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I collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, EI collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, English and many many who made this? ;o) I look forward to posting shade images as I reshoot my collection. (Read more)


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Six light gas fixture and an Egyptian Revival sconce circa 1880 - Lampsin Lamps
Durand, perhaps? American Art glass shade. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Obverse painted chipped ice shade. Pittsburg, perhaps? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Examples of the handpainted shades with flashed marigold and opal irridescence I have always believed that they are Bohemian.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
For Czechman as requested. ;o) - Lampsin Lamps
I have loved this base for years and have finally got the right shades for it. :O)  - Lampsin Lamps
Bohemian 3 & 1/4 inch fitter shades. - Art Glassin Art Glass
more images of Bohemian vase which is missing a collar & lamp with unknown mark. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik, thank you Czechman, vases who have lost their frogs. :O) or perhaps rims. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ruckl three and one quarter inch fitter shade. Predominantly orange. - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Wow. Now he could deliver a lot of baskets! ;o)
  2. I only have one but I love it. Especially the way the light hits the finial. I had never seen the fourth one you show. It looks wonderful, so large. Great for company or lots of leftovers. As always, ...
  3. Thank you Leah, you are kind. Thank you Sean, I am glad you enjoyed seeing them.
  4. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Thank you. As always a great treat arrives when my email shows that you have done another post. What a great teacher you are. Your students were very lucky. You make your subject come alive and spark ...
  6. Didn't she capture the surface texture beautifully ? Pittsburg too. They really are sweet. I like Etsy one never knows what you find there. City Lights sells on there some times. Great for beads nee...
  7. Oh my goodness. What a stunning shade. Wouldn't it look wonderful in an arts and Crafts English hall light? How do you know it is Harrach and not English? Has it to do with the fitter, or rather lack...
  8. Dear Johann, That is cute. I am sure your wife wouldn't mind. I am old enough to be your Mom. My passions are lighting, glass and dogs and learning about the aforementioned. :0) Sincerely, ...
  9. Thank you Sean. Good of you to take the time. I appreciate it.
  10. Sorry that was silly if me. You stated that right in your title. You must treat yourself to breakfast in bed one morning. This would be beautiful on a sweet bed tray with Jam a tiny toast rack and a ...
  11. Dear Johann, I went through a little Larson spiral bound book on Durand and Durand a man and his glass. I found green on cream pulled feather and they looked right. I found examples of lady G...
  12. Thank you so much Johann, I don't have much information on Pittsburg. I will have to see what I can find. You are the knowledgeable one when it comes to this type of glass. You really know your lamps....
  13. Thank you Toronado. I am really pleased with the six light. I think I have finally found the light for my dining room. Thank you to agh collect, manikin, moonstonelover21, Roycroftbooksfromme1, Tt...
  14. Yes, Kyratango. I do use the shades in my collection. These are a little too large for my favourite lamp but it doesn't stop me using them. ;o) I have the lamp posted on here with small Quezal shades....
  15. Thank you Racer4four, Czechman, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, and Moonstone lover21. Leah and Inky thank you for your kind remarks. I am going to have a friend visit this afternoon and I will see if I can...
  16. In the third image, far left, is that a June bug? If so how clever that the body has a pearl. Do you think that is a happy accident or by design as a little ''easter egg''? Thank you for sharing. I l...
  17. Please stay obsessed. I can't wait to see more of your collection. The shading of the colours knocks my socks off. ;o)
  18. She is breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing the fabulous images. I had no idea that they could be so detailed, and full of life. Sincerely, Lisa
  19. I love the Bilby! The bunnies too are great fun. Thank you for sharing them.
  20. Love this one Inky. It reminds me of rubina verde shades, but even better because you have stripes. Do you use them as salts? Sincerely, Lisa
  21. Great post, thank you for sharing your information on the Bilby. I was not aware of this beasty prior to reading your post. Sincerely, Lisa
  22. Thank you, Austrohungaro, I think we will get there. Leah posted a vase along with her story about it being a joke present because it was so badly damaged and poorly repaired. It was the same outrageo...
  23. Thank you too for all the loves everyone. Most appreciated. Is there a place on the site where we can ask questions? A beautiful Baccarat shade sold on ebay earlier this week and I would love to kn...
  24. Good Grief, Johann, What a find! It is gorgeous. If you ever tire of it do please let me know. ;o) YUM. Next time you go hunting may I come too? Sincerely, Lisa
  25. Wow, I know nothing about art pottery but I do know I love this piece. The colour the texture, it just sings and dances. I wish I could be of use but I wanted to at least oooo and goo. Lovely, just lo...
  26. I hope this isn't too obvious but have you tried to lower the wattage of the bulb? Some times that will diminish the effect of the shadow of the harp on the glass shade. The lower the wattage the bett...
  27. I have had a very similar floor lamp. It was chrome and had an hankerchief type torch shade with the metal cone to hold it in place. I believe it also had a press switch in the base to light up the gl...
  28. Thank you very much for sharing this fabulous post with us.
  29. I love this! Who wouldn't? You have great taste only surpassed by your amazing luck at finding bargains. ;o) It only takes years of hard work to know what you are looking at and then being there at yo...
  30. Kevin, What fun. It is as though I have been transported to a mini " York walks tour". Now there is a thought. How about arranging a tour? ;0)
  31. You are a wonderful educator! Thank you very much for sharing your gift with us. I find myself eager to go back to England and off to York. Always a good sign. Sincerely, Lisa
  32. Dear Tara, Not cheeky at all. I will always be happy to answer when I think I might be of use. My little two armed light is cast bronze and has no marks what so ever, unfortunately. I h...
  33. They are beautiful Inky. It is hard to mind that summer ends and autumn starts when you have such lovely Dahliahs. Then shown to such advantage in your beautiful vase, live just doesn't get much bette...
  34. Thank you Scott for the link. I will enjoy going over those pages. I appreciate your having taken the time to help. Sincerely, Lisa
  35. Dear Leah, Thank you, sorry I took so long.
  36. Inky, thank you. I find that same shade is my favourite too. The colours are much better than they appear in the image. It has a softness that the others don't. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them.
  37. Lovely find! I am just a little envious here in Canada. ;) Enjoy them Ozmarty they are really interesting. Sorry I can't shed any light on your question. I will remember them though and if any informa...
  38. I should also mention that frit is used to give texture to the trees, water, and some times even the snow. I particularly enjoy the way the tree branches are picked out. They really look like the ice...
  39. Oh my goodness! They are lovely.
  40. Johann, I'm of the same opinion. Kokomo granite backed glass. I have heard both Sunset and Dragon's blood used to name this combination of colours.
  41. I have been looking for an image to share with you of the piece I had that is of the same vintage, no luck so far but I will keep looking. I have seen these with curved panel slag glass shades. You ar...
  42. please do have it rewired before you use it. The socket cluster is not original. It would look great with good old solid brass period sockets. You can often find them on ebay. I think that city lights...
  43. You have a brass desk lamp. The shade you are right, does not belong on the base. These were usually fitted with a hemisphere. Either cased green and white glass or even a solid brass shade. It is har...
  44. Lovely set. I would suggest that you have it rewired properly. Nice to have original lighting just included with the house. Enjoy.
  45. Are the sconces made of Spelter? I have had this pattern before and I believe they were made circa 1910. Lovely!
  46. Dear Dr. Nessa, All you need to do is check it with a magnet. If it sticks then your lamp is iron. The main body of mine is spelter not iron. It is a great lamp. Paul Peel is the artist who pa...
  47. So Beautiful Inky, thank you so much for sharing.
  48. I think that the painting mentioned is titled After the Bath. This Radio lamp is only the second one I have ever seen. I have one. I love it and find that it is just perfect as a night light in the ba...
  49. oops, I forgot to mention that there is also a little night light in the base. Take care when you use the switch. They are meant to be operated with your foot but since the one in your base appears to...
  50. These are great lights. They offer lots of options. You can light just the three candles, or you can use the trilight. Your floor lamp has plastic shades on the candle sockets, these can be found but ...
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Vaseline peachblow art glass bowl  unknown pattern name Early Sculpture by Kent Forrest Ipsen Help identifying this signed print Bohemia Cut Glass Vase


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