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Hello, I am a collector, buyer, dealer and avid admirer of almost anything in the Aesthetic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts movements. I love art glass and Hello, I am a collector, buyer, dealer and avid admirer of almost anything in the Aesthetic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts movements. I love art glass and lamps the most. I find most of my items at yard sales, craigslist and even at antique malls and I can't believe what great things are still out there. Check out my stuff every once in a while, I will post what I find. (Read more)


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Whale Oil Lamp Shade - Lampsin Lamps
Greek Key Leaded Glass Shade - Lampsin Lamps
Kerosene Ball shade with Griffin - Lampsin Lamps
Moss spinning lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Handel style lamp - Lampsin Lamps
American Leaded glass Hanger - Lampsin Lamps
Arts & Crafts Sconces - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Great ball shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pairpoint Garden of Allah Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Pairpoint reverse painted scenic lamp - Lampsin Lamps


  1. The style is neoclassical. Origin is France. It was made in the late 19th century and owned by someone of considerable wealth. I have seen many as table lamps with goats, rams, swans and mermaids. Thi...
  2. It looks like Bradley and Hubbard to me. Look at the top part that holds the sockets. If there is a triangle with a Aladdin style lamp in it, it is B&H.
  3. It's too nice to languish in the attic. You need to find an old floor base for it and use it. Love it.
  4. Thank you Lisa! I like your stuff too. I have been doing this for 20 years and I still get surprised at what I find. I should post more of my findings.
  5. This lamp is on page 200 of Hibel, Hibel and Fontaine's book "The Handel Lamps Book" copyright 1999. The serial number 7463 puts its manufacture in the year 1926. There is a similar one (but I like yo...
  6. Your welcome!
  7. Research Olive Kooken.
  8. What you have is called a Harvard style student lamp. It was originally made to burn liquid fuel like kerosene. The shade is probably Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. or Atterbury & Co. The base is probabl...
  9. I found a Bradley and Hubbard with a very similar base. Check it out at
  10. This looks like a Phoenix lamp base.
  11. Here is one that has a chrome finish.
  12. Your lamp was made by Phoenix Lamp Co. Here is a link to a similar one that sold for $1,500.00. Nice lamp to find in an attic! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Nice! Great research.
  14. I have attached to links to lamps similar to yours. The shape of yours was made by Durand, but I have only seen it with a pulled feather design. One of these lamp has your base, but a Steuben shade. h...
  15. Your lamp is what has been called a "banquet" style kerosene lamp. It no doubt had a painted matching shade. If you keep your eye out for it, you might find a replacement, although it would be like fi...
  16. At $10 a great buy! Good for you.
  17. Thank you Lisa and toolate2!
  18. There were many makers of slag lamps. Miller, Pittsburgh, Rainaud, etc. Yours is definitely American made from 1900-1920. If you look at this link, you will see a similar one that sold for $500. http...
  19. Thanks smiata and Moonstonelover21!
  20. Thanks SEAN68!
  21. Your lamp was likely made by J A Whaley. Go to and you can see examples by this maker along with others.
  22. I finally restored this fixture! Take a look and please tell me what you think.
  23. Nice lamp! Looks like Edgar Brandt to me. It would look great with a Daum Nancy or Muller Freres shade.
  24. Great find! I found the same one and gave it to my father as a gift. He loves it. Value is around $250.00 at auction. Also, it is spelled Verdalite and is similar to Amronlite and Emeralite.
  25. I would estimate value at $1500 at auction and $2200 replacement.
  26. It looks like Bradley and Hubbard or B&H to me. Nice lamp!
  27. I think these may be Pairpoint. I have seen similar that are signed, but sometimes the signature gets cleaned off. The look great!
  28. I used to have one just like this that was made by Rainaud. It is spelter or white metal. Value is roughly $500 or so. Thank you for sharing.
  29. Your lamp is made by a company called Aladdin. The glass is what they called Alacite. It was made around 1940.
  30. I agree with MacArt, Barovier & Toso for sure. Never seen these mounted in a lamp. Definite keepers. I would value at around $750 retail. Thank you for sharing!
  31. Yes, it is Handel and is shown on page 202 in Handel Lamps Painted Shades and Glassware by De Falco, Hibel and Hibel. The production number of 7593 shows that it was made in 1926. It is a great piece,...
  32. Yes, you are correct. Tiffin used a very similar base for their lamps. You may be on to something. I will keep searching too.
  33. The letter A is for Arrow, a socket manufacturer. The maker of the shade could have been one of several companies. It is such a nice design that it has been reproduced over the years, but yours appear...
  34. Hey GJ, I have the same book case! I like to keep my art glass in it. Looking at your stuff, it looks like we were separated at birth.
  35. Hey GJ, you are right, we have similar tastes. I really have a soft spot for D&K. I found a great one at a show for 7K and knew it was worth more, but couldn't swing it at the time. It sold the first ...
  36. Hi Lisa, you might find this info helpful: F.L. ……………….Frederick Lorenz & Co, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This mark (and “F. L. & Co.”) was listed by Rhea Mansfield Knittle in Early American Glass (192...
  37. Glad he loves them. They are pretty cool!
  38. Hello amrose, if you go to you can see a similar one. I think these are 1980's or newer. Also you can go to...
  39. Your lamp was made by the Majestic Lamp Company. Go to to see what kind of shades to look for to complete yours. Thanks for sharinbg.
  40. I am probably wrong, but these look American in style to me. It is more of a Quezal shape with Fostoria stylings and rare Steuben threading. It is either a rare group or a newer product made to confus...
  41. Nice buy!
  42. Hi GoodJunk! Actually the shape of your shade is called a Palermo shade and is usually designated as a "Puffy". Sorry LB, many "Puffys" like San Remo, Roma, Torino and Ravenna do not have pronounced p...
  43. If you go to you can see similar.
  44. I believe this was made by the John Scott Lamp Co. which would make you assessment of age correct.
  45. Thanks guyfrmatl!
  46. Lane & Co were in production during the 50's and 60's in Van Nuys, CA. I have seen a lot of them, but this is the first Zebra I have seen. Might be rare. They produce some as lamps and others as plant...
  47. Thank you BELLIN68 and chinablue!
  48. Very nice Lisa! You never see these with the original shades.
  49. Nicely done! You have a talent for redesign.
  50. How did you find this? It is great! I wish I had a copy.
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Please give me info on this was a gift..thanks! My husbands odd lamp find Antique Black Lamp Old Railroad Lamp? Your junks my treasure Handel Lamp Iron Horse Oil Lamp