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I collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, EI collect art glass shades. The majority of which are Victorian eye candy shades but I also have some Art Nouveau shades both American and Bohemian. A few French, English and many many who made this? ;o) I look forward to posting shade images as I reshoot my collection. (Read more)


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Czech Deco Export covered sweet dish. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steuben prisms, I believe.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Opal candlestick Czecho-slovakia oval mark on bottom.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik opal and blue glass vase with mark. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Six light gas fixture and an Egyptian Revival sconce circa 1880 - Lampsin Lamps
 American Art glass shades made by Durand.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Obverse painted chipped ice shade. Pittsburg, perhaps? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Examples of the handpainted shades with flashed marigold and opal irridescence I have always believed that they are Bohemian.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
For Czechman as requested. ;o) - Lampsin Lamps
I have loved this base for years and have finally got the right shades for it. :O)  - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Thank you, Warren. It is wonderful research and such a beautiful piece. Sincerely, Lisa
  2. They are all gorgeous but I especially love the owl. Thank you so much for all you share. Sincerely, Lisa
  3. I am, I just wish I had more useful information to share. For now I will give and share what I can.????
  4. last image shows iris.
  5. Dinner Gong. Used to rest on the buffet in the dinning room.
  6. Isn't it funny that the red and yellow is not that common and yet it is the only one I have seen. ;o) The one I bought and the one seen in that display case at a show? I wish it was a shade, but it i...
  7. You are welcome to my images. I am sorry that they are not better. As I said I did alter the colour on the second image and the red rather bled into the yellow. It is not at all like that in ''real li...
  8. Thank you everyone for taking the time to look at this little covered sweet dish. As many of you know, shades are my thing in terms of collecting but it is hard to pass things by when they sing to you...
  9. Dear Rick, It has a wonderful fitter and I believe it to be an American Art Glass shade of the Art Nouveau period. Perhaps Steuben? Can you find any trace of a mark on the inside rim of the fi...
  10. This could be a hem clip. The hem of a long skirt could be clamped, the ridges ensure that the grasp held and the long piece could slide into a waist band or belt . I have one fashioned from brass an...
  11. How lovely! Your sister and this wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing.
  12. What a wonderful shape and colour. Thank you for sharing you beautiful vase.
  13. I believe this to be 1970s made in Spain.
  14. Oh my! How awful. You must enjoy a house that stays clean for the most part from week to week. I can't even imagine it. ;o) I have enough dog hair to knit two or three more dogs, if possible, each wee...
  15. Thank you for sharing this, it really brought a lot of interesting comments to board. I have a little set of similarly shaped bowls that are matt on the outside and glazed on the inside. I always tho...
  16. Dear Racer, No I live in a dog house. ;0) I don't speak cat. The real animals bite me and have often captured my wrist and turned the skin on the inside of my forearms into strings, much to my ...
  17. If it was made as a shade and it is closed there is a good chance it has a 3.25 inch fitter or even a four.
  18. I too find this absolutely delightful. Thank you for sharing it. It reminds me for some reason of a fine piece of Limoges pate sur pate I had years ago. I could see this done as fine enamelling on gla...
  19. We have looked and will continue to look for this lamp. When we find one it will be on it's way to you at the speed of light. Or as fast as we can get it to you. You are the rocket man, sweetness and...
  20. Love the cats! They are so comical. I have a small collection of glass animals most of which are flameworked. I would add those kitties in a minute. ;o)
  21. Women are amazing! Balancing in heels, on soft earth with your arms around two children and it looks like there is some wind too and yet, the skirt is perfectly arranged as is she. Great picture of a ...
  22. Oh I love this. Fire and Ice in perfect harmony. Who knew. Got to get an opal ring.
  23. I know nothing about this but I love it. Setting, stone, rubies and little diamonds too. I think somehow the small stones make the center even more spectacular. Rather like putting a person in a lands...
  24. Lovely! They look so good where you have the display set up too. The big fan vase with the bright yellow threading really stands out as do the three lidded pieces. I have to stop there or I will just ...
  25. Wow, look at those fitters. I have never seen anything like them before. You must be thrilled to have these in your collection.
  26. These are wonderful!
  27. Hello, You might want to check with Carl at Phoenix too, he has the skill to make these. If you can't find Carl, Brian Severn was very familiar with the work that Carl produced if I remember c...
  28. Thank you Dr. Fluffy and Tom 61375. I am really fond of this vase. I must take a picture the next time I use it. And thank you too Sklo for giving me the words to describe the ''handles'' trails, band...
  29. Do you think it was made to accommodate a pillar candle? And if so, I wonder if that would help anyone in terms of an ID? I don't know if that application could help date it or help with at least narr...
  30. Well done you! The harder you work the luckier you get. ;o) I love the way you expressed your enthusiasm for the vase too. You really gave me a view of how it makes you feel and that is such a wonderf...
  31. I love it too but I am really taken with the shape as shown in your last shot. I really love the curve toward the flower as seen in profile. So graceful. Thank you so much for sharing this one. What a...
  32. Thank you for introducing me to this school of artists. I really enjoy the work you shared here. I look forward to learning and seeing more. The way the texture of the trees, rocks and plant life is p...
  33. With regard to second guessing the price you paid, Do you like the lighters? If so and you have already paid for them, then yes, you got a good deal. Enjoy them. Dunhill has or at least did have great...
  34. This texture reminds me of bark, perhaps you could start there?
  35. I had this lighter in silver. Bought it in Switzerland the summer of 1970. If I remember correctly it was called Tartan. I have no idea if that will help you. Or if indeed that same pattern was used ...
  36. I am drooling! It is gorgeous. Bob's modesty is only outdone by his knowledge. He is the go to guy for Oil Lamps. Franken lamp yes but it will look fabulous when you are finished with it. I am thrill...
  37. How exciting! What a wonderful piece of research. Don't you love it when those with the puzzle pieces share and viola new discoveries are made. Thank you Warren, Alfredo and Kai. What magic. I love th...
  38. What a delight to see. The shape is so interesting. Thank you for sharing it.
  39. Just a guess, but perhaps it once held a big comb? Was part of a dressing table set, with hand mirror, comb and brush?
  40. I love that you got a second chance to own it and now you do. I am also a fan of the vase. Thank you for sharing it.
  41. Lovely water feature. I would like to hear it. You may find the sound as pleasing as the sight.
  42. Dear Inky, It is lovely, what a great find. Enjoy it. Sincerely, Lisa
  43. Congratulations Jim! The harder you work the luckier you get. ;o) You really deserve your fabulous find.
  44. Thank you so much for sharing yet another fabulous piece, here. Your generosity is most appreciated.
  45. Love the story and the giggle. Thank you.
  46. I would say that the best book on Steuben is The Glass of Frederick Carder by Dear Stillwater, Paul V. Gardner. Now there is a recent reprint available too so you won't have to pay a lot for it. Yo...
  47. Sorry, this is not the next morning. The Glass of Frederick Carder by Paul Gardner Shows the prisms as Item #878 Please do let me know if you think I have it wrong. Thank you to Sean, Amber Rose...
  48. Dear Bob, I found an artist named Jean Pierre Aubry but no luck with sculpture. There is no one by that name, J.P. Aubry listed in the Index of Canadian Artists (Visual Arts) by François Lareau...
  49. This one can greet you every morning when you open your eyes. The Manager can't spoil it either. ;o)
  50. Violets how wonderful! It would be fabulous filled with them too this time of year.
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Is This a Murano "All-In" Dish? Vaseline peachblow art glass bowl  unknown pattern name Early Sculpture by Kent Forrest Ipsen Help identifying this signed print Bohemia Cut Glass Vase


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