Hi, I'm particularly fond of old favorites, glass & ceramics, Art Deco & Nouveau, also the unusual & quirky.


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Art Deco perfume bottle, made in Japan - Glasswarein Glassware
Snake vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Riihimaki Lasi Oy Red Hooped Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gail Warren decorated beaker - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small blue baluster vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of ships decanters - Bottlesin Bottles
Victorian? Thick metal tray. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Art Deco bakelite, British made egg cups? - Art Decoin Art Deco
Jowa, made in Denmark oil lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Glass vase with Amber rigaree - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank you sean :)
  2. Ooh, so it is. thank you art-of-glass:) I couldn't find it
  3. Its beautiful.
  4. Hi GTMOOM, What wonderful & varied items. I couldn't pick a favorite, they're all really nice & so different.
  5. Thanks DrFluffy :) hi Sean, i did get your message. I deleted the post as it now belongs to you to display as you see fit :) I'm so glad you like it
  6. Fantastic collection, beautifully displayed. I have a similar amount amassed in only 2 years.
  7. Cool. Love it
  8. Hi Karen, I have a bit of Japanese glass & didnt know it. I hoped you might see this & be able to tell something about it & you did, thank you :) I had no idea Japan exported things like this, let al...
  9. My pleasure Anne. If it wasn't for the chip I'd have got it. The iridescence radiated from the center in stripes, it was very attractive. I still prefer the kingfisher though :)
  10. What an unusual shape & colour Ian. Just seeing the middle section, in the thumbnail, this was the last thing I expected to find. Lovely
  11. Amazing glass again Karen. Looking at it at first glance could easily be mistaken for Victorian. I don't know anyone who knows so much or has such nice Japanese glass!
  12. Thank you Anne & jscotto, anne I have no idea either, lol, I know the tall ones Schachtenbach but the other one ive no idea, could easily be English, or French i thought a possible. Hopefully someone ...
  13. These are beautiful Anne. I Love that last one. Like Mike ive never seen any Moorcroft in real life. I bet these look amazing in real life. Nice to see there is still quality around
  14. Thanks Sean :) Anne, talking of ceramics influencing glass. I saw a vase the other day I thought Was Tango glass until I picked it up!
  15. Many thanks Sean :)
  16. Do you think its Austrian/German? like the Schachtenbach
  17. Karen, this snakes got a face! the other ones just implied, love it though. it's such a great shape, it looks good with no adornment. I like them both :)
  18. Thanks Karen & Inky. The uranium snake was a gamble ( which payed off :) With the taller vase the seller knew it was uranium but with this the seller didn't say & it didn't look a particularly bright ...
  19. Hi Anne, how nice to hear from you :) i agree completely, its interesting how glass & pottery styles and glazes influence each other, even sometimes mirroring each other. I had a look for bubbles, i...
  20. Hi Karen, thanks to your Hooped lead:), ive been having a look. I found some vases by Swedish Lindshammer which weren't cased & resembled this a little bit..
  21. Hi Karen, Hooped glass, is that its name? thank you:) typical i got it wrong again,Aaarrgg. I was looking at spatter 'zig zag' vases again earlier, their shapes are quite a bit different to this, i wa...
  22. A good weekend to you too:)
  23. Hi Peggy. Are you still no nearer finding anything out about this beauty? It's a shame, I really love this one. With its iridescence & dimples it must have some lovely colour play. I bet it looks grea...
  24. Amazing. The beauty & variety of glass never ceases to amaze me.
  25. Hi Katzi, what a stunner! So elegant & those handles, mmmm
  26. Lovely Peggy, we seem to share a love of Victorian glass :) what a nice pink, unusual. This is exactly the sort of thing that would have me stumped too :-S
  27. I agree with Zowie, you have a beautiful collection Lee, I don't think there's anything of yours I haven't loved & this is a superb addition!! Ive yet to see any Daum Nancy in real life but it always ...
  28. I just read shareurpassions comment on sunlight. I'd heard it could turn glass purple but never knew it could change its shape as well!
  29. Hi Peggy, I love that this is relegated to the window sill:) at least it's not a cardboard box! I feel exactly the same, lol, if I find out something's more modern than I thought, I'm not so intereste...
  30. Very true PatSea..Partay! Thank you DrFluffy. He wanted me to have something I liked rather than pick something for me & getting it wrong...that or he was just too lazy to go looking, lol, either way ...
  31. Thank you PatSea. My birthday was a few days ago, ive been eagerly awaiting this since :)
  32. Thanks Sean:) Ah a candle holder, of course, I bet that's what it is, thank you ho2! I must get a candle and try it out :)
  33. Agree with Anne, what a lovely colour & I love the ribbing. As usual, I'm amazed its as old as it is, id have guessed more recent from its 'look'. I have much to learn..
  34. They're all amazing Ron! I like the blue one, for its colour & that it looks like it could take off! Wonderful cars
  35. Lovely Peggy. I seem to be having a blue evening, I posted a blue vase earlier today & just about every vase ive loved this evening has been blue! :-S
  36. A pleasure Michelle, thank you for sharing:) They really are stunning. I bet they look great with your other blue vases
  37. Hi vintagelamp, what a great little plane. Nice find from a flea market :)
  38. with envy over here too. These are gorgeous Marty
  39. Oh Inky, what a vase!!! I could look at this for hours! I'm amazed its as old as it is, it looks quite modern. Ahead of its time :)
  40. Love your description antiquerose, lol. The iRons cool too, very space age looking.
  41. Agree with Moon, Love your research. I love its shape and colours, not very often see this shape as Tango.
  42. Lovely, unusual. I like their size & shape and that gorgeous rasberry colour, I bet they look FAB in real life. Like you say, its amazing so much went into making such small vases. Craig, I've just re...
  43. Ah! Gasp! Those 2 on the end, simply beautiful
  44. Hi Craig, ive just seen this post! Fantastic info, thank you (nice to see my little example up there:) I love their swirly Art Neavou collars
  45. Another stunner. Amazing its so old! Like others have said, from its style I'd have thought it was modern. It must have been very 'modern' for its time.
  46. Ah, Michelle. These are breathtakingly beautiful!
  47. Oh my this is sooo sweet, I love it!
  48. Fantastic item Austro. Is the last photo of it in your home? You live in the past!
  49. How wonderful. I'm with jscotto, I love items like this. very beautifully made.
  50. Fantastic!!!
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