Hello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewHello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, a few wood carvings, a piece of antique scrimshaw, some furniture,..........I buy whatever strikes my fancy,( unfortunately too many things do ). The attic is full, the basement is full, there are things under beds, under all the furniture, on top of many pieces of furniture, on the stairs, I'm afraid that someday I'll come home to a big sink hole. With 2 new kittens I've had to box up a number of items, and have given several boxes of things away. I also sell some of my pieces on ebay to supplement my ' Sexton's' income. Thanks to all, feel free to be in touch if you have any information about any of my pieces or think I may be able to help you with information about yours. Tony. my e-mail is : uncleuncle@comcast.net (Read more)


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Original Illuminated House Blessing on real parchment by E. Helene Sherman - Paperin Paper
April 25th, Remembering Friends on ANZAC Day. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Suffolk England Pottery Church, RB mark. Church and Maker? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Oil Painting, Mexican Man~Signature a puzzle - Visual Artin Visual Art
Antique French Porcelain cache pot~Hand painted Floral design, signed, Maker? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Brown Stoneware Figurative Cat Jug~10", Looks Antique~unmarked - Animalsin Animals
Handsome Pot, Interesting Glazes & Gold accents~12"h, Signed J. Tory?...any guesses? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Antique Porcelain Shoe w/Strap, Unknown Blue mark - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Bronze Angel Plaque, Italian?~Renaissance Design~Stunning piece - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Wonderful little clay Sculpture~Boys with a Donkey~Mexican? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Thanks for the loves, Trey & OneGoodFind, much appreciated!!
  2. Thanks for the look and love, Trey! so appreciated.
  3. to think, I was 7 years old at the time,.......how'd that happen? Very nice piece, Caper!!
  4. Also looks a little bit like Natalie Wood
  5. Love these advertising tins, they're often so beautiful! I have a few. You've got some great pieces.
  6. What a beautiful place! You're lucky to live there!! We have deer on Cape Cod, don't often see a bear, though. One made the papers a few years ago, somehow got across the bridges and caused a stir,......
  7. Good Morning, Caperkid. Thanks for taking the time to look, and for the kind comment.
  8. What a beautiful place!, and I love each of the photos. Thanks for the post!
  9. There's something about DeSimone, the liberated spirit, I love it!
  10. That's Beautiful Mike!!
  11. It's so beautiful, Efesgirl, a happy find that found a good home with you!
  12. Thanks for the looks and loves, Kevin, antiquerose, racer, mikelv, and Efesgirl, so very appreciated! and Thanks for the comment, Kevin,.....yes, isn't it wonderful!
  13. Great to see all those loves! hugs all
  14. Thank You, fortapache, Kevin, Moonhill, and SEAN,.......I'm lovin' the looks and loves!~ T
  15. Thanks for the look, love, and helpful comment, Celiene, much appreciated!! Those churches do have a close resemblance to this one, it's kind of you to bring them to my attention.
  16. Thanks for the loves, Caperkid, mike, martika, racer, kyra, and efesgirl, much appreciated!, and Thank You for the comment, racer. Yes!, there's a lot to look at, it's so well done.
  17. Thanks for the love, brunswick, much appreciated!
  18. Thanks for the looks and loves, Kevin, Sean, & racer, always welcome and appreciated!
  19. Hello Oroy! Thanks for taking a look, and for the kind comment. I did think of offering a prize:)
  20. Happy Easter, Moonstonelover!
  21. Happy Easter, Paul!
  22. Happy Easter, racer!
  23. Happy Easter, ho2cultcha!
  24. Happy Easter, Trey!
  25. Happy Easter, David!!
  26. Happy Easter, Sean!
  27. Happy Easter, Michael!
  28. Happy Easter, Kevin!!
  29. Thanks for the insights, ho2. Oh, how l'd love to visit to 'Aspet '. I agree with you that this piece looks Italian, and that the frame looks Dutch. Thanks for taking the time to comment, ...
  30. Sorry for delaying Thanks to you, getthatmonkeyoutofme, Elisabethan just brought my attention to your comment of a year ago,....that's wonderful, you're very kind to share the information. Elisabetha...
  31. Gorgeous basket, Mike!
  32. Thanks to Trey, LovelyPat, MyFavoriteTreasures, and martika, for the looks and loves!! so appreciated!!
  33. Your pieces are exquisite!
  34. what a stunner!
  35. Thank You, kyra, isn't it amazing? I've had it for a few years now and I still marvel at it. You know, when I was driving home with it in the back seat of the car I felt as though I'd just adopted a d...
  36. Awesome reunion! Happy New Year, Trey!
  37. Beautiful, aura
  38. Thanks, Sean and Rick for the wonderful comments, and the love, so appreciated!! Happy New Year!!!
  39. Thank You racer, mike, and kenneth, for the kind comments and Thank You aura, brunswick, Efesgirl, David, nice, and kyra, for the welcomed love!
  40. Thanks for the tip, ho2, that'll be an interesting thing to research. Have a great night, Tony.
  41. Thanks for the loves, David, Rick, racer, and ho2, all much appreciated! Happy New Year!
  42. Thank You to Kevin, aura, mike, Efesgirl, melaniej, and brunswick, for the looks and loves, all appreciated!! Happy New Year!, Tony
  43. Thank You, Efesgirl and Thank You Rick, all best wishes for a wonderful year ahead, Tony.
  44. Thank You for the comment, that's wonderful! HNY!
  45. This is Beautiful! Thanks for posting it! Happy New Year from Cape Cod, Tony
  46. Spectacular!! Happy New Year!
  47. Wishing you joy and good fortune in the New Year! Tony.
  48. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, Happy New Year!!!
  49. Wow, That's a beautiful thing. I wish you many wonderful finds in the year ahead, Happy New Year,
  50. Happy New Year, KEVIN!!! The joy continues!
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