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Davidson Pressed Glass Amber Compot - Glasswarein Glassware
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Hexagonal Uranium Glass Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Bagley Art Deco Uranium Glass Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Davidson Pearline "Lords and Ladies Pattern" Bowls - Glasswarein Glassware
Pink Frosted Glass Posy Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Midwinter Stonehenge Autumn Dinnerware - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Ruby Red Glass Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
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Pressed Glass Gondola Boat Shaped Amber Bowl- Davidson / Greener? - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks Malkey.
  2. I have still got all his LPs somewhere, and probably a book of cuttings etc. Sad isn't it!!
  3. Thank you Tall Cakes and TimeTraveller. I will mark it as solved.
  4. Thanks to Tallcakes I also found a discussion on a glass message board of various people having this bowl, including an amber one, and the opinion was either Davidson or Greener (another UK North Eas...
  5. Thank you Tallcakes. My first thought was Davidson, but I couldn't find this pattern. The example you found is identical to mine, but there are no markings on mine (or on his either as he's not sure e...
  6. Glad you like it Vetraio, I think maybe I like their work because I am an identical twin!
  7. Was it American glass you found? I thought this would probably be English, purely because it is so heavy I would have thought exporting it would be uneconomical! ( I am living in England).
  8. Thank you Tallcakes, at least you know what the pattern is called - I got as far as drape, but didn't know what the squares were called.
  9. It's really lovely, I think the flowers are gorgeous and makes a change from Willow Pattern. I guess its transfer printed ?
  10. I collect Wedgwood Jasperware, a type of fine-grained, unglazed stoneware introduced by the English potter Josiah Wedgwood in 1775 as the result of a long series of experiments aimed at discovering t...
  11. I think my spelling is wrong! I just tried googling it and I think the correct spelling is Schafer Vater.
  12. Actually, it may be Shaffer Vater, as I just got my wall plaques down and had a look and it does have numbers on back 3102. I will take some photos and post so you can compare.
  13. I thought at first glance that it maybe Shaffer & Vater, but I am not sure it's good enough quality for them. It's certainly their sort of style!
  14. The colour is similar to my centre piece bowl I have, if you have a look at my posts. I have no idea where its from either!
  15. I do have a few other Teal pieces, but they are hard to find. I have 2-3 pin dishes, a damaged egg shaped box, and a Valentines plate
  16. They certainly look to be Victorian. The size of the sugar bowl is huge, so maybe before they had refined sugar. Sugar used to come in cones, then pieces were nipped off. They are very pretty.
  17. I think my sister just bought the large tray in a charity shop recently. She was going to give it to me, but decided she liked it!
  18. Thanks Jscott, I am going to take it in to the local Antiques centre, there was a chap there who was interested in looking at it.
  19. My friend would love this (if she hasn't already got it), as she collects Kutani Crane. I will have to show it to her.
  20. Thanks all for the love. It is quite hard to find the rarer coloured jasperware, but it is around, usually when you don't expect it. I found this little box in a charity shop in Selby and it was quite...
  21. That's lovely, where do you find all this interesting glass?
  22. Thanks Tallcakes, found lots of interesting info on Brockwitz, and it sounds like production of Carnival glass at the glassworks, ended when the Second World War started.
  23. Thank you Tallcakes, I can always rely on you, and funnily enough I was just trawling through a Carnival Glass Website and had come up with the name Brockwitz. I will have to read up about it now.
  24. Thanks for all your loves and comments. I am not sure they are actually a set as the designs on them are different.
  25. It could be Heron Glass paperweight. They weren't often marked?
  26. It's really lovely. As it's not marked Wedgwood, it would be really early, as Wedgwood nearly always marked their pieces. I wonder if it could be German, like Schafer and Vater?
  27. Haha, Byrdnest, you would have to go a long way to come shopping with me! I still haven't found what this bowl is. I found an oil lamp with similar pattern that was called Coolidge Drape, made in USA...
  28. I have put a picture of the base up, it has no markings on it. I checked the fitting, and that has no marks on it at all.
  29. As a matter of interest, how did you know it was from Hong Kong? I never imagined it may be from China, and the chimney isn't!
  30. For a Chinese planter, the wildlife looks very English, with kingfishers, grebes, otters etc! Love it very much.
  31. It's a super piece. Is it used for warming something?
  32. Sorry, can't see bottom on picture at all to blurry. The pattern could be called Dutch? I always like the stagecoach patterns. It does look hand painted. If it says Made in England it will be 2oth cen...
  33. Thanks Robin, at least that gives me something to look up!
  34. I was really surprised that they did. I found one other that shone in another brooch, and realised the stone was a replacement, as the rest didn't!
  35. Thank you Beyemev and Jscotto, I am always happy to find interesting bits of glass when I am wandering round the charity shops. I found both in the same shop - I often find bargains in this shop as mo...
  36. Thanks Phil, I do think the bubbles are controlled on this one. I really must look up how they do it, it must be a pretty tricky process. Maybe something on u tube will show me. Antiquerose, thanks fo...
  37. I will have a closer look at it next time I pass by!
  38. Thank you all for your comments. The Murano zoo website is amazing. I think most Murano bird bowls tend to be more delicate and frilly than mine, which is quite a large chunk of glass!
  39. I thought Murano was the obvious one, but can't find one to compare it to. I will keep looking. Thanks Beyemvey.
  40. Thank you Tallcakes and Time traveller. I am glad you have solved this one.
  41. Did they make them in dark red too? I thought I saw a smaller one like this on our local market.
  42. Thank you Ian, I did find one similar on here, which I think was attributed to Kralik, but without evidence it's tricky working out what they are.
  43. Thanks Efesgirl, I thought it may be really new actually, it's so shiny! Though one of the small stones is missing.
  44. Thank you for that, Vaseline Alley. They are very different to my other Vaseline glass, in colour and texture. Seeing I am in England, it is more likely that they are British but I have not found anyt...
  45. The flowers look Alpine as one is an Edelweiss and another is a Gentian, so it could be Austrian or Swiss?
  46. They look a bit like Walter Glass. I often see ones similar but with pink flowers, and I looked them up to be relatively modern Walter glass. (I may be totally wrong though. Look it up and see if any ...
  47. Maybe you could contact the Wedgwood Museum and ask them why the design is on the inside of the cups!
  48. Are the cups actually marked Wedgwood? It is really unusual that the embossed leaves are inside the cups and it's not as if they would have done it by mistake. Can you take a picture of the marks unde...
  49. It's beautiful.
  50. I think this sort of Wedgwood is called Queensware. You have a lovely set there.
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