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Glass necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Venetian glass jewelly. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fenton Silver Crest Petticoat Glass footed comport. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tiny glass vase - Dollsin Dolls
Carved Walking Polar Bear. Zuni fetish? Mexican? - Animalsin Animals
Fish aquarium paper weight, Murano? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Paperweight? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gibsons mug - Kitchenin Kitchen
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John Jenkins Japanese porcelain plate - Asianin Asian


  1. I see lots of lovely fishy paperweights. Also an ebay buyer beware of Chinese being sold as Murano, may i ask, how can you tell the difference?
  2. Thanks TC, thats fantastic. How did you find it on fentonfan? I couldn't. Do you think its pre 1970 as its not marked on the base? I assume it once had a paper label like the one Karen linked to.
  3. Ooh yes, so it does. Thanks Karen. Only this hasn't a flat top or lid, though could have lost it.
  4. Hi Karen, well this wasn't quite that expensive! Lol. I guess the label adds to its cost. I found one the same on ebay starting at £9.99, which seems a more reasonable estimate.
  5. Ahh thank you weirdpuckett. I wonder if it is by Fenton. It came from the same shop i recently got a Fenton hobnail vase from, maybe they were donated together.
  6. Hi groswann. This is Superb! I love it.
  7. He he, reminds me of my 'ugly' vase, which though i didn't much like it, thought it unusual & must admit its grown on me. Though this one looks more like Moonstones, which she linked to on my post, ne...
  8. Hi Fritzill. Lovely etching. I wonder what the building is. Sorry i can't make out the signature. I hope you solve it. I've some nice etchings & drawings, signed, but I've never been able to trace the...
  9. Lol, agree with Ho2cultcha, a very cool piece of rust. Unusual, it looks a bit like a glove from a suit of armour
  10. What a nice collection you have AR. Another new pottery maker to me, thanks :)
  11. Hi Melaniej. What an unusual beauty! I love art pottery. It can be so frustrating having marks you can't trace. I hope you have luck with this one.
  12. Ooh they're gorgeous but that second ones my favorite, the coloured threading looks fantastic!
  13. Wow, i can see why you chose the name Moonstonelover. I love it too!
  14. Beautiful Lee, they look great together.
  15. Great vrgdc, agree with Vetraio, it looks like Mr Punch :)
  16. Hi friendofvincent33 or Lisa:) what a great lamp & how fantastic Art Donovan wrote back like that, what a nice guy! & nice girl you must be to send it to him! Its so nice to read & to know there're ni...
  17. Hi AR, my son thought a bed post! I'd need another 3 & a way to light them up but would look cool as bed posts, lol. but i don't think so. I guess it was more likely some lightable ornament.
  18. Lovely Big Tex. most unusual.
  19. Thank you Moon :) i thought so too, such a sweet little thing.
  20. Thank you Anne:) She's very beautiful, serene. This was another plate to be binned. Plates seem to sell the worse, there's forever really nice ones not being sold. I've had to cut back on what i can '...
  21. Hi Shareurpassion. Lol, really! I can see why. Do you think it is a Murano one after all then?
  22. This is a beauty Karen. I've been looking for your Chinese fish vase, i couldn't find it, is it posted? Still, i found loads of great postings I'd missed :)
  23. Awww, I want, i want!! Lol
  24. Hi Karen, if they're relatively common maybe I'll come across one one day:) I sure hope so, but I've never seen one before. its stunning, I've always loved seahorses
  25. Ooh what a gorgeous teapot!!
  26. Hi Ronee, snap I'd not heard of them either, i wonder why they're called fetishes :-S Its definately not ivory, you can see the crystal structure and transulcency in the photos. I guess its either On...
  27. Thanks Weirdpuckett. Its a sweet little thing, only about 5" tall.
  28. Hi Karen, Why not indeed:) I did wonder if it might be chinese simply because there's no label or makers mark, but i know that doesn't necessarily mean chinese, most Murano paper weights I've seen are...
  29. Hi RER, ahh interesting, conflicting ideas:) I'll look into it. I've no idea what its made of, it looked like some alabaster i found online but also looks like Onyx :-S. Do you know how to tell if its...
  30. This is the first one I've come across. I've been looking at some online, they're very sweet. This ones carved beautifully, down to its wide hairy legs. I saw one titled 'walking bear', not identical ...
  31. Thanks icollect! Something completely new to me :)
  32. OMG you have a fantastic collection of Vaseline glass. I love it all. This one specially :)
  33. Beautiful Moonhill. What a bargain! What I'd give to find something like this. Its stunning.
  34. Oh this is beautiful Marty. Someone at the sale today asked my advise on a small vase not too dissimilar..i wish I'd seen this post first i might have been able to give him some. He had it wrapped in ...
  35. Thanks, we must have similar tastes :) I'd already been to the stall earlier, then spotted this on my way out hidden behind a big box. I love the design.
  36. Aww thanks Karen, you made my day :)
  37. Fantastic! How frustrating something so nice is not not marked, but all to common :(
  38. Lovely colours.
  39. Hi IMAsapp, what an unusual lamp, I've never seen anything like it. Lovely. Agree wholeheartedly with Scott's comment above. Kralikglass is a fantastic site & Craig's helped me out numerous times.
  40. Fantastic information! Thanks V.
  41. Hi GTMOOM. He's gorgeous! Love it. May i ask what the small orange ones made of?
  42. He's adorable!
  43. Hi AR. He's lovely! Did you try Gotheborg for the marks?
  44. Moon, i just noticed i got them the wrong way around, its the 2nd link, the pink filip thats like yours. The first link you sent is so like this one I'd be surprised if they're made by different maker...
  45. Thanks wkgibson. after my first trepidations i actually really like it now. I love that the 'branches' look so realistic. I removed the MET sticker, i wouldn't normally remove stickers but thought tha...
  46. Hi Karen, My thoughts exactly, lol. For some small plastic toys they wernt that cheap, I've spent less on some very nice glass! But i fell in love with these guys.
  47. Ooh V, do you have it posted? I'd love to see. I had a quick look through your posts but couldn't find it, i might have missed it, you have so
  48. Thanks Karen :)
  49. Fantastic building, & great its still there, it looks the same too, just a little run down.
  50. Ooh how interesting, I'll have a look, i wondered what 'The Lion' was. Thanks V :)
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