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Arts & Crafts/Edwardian necklace - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts Dress Clips - Dorrie Nossitor - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Art Nouveau (Skonvirke) Pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Australian Arts & Crafts earrings - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts rings - by the Mumfords - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Liberty Arts & Crafts pendant - design by Knox - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts pendant - Edith & Nelson Dawson - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts earrings by Dorrie Nossitor - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
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  1. Yep, its quite different though. I have a lovely citrine ring with acorns on it. Would go with your drop!
  2. Sorry Jean. I didn't make myself clear. Like you it does look Instone at first glance. But I'm not sure because of the acorns & top leaves. Irrespective, I love the little acorns.
  3. They are very dapper. Reminds me of my granddad who was very dapper. He had an awesome mo.
  4. Hiya Tassie. This might have been a souvenir. You go to the peer, get your photo taken with your BFF and popped on your matchbox holder to memorialise the night.
  5. My opinion is same as yours.
  6. Hi Paul. These are lovely earrings. And you can see the AG influence very strongly. I have a AG pendant which is a very similar design with the two grape leaves at the top & grapes down the side. ...
  7. FYI ... Celiene, the cigarette case you link to is much later and not a chatelaine in the proper sense. A chatelaine was the equivalent of a victorian tool belt for women. It has all sorts of hou...
  8. There's no doubt this is a vesta case for wax matches. Vesta cases made in the UK will usually have the interior lip hallmarked and better quality ones may be gilt (gold) inside. This one is con...
  9. That it has no strike is odd, but it looks of the period. It's most likely German in the French style (Nouveau), if so, it's probably some form of silver mix. Maybe as low as 800 or as high as 935....
  10. Also worth noting is that if it were by Thew, you'd likely see her mark of a T in raised dots on it.
  11. Jean, from a distance the stones look like moss agate, but closer up they could be low grade emeralds. But I've never seen a Z&W piece with emeralds. Kyra will probably know. I think Austro Hunga...
  12. Hiya. Your necklace is German, in the historical style. It's probably Bohemian garnet in the setting, its pretty standard for this style. Rings, bracelets & necklaces are common. Circa 1900. It l...
  13. Hi, hope you are well. Been meaning to email you to let you know our new baby has arrived. Called him Ari.
  14. Hiya Paul. My Wager pendants have very fine work & are hard to photo with my phone. I'll try & dig out my camera to get some decent shots of the detail. Also, am in the process of buying some NZ ar...
  15. My moth is quite big - wide. I like their nice smooth bottoms!
  16. Hi Jean, your brooch is lovely. The stones are very pretty. I think it's later than Arts & Crafts. I'm not sure when those roll-over catches were used (maybe Kyra knows), but they are not common on...
  17. I think you are right that it's arts & crafts of the right period. Whether or not its Scottish, it's hard to tell. The Scotts were known to use a lot of abalone but they weren't the only ones. Th...
  18. Nice job Kyra. I have a moth made by the same maker. I'm not sure who they are but they have a distinctive style.
  19. Having said that, I usually associate those big drops with English jewellery. Never seen an American equivalent.
  20. Could very well be American Jean. I usually associate the use of Sterling with American jewellery. The other piece I've seen that I recall was a ring with 3 pearls. Also could have been American, h...
  21. Hi Jean. I uploaded a photo of my dress clip by the same maker + my Dorrie Nossitor dress clip which is very similar to yours.
  22. Hi Jean. I uploaded the piece of Ider-Oberstein jewellery which I mistook for Dunlop. That's how I learn't about thevIder-Oberstein 'carpet of gems' style jewellery.
  23. Thank you Kyra.
  24. Oldasdirt, try doing a google image search for your bear claw mark. I find they work well.
  25. I just uploaded some slightly better photos. I love them too Jean. Although I've tended to pass them by in favour of earlier pieces. I have a nice pendant with an agate in it, recycled from a Vic...
  26. Hi Gillian, there are distinctive differences between Arts & Crafts & Art Nouveau including design elements and production (hand made v. machine made). And there's lots of cross-over. This Liberty...
  27. Hi Gillian. The group of 3 is from a book. They are a brooch, waist piece & 3 part waist clasp. I think my piece may have originally been the middle part of a 3 piece waist clasp. Maybe it was ori...
  28. No worries Jean. I'm lucky I have two pieces now. This one & one with a little rose bud on it.
  29. Hi Period Gems. How are you? Long time no chat. It was some weird attribution but I was pretty sure about that pansy so took the risk. Have you ever seen the mark on the back before? Or any ideas...
  30. I've just updated the photos with some better ones. I don't know why they load up sideways??
  31. Hi Jean. This is very pretty. Defiantly not by Saindheim, probably not by Instone either. I've seen those soft leaves before but can't recall where. Not an attributable piece though.
  32. Thanks Jean. We now have Ari who is 7 weeks old today. He keeps me busy!
  33. Thanks for all your opinions. And the answer is ... defiantly a reproduction. I've added my own photo. Once I had it in my hot little hands it was obviously a reproduction. Having said that, it's ...
  34. I think european. Probably little later than other one. More in the style of, although kyra is right-on with the double shank.
  35. Yes, american. This leaf work was used by many jewellers so its hard to attribute. Used to be able to find them often but not so much anymore. Love the double stone.
  36. typically Australian. Spot on for the 40'S.
  37. c is year Leopard is location of assaying (london i think or chester). interesting lost wax casting to sides - like jewels. she came from a family of silversmiths. shame didn't mark jewels like th...
  38. Yep, Austro.
  39. Hi Kyra, the maker I was thinking of are Kollmar & Jourdan. I was right in thinking they have an arrow but its different from yours. I'll keep an eye open, I have two other books with German jewelle...
  40. Hi Paul. I think this ring is by the same maker as the earrings Tadema Gallery attributed to Wager. I've seen this work before and it's quite similar.
  41. With Australian Arts & Crafts jewellery, although it's getting harder to find, you can buy pieces that are at the same level of quality as the Wagers. Our problem is that the Australian movement is n...
  42. Hi Paul, I can't recall who made the vase. It's marked HMH or HWH. I did know, I think it was one of those small British experimentalist ceramists. But I'm not 100% sure.
  43. It's a potpouri jar.
  44. No worries Tassie. Enjoy your ring, I'd be very happy to have one like it in my collection.
  45. Yay! Tassie, you have yourself a Wager ring. That angular, clipped leaf with that bubble like texture is right-on. Plus the way the shank is soldered onto the top is indicative of Wager. I'd say th...
  46. Happy hunting Jean. Look forward to seeing your new treasures.
  47. Hi Racer. Uploaded pic of dresser, it's pretty cool.
  48. No worries Sean. I can chat Pearson all day.
  49. I have photos of my Pearson metal Sean. One day when I'm procrastinating, I'll upload some for you.
  50. No, no wooden things for Pearson. Alexander Ritchie/Iona did metal, jewels & wooden things. He's the only maker I can think of that crossed from metal to wood. Although I think one of the Schools di...
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