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Some Favorite Objects from My Collection 
Lantern Shaped Wooden Block 
Blonde Parian Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Painted Felt Face Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Isle of Wight Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Weller Flower Frog - Potteryin Pottery
Civil War Era Photos - Photographsin Photographs
Antique Buttons - Sewingin Sewing
Late 1800s Button Charmstring - Sewingin Sewing
Teddy Bear - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Racer4four, I'll bet you have some artistic talent hidden somewhere. You just need the right medium to bring it forth. ;)
  2. Thank you so much, chinaheads! Much appreciated!
  3. Thanks for the love, brunswick and SEAN68.
  4. Thanks so much, rockbat, Manikin and SEAN68. Much appreciated.
  5. Bobby and blunderbuss, I also contacted the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association. I know this is probably not a tool, but they have a neat website that has a collection of interesting items where the...
  6. Thanks so much, TassieDevil!
  7. Thank you, vetraio50.
  8. Thanks for the love, pops52 and aura!
  9. Thank you for the love, brunswick, fortapache and fleafinder. Much appreciated!
  10. Lsmouz, it does look like it could be a finial of sorts, just by virtue of its shape; however, the holes and depressions are very curious and don't seem to be purely decorative. The piece is not terri...
  11. The circular depressions (I changed "holes" to "depressions" in the description since they don't go all the way through and are only indentions or depressions.) are in the same spot on all four sides....
  12. Blunderbuss2, I was thinking that as well. The round depressions at the bottom of each side must mean something, right? Bobby, there is no metal around the bottom hole. It's just smoothed wood. Th...
  13. Very true, Bobby.
  14. Thanks for the love, Caperkid. Any ideas???
  15. Bobby, it is straight. No notches or grooves. There appears to be a carved block inside and the outside is comprised of panels covering the inside block. If I drop a bead into the top hole, it runs ou...
  16. Thanks, blunderbuss2. I am as well!!! I'm so curious!
  17. Thanks, bobby725. Any guesses as to what this might be?
  18. Thank you, SEAN68.
  19. Thanks so much, SEAN68.
  20. Thank you, SEAN68. Much appreciated.
  21. Thank you, SEAN68.
  22. Thank you, SEAN68.
  23. Thank you, SEAN68.
  24. Always learning something new here. I love this site! :)
  25. Thank you, SEAN68.
  26. Thank you, SEAN68.
  27. This is really lovely! I'd not ever heard of operculum until your post.
  28. This is absolutely gorgeous as are the other rings made by your aunt. She was so very talented! Do you engage in any creative endeavors?
  29. What wonderful provenance!
  30. I believe this is Leda and the Swan! Love this!
  31. Thanks so much, racer4four, katherinescollections and TassieDevil. Much appreciated.
  32. Thanks for the love, AnnaB and racer4four. :)
  33. Thanks so much, Manikin! You have a parian doll on here that I've admired. She's gorgeous!
  34. Thank you, Manikin! I was hoping you would chime in with your doll expertise.
  35. Thank you, melaniej.
  36. Thank you, iggy and racer4four.
  37. Thank you, GeodeJem. I will find them and share this.
  38. Thank you, TassieDevil, Ivonne, aura, and swfinluv1. All of the love is appreciated!
  39. Thank you, vetraio50 and SEAN68. I just love the way it reflects the light.
  40. Thank you, aura.
  41. Thank you, Recordmantime.
  42. Thank you, ho2cultcha.
  43. Thank you, vetraio50.
  44. Thank you, Hunter, valentino97 and lisa.
  45. Thank you, ttomtucker and valentino97. Much appreciated.
  46. Thank you, martika!
  47. The tin is wonderful. Cumilous Cloud is adorable! The tin looks as if it was maybe a sweets tin, and I believe the script is Hindi.
  48. She is wonderful!
  49. Judy, what kind of clasp does it have? That may give a clue as to the piece's age. It looks like a barrel clasp to me, perhaps. That would place this necklace at approximately the turn of the 20th cen...
  50. These are lovely pieces. I especially like the floral design on the side of the ring.
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