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I believe there is an old spirit in me - as I fall in love with things from the past. Vintage - Retro - Antiques - you name it - and maybe a little tooooo much. SoI believe there is an old spirit in me - as I fall in love with things from the past. Vintage - Retro - Antiques - you name it - and maybe a little tooooo much. So much character and history and quality - in the older pieces from days gone by. My Mother said that when I was little I used to save everything in little boxes. . who knew that when I became older I needed a 40,000 square foot home to do the same;-)! My home isn't that big, but there's still hope as I say. I hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful old, unique, timeless items I post. (Read more)


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  1. I have one of these - in the square version. I have never seen the triange one that you have. Florentine, Italy. Maybe 1960's. Made of plastic, resin. The square versions like the one that I hav...
  2. looks Victorian era perhaps. . .
  3. Today I found the painting that was made from the same artist on ebay. The number on that one is 2923. I think these two should find a good home together:-) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...
  4. Hi - thanks for the comment:-) I'll give it a pat too! I ran across something a few months ago. It kind of reminds me of antique french breton dancing peasants. I think it might date to the 2...
  5. I would love to see more pictures:-) Handel did make gilt brass or polished brass lights.. . Maybe this is one of them. A good source for Handel information is Don's Lamps and Antiques online.
  6. Hello - I had someone, a lamp person, come by last month to look at it. He opened up the light, which revealed the socketry. It is pre-1910. There are many examples, in 2 different books regardin...
  7. Maybe something Basset Furniture Co. made in the 20's or 30's . I just posted mine... and the maker tag was still on the back.
  8. Pretty dresser. I have one that I just posted that was made by Bassett. It could be from that company 20's - 30's
  9. Hi - It looks similar to the one I just posted, which is made by Bassett Furniture in the 20's.
  10. Wow!!! Holy Chrome Deco Submarine. . . Thank you for sharing this . . . my father has a airstream. . . nothing like this though.
  11. Hi - yes, I looked up Berggren and is does look similar. This lamp has the original cloth cord, and what looks like a bakelite plug. so I'm guessing somewhere around the 40's. . . . the man dancer ...
  12. definately looks like a chromcraft. . . so many examples of this table online, but the chairs are proving a little harder to find an example of. - are there any maker marks on the base/underside of ...
  13. Thanks Robin. . . at first I thought you were talking about the painting. . . then I realized it was the boat:-)
  14. all I can say is Wow! Really nice job bringing it back to life . . amazing.
  15. Thanks Hunter.. . .
  16. very cool piece. . . haven't seen one of these before... collector's might just like it. made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - http://blondesearch.ru/index.php?key=DUMONT_CONSOLE_STEREO&page=1
  17. I was watching 2 1/2 Men. . . and this must have been a shot I took of the tv while watching it. . . I hope the red glowing tube in the back of it never burns out. . . because I would most likely ...
  18. I'm thinking an early sketch by Charles Levier - in 1945. He would have been 25 years old. I can see the title - does it say Portrait of a Phychiatrist - he could have been influenced -by Pica...
  19. these photo's would look great on some greeting cards:-))
  20. thank you trunkman:-)
  21. I have an old Magnavox Duette from around the same time period. I have only been able to find an advertisement for it on ebay. The radio still works... the phonograph was removed.. . http://www.eba...
  22. definately looks like a bottle cap. try putting a magnet to it.
  23. at this site - it shows an array of old Swedish wood steins - tankards http://www.steveonsteins.com/wooden-steins
  24. there is an old Swedish tankard listed here- http://romseyit.com/scandibucket3.html and might be able to get some help here - http://www.umsos.org/
  25. here's a pretty one here to compare - http://www.etsy.com/listing/97057693/poppycock-peacock?ref=&sref=
  26. Possibly a traveling wine saleman's trunk due to the wine/spirits stickers. Sanchez Romate Hnos. - cherry and brandy maker BOBADILLA Y CIA. received a trademark in 1955 http://www.trademarkia.com/...
  27. Maybe Paris Porcelain? Dresden Porcelain? Here's something to look at - http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAGNIFICENT-ANTIQUE-19C-FRENCH-PARIS-PORCELAIN-H-P-CLOCK-VASES-SET-SIGNED-/290713388482?pt=Antique...
  28. this morning I discovered what it is. John B. Salterini - Dogwood pattern 1940's
  29. upon looking up wrought iron tables from the past for the last couple of hours... I think it could be an early Salterini. . . hammered foot. . . hopefully I will find out soon, and thanks bellings6 ...
  30. Hi - I had a Lee Reynolds at one time and spent about a year trying to find out what it was. I was unable to. I put it in a garage sale... sold it for a whole $20.00 and a lady purchased it. Littl...
  31. and then again, maybe the ones I saw were the copycat version too -
  32. I saw some of these at an estate auction 2 weeks ago... the bottoms were marked made in Taiwan. . .
  33. and that's a picture of the box spring - - back in the day.. they matched the material on the top:-)
  34. I remember the tag - made from Sears. . . :-)
  35. I think I found the same chandelier - attributed to Handel here. It, however doesn't show the ceiling dome - so not sure if it is exactly the same - http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/6470194
  36. yes. . . the second site is wonderful. I hope you find the maker.. It is a definate challenge finding something unmarked, as I am doing... and hopefully we will both be successful:-)
  37. possibly - Handel - - Chicago Glass - and a few others from early 1900's. check on this site for old slag lamps - might help - or at least get you started, as it did with me. http://www.donslamps...
  38. Thanks!! I do to:-)
  39. Hi - thanks again for the links. The one on the leadedlamps co. does look closely identical to the handel in the catalog and holylamps.com I think I have a variation on the theme. Just wish I co...
  40. here's the link to the one that is like the one I have. . mine might be a variation of that one. http://www.hoylelamps.com/Antique%20Slag%20Lamps.htm
  41. on looking further, the lamp shade was repaired in the past. . and may be rewired... funny thing is, the wiring is white - like aluminum - not copper.
  42. It very beautiful... I wonder if it would hold a 22 pound shade? I contacted Jacksons Auctions and the place I went to (where I purchased this on Frida) see if they could help me in my search for so...
  43. That you very much for your help. I stumbled across a lamp here. It definately looks like the one I have, and is attributed to Handel. Just wish there were a few more pictures that I could see if t...
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