Hello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewHello, I'm an artist, and I collect many different items; prints and drawings, glass, pottery, and paintings. I also have a lot of miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, a few wood carvings, a piece of antique scrimshaw, some furniture,..........I buy whatever strikes my fancy,( unfortunately too many things do ). The attic is full, the basement is full, there are things under beds, under all the furniture, on top of many pieces of furniture, on the stairs, I'm afraid that someday I'll come home to a big sink hole. With 2 new kittens I've had to box up a number of items, and have given several boxes of things away. I also sell some of my pieces on ebay to supplement my ' Sexton's' income. Thanks to all, feel free to be in touch if you have any information about any of my pieces or think I may be able to help you with information about yours. Tony. my e-mail is : uncleuncle@comcast.net (Read more)


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Handsome Pot, Interesting Glazes & Gold accents~12"h, Signed J. Tory?...any guesses? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Antique Porcelain Shoe w/Strap, Unknown Blue mark - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Bronze Angel Plaque, Italian?~Renaissance Design~Stunning piece - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Wonderful little clay Sculpture~Boys with a Donkey~Mexican? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Odd type of lock?~an interesting piece of hardware - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mexican Vase with Aztec Designs~Tonala? Unknown Mark - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Large Porcelain Platter~Gorgeous furled ribbon border with gold edge, Mark Unknown - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Stone/Shell? Pendant~ (it's as Hard as Stone)~Polished, Beautiful, very interesting~What is it? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts Hammered Copper Candlestick w/Enamel~Matchbox Holder, Old - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Vintage Italian Pottery Dish/Plaque~Deeply Carved~A Story w/3 Figures~unsigned - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. sorry for gushing.
  2. Happy 600th, Kevin! what a treasure to celebrate with! and I celebrate You! Your immense kindness and knowledge have shed much light, Thank You for my share of it. ...
  3. Awesome!
  4. A Beautiful piece, Kevin!! It does look like a feather but I'd guess that it was intended as a leaf. My first impression was that it screamed Italy, as it did to you. If I see another to compare it...
  5. WOW!, What a gorgeous piece! Thanks for sharing it!
  6. Beautiful purchase, Sean!!
  7. A breathtaking beauty! Congratulations!! and Best Wishes to your Mum!!!
  8. Dear ho2, Thanks for the great comments, for the love and for your enthusiasm, much appreciated!! Have a great week-end, Tony.
  9. Thank You to Alan, Hunter, and agh for your much appreciated loves!
  10. Thank You to SEAN, mrcolorz, and agh, for the much appreciated loves.
  11. Thanks for the loves, mike, Alan, SEAN, and agh, I welcome your notice!
  12. Hello Debbie, I want to Thank You for all of your help, you've been very kind and it's much appreciated. Don't worry about the 'buy' offer, I do sell pieces from time to time. Best wishes for a ha...
  13. SEAN, do you suppose this is the egg that Kevin's birds hatched from? Just beautiful!!
  14. Kevin, what a delight! I'm in love, too! Thanks for brightening the day, Tony.
  15. Thank You for the look and love, Trey!!
  16. I appreciate the love, Trey!! Thank You
  17. Thanks for the looks and loves, David and Trey, much appreciated!!
  18. Thanks for the love, racer, much appreciated!!
  19. Thanks for the love, Trey!! much appreciated!
  20. What an impressive piece!, a feast of color!, beautiful.
  21. Thanks for the look and love, Kevin. I hope all's well,....is it Winter for you?, on the way to Spring? All the best, all the time, to you and your family l, Tonino
  22. Thanks for the looks and loves, Manikin and kyra very much appreciated!
  23. Alan, What Gorgeous color!! Thanks for the thrill. Tony.
  24. I appreciate your loves, mike and Kevin, Thank You!
  25. Thank You for the looks and loves, Radegunder, mike, and Kevin so much appreciated!
  26. I think this may be a one of a kind ,( home made:), adaptation of something that already existed, with some variation. If I figure it out I'll update this post. Thanks all, Tony
  27. Thanks SEAN and Radegunder for the looks and loves, much appreciated!
  28. Dear David, Thanks for giving it some thought, I really appreciate it.
  29. Love your love, Sean, Thank You!
  30. Thanks for the loves, Kevin, racer, mike, David, manikin, and ho2, all very welcome! and Thanks for the interesting comment ho2, I love the idea of a sweet clay, I'll give it a sniff.
  31. Thank You for the always welcome look, love, and comment, Sean!!
  32. Thanks for the look and like, GeodeJem!
  33. I appreciate your look, love, and comment ho2! Thank You
  34. Thanks for the looks and loves, mike, Kevin and David, much appreciated!! Thanks also for the kind comments. David, both dials move, and the post does move up and down thought the channels cut throu...
  35. Gorgeous piece! Thanks for posting it!
  36. Wonderful photo, Alan!
  37. Hello Alan, Thank You for the kind comment!!
  38. Thanks for the loves, Alan and kyratango, and thanks for the kind comment, kyra! all much appreciated.
  39. Thanks for the look and love, Nordicman!, much appreciated
  40. Thanks for the looks and loves , random guy, Trey, and racer!
  41. Thanks for the looks and loves, Trey, reds, inky, and David!
  42. Everything about it, Very Beautiful!
  43. Thank You for the love, Kevin and paul,.........much appreciated! and Thanks for the kind comment!
  44. Thanks for the love, GeodeJem and Elisabethan, much appreciated!!
  45. Thanks for the loves, agh, mike, and melanie, much appreciated!!
  46. Thanks SEAN!! I hope you're having a great day!
  47. Thanks for the love, David.
  48. Thanks for the love, kyratango, Kevin, mike and paulmartin, much appreciated! and for the kind comments, mike and kyra, Thank You both!
  49. Also, what do you suppose the gold dot means under the sceptre? With the '55', could that be a way of dating the piece? Do you think it might be an older piece? Thanks again, T...
  50. Thanks for the loves, SEAN & agh, much appreciated!!! and SEAN!!!, Thanks for the information, that's wonderful. I thought it was a sceptre mark, but there are so many of them out there, I wasn't s...
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