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Treen pot  - Gamesin Games
NORMAN W. FRANKS SPONGEWARE PLATE. 1840-1900 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Uranium glazed Vernon Kilns Early California dish c.'30/'40s - Kitchenin Kitchen
Fiesta ware large teapot & jug/sauceboat - Kitchenin Kitchen
Lidded hard wood box - Kitchenin Kitchen
Stone apple - Kitchenin Kitchen
'Seigneur' combination cigarette case - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Yummy Art Nouveau vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Minton & Hollins  Co. Tile table. Likely a lamp or jardinière stand.  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Small Japanese Buddhist Obon  festive figurines. - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Lol, I've compared it to every wood i could think of, never thought of cedar, really thought i had it, ahh well. Thank you fhr, i thought you'd know it.
  2. Thanks Roy, I've just been reading about treen. I knew it referred to wooden things but wasn't sure what exactly. It seems its most small household items made of wood, other than furniture.
  3. Oh, i quickly went to change catagory but there isn't one for treen, will have to stay in games, which is apt:)
  4. Ahh, is this classed as treen? Thanks V Happy Easter 2u :)
  5. Thanks Nuts and the same to you:)
  6. Thanks Aims. i don't think its particularly special & cracked I'm sure its worthless, but its old & has a mark to research, which i just love to do:) I was so pleased to find it after hours of searchi...
  7. Hi AmberRose, thank you, and the same to you:) Here's a link to the plate. The back stamps aren't identical, I'd love to know what the rest of the stamp here says, but i can't make it out or find ano...
  8. It was spellchecker which gave it two 't's, so i assumed it must be right. I'll look into it, thanks fhr.
  9. Wainscotting? You lost me, lol. Sounds fab work. It must be very satisfying to see your work, whether repairs to old antiques or something new. What a grand profession.
  10. I was being flippant, i think its amazing you can make things like that. I've always admired carpenters, or any handicraft or art actually, so often its awe inspiring to me. Do you still make things?
  11. Ooh sneaky, clever though, lol. Thanks fhr. Happy Easter to you
  12. I've been trying to find out if uranium glazed dinnerware is safe to eat from and stumbled on this, an illuminating & amusing discussion. For anyone who's interested. I loved this comment, 'I think...
  13. Thanks for clarifying that fhr:) i thought it something along those lines. The lid goes on in any position but only sits snugly in one. I don't mind in the slightest, like you say, its what makes it u...
  14. New photo added. It does look very hand carved on the bottom.
  15. Thanks for the loves everyone. Thanks Inky. I thought it looked hand carved too. But thrown by the lines. I'm not a carpenter, do you think its been part turned? I wondered if maybe some kind of 'hand...
  16. Hi Anne. They're not called sweet old ladies for nothing. Its always nice to find out more info:) Its a bit rickety too, probably from being sat on. Ahh well, these things happen. Now i won't put anyt...
  17. Just seen the link Tom. Thank you. Happy Easter :)
  18. Thanks Aims. Thanks to everyone who's loved:) their colour is amazing! I think they all contain uranium, shame it doesn't glow like the glass. I guess the only way to prove it would be with a Geiger c...
  19. Aww Aims thank you so much. You're a darling. You too! May you have much chocolate :)
  20. I agree the jug looks newer on the base, but it has the same depth of colour with yellow edges everywhere else as the teapot & dish have. If the jugs newer i honestly can't tell them apart.
  21. Thanks for the loves phil, agh, geo & Vetraio :) i don't suppose anyone has an idea on the age of this or know it from the stamp?
  22. I've recently found a little more out about this. It was given to my mother in law in 1953 by two old ladies. Apparently they always knew it as a table and had been in their family for many years, alw...
  23. According to this site, the teapot should be from the 1940s, when it was discontinued, unlike the medium one.
  24. Thanks V. Do you think it has uranium in it?:)
  25. Thanks Karen. I don't normally buy teapots & probably won't keep it, my kitchens full up! But it looks so cool:) i couldn't pass it by. All the fiestaware I've found, bar one or two bits, were from th...
  26. Hi Tom. Thanks for the link. I came across persimmon while looking for this. I agree with you, its Very hard to tell from photos alone & never having seen any old or new fiestaware i have nothing to g...
  27. I appreciate its hard to tell from photos. But the new first picture best shows their colour the truest. No pink hues here at all.
  28. Hi Agh & Tom. I've just had a look at some flamingo fiestaware ( thanks for the info:) it looks much pinker than these. There's not a hint of pink here, only vibrant orange, with a yellow showing thro...
  29. Thanks Agh. Interesting. Are you saying the two 'fiestas' are 2012? I've been giving them all a clean. I'd guess the dish is the oldest, its worn dull in places, but so has the kettle & has a fair am...
  30. Cool. I've just learned they could have uranium in the glaze. Wish i had a Geiger counter:)
  31. Oh my...i never would have guessed IDing these would be so difficult! I've no idea if these are old o...
  32. Thanks Tom. I thought the dish was by someone different, though they were sold together. I've been reading about fiesta ware, its not clear how to date it. Is there a way by the marks? Which do you th...
  33. Thanks for the great links Sean. I wondered how they got here too. Could be there're a lot of US air bases (or used to be) around here, maybe its from an airmans family
  34. Hi Agh. You seem to know a lot about Fiestaware, may i ask your opinion on this. They appear to be a set but have different marks on the base..
  35. Karen, i dread to think whats buried in land fill. There's someone here ( who's name escapes me) who works at a landfill and posts all kinds of weird and wonderful things they find.
  36. Thanks Aims. If i were a teacher I'd be made up getting stone apples:)
  37. Hi fhr, i wondered if it had been machine turned because of the marks on the leaves, the base looks finished by hand though, maybe getting rid of the grooves? Also the lid is lipped and doesn't sit ve...
  38. Thanks Sean. Its another item that didn't sell for weeks & would've been dumped if i hadn't got it.
  39. I'd have bought this for the colours too. Very nice LB
  40. Very nice Weirdpuckett.
  41. Lovely vases moon. I see i neglected to wish you a happy birthday. Belated birthday greetings to you. Great choice of pressys. Love pink glass:)
  42. The outer cover alone is beautiful. What a great find.
  43. Another one drooling here. Love that orange!
  44. Love that pink GTMOOM. The thick leaf feet remind me of Welz too. I have one similar, the feet make it very bottom heavy & exceptionally sturdy, thankfully, in my house they need to be :)
  45. Hi Benoithealing. Aww a pair of very sweet tweets. I've found if you crop photos slightly they're load the right way around. Happy Easter :)
  46. Beautiful. The work involved in making it is awe inspiring!
  47. Its superb. I love it! I wouldn't be surprised to see this for serious coin
  48. Snap! Love it too. Have you tried cropping the pictures? I found by doing that makes them the right way around.
  49. What a fantastic collection you have Tom. You could open a museum!
  50. Breathtaking
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