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Hi, i love a bargain! Particularly fond of old glass but anything unusual or just plain cute will catch my eye.


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Bagley Frosted green uranium glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Cranberry glass bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Crackle glass creamer - Glasswarein Glassware
Italian black glass sundea dishes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lovely butterfly paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wooden Pelican - Animalsin Animals
Wooden teacaddy - Kitchenin Kitchen
Welz small pot - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small Cranberry glass pot - Glasswarein Glassware
Pantagonal ahstray. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Hi LadySalt, thanks for taking a look. I'm astonished it could be that old & funny what you say about them often having chips, as this has just that. I'd never heard of a Master Salt before, how ...
  2. Thank you Ken. I love it too :)
  3. Hi ID Ruckl sounds as good as any to me. It's colours are similar to the light shade, but the yellow looks brighter in that. Funny but I've found both decors before while looking into this. I found so...
  4. Wow, that's a fantastic lamp shade!
  5. I was going to say Pelican but thought they had a flappier neck, I must be getting them confused. Thanks Riply206.
  6. Thanks Upstate. I thought they looked yellower. these are damaged sadly, but they're great. I do love them. So Art Deco & the greenest, heaviest glass I have :)
  7. Thanks Karen, I wish I could post the other one, which is probably Chinese as well but looks lovely, but im having photo upload problems again. I can appreciate how hard it is to tell. I was studying ...
  8. Anne congratulations!! Im off to have a look:) Ladysalt, thanks for the link. I never thought of these as salts before. I wonder. Your name suggests your just the person to ask about them & this,...
  9. Hi Anne, good to hear from you, & thank you :) your cranberry sounds lovely. Old or new i love its colour ( which i guess is why it always costs more ) do you think this one is old or more recent? I d...
  10. Thanks Michelle :)
  11. Thanks to the info ive found these, described as mid century Fidenza..
  12. Wow thanks Riply, I couldn't have wished for more info! You've givin me a ton of stuff to work on. Thank you :)
  13. Karen, may I ask, the opaque finished base, are Chinese ones always finished like this do you know? Only ive a few paperweights with a similar base. Tricky isn't it, I have one i know isn't Chinese be...
  14. Hello Pat & Karen. Murano vs Chinese, it seems a constant dilemma with these things, lol. There are other makers, could it not be one of them? I don't mind if its Chinese, I love it regardless :) I fo...
  15. Thanks Scott. Funny I got this only a couple of weeks after the last one, same shape different decor.
  16. Interesting yesterdaysglass, What are the differences? Does Spatter have the colours look more dripped on rather then the sometimes straight edges you can see in end of day glass?
  17. ;) I'm always getting the two mixed up
  18. Thanks WS, I was starting to think Oak after finding others similar. It looks different to some Oak furniture I have.
  19. Really?? I meant Upload, lol.
  20. Thanks Sean. I usually do but its not easy to down load images atm. I'll add a photo of the bottom of both. Do you think they are Avon then?
  21. Is Savon a different company?
  22. Thanks for the link& love Sean :) I added a photo of the bottom saying Avon. Why is the word SAVON confusing? most the labels in the link you sent me said it?
  24. Zowie, these are so cool. Love them!
  25. Hi Peggy. Like ve your technical terms, that's the kind I can understand. I've never help an end of day vase like the first one I linked to, but it does look like You could feel the blobs. The second ...
  26. Cool! Nice find
  27. Lol! So true. Its always a case of 'one mans treasure is anothers trash'. Im pleased to know im not the only one who rather likes this..though to be fair i didnt buy it either, lol, i thought about it...
  28. Thanks Jewels. I like it too :) I cant believe no one wanted it & for a very reasonable price, for its uniqueness alone.
  29. Thanks musikchoo. Sorry i cant help i know next to nothing about Avon. I only heard of Cape Cod since yesterday & looking here.
  30. Here's one described as 'end of day' with clear glass..
  31. Here's an example of the kind of 'end of day' vase I like. As Gary commented earlier, the colours here don't look like random leftovers, they look very deliberate. Also all the 'end of day' vases I've...
  32. Hi Charcoal/Sklo, I've read before that 'end of day' glass wasn't really made of left over bits like you'd imagine from its name. Still, I like the ones that look as if they are, that's the sort i con...
  33. Hi CindB, I look forward to seeing them:) These are the only bookends ive got. My Dad, who's a big Art Deco fan has a few, he's not seen these yet, or got any uranium green :)
  34. Lol, know more than you Sklo, I don't think so. You've helped me out numerous times. I'm still looking for my end of day glass, I've come close to getting a bit a couple of times but it still eludes m...
  35. Thanks Sklo, I didn't think it was 'end of day' either. I know what that looks like because I'm after a bit :) TC it does look like a crack doesn't it, you panicked me, lol, but, i can't find any crac...
  36. Ive found others in the same decor both described as Welz/Kralik 1930s, I guess they don't really know, lol
  37. Ooh yes, thank you TC! Lol, the collar on that is nothing like the one with this, which is typically plain, to be fair the seller said she didn't think it was original to it. The collar on that link i...
  38. Thanks TCS, I didn't even consider salt & pepper pots but I thought it looked old. It's such a shame so much is thrown away.
  39. Thanks for the links Cindy. Ever since first discovering uranium glass a year ago I almost always buy it, though I've had to cut back, but, as Karen said, these are keepers. TCS, thanks a million. I'd...
  40. Hi Upstate, Tall Cakesmlinked me here. I see i loved these awhile ago, I forgot all about them. funny actually, but your profile crossed my mind when I saw these, I thought you'd like them :) may I as...
  41. Ooh yes, they do look very similar, thanks TC. It was taken out the tip bag, I couldn't take them all but too what I thought looked the most interesting. I got another one too, i pretty sure pressed ...
  42. Hi Cindy, CW recategorised it. I think Depression glass encompasses urainium glass made at that time. Vaseline glass, if i understand right, can mean something quite different, an off, white, yellow w...
  43. All these photos were taken with no uv light & on a typically wel cloudy english Sunday afteroon. Theyre a nice example of bright uranium green, i decided i couldnt part with them despite some extensi...
  44. Hi CindB, Oh yes. I'm a big fan of uranium glass and have boxes full of it. All that was showing of these were two bright green strips in a box of other China & glass, at first I thought they must be ...
  45. Odd, it only gives the option to load one image, i have to edit to load another.
  46. Un related, but may i say, after days of trying to post these, success! I Love Puffin, not only one of my favorite birds but now my only web browser thats been able to upload a photo on my ipad sinc...
  47. A pleasure WS. Thanks for loving :)
  48. What Fantastic images Virginia. They're all great but I love the first one
  49. I love Joan Crawford...she's so 'hard' looking, & from what I've read i think she was.
  50. Thank you Sean & everyone who's loved.
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