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Fairy Figure 
Sterling Silver with Moonstones- Earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
McCoy or Shawnee (?) Turquoise Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Fountain Pen with Iridium Nib - Pensin Pens
Necklace and Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Gutta Percha Victorian Hand Mirror - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Wooden Thimble - Sewingin Sewing
Ancient Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Buttons - Sewingin Sewing
1968 Poster from the Rock Musical Hair - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Thank you, Moonstonelover21. She sure looked vintage until walksoftly solved the case! ;) Nonetheless, she is quite pretty! I agree, Eye4Beauty. Manikin, I did not know that you and the famous detecti...
  2. You're welcome, Manikin. It's lovely art and the history makes it all the more interesting.
  3. Thank you, walksoftly, but I'm amazed at how you were able to pick her out from that little photo! I did find out, thanks to you, that she is handmade by former Australian miner Ashley Sutton out o...
  4. WOW, walksoftly. You have a great eye! I do believe that's her! So, not so vintage. Oh well. Thank you for finding her, though!
  5. Interesting! Reminds me of the fairy I posted today!
  6. Beautiful work, Manikin!
  7. Thanks again, Manikin. I look forward to seeing your piece!
  8. Manikin, I tried a magnet and it stuck so it's not lead. I think it's iron or steel? The detail is pretty amazing to me.
  9. I was thinking that, too, Eye4Beauty!
  10. Thanks so much, AmberRose, blunderbuss2, mustangtony, and inky.
  11. Thank you, ho2cultcha!
  12. Hi, Manikin. Thank you! She's 2" long and almost 3.5 inches tall. Do you think she's old? Thank you, SEAN68.
  13. What a lush color! Beautiful!
  14. Thank you, SEAN68!
  15. Thanks so much, Agram.m. Thank you, nldionne, SEAN68, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris. Much appreciated.
  16. You're welcome! My pleasure!
  17. I LOVE these! I knit and spin fiber into yarn, too. Absolutely beautiful! Real treasures!
  18. This is fantastic! The box is pretty, too.
  19. Thank you, SEAN68, vetraio50, Agram.m, and Manikin!
  20. Thank you, mustangtony, bratjdd and Moonstonelover21!
  21. Weirdpuckett, you know more than I. I didn't know that about Camark. I'm finding out something new every day in the world of collecting. You could've kept "pink" and I would've thought that Camark has...
  22. PS I looked up Aarikka and found some metal pieces. Fascinating stuff.
  23. Thank you so much, davyd286. I really appreciate the information. Even if this isn't Aarikka, I've learned something new.
  24. Is this from your family or did you find it elsewhere. What a wonderful treasure!
  25. Lovely!
  26. Thank you, ho2cultcha (Love the name!). I remember when my parents went to see Hair at Miami's Coconut Grove Playhouse in the early 70s. I was too young to go but I enjoyed the music at home.
  27. When I first looked at the photos, I seriously thought it was of a movie or television star.
  28. Manikin, you're gorgeous. Phil did a fantastic job, too.
  29. This is just fabulous! What a great find!
  30. Thank you, Moonstonelover21!
  31. Thanks so much, Manikin!
  32. Thank you, AmberRose. It's a sweet little piece for certain. Thank you, mustangtony and SEAN68.
  33. Thank you, mustangtony and SEAN68!
  34. Thanks so much, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris. It's kind of neat, isn't it?
  35. Thank you, Moonstonelover21. Any ideas about these pieces?
  36. Thank you, mustangtony! ;)
  37. Thank you, vetraio50 and toolate.
  38. Thank you, Moonstonelover21!
  39. Thank you, revolver and claudia1971!
  40. Thank you, vetraio50!
  41. Thank you, blunderbuss2.
  42. Thank you again, Bekssa. Thank you, SEAN68.
  43. Bekssa, thank you so much. I've never heard of Anri and look forward to learning more about it.
  44. These are lovely. I like the eclecticism of unmatched candlesticks!
  45. Thank you, toolate2!
  46. Thank you, toolate2!
  47. Oh the pleasure is mine! I am a novice as well and if we buy what we love, I think we're on the right track! ;) Thank you for your positive comments and "loves."
  48. And you've served as well in the way that a loved one who is left behind serves. My husband is a 30 year army vet. Thank you to the men in your life for their service.
  49. It's spectacular! What a find!
  50. This is FANTASTIC!!!
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