Hello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewHello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, a few wood carvings, a piece of antique scrimshaw, some furniture,..........I buy whatever strikes my fancy,( unfortunately too many things do ). The attic is full, the basement is full, there are things under beds, under all the furniture, on top of many pieces of furniture, on the stairs, I'm afraid that someday I'll come home to a big sink hole. With 2 new kittens I've had to box up a number of items, and have given several boxes of things away. I also sell some of my pieces on ebay to supplement my ' Sexton's' income. Thanks to all, feel free to be in touch if you have any information about any of my pieces or think I may be able to help you with information about yours. Tony. my e-mail is : uncleuncle@comcast.net (Read more)


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Antique German Porcelian Woman w/adoring Shepherd~Romantic, Kronach? - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau Vase~Unusual Design~Any Idea who the maker might be? - Glasswarein Glassware
Czech Glass Vase with Gilded Scrafitto Ducks~Textured background, Marked - Art Glassin Art Glass
Anton Lang Pottery Vase with applied leaves~He was Jesus at 3 Oberammagau Passion Plays  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Hammered Metal Persian Vase with 3 Panels of relief figures & Exquisite Design - Asianin Asian
Antique Majolica Dish with Portrait, Dante?~Lots of damage but Gorgeous! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Sterling Pin with Stone Inlay, Circle, X, & Jeweled Crown~any thoughts? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
2 Antique Handpainted Chinese Plates, Unmarked, Beautiful, Canton Porcelain? - Asianin Asian
Beautiful Antique Treenware(?) Vessel, Hand Decorated, Signed & Dated 1922 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage Creamer, Macdonald & Gehm/Bailey Walker China, Recognize the Logo? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Such a beautiful thing to share, Thank You Marty!
  2. Dear SkadiVintage, Wonderful!. Yes, I still have it, standing within reach as I write. So exciting to know something about it, Thank You!!! I'll check out the link and get back to you if I learn an...
  3. Hello again, raremarble. The handbag's a beautiful thing, it's been loved and admired, but unused. It would give me great pleasure to send it to you, would you like it? You can send your address to...
  4. Dear Raremarble, Thank You for the incredible information. I love the history of this piece, and feel grateful to learn it from you, son of the maker! I felt that it was something special, now I k...
  5. Thanks for all the loves and comment, tom, agh, mike, racer, Trey, walksoftly, Kevin, Radegunder, and Sean, all very welcome and much appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the loves and comment, walksoftly and Sean Interesting comment, Sean, Thank You!
  7. What a Man! and what an impressive piece! Thanks for sharing this.
  8. I can't imagine climbing those stairs, I shiver at the thought!
  9. I love reading these postings! Thanks Kevin!!!
  10. Thanks, agh and racer, for the loves!! Much appreciated!
  11. Great Comments and beautiful vase, Amber!!
  12. Thanks for the loves, Kevin and mike Much appreciated! and Kevin, excellent idea!, I hadn't given that a thought before, but you've opened my mind, Thank You!!!
  13. Thanks for the love, Moonstonelover!! much appreciated!
  14. Thanks for the looks and loves, Amber, tom, and Michelle! so appreciated!
  15. GREAT Design!! Wonderful post!, Thanks austro!!
  16. Happy 4th, 5th, & 6th!!! Sean! what a thoughtful man you are!
  17. Thanks for the loves, agh and Kevin, and Thank You for the kind comment, Sean!!!
  18. Thanks for the love, Vintagefran much appreciated!
  19. Sean, Thanks for the love, always appreciated!
  20. Thanks for the looks and loves, racer, Kevin, mike, and walksoftly greatly appreciated! and Mike, thanks for the kind comment, Tony.
  21. Thanks for the love, Moonstonelover always appreciated!
  22. Great post, valentino! it made me smile, Thanks!!! Yes, angels/demons,......sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.
  23. Thanks for the looks and loves, agh and valentino! Very much appreciated!
  24. What a feat of execution, awe inspiring. I can't imagine moving it! Many Thanks to you, Tonino
  25. K, Loved all of the information, a fascinating history. Thanks, T
  26. Mike, what a beautiful piece, a terrific find!!
  27. Pardon my lateness thanking you all, tom, PhilD, mike, walksoftly, bootson, DrFluffy, Jono, Moonstone, newtimes, catteann, brat, Kyra, and Amber Grazie Mille!
  28. Thanks for the loves, Kevin, tom, BHock, valentino, and kyratango, Much Appreciated!
  29. Thanks for the looks and loves, racer, agh, mike, walksoftly, tom, & inky much appreciated!
  30. BHock, Thanks for the love and interesting comment, your piece is beautiful! and a big Thanks to Kevin, agh, mike, tom, nutsabotas, and inky for your much appreciated loves!
  31. The posts have been incredible, I'm sorry I've had so little time to respond. Thanks to you, Kevin, and Solver, you've added tremendously to unraveling a mystery, and provided some amazing links!, a...
  32. Hello upstate, Nice item!, and beautiful garden! Nothing more calming than contemplation over a garden. Thanks for the posting and best wishes for a happy Sunday!
  33. Happy Birthday Austro! Beautiful piece!!!
  34. Beautiful and the glow adds a mysterious quality, great piece!
  35. Great shape and color, pretty handsome style, first I've ever seen, Thanks for posting it!!
  36. Hello Rose, What a beauty! I love star sapphires. My Dad had one and I bought one a couple of months ago that I wear all the time. Whatever the light is I'm always checking my ring to see if it'...
  37. Kevin, Amber, Sean, Mike, Tom, Jensen, racer, senchi, and agh,........Big Thanks to you all, The loves are welcome, the comments are stimulating, the links are fantastic! Thank You All!
  38. Kevin, Amber, and Sean, I added a tweaked photo of the banner/ribbon, it's much clearer. Maybe someone will be able to decipher it. Thanks again!
  39. Kevin, I'm sure your right, that it isn't Dante. Maybe the key is in the ribbon. Also, How old do you think it might be? Thanks, T
  40. Thanks for the look and love, blunderbuss!! and Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads out there!
  41. Nice piece!, Happy Father's Day, Upstate!
  42. Thank you Kevin and icollectglass for giving me a lot on information and leads to more. Amber, Kevin, and Sean, the ribbon's a mystery. I'll see if I can tweak a better shot of it, Thanks for giving ...
  43. and that's a Fabulous comment! Thanks again!
  44. Thank You Kevin! the love is always appreciated!
  45. Thanks Sean! I'm happy to be posting again, needed that love:)
  46. Out of the park, Amber! What a knock out, if I wasn't sitting down I'd fall down, beauty attracts beauty! Congratulations!
  47. I'm glad you like it, Sean! Thanks for the love!!
  48. Thank You, Dear Amber. your looks and loves are always appreciated!
  49. Thanks for the loves and Comment, Sean and racer4four, very much appreciated!!
  50. Thanks Moonstone, I always appreciate your kindness!
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