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I am not a collector. I grew up in Connecticut in house that was built in 1769. - I believe that sparked my interest in antiques/vintage items. I have to admit howeI am not a collector. I grew up in Connecticut in house that was built in 1769. - I believe that sparked my interest in antiques/vintage items. I have to admit however, I do not know much about any particular thing. We cleaned out my grandmother's estate and my parent's storage barn and I have/had some pieces that I wanted identified and could not find anything on them. I stumbled upon this website and posted some items. I appreciate all the feedback I have received. This is a great site with great knowledgeable people. Thank you everyone! (Read more)


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Grandma's vintage crystal necklace and clip earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Uncle Fred's Kodak Junior Six-16 camera - Camerasin Cameras
My little collection 
Not sure - possibly choker necklace??? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Grandma's Retro Blue Mirrored Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Wagon wheel Cognac bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Four tea cups and saucers - made in Japan - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Floral print painted ornate frame - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Tag sale find - Clawfoot card table - Furniturein Furniture
Post office desk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thank you for the love aghcollect!
  2. I love it!! You have such beautiful pieces!
  3. Thank you for your love aghcollect!
  4. Thank you so much racer4four. Thank you for your love as well. I appreciate your help! I will look up moriage.
  5. Thank you for the comment and the love SEAN68
  6. Now that's cool!!
  7. Thanks for the loves: fortapache aghcollectaghcollect pw-collectorpw-collector nutsabotas6nutsabotas6 loves ManikinManikin ... and the like charmsomeone
  8. That is beautiful!! Love it!!
  9. Thanks for your love surfdub66, ILXTAussieGirl and nutsabotas66!!!
  10. Thanks for your love aghcollect and nutsabotas6!
  11. Thank you surfdub66! I will check your comments out!
  12. That's the exact one pw-collector! Thank you for your research. I really appreciate everyone's help. I decided to rewire it!
  13. Thank you again nutsabotas6! I would think a necklace but the chain is soldered every two inches with a piece of gold metal, so you cannot get it over your head. Wearing it as a choker, it really do...
  14. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for directing me to that page aghcollect! I am determined to rewire it now!!
  15. I have the same exact one... it is lovely!
  16. Thank you Manikin! It does hold memories. I may just do what you say nutsabotas6. I hope it is not too difficult to rewire it - I've done lamps but I have never rewired a clock!
  17. Haha!! You are too funny! Thank you so much for the compliment... I will be sure to relay it to him! I am sure he will be thrilled - especially coming from someone who is an expert at restoring t...
  18. Thanks trunkman, That was a tremendous help! I love to know the history of things. We use it for storage, but my husband admits that he did ruin it by fixing it up. I just like the look of it. I ...
  19. Thank you TubeAmp! That's fascinating!! I never knew they existed
  20. Thanks TubeAmp! I never heard of a thread desk. I had to look it up!! I never, in a million years, would have figured that out. Thanks again!
  21. Great idea shareurpassion!! I am just curious of its origin. We've had it for years and I wonder what it was used for.
  22. Slackjack - I know that there are pieces/slats that fit over the top drawers when you open the cover. I think only a few of them may be original. I am not really sure how to place them. I will try ...
  23. I also found the number 809 on it between where the table folds down.
  24. Thanks scottvez!! I will post an underside picture - with the table opened up.
  25. Hahaha!!
  26. You just made me want to keep them Katherinescollections!! Thank you! I'll see what happens :)
  27. Thank you, Goodoody!!!
  28. Hmmm... interesting! Thank you, slackjack. I will have to look it up! I've never heard of one!
  29. This happens to be a paper print and it is signed by Stephen Lyman himself before he passed away - his original signature - not by his wife.
  30. Thank you Katherinescollections. We are moving and I am not sure if they are coming with me or not!
  31. I just added a picture with the shade. I believe it is the original shade along with the original finial on top. I would love to know something about this lamp!
  32. Is this a Bohemian Moser tea set? I have seen a few similar ones advertised and that was what they were called. Does anyone know? Just curious....
  33. Thanks cristiehenry. I just logged on to this site after 2 years!! It is a piece that we use every day. My sister has another one quite similar. It weighs a tone!! Mine has been primed because it ...
  34. Thank you Antiquerose. I appreciate your input!
  35. Thank you so much for the information mustangtony. I truly appreciate it. I will have it checked out. It is definitely worn when compared to mint state. Thanks for alerting me to the "dealer switc...
  36. Thank you for the information mustangtony. You are right, it is an 1894 O. How do you determine the Mint State? Would I take it to a coin collector for that? - Or would it tell me in a book? I kn...
  37. Hi dlewnyart, Sorry, I did not find anything out about this lamp. :( I am still hoping!! If I find something out, I will definitely share it with you
  38. Thank you!
  39. Thanks again!!!
  40. Thanks stefdesign!!
  41. Thank you Hedgewalker. I didn't have a clue about it!!
  42. Thanks Dean!!
  43. Thank you!!
  44. You're welcome!!
  45. Yes, I just checked and they do say New York. It also says "Redcraft Edition" or "Redcroft Edition". I cannot make it out either. I think we're on to something !!! Now we have to figure out somethi...
  46. You're welcome :) That's funny - I these figurines were placed on a shelf by the sink in my grandmother's kitchen. I could remember staring up at them, wanting to play with them, when I was a child....
  47. Thank you Vestaswind :)
  48. Thanks, I think it is cool looking too! I wish I knew something about it!!
  49. Thank you Ace. I appreciate it. I knew nothing about this item - every bit helps!!! By the way, it is the smaller one!
  50. Thank you so much for that information Chadakoin. I looked on the bottom of the clock and it was stamped 334. I didn't realize that was the model number. I appreciate your help.
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Pennwood 'Zephyr' Cyclometer


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