Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it Well for 1 I just tried to Upload a profile & it didn't seem to work I did try twice, it may be 1 of thoose things where you log off & when you come back on line it may there. I generally like to collect most things that goes into houses. The thing's that have slipped through my fingures with needing to partially learn the hard way & times. I would like to start selling , but just really unsure how to go about it without costing a fortune as only a pensinor, as a hobby & to make some money. I have been told I do have the eye for it. To be honest I lack confondunce. Most probaly say or tell more at a later stage. Take care all & if I can help or able to get help great keep collecting. My Email address is zp2011@bigpond.com If you wish to contact me in private. (Read more)


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  1. I'm self taught & know very little lingo just battle through but thanks for the tip I'll see if I can work it out. I also noticed that the Amber brooch is a nicer red then the earrings it's deeper. I'...
  2. shareurpassion this is for you I have just come across 835 silver with fish mark it's lead me to believe that it could be Scandinavian, German or Dutch late 1800's I just typed in 835 silver with a f...
  3. My pleasure
  4. Not that I remember it's packed away at the moment just had the photo taken
  5. Yeah she goes to a lot of hard work to make them
  6. Thank you antiquerose I don't ware it same as the earrings they sit in the draw
  7. Have a top day kev
  8. The alternative isn't pleasant but that happens to us all as well have a top day
  9. I always do
  10. Thank you I try not to hurt anyone or leave mean messages to anyone as we all have our own opinion.
  11. Back at you
  12. I hope you get enough flowers for all your vases nice one
  13. Now my magnifier has gone for a walk were do things get there legs from got me stumped
  14. From what I see yes
  15. I never have a problem saying what I mean especially when it's meant. Take care
  16. Glad to here I'm not the only one to fall asleep over my laptop have a top day
  17. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly it's the earrings with the A.K on them it's the brooch that has 835 with the fish after it. I not sure if I have taken a photo of the back of the pin. It sure ...
  18. You'll get their
  19. Thank you all happy thoughts can come in handy at the moment thanks again
  20. That is how I have always found you humble not a lot of people are inclined that way anymore top lady
  21. Clicked again Amber sorry I thought I missed this before have a top day
  22. My UV light is a key ring I brought awhile ago if I put it outside for awhile everyday it does the job well. I'm surprised how it shows glue when the naked eye cannot see it. I'm also glad things work...
  23. These light photos are really hard to see Sean I still think they are great might try & see if I can put some more down if they go on they don't always open even after putting 4 pictures up bets me my...
  24. Always a pleasure for top people. What I don't get is we are all interested in the same or similar things & there still have to be nasty comments not to or about me at the moment I just really don't s...
  25. Nice piece I like fans. You made a comment that you thought my Amber pin 835 with a fish after it you thought might be gold but when it is polished it looks very silver to me but I'm not a expert on a...
  26. There is nothing wrong with your fingers or anything else in the end it happens to us all we age it's just how gracefully we do it your doing well
  27. You have such class & style I love looking at the different things you come up with
  28. Back in the eighties I brought something like this for a girlfriends 21st only copper & a decanter. I always try & go for the unusual things that way friends don't get stuck with the same things. Have...
  29. Thanks at least my mind isn't going altogether Ha that's what most think joking or they could be Wright. Thinking of selling some things off I'll go through Alan Carters as I know you can sell through...
  30. Never heard of him before but I love the style. Take care keep well
  31. You have great taste as usual real nice pieces
  32. Nice piece I would keep it in my place also if I had the room
  33. I've missed heaps lately but I do reckon this is tops good one at a good price from what I've guessed
  34. Top elephant glad his nose is up for luck even if you do seem to have the luck of the Irish
  35. One piece of my Amber has the initials AK the other piece which is post has 835 & a fish on it
  36. To nice for a ashtray
  37. I know but I try & be a nice nut
  38. Thinking of you Lee
  39. It sure is why can't people open there eyes & there hearts then maybe they just might see the hurt & pain they cause people life's to short to mess it up with a few unkind words. Have a top day
  40. All my pleasure
  41. The best present are the ones you don't expect & come from the heart
  42. Also thanks for the caring I didn't mean to write it down it just came out. Most of my days seem to be this way now days it could all be worse not being able to handle food id the hardest that's life
  43. It will be great to be seen
  44. Could it be from the Baltic ocean I also know they have some Amber called Butterscotch I prefer this type as I love the insects & twigs that is found in them
  45. It took a second or two but finely worked it out they are earrings very nice
  46. Did you show something like this before or was that someone else
  47. freiheit did you find what was needed on your jewellery box I had to up date my info as had some spelling wrong. I asked Mark what the tune was & he cannot think of it either so it looks like climbing...
  48. I just seen a ring that this would look great with on the latest post site
  49. Can it not be done with a prepaid Visa card to me that seems the safest
  50. This type of item I adore would fit in any home I have ever had
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1960's rhinestone plastic pearl Vendome set Original mold for sand casting a humorous ashtray Anyone Have a Guess?? Uwe Schellbach vase Hunting photo, 1934 Chinese bronze cremation urn Oriental vase Juliana Rhinestone brooch


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