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muncie indiana

my parents had three antique shops growing up so once its in your blood it is there to stay.


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30s table top pinball game - Gamesin Games
1930s sambo metal dart board - Gamesin Games
1947 mickey mouse comic book from cheerios - Comic Booksin Comic Books
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john and bobby kennedy and martin luther king pen and letter opener - Pensin Pens
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  1. love those virginia
  2. you live in Indiana prairie I live in muncie
  3. what a bummer
  4. hello kerry
  5. thanks for the love agh,nuts, phil,mike,official,tom,trey dr,aim and ted and for your lovely comments
  6. thanks for the love tom61 and uth
  7. hi Hoosier what part of Indiana was you from I live in Muncie and grew up in portland
  8. very beautiful phil
  9. nice pic grub
  10. very cool fort
  11. thanks for the love print,trey and mike
  12. thanks for the love mike
  13. thanks for the love mike
  14. thanks for the love aim,bud,tom and mike
  15. thanks for the love geo,tom and mike
  16. thanks for the love antique,tom,mike and aim
  17. thanks for the love Kerry,tom,mike and aim
  18. very welcome Kerry how have you been its been a long winter glad spring is around the corner
  19. not sure the maker but mid century is really hot now
  20. nice piece of black americano
  21. hi pack hope all is well
  22. nice display cabinet also
  23. thanks much mani
  24. thanks very much mani
  25. love that hairdo mani
  26. thanks for the love bud and petey
  27. thanks for the love egr,designer,dan,ks,ho,vintage,az and petey
  28. thanks for the love walk,geo and petey
  29. thanks for the love sean,longings,aim,crs,sugar and farm girl
  30. thanks for the love sean and also dr fluffy,nuts and trey
  31. the p does stand for plumb it is on a lot of antique jewelry
  32. thanks for the love and comment sean also Kerry,nuts and trey
  33. thanks for the love slay and nuts
  34. thanks for the love and comment phil and agh and vet
  35. thanks for the love dr fluffy, pops and phil
  36. thanks for the love official,walk,geo and agh
  37. mid century modern is bring crazy prices here in indiana
  38. it was in Hyde park London England its exhibited the latest technology's the prince and princess of wales frequented the building for the latest exhibits it burned to the ground in the 1930s
  39. that's a repop anybody can tell that's not a original look at the metal and fastners
  40. very nice vett
  41. thanks so much mani
  42. hi brat, how have you been
  43. excellent job sundance
  44. love those
  45. its a dandy one kroberts
  46. looks to be walnut we call them ladies sewing rockers cause how the arms are made for easy sewing
  47. very nice sets chocsets
  48. yep def art deco love the style
  49. thanks for the love rhin and jj
  50. that's a dandy ignatz
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