1. On trip to Scotland, the Glenfinnan House has a piece sim. to this in their front hall. Nice old piece.
  2. Very nice piece of it
  3. Really like Portico clocks.
  4. Google Brutalist light fixtures......$$$
  5. I think your hanging lamp is in the Brutalist style. Originating between the 50's and 70'. It appears that many pieces allow you to see its structure inside and out side, thus making the point that be...
  6. Beautiful...Italian.
  7. Love Tiffany windows.....There is a church in my area that has 4 of the most beautiful large windows by Tiffany Studios. 3 are of sunsets, mountains, trees, streams, Iris and water lilies . One is of ...
  8. Nice collection !!!
  9. Very beautiful !!
  10. Beautiful, great colors!
  11. Beautiful !!!
  12. Baccarat ?
  13. You have a Great Piece of early Scottish silver made by Alexander Ritchie on the holy island of Iona. His silver became popular after Queen Victoria made a visit to the island. I think the knot wor...
  14. Beautiful the flowers.
  15. Scottish, may have been a brooch at one time...nice piece.
  16. That a great find. Would be perfect on my blue and black 1952 MGTD.
  17. Hay kiwipaul...thank you for the information. Found it at a flea market in Pennsylvania USA at a very good price. I also have one of his knotwork crosses with the same kind of chain and some other pi...
  18. On David James' website....under pendants, the last page, Prioress Anna pendant with long chain.
  19. Great and collect Iona Silver. One of my pieces of Richie's work is displayed in David James book.
  20. Beautiful...can see it filled with white Cattleya orchids or Gardenias.
  21. Beautiful vases...I hate when things are not packed well.
  22. Love these vases...beautiful!!
  23. Nice the shape.
  24. Scottish kilt pins also look the same?
  25. I wish I could add the first group to my collection....Love them.
  26. They were made to fit on top of a candle or oil lamp. In great shape.
  27. I think it is made by Carl Radke,Phoenix Studios. It may be signed on the base of the lamp. My other guess is Lundberg Studios but I think Radke...Nice lamp!!
  28. Thank you glassiegirl...I have 2, one is missing the 2 tusks and the other one in perfect condition. Love them both.
  29. Nice one..... Are the tusks missing?
  30. Love this vase. Color and design very interesting..
  31. I have the same love for blue art glass.
  32. Great it!!!
  33. My guess..... French bronze with Dresden porcelain type flowers made around 1920-40? Very nice.
  34. Nice piece, love the colors.
  35. Long see!!
  36. More info. on the scale... called..Health-O-Meter, Continental Scale Works, Chicago,Ill. pat'd 1917-June1921, not legal for trade.
  37. The BEST loetz collection on CW!!!!
  38. Have the same one in great condition, use it all the time...with caution!
  39. Wonderful Clock.
  40. More great pieces.
  41. Great piece of glass. I have the same piece but is larger 11" tall with blue iridescence and a lot of veining and flowers
  42. collectors will always find room for another great piece.
  43. Once again....Beautiful!!!
  44. Great lamp!!... Love the base.
  45. French carriage clock.
  46. Thank you for your information, I will look for the GO-LED lights for my Fairy Lamps.
  47. Jim...What type of candle should be used in Fairy Lamps today?
  48. Nice vase, beautiful colors.
  49. Beautiful vases and to fine 2..... WOW!!!
  50. Great Glass collection. Very nice!!
  51. See more


Large Resin Garden Statue in Beautiful Yellow Paint