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Hi, I'm particularly fond of old favorites, glass & ceramics, Art Deco & Nouveau. I also like figurines, Sci Fi or anything unusual or quirky.


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Yellow uranium conserve jar/ sugar bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Pretty daisy paperweight. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue or green glass sculpture - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iroquois, Onondaga 'Broken Nose' by George Henry - Native Americanin Native American
Glass cube paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Owl figurine - Animalsin Animals
Large pressed glass vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Small studio pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Green paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small perfume bottle - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Heres a lovely nice example of a yellow Tango vase lined in white, Does anyone know if urani...
  2. Comparing these two, they could have come from the same set. The only differences are their shapes, this one having a gr...
  3. Hi Peggy, thank you. I love it too. love its colour & its shape and it glows! :)
  4. Hi Anne, may I ask you, or anyone, do you know if uranium was used much in the '50s? I think I read, ages ago, that it was, but limited in use. The uranium makes me lean toward it being pre-war, possi...
  5. Hi Anne, thanks for the info. I don't think it's a marriage, the lid fits too well. The inside is lined in white. I've added a new photo. I don't really mind who made it or how old it is, it'd just be...
  6. The shop had it displayed upside down, as in the last photo..crazy. It looks much better the other way around :)
  7. Thank you Katherine & Karen & everyone who's loved.
  8. Hi WS, I'd never seen it before. It kind of reminded me of the Ugly Mugs you used to get. I was very surprised to find out its by a Native American. its been an interesting item to research.
  9. Hi Karen. It does, it leaves little rainbows around the room :) I prefer it plain to the ones with 3D White things inside. I guess this could be vintage, its yellowed a bit over time & been dropped a ...
  10. TallCakes, TC's Top Cat, a mine of information :) fabulous vase. I wonder if its uranium?
  11. He he, oh he's so sweeeet.
  12. Ooh they're so adorable!!
  13. Hi Alan, what a great find! And info, thanks for posting, it was very interesting. What a good artist. It's a wonderful sculpture
  14. Hi Peggy, these are lovely. They're something I would love to have an example of one day. I've never seen one in real life. I notice on some that the pictures appear to have shadows, often in a paler/...
  15. Aww no, did I? I'm sorry:( Maybe we've bid against each other more often than we realise, we both have simiar tastes :) I remember you won a lovely stripy yellow vase I bid on. Oh well, I guess it ca...
  16. It looks fabulous with the others. Well done :)
  17. Hi Peggy, beautiful. I saw this and was going to have a bid, I'm so glad I didn't bid against you, maybe we should coordinate, lol. It's lovely, and a bargain, I thought ;)
  18. Lol, snap Vetraio. Just what I thought, very Joan Crawford!
  19. Fabulous! Love those handles.
  20. Beautiful
  21. Wonderful item.
  22. Lol, love him. I'd wear it all the time, not just on Halloween :)
  23. How Beautiful Kryatango. I love it. I love 'insect jewely' :) I'd never heard of Pietra dura, thank you for the lesson :) It looks similar to micro mosaic?
  24. Hi, I'm commenting on this in the hope it will bring it to someone's attention. I'm no nearer discovering what the symbol on the front means or even what country to try looking for it, if anyone has a...
  25. Hi Ivonne, ahh thank you. That makes perfect sense:) I found one the same on eBay. There's also some numbers on the other side I hadn't noticed.
  26. Hi TA, I've never done a patent search. How would I go about it?
  27. Hi, this looks like a 'Craw' owl, but they usually have 'craw' written on them, I don't know if the Always do though.
  28. Thanks Kryatango. They're very realistic looking. Funny, but they're completely black but still look like they're looking in a particular direction, how do they do that!?:-S
  29. Thank you Karen. I have it for now:) I can't resist a nice paperweight, even though I don't really collect them as such, they're pretty and Small!
  30. Hi Kryatango. They look great displayed like that! Far more interesting than a bunch of flowers. The butterfly looks so real! amazing
  31. Hi Anne, it's very nice whoever its by. Lovely colours!
  32. Hi T A, thanks for the link :) may I ask what you mean by 'old spec'? Could that be used to date it? I notice the cases, particularly the tops, are a different shape to the medicine bottles ive found ...
  33. Hi WS. Interesting. Maybe that could help to date it? :) first I'd assumed it was aluminium, then tin. There's loads of green in it, you can see it in the 3rd photo. I didn't attempt to clean the insi...
  34. Thanks Kryatango. I like it a lot. It polished up very nicely :) (just don't look inside) I'd never come across a bottle in Any case before, not individually like this.
  35. It's cleaned up very nicely :)
  36. WS, May i pick your brains again. Do you know what metal the case is made of?
  37. Lol, WS, don't ask me, id never heard of a 'campaign' bottle either. I guess it could've been used in campaigns, it's certainly tough enough, but whether that could be proved I haven't a clue. Hi Geod...
  38. Someone thought it could be a 'campaign bottle', I don't know. I couldn't find any campaign bottles like this, only medicine bottles, with labels. I guess with no label it could've been used for just ...
  39. Thank you WS. It's always nice to pick up something and it not be what you expect :)
  40. Hi WS. Thank you for the link:) I saw those while looking into this. I thought it likely a medicine bottle. It's a shame there's nothing written on it anywhere. Would you say it's late Victorian era o...
  41. Hi Anne. Yey it arrived jinx this time :) it just has room on a shelf. I tend to buy then worry where I'll put it later. I'm no nearer moving, when I do a lot of my collections will have to g...
  42. Hi Phil. Welcome fellow Brit. You have two beautiful items listed. I look forward to seeing what else you post :)
  43. Superb! Really beautiful. Amazing it survived, it looks so delicate!
  44. Peggy! Where did Karen come from? Sorry about that. I agree, I love applications, particularly threading. I guess it's not uranium glass? (I should know, I'm the expert ;) it'd look great under uv if ...
  45. Thank you Peggy. I think that's my favourite too:) I like its sculptured, plain look.
  46. Lovely Anne. I like the round handle, very Deco :)
  47. Elegant, simple & beautiful
  48. Hi Karen. Wow what a pretty vase. I've never seen this pattern before, let alone any posy bowls with 'veins'
  49. Thank you for the congrats everyone and Hedge for a great game, i really enjoyed playing :)
  50. Oh Wow! Fantastic. What an apt prize! I can't thank you enough. It's been great fun taking part. I'm still in shock that i won, lol.
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