Hello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewHello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, a few wood carvings, a piece of antique scrimshaw, some furniture,..........I buy whatever strikes my fancy,( unfortunately too many things do ). The attic is full, the basement is full, there are things under beds, under all the furniture, on top of many pieces of furniture, on the stairs, I'm afraid that someday I'll come home to a big sink hole. With 2 new kittens I've had to box up a number of items, and have given several boxes of things away. I also sell some of my pieces on ebay to supplement my ' Sexton's' income. Thanks to all, feel free to be in touch if you have any information about any of my pieces or think I may be able to help you with information about yours. Tony. my e-mail is : uncleuncle@comcast.net (Read more)


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Here's the new find, Thank You everyone for all the help! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Before I go, Gunnar Nylund's Penguin, another of the afternoon's joys! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Art Glass Pitcher~Beautiful Shape & Color,....Bohemian? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Today's Duck, Antique Chinese Porcelain~Stunning Shape, Detail, Painting - Asianin Asian
Italian Pottery Lamp, Bitossi?~Huge, and weighs a ton!~Mid Century - Lampsin Lamps
Old Cameo-type Vase w/ Contemporary style Fish Images,~1950's`60's?~any guess on the maker?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large Brass/Copper/? Pot w/Elephant Handles & Art Nouveau applications, Antique - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1903 Pewter Trophy~MA 1st Corps if Cadets~Corporal G. E. Tent?~ - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Clock Face half round top~Japanned, handpainted Bird~Wilson Adams? - Clocksin Clocks
Vintage 1920's Photos of Dancers~William Dollar, Severo Antonelli - Photographsin Photographs


  1. and Sean! Thank You!
  2. Thanks again Aris, and Lori, Thank You for the love and kind comment, much appreciated!
  3. The piece is spectacular, the photos of it are terrific!
  4. The transition of color from base to rim is surprising and beautiful.
  5. Beautiful, and your photos show off the luster nicely, very nice!
  6. Thanks for the love and kind comment, Arisellon, it's certainly appreciated.
  8. Big Thanks for the loves, Rick, antiquerose, Mac. & Michelle, all appreciated!
  9. Thanks for the loves, mike, Pat, Mac & Ian, very much appreciated!!!
  10. Hello and Thanks for the message. Unfortunately I only know what you can read on my posting, nothing more. The good people on CW were a big help, and gave me a lot of information to look into, but I d...
  11. Just Beautiful! Thanks for posting it.
  12. Dear antiquerose and Glassnutt, Thank You for the love, and for the great comment, they're much appreciated!
  13. Alfredo!, I really appreciate the love. Thank You!
  14. Thank You for the loves, Alan, Trey, blunderbuss, Vladimir, and racer, all much appreciated!
  15. Thanks for the love, fhrjr, it's much appreciated!
  16. Trey, blunder, SEAN, agh, David, sklo, Vladimir, Kevin, and Rustfarm, your loves are much appreciated, Thank You!
  17. Wow! what a beautiful and mysterious looking piece, I love it!
  18. This is a beautiful piece, almost looks like a heart What a wonderful collection you have!! Thanks for posting, Tony.
  19. Dear Vladimir, Thank You for sharing a history so rich and interesting. Happy belated Independence Day!!!
  20. Thanks for the loves, Arisellon, Elisabethan, Trey, blunder, and racer, all much appreciated!
  21. You have a real beauty there, Thanks Moonstonelover!
  22. Thanks for the much appreicated looks and loves, Arisellon, and Elisabethan! and Thank You for the comments, mary, surfdub, and SEAN!! and Thanks for the loves, mike, Pat, mary, surfdub, David, Mani...
  23. Thanks for the love, LOUMANAL, Much appreciated!
  24. Thanks for the look and love, melaniej, much appreciated!
  25. You're very kind SEAN, Thank You!
  26. Thanks for the look and love, SEAN!!!
  27. Thank You Ian, Ivonne, mike, Pat, robin, surfdub, David, agh, Manikin, Anne, scott, and Moonestone, for the wonderful loves! Thanks also for the excellent and helpful comments, much appreciated!!! H...
  28. Isn't it, Kevin! I'm so glad that you took a look. Thanks for the love, T
  29. I have another beautiful piece that I found yesterday, at the Goodwill. It has some damage, but it gave me a thrill, and it IS marked,( it's Czech! ) I'll post it tomorrow. ...
  30. Thanks for the love, Kevin and SEAN! right back at ya! and SEAN, no one is better than you!,( or you, Kevin :)
  31. you're very welcome, my friend!
  32. A knockout! Couldn't have gone to a nicer guy!!
  33. Spectacular, Trey! The corner distinguishes it, a great find!!
  34. Thanks to mike, Trey, and ho2 for the welcome loves!
  35. Thanks for the loves, Sean, Scott, Pat, & blunderbuss, much appreciated!!
  36. Beautiful glass, beautiful kitty!
  37. Hello Charcoal, Thanks for the love, much appreciated!
  38. Thanks for the love, Radegunder, much appreciated!
  39. Thank You to Sean and Alan, for the loves! much appreciated!
  40. Thanks for the loves, Kevin, Trey, and David, all much appreciated! Also Kevin, I'll delete one of the photos and add a bottom shot, T
  41. Also, I'm thinking that it's probably an earlier piece, possibly 20's or 30's. Something about it just doesn't seem 'mid century'.
  42. Thank You to Kevin, Pat, mike, sklo, Trey, antiquerose, David, and kivatinitz for much appreciated love!
  43. Thank You Kevin, mike, Trey, and antiquerose for the much appreciated love!
  44. Dear Jim and Kevin, I see what you are making reference to, and I agree with you both. One mark, the Arita FUKU mark, looks spot on. I'll keep looking, but big Thanks to you both!!!
  45. Thanks for the loves, racer, katherine, mike, Trey, surfdub, and David, the love and kind comments are very welcome!
  46. Hello Kevin and Jim, Just getting online again and excited by the new posts, Thank You both for taking the time and providing all of this wonderful information. I'll try to follow your footsteps and ...
  47. Thank You for looking and for the love, Cormoran Regards, Tony.
  48. Thank You, Cormoran, for the look and love, much appreciated!
  49. And thank you for the kind comment, Sean!!
  50. Thank You to dear Kevin and Sean for your looks and loves, so appreciated!, Tony.
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