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I sell antique and vintage wares. I'm also a photographer, writer, editor, and intrepid traveler, creative, musical, a bibliophile, collector, reader, and Jungian. I sell antique and vintage wares. I'm also a photographer, writer, editor, and intrepid traveler, creative, musical, a bibliophile, collector, reader, and Jungian. Email: Photography: (Read more)


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Antique Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal - Animalsin Animals
Circa Mid-1800s Wax Over Papier-Mâché Pumpkin Head Doll - Dollsin Dolls
C. 192os Bayard Red Ripple Fountain Pen with Silver Dragonfly Clip - Officein Office
Iron Horse Head Gate Finial - Animalsin Animals
Antique Lioness Print in Handmade Wooden Frame - Visual Artin Visual Art
Johann Andreas Voit Antique Pauline Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Antique Belgian Hand-Painted Letter Box from Spa - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Dolls and Teddy Bear on Vintage Sled - Dollsin Dolls
Wax Over Papier Mache Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Hand-Painted Folk Art Wooden Box - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. Thanks so much, jscotto363. Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you so much, kyratango! Thank you, officialfuel and roddyq.
  3. Thanks so much, Michael.
  4. Thank you, Caperkid.
  5. Thanks so much, TassieDevil. I still make a mess! Thank you, bijoucaillouvintage, freon, Caperkid, and Zilla. Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks so much, TassieDevil. I was amazed at how lovely she was in person. I knew she was beautiful when I won her, but when I received her, her beauty far surpassed the online photos. Thank you, J...
  7. Thank you so much, bijoucaillouvintage, Caperkid and TassieDevil.
  8. Lovely ring! The first looks like the symbol for Omega.
  9. Lovely!
  10. Thanks so much, melaniej and rockbat.
  11. Thanks so much, aura and Efesgirl.
  12. Thanks so much, Manikin! Thank you, Efesgirl and fortapache.
  13. Thank you for the love, fortapache and Manikin.
  14. These are beautiful! So delicate!
  15. Beautiful work! Beautiful pieces!
  16. The color and detail are just wonderful. I love this little bird.
  17. I love this! So kitschy! So retro!
  18. Beautiful. I love the juxtaposition of the green glass with the brown wicker.
  19. What a wonderful, adorable doll and a real find, especially with the hang tag intact.
  20. PS I looked up Kjell Engman's work and am now a fan of his.
  21. I really love this and enjoyed reading the artist's remarks about his process. I didn't know about the talcum powder trick. Thanks! Would love to see your mum's collection.
  22. I love this! I love Deco! I think I would use it for pencils and pens on my desk so I could look at it every day. Or flowers would be nice, too. ;) Enjoy!
  23. I love the color, and I love your bottle display-- like stained glass with the light shining through them.
  24. Thank you so much, kyratango. I love that patina as well. Someone at the shop said if there were two, he would've bought the pair. I think he lost out as this one is enough and just perfect. Thank you...
  25. Thank you for the love, SEAN68 and Lamplover78!
  26. A veteran collector said she believes this doll to be a Johann Andreas Voit. Voits weren't marked so there is no certainty unless one has provenance, but I love him anyway.
  27. This is so beautiful!
  28. I love rabbits. There's just something about them. One can never have too many! Your collection is wonderful!
  29. This is great. Love the Jefferson Davis portrait!
  30. I love Klee! Put it back in the frame and enjoy it!
  31. I love the horseshoe one. Lovely decorations! Can't wait to see this year's tree! ;)
  32. My pleasure! I just love these! The stars on the turtle's back are wonderful!
  33. Oh my goodness! Absolutely gorgeous!
  34. The seal is gorgeous. Benny and Ella are absolutely adorable!
  35. I'm sorry about the scam, but it is really beautiful.
  36. Thank you so much, TassieDevil. I bought it for myself and not to sell. I will hang it in my office. I wish I knew its history.
  37. Thank you for the love, TassieDevil, blunderbuss2 and officialfuel!
  38. Thanks so much for the love, Master, bobby725 and aura! Thank you, Efesgirl. Much appreciated! Thank you very much, jscotto363. I appreciate it!
  39. Thanks so much for the love, bijoucaillouvintage, aura and jscott0363
  40. Thank you, kyratango!
  41. Thank you so much, TassieDevil. Much appreciated. I knew everyone who loves dolls would love her. She is a real treasure. Thank you, vetraio50 and nittygritty1962.
  42. Thank you, jscott0363. Yes, someone must've really loved her. I wish I knew her provenance. Thank you, Manikin. She is 14" in height.
  43. Thank you so much, horserescuer, kyratango, Efesgirl, and fortapache. I am, once again, over the moon with joy for this doll.
  44. I agree, Peterdrury. Very amusing!
  45. Thank you, melaniej and Zilla.
  46. Thank you, CindB, Efesgirl, Mrstyndall, and kyratango.
  47. Thanks for the love, Manikin, jscott0363, ho2cultcha, aura, vetraio50, Caperkid, Karenoke, and TassieDevil. Much appreciated!
  48. delete commentbetweenthelens betweenthelens, Just now Thank you, alain and CindB! Thank you, vetraio50! Happy New Year to you!
  49. I love this collection! How wonderful! You might try the website Old Wood Toys. The guy helped me identify a Ted Toyler wooden sailor doll a few years ago. He may know about these. Yours remind me a b...
  50. Thanks so much, Manikin!
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