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Winnie the Pooh puzzle box. 
Celadon glazed pot. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Pretty Welz pot - Art Glassin Art Glass
Native American Jemez Wedding vase signed A. Tsosie  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Glass duck - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano? Marlin - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Zelezny Brod Sklo vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small Murano hand blown decanter? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wedgwood, Amber glass duck paperweight.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi Karen, you maybe right, i haven't got a clue. I wouldn't have thought any earlier than that.They could be in Disney stores now for all i know.
  2. Thanks Ken :)
  3. Wow! Another great ashtray.
  4. How nice to see a vase in use. It looks lovely Lee.
  5. Niiiice love that blue & Art Deco design..gorgeous
  6. Hi connie, i love this! I'm surprised its as new as it is, I'd have guessed older, but i know nothing.
  7. Lovely Mike.
  8. That is a cool ashtray. I love the 'spine' down the middle, I've not seen another like it.
  9. Fabulous GTMOOM. I love its shape. I didn't understand at first when you said the chip was in the worse place, i thought the base is better chipped than the rim surely but i see its right where the ma...
  10. Snap with Vetraio..its FABULOUS! I absolutely Love it!
  11. Oh my, i love that tall slender neck! Lovely vase ATTWOOD
  12. How clever! Very nice Mrs Graham
  13. Great post ho2. I've never heard of a smudge pots before, thanks for teaching me something new :)
  14. This is Lovely BHock. I've never heard of yellow ware before but think I'm in love
  15. What a nice addition to your collection Moon. I love its shape!
  16. Lovely Michelle, i do like this 'marble' effect decor.
  17. Thanks AR:) nice words. I couldn't agree more with you, I can't see a need for Diss-ing at all!
  18. A ahh thanks BOB, I'd not heard of a vanity bottle before, scent bottles yes. Interesting, I'll have to look into it. Thank ü
  19. Thank you everyone. I suspected Welz as I've seen these colours before & thought I'd seen the pot but in different decor (maybe it was your Anne:) not sure its a great find as its damaged but a nice, ...
  20. Ditto! Thank you Canyon road & Elizabeth. Great info :)
  21. I find the whole field fascinating. I'd not come across the expression 'hidden mother' until now. It seems odd they went to such lengths to hide themselves.
  22. Ahh, thanks Scott. I saw some of these 'hidden mother' photos described as PMs. One the mother (i assume) had a black sheet over her! Honestly, it didn't occur to me they were just holding the baby st...
  23. Sorry Elizabeth, i replied to your first comment without seeing your second, lol. I wondered if it could be by Andrea, but the only example I've found of hers was signed with her full name, so i don't...
  24. Thanks Elizabeth. Very useful now & in the future, i hope:) It doesn't mention A. Tsosie though, only Leonard.
  25. Thank you Ken. I feel a bit of an idiot not to have worked out the label for my self, lol.
  26. Thanks RER, BOB:) Here i found a decanter a similar shape to this..
  27. And 2 more odd shaped decanters..
  28. He looks very content, proud. Lovely photo
  29. I Love your 'thingy'. How unusual.
  30. Hi Karen, may i ask, is it just Chinese glass thats associated with poor quality? Because this is gorgeous, Japan make some nice glass!
  31. Lol, love the spell check mishap, sometimes they can be hilarious. This is great midcentmod! That shirt & tie remind me of the art work from The Beatles film Yellow Submarine.
  32. Great back story with this building! Thx V.
  33. Fascinating. I'd love to know their purpose if you ever find out.
  34. Nice pot & interesting post Ho2. I'd not heard of Nemadji so looked it up & found this, you may have seen it..
  35. Elizabeth, sorry, i see you meant your Spanish comment for Vrgdc, lol. You know, looking at it in hindsight i should have guessed the USA or Central America, it has a slight Mexican look & the feather...
  36. Thanks for the slag glass info ID. AR, I wish I'd known Not to clean it, lol, I'll leave it to gather dust for awhile. I'm suspicious of its quality too. It looks great first off but on close inspecti...
  37. Thanks FanciGirl. They are aren't they :)
  38. Lisa, did you see my next post. Another glass animal from somewhere? The only thing i have which I think is Chinese is a small paper...
  39. Hear hear! Thanks Lisa. I'd love to identify this 'greasy' feel. I don't have any slag glass, I'm aware of, to test your 'plastic' feel..this is getting ridiculous, lol. When you say plastic, in what ...
  40. I've been stroking glass again. Honestly i can't feel the 'greasiness'. I compared it to my previous post, a glass vase of (possibly) similar age & only bit i have that i know for sure isn't Japanese,...
  41. Hi Gary. Its stunning this type of glass, i love it. Never come across it thrifting, mores the pity..its just too darn gorgeous for anyone to give away!
  42. Great fun mani. If only we still had our old vehicles. Classics now.
  43. Thanks for sharing such a poignant picture. It shows it all from the poor mans cotton 'shoes' to the 'palace' in the background. Its a wonderful photo.
  44. So cool, love 'em!
  45. Great post Vrgdc. Fascinating photo however its interpreted, i guess we'll all see something different in it. Great info too, id never heard Vermonts comment about the Sioux / Lakota mix up before.
  46. Wow! Another cabinet i want to take home. You have a Fabulous collection!
  47. Cool!!! The Devils in the detail ;)
  48. Lovely vase & great post! I know nothing about Japanese glass, or Asian come to that, but its very nice. Thanks for the education :)
  49. Wonderful! You know this modern glass is growing on me :)
  50. Its a very distinctive look, i love it. Initially i suspected South American, so wasn't so far off, lol. But now i know Jemez pottery i think I'd recognise it. Thanks to all involved :)
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