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West, Florida

Just old and finally have time to go through things and figure out what I have. A little of everything I would say.


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A little wooden fun 
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  1. Is the word Marschal on the gun or on the grips?
  2. Pivot tops were earlier. You have a slide out but no problem as they were all unique and mostly made by immigrants passing through. Tramp art is a possibility. I doubt you will find another so look fo...
  3. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/228938528/early-1800-folk-art-primitive
  4. I wouldn't bet my mortgage on it being walnut. I might be willing to bet is Pennsylvania Dutch double compartment spice box. I might also guess late 1800's copy cat of an original.
  5. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
  6. Agh, I appreciate the honest reply. I emailed my son and he also extends his thanks to you for sharing the information. He intends to put it in his collection. Thank you and Walks both for the lov...
  7. We have one very similar but without a painting. It washed up on the beach on Long Beach Island, NJ after a storm. We never did identify the animal it came from but it is unusual.
  8. Agh, I don't do lighters so have no idea about them. I see them in the store for 0.79 cents. Should I tell him to dump it or keep it?
  9. Thanks agh, very helpful information. My son is trying to research it for his collection. He researches each lighter new or old and does a print out for it to go on his display shelf. Now he has a sta...
  10. Thanks in advance for input.
  11. This is marked Germany rather than Made in Germany so you may want to do some research on the McKinley Tariff Act. That act deals with country of origin markings and initiated the words "Made In" on t...
  12. Antler blade is certainly a possibility. I buy some smaller ones every year for projects like knobs etc.
  13. If you check some of the blade forums they can probably help you. Looks like a bone blade knife. Usually from something like Elk bone. Not terribly uncommon and craftsmen still make them.
  14. If you get to southern NH and are close to Peterborough, stop and show Charlie Cobb your pictures. He has both an antique store and an auction house. Everyone in town knows the Cobbs so finding him is...
  15. I believe what you have here is Fakeshaw. That means it isn't really scrimshaw it is a polymer compound. Hot needle tests, match tests and ultra violet light tests won't work on it if it was made afte...
  16. I thought Scottvez would have replied by now??? Nice piece. I am holding my breath on the date range you posted.
  17. I would guess it is supposed to be a homemade screw stop marking gauge. Poor man's sliding T bevel square.
  18. The grooves in this indicate it was used in a large honey pot to fill smaller jars or bottles. These were never washed and always kept in the pot. Smaller ones were used to dip out of the smaller bott...
  19. I would tell you to research vintage or antique wooden honey dippers. They come with all different style heads. Out in a field is where the bees would be. Give it a shot, you may be pleased. They aren...
  20. Possibly a shipping crate.
  21. The writing on the end of it is in English. Box 25 - 25 etc. I doubt it is terribly old or war vintage with that marking. The paint also looks new and undamaged.
  22. I would assume you know this but I will say it anyway. Falconer was a sheet glass and mirror glass maker located in Falconer, NY. They probably provided the mirror to the maker of the secretary desk.
  23. If you take the time to look on coin sites, the spacing is normal for this coin.
  24. Normally called a miter joint clamp and it is rather unusual today. I haven't seen one of these in years.
  25. I spooned this ring during the late 1950's or early 60's. It was a fad back then, few people anymore every heard of it. To them spooning is something you do in bed....and that is good also.
  26. It should be made of brass. Used to ground out electrical wires I would say.
  27. If you look at the price it will be obvious why there were no bids. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Ornate-Cast-Iron-Lamp-Table-Side-Table-Art-Specialty-Co-Chicago-/161675287729?pt=LH_DefaultDomain...
  28. That was originally sold as a side table/lamp table. The company was founded in 1932 from what I find on them. I found one the same with original paint on eBay but the auction was over with no bids.
  29. Rustfarm hit the nail on the head.
  30. I typed that backward, the palm wood would normally be heavier depending on the species.
  31. Anything is possible but I said mahogany because I have mahogany from Honduras and south America that finishes the same in it's natural state with a clear finish polish. Palm wood should have a lower ...
  32. Interesting piece. Difficult to tell the maker and a bit unusual because of the knee buster center shelf. Looks like a triple wing mirror. I use the term wing because it appears the smaller left and r...
  33. PS: The wooden base appears to be polished mahogany which would fit in with the same region.
  34. You will not scratch Tagua with your fingernail. It grows along the Amazon River and is the closest thing in the world to ivory. I have 8 or 10 left in my shop as we used to turn Tagua on our lathes.
  35. You don't show the back of the drawer, the locks or the hooks and you expect someone to know? Give me a puff of what you are smoking.
  36. You didn't provide any dimensions and looking at it I wonder if you know how big antlers and bones are? Can we see the underside and get the length and width?
  37. I didn't dig terribly deep on the names but I did find a Samuel that was a trunk and box maker. He had a patent along with another fellow (Hough I think) for a special design trunk latch. I believe th...
  38. RobH is correct
  39. You have my sincerest respect. I have done these carvings and I know how difficult it is. I screwed up a good many of them. Thanks for sharing yours.
  40. I used to send the wrappers in during the mid and late 1950's. Mr. Peanut was a status symbol back then.
  41. BHock you are a problem child sometimes. I would give this a date between 1790 through around 1830ish. I would guess made in Schoharie, NY from the pictures. I call this a naked chest because most you...
  42. Probably a Murphy desk bed from around 1890's.
  43. TallCakes hit the nail on the head. I used to buy them and take them apart and put a mirror on the back. Fun and inexpensive items to play with.
  44. Poor kids here still play marbles and dominoes. Better off kids have parents that buy them off with a computer or other game system. Taking a walk and seeing kids playing marbles is a fun thing. The k...
  45. I love the post for the Groucho pin. I suspect very few people here know the name or watched him live on TV. His show was so bad they put him on late night. But people watched it (including me). Jack ...
  46. You can find them online. Don't give up your day job waiting for a payoff. Most coin sites show both real and reproductions.
  47. Did I understand correctly that these have been in a box for 30 years unopened?
  48. Good looking group you have there. We have three parrots, a sun conure, a cockatiel and a pigeon. Half of them are rescued birds but we love them all. They do make noise so it is good we aren't in an ...
  49. This has oodles of potential. We can't see inside and don't know the voltage of the lamp in terms of generating heat. I would probably do one of two things. Mount a picture on the inside that would ha...
  50. Zippo will answer your questions and even repair your lighters for free. They are in Bradford, PA and have a web site and toll free number. You shouldn't have a problem researching a zippo.....if you ...
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