Collect jewels circa 1900. Please do not reproduce my photos without permission. Thanks.


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Arts & Crafts opal ring - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Jugendstil plique pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau stag horn beetle pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau dragonfly comb - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Jugendstil gold & pearl pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Arts & Crafts moonstone ring - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts moonstone pendant - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Little Arts & Crafts Liberty brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts abalone pendant - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Art Nouveau dragon fly horn pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Thanks, BelleEpoque, that's the way I see it to. It's a lovely ring to wear. I'm very pleased to own it.
  2. Still not sure BelleEpoque. I got out the Murphy book and now I'm pretty sure it's not by him. Paul is right in that it has a few similarities with work by the Artificers Guild,. I've not really ha...
  3. No worries. The challenge is to pick the old ones from the reproduction ones. It can be tricky sometimes.
  4. Hi Jean. I'm wondering if this started life out as a bracelet?
  5. Oops, sorry, I meant I'm used to seeing the tops as a ball. Like this one -
  6. This one I'm not sure about. The body looks old, but I'm not sure about the top. I'm used to seeing these as larger round balls. I'm pretty sure it's American & if it was old I would expect it to...
  7. Classic english Victorian/Edwardian locket. Hallmarked for Birmingham 1905. You should also be able to identify the maker (the 3 initials at the bottom). The chain is not original. Hope that helps.
  8. I went to the library today & borrowed the Alastair Duncan Paris Salons book today. It has 2 of the original looking glasses in it. All 4 (these 2 + the Christies one + my one) are all slightly diff...
  9. Hi Paul. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll drag out the Murphy book tonight & have a look. I thought Murphy consistently signed his work, either with his personal or Falcom Studio mark?
  10. Hi BelleEpoque. The leaves look like the could be Australian but I don't think it is. I think it's English. I didn't buy it here, it came from the UK.
  11. Thanks for the link antique rose. Love those nouveau combs.
  12. Thanks very much for your suggestions paris1925. I tried carbon paper but it didn't work. However, I think I got a better photo of the signature. The first letter looks like a fancy L to me. I bor...
  13. OMG - look what I just found -
  14. Hi Kyrantango, it was probably Saindheim & her work can vary in quality a lot. She often hung her pendants in those types of mounts. It was an interesting piece, looked big, which is what Saindheim ...
  15. I saw the rock crystal pendant. It went for quite a lot of money but did look big. Didn't see Nossitor though.
  16. BTW Paul, I got an absolute cracker of a ring the other day. I'll be very interested in your opinion & to see if a maker stands out to you. No one immediately comes to my mind but I've not done any ...
  17. Thanks Paul, for the excellent info. Abalone is my favourite material in arts & crafts jewellery & I'm lucky enough to have some really good pieces, some Scottish. I also have an original abalone ...
  18. This one is also very similar & MBCo.
  19. Thanks Paul. Its interesting that the one you compare is marked MBCo. It's the only MBCo piece that's attributed to Knox. All 3 are very similar with that gold wirework, it's quite distinctive.
  20. Hi Elisabethan, they are both circa 1900. German, made for the English market.
  21. Hi Kyratango, I'm not sure who made this one. Lots of jewellers used the twisted rope around the stone. It's nicely made though.
  22. There is a ginkgo leaf ring in Becker's Art Nouveau jewellery, but it's unattributed. Not all is signed (as you would know). Wish you could find it at the markets now!
  23. Thanks Kyratango. I understand that he also made earrings, necklaces and a 'down the finger' ring. As opposed to 'across the finger' rings.
  24. Hi Paul. Dumont was a French jewellery firm. Like Farhner et al, they had a catalogue that jewellers could ordered from. I am only aware of the ginkgo leaf design (there are 2, a soft design like a...
  25. Yes, this design is can be attributed to Instone.
  26. Cracker.
  27. Hey Dr Fluffy. I think you'll find this was originally a pendant. German, probably gold cased. Missing a small drop, a pearl would do although it was probably a little blue paste. Circa 1900.
  28. BTW, of the 3, only Dunlop signed her work and then only occasionally.
  29. Hi Paul. No Dunlop can I can confidently attribute. But Noissitor yes. I post some when I have time. In the meantime the clip that is directly under the amber pendant is Nossitor. She used a hand...
  30. Thanks for all you nice comments. I'm a bit fond of my jewels! Kyratango, I don't think it's a belt buckle. I think those types of dresses were mainly out of fashion by the time this was made. A...
  31. Yok, posted a photo of the amber pendant.
  32. If it was Saindheim, then it would be inter-war. She was a prolific maker in this style.
  33. Amy Saindheim for sure. I have same work on big amber pendant. Interesting the little squiggle on the back. I've not seen that on her work before.
  34. He has. She was same as usual so he wandered off. He asked if she had any Jugendstil and she told him to look - you've seen her cabinets. He said she had some lovely things but many damaged, it ma...
  35. I'd be excited t0o. It may have a gold wash on it. A gold wash over gold is not uncommon. I'd be very surprised if it was a base metal. I think it is missing the bale? If it has a bale it might b...
  36. I'm stumped bu this one. My initial thoughts was Artificers Guild, but I don't think the construction is right. It looks English, but gold coloured metal is odd. I'll be interested to see what othe...
  37. Sometimes you get lucky. My hubby is currently in Paris, then off to London. I'm expecting big things from him (especially since I'm at home looking after the bubba).
  38. Hi Jean. I saw this, forgot to bid! I think its Liberty. Nice buy.
  39. Hi Moonhill, it's 30cms & it's not signed but a known Ritchie design, both the cross in the middle & the design around the rim. And don't worry I won't clean it too much. It has some spots so I'll t...
  40. This was the same business model as Farhner. They made 3 ranges, a trinket range, a mid-range and a hand made artist range. It's why you can see so many variations of the same design. It's like a n...
  41. LOL, yes, it could have been a collection plate. Or just for decorative purposes. Ritchie made both.
  42. I love those Bretby squished pots. I have a small collection, a couple in this glaze.
  43. Ah yes. It did do very well. I'm in Sydney.
  44. BTW Paul. There was an attributed piece of Artificers Guild on Trade Me not so long ago. Interesting. Did you see it?
  45. You must have a great collection Paul. I've been collecting arts & crafts for 20 years or so. Both objects & jewellery. But been buying jewellery more often recently because it's easier to find a...
  46. BTW Paul. How long have you been collecting? Do you find many treasures in NZ?
  47. A cracker!
  48. Hi Paul. I know what you mean about the catalogues. We also miss out on all the exhibitions. Did you see the bit of Gaskin Period_Gems posted? I saw that for sale too but didn't make the Gaskin co...
  49. Hi Paul. I know the attribution by Tadema and there's no doubt their piece, yours & the piece in Barbra Morris's book are by the same designer and/or construction method and were retailed by Liberty....
  50. Hi Paul. If you can, get a hold of the Catalogue of the 1982 Birmingham Museum Gaskin exhibition of 1982, it's a great resource. It explains the links between the Gaskins & Oliver Baker and Baker & ...
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