1. It is the national flower of Scotland, a prickly-leaved purple flower which was first used in the 15th century as a symbol of defence.
  2. I have been to Iona many times and have a large collection of early Iona silver.
  3. Look up Alexander Ritchie, early Iona silversmith for good information on early Scottish silver.
  4. Scottish made.
  5. It would be Scottish made.
  6. Scottish made silver charm. Possibly made on Iona .
  7. Scottish silver charm made by John Hart.
  8. Your vintage silver charm is from the the island of Iona Scotland.
  9. Beautiful color....
  10. Nice vase, beautiful colors.
  11. Beautiful vases and to fine 2..... WOW!!!
  12. Great Glass collection. Very nice!!
  13. The marble and bronze statue is St. Peter as seen in the Vatican...a good one.
  14. Nice piece of Loetz Glass.
  15. Nice piece of Steuben.... good color and design.
  16. I have a vase and was wondering who I know...thanks!!
  17. You have a beautiful signed Handel hanging globe it!!!
  18. Found it...Loetz tree trunk glass chimney. Liveauctioneers, lot#59 Oct.15,2005. Listed as Rare Loetz Glass Oil Lamp with original tree trunk glass chimney.
  19. Looks like something Alexander Ritchie would have made on Iona...beautiful.
  20. I have 2 loetz elephants. One is in perfect condition, the other one needs to have 2 broken off tusks replaced. Any information where I can have the tusks repaired-replaced. Any information would be a...
  21. One beautiful Pulpit and you can put it at my house.
  22. I agree. I have been waiting to find one...some day. Great find.
  23. Beautiful lamp and the shades?
  24. You can always tell a good piece of L.C.T....beautiful!
  25. It is a Durand lamp for sure.
  26. Victorian Hall light.
  27. Could it be early Tiffany? Shade looks like Tiffany....nice lamp.
  28. I vote Tiffany.
  29. Beautiful piece of glass.
  30. Great piece of Ritchie work and lucky to find it!!
  31. Another beautiful piece....
  32. Forgot to say.....EXCELLENT!!!
  33. A very nice vase with wonderful it!!
  34. Nice piece of art glass. I love his work.
  35. I love good Italian glass...great design and color.
  36. Beautiful Scottish piece...if it only could talk, what stories it could tell.
  37. Not made by Tiffany studios...but very beautiful.
  38. Love.....Steuben Aurene Blue all the time.
  39. Nice early Scottish Brooch and is very collectible today.
  40. Another nice collection.
  41. Great pin collection and the Kingfisher..... perfect!
  42. Beautiful lamp, good color and design.
  43. Wonderful set of chairs!!! New or old...They would look perfect in our 19th. century cast iron gazebo.
  44. Great piece... The base stone is made of agate.
  45. I 'm not sure when it was produced, my guess, around 1920-1940? Google Durand art glass co. you will find the information. I have the same lamp but in pale pink.
  46. Your lamp base is made by Durand and is known as crackle glass. It would have had a fabric type shade when new. The tulip shade on the lamp was added at some time....very nice.
  47. Your table lamp I think is made by Steuben. It may be marked "Steuben Aurene" under the bronze fittings. Somestimes people would take a vase and have it made onto a lamp but your lamp looks original w...
  48. Very beautiful and very special.
  49. Amazing work on such a small pin.....beautiful.
  50. Made in Murano, Italy. Phil is correct, made around the 60's to 70's.
  51. See more


Large Resin Garden Statue in Beautiful Yellow Paint