Interested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artistsInterested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artists/designers of the period. Contact: (Read more)


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Keller & Guérin "Flaming Beetle" Reflet Métallique Glazed Stoneware Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
André Methey Flambé Glazed Stoneware Covered (Tobacco?) Jar - Circa 1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900 Cristallerie de Pantin Acid Etched Cameo and Enameled Art Glass Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Circa 1910-20s Theodor Keerl Jugendstil German Stoneware Vase  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Circa 1900 Alphonse Cytère Pewter Overlay Sandstone Ceramic Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Edward S. Curtis "Tarzan" Silent Movie Stills (circa 1918-1921) - Photographsin Photographs
Ludwig Vierthaler "Eosin" Copper Vase for Josef Winhart & Co., Circa 1902 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
French Butterfly Marquetry & Wrought Iron Vide Poche - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Jugendstil Asian Aquatic Themed Bronze w/ Cabochon Opal & Ruby Marble Base - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Jugendstil KPM Seger Oxblood Glazed Porcelain Twisted Form Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. My German is not at all where it was in college, but doesn't that period reference indicate "design patterns" by Schmoll? If the design is Schmoll's, couldn't it also hold that Hedrich executed the e...
  2. Just looked his pieces up on Artnet. If you purchased this at sale in 2010, you got a steal! Nicely done.
  3. Really like the Weiner Werkstatte/Vienna design of the facial features on this piece!
  4. Thanks for the lovely comments.
  5. The Quittenbaum version is the other similar example without the flames that I referenced above. Great memory, Sean68!
  6. Thanks, Sean68. I certainly wish I knew who designed it. The flames make it, IMHO.
  7. Very etherial and moody. I love it! It does have that Nibelungen feel doesn't it?
  8. Vintagefran - one appeared here:
  9. Very nice, Paris1925. I really like the contrasting colors underneath the web design. Does the vase have the Cytere marks underneath and additional signature by Catteau? Just curious.
  10. Thanks for the helpful reference sources, Paris1925!
  11. Thanks, Paris1925. The piece is still in questionable attribution status. I really wished I could find a listing or similar signed piece.
  12. Thanks, Vetraio50.
  13. Very nice. I particularly like the Secessionist design.
  14. Thanks, VioletOrange. I've been looking out for your pieces, too. Still have that Doat?
  15. Thanks folks. I was lucky to find it. I appreciate the glaze insight, Fledermaus!
  16. Thanks, Fledermaus & Paris1925!
  17. That Neal Adams Batman cover is classic and very well done.
  18. Thanks, Sean68!
  19. Thanks, Moonstonelover21! My first foray into French art glass. I have been scared off for years now from French art glass due to the high numbers of sophisticated fakes, but after about ~3 years of...
  20. Very pretty and well designed.
  21. Could be German or Austrian. Similar in style to a piece I own that was made by a German firm.
  22. The non-uniformity of the color and bottom pontil/color makes me think something other than Loetz. If not Loetz, then I think it adds weight to your Dresser design hypothesis. Very nice piece!
  23. Very beautiful purple color and design.
  24. Thanks all. Jensen - I'll keep an eye out for Keerl pieces for you.
  25. Oh, the horror stories!
  26. Thanks all. I was surprised to see the pewter intact on this one. I once made the mistake of trying to clean the surface of one of these overlay vases with some hot water and the water melted the wa...
  27. It is either German or Belgian. I agree that it is odd that the chip was right over the mark. Strange…but a really nice piece. How big is it?
  28. Thanks, Fledermaus.
  29. Thanks, Riply206. It was your lead that led to the solution, so you really deserve some of the credit! Thanks again for the help! Cheers.
  30. If the 1921 date is to be believed in the other reference works, then these production stills are probably from The Adventures of Tarzan, which features the first actor to portray Tarzan on film, Elmo...
  31. Eureka! I believe both to be production stills from early silent movie versions of Tarzan. See the following website. There is a blue-tone picture that has the same scenery and female as the second...
  32. Hi, Vintagefran. They do show up more frequently on eBay France. "papillon" and "Billere" work well as search terms, but you have to be on the French version of eBay (
  33. Thanks for the pointers! I found a book entitled, "Silent: American Silent Motion Picture Photography," that indicates that Curtis was employed by DeMille and Paramount in the late-10s and early-20s.
  34. Beautiful Art Nouveau style.
  35. Looks like a die cut error. Probably worth some nice cash.
  36. Thanks Sean68!
  37. Certainly in the French "gres" tastes, but I suspect it may be domestic. Hard to say it's production date. Regardless, I love it!
  38. Special beyond words. The green eyed monster rests upon my shoulders.
  39. Great vase and wonderful sleuthing/attribution job!
  40. Hi, Mac. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. These Heliosine-like pieces, I strongly believe, did originate in Germany/Bohemia rather than France. Britain remains a slight possibility, but m...
  41. Thanks for the loves folks. I'm still hoping someone out there may know something about the artist to sculpted the piece. The mystery is driving me crazy!
  42. Stupendous piece of Secessionist metalwork, Vetraio50! Well done!
  43. Thank you, Paulolorraine. Are you the ceramics dealer in France from whom I get update emails every once in a while?
  44. After some additional digging, I do believe the base to be made of Rosso Levanto Red Marble, which takes its name from the Italian town where it was discovered near the Rivera of La Spezia.
  45. Thanks all. If others are interested, these "F. Billère" pieces come up every so often on eBay France ( and are fairly reasonable in price. I just wish I knew more about their production. A...
  46. Thanks Fledermaus and others. I'm not certain if the eyes had jewels, but I'm inclined to think not given how the eye holes are textured and the even patina inside and outside the sockets. As for na...
  47. IMHO = In my humble opinion
  48. Like it? I love it! Early Fratelli Toso is not common.
  49. Looks like Fratelli Toso to me too…and a great one at that!
  50. Circa 1900-1910.
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