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Vase from Italy?  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
My Friends  old stuff he has - Folk Artin Folk Art
Oil lamp ??? - Lampsin Lamps
possibly a 1900 Ansonia Clock w/ Royal Bonn Porcelain Case  - Clocksin Clocks
antique roadshow, August 8th 2015 
10" long 4' tall. solid wood 3/4 lb any guess what this is? - Figurinesin Figurines
Over the Hump O MY!!!! - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Tiger Claw Earrings Gold from 1890s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
My Dads Vietnam and planes from his reconds 1966 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
My Dads Flight records - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Yes, you are right.
  2. Yes, you are right.
  3. Really great !!!
  4. Hi rniederman, as you might know now i also now, i work on a View cameras for 1887-1995, and B/W film and other film for company's.
  5. love this Scott
  6. Scott i did drive by the school maybe days.
  7. Scott this school is old and many guys went to the great school and after years in Boston college's were great men in USA. You have from old money to take into this school. Or the same family, one of...
  9. here
  10. Can you spell the name on back? I know about Boston company's.
  11. Love this you should look at my wife old gold on my name!!!!
  12. I was taught the Zone System in Boston 1979 and use it for yrs, i was a photographer for 35 yrs.
  13. hinges who will till the yrs
  14. any numbers, and is it gold?
  15. Need close ups and names inside
  16. Really great
  17. If that platter is sterling its worth a lot. need a closer shot, does it look like a lion.
  18. Marks please, they don't look sterling silver, anyway the salt shatter's were never made from S Silver I think.
  19. No His and his family was from Salem Ma.
  20. The beautiful China trunk he very beautiful gold earring's, her and her husband prints from the 1880s, and her books. I have maybe 7 books from 1886-1893 she write on the ship ever day around the wor...
  21. We will have her gold earrings and others look on my shot. maybe the China box which i put here and all love iy.
  22. Really beautiful
  23. Stunning, looks like a naval gun?
  24. Yes i looks like this
  25. Very possibly hallmarks you need a close shot or tell use what they are from the left
  26. I use Brasso on by Bulova, it will clean the plastic front.
  27. Scott, Actually i am Steven
  28. Really beautiful Scott!!!!
  29. GF or Gold?
  30. I found a huge collection in our old house from 1802, My Wife's family keys of 2 house's.
  31. I have been looking for this book from Earl Nelson , he wrote the story which came from his book. It was published by him so cannot find it under $35 Abes and Amazon have it,i have a google account...
  32. 1859, is a line of from this company, not from 1859s
  33. personnel set of tools
  34. 33d Fighter Wing, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
  35. I was in the this group 33 TAC in Florida 1974-1977
  36. Looks like General Ernest F. Easterbrook Same part in Hair long face retired as a 2 star Major General Army
  37. fhrjr2, Its not Black after all, i don't know what an Army Major General would wear white. or Navy?
  38. This new print the soldiers have the same hats.
  39. My Father was in the Army Air Corp 1841 and received the distinguished Flying Cross in 1945 and other medals before this picture was taken, As a Staff Sargent, when he was drafted back in 1961 for fly...
  40. Gen Verbech was in charge of Jusmag very secret group i understand that it was the start of CIA in 1961, we live there 1961-1963 look my prints here
  41. fhrjr2 i just looked at goggle who was in charge of Jusmag 61-63 My whole family lived like kings children these years, Maids, Drivers Gardner's and a gated huge house rented by the US Government. My ...
  42. Very possibly is Brigadier General Edwin F. Black
  43. The more i look at the map it look like Vietnam behind, we lived in Thailand and my dad was flying Generals and other for Jusmag.
  44. The puppy is on anther dogs back, i never saw this, on top of the print is a tall building which looks like a POW camp. The guys here will tell us what war this is WW2 or Kereo. My dad was in 3 wars a...
  45. WOW I goggled this store name and went to this same website, I didn't take time to read but did email these shot to them, Thanks Walksofty
  46. This is series of book from the women who wrote this copyright is 1887
  47. This is printed on posters in stores now everywhere
  48. Thanks he left maybe only 20 small prints and he died 1995 I did not scan these before.
  49. No , That's why these guys got the medals, l-5 planes were the first to go over the mountains, No maps, No Oxygen, Nasty Wind, Nasty Snow . I have a money from the men they sign each others money bef...
  50. Yes he got the DFC Medal look at all my write, Scott is help me. A great friend here Scott!!!
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