Interested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artistsInterested in quality Art Nouveau antiques, particularly Continental art glass, ceramics and decorative metal works that are directly attributable to notable artists/designers of the period. Contact: (Read more)


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1903 L' Art Nouveau Daguet Brass & Cabochon Decorative Desk Box - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1901 La Maison Moderne Design Catalog - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1900 Alphonse Mucha "Dessin de Montre" Jewelry Design Illustration for Georges Fouquet - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Circa 1890s Alexandre Bigot Gres Cabinet Vase  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Circa 1900s Arthur Craco "Dante" Mask  - Visual Artin Visual Art
1910s Claire Colinet Symbolist Bust by Marcel Guillard for Editions Etling, Paris - Visual Artin Visual Art
Franz Peleska-Lunard Art Nouveau Alabaster & Shell Sculptural Lamp - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Large Folk Art Gourd w/ Painted Art Nouveau Motif - Martha Danek (2014) - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Hoganas Dwarves Vase for 1897 Arts & Industry Exhibition in Stockholm - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1895 Monumental Sized Gazo Foudji Vase for Hautin, Boulenger et Cie. (Choisy le Roi, France) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Oz, I think the mount may actually be French.
  2. Thanks, Jensen. It amazes me too how somethings survive intact.
  3. Thanks, Vintagefran!
  4. Vetraio50, I believe, it right it is from the Art Nouveau era, but I think it may be from the British Arts & Crafts arm of that era. It could also be American circa 1910s.
  5. Thanks Paris1925 & Kyratango. She's at the pinnacle of my collection. I still wonder if this piece was ever made. It's clear the design was one of the first for Fouquet, as the drawing premiered in...
  6. Found it. Look me up on FB and I'll IM you the picture I found of an example put up for auction in alabaster in 1997. That example, however, is attributed to Garella (Professeur). The bust is entit...
  7. Thanks for the loves folks. If I had to pick a favorite designer from the Art Nouveau era, Daguet would be the one. His motif here and on most L'Art Nouveau retailed wares are pretty conventional, b...
  8. Uploaded finally. Sorry. Don't know why it didn't like the other view pictures.
  9. Working on it. Thanks.
  10. Paul Arthur's book won't be free. It's running ~$98.00 on Amazon with a release date anticipated in late Summer. I really like this form. If it had a matte green glaze on it, you could almost i...
  11. LOVED Weird War. Also was a big fan of Kubert's Haunted Tank.
  12. Vetraio50 - look up our Art Nouveau Ceramique group on FB. I just posted many more pictures of the book contents there. Love to have you in the group. Same for others who may be interested in potte...
  13. Great eye and great timing. Jason Jacques wouldn't take anything less than 5-figures on this one...but then again, he's Jason Jacques and can command that sort of premium.
  14. That explains it, Ernie. BTW - if you are on Facebook, look up our "Art Nouveau Ceramiques" group. We have a members only healthy group across the globe talking and posting only about Art Nouveau ce...
  15. OK, now you really have my attention! Where on Earth? I just want to kick myself for missing it. BTW - that artist cypher is very similar to the type that Delaherche used during his "hands on" peri...
  16. Wow. Speechless. Where on Earth did you find it? Pieces by Hoentschel are rarer than rare these days.
  17. The furniture and posters in the sale performed particularly well.
  18. Thanks, Sean68!
  19. Thanks Vetraio50. A Mucha original has always been high on my wishlist. She was not going to leave my grasp. The other positive news was how well the rest of that sale was. Art Nouveau seems to be...
  20. Thanks again AmphoraPottery. To reward your devotion, I'm uploading a picture of the piece with the shell lit up. I recently had it rewired and the piece takes on a whole new character when viewed w...
  21. Thanks folks for the comments and loves. I had to have it once I saw it on eBay...thankfully photographed badly by the seller, otherwise I suspect it might be here on the site posted by someone else ...
  22. Alfredo - Another example of this very type of vase with the same mount just sold at auction and was part of the Louis Daniel Brodsky Collection of Art Nouveau.
  23. I highly suspect the piece is German illustration art, very much akin to what was common in Jugend or other popular magazines from the period. It appears to say "Munich" underneath the last name and ...
  24. The Rago bust brought some serious cash.
  25. Wonderful! Missed this one.
  26. Wonderful piece!
  27. Wonderful! I really like the undulating neck on this one.
  28. Thanks all for the recent flurry of complements. We have since moved on from it being used to house dress up clothes, and it now sits beside a reading lamp and chair and is an excellent bookcase.
  29. Great detective work! Just found a similar style piece that reinforces the Delft production attribution.
  30. You almost lost this one to me, Alfredo. Very nice form.
  31. Very nice, but unfortunately I suspect you are going to need to crack open the back of the frame to find out definitively. What strikes me about the piece is the multiple gradations of color within s...
  32. I would add that the molded masks that I have seen of this type carry a Craco stamp, not the hand signature.
  33. Hi, Fledermaus. It does not appear to have been part of a larger sculpture. The mid-placed ridge on the back has a formed hole through it (hard to see in the pictures) from which the mask can be hun...
  34. LOL. Sorry, Sean68. I'm not trying. It's in my nature as a collector to acquire.
  35. Interesting idea, Marytam, but unfortunately the leaves don't match with those of the linden tree.
  36. Wonderful! I'm curious. Does your example have the same glaze combination? Any other notable differences?
  37. I'm not certain what the piece is titled. I've seen a bronze version of the same, as with the Etling mark, and that one is signed a bit differently across the back, but sadly no title or other differ...
  38. Thanks, Sean68. I liked her. My wife commented that she has masculine features and there's not much in terms of décolletage, so it could very well be a "he."
  39. Maybe David with Goliath's head?
  40. I like the new direction. I've often admired this type of British art pottery.
  41. I would recommend finding a copper darkener and then don't polish anything for the lifetime of the piece except for the silver overlay. Could be a Buffalo Metal Shop piece.
  42. Great write-up! Salto is not well known to me, but I appreciate his skill.
  43. Very nice. Amazing that you found this metal detecting!
  44. Phenomenal to find a pair. Beautiful!
  45. Trust me, have more than a few items in your collection that spark the same reaction in me! ;)
  46. Funny. I hadn't thought about that, but you're right. It could be she's being drawn into the shell.
  47. Wasn't that a scallop shell, though? I guess that wouldn't work too well in a lamp, but the shell selection here does suggest a clue. A German production lamp with an Indian/Pacific Ocean
  48. I researched the snail/woman aspect a bit further, and this motif may be a reference to a Japanese myth of a female aquatic demon (oni) named "Sazae-oni." If this is the case, then the piece and moti...
  49. Thanks for the high praise, fledermaus. That exhibition was, indeed, something to see in person I bet. Thankfully the museum has gratiously made the wonderfully photographed and illustrated catalog ...
  50. Keep it clean, blunderbuss. ;) Though, I will admit, she is inticing. Thanks for the loves folks.
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