Hello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewHello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, a few wood carvings, a piece of antique scrimshaw, some furniture,..........I buy whatever strikes my fancy,( unfortunately too many things do ). The attic is full, the basement is full, there are things under beds, under all the furniture, on top of many pieces of furniture, on the stairs, I'm afraid that someday I'll come home to a big sink hole. With 2 new kittens I've had to box up a number of items, and have given several boxes of things away. I also sell some of my pieces on ebay to supplement my ' Sexton's' income. Thanks to all, feel free to be in touch if you have any information about any of my pieces or think I may be able to help you with information about yours. Tony. my e-mail is : uncleuncle@comcast.net (Read more)


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Vintage 1920's Photos of Dancers~William Dollar, Severo Antonelli - Photographsin Photographs
Large Majolica Jardiniere, Sculpted Peonies, Handles and 3 Footed~Chinese? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
MASSIVE Ashtray. Watery Acqua with a Warm Green Gold inner edge~Any idea of Maker? - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Swedish? Ring Bubble Paperweight~Clear, I can't read the Signature, HELP! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Salt Glazed Stoneware Crock with ABB Anchor Design,~Old? Design ring a bell with anyone?, Thanks - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
India? Beautiful, entirely  hand worked, hammered, shaped~incredible - Asianin Asian
Barker Brothers Silver Plate Trophy Tankard, J.V.R., The ROSS CUP,1917~No.1Platoon~F.E.Becker? - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Japanese Porcelain Tea Service~Pot, Sugar, and Creamer~(have the Cups & Saucers, too!), Any info welcome - Asianin Asian
Pearl Earrings in Wire-like setting~1/4" dia Pearl~Mystery Mark - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
3 Parakeet Lamp,  Signed, 20's~30's vintage?~Great Shape & Color, Recognize the Signature? - Lampsin Lamps


  1. I sent it off too soon! was turned into town offices.:)
  2. The normal school in Hyannis, just a town over,( and where I grew up ), was turned in the town offices,( I worked in the top floor office of the Conservation Commission for a time, many years ago ). ...
  3. Thanks for the love, upstate! Much appreciated!
  4. pure magic, what a beautiful thing! May many such beauties come your way in the new year!
  5. Thanks for the love, Weirdpuckett, Jewels, Manikin, antiquerose, freiheit much appreciated!, and thanks for the kind comment Manikin~!
  6. Thanks for the love, antiquerose, and Cormoran, and Thank You for the kind comment AntiqueRose! I'll hold a black light to it and let you know if it glows, interesting!! You're a big help. ...
  7. Thanks for the look, love, and comment jscott! Best wishes to you for a wonderful New Year ahead, Tony.
  8. Thanks for the love and kind comment, Sean!
  9. The loves make me happy, Thank You to Kevin, pops, racer, agh, valentino, kyratango, packrat, DrFluffy, and walksoftly, so very appreciated! and Kevin, the information is fantastic and adds a lot of ...
  10. Thanks to Vintagefran & Mike, for the looks, loves, and kind comment, it's a big help. Much appreciated!!
  11. Thanks for the look and love, Kevin! I hope that your year is off to a happy start, and just gets better!
  12. Thanks for the love, ho2! Much appreciated!
  13. & Thank You for the kind comment, racer!
  14. Thanks to racer, agh, and Kevin for the looks and loves Wish I could've brought you all to the sale, that would've made it even better! ...
  15. Big Thanks to Katherine and Sean for the love and comments!!
  16. Thanks for the love and comment, surfdub!
  17. Thanks for the loves, DrFluffy, nutsabotas, walksoftly and CindB, that's very kind, T
  18. Thanks for the looks and loves, surfdub & glasslove, much appreciated!
  19. Very nice piece!!
  20. I love the style of decoration, very cool piece! You've got the eye!:)
  21. What a STUNNER! Beautiful shape, color, glass, mystery,....Wow!!
  22. Thanks for the loves, PatSea, Weirdpuckett, Trey Much appreciated! May treasures come to you in abundance in the New Year! Tony.
  23. WOW!! You have so many amazing pieces. There's not a one I don't find interesting or lovely. May such beauties come in abundance in the New Year, ...
  24. A beautiful shape, and the beautiful colors give it a stone-like appearance, impressive! Thanks for sharing it on CW, T
  25. What a treasure!! and how lucky that it found the right home! Best wishes for a very Happy New Year!! Tony.
  26. Thanks to Sean, pops, and blunder much appreciated!! Happy belated New Year to all!!
  27. Happy New Year Sean!!
  28. Good David, walksoftly and Happily in the NEW YEAR!!! Tony.
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  45. Thanks for the looks and loves, walksolftly and agh, much appreciated!! & Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season ahead, T
  46. Still love it! I have a bust of Beethoven too! A friend knew that I was in the hunt for one many years ago and gave me hers for my birthday, I have it on a shelf surrounded by Czech glass birds,.....a...
  47. Enamel colors are so rich, I love them too!, You've got a good eye and a beautiful group of pins!
  48. Thanks to everyone for all the loves, much appreciated!!!
  49. An Amazing piece, Austro!!! and the story was interesting, too!
  50. Thank You Sean!! Love the love.
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