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  1. 1859, is a line of from this company, not from 1859s
  2. personnel set of tools
  3. 33d Fighter Wing, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
  4. I was in the this group 33 TAC in Florida 1974-1977
  5. Don't know the difference of Clipper ship and Galleon ship
  6. Clipper ship nice i wish I could find one,
  7. This is to much!!!! so funny
  8. WOW: Manikin what a story? Love your posts
  9. Looks like General Ernest F. Easterbrook Same part in Hair long face retired as a 2 star Major General Army
  10. fhrjr2, Its not Black after all, i don't know what an Army Major General would wear white. or Navy?
  11. This new print the soldiers have the same hats.
  12. My Father was in the Army Air Corp 1841 and received the distinguished Flying Cross in 1945 and other medals before this picture was taken, As a Staff Sargent, when he was drafted back in 1961 for fly...
  13. Gen Verbech was in charge of Jusmag very secret group i understand that it was the start of CIA in 1961, we live there 1961-1963 look my prints here
  14. fhrjr2 i just looked at goggle who was in charge of Jusmag 61-63 My whole family lived like kings children these years, Maids, Drivers Gardner's and a gated huge house rented by the US Government. My ...
  15. Very possibly is Brigadier General Edwin F. Black
  16. The more i look at the map it look like Vietnam behind, we lived in Thailand and my dad was flying Generals and other for Jusmag.
  17. The puppy is on anther dogs back, i never saw this, on top of the print is a tall building which looks like a POW camp. The guys here will tell us what war this is WW2 or Kereo. My dad was in 3 wars a...
  18. WOW I goggled this store name and went to this same website, I didn't take time to read but did email these shot to them, Thanks Walksofty
  19. This is series of book from the women who wrote this copyright is 1887
  20. This is printed on posters in stores now everywhere
  21. Thanks he left maybe only 20 small prints and he died 1995 I did not scan these before.
  22. No , That's why these guys got the medals, l-5 planes were the first to go over the mountains, No maps, No Oxygen, Nasty Wind, Nasty Snow . I have a money from the men they sign each others money bef...
  23. Yes he got the DFC Medal look at all my write, Scott is help me. A great friend here Scott!!!
  24. Yes its the Flying cross. i will get his dd214, BTW I posted his distarge from 1945 which has a list of medals he had then, was back in the army flying Generals 1950-1967
  25. Yes i have the dd214 i don't understand the names of some medals though, Distinguish Cross medal
  26. I have maybe 200 of these,all from my wife's family many also have the same people on a older Cdv, there was a lot of Photographer's around here. Even my wifes G.G.Grandfather had a camera 1898 and s...
  27. blunderbuss2 the last print on back is stamped W.D. Smith photographer Ft Worth Tx, and i have my Dad's graduation certificate from this flight school for the Army. I see the medals on the first prin...
  28. Thanks Scott, I do remember the name Chennault? my parents talking about him i think he was loved by the Dad if i remember right?
  29. He was a prisoner and died down south my mother told us, I just told my wife about this paper Harrison Chase. She said he was from her grandmothers family and they had a painting/portrait of him as sh...
  30. walksoftly Sorry it was David H Adams who died. his father was Robert Adams from Derry N.H. My mother's family came from Robert Adams she married my dad Francis Adams, so 2 Adams family's we had,
  31. The back is black some smoke my shot this not show the real back color. I see a lot in Ebay with numbers, not this big.
  32. Look at my other posts, the ships from Salem Ma went there ever year.
  33. Mt wife's G.G. Grandfather and my G.G Uncle were both Union soldiers. Mine died as a prisoner in the war, he was from Londonderry N.H. Robert Adams
  34. Hi Scott, Some other ship, only the last sentence is about Tibbets.
  35. Thanks Scott The Captain or his wife might have brought this home, So if its this old its not the Sea Witch which was his last ship. Sea Witch ship was make in New York 1880's he was in other ships be...
  36. Thanks guys
  37. Clipper Ship!!!
  38. Thanks Inky I thought it might be a shell, it has a curve and the colors are nice
  39. If it made of Bakelite i wonder if this from 1890s, Our realitive traveled around the world a few time with her husband a captain of the last Clipper ships from New York.
  40. Tom Witch's Hat" title. Salem is the town beside us, still today every Oct the city is crazy with Witches.
  41. It work great,no water for 50 yrs
  42. Yes he went there after high school. i posted a print of the class boys here last year, He came home before the school was done, If would any got a got of$$ for this yrs. This school was great for guy...
  43. We have moved to Charleston S.C. now no cellars here, water only 2ft down under you. I put this in the floor of a truck 28' long pack by me.
  44. Manikin just turn off the crop, so you can draw a crop. or move the corners away from each other corners
  45. Nice find Scott, I should tell you I am moving to Charleston S.C. next week from Mass, I am taken all prints and all I have put in the website, with me and by wife. Her family is really great from 187...
  46. No its not 3D but very heavy o must be a few pieces of glass. Also the back has some Alumina metal stuffed between boards .
  47. Possibly Thailand
  48. WOW nice Ralph
  49. Hi Steve, I apologize for the delay, but just returned from vacation with the family. The Beverly Pottery, also referred to as the Lawrence Pottery was operated by Charles Lawrence off of Creek Stre...
  50. New post i got from Beverly history
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