Collect jewels circa 1900. Please do not reproduce my photos without permission. Thanks.


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Silver treasures - guard chain, bracelet & propelling pencil - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Victorian albertinas - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Victorian earrings - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Art Nouveau turquoise & silver ring - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Arts & Crafts silver brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Art Nouveau wrist watch - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Nouveau/Belle Epoque stork pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Arts & Crafts enamel peacock pendant - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
WMF bracelet - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Nouveau horn bugs - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. You'll have to find that one out for yourself. It's a little below the belt for CW. Suffice to say Victoria probably wasn't as prudish as many think.
  2. When you googled did you find what else is named after Albert?
  3. Hi Kyratango. I always use hand made hooks, similar to the originals. My jeweller makes them for me. Your favs are nice though!
  4. Albertinas are ladies watch chains. Although, I suspect the first one could have been a mans, just makes a nice bracelet (or necklace!).
  5. Hi recer4four, they are griffins.
  6. A beauty!
  7. German I think. There is a particular part of the design that has a German feel about it. Also, I've not seen Scandinavian marks like those before.
  8. Ohhh look - Even same chain.
  9. Hi BelleEpoque This is the slide off a guard chain. The chain may have been part of the original guard. The clasp look period too.
  10. Thats nice, like a little treasure box.
  11. That England for you! I still love it.
  12. Hi Jean, the top bracelet is Jungenstil, circa 1900. It's made up of 3 enamel plaques on a metallic ribbon with a gilded catch. It's got a makers mark on it, but I've yet to identify who it is. I...
  13. Hi Jean. These are all moulded, carved & dyed.
  14. Hi Jean. These are made of buffalo horn. It's clarified, moulded, carved & dyed. Horn was incredibly popular & all the best jewellers used it including Lalique. Most is unsigned but Bonte & GIP ...
  15. Lucky you Jean! Wish I was in London. Happy hunting. Post your photos when you get back & I'll let you know what I know (if anything!).
  16. Hi Jean. I don't know much about the WMF jewels. I have 2 in my collection, an older bracelet with blue enamel like yours & a later Deco necklace. I'll dig them out tomorrow. Also, I realised ...
  17. Very nice & fun too. I've been trying to think of a way to display my horn bugs. They are a little bit fragile & I need to keep them away for heat & dust. I'm thinking I'm might have to sort out so...
  18. Hi Jean WMF made 2 series of jewellery. An earlier, more German historical style, and a later Deco style which included glass beads & very geometric designs. Your bracelet is earlier. I'm not en...
  19. I got a nice silver nouveau wristwatch recently. I'm hoping I can get it restored.
  20. Hi Jean. Looks like your charms are all sorts of ages. I can see a little pixie which is an earlier one but some are later designs. I just know spied the compass.
  21. The compass is Edwardian.
  22. Hi Jean. I don't think this one was mine. Mine had the original victorian c clasp on the back. I've seen this brooch design a few times, the earrings though, I think are very rare. My earrings w...
  23. Hi Jean, I used to own the same brooch! + matching earrings. I sold them a while ago but still have a cute piece of shakudo with frogs carrying another frog in a divan chair. I've always loved it. ...
  24. Quite interesting to see the original mould. Must be so rare.
  25. No worries. I'm always inclined to think that a sympathetic restoration is worth the effort. It gives a tired jewel a new lease of life.
  26. Yes Jean. This one is Instone. I've seen this type of combo many times before. I'd have the stone (& it's likely to be a stone rather than glass) lightly buffed & put back the right way round.
  27. For sure Jean. This is Bernard Instone.
  28. Probably. There are French & English examples of similar motifs, but this one feels Jugendstil to me. PS, got a new bug.
  29. Spoken like a true collector!
  30. English. The stopper may be a replacement. Does the silver collar have a W & H makers mark? Looks like Walker & Hall.
  31. Sure. I can ditch the rest of the family & come early.
  32. I was there too. Probably later than you guys. Did pick up 2 x Dorothy Wager earrings though.
  33. Hi Jean. Murrle Bennett & Co were a German company who made mostly Nouveau style (but sometimes Edwardian style) jewellery for the English market circa 1900. Generally high quality, mass produced je...
  34. Who knows? Maybe someone? Anyone?
  35. Opps, got it.
  36. Hiya kyratango. The Tadema ring doesn't have an image address. Go to 'newly acquired' & go to the bottom of the page & you'll find it. It's massive with a amethyst, citrine, chalcedony & pearl.
  37. Cool. Let me know how you go. In the meantime Google murrle bennett. You'll find lots of Art Nouveau pendants with the same chain. Most of them will be silver, some yellow gold & from around 1...
  38. I have a few silver & gold rings with these same cast leaves & flower, but made by different jewellers (different work). I suspect jewellers could buy these leaves & flowers ready made & attach them ...
  39. Hi Jean. I can't tell what the mark is, but if it's unmarked for platinum, my money would be on silver. That would make it consistent with the design. Why don't you try your gold seller for an opin...
  40. Hi Jean, that's quite interesting. I've never seen this signature before. Just the BI mark. I do have a few pieces of his work which are unsigned. They are more in the Arts & Crafts style. Pl...
  41. PS, now it's clean, looks like those might be little rubies.
  42. Smart thinking Jean. What looked like wear was just dirt! That's a nice surprise.
  43. Nice carved carnelian.
  44. Thanks vertraio50. I've been collecting for a while now.
  45. Hi Cogito. Ive just posted some photos of my later Pilkingtons tile & also a period maiden tile. On my later tile, you can clearly see from the back that it's more modern. It's very clean (mind y...
  46. I see what you mean with the rubbing.
  47. Cogito, Pilkington has always made tiles. The marks depend on the period. Earlier pieces were marked with a painted designers & date marks, later bits with the rose mark. My tile has Pilkington wri...
  48. I often pick up a bit of Austro Hungarian thinking it's arts & crafts. Very pretty.
  49. Maybe Austro Hungarian?
  50. Looks completely good for Victorian pearl & garnet to me. Also, 15ct would be consistent with the period. Very nice, especially with that original bale.
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