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Hi, i love thrifting (as you say across the pond) I'm particularly fond of the old favorites, glass, ceramics, Art Deco & Nouveau but'll get anything I find interestHi, i love thrifting (as you say across the pond) I'm particularly fond of the old favorites, glass, ceramics, Art Deco & Nouveau but'll get anything I find interesting. (Read more)


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Davidson? uranium pearline glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
little blue creamer - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Painted ceramic coil pot. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Cranberry salt - Art Glassin Art Glass
(Original?) Water colours by G. S. Walters 1838-1924 
William Hutton & Sons Cruet Set. - Glasswarein Glassware
Stone carved figure - Figurinesin Figurines
Small hexagonal pot. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large red rose bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Apple paper weight. - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Surf, I hadn't even thought they could be boomerangs on his chest, lol. They do look like they are :)
  2. Melaniej, you have a great collection of pottery!
  3. Thanks Melaniej & everyone for the loves. I had a feeling I may not find anything out about this one. I almost didn't get it (I have a lot of pots!) & walked away but after awhile just had to go back ...
  4. Thanks Elizabethan. I did wonder at first if they maybe prints but pretty sure they're not now :)
  5. But petticoat sounds sweeter :) ive heard of rigaree, but didn't realise it meant any glass on glass. Thank you
  6. Hi Karen & Elisabethan, thank you both:) im pretty sure they're not prints but are they original G.S.Walters? ;) They look like his & I guess they're not really worth faking so assume so. I've added a...
  7. Hi Anne & Karen :) Anne I agree, specially with glass, unless you know a bit about it, with no label or signs its hard to find out about..I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy seeking it out. I've...
  8. Cool! I never knew that:) thanks for the link AR, fantastic. It does have a distinctive pink colour.
  9. Thank you everyone. I'll keep a look out for stoppers :)
  10. Thanks Sklo, I'm in the pink :)
  11. Thank you both. I'm delighted with them :-)
  12. Oh well done Vetraio, how did you find those! Aren't they fabulous. I thought they were probably for oil and vinegar. What a shame they lost their tops :(
  13. If originals, then I'd say I got a Very good deal :)
  14. Hi Surf & Karen. Melanesia..a group of islands near Australia inc. amongst others, Fiji & New Guinea, I never knew they were collectively called Melanesia. Thank you for the geography lesson. The thin...
  15. Thank you CindB & Karen. At first I thought it probably wasnt very old, mainly because of the way the tops finished but looking at it more closely i did start to wonder if it was older than I thought....
  16. Thank you both. Melanesia?? Never heard of it, I'll check it out :)
  17. Ahh, interesting thank you AP. I thought Chinese because another vase I have, not crystalline, is thick & heavy so I just assumed..which is rarely correct, lol.
  18. These are Beautiful cactuscorner! May I ask are the labelled or signed for you to know they're Murano?
  19. Thanks Anne, a friend took me shopping around the second hand shops in Bury St Edmunds. It was nice to go somewhere shop was heaven, most the things I got came from there, if I'd had mo...
  20. Thank you Anne, I liked it too:)...but its another that has me completely stumped. I've got no where with it.
  21. Thanks Anne & thanks for having a look Artpottery. I'd be amazed to tell anything from a few numbers. I wondered if it could be chinese because its so chunky & heavy. Do you know if they make crystal ...
  22. Hi Anne, how nice to hear from you. And great info, thank you. So this could be by kralik? This is the first big one ive seen. I love the colour too. It looks lovely in the daylight, not shown here, I...
  23. Thank you both. I'd love to know more about it. I've spent awhile looking online but not been able to find anything even remotely similar, so don't have a clue of where its from or who made it or wh...
  24. Hi art pottery. I've not had a chance to take photos in daylight yet but here's a photo of the base to be going on with? I'd love to know if you can tell anymore about it from that.
  25. Thanks Karen. I don't know either..but love it.
  26. Lol! thank you both. I think anyone who knows about uranium glass would suspect it was. it was glowing in the shop window. I've not been able to find another like it & it has no markings. I wonder if...
  27. I found this, new to me :) About half way down the page, could this pot be Bohemian & Annagreb uranium?
  28. Ooh thank you sklo. So it could be by Ruckl :)
  29. Oh wow V (Kevin:) thank you again. You're so knowledgable! I'd never seen or heard of it before. Thank you everyone. I'll see if I can get better photos, if the sun makes an appearance. It's quite ama...
  30. thank you both. AR that sites amazing! Thank you :)
  31. Fascinating reading. Thanks :)
  32. Thanks Sean, I've found a few, now I know what to look for, one very like this only blue & white. Blunder..u & me both, also i 'ee' near the front
  33. Actually I wonder if you'd have a quick look at this one for me? No ones come out and said its Chinese, or anything, so I'm stumped, lol.
  34. Hi Melaniej, here's my Chinese one, but I love it!
  35. Thank you so much Vetraio & Sean. I thought/hoped someone here would know it:) Even knowing what it says I still can't see it. I doubt I'd have ever worked out it says Phoenician. It looked to me like...
  36. Hi scott, I think it is resin. The bottoms just black felt not much to see so i didn't include it. I don't think it has much age but I do like it :) its face is so cute!
  37. Thanks sklo, I found some the same on ebay:) There's quite a few with this colour scheme in different shapes, I wonder if they can all be attributed to the same maker?
  38. Hi sklo, I saw that one last night while looking for this one. I was going to comment how similar they are. They certainly look like the same maker..whoever that maybe :)
  39. Oops, I meant to say 'I knew I'd seen this vase here before' no 'you'd' was late, is my excuse. I spent ages looking for it. I should have started at the bottom of the page! Lol
  40. Hi Vetrissimo. I saw this vase last night & was going to comment on how similar they look. I think I got interrupted then totally forgot about it, lol. The colours are very alike but does that mean th...
  41. Hi Sklo, I found it finally, the very first post in Bohemian Glass. I knew it was here somewhere, lol.
  42. Hi AR. I knew you d seen this vase before & right at the bottom of the page, the very first post in Bohemian Glass, there it is. Snap! :)
  43. Hi Ian. I can pretty much guarantee I'm less experienced than you! But appreciate its beauty. I can see why you're stumped, I've not come across anything like it. If I did though I'd go for it too;)
  44. Oh sklo i they're superb! Gorgeous colours
  46. Hi sklo, This is the one I was searching for when I saw yours. They're very similar. Do you think they're by the same maker?
  47. Hi sklo, ive just seen this..a month late. Sorry. I've seen a few like this since getting mine, all with varying amounts of red, orange and yellow. I've just got another one today, i'lol post it. It's...
  48. Hi IMASapp. The lady that sold it thought the damage could have been caused during manufacture but the way its on the widest parts made me think it could've been knocked. The price was very fair, she ...
  49. Thanks for the loves everyone. IMASapp that's a fantastic site, thank you so much. I see this patterns described there as Moiré or Watered Silk (very apt:) it has damage in places (on the side I have...
  50. Thanks everyone. It has a couple of knocks unfortunately, but not too bad. It baffles me how they make them really, with just glass & bubbles.
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