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Japanese porcelain cup. - Asianin Asian
Stoneware giraffe mug - Animalsin Animals
Alabaster Trinket box 
Paper mâché lidded box - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Christopher Holt & Co - Animalsin Animals
Burleigh ware jug - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Carved tiger cowrie sea shell 
'Wallpaper' vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Lead weight? 
Broken rabbit - Animalsin Animals


  1. 2.21 2.30 a.m are you all insomniacs? Lol. AR had a big storm here this morning too. Thanks for the loves everyone :)
  2. I've seen the domed head figure before. I have 3 netsuke type figures, i now see they're 3 of the 7 Gods!
  3. Hi AR, learning new things is what its all about :) Jim its 8.30am in Norfolk, UK...still early!
  4. Thank you Jim. Wonderful! I've learnt something i knew nothing about :)
  5. Thanks WS. I hadn't seen him as a Samurai.
  6. Thank you Anne. I was looking at it again last night, still trying to determine if it is alabaster or plastic, and noticed its taller at the back than the front, not because of the hinge but the alab...
  7. Thank you Phil. I searched Vintage Alabaster trinket box and some very like this appeared, they even has the same off white colour...
  8. & Worth every penny IMO. Its superb.
  9. Orange is good too :) specially with that blue, its electric!
  10. Lol, really, I'd never have guessed Japan! Thanks Agh :)
  11. I've added a closer photo of the edges. Where its chipped glistens like crystal. Also i can make out some (machine?) lines in the bowl.
  12. Hi Phil, id say glossy, particularly around the sides, the top and inside aren't quite so shiny.
  13. How on earth can one tell? I guess not by colour alone as this can look like examples of all the materials mentioned above, unless the material of the ones i saw were labeled wrong.
  14. Elizabeth, your not God? Thats a shame, I'd have had 101 questions for you ;) thank you for the love & comment :)
  15. Ahh, thanks Phil, i hadn't thought of that, yet another material it could be, lol.
  16. Thank you Phil. I saw some great ones online which used more layers of the shell, still, this one is nicely done too :)
  17. Thanks surf, agree i like the handle too, very reptilian looking, its wavy top for pouring looks cool too i thought. Its a beauty, shame its damaged. The glaze is silky smooth.
  18. Great shot though. ;)
  19. Well look away from this!! Lol. Your as bad as my boys, they only went and shot my cardboard Doctor Who Angel with a BB gun, right between the eyes, i was livid!!!
  20. Thanks Sean. Here's a link Anne, near the bottom of the page..finger x it works..
  21. I've added another photo, maybe someone can tell if its machine made or not? I can't
  22. Thanks Anne. Ooh don't ask me if its machine cut or not, i find it ever so hard to tell. I've been looking online and it resembles some images of all 3, jade, agate & alabaster! but then the images I'...
  23. Lol..err yes i must mean grams! Sorry I'm still on the old system of lbs & ounces :)
  24. Anne for ages i referred to Kerry as a she, i was so embarrassed. Interesting idea about MET Rose. I wondered if it could be for metalic, like the 'branches' but that doesn't make much sense. BB, ...
  25. Don't they look lovely all together with the sun through them. Great photo Moon!
  26. Cool find :)
  27. Its fantastic! I've never seen one. Thanks :)
  28. Ah he's so gorgeous! I want him. It looks great on the stand too :)
  29. Its beautiful. I love the yellow and glittery green colours together
  30. Snap Mani, First person i thought of was Phil, lol. Certainly worth putting on ebay. Its stunning, I've never seen one before.
  31. Another stunner Ian. Where do you get your glass? Lol. Love it.
  32. Here's the cat..
  33. Hi Anne, i think your probably right, it doesn't look that old, except the base is much brighter than the sides..nicotine stains or deliberate i don't know. This is quite small, I'll add the size, abo...
  34. Anne I've done the same, i believe Kerry is a man too...but i could be gets so confusing with all the nick names
  35. Also i wouldn't be surprised if i have it up the wrong way
  36. Thanks Elizabeth and AR, they have seams if that helps?
  37. It is isn't it..just the kind of thing i like :) I thought it maybe an Indian or Arabic weight, but whether it is or not or how old, i don't know.
  38. Its gorgeous!
  39. Thanks Karen..its true, I'm a collector through & through, i can't help myself! Its a
  40. Hi Anne, the area all around the cathedral is lovely, inc. restaurants, antique shops & quaint roads like this. I'm sure if you went around the cathedral area you would have been here :)
  41. Hi WS, its about an inch diameter & weighs about 70kg on my kitchen scales which aren't very accurate.
  42. Lol! My pleasure AR & BOB. Thanks for the loves everyone. Its been suggested it maybe Polish, but I've not found any evidence for that remains a mystery..for now.. I hope :)
  43. Swung..
  44. Swing..
  45. Hi BOB, when i looked up 'swing' vases..lots of this type of thing, but swung vases were very different. What a difference one letter makes. I've no idea, it looked the same as the Swing vases i saw,...
  46. Hi Anne, Lol, what a lovely story about the blue door. This is a well known old street in Norwich, I've seen it often. Its opposite the Cathedral, lots of antique shops, i recognised it from the needl...
  47. I wonder does anyone have an idea what the label on the bottom could be from? I'm tempted to remove it, unless it can give some clue as to its origins.
  48. Hi Inky, thanks, so it is :) I've heard of swung vase, i even have one, but not swing before. Swig wasn't that far off either, when i looked that up i found vases made of
  49. Hi Mike. Its gorgeous, lucky you knew who it was by, with no marks i bet not many people would recognise it.
  50. Hi Antiquehunter. I have problems working out what ware some ceramics are, so i sympathise with you. It looks very white in the last photo. Maybe its weight could help determine what its made of. Its ...
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