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Hi, i love a bargain! Particularly fond of old glass but anything unusual or just plain cute will catch my eye.


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model Galleon 
Drinking glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Ceramic pipe end. 
Paper weight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Vase or candle holder? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vase with raised decoration - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Heart ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Ceramic bowl - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Another lovely paper weight..Murano? Chinese? - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Foley "Faince" England, hand painted pot. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Thanks Michelle, they're lovely. theyre all so graceful.
  2. Beautiful, I had no idea Kralik made glass like this!
  3. Wow, where's that shop now? ;-) these are stunning. I love the ruffled feet.
  4. I haven't read all the comments yet, but this has to be them. They sure look like candle sticks :) theyre lovely & to have a pair!
  5. old wax! Someone used them as candlesticks then. I agree, their shape looks like candle sticks & the hole about standard candle width. I bet a pair with candles in would look stunning! Are yours on cw?
  6. Thanks Michelle :) I thought it was just cracked and chipped at first but getting it home I see the whole top had been stuck back on. It's nice someone went to the trouble. Do you think it's more of a...
  7. PS. No plank, I ran & got my son to deal with it & its eggs! I think he set it on an island outside...I was in another room :)
  8. Thanks Riply, that ones Very similar. I found a few, minus cannons but all similar and dating to the '20s/30s. Maybe they were a bought toy/model rather than handmade. Or a kit maybe?
  9. Yeh, thanks TC, so you're not only good at finding glass! Well done :)
  10. Thank TC! it does look similar. Going by that link though the smaller spout is for the pipe bowl, I'd have guessed the other way around :-S
  11. P.S, I don't think its porcelain, it's quite heavy.
  12. Hi Kryatango. Thanks for the link. I came across Sèvres while looking into it. It's the closest match I found but not the same. I thought the colours don't look quite right for being an old piece, but...
  13. Hi Surfdub, ive never heard of such a thing, thanks for the info, I'll have a look into it. I thought the smaller spout bit looks like it should go in the mouth (like a pipe)
  14. Hi Elizabeth. True, it depends on your point of view, still its a known fact that smoking can cause heart disease:( I've not seen another one but found Loads of heart shaped ashtrays! I never realised...
  15. Btw, it doesn't smell of tobacco or anything come to that, so no clue there
  16. LOL! Hi Riply. Being a legal citizen it took me a minute to understand what you meant, but I, think, i see what you mean.
  17. Hi Vetraio, Lol, not more Chinese! I don't believe it.
  18. Hi Anne:) no, it's not metal at all. I thought about adding something about it in the description. It's a black glaze but in certain lights looks like metal.
  19. Hi Phil, funny you should say that, I was going to guess Chinese, it has that slightly off clear look. I thought Karen would be the first to say it, lol.
  20. Fabulous! LURVE its colour
  21. These are cool looking ashtrays
  22. Hi Upstate, I've just come across these. Aren't they great!
  23. Lovely. I think I'll always believe these are Chinese now, lol
  24. Thanks Karen. I found a few Doulton plates from this time with country scenes similar to this.
  25. Wish my living room looked like that! It's Lovely
  26. Thanks Melaniej & surf, I hadn't come across them before. I agree the Siamese are adorable & I saw a lovely tabby with Amber eyes like this one. I see they come in different sizes too. I guess being 1...
  27. Thanks Agh :)
  28. Thanks surf:)
  29. :) thanks
  30. Thanks Agh & Jewels. Here's a wiki link to Faince
  31. Thanks Jewels. I do love old plates. I have far too many but can't resist them. I love the scene on here, you can just make out red riding hood & her grandmother in the distance :)
  32. Hi surf, i just found its a Winstanley, not that you'd know it looking at that signature, lol.
  33. Thanks for having a look freiheit. I can't trace it either :(
  34. Hi Weirdpuckett. Thanks for the explanation. I never knew any of that. You'd think it being thick would look darker. I have a lot of green uranium glass, all shades of green, from yellowy to bluey and...
  35. Thank you Anne. I thought it maybe a bit dark for you, I know how you like your bright colours, lol. I've seen lots of similar dragons since getting this. None in a powder jar though, which is nice, a...
  36. Ahh, I'll try it. The more I look the more I agree with you, I think it might be ceramic. It's weird, the bottoms like chalk. I'll do the test & report back :)
  37. Bootson, it goes da ti ta ta to ti ti etc. etc. ;) Freiheit, Thanks for your help. I wondered if it could be identified by the symbol but not sure where to start, I'm not even sure what its a symbol ...
  38. Thanks munequita. Lol, I may obsess a wee bit. I love matryoshka dolls but rarely find them time I do your'll be the first to know ;)
  39. Thanks Karen. I've found a few bits with this look. I like it. It's certainly distinctive :)
  40. Thanks Karen. I agree completely, ive often no idea where i'll end up :)
  41. Thanks Agh, Vetraio & Jewels :) ive found quite a few blue eyed dragons in my quest with this, I wonder if they're a particular type of dragon.
  42. The most annoying thing was there was one like your dolls here, only one & i didn't have enough cash on me for both. Went back about an hour later & it'd gone :(
  43. Thanks Inky. I use them all the time :)
  44. Thanks everyone! I've only just caught up with this post. It's lovely & weighs a ton. Shame it has a few nibbles on the points of the bottle but I can live with it :) I love its triangular deco design...
  45. Thanks for the love everyone. Bootson, if it horn that's the sort of animal I would suspect. TA, it could well be ceramic. It's hard to tell. I've added some close up photos, maybe they'll help. If it...
  46. Thanks Melaniej, & i was thinking why did I bring it home, lol. I've been looking online and they're not easy to find straight like this. I assume it's part of a larger horn. Interesting it's solid a...
  47. Hi Agh, thank you so much. It took me ages to find them. The telephone number led me there in the end. They're obviously a little known business. This is the first piece ive seen. I like the whimsical...
  48. The bat was the first pressy, ive always loved them, they are one of my favorite mammals. Sharing bed with Teddy as a child, Batty was always next to him.
  49. Thanks Karen, I wear both :) Lol, so they are fortapache. Someone else said that to me recently, i told them, i suppose they are but I wear them all year round, lol, one on each lapel
  50. Like others here I love jewllry bugs, & this is no exception. Gorgeous!
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