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I am not a collector. I grew up in Connecticut in house that was built in 1769. - I believe that sparked my interest in antiques/vintage items. I have to admit howeI am not a collector. I grew up in Connecticut in house that was built in 1769. - I believe that sparked my interest in antiques/vintage items. I have to admit however, I do not know much about any particular thing. We cleaned out my grandmother's estate and my parent's storage barn and I have/had some pieces that I wanted identified and could not find anything on them. I stumbled upon this website and posted some items. I appreciate all the feedback I have received. This is a great site with great knowledgeable people. Thank you everyone! (Read more)


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Cut glass ashtray - Glasswarein Glassware
Cake plate ??? - Glasswarein Glassware
Three of my Nana's Brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage costume jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Original photo of Grandpa with Guy Lombardo - Photographsin Photographs
Royal Ironstone China Platter - Alfred Meakin, England - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Shell ceramic planter - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Nana's Pin???? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Nana's  Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Telechron wooden alarm clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Very nice! Can it be part of a lamp? Is it marble? The reason I ask is because I have a marble lamp in my basement that has been taken apart and it is similar to your photograph. - Or maybe a candle...
  2. What a beautiful collection!!
  3. nutsabotas6, kyratango,racer4four and valentino97 thank you all for your loves :-)
  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge sklo40. That's interesting! I just love finding out about a piece! I am pleased to see your pottery here!! Thank you for the love as well :-)
  5. kerry10456 Roycroftbooksfromme1 Thank you for the loves :-)
  6. Thank you Michelleb007! I never thought I would have so much knowledge given to me on the vase. It is truly appreciated. The stamp on the bottom is worn - however I can make out wings. I believe i...
  7. Radegunder vetraio50 fortapache Thank you for your loves! :-)))
  8. robin56 - I haven't heard anything about it from TallCakes :-(
  9. robin56, sklo42 and Vintagefran thanks for the loves :-)
  10. robin56 - I am not sure what it is. I posted it hoping someone would know. It was just another storage barn item.
  11. Thank you for the like GeodeJem and thank you for the love fortapache and Karen! :-)
  12. Haha!! You think chocolate chip cookies kerry10256 and robin56??? LOL I agree with you both! I think the platter is a little boring looking myself. We are having our neighborhood block party this ...
  13. Okay Kerry - I am assuming that is your name :) and 10456 is your date of birth???You win!! My name is Linette... no secret identity here :) LOL
  14. Aha!! Now I know who Karen is!!! I have to admit, it does have a nice luster - It might look good in a garden of a beach house!! Thanks for the love racer4four aka Karen :) Thanks for the love ...
  15. Thank you Peasejean55 for your love! :-)
  16. kerry10456 - I don't know anyone's real names, so I did not know who you were talking about when you said Karen!! I am assuming she is racer4four??? Well, thank you to Karen as well!! :-)
  17. Thank you Vintagefran for your comment. If I ever do get it working, I will post it. You're right, that was SUPER generous of kerry10456 to offer to rewire it. I truly appreciate that offer. :-) T...
  18. kerry10456 you are too funny!!! I wish we all lived close. I think we would have a GREAT time if we all got together!! You should have seen all the stuff that got taken away that was in my parents...
  19. Thank you kerry10456! I never knew, or woud have known without you guys/girls!! It is so appreciated!!! Thanks for the love as well :-)
  20. Haha!! Thanks Vintagefran!! I would love to have someone go through my attic - but I think you live too far away!! You never know what you may find in one of those boxes in your cupboard! I still ...
  21. Thank you vetraio50 and racer4four for your love of this "weird" piece of jewelry :-) l
  22. Thank you katerinescollections for you love and your comment. I have never seen anything quite like it! Thank you kyratango for your love and you help. You're right, now I have something to go ...
  23. Thanks for the answer and thanks for the love racer4four!! I didn't have a clue. I never saw one like that before. I just wear regular pins if I wear one with a scarf! Thank you vetraio50 for th...
  24. Hi Trunked! I am sorry I didn't get back to your question. I hadn't seen my husband long enough to ask him how it got it to shine. It was painted over when he found the trunk. He said that he scra...
  25. My goodness Inky, you have some beautiful glassware on your site. I love these vases!! I have to check out all your other stuff! :)
  26. That is really cool!! Love it! Have your cake and an after dinner drink with it too!! LOL Even if that isn't what it is for, it's a good idea!! :)
  27. Thank you for your love MellG! :)
  28. Hi Collectomaniac!! That's funny you have the same dish without the top. This site is incredible. The people are so wonderful and knowledgeable. I am in the process of moving and didn't have a clu...
  29. That's funny Inky, my husband said the same thing!! - I don't know if he was kidding though. The funny thing is that they are in better condition than my own glasses!!! Thanks for your nice comment ...
  30. Thank you Inky. I actually tried the necklace on and I think I may wear it. I didn't really care for it in the box, but it looks much better on. Thanks for your sweet comment and love :)
  31. Thanks Vintage_Joe for your comment and your helpful hint. Thank you for your like as well! :)
  32. Thank you for your love Caperkid!! :)
  33. You're too funny Zowie! It's amazing how you forget what you have until it's time to move! If I posted even half the things I have here, I would be on the computer all day. It's overwhelming to say...
  34. Thank you pw-collector. I appreciate the research you did for me :) Thank you for your love as well :)
  35. Bladerunner22 - I bet you did beautiful work at restoring the mirrors. I know they are not easy. I've learned from my mistakes on this one and, hopefully, if I ever do another, I will know what not ...
  36. kerry10456 - Thank you so much for your uplifting and kind comments! It sure is a good feeling to get it done. - However, I think it was a diversion from what I really should have been doing - which ...
  37. Thank you racer4four for your nice comment. I am happy with it and I am happy that I finished it. I went to several tag sales and flea markets and antique shops trying to find a similar one to the one...
  38. Thank you fortapache and kyratango for your loves :)
  39. Thank you again Caperkid :)
  40. Thank you Caperkid for sweet comment. It matches my living room. I am glad I finallly got it over with!! Thank you for the love as well! :)
  41. Thank you robin56!!! I have been looking for years to find out what type of lamp it was!!! I just realized that I have two more twin lamps with the same signature!! The one posted is much nicer a...
  42. Ebay has a very similar set that is Bohemian Moser. That is why I thought that. The design of the teapot, sugar, creamer, cups and saucers are the same shape. Mine does not have a "B" on it though....
  43. cncc2 kivatinitz surfdub66 katherinescollections aghcollect thriftfan Thank you for the loves :) Ilikeart - thank you for the like :)
  44. Hi robin56! I just posted a picture of the signature at the bottom of the mural. It looks like it says T. Ale or something like that. Thanks fpr your help and thank you for the love! :)
  45. kivatinitz - you think?? Thanks for the love :)
  46. kivatinitz and aghcollect thank you for your loves :)
  47. Thanks for your nice compliment Roycroftbooksfromme1 and your love :) nutsabotas6 - Thank you for your nice compliment as well. I know I have the bracelet. I think it may be missing some stones a...
  48. You are too funny racer4four!!! You never know, I may wear them - around the house, in the dark!!! Thank you for the love and your sense of humor :)
  49. Aww.. thank you for your sweet comment racer4four and thank you for the love :) Thank you sklo42 and aghcollect for the loves :)
  50. racer4four katherinescollections kerry10456 Thank you for the loves :-)
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