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Gate Marks on a Royal Orbon Cook Stove - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pot Rack from Two-man Saws - Kitchenin Kitchen
My Antique Pot Rack Using Two-man Saw Blades - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Boiling Water on the  King Stove and Range, Sun two burner coal cook stove 2-88 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Nonmagnetic Statue 
Hammered Pattern Cast Iron Skillet - Kitchenin Kitchen
British Made Aluminum Basin  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Copper Hanging Basket - Kitchenin Kitchen
Hammered Copper Cookware - Kitchenin Kitchen
Hammered Copper Cookware - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Beautiful photo. That farm doesn't look abandoned to me, lol. Looks like a great place to take a couple swipes with a metal detector. Thanks for sharing.
  2. "IMHO" means In My Humble Opinion.
  3. Etching press?
  4. IMHO: If a wide flat chain was run from from the upper idle pulley down to the lower gear, with both sides of the chain on the left side of the upper roller's gear, it should permit the upper roller a...
  5. I do not know what it is but I want one. I think it was a hard rolling press of some sort. It appears the upper and lower rollers were once linked via chain. The upper roller has very little allowable...
  6. The prices are all over the place. Apparently, it is called a "Smoking Stand" and tobacco was kept inside. The few that I recently read about were for pipe tobacco, but I guess you could put cigars in...
  7. I thought it was a cooler or refrigerator at first. I also like the idea that it might be a humidor. I will keep my eye out for one of these if it is a humidor.
  8. Sometimes there is an Ora to these things. I do not know how many times I thought "What is it?" but I wanted it and sometimes purchased it anyway.
  9. I have some house clocks that I have purchased for the case and some house clocks that I have purchased for the mechanical movement. In my opinion, your value will be based on the metal case and the a...
  10. The best way to determine the value of that watch is to take it to a jeweler and have them test the INSIDE of the rear case cover for silver/white gold. If it is silver or gold it will determine t...
  11. The link doesnt work. Cas-Ker Jewelers Supplies type " Hands " into the search
  12. Virginia, does the watch work? You could probably get some hands for next to nothing. This site is from the US and might be expensive to ship, if available, but at least it gives you and idea. Pret...
  13. That is a beautiful piece. I believe the large stone is resin based on the circular sprue on the back. Still, it is very lovely.
  14. Beautiful! I love mechanical clocks. You can see, by the surface wear/soiling on the rear cover, that someone used that clock for many years. It was probably very special to the owner.
  15. I would check those areas again, and the movement, with a magnifying glass. Usually, the marks are very tiny and are difficult to see with the naked eye.
  16. Can the casting mold gate marks on stoves be an accurate way to estimate the manufacture date?
  17. Oh, and something that old in white metal may be silver.
  18. Hello Vv - You could open up the rear of the case and it should have dates and the initials of the Horologist which cleaned or serviced it. You may need 10X magnification to see this information. At t...
  19. In photo # 3, I wonder if the"8" represents August, and if the "18" represents 1800, and if the "D" represents the fourth letter for 04? Guessing of course, this stove was manufactured in the month of...
  20. I finally got this stove taken apart. There are gate marks on many of the flat pieces. I guess these gate marks take this stove back to the 1800's? I'll post the photos in this folder. Thanks for read...
  21. It made me smile. Now, I want something sweet. Great find.
  22. I think I am going to search for another saw blade and add one more to permit the storage of more of my collection. Would that be too much? What do you think?
  23. Thank you blunderbuss2 & racer4four!
  24. That is a nice find. It is amazing how good it looks after such a long time. I love it!
  25. I think I like the open glass block better. The only problem with this configuration is that it closes the space between the table and the wall and the chair might strike a hanging pot.
  26. Thanks. I added an additional saw blade below the block window and cleared the view of the glass block- it looks so much cleaner.
  27. Yeah, it is a little small, but when I stoked her the heat really cranked out. It is a coal stove and I guess coal would be more efficient in terms of fuel usage-v- cook heat. The nice thing about thi...
  28. Fhrjr2- Just because you are old doesn't mean I'll discount your wisdom. As we age, sometimes we forget more than we originally knew.
  29. Lenny- Good find. Can you post a photo in show and tell?
  30. Kristopher- Disassemble it and check all your joints. If everything is fine, reassemble using furnace cement in the seams to make an airtight joint. There are restrictions on what can be used in a dw...
  31. That's is a nice stove Kristopher. It is more ornate than mine. Thanks for sharing.
  32. Thanks, Jonima. Here is a quote from the Cast Iron Collector "Variations in the hammering style are seen from one manufacturer to another. The dimple e...
  33. Thanks, Tom.
  34. Roy- Thanks. I think the aluminum or stainless lined copper is much safer than copper itself, but if you get a delamination you have to trash the cookware. I understand that tin is more desirable beca...
  35. OK, I did not think you were being argumentative. In the interest of being accurate I will remove the (-ed) from hammer and add (-like) so that others will not be confused. Thank you for your comments.
  36. Those marks are not erosion. From my understanding, the hammer finish was more prestigious than plain cookware and it wasn't until later that it was more available to the mass markets. The hammer fini...
  37. Thank you.
  38. I observed a similar photo, I believe it was from the University of Virginia online archives (?), which depicted one or two medical students from around the same time. I guess their other choice was a...
  39. Wow! I am speechless. These artists are a credit to humanity. Only the good die young.
  40. Doona65- All I did was unscrew each part and cleaned the bolts and mating surfaces with a wire brush and wire wheel. Once these mating surfaces were clean, I reassembled the stove and used furnace cem...
  41. I have not found any more information on it. I did find a comparable 4 burner stove, from Vogelzang. I think the only information which might be helpful is the operating instructions. http://www.efi...
  42. Hello Donna65- I have not found any more information on it. I did find a comparable 4 burner stove. VI
  43. I think I had one of these, or it may have been a Tonka. I remember the tracks moved so easily and it could be played with unlike the models with the fixed or rigid tracks. Nice post, thank you.
  44. FYI -
  45. FYI -
  46. FYI -
  47. That is a beautiful bracelet. Since you are found of the artist I thought you might be interested in a recent show and tell.
  48. @fhrjr2- I used stove black. I also read about one blackening where the owner mixed oil with the stove black. I will bring it up to temperature before cooking anything and I hope the coating will burn...
  49. I disassembled the stove today and cleaned it and sealed the joints upon assembly. I was installed four 1/4 - 20 and two 8/32 screws that are not correct, so I may change them out later. I blackened t...
  50. Thank you to all who encouraged me and helped me find this identity to this stove.
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