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Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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  1. Your syrup dispenser was used for filling with cream for coffee where I grew up. One had sugar the other had cream. I am talking 1950's but I know they were used for other things as well.
  2. valentino97 - Your greeting was well received here. Since my wife died I live with my babies and I also am quite satisfied with my house mates. I have kept six and they will be here for as long as I a...
  3. In that I breed and rescue birds I see nothing wrong with the post.
  4. I have no idea what they were actually called but they were popular during the 70's for fondu parties.
  5. They look like a ulu that was made to conform to a bowl dimension. If you don't know what a ulu is just google it. One being marked Sheffield would fit.
  6. Go to the link I am posting and scroll down the page. You will find your medallion shown and information pertaining to it. http://numismatics.org/digitallibrary/ark:/53695/nnan97968
  7. I got one like this for Christmas around 1956 or 58. A nephew got it next and now his kids. They stood up well.
  8. I would agree with kyratango, looks like it was carved from Gabon a/k/a Gaboon ebony. I have some in the shop I turn on the lathe and it finishes, carves and turns quite well.
  9. Don't overlook the possibility that it could be a birthing table.
  10. If you look up the last patent number on this (Last one will be newest) 1574020 you will find an "A" patent. It was published in 1926, Filed for in 1923 which means nothing. The serial number on this ...
  11. More commonly called a; Poor Man's Valet chair.
  12. I agree with blunder.
  13. There were all types of these made over the years. They were most popular in the 1940's and 50's. In 1957 there was a comedy song called My Plastic Jesus which has been re done over the years since. I...
  14. Thank you Mary I hope you do EAPG glass because I need some help with that. Really thick heavy stuff.
  15. Thanks to all for the loves and a special thanks to Maryh1956. A history lesson is always welcome when researching an item. I was thinking the china was around 1936 or 37. I believe it was a wedding g...
  16. I am just glad to hear you got a round trip ticket. I might want a parachute as well as a ride. Well done and thanks for sharing, I enjoyed these pic's and the story behind them.
  17. Oaknut - I see it is on casters but I can't see the caster clearly. Are they leather and brass? Porcelain and brass? Steel and brass? Each is from a different time period. As for the drawers being ton...
  18. I tend to think 1910 is a stretch. You don't show any joinery, drawers etc. but you do show the mirror and in two pictures one caster shows but not clearly. I would sooner think this is 30's or early ...
  19. You don't show any drawer joinery etc. but from what is shown I would venture to say very late 1940's to late 1950's.
  20. The age of the house has no bearing on the mallet. The head is leather and it is used for doing leather work. I have the same thing in two different sizes.
  21. All of them I have seen were not intended to be used. They were for a store display and made in much fewer number.
  22. I need to clean it up first, got dog biscuits in it.
  23. I have a punch bowl that someone on here told me was Thompson bow tie pattern. Is there a site that shows how to tell? I just found another box of this thick heavy clear glass stuff. I am cleaning out...
  24. Thanks for the input and loves. Perhaps someone else here will jump in also. This game is dated November 1991 so I assume they were in hopes to sell them at the holiday season. Pemberton is a very sma...
  25. PS: This is not an antique I was wondering about it being collectible.
  26. No idea what it is but I bet my parrots would love it.
  27. I disagree with homemade because of the press and beading. The chair was commercially made. However someone attempted to refit it at some point. The chair is fairly symmetrical until you look at the p...
  28. You might enjoy this page I am posting. The site belongs to a master craftsman who is restoring a quite similar chair. Images on the page can be clicked to enlarge them. http://johnmarkpower.blogspot...
  29. Thanks to all for the love's. He is the last of our Hubleys. Now I need to dig out cast iron mechanical banks. To much stuff packed away and to little life left to ever enjoy it. Time to part with a f...
  30. Zippo database shows it was made in 1971. Value isn't something we do here but don't give up your day job.
  31. That wouldn't be in the catalog, it was a promo item. If it is actually a Zippo the bottom marking will date it.
  32. Go here http://www.zippo.com/about/article.aspx?id=1582
  33. The marks on the bottom will date it. Zippo has an online database to show you how to date a Zippo
  34. I believe the seats are replacement seats. They were normally wood about 3/16" in thickness. The pictures a dark and difficult to see. Side and bottom views would have been nice. I think this is the o...
  35. He is two piece single screw.
  36. All my life (almost 7 decades) I have enjoyed old graveyards and headstones. To worn out now to seek out old places but can enjoy them here. Thanks for sharing this interesting story. Perhaps morbid i...
  37. blunderbuss2 - That is exactly what these cards are. My wife passed away last spring so I am slowly going through 4 generations of stuff stored here that hasn't been out of boxes in 40 years or more. ...
  38. Thanks to all for the loves. The story and the memories only live on if they are shown and told. One brother was a First Sgt. and the other a pfc. Only the pfc came home. Both were very civic minded. ...
  39. Thanks Militarist, they both went in the service in 42 so that probably explains the info being on there.
  40. I don't mean to imply that I am old but I remember these. That was when people actually washed diapers and hung them on a clothesline to dry.
  41. If you click on the picture it should enlarge so you can read it.
  42. No problem Blunder, only one person here had an idea of the situation. No offense taken.
  43. Thanks to all for the loves and good wishes. I probably jumped the gun trying to post right now.
  44. No Blunder it doesn't charge. Truth is my wife just died and I had a stroke. My hand is still a bit shaky. Another day I will try doing better.
  45. The only word on it is at the bottom, Vigilantia. I assume it was the unit motto.
  46. Try researching Kingwood wood burning stoves, Florence, Alabama. I believe they made numerous models.
  47. Some cooper tools did in fact bore. I have never seen one in this country (USA) but have seen many in Europe. As an example, the Great Heidelberg Tun holds 59,000 US gallons of wine. It is so huge the...
  48. What you have here is a cooper's bung. Probably hand forged. They came in different designs. Some were tapered like a cone for reaming out bung holes in barrels and ones like this were used to clear c...
  49. Educational post. I had two similar coins that belonged to my mother & father in law. Mine were on large cents. I didn't know there was such a thing as a love coin. I gave mine to my son for his colle...
  50. I believe the matching Hubley was Hubley Item # 311
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