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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. Do some research, eBay is crammed with these. Lots of them offered in original condition (no dial) but none with offers. Maybe just a keeper to display. Also research Kellogg's & S. Co.
  2. Would you buy a house without seeing the entire thing?
  3. I wonder why all the pictures are the same? Show the side view including the handle and a shot of the butt.
  4. To get you started you should research fireplace chairs or nursing chairs. This chair should put the person sitting in it at a height just above hearth level. Women breast fed their children where it ...
  5. Those are hog ring pliers.
  6. That is properly called a bachelor chair, also known as a fold up ironing board stool.
  7. The saw horses are an early version of a work center. The slots cut in the top are to hold lumber in place. They should fit a 2x4 fairly snug. As an example; set them up six feet apart and put eight f...
  8. I always love an owl. Haven't had live ones this year but we just hatched six parrots. Birds of any type are always fun to see. Live, paintings, statue etc. I love them all. Our three year old grandda...
  9. Research coca cola key chain bottle charm. They were cast from lead and then plated. These don't have the loop or they would fit the dimension.
  10. One other comment about the cover. This was even before 1 & 2 digit codes, now known as ZIP codes. I wonder how many people here remember a time when we didn't use ZIP codes and how many actually know...
  11. Mani is an antique so she has to be a treasure. I couldn't resist.
  12. PS: I question this one being for food grade use.
  13. I agree with vetraio50 - We have one made for milking corn off the cob to make corn fritters, cream corn soup etc. No modern food processor can do the same job or do it as well.
  14. You will never, not ever see a rocking chair with nails or screws driven up through the skids. Can you use a little common sense and imagine the damage to the floor from nails or screws that back out ...
  15. The joints are called "lock joints". That joint is used when you are joining to pieces of wood that are different dimensions. It is also called a Lock-Rabbet Drawer Joint if you care to look it up. No...
  16. I think you are in the ball park on age but I would have said early 40's. I saved just one of mine and it is British. Rather than a girl mine shows a people on horses with dogs going on a fox hunt. I ...
  17. Good call CrazyCat. My dad grew up in Green Island NY and also owned a greenhouse for his business. He also owned one of these kerosene heaters to use early spring to keep things above freezing. I bel...
  18. Research Metters Limited in Sydney. The company was bought out but I believe the company that bought them is still in business, just a different name. Send them pic's and ask if they can help. Worst t...
  19. If yours is actually spelled "pigmy" rather than "pygmy" you probably have a fake reproduction.
  20. You didn't look to hard. It was made in Sydney, Australia. Google brings it back quickly. Try searching in Australia and you will have plenty to read.
  21. Take them to an Asian store etc. and see if someone can read it.
  22. Zowie - I was thinking the same thing.
  23. I enjoy seeing your elephant collection. My grandmother collected them after my grandfather died. She had them from half inch tall to three feet tall. I never understood why she collected them but she...
  24. I remember these and I think you could get them from saving S&H green stamps that stores like Grand Union gave you when you bought groceries.
  25. The 1950's were certainly a period for stacked/nested ashtrays.
  26. Either London Plane Turning wood or Sycamore. Both are similar and related species.
  27. You posted a long rant full of assumptions. Do you have any facts?
  28. Ethan Allen has their archives online. You can research it there with the numbers you have.
  29. All I did was plant seed for thought.
  30. Don't let ten years bother you, my 50 year reunion is next year. Live for today and pray you see tomorrow.
  31. Steve - You have some good information as far as dating these. If it is marked "Made In" then it is after the tariff act of 1930. You also have a Pat. No. which you should be able to research quite qu...
  32. You really came up with a good idea....GOOD LUCK!
  33. These were struck and people still strike them today to forge them. Look up the original weight and diameter and compare it to what you have. If it is close then you need an expert to look at it.
  34. You have lots of mismatch and from what I see, (pictures aren't great) some repairs. I would think the actual base desk is probably pre WWII. Not a major piece but very nice.
  35. Spanish piece of eight. 8 Reales cob. One of the most and easiest coins there is to reproduce. Originals can bring a good price. They wash up on beaches here in Florida now and then after a hurricane.
  36. This has to be the nastiest beer ever made. It was all we could get in Vietnam and we cooled it with CO2 fire extinguishers.
  37. I think you bought a pig in a poke, but if you intend keeping it no harm done.
  38. The picture says little. The pedestal isn't terribly old but it is a bit unusual. From the one picture it appears to have porcelain casters which means little if they aren't original. If it has plate ...
  39. This is odd but not old. Looks like something Brookstone might have sold in their specialty tool line.
  40. The lack of burn/scorch marks doesn't add up if this was actually used. I hope someone identifies it positively so we all learn
  41. I also think parts are missing. In my opinion this was a feed pot for lead. Possible user would be someone doing leaded stained glass windows or even a tin smith making copper lamps. Just my 2 cents.
  42. I think you will be pleased. Just don't alter it if you intend ever selling it. To a collector who has five and wants six makes you top dog.
  43. There is no SELY chair company. HOWEVER, if you research S. ELY you will be quite pleased. NOTE the period after the S. The chair was actually made by Smith Ely but his stamp was S.Ely and was always ...
  44. I have to agree with it being a wine bottle holder. I would also agree with it most probably being cocobolo wood. Cocobolo is popular for items like this and also for knife handles cutlery handles et...
  45. I would have guessed way out of the ball park if this is related to bullet. There doesn't seem to be a pour spout that I can see.
  46. You might check with the church and see if they know whether the church sexton repaired furniture. The top of this has grain running in the opposite direction of the bottom shelf.
  47. I have had very limited experience with trumpets and coronets. One thing I did learn is a guy named Sax or Saxe in France made fakes and sold them as originals. You might pull the valves and see if th...
  48. All the information you need to research the plate and Bradford Exchange is on the back of the plate. I know it says Limited Edition but it was also made for 95 days at how many hundred a day? You can...
  49. You can find your lighter on several sites listed for sale. Unfortunately I didn't see any that were sold or even had offers. Asking prices ranged from $9.99 to $149
  50. Pill makers plug bottles with cotton, does that mean they are forcing people to be cotton pickers or slaves if they want an aspirin? Too much government in all the wrong areas.
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