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I collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, EI collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, English and many many who made this? ;o) I look forward to posting shade images as I reshoot my collection. (Read more)


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Bohemian glass Rose bowls help needed, please. Kralik??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vaseline Craquelle shades with threading a mystery as to country of origin let alone maker. Help - Art Glassin Art Glass
One of which I am fairly sure is Opaline Brocade 1897 by John Walsh Walsh Company. And three others for your considered opinons - Art Glassin Art Glass
Best surprise pendant gas fixture invented by Robert Hall Best in 1893. - Lampsin Lamps
Double Marmalade in Rubina glass with clear threading and vaseline rigaree. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cranberry with vaseline rigaree and a raspberry prunt salts.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Burmese shade but.............. is it? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Opaline Brocade patterned Vaseline opalescent shade by John Walsh Walsh of Birmingham, England.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Deco Export covered sweet dish. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steuben prisms, I believe.  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Nice to see that shade.
  2. Oh my...... that may be the loveliest I have ever seen. You are so lucky to have it in your collection. Surely it is your favourite? if not with all you now about this art form do please tell me what ...
  3. Thank you so much for all of your information. I did look at a lot of Martele patterned glass and could see quite clearly that my rose bowl pattern seemed to me to be far too regular to be Martele, so...
  4. Thank you Inky.
  5. They are truly incredible. Thank you so much for sharing them here. I have never seen such beautiful work. How exciting. Do you you have more of this type of micro mosaic in your collection? I would l...
  6. Shades!!! Thank you! I had to get up to see them. And better still it was worth getting up for. ;o) It is 5 am and I don't do days with two sevens in them if I can help it. ;o) Gosh they are beautiful...
  7. You are most welcome. I hope you will enjoy your new piece.
  8. Three light pan fixture with original period shades circa 1920. Retains the turn key switches.
  9. It is wonderful. So Spring! Love the frog too. Sincerely, Lisa
  10. It was an ashtray. Made in the sixties perhaps. When everybody smoked it sat on the coffee table empty until company came. It is meant for whatever you want to do with it. ;o) It belongs to you now. ...
  11. Love the lines. What fun. It looks like it is going somewhere. ;o) Sincerely, Lisa
  12. I love that it was your Dad's. Only one thing nicer than having a two sided Coke poster and that is having one that belonged to your Dad. :O) Sincerely, Lisa
  13. So what will be the first thing you make to bake? It deserves pride of place. Well spotted, well done, enjoy it now. Sincerely, Lisa
  14. Sorry, I certainly can't help with attribution but I can add my Ooohs and Ahhhs. Gorgeous colours! I too love the shapes. Great collection. Thank you for showing them to us here. Sincerely, Lisa
  15. Thank you, I did go to Kralik just now but guess what? The MOP page has been taken down for a bit because they feel there might be a mistake. I can wait. Don't you just love that they are so vigilant?...
  16. Thank you Sean, at the speed of light, again, I see. ;o)
  17. Oops, I should have mentioned that the pontil is quite different on the larger one. Which is why I was so unsure. It appears to have been pressed with a different pattern to improve the scar. Is that ...
  18. Gorgeous! How exciting to see. Thank you for showing them to us here. Sincerely, Lisa
  19. I think this is a glove box. The implement is used to stretch the fingers of the gloves when necessary.
  20. That so does look like a mark on the bottom. I would spend ages looking at that no doubt eventually one could make something from it. ;o) The colour and shape are very appealing. There is something ab...
  21. Oh yes, that black paint. I would be happy to take it off for you. ;o) I'll bet it looks lovely lit at night. How often do you see the WAS Benson table lamp bases for sale? I would like one day to fin...
  22. Yes, that would be my feeling too. Chances are if it is, the shade was made by Phoenix. I will check and see I I can find the shape. Do you have the measurements handy? If not I can guestimate so don'...
  23. Lovely! We just don't see light fittings like this here. ''Scarce as Hen's teeth'' as my Dad used to say. The shade too is wonderful. Thank you again for sharing. Sincerely, Lisa
  24. Oh, Yum!!! They are lovely. The one on the left certainly does look English. I can't be sure but that pattern looks familiar. I think, it may be shown on the site you so kindly sent me yesterday. Mike...
  25. Dear Jewels, Thank you for your thoughts on the Opaline Brocade. I gather you didn't recognize the pattern on the third shade. The one with the 3 & 1/4 fitter. The last one I think is Phoenix ...
  26. I am glad that you are glowing. ;o) That pic is my William and he was a very happy boy. I miss him everyday. I have three dogs but William was one of those special "people". :)
  27. Thank you Rick. It is one of a pair. :O) I am really tickled to have found them and even more pleased that I bought them just because. They are frivolous in the sense that didn't need them in a pract...
  28. How wonderful! So glad you have added a piece that you really wanted that is always a special thing. Thank you for sharing it here. I had not noticed his work until you did and it is lovely. You have ...
  29. Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed seeing it. Inky, Toronado, Sean, Rick, Walksoftly, Vetraio, argcollect and Sklo. Does it ring any bells for anyone? I am some what familiar with the Art Nouveau ...
  30. Treasure hunter, extraordinaire! ;o) Well done you! What fun. A great piece and a bargain to boot. Things like that show the harder you work the luckier you get. They also make up for all the times on...
  31. I am intrigued by the way you chose to display them. Unpredictable, and they ask for such, or so it seems to me now having seen them displayed like this. You are such a teacher. In the best possible s...
  32. This is delightful. Great design and the colours are full of life. Thank you again for sharing. Sincerely, Lisa
  33. What a wonderful family treasure. Thank you for sharing it here. Sincerely, Lisa
  34. Who ever did own it had Sunday's off apparently. ;o) Who would that exclude? Just a thought. Sincerely, Lisa
  35. Thank you to you both ladies. Steven and Williams is definitely on the table. I am so glad that you like them too. I am dare I say it..... tickled pink. ;o) I wish you both lived around the corner so...
  36. Dear Perfumer, Thank you. Berry Pontil it is then. Webb? Now that is really exciting news. Thank you for looking and thank you too for the information. Sincerely, Lisa
  37. I have just spent a lovely few hours on your site, and wanted to add my thanks to all those before me. It is a great work and as so many have said it is a great resource for us. Thank you for your tim...
  38. Hi, I just found a shade that appears to be a match for your shades. It was listed on site called Worthopedia and had been listed on ebay by a company here in Canada. Bernardis antiques in Toron...
  39. Do take this for what it is worth. But by what I can see of that fitter I don't think these were made in America. I think you were on the right track before you found the Durand note. We will keep loo...
  40. This one appears to have been made on someone's best day of that week. It is lovely.
  41. The chap with the bee on his head is funny too and I quite like the man with the monocle. They must make you smile.
  42. That is a beauty. I had heard a few years ago that Robert was leaving to start a new adventure and I was worried that we would not be seeing any new work. But when I saw your post, I looked him up aga...
  43. Wow! Very classy, Glassy. Thank you for sharing this here. Wonderful photos too.
  44. Thank you Inky. Do you have any ideas about attribution? I am still not even sure about what country never mind a maker. I was just struggling with a book on Mount Washington or a reference to them b...
  45. Dear Peggy, Thank you. I think that the prunts were done as part of the piece and not just an addition to make a mistake still saleable. But I too am anxious to hear what those among us who rea...
  46. I think too that similar shades, were used as fairy lamp tops. It seems to me that the Fairy lamp book has them listed and I think that Jim has them on his site too? I will try to remember and look t...
  47. thank you Vintagefran, they do look wonderful when they are flying and lit. ;O) I hope I have the right fixture for this one but it may take me a while to settle on the piece that is just right. Sin...
  48. Thank you, racer4four. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you too to all those who took time to look at this shade and to click the love button. It was good of you and I appreciate it. Are there any ...
  49. Thank you so much, Sklo. How kind. Any ideas about the origin? Country, maker? Anything at all? I am pleased to have them regardless. I am just so pleased to learn new things about the love we share g...
  50. Oh blast! I have just been looking at the Leland Marple book on Phoenix glass and guess what I found? Yes, examples of what is refered to as Burmese glass. This adds further confusion since Phoenix pr...
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Is This a Murano "All-In" Dish? Vaseline peachblow art glass bowl  unknown pattern name Early Sculpture by Kent Forrest Ipsen Help identifying this signed print Bohemia Cut Glass Vase


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