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Weller Flower Frog - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Civil War Era Photos - Photographsin Photographs
Antique Buttons - Sewingin Sewing
Late 1800s Button Charmstring - Sewingin Sewing
Teddy Bear - Dollsin Dolls
German Papier-Mâché Shoulder Head Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Papier-Mâché Shoulder Head Doll - Dollsin Dolls
French Tapestry with Hussars, Muscadin and Les Incroyables - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Tile Depicting Colonial Leather Worker - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Wooden, Hand-Carved Clothespin Doll with Box - Dollsin Dolls


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  5. Thank you, Hunter, valentino97 and lisa.
  6. Thank you, ttomtucker and valentino97. Much appreciated.
  7. Thank you, martika!
  8. The tin is wonderful. Cumilous Cloud is adorable! The tin looks as if it was maybe a sweets tin, and I believe the script is Hindi.
  9. She is wonderful!
  10. Judy, what kind of clasp does it have? That may give a clue as to the piece's age. It looks like a barrel clasp to me, perhaps. That would place this necklace at approximately the turn of the 20th cen...
  11. These are lovely pieces. I especially like the floral design on the side of the ring.
  12. Thanks so much, TassieDevil! There are many more; this is just a small sampling.
  13. Thank you so much, TassieDevil. Thank you, valentino97. Thank you, racer4four. I've purchased jars of buttons but most of my favorite buttons were purchased individually. I'm also lucky to have a fr...
  14. Thank you, pops52 and bobby725.
  15. Thank you, pops52 and aura.
  16. Thank you, scottvez and Manikin, vetraio50 and valentino97. Much appreciated! Scott, I am the same way. One never knows what one may find!
  17. I love the poodle piece!
  18. Thank you, racer4four.
  19. Thank you, racer4four.
  20. Thanks so much, racer4four.
  21. Thank you, Manikin.
  22. Thank you, Manikin and mareredware.
  23. Thank you, Manikin and aura.
  24. Thank you, martika, Efesgirl, aura, Manikin, and mareredware. Manikin, be careful about the way different materials are stored together with respect to your buttons. I discovered that some materials a...
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  28. Thank you for the love, kyratango, fortapache and mareredware.
  29. She is lovely! I'd not heard of cage dolls until seeing your post. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing!
  30. Hi chinaheads. Thank you so much for your input and kind compliments. Much appreciated. I love that he appears to be in original condition. The body does appear to be old/original.
  31. Hi Sunnybrook. Thanks so much for your comment and the information you've imparted. The border detail is woven into the tapestry, and the only textured pieces in the tapestry are slubs.
  32. Thank you, antiquerose and rniederman. Your comments and interest are greatly appreciated. It remains a mystery!
  33. Thank you, vetraio50.
  34. Thank you, SEAN68 and antiquerose. Antiquerose, I didn't think of it as being a fish, but you're right. It looks like some sort of sea creature. I thought of the camera idea, but I've still not been a...
  35. The markings are the male and female symbols also denoting the planets Mars and Venus, respectively. These symbols have been used by alchemists to denote iron (male) and copper (female).
  36. I found this interesting article on Louisa Fairfield:,789273&hl=en
  37. fhrjr2, thank you SO much for the information and for the love! You know, we live in the Northeast in upstate New York so it is pretty feasible that this clothespin doll and box are from our area or f...
  38. Thank you, SEAN68, brunswick and aura.
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  41. Belated thanks to ho2cultcha, Manikin, fortapache, and aghcollect.
  42. A belated thank you to racer4four, shareurpassion, freiheit, valentino97, aghcollect, katherinescollections, and vetraio50
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  44. A belated thank you, blunderbuss2 and aura.
  45. Thank you, getthatmonkeyoutofme, racer4four and blunderbuss2.
  46. Thank you, blunderbuss2, racer4four and bobby725. Racer4four, a spiritual purpose didn't cross my mind, until now. Now, it makes me think the box could be an altar of sorts and perhaps the doll is a t...
  47. Thank you, nutsabotas6.
  48. I was able to confer with two reputable dealers in antiquities over the last couple of days and they both conclude that the amulet is more than likely authentic and from the Late Kingdom, around 700-3...
  49. Thank you, Valentino. I don't know much about this piece other than it's an amulet of Sekhmet, the Egyptian lion goddess. The form is consistent with pieces from the end of the New Kingdom until the e...
  50. Thanks, davyd286. Why don't you think it's by a professional?
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