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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. We have a very similar one but it is a frog. Had it for years and it was sold to hold SOS pads by the sink.
  2. Strip this and refinish it for $100??? Something very wrong with that if it is done properly.
  3. Spring clamp pliers. Probably for universal joints. Spring clamp is also known as a bitch clip. You do lots of bitching before you get it removed.
  4. The company is listed in American Machinist as being organized in July 1920.
  5. The Pat Pending means they applied for one, therefore there must be a record of it.
  6. If I am dealing with an older piece I use 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water to clean the surface. If that doesn't look good I test the finish with lacquer thinner. Use masking tape to make a small ...
  7. You would be amazed what a battery tooth brush will do. Faucets, mag wheels, glass top stoves etc.
  8. They are basically the same thing depending on what part of the world you come from.
  9. I think you have a souvenir that may have been sold out side Shaker Village in Canterbury. It isn't actually Shaker it is kind of a tourist item you buy downtown.
  10. It is a reproduction of a mid-evil mace.
  11. You seem to be a big fan of acetone. While it won't normally bother most wood it will have a bad effect on some inlays. Even after you finish the piece it can come back and bite you in the butt with i...
  12. You didn't ask a question. How do you expect an answer?
  13. Back in my day we used a wood burning pen to sign them. Looking at whether this is burned or done with a pen/sharpie may help date it.
  14. The chalk writing is either done by the warehouse or the company moving it, not by the maker. If you intend stripping carvings and moldings buy a cheap battery operated tooth brush with several differ...
  15. This is a neat post that brings back memories. Back in the 1950's we made such items from kits to earn merit badges in the boy scouts. I didn't at all enjoy doing it...nobody told me about thimbles!
  16. My oldest son gets along the Nile. You will know him by the patch on his arm if you get close enough. The patch says SNIPER, Tiger Div. Few get close enough to see it.
  17. Looks really nice. What are the markings on it? 19 Layers of lacquer would hide the type wood so I assume it is marked.
  18. Interesting set. I have one set with 8 or 10 in it that are odd balls. Mine have a wooden base and top cover for storage. I bought them at a yard sale here in Florida for $2 because they were differen...
  19. Looks like a home made thresher board.
  20. P-38, I have a few still in the wrapper.
  21. I would make a guess, only a guess, based on the one nail I see exposed a bit and the caster that this would probably date to around 1870. Could be newer but I wouldn't think it to be much older.
  22. Having the words Security Police dates it 1966 - 1997. After 1997 it reads Security Forces.
  23. I agree with Sean68. My dad had one quite similar. They are commonly called a library desk and/or Amish library desk because of the book shelves on the sides. Age is difficult with these pictures but ...
  24. I hate to be a pain, but could you get a clear, closer picture of the caster? Laminated leather casters look like wood but can be 200 years older. From a distance of three feet they look the same. Som...
  25. I believe that would be called a prayer cabinet and is probably older than me.
  26. It isn't a game table I have ever seen. Keep in mind a game table by name is a totally different table altogether. The finish and design mean little and that is about all you show. Joinery would be ni...
  27. I would say go for refinishing it. Someone already cut it down and tried to start refinishing it. I have no idea where you came up with it being a nursing chair. Perhaps you have more background on it...
  28. I think you have a tool made in Canada. Try researching the company patents.
  29. You can make all the changes you want but the joinery and marks for the joints speak volumes. The joints on this were made between 1890 and 1920. You don't have to agree but you need to prove me wrong.
  30. My best guess on age is around 1920 or possibly a few years earlier. Witness marks are still visible so that is my best guess.
  31. Very nice Windsor Style. I wonder what you have been reading to come up with your dates for it? I would be interested in reading it also.
  32. Navy .36 cal was a revolver pistol. Made by Colt, 1861 I believe.
  33. Goodell was on Main Street in Antrim, NH. The old warehouse is still there. They also made cutlery and things like putty knives. I still have a wooden box full of their reject putty knives in all diff...
  34. I poached a good many duck eggs in one of these before school in the mornings long ago.
  35. Research it under Silver & Brooklyn Mfg. and I believe you will find it.
  36. Looks like an old egg poacher.
  37. The first set of numbers is the item number and the second set is the month and year it was made.
  38. Love the picture. I sometimes wish pictures could talk to us. What would they say?
  39. Next visit to the vet you should ask about sunflower seed and unsalted pumpkin seed. Perhaps a sprig of millet for a snack. Try to avoid the guys in the white suits with the net and straight jacket if...
  40. Looks like an item you could go nuts for. Sorry I couldn't resist.
  41. If memory serves me correctly, I think it does. These were converted by street gangs during the 50's and possibly early 60's. They were called ZIP guns. They would fire a knitting needle that was cut ...
  42. I have seen these, both old and newer versions. The older ones were French as I recall. They were referred to as a half round secretary desk.
  43. Very educational post and thank you for sharing the images with us. I can't resist saying, someone obviously had a lot of balls.
  44. Excellent find. Based on the photo's I would say this piece is probably right around 1780.
  45. I didn't think you were eating happy meals. I have eaten and seen others eat things I have no idea what it was. I lived through it and obviously you did. I sometimes hate to ask but I am always curiou...
  46. This chair was made this way so when you fell asleep you could just fall over to the side and land on the floor without hurting yourself. Funny how we have rules about posting pictures right side up. ...
  47. Try posting it up side down for a better view.
  48. My main computer is down but there is a site that lists tankards and flagons that has a wealth of information. I know I kept the link but I gave up collecting because there wasn't much room for profit...
  49. We see these quite frequently. We were told they were put out for people to put a donation in. Pocket change etc. to help the poor. Not at all sure that is correct but there are lots of them around do...
  50. If you break down what you are able to see. There are dovetails (pic 4) on the side and square finger joints on the front. The joints are tight but I would doubt they are machine cut. Craftsmen in Eur...
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