Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it may there. I generally like to collect most things that goes into houses. The thing's that have slipped through my fingures with needing to partially learn the hard way & times. I would like to start selling , but just really unsure how to go about it without costing a fortune as only a pensinor, as a hobby & to make some money. I have been told I do have the eye for it. To be honest I lack confondunce. Most probaly say or tell more at a later stage. Take care all & if I can help or able to get help great keep collecting. My Email address is zp2011@bigpond.com If you wish to contact me in private. (Read more)


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  1. Thank you all for the love
  2. It's very so cute I love it
  3. Beautiful is under stating this item you are both so lucky to own this item
  4. I always keep my eyes open as you never know what you will find & no I didn't ask she was the type of person that just seemed not to question. I could of said as it was sitting on shelving in the stor...
  5. Isn't it great to get pleasure out of the smaller things in life after I looked I could see what you meant by the water lilies'
  6. It's a pleasure
  7. I may just take Mark up on the offer would I be able to use the ipad to do the security on my laptop with it or would I have to open it up to run it also
  8. I may just take Mark up on the offer would I be able to use the ipad to do the security on my laptop with it or would I have to open it up to run it also
  9. I don't know the price so you would be the best judge on that one I just think it's tops as you must otherwise you would not of brought it but sometimes you just have to have something when I say you ...
  10. I think so as you must I can see them sitting up with my other little collection of animals
  11. Hi Michael the week just keeps getting better I hope it stays that way by the way your got yourself a great car nice for cruising in as you would know
  12. Pleasure Kevin I hope all is well in your world may only good things come your way
  13. Love it I meant to have a closer look at this yesterday as before I blew it up in the smaller pictures they look like little faces to me anyway.
  14. Fantastic shapes & colours Lee I haven't seen that shape in this style before thank you
  15. Thank you Lee & katherinescollection what typo I didn't see a typo it pays to be blind at times I don't know how many I have made over time as long as it can be worked out no big deal. I knew what you...
  16. And the answer is a big pleasure keep them coming
  17. Thanks for that Sean Karen & bladerunner for your knowledge & love, it should come up a treat as I have just started to rub it up to give it a new coat of varnish & handles as these are not the origin...
  18. That I do agree with Sean it reminds me of a tree & anything from nature I do like. Keep saving them Sean we are starting to think about moving into a house so we can do the things we enjoy & collect ...
  19. My pleasure again
  20. Mark asked me the other day if a Ipad would be any good to me but I know very little about them. If I used a Ipad how often would I have to open my computer to make sure it stays clean as of lately I ...
  21. I don't know what it is today everything I have loved looks better second & third time I look at the items
  22. Well I'm glad you have it back & I hope you get many years to come of enjoyment put it in pride of place I think it's almost cuppa time & crumpets
  23. That's one way to get warm
  24. What a beauty I really love the colours in this one. I'm still looking when I get the chance I did find some one day but they weren't for sale just my luck fancy sitting them in a shop & on a shelf wi...
  25. I missed these oz I don't know how they are great. It's the simple items that seem to look great some things can be over stated for me. I hope you enjoy them
  26. My pleasure it looks even better this time around, it really is great
  27. Well at least it's unusual not just round like most of them good luck in your search
  28. Thanks Scott to me the bird looks like a eagle so reminded me of Germany. Good luck finding out what you need to know
  29. You are most probably Wright bladerunner22 I was hoping the amount made well we can't have it all. We have started rubbing it back to do it up it should come up really well in the end & since there no...
  30. I'm with you, you should be able to replace the stones so no problem there. I really think the simplicity of the brooch. A lot of work would of gone into it in the first place & I would say a steady h...
  31. Saying it different just doesn't seem enough I love the unusual style & the colours even though they are dark it suits this item not in your face colours. Have a top day
  32. Not really Lee it's been so long since I have really be out & about. Not that I don't want to but the health things are not helping at all so many trips to hospital & doctors it's all I seem to be doi...
  33. My pleasure I have just never seen that style before it really catches your eye.
  34. My pleasure I hope you had a party keeps us young at heart not that I go to many not my style anymore
  35. As I said it's always worth a look to me anyway
  36. This is what I mean on your site you never know what you will see
  37. I enjoy dropping by you never know what you will see that's what I enjoy the most about this site you never know what you will see & learn about. Hopefully you will learn about something you have
  38. Yeah he's ugly but as I said beauty is only skin deep. He is still cute
  39. It would look beautiful you can see that it's not a cheapy even in the picture even if you got it at a good price you can see it's worth & I don't know much
  40. That's great it does look big in the picture.
  41. Some how I think I worked that out or you just wanted a collection of them either way it doesn't matter as they look great together
  42. For 1 thing this picture of you is great it really show's your skin deep beauty as I believe beauty comes in many forms not just what you look at. Secondly I really don't mind the earrings also, a pai...
  43. Another stunning item
  44. It's a pity about the chips on the neck other wise it would be stunning well it still is but not the same as if it had no chips at all. Have a top day
  45. It's so cute I remember years ago I seen one similar to this one but not of the same class.
  46. It's so cute I remember years ago I seen one similar to this one but not of the same class.
  47. I love it Kevin I hope you got it at a good price. It wont be long now & I will be able to go out hunting myself now I just have to get through Marks brain to take me to garage sales. Everything else ...
  48. Love the colour it's stunning. I sure have a lot to catch up on that happens when you don't get on line to do thing's but last month somehow someone used all my data in 2 day's of me paying it. I had ...
  49. I will have to remember the tips you were given it sounds like a good idea not to scratch the item & it's something I will be able to use in the future.
  50. My pleasure I think it's stunning
  51. See more


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