass one about 12 inches in height I believe to be vintage & you don't see many of them around either my partner is in the process of cleaning it at the moment
  15. Stunning candle sticks. Maybe the design were already in use at the company but had not be sold at that stage & he could not take them with he under contract. Just a thought
  16. Beautiful work on these pieces
  17. Like you the colour caught my eye love it
  18. Stunning jug I love the intricate work done on it
  19. This is a beautiful piece of work many hours would of gone into the making of it would love to know what it was used for. As for the top it may be just a easy way to make a lid handle.
  20. Fantastic & at first I thought it was a odd shape bottle. Even better it still having a use.
  21. I love this type of run away glaze on ornaments as no to are the same. Great colours also
  22. What ever it maybe I thought to put it on a chain for a necklace but if you collected similar items they could be hung off a window for the sun to hit they would look nice & through out great colours.
  23. Another terrific find for you both have only just recently noticed a few of your posts & you have a great market you go to.
  24. Man you have great markets.
  25. Try typing in wildwest & near the trigger it has a made in sign moulded in & not so sure on your end how clear as I cannot read were it gives the place. You never know what you will find at least you ...
  26. I love the owl but since the wood is so strong I'm wondering how old it is. I still the owl itself
  27. Lovely sometimes that's all something is lovely but I was told I had to make a longer comment. I have put & have seen just one word before this is a bit over the top
  28. I love them the colour the style well everything about them lucky you
  29. Very nice but I couldn't see the lady
  30. I was just about to click on the one next to this but then I spotted this I'm in love what beautiful items I've been looking at a lot of your items lately & you do so well. I hope your luck keeps up &...
  31. What a beautiful gift you are very lucky
  32. I agree with the other size may help it looks to big for a baby bath but I do love the claw feet
  33. My first words were ooh I really love the one that looks like it has a flower on the top really affective. I think the others are great also but that one really stands out
  34. Really nice Lee it has a stunning colour to it well done sweetie. xoxoxo
  35. Try putting in 5873 I think I read & porcelain clock & see what it brings up maybe nothing but unless you try you will never know. It is lovely
  36. Love the style & the colour well done
  37. Sorry I cannot help you but it looks as if a few have been able to I hate it when big companies refuse to help out I wonder how they would feel if we refused to buy there products. Good luck
  38. I missed this somehow I love the colour well I love everything about it really well done
  39. My pleasure & it's cool you can relate it to the show.
  40. It has the style of the old Avon jugs but they are plastic these aren't I much prefer it made from the pewter
  41. As always my pleasure Kevin have a safe & happy day I hope you have a good hunting one take care
  42. ozmarty you had better be careful as the saying goes were there is a will there is a way you may end up with a few of us wanting to be adopted & I'm not sure how you wife would handle that. Have a gre...
  43. Thanks for the show Lee it's a pity the photo of the necklace wasn't taken on something darker as it's a bit hard to see really well. I still love it have a top day & night. Be safe
  44. It would be hard to date but I love the rustic style to it. It may be a simple pattern but I find at times that's better then over the top. Well done
  45. Well you have done really well keep up with the good luck.
  46. Good one for getting it so cheap I just finished reading the full description as I was in a bit of a hurry the other day & didn't read the lot I know this is going to sound silly yeah you all can laug...
  47. Thank you one & all for letting me know what you think & what it is made of. I didn't think it was very old even with the slight crazing on the front of the tiles. The best bit is it fits everything e...
  48. Thanks racer4four I'll still use your tag name on this site unless you say otherwise. In the second shot you can see were the glass stick has been snapped off it wouldn't of been to easy making this I...
  49. I think it still is ozmarty but it has fantastic waterfalls there that makes up for it if you can get a fine day for a stroll. The last time we were there on the side of the track just hiding in the g...
  50. Sorry CW editors that is were I thought I had put them my apologies.
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