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Charles Schneider, Le Verre Francais-French vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Imperial Freehand Art Glass c.1920 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cased Chalcedony Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Imperial Freehand Art Glass Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
American Art Nouveau Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Turquoise Glass Thorned Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
2 Bohemian Glass Shades - Art Glassin Art Glass
Miniature Portrait Painting 
A Trio of Miniature Paintings on Ivory 
Pallme Konig Vase? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank you all!! for your interest in this piece. You did it all so well and interesting...Moon
  2. AmberRose, blunderbuss will keep my treasures safe...remember, he will do anything for that MG. He has big guns!!... :))
  3. They look so beautiful all lit....thank you
  4. AmberRose....Big Dogs....Big Teeth...Eats cats!!!
  5. Probably made by the renowned Scottish Iona silversmith, Robert Allison c.1947. Has a C clasp which is the mark of an older pin.( if yours is marked) Sometimes fully hallmarked for Glasgow-the tree-t...
  6. Your pin is scottish or celtic. Look up Iona silver jewelery, you may find it there.
  7. Beautiful and in Blue..... always wanted one of these...never saw a blue one!!!
  8. google...Stevens&Williams...images...Kovels, price guide listing. There are 2 thorne vases in blue.
  9. I have been there and walked up all those steps....still looks the same.
  10. If this matters or not....each vase has a different shaped prunt.
  11. IMHO...If it has gold in the glass on the top, it may be Italian.
  12. Thank you, Sean....glad you like it. moon
  13. kairomalte...very interesting...I also found a pair (same color) made by Stevens&Williams with a prunt on the bottom as my vase. Now I lean towards them. Thank you for more information in this vase.
  14. Beautiful vase, the colors are amazing.
  15. The colors are just amazing in your vase...beauiful!!
  16. leahia, Thank you ....Looked up Legras and found the cranberry vase, love Legras too! I just love you guys on CW.
  17. Thanks...I'm glad you all love her, I have for years!
  18. " You'll shoot your eye out"......Christmas Story!!
  19. Kyratango...The only one with a small glass oval in the back is the red head, no hair, but may have a piece of fabric or something inside.
  20. Sorry Alfredo...they are same color as yours. Pink not green.
  21. vetraio, thank you. Glad you liked the paintings, always felt they had a special feeling to them....and the red curls!!what can I say.
  22. A very beautiful set on Moonstones. You have great taste and an eye for quality.
  23. Alfredo...I have these shades in green. I will soon post for you. Thanks...moon
  24. idcloisonne.. Google..." A tribute to Alexander Ritchie" by David James for Celtic and Gaelic Silver design.. I think you will enjoy!!!
  25. cogito...I thought the same, because it was printed with an pen. ...
  26. Great little Gold it
  27. Thank you, Sean.
  28. I must go shopping with you...just beautiful.
  29. A stunning display, I love to see objects all together especially when they are all beautiful.
  30. Beautiful vases, they almost look like they are made on glass.
  31. They look so much better with fresh flowers in them, do it all the time...
  32. blunder...Changed the oil last week and thought of you and those goats on that little I drove the back country roads through the woods.....
  33. Great shade.Good colors.
  34. idcloisonne...Thank you....I love learning more information about my treasures..moon
  35. blunderb...too much time with the thinks!!!
  36. It's nice to see them all together....Great collection, well done!
  37. A Grand tour vase from Pizza, Italy....nice
  38. Great vase...and a great gift.
  39. My first antique find , was an old clock when I was 7...enjoy your collecting. Choose with your eyes first, then your heart...good hunting.
  40. 2 more interesting pieces....very nice.
  41. If old clocks tick a little,then stops, most of the time they need to be cleaned or oiled. They dry out from standing for years.
  42. It is Murano glass from Italy...about 1950-1970 or so.
  43. P.S. Most glass tops for brides baskets were never marked.
  44. IMHO.. During the Victorian period a lot of silver co. made stands of silverplate metal. Then bought the glass tops for their stands from a glass company....called brides bowl or basket. Look up Vict...
  45. I also think it was made be one of the bohemian guys. It is hard to tell because most bohemian glass was never marked. Keep looking, it may show up on CW one day..anyway.. it's a beauty.
  46. Oh... I really like this... it is beautiful!!
  47. Great collection, and thanks for showing under natural light and all together...moon
  48. Nice piece of Cranberry the Fuchsias flowers.
  49. I may have to send you a deco large Moser glass for chuging.
  50. Thank you again. I have one just like it and was trying to find who made it.
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