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Like that 1960's Picture? DI love many different objects of art from Costume Jewelry of every era to different Antique Stiffel Lamps, furniture, housewares, EABG, yoLike that 1960's Picture? DI love many different objects of art from Costume Jewelry of every era to different Antique Stiffel Lamps, furniture, housewares, EABG, you name it. I am here at CW to learn and to share my finds. So, thank you all so much, You all are so educated in your specialties and I appreciate your help!! My goal to to buy and sell and collect. I sell whatever I need to so I can help my Autistic Grand daughter. I find things at yard sales and estate sales, thrift stores. I am a retired nurse, and truly get joy from this hobby. (Read more)


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Handpainted Asian Motif Trinket Box-Old - Asianin Asian
Kennebunkport,  Maine  /  Vinalhaven, Maine Etchings Phil S. Phillbrook - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
A wonderful piece by Garrison Boyd- Unpacking - Native Americanin Native American
Sharing my Hopi  Sun Face Kachina by C.C. Tewia  - Native Americanin Native American
Beautiful Blue Asian Vessel - Asianin Asian
Boots Tyner Design Doll Shelly 1985 - Dollsin Dolls
Wonderful Red Clay? Brazilian Pottery A. Marques - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Limoges France Elite Vase 1900-1914 - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Another EAPG  Some type of Handled Nappy? - Glasswarein Glassware
Another piece this weekend Crystal compote - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thank you , I did go to the Gotheborg site, but also did not see it. I saw something close, dated 1970, but I don't read Chinese.
  2. Thank you very much for the information.
  3. Thank you so much! It is a very pretty box in person. It has a crack in one corner with what looks like rust. I am sure I can clean it but I've chosen to leave it alone. Thank you very much!
  4. I just found the identical piece on ebay that sold for 20.00. Interesting.
  5. I hate text because, it gives the wrong tone. I was not bothered at all, and I appreciate it. I really do.
  6. Oh, Ok, I didn't think I was advertising, since I didn't say when or where. But thank you, I will keep that in mind, in case they are that strict. I did have these as collections, but I thought this...
  7. Zowie, who would know about this mark?
  8. It is approximately 4 1/4: from the top of the bale to the bottom.of the cross. It measures 2 1/4 inches wide at the widest point. so it's big and it's heavy 31.3 gms
  9. It's rough, I know.
  10. I can't afford to be materialistic like before. I am going to try to get money for them. I need that more than anything. Living on disability taught me what's really important. My Meds glasses teeth ...
  11. Thank you for all your help.
  12. You are so so smart. Thank you. Now I can label them so I remember the names
  13. Thank you again tallcakes. I really should focus on one collectible source but so many things are beautiful to me. I can't hold onto all of my pieces but it is fun to find them. I have a disability ...
  14. I wish that lid wasn't chipped, but I won't get rid of it.
  15. fortapache, I know it is called vaseline glass, and I would think that in those days it was made with some type of chemical that made it illuminate under a black light. I Just read that it was Uraniu...
  16. Maryh1956, I need to be a member to go to marks4antiques. Does it actually show a picture of my mark?? BTW, thank you very much!
  17. Thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it.
  18. does anyone tell me anything about my pottery I have up??
  19. It's nice and heavy 79.4 gms
  20. Thank you Manikin, That was interesting reading.
  21. I know it's glass eyes and real hair.
  22. I love those gondolas!
  23. Thank you so much for the information. I love this vase.
  24. May, you have been most generous with your information. I really need it at this time of my life. Good bless you! Anita.
  25. You are wonderful. You have helped me immensely!!
  26. Another nice Vase or urn. Anita
  27. I absolutely love the color and design of this vase! Gorgeous! Thank you! Anita
  28. I found out the table is made of birch and is missing the original legs
  29. Wonderful Antique piece, Marvelous!!
  30. Kevin, this is a Fantastic piece. Love the woven design. Love that everyone got involved to help!!!. Thank you !!
  31. well, this is what I found out: 1930s-40 18k yellow gold & opal princess ring, marked 18k 85, in a diamond and Siam. It has been fully tested and is guaranteed to be solid gold. The ring is a size 7....
  32. This whole set-up is fantastic. I also love the skillets. Great job vansky!
  33. eye4beauty, BELLIN68 Would you call it the fazzoletto style? I need to make sure if it is a Murano. I've been all over the net. I have not found this color style. I find alot of other interesting ...
  34. Good Idea, thank you!!
  35. I love this bowl. That's what I thought I had "A beautiful Older bowl tri-footed". Anyway, I want to know if you know anyone who would want several pieces of glass or crystal at no cost. so I am not...
  36. I just love the pieces I learn about here, they are for the most part so gorgeous as yours is today!!! Awesome!!
  37. I love the colors, very dramatic!
  38. Thank you so much!
  39. I found out these are actually Fostoria Glass Crystal Chintz Baroque Candle Holders. Thank you all for your information!
  40. This is interesting. It took me awhile to realize what it was!!
  41. I apologize. Here you go!! It is 7" across and 3" tall. Thank you!
  42. Sounds good to me!!
  43. That's the reason I think so, because the bottom is finished very nicely, like Murano.
  44. I hope these pics help, if not let me know, Thank you!!!
  45. I love it, could it be a new repro? I don't think so but ?????
  46. Is this Murano glass?
  47. So Unusual and lovely!
  48. Thank you so much for help. I appreciate it. Anita
  49. BTW, The green color also shows tiny tiny darker green specks instead of white as I've seen. Thank you.
  50. Wonderful information! I truly do appreciate your sharing yur knowledge! Anita
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Cute Waltham piece French Majolica Pig Waiter Photos of My Mother 1920's-1940's and one of My Father in Uniform V. M. I. 1937 Class Bulletin of May 29, 1945, Very Interesting Reading. OLD WOOD TOOL bohemian czech etched/engraved glass vases


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