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Hi, I'm particularly fond of old favorites, glass & ceramics, Art Deco & Nouveau, also the unusual & quirky.


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Kralik Posy bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
R. R. Thompson Ltd. Malden Ware. Dog on an advertising plinth. - Figurinesin Figurines
Art Deco large pink posy vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large white glass decorated vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Snake vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jowa, made in Denmark oil lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Glass vase with Amber rigaree - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz small hexagonal vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spiral ribbed glass hyacinth vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Desk thermometer in onyx, 1967 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Thank you Lee and Karen I do, i do, too many really, plus you never know what next week might bring in. Theres always something new around the corner :)
  2. Lee, would you have an idea of its age? I would guess 1910/20s ish
  3. Thank you Lee :)
  4. Hi Arkansa, I love your vase. I thought you may like to see this on ebay. It looks like a sister vase, it was made by the same maker.. 271816546478
  5. Hi Shawn, what a beautiful little bowl. I'm surprised ive only just seen it.
  6. Thanks for the loves everyone. When I got this I thought it would be simple to find out all I needed to know from the label. I had no idea it would prove so difficult or rare. I'm still no nearer dati...
  7. And this fun chap. Which says a little but not much.
  8. Aah, a simple thing like adding 'Ltd' to the search has helped no end :) Not being registered I can't see all of it.
  9. Actually the more I look at them i see theyre not the identical. Another case of similar but not the same, and unlikely connected, Surrey's a long way from Ohio. They are very alike though. Maybe they...
  10. Ooh, ive just noticed the name Robinson Ransbottom, another coincidence with the two Rs..I'll have to dig a bit further I think. Thank you :)
  11. Hi nidionne, isn't this sweet. I came across him while trying to find out more about this.. The dogs look awfully ...
  12. Are they 'out there', ive not come across one in any colour, if I did I'd snap it up. It's fabulous Marty. It's like looking into a forest.
  13. What a beauty
  14. Ahh Art Nouveau at its finest. Love it
  15. Great posts Craig. This ones a new glass maker to me. Thank you
  16. Hi Craig, An educational post as always :)
  17. Oh Inky..I'm soo envious. What's not to love about this.
  18. Hi Kryatango, i love your new profile picture so much I had to seek it out. It is absolutely fabulous.
  19. Hi Shawn186, sorry I can't help ID or with any info. Just wanted to say how great I think this is. It's a wonderful shape & nice to see cut uranium glass with metal like that, unusual. It'd be interes...
  20. Fabulous!!
  21. Hi Lee, you have more lovely glass I see :) this ones unusual. ive not come across malachite slag glass before. I love it. Agree with Robin it looks Nouveauy to me too.
  22. Hi GTMOOMS. This is lovely. It's frustrating & a shame when beautiful items like this are unmarked.
  23. Fabulous. Agree with surf, it's so cool. It really looks like lava :)
  24. Stunning DrFluffy, love it. It has a great Art Deco look, whether it is or not.
  25. Hi Agh, I love all your biking magazines.
  26. What a great Art Deco design. Love it.
  27. Wow...fabulous. I love threads on glass. It looks wonderful on here. It's the first time I've seen it on this shaped vase
  28. Hi Austrohungaro, I'd never heard of Joaquín Xaudaró until your posts. I'm a convert, I think he's wonderful!
  29. What wonderful drawings. Great post.
  30. Great comment & link by JENSON also. I love the Danish word 'Hygge' (new to me:) is that why these lamps are common from Denmark? The colour of them give off a very 'homely', nightlight like glow.
  31. Hi Austrohungaro, this is a very interesting post, thank you. May I ask, are Denmark known for lamp making? Only i have this one, not too dissimilar from yours, also Danish, I wonder do you think th...
  32. Beautul
  33. Ooh isn't he handsome
  34. Hi Phil...isnt this Superb! glorious & a ton of other adjectives. I love that you're the first to 'love' it :) you have some wonderful items
  35. Hi Ericocon, after your help with my dog may i return the favour. I see this post is a year old and maybe solved by now. Thought you might like to see this if you haven't seen it already.. http://www...
  36. Hi Ericocon, thank you. I came across that one in my search but it doesn't mention ceramics or figurines. I can't find any other R R Thompson in New Malden though so think that must be right. Still, i...
  37. Ah, stunning, it took my breath away. Lovely
  38. Hi Shawn, i love this! Such elegance. The glass is wonderful and that its a jug is unusual.
  39. Isn't he delightful. I love his expression
  40. Really beautiful.
  41. Thank you Craig & Scott. Scott I see so many vases which are Similar but not Identical. I have a couple, I'll do a follow up post with them when I get the time. It's been a really interesting post, th...
  42. Hi Craig, thank you for the 'love' & input:) I absolutely agree one should be careful attributing things without being certain or very sure. Looking at them side by side, I can see the differences now...
  43. Great collection Craig. I love the pedastal vases. I've often wondered if they could be used as a small bulb vase.
  44. Hi Scott, Nice idea :) thank you. I hate to put water in some old vases for risk of spoiling them.
  45. Wow! Thank you Gary. I never thought to get such an ID. I love the one in the photo, dare I say more than as much :)
  46. Thank you Karen, we must have written at the same time for me to have missed you out. It is very purdy, from a tom boy, I've gone all pink & girly :)
  47. Oops, I pushed submit before I was ready. No idea how the ?s got there. I'll start again. Hi Craig, I hope you're well. These are very nice. I love their yellow ness :)
  48. Hi Craig. Not oFten to see you stumped ????Very like Wennas, which i spotted first.
  49. Hi wanna. To echo Cindi before me, Wow! What a fabulous colour and unusual shape. Just out of curiosity, the yellows so vivid, have you tried it under uv light? I have this little yellow pot i had no ...
  50. Hi Sklo, Peggy :) I agree, the 1st vase I see quite often ( I have an aventurine green striped one:) but I've never seen one with bubbles or so blue! Lovely
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