1. Beautiful...Geranium's at their best.
  2. Glass eye studio's blown art glass uses volanic ash from the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helen in Washington State.....beautiful color's.
  3. Love this lamp.....
  4. Barovier and Toso...that's my guess. I have one just like it.
  5. Very nice, love the colors.
  6. Nice Art Nouveau vase. The patina of the metal looks great the way it is, DON'T clean it.
  7. Great color, a real beauty!!
  8. A beautiful hanging, leaded glass shade but not made by Tiffany Studios. Your shade was produced by one of many company's around 1900-1920 and would have been less expensive than a true tiffany lamp. ...
  9. You have a gem...One sold on eBay for $567.77, signed B975.
  10. Looking at your lamp, I think it is a reproduction. Newer lamps have the heat cap attached , Tiffany lamps always use Tiffany caps. If you look up real Tiffany lamps you will not find a shade or base ...
  11. Great piece, I have one with a milkglass clock set in the front door that still works. Maybe when you go to bed, you can see what time it is??
  12. Nice vases...It's a wild rose, see rose bud and leaves.
  13. Great lamp...looks like something Tiffany would make.
  14. Maybe the botton of a floor lamp?...great piece!
  15. IMHO...your vase is Italian and I think it would be attributed to Fratelli Toso and is called a Fenici vase.
  16. That really is a beautiful trunk...... Cheers!
  17. Sorry, One too many glasses.
  18. Great glass glass collection with good lighting.
  19. I like your compote...very nice..
  20. They have a good look, keep your chairs..
  21. They look so beautiful all lit....thank you
  22. Beautiful and in Blue..... always wanted one of these...never saw a blue one!!!
  23. I have been there and walked up all those steps....still looks the same.
  24. IMHO...If it has gold in the glass on the top, it may be Italian.
  25. Beautiful vase, the colors are amazing.
  26. " You'll shoot your eye out"......Christmas Story!!
  27. Sorry Alfredo...they are same color as yours. Pink not green.
  28. A very beautiful set on Moonstones. You have great taste and an eye for quality.
  29. Alfredo...I have these shades in green. I will soon post for you. Thanks...moon
  30. Great little Gold it
  31. I must go shopping with you...just beautiful.
  32. A stunning display, I love to see objects all together especially when they are all beautiful.
  33. Beautiful vases, they almost look like they are made on glass.
  34. They look so much better with fresh flowers in them, do it all the time...
  35. Great shade.Good colors.
  36. It's nice to see them all together....Great collection, well done!
  37. A Grand tour vase from Pizza, Italy....nice
  38. Great vase...and a great gift.
  39. My first antique find , was an old clock when I was 7...enjoy your collecting. Choose with your eyes first, then your heart...good hunting.
  40. 2 more interesting pieces....very nice.
  41. If old clocks tick a little,then stops, most of the time they need to be cleaned or oiled. They dry out from standing for years.
  42. It is Murano glass from Italy...about 1950-1970 or so.
  43. P.S. Most glass tops for brides baskets were never marked.
  44. IMHO.. During the Victorian period a lot of silver co. made stands of silverplate metal. Then bought the glass tops for their stands from a glass company....called brides bowl or basket. Look up Vict...
  45. I also think it was made be one of the bohemian guys. It is hard to tell because most bohemian glass was never marked. Keep looking, it may show up on CW one day..anyway.. it's a beauty.
  46. Oh... I really like this... it is beautiful!!
  47. Great collection, and thanks for showing under natural light and all together...moon
  48. Nice piece of Cranberry the Fuchsias flowers.
  49. I may have to send you a deco large Moser glass for chuging.
  50. Thank you again. I have one just like it and was trying to find who made it.
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