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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. I remember these and I think you could get them from saving S&H green stamps that stores like Grand Union gave you when you bought groceries.
  2. The 1950's were certainly a period for stacked/nested ashtrays.
  3. Either London Plane Turning wood or Sycamore. Both are similar and related species.
  4. You posted a long rant full of assumptions. Do you have any facts?
  5. Ethan Allen has their archives online. You can research it there with the numbers you have.
  6. All I did was plant seed for thought.
  7. Don't let ten years bother you, my 50 year reunion is next year. Live for today and pray you see tomorrow.
  8. Steve - You have some good information as far as dating these. If it is marked "Made In" then it is after the tariff act of 1930. You also have a Pat. No. which you should be able to research quite qu...
  9. You really came up with a good idea....GOOD LUCK!
  10. These were struck and people still strike them today to forge them. Look up the original weight and diameter and compare it to what you have. If it is close then you need an expert to look at it.
  11. You have lots of mismatch and from what I see, (pictures aren't great) some repairs. I would think the actual base desk is probably pre WWII. Not a major piece but very nice.
  12. Spanish piece of eight. 8 Reales cob. One of the most and easiest coins there is to reproduce. Originals can bring a good price. They wash up on beaches here in Florida now and then after a hurricane.
  13. This has to be the nastiest beer ever made. It was all we could get in Vietnam and we cooled it with CO2 fire extinguishers.
  14. I think you bought a pig in a poke, but if you intend keeping it no harm done.
  15. The picture says little. The pedestal isn't terribly old but it is a bit unusual. From the one picture it appears to have porcelain casters which means little if they aren't original. If it has plate ...
  16. This is odd but not old. Looks like something Brookstone might have sold in their specialty tool line.
  17. The lack of burn/scorch marks doesn't add up if this was actually used. I hope someone identifies it positively so we all learn
  18. I also think parts are missing. In my opinion this was a feed pot for lead. Possible user would be someone doing leaded stained glass windows or even a tin smith making copper lamps. Just my 2 cents.
  19. I think you will be pleased. Just don't alter it if you intend ever selling it. To a collector who has five and wants six makes you top dog.
  20. There is no SELY chair company. HOWEVER, if you research S. ELY you will be quite pleased. NOTE the period after the S. The chair was actually made by Smith Ely but his stamp was S.Ely and was always ...
  21. I have to agree with it being a wine bottle holder. I would also agree with it most probably being cocobolo wood. Cocobolo is popular for items like this and also for knife handles cutlery handles et...
  22. I would have guessed way out of the ball park if this is related to bullet. There doesn't seem to be a pour spout that I can see.
  23. You might check with the church and see if they know whether the church sexton repaired furniture. The top of this has grain running in the opposite direction of the bottom shelf.
  24. I have had very limited experience with trumpets and coronets. One thing I did learn is a guy named Sax or Saxe in France made fakes and sold them as originals. You might pull the valves and see if th...
  25. All the information you need to research the plate and Bradford Exchange is on the back of the plate. I know it says Limited Edition but it was also made for 95 days at how many hundred a day? You can...
  26. You can find your lighter on several sites listed for sale. Unfortunately I didn't see any that were sold or even had offers. Asking prices ranged from $9.99 to $149
  27. Pill makers plug bottles with cotton, does that mean they are forcing people to be cotton pickers or slaves if they want an aspirin? Too much government in all the wrong areas.
  28. Do a little research on the company. They made ice cream and sold buckets to make it in. The hooks on the sides were probably used to hold the crank handle as opposed to a lid.
  29. That wouldn't work around here. It is against the law to peddle you butt on the street.
  30. I remember these being in the back room of the local garage beside the coke machine. I had to stand on a wooden coke crate to lift the overlay.
  31. When you research this pay attention that your grate shaker is on the side. Some were on the front. That will make a difference in both date and value.
  32. I believe what you have here is a vintage UMCO hand fed Laundry stove. The griddle handle and design on the feed door are certainly theirs. Probably late 1920's or later.
  33. If you can find foundry marks/numbers that will help you. I believe you will find this stove was actually made in Sweden and imported to the UK. A Swedish company AGA cooker made stoves that were impo...
  34. I would agree with the double stamp. Also on the SH in Sheffield. This may have been a reject that got taken home by a worker. If so, rejects or misprints are always nice to have $
  35. PS - If you don't want to part with the quarter.....I will take the knife. :)
  36. I wouldn't bet on 100 years but probably dam close. These are quite collectible and yours looks in fairly good condition. Very nice find.
  37. Interesting post. Now I have to dig my Annie watch out and have a look. I think my mother got it around 1934. She over wound it and it was never worn again. Poor watch lived it's life packed away.
  38. I remember these from when I was a little younger than I am now. They were really popular.
  39. How did you date it? Or was the barn 100 plus years old?
  40. It is actually called a "scribe race knife". Google it and you will find plenty. If you are an old woodsman you have one.
  41. Interesting chair. I tend to think I would not rush refinishing it. I would say it is 1920's or earlier. What caught my eye are the castors and the fact there are no stretchers supporting the legs. No...
  42. Interesting chair. I tend to think I would not rush refinishing it. I would say it is 1920's or earlier. What caught my eye are the castors and the fact there are no stretchers supporting the legs. No...
  43. I love your comment that you, never saw one that old looking. Looks have nothing to do with age. An old hammer never used looks new, a new hammer that is used can look very old. You probably have a vi...
  44. Slate workers hammer. The side paw as you call it was used as a ripper to pull the old slate. The tape was not for a smaller hand. The handle was taped to help prevent blisters because the original ha...
  45. Research Toby coffee creamer and you will find hundreds of them. I didn't find any with bids or that actually sold. Doesn't appear they have much value as they are mostly listed $5 to $10 asking price...
  46. Have a close look at the back side with a 15x loop. The picture here shows air bubbles. Bone and Ivory don't have air bubbles.
  47. Thanks to all for the replies & loves.
  48. I have been playing let's have a heart attack so not on much. I will look this afternoon under a loop.
  49. I do not have the book in my possession but can get answers to questions as my son has the book. I am gathering information for him.
  50. Do a Google for, antique loop handle baby spoon and you will find oodles of them going back well over 100 years.
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