Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it may there. I generally like to collect most things that goes into houses. The thing's that have slipped through my fingures with needing to partially learn the hard way & times. I would like to start selling , but just really unsure how to go about it without costing a fortune as only a pensinor, as a hobby & to make some money. I have been told I do have the eye for it. To be honest I lack confondunce. Most probaly say or tell more at a later stage. Take care all & if I can help or able to get help great keep collecting. My Email address is zp2011@bigpond.com If you wish to contact me in private. (Read more)


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  1. It's his & there business as far as I'm concerned nothing to do with the rest of the world maybe they should all pay each other some respect & keep something's private what some people will do for mon...
  2. You never know sometimes they have the rest out the back as the mightn't have the room at the time it could pay to ask
  3. Thank you very pretty
  4. Thanks I didn't even realise it was a candle stick holder I just thought it was to carry something in. Great to know now I just have to work out what it's made of it's not wood or metal even though it...
  5. Pleasure
  6. That's never nice to here were they in a accident as I assume they are partners or am I wrong
  7. Pleasure
  8. It's not is it that's why I asked wrong colour for cheese so I had trouble working it out thanks Kev
  9. Pleasure
  10. Your very well up on this time I suppose there is a good chance you could of been around then just assuming I could also be wrong on that score. & yes I'm with twentiethcentury you have a stunning col...
  11. Be careful don't accidently drop the R it may upset some
  12. My pleasure
  13. My pleasure & thanks
  14. kivatinitz this is a kangaroo not sure after reading your comment if you realised that. The aboriginal's eat them well some do not all & kangaroo also I have tried that it's a beautiful red meat reall...
  15. Sorry kivatinitz I just had to change the date it was 1954 as my partner was 4 when he came out here I believe he was really lucky as he tells me he fell over board. I was born in 1957
  16. Thanks for the love kivatinitz I still have to take some more photos will have to have a look & see if I have put down the hunting stick
  17. We are very luck well done Agram.m
  18. My pleasure Sean enjoy your weekend I am
  19. Thank you katherinescollection great price also
  20. Thank you katherinescollection great price also
  21. I think so unless you ask you never really know thanks for telling me
  22. I thought he had already but as I said I only see the adds
  23. Gives some good choices for a holiday we have to travel to far here & to costly.
  24. My pleasure Alan only said the truth for me
  25. My pleasure
  26. My pleasure if it's your weekend have a good one be safe & happy to you & family
  27. He or now she was married to the Kardashiens wrong spelling the mum also was a very good sports person be all over the TV since he had a sex change even before the show all who are interested the priv...
  28. Thanks Manikin wish he would come back he had great input
  29. It's a beauty & it's great you found it all well done
  30. I had to come back to love it at first it wasn't allowing me to overcast again we are all having this problem at the moment around here
  31. Love it being unusual
  32. It looks like a piece of suffragette to me in colours maybe
  33. Looking at the picture on the right it looks like a eye to me
  34. Looking at the picture on the right it looks like a eye to me
  35. Are you sure it's a horn they look like teeth to me maybe some sort of strange fish or such
  36. This is great you know Koalas can be vicious I was lucky enough to see one in the bush just above my head I could of patted it it was that close to me. I use to sit at that river a bit & it was the on...
  37. Manikin sorry I don't think so it will get worse before it gets better don't mean to be pessimistic but that's how I see it & have for a long time so far I have be correct. Hey I feel sorry for those ...
  38. Well & truly love it
  39. I love cloisonné but alas I don't have any keeping my eye open though one day I will be lucky
  40. Top desk
  41. Was it converted or is it just electrical already do you know
  42. The second letter looks like a e to me could it be merit & did I also see numbers above it to the right with some letters or am I seeing things
  43. Kivatinitz I love your girl bust she is great. Sorry cannot help
  44. Love the cat Lee it handles the dress up really well by the looks of it. Enjoy your weekend & good hunting I hope you get lucky
  45. Hi it's been awhile since I have seen a post of yours unusual ring I don't mind it good score
  46. This looks to be a type if not a splat vase in type even if it looks more like a drip nice though
  47. Sorry I can only make out part of the letters it sort of looks like De Clorsu--ory & that could be way off nice print though
  48. The design reminds me of drapes very nice
  49. I have never seen this brand ever thank you for the show I like seeing new items that I haven't seen all the more learning
  50. I have never seen this type of lamp before they remind me of the ducks that usually come in 3 or 4 & are flat on one side that hang on the wall. Enjoy your weekend
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Help ID  750 gold hallmark Hanging Wall Pocket 1960's rhinestone plastic pearl Vendome set Original mold for sand casting a humorous ashtray Anyone Have a Guess?? Uwe Schellbach vase Hunting photo, 1934 Chinese bronze cremation urn Oriental vase Juliana Rhinestone brooch


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