Interested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artistsInterested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artists/designers of the period. Contact: (Read more)


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Jugendstil KPM Seger Oxblood Glazed Porcelain Twisted Form Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900s Karl Pohl (Novy Bor) Art Nouveau Uranium Art Glass Vase w/ Hand-enameled Mucha-type Maiden - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900s British Art Nouveau Beardsley-type Maiden Framed Tile Set - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Late 1890s Dalpayrat (Colonna) Sang de Boeuf Stoneware Double Inkwell - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900s Eugène Lion Japonist Grès Ceramic Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Very Large Frédéric Danton Reflets Métallique Ceramic Vase w/ Snail Motif - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1890s "Falling Leaves" Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer & Clément Massier Ceramic Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Colorful 1890s Jean Langlade Art Nouveau Flambe Glazed Stoneware Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900s Dalpayrat Stoneware Horned Form Vase w/ Blue & Brown Flambé Glaze - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900s Large Sarreguemines French Art Nouveau Organic Form Ceramic Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Check the base to see if it is impressed. There was an example that came up some time ago that had "Beck 1907" on the bottom. Not certain who made it though. Interesting use of title in the design....
  2. Very pretty. I suspect that the maiden could be allegorical for dawn. Changing of night/day and seasonal changes were common Art Nouveau/Symbolist motifs of the era.
  3. Very pretty. The decor type (not necessarily the colors) looks similar to what I've seen attributed to Heckert Marmopal. I'm not necessarily saying that's what it is, only that the decor characteris...
  4. Looks like a weird Astglas/Formosa hybrid. Very cool.
  5. Fabulous! But, I would add that Luber's tiles were press molded by a machine in a cuenca fashion. The faces were, however, always hand painted and their quality sublime.
  6. Almost certainly Heckert. Does the surface of the glass have a matte quality? Does is fluoresce under UV light? While Heckert, I don't think the design was implemented by Ludwig Sütterin. His desi...
  7. Wonderful collection and great display! That cabinet w/ plate rail is stunning (as Sean68 would say). I see what you mean about the style difference on that tile and the cleanness. That's what puzz...
  8. Great piece! Love the form.
  9. Sorry, I always do that. Astglas.
  10. Is the underlying decor Astraglas? It looks like Astraglas with spatter/confetti overlay. Wild!
  11. I've always loved Josef Knížek pieces. The ancient Roman glass patina that he approximated is phenomenal. Sweet vase, Warren.
  12. Very pretty. I suspect that's an old "dealer code" on the bottom. Doubt it had anything to do with the vase's production.
  13. Thanks for the information, Jewels1900. Do you know how Pilkington tiles were marked from that period? I was under the impression that Pilkington had a distinctive impressed P/rose type mark, plus s...
  14. Wonderful glaze effects. I love the form, too!
  15. Wow. How did I miss this one?! Amazing.
  16. Oz, we think alike. Already shot off an email. Fingers crossed!
  17. Wow. So sorry!
  18. Oz, I think you might be on to something! The style/rendering are very similar.
  19. Here's one in yet another height size.
  20. Thanks. Making the change now!
  21. Craven Dunnill tile works is a possibility based upon similar hand tube-lined work, but I'm uncertain of their marks. See here:
  22. Thanks for the information, Surfdub66! I ruled Minton out given the lack of their mark on the reverse. Did Johnson Brothers use the simple "England" press mark?
  23. Thanks, Jensen. I'm not done yet! ;)
  24. I lust after that particular Stella show harpy piece, Fledermaus. I was also unaware of those luster plaques you produced. Wonderful colors! As for Danton, I think it is clear from the pieces tha...
  25. Sweet vase. Very uncommon Sütterlin design.
  26. Thanks all. Fledermaus, I'm just glad we weren't competing! It might be a bit of hyperbole, but Danton's ceramists were masters pulling out colors and detail. It's sad that his production lives in ...
  27. Possibly Horner Brothers. Very nice.
  28. Does it fluoresce?
  29. Really great glaze effects! I can see why you couldn't resist.
  30. It might be even a bit older. The design and application is very much one lending towards futurism, which was a short-lived art movement from the 1910s to late 20s. I agree that it probably is Conti...
  31. Great find! Even though not antique, these older Mucha reproductions are now bringing healthy auction prices these days. The only problem with these are the acidic cardboard backing. The acid burn ...
  32. I had one of these and was under the impression that it was Harrach or Josephinenhutte. Never got a definitive answer, though.
  33. Without marks, I'm afraid you may never know for certain, but I think you can be reasonably certain that it had a Continental European origin (most likely German) and is circa ~1900s.
  34. Same piece can be found here:
  35. Thanks. My philosophy is that I'm just curating them for the next generation.
  36. Likely German and certainly Secessionist/Jugendstil in style. Marks information would be helpful to narrow things down.
  37. Wonderful form for this decor!
  38. Thanks, Sean68. The surfaces are very visceral and grained...makes it hard to put down.
  39. Thanks folks. This one makes me wish we still used dip pens and ink.
  40. Wonderful bat wing mount. Likely German or Bohemian mount manufacture, while the glass appears to be Kralik. Nothing low quality about it.
  41. 60s phrenology! Love it!
  42. This one almost certainly has a designer associated with it. Great size, too!
  43. Absolutely one of my favorite form designs by Dachsel. This and his modernist-type tree vases were way ahead of their time.
  44. Thanks AnneLanders and fledermaus. I still find it curious that these luster pieces were not quite to the French tastes of the time given the amount of craftsmanship, artistry and kiln control necess...
  45. Thanks folks. My ultimate dream would be to own a Lévy-Dhurmer painting, but I suspect that will be a long-term, long shot.
  46. I agree Paris1925. I sort of had a hint that it might be Levy before I figured out the signature. Anytime that I see a Massier vase with a falling leaves pattern my "Levy radar" gets piqued.
  47. Thanks to you both. I had the luck of no one else detecting the "Levy" signature when it came to auction recently.
  48. Great find, Sean68! I wish I had your luck when it comes to thrift store finds! Wow.
  49. Thanks Surfdub66. I'd love to see your example. The form number underneath will give a clue as to the production date.
  50. Thanks folks. It was the bright contrasting colors that drew me in, and they are somewhat uncommon for Langlade.
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