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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


Another found item - US Coinsin US Coins
Army Token? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
U.S. Zone, Germany - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Unknown Maker - Dollsin Dolls
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  1. I believe you have a tourist item.
  2. Clearing my posts and going my way but you are right.
  3. You made a good buy. You don't know what you have and expect us to know. What is it made of? What are the dimensions? Is it marked?
  4. I would wonder about these also. Very poor photo shop job.
  5. I keep telling my dog that...........he is 15.
  6. Sometimes truth hurts. I wish I was as young as this is.
  7. I would expect this to be a decoration piece. Anyone who has churned butter would probably agree. When the mix hardens it gets harder to pump and pressure builds up. This should have metal banding to ...
  8. The price is excellent. I wonder if you could provide pictures of what you call peg construction?
  9. I think (not positive) this was called a drop leaf twist table. Riply seems on target for the maker.
  10. The cat is also right side up.
  11. Very nice. I was looking for a house I may have frequented when in the Army. I doubt it was in the collection but I bet it was more popular.
  12. Obviously you bought something on a sellers word. I wonder why you would buy something without authenticating it? No disrespect intended but if you plan to spend money wouldn't you want to know for su...
  13. I seriously doubt this has milk paint on it. Lead base is certainly a possibility. I would test it and see. Paint stripper won't remove milk paint. Only ammonia will dissolve real milk paint. I would ...
  14. I have to agree with scottvez right down the line.
  15. All of us have things we didn't really need. I think that is how yard sales were invented.
  16. I was thinking very gory back on the farm. No comment here for now.
  17. She may have had it ground down to sit level on a table. She may have used it as a sugar bowl etc.
  18. It was filed but the marks go in opposite directions. I have a very good idea when it was made but you wouldn't be pleased.
  19. Very good goal for you to have. I was born and raised below the biggest underground marble quarry in the world. Yes, I said in the world. So I have seen a few pieces of marble and worked in the quarry...
  20. Very nice story and you are right it is very simple. Very, very good that your grandmother has a clear mind at 90 years old. I was under the impression you had authentication for the item rather than ...
  21. I wonder how you dated this at over 100 years? Looking at the bottom finish I would be interested in knowing what you know. I always like to learn.
  22. You show very little for construction or joinery. However in picture #3 there is a spearhead joint on the table proper. If the joint is original it is unusual at that location. This looks like someone...
  23. A picture speaks 1000 words but this is not the picture. Pre WWII or during those years. Refinishing it won't hurt it as it has seen some work previously. Try to keep all the original hardware and web...
  24. You are correct, there is one on that link claiming to be a salesman's sample. However, there is no authentication. Everything is pure speculation and assumptions because of the size. I sold my collec...
  25. Scottvez can tell for sure but I say he was an enlisted man. The hat brass (insignia) isn't correct for an officer.
  26. I believe if you do some research you will find out this is a ladies cuspidor. Yes, women did quite frequently chew.
  27. Did this by chance come from someone in the Air Force? Just asking.
  28. I know Manikin plays with dolls but I thought she graduated up from rookies.
  29. He didn't lie but he also didn't tell the entire truth. Saying production started in 1850 in no way means these were made then. The carvings top and bottom are inserted as individual pieces. That is n...
  30. The bottom is marked 8 oz. That would be metric if it was from Russia.
  31. What is it made of?
  32. The time to buy here in Florida is after November when the snowbirds get here and the gypsy vendors from up north when they get here for the winter layover. They normally bail out before April 15th. T...
  33. I haven't collected ashtrays in a number of years but I believe this should have had a glass insert. Old yes, antique? No. I would guess post WWII.
  34. You could have a piece that was cut from two different veins of stone in the quarry. I have a number of slabs of soapstone out back and they very in color in the same piece. I don't do sculptures I ma...
  35. Odd looking piece. Looks like soapstone yet the discoloration says no.
  36. This would be the same thing as a stationary one. You have to shovel cow S*** to appreciate it being mobile. We used broken garden spades for the handles but anything works.
  37. I would venture to say you have a marriage of old and new. The bolts do help date the base to an extent but the piece appears to have been reworked and refinished. The corner blocks and legs are proba...
  38. I have a pair here my dad gave me 51 years ago. I won't part with mine either.
  39. I will pass for now. I am in enough trouble today. Not as old as me though.
  40. The scotch tape patch job also speaks of contact paper. This was/is probably maple and may or may not have had a veneer on top. I base that on the fact the top left drawer is partly open in photo #2...
  41. Around 1960 + and looks like contact paper on it.
  42. Well....to be honest I am older than this chair. It has been reworked and refitted as a rocker. I would venture to say it was done by a home handyman, possibly for a child or as a nursing chair for hi...
  43. Looks like a carpet beater to me. You need to be old to see it.
  44. If you are in Ballston Lake, NY then keep your eyes open for old cast drawer pulls. Look to see if the back side is embossed. You should be able to get them up there for less than $2. They will bring ...
  45. I already made her mad....I will let you guys give her the news.
  46. You do a good job of identifying sarcasm, now if you applied that energy to identifying your items you would be a wonder. It is actually a replica of a British revolving bookcase.
  47. Someone here is old and has a lick of common sense. Certainly not me but listening and learning can be an advantage.
  48. See how easy it is to screw up on this site? Been in the family for 100 years makes it that old. Nobody ever bought anything new so this is at least 100 years old. You make a good point and I shall re...
  49. I should have been a doll.....my mother took me everywhere because she didn't want to kiss me good-bye. Dolls have all the fun.
  50. This was your dad's pruning shear. He probably carried it in his pocket. Your mom probably gave him hell for tearing the pocket bottoms. They are quite common and the value is how you remember them. T...
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