Collect jewels circa 1900. Please do not reproduce my photos without permission. Thanks.


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  1. Hi Kyra, the maker I was thinking of are Kollmar & Jourdan. I was right in thinking they have an arrow but its different from yours. I'll keep an eye open, I have two other books with German jewelle...
  2. Hi Paul. I think this ring is by the same maker as the earrings Tadema Gallery attributed to Wager. I've seen this work before and it's quite similar.
  3. With Australian Arts & Crafts jewellery, although it's getting harder to find, you can buy pieces that are at the same level of quality as the Wagers. Our problem is that the Australian movement is n...
  4. Hi Paul, I can't recall who made the vase. It's marked HMH or HWH. I did know, I think it was one of those small British experimentalist ceramists. But I'm not 100% sure.
  5. It's a potpouri jar.
  6. No worries Tassie. Enjoy your ring, I'd be very happy to have one like it in my collection.
  7. Yay! Tassie, you have yourself a Wager ring. That angular, clipped leaf with that bubble like texture is right-on. Plus the way the shank is soldered onto the top is indicative of Wager. I'd say th...
  8. Happy hunting Jean. Look forward to seeing your new treasures.
  9. Hi Racer. Uploaded pic of dresser, it's pretty cool.
  10. No worries Sean. I can chat Pearson all day.
  11. I have photos of my Pearson metal Sean. One day when I'm procrastinating, I'll upload some for you.
  12. No, no wooden things for Pearson. Alexander Ritchie/Iona did metal, jewels & wooden things. He's the only maker I can think of that crossed from metal to wood. Although I think one of the Schools di...
  13. No worries. I love Pearson! In the early days of collecting I couldn't afford the copper & someone suggested I look for the ceramics. As I became more familiar with his style I could find metal tha...
  14. Hi Racer, I know this is Australian. Very typical of the style of work, probably by Prouds. I have a few other pieces. Plus, bought in Sydney.
  15. Hi Gillian, its 3.5 inches x 2 inches.
  16. Hi Valentino, I don't usually post before I have it in my hot little hands. You never really own it until it's arrived! With this one though, I was interested to see what others thought based on t...
  17. Hi Emme, I don't think the stone would be jet. If it's period, jet would have been well out of fashion. If it's newer, it's been illegal to mine jet for many years, you can only collect it beachcomi...
  18. Hi Jean, I think the drop is original, it seems to have similar working to the bale. But I'm inclined, more than ever, that it's a more modern copy. I'll let you know when it arrives.
  19. Hi Kyra, you must have eagle eyes because I can't didn't see that 925 tag. You are right, this is not a mark I associate with period pieces.
  20. Really not sure on this one. There's not a piece of known Thew that's close enough for a confident attribution (that I know of).
  21. Hi Kyra, I think your pendant is German. Oh, yes, just came to me, Kollorman & Jordan. Yay! I'm not sure if that's exactly how you spell them but I'm pretty sure they use the arrow. I'll check in ...
  22. Hi Jean. My knowledge of this style of jewel is very limited so I don't really know the manufacturers. I'm not even really sure it's German. Those lovely cut stones were imported from Germany all a...
  23. Hi Jean. It's probably German. I know it looks like SD's work and the reason why is because she bought many of her stones from Ider-Oberstein in Germany where they cut stones in what has become know...
  24. Hiya. Your brooch is Victorian/Edwardian. Probably circa 1890 - 1900 or so. Silver with rose gold & yellow gold overlay. Use a nice soft silver polishing cloth to clean it. Or you can use some ...
  25. Hi Jean. I've recently bought some Aussie arts & crafts including a great pair of earrings and 2 x gum leaf rings. None Wager but still interesting. I'll post them some time in the next few weeks &...
  26. I've also seen seagulls & owls. I love the owls.
  27. Cool. Never seen a frog before.
  28. Hi Jean, I have a very similar dress clip. Probably the same maker but I don't know who it is.
  30. Hi FCV we've chatted before. Also Varley's; from the other side of the world. I think I showed you a piece from my collection. Do you think these pieces are from when Varley worked at Hatton gard...
  31. That's is the one Kyra. The first copy I saw was in gold, but more recently they've been in silver. Nice article.
  32. Yeah, wow!
  33. Hi Jean. I've seen quite a few of these for sale over the past few years. It is based on an original Nouveau design by quite a well-known maker. Can't recall who it it now, but I will some time o...
  34. I am well thanks Jean. Always something going on to keep me busy. I got my clip locally which is quite unusual. Was a mother's day gift from my boy.
  35. I don't think this is Nossitor. I don't think she cast mounts like this. If it was another jeweller, it would most likely to be Saindheim. Which is feasible. Just feels more like Dunlop. Is t...
  36. These are cool!
  37. Hi Jean, this is nossitor, she made her own clip backs so they are easy to pick. I have one of these too!
  38. Hi Jean. I think you are right on both accounts.
  39. Jean, outbid me. Those earrings went for a lot of money. Mind you, they are very good & Nossitor (of course).
  40. I'm well thanks Jean. The brooch is lovely. Was this the one you were thinking of buying?
  41. Hi Jean, the archives are great but it's more you have to go in. I don't think they have a specialist available.
  42. Prints like these were very popular in the 1900's as part of the Arts & Crafts movement. Liberty made series of nursery prints and other sport style prints that were mounted in frames like yours that...
  43. Thanks Paul. I hadn't looked up the motto yet. It's pretty cool.
  44. Kyra, he'd better be strong! He'll have a new little boy to lug around soon, and don't think the current little boy is going give up his daddy carries anytime soon.
  45. Who knows what an expert does & doesn't know. They may be very familiar with the collection they curate but maybe not in Arts & Crafts jewellery in general. They might also have policies and/or limi...
  46. Poor Paul, always having his posts highjacked. But he will go posting interesting & exciting jewels so he's got no one to blame but himself!
  47. Hi Jean, the leaf work and the groupings of the leaf work are very AG. There are also other indicators that it's AG. I'll be interested to see what Paul comes up with. I've got a few pieces for c...
  48. Paul's history of Pearson -
  49. BTW, it's a very very long time since I've done any reading on any of this. It's entirely possible that there's been some more research published and more is known.
  50. Hi Jean, Murrle Bennet are a company, (MB&Co), like Levinger & Bissenger. A least one member of the partnership, John Baker Bennett, was English & initially made jewellery under his name (JBB mark). ...
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