Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it may there. I generally like to collect most things that goes into houses. The thing's that have slipped through my fingures with needing to partially learn the hard way & times. I would like to start selling , but just really unsure how to go about it without costing a fortune as only a pensinor, as a hobby & to make some money. I have been told I do have the eye for it. To be honest I lack confondunce. Most probaly say or tell more at a later stage. Take care all & if I can help or able to get help great keep collecting. My Email address is zp2011@bigpond.com If you wish to contact me in private. (Read more)


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  1. I followed your link from livatinitz more companies then I thought brought this ugly pattern out nice price also it takes the ugly out of it
  2. Thanks for your kind words
  3. As always Lee
  4. I'm not religious but I don't mind this at all
  5. Lucky find Sean I really love it Have a top day
  6. I love your weave basket a lot different to most of your other posts good change keep it all coming I hope the weather & everything else is going your way. I just remembered There has been heaps of ra...
  7. I reckon his great Kevin he would fit in with my animals I seem to be collecting of late. Unsure why they just started to pile up
  8. Pleasure Lee I'm hoping all has been going well for you all I heard from Moonstone Jr awhile back sounds like a chip off the old block over look old my friend
  9. I love the blue in this Lee have a top day
  10. I'm not knowledgeable on most things as learning but have come across some helpful tips I believe the C clasp that the pin hooks in is older then the ones that close over the pin. On this I could also...
  11. Thanks Sean have a top day
  12. Doing good Phil keep them coming & stay well
  13. If I owned something I would want a good look also & in the past I have had my jewellery cleaned depending on the type. Your is really nice & am glad I seen it cleaned to show the full effect
  14. As always a pleasure
  15. Doing good lee it sort of has a female shape
  16. I've only just come across the post I'm glad all is going well I love to start my day on a positive not hope I didn't stir old forgotten memories.
  17. Pleasure just keep enjoying what you are doing
  18. In that case you are doing well
  19. Thanks for the love aghcollect
  20. I love your decanter very nice be safe have a good day.
  21. Great vase but I have no other information have a top day
  22. I have a hand made boomerang & it does return so I'm led to believe. It was made by Andrena of the Draug tribe (clan). I noticed on her returning ones that they have been shaved on the back on the end...
  23. Could it be a love token from a fisherman to his girl just a thought
  24. I see you like paperweights this one is cute
  25. Nice ring & as to wether tho shine or not is a personal choice. I have heard it said it devalues the item then other's do not agree as for me it's what pleases you the most
  26. I could be wrong but it seems to be missing a lid.
  27. A wonderful gift from a friend I cannot think of anything better. Sorry you are so sick but you seem to be in good spirits. Keep trying for your friends & loved ones when times are hard.
  28. I think you have a very good choice
  29. Sorry no but I do think it is great
  30. You have a beautiful peacock brooch one you would be proud to own
  31. I must be going blind also to me it looed like a SP thanks for rectifying it for me
  32. Always a pleasure Kev I just went over on one of Seans items it spun me out the price I would never of thought it anyway it said it went back 11mths & I know some of these emails have some life but I ...
  33. Going by the pin it seems to have some age from what I've read about the length of the pins
  34. It's to easy for lovely things as you seem to have a lot of
  35. Lucky to have would a light behind show through & high lite them
  36. Well then he was very lucky
  37. It's winter almost spring who said your husband had to use it you could go off with it while his doing his own thing
  38. Thank you again
  39. Ooooh that would be nice
  40. Thank you
  41. it is very pretty
  42. Thank you for the loves & I really enjoy looking at it myself it does have some age to it I wish I knew more about it
  43. A potter making pottery in the circles around the side of the plate looks as if it has lettering SP could the be the makers initials. Or am I seeing things
  44. Top vase I love the colour & the style not over the top
  45. You seem to do really well with your furniture I was wondering if they could be from the Quakers or such being so plain. I really do think you have been very lucky
  46. You have been busy to start with & I cannot think of the name of the cameras but I think they were taken with those huge ones where you threw a cover over yourself & the camera if that is of any help....
  47. Sorry to hear about your grandmother but it sounds as if she had a lot of love around her the most precious commodity we have. Also by the way what top treasures you have in remembrance of both your g...
  48. I will & thank you I try & make the best of every day & try not to dwell on things I cannot change. I hope you & your stay safe & be happy more of a bit of love & kindness is needed in this world toda...
  49. That's great & I bet the birds just love to have a drink & splash around on those hot days. Speaking of days have a top one
  50. My pleasure & thank you for your help & kindness.
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1960's rhinestone plastic pearl Vendome set Original mold for sand casting a humorous ashtray Anyone Have a Guess?? Uwe Schellbach vase Hunting photo, 1934 Chinese bronze cremation urn Oriental vase Juliana Rhinestone brooch


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