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I am not a collector. I grew up in Connecticut in house that was built in 1769. - I believe that sparked my interest in antiques/vintage items. I have to admit howeI am not a collector. I grew up in Connecticut in house that was built in 1769. - I believe that sparked my interest in antiques/vintage items. I have to admit however, I do not know much about any particular thing. We cleaned out my grandmother's estate and my parent's storage barn and I have/had some pieces that I wanted identified and could not find anything on them. I stumbled upon this website and posted some items. I appreciate all the feedback I have received. This is a great site with great knowledgeable people. Thank you everyone! (Read more)


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1894 Morgan Silver Dollar - US Coinsin US Coins
Pedestal cake plate - Glasswarein Glassware
Norman Rockwell prints - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Cast iron coat rack - Furniturein Furniture
Flowered vases - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Lake of Shining Rock print - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Fireplace brass andirons - Art Decoin Art Deco
Old postcard book - Postcardsin Postcards
9 miniature leatherbound books from the Little Leather Library - Booksin Books
Grandpa's Zenith radio - Radiosin Radios


  1. Thank you so much for the information mustangtony. I truly appreciate it. I will have it checked out. It is definitely worn when compared to mint state. Thanks for alerting me to the "dealer switc...
  2. Thank you for the information mustangtony. You are right, it is an 1894 O. How do you determine the Mint State? Would I take it to a coin collector for that? - Or would it tell me in a book? I kn...
  3. Hi dlewnyart, Sorry, I did not find anything out about this lamp. :( I am still hoping!! If I find something out, I will definitely share it with you
  4. Thank you!
  5. Thanks again!!!
  6. Thanks stefdesign!!
  7. Thank you Hedgewalker. I didn't have a clue about it!!
  8. Thanks Dean!!
  9. Thank you!!
  10. You're welcome!!
  11. Yes, I just checked and they do say New York. It also says "Redcraft Edition" or "Redcroft Edition". I cannot make it out either. I think we're on to something !!! Now we have to figure out somethi...
  12. You're welcome :) That's funny - I these figurines were placed on a shelf by the sink in my grandmother's kitchen. I could remember staring up at them, wanting to play with them, when I was a child....
  13. Thank you Vestaswind :)
  14. Thanks, I think it is cool looking too! I wish I knew something about it!!
  15. Thank you Ace. I appreciate it. I knew nothing about this item - every bit helps!!! By the way, it is the smaller one!
  16. Thank you so much for that information Chadakoin. I looked on the bottom of the clock and it was stamped 334. I didn't realize that was the model number. I appreciate your help.
  17. Very interesting. Thank you so much for your information. Much appreciated
  18. Thank you. I only have 2!!! Is your collection posted?
  19. Thanks again!! I am going to pick up a black light tomorrow to see what you are talking about. I am glad I didn't bring the plate to the Goodwill store. I am curious to see it light.
  20. Thanks - I will have to get one to try it!!
  21. So... do you have to put it under a light? heat it? or does it just glow at night? I want to see it!!! Thanks for the info
  22. Thank you fenton-hobnail. I appreciate your comment. I will be posting more items. I have no clue as to what I have!!!
  23. Does your's glow??
  24. Thank you TallCakes. That is exactly it!!
  25. Thank you. You are too funny!! There were a lot of things in that old barn and at grandma's house. We could not clean it all out so a lot of items were just thrown in a dumpster. These are just a fe...
  26. Thank you :)
  27. Thank you again!!
  28. Thank you!!
  29. Oh well... too bad it's not Italian. You're great!! Thanks for directing me to the sites. Truly appreciated.
  30. Thank you again. You are extremely knowledgeable. My grandfather was a true Italian. The name on them is Sorrento by Arnart. I will look it up. Thanks again
  31. Crown and ROYAL COPENHAGEN stamp in green under the glaze, blue wave mark, applied since 1923
  32. Thank you so much. I think that my be what is stamped on the bottom. I couldn't quite make it out. You are right - it is a large vase!
  33. Thank you for your helpful information. Much appreciated
  34. You are right PRUdNIK. Thank you for the info
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Amathyst & Diamond Bracelet Silver tray fiberglass chairs Empire? Poppy Vase by Zsolnay Dugan Fish Scales and Beads Plate with Souvenir Lettering My Lalique "GUI" Bowl Loetz Marmoriertes (Onyx), enameled, ca. 1895


Pennwood 'Zephyr' Cyclometer Original painting by PRUdNIK