Hi, i love thrifting (as you say across the pond) I'm particularly fond of the old favorites, glass, ceramics, Art Deco & Nouveau but'll get anything I find interestHi, i love thrifting (as you say across the pond) I'm particularly fond of the old favorites, glass, ceramics, Art Deco & Nouveau but'll get anything I find interesting. (Read more)


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Blue iridescent vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
2 small barium glazed studio pots - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Stone sculpture - Visual Artin Visual Art
Dichroic crystal mini iceberg. - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Glass jar in metal holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Carved wooden bookends - Art Decoin Art Deco
Birks French Ivory box - Art Decoin Art Deco
Elegant vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass bird - Animalsin Animals
Purple Dragon - Animalsin Animals


  1. Hi Karen. Yes 2 heads. Very weird! :)
  2. Thanks WP. I've a few small studio pots with markings ive never traced, its a shame really, they're very nice. Hopefully the Barium lead will lead somewhere :)
  3. Ooh how interesting! Thank you CanyonRoad, I'll definately look into it :) ive changed the last photo to show the base, with its grooves.
  4. Hi Ian..what a surprise to see this. I've had one of these for awhile now. I used to have it posted. It was thought to be by Kralik.
  5. Boats & glass, mmm what a combination. And yes a true pair, not just 2 identical
  6. Gorgeous Ian. I think I had a bid on this one too, or it was one very similar. Love it. Really nice
  7. Ooh Peggy, this ones super!! I love these zig zag shaped vases. The colour of this ones great too! Is this type of shape usually attributed to Kralik?
  8. Hi Sean, Ahh soapstone, could be. You must have some odd MCM glass :)
  9. Thank you again Sean :)
  10. We obviously both have excellent taste :)
  11. Thank you Karen. They're charming aren't they. I can almost imagine someone whittling away the evenings in a time with no TV. If only they could talk :)
  12. Thanks CindB. I'm chuffed with it. It looks magical & taught me something new today :)
  13. WP thank you!!! I was beginning to think it was a Dilithium Crystal. i looked for hours and never came across the word Dichroic. It amazes me there's always something completely new, below my radar, t...
  14. Thank you Shareurpassion. & belated happy new year 2ü! Ive still no idea who made it. Langman is a vague guess which might fit the back but I can't find anything like this by them. Did find a couple w...
  15. Gloves! Oh how lovely & dated. Thank you WS, I'd never have guessed. I thought it didn't look quite right for cigarettes. I just re measured and i got it wrong, its 9cm, I hope still too big for ciggy...
  16. Lol, maybe WS. Do you think its part of a dressing set rather than a cigarette box?
  17. Hi Alfredo. Wow, what a fabulous item!!
  18. Ooh uranium glass animals!! I'm green with envy :)
  19. How unusual and gorgeous!
  20. Ooh Sklo, I believe i bid on this one..damn it! Or it was one the same, Lol. It's gorgeous isn't it. I fell in love with its colours & shape. glad it went to a good home :)
  21. Oh wow! This looks fantastic WP. May I ask how you light them, is it with a uv strip light? Unfortunately my cabinets got a glass top so not sure how I'd light it but id love to have it set up like th...
  22. Hi Jeanne, sorry I can't help with any info on it but what a great looking tricycle. Love the mud guard!
  23. Hi Sklo. What a lovely shape & colour vase. I've seen blue & have a green but never come across orange with strips like this nor this shape. Very nice.
  24. These are gorgeous Glassmadshaz! You have a lovely glass collection. I sympathise with your lack of windowsill space, I have the same problem, my windowsill has long been filled plus every shelf & the...
  25. Thanks Craig. How interesting. Another Welz! Lol. i got it for its unusual shape more than for its colours.
  26. You 2 got me thinking, if this is by Birks the jewellers, maybe the metal is silver. It's unmarked but has passed the silver tests I know of, its not magnetic & melts ice at lightening speed!
  27. Hi WS & Phil. Thanks for the great link & info!! I'm amazed it could be from Canada! I found Birks the jewellers while looking into it but thought it unlikely they'd make plastic boxes. It's size is 2...
  28. Thanks Arisellon, you have a fantastic Art Deco collection!! I'd 'love' it all but would fill up the front pages, lol (but I do)
  29. Great posts Craig. Like Michellboo7, i had no idea Welz did this type of decor. I often see it described as English, I wonder how many actually are, lol.
  30. Thank you sean :) & to everyone who's loved.
  31. Hi Karen Thanks. Do you have any links for anything Polish with similar colours? I've been searching for ages and found nothing:( Ive given it a clean, got rid of most of the water marks. The blue and...
  32. These are stunning!!
  33. Thank you Sean, Agh and WS :) would any of you have Any idea of where it could come from or when? Or what the sticker might mean?
  34. Hi ArtPottery. Interesting :) I've wondered about this before, I think it was discussed the first time I posted it :) You can just see the hole top right of center in the last photo. It appears a pa...
  35. Thank you Elizabethan :) I wonder what shaped shade was originally on it?
  36. Another fun item, I have a (very) small collection of egg cups, i do love the whimsical ones. This is the nicest ive seen.
  37. Cool, love it. What a great pressy!
  38. Hi Sean, a belated Happy New Year to you!! And thank you so much for your help IDing items for me, you've helped me out no end in the time ive been here. I Love this vase!! It's right up my street, b...
  39. Thanks for the loves and comments everyone. Sklo..LOL you made me laugh, he does look surprised to be here.
  40. PS, although he's a plum/purple colour, it does look dark red in some light...I think he is meant to be a Welsh dragon, albeit a dark one :)
  41. Thank you Karen & surf & everyone who's loved. Karen, I'd not come across the phrase 'lampwork' before, thanks for the education :) I found a similar one on ebay, not identical & red in colour, but si...
  42. Thanks again Karen. I love this, it reminds me of a giant egg :)
  43. Hi Karen, happy new year!:) I love it as it is too & Vetraio, thank you for the loves.
  44. Happy new year Moon. This is stunning!!
  45. Happy New Year AntiqueRose! What a darling seal & great site. I can see that being incredibly useful, I do love glass animals, thank you :)
  46. Ahh, Virginia, these toys take me back. It's great to see them again. Happy New Year to you & thanks for all your help in the past year
  47. Phil, thank you so much & may the same blessings occur to you & yours & 2015 be the best year yet :)
  48. Anne thanks for the info. How many Davidsons were there? Lol. Fascinating stuff :)
  49. Hi Antiquerose, Happy New Year to you too! May it be a good one 4ü. I looked all over this didn't find a signature. Its a shame but i have a few unmarked urns.
  50. Beautiful. Stunning Inky, I love it!
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