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  1. I'm thinking one of the Kentucky potteries. Perhaps Bybee.
  2. I like it, but there's nothing about it that says McCoy to me. Sorry I don't have any suggestions on where to start looking.
  4. I've seen them ID'd as Glidden
  5. No, definitely not Uhl. Both Uhl and ZSC made this type of jug, but the bases, clay color and glazes were very different. They were made for companies that then resold them filled with things such as ...
  6. Wild guess: Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co? (RRPCo)
  7. It's a Nelson McCoy mark
  8. what you're referring to in the glaze is called "crazing". Sometimes it's intentional, in the case of your vase, it's not. Google "pottery glaze crazing" for more info than you want to know. As Wei...
  9. It's Shawnee from their "Lorraine Ware" line. Found it in a catalog reprint on page 55 of the Mangus Shawnee text.
  10. Not McCoy. Possibly Zanesville Stoneware Co.
  11. I like it. Wasn't sure on the signature but found another example with an unglazed base and clearer mark.
  12. Its a recent Chinese import - the kind sold at Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby & Michael's. Not trying to poop on the parade, sorry. It does have a nice glaze. You may find the hard water scaling is actuall...
  13. Think its just a flower pot. Sometimes the exterior finish is referred to as scratchware (or scratch ware). Camark made a line in the 40s-50s but theirs were glazed on the exterior also. Don't know wh...
  14. I'd agree. European, likely W. German
  15. Not Heath. Color's too dark for Bauer speckleware. Only company i can think of that might have made it is Pfaltzgraff, but their wares are typically marked.
  16. Check Jack Boydston
  17. Seen a lot of DW pieces, but never anything like that. Very cool!
  18. Reminds me of vases made mid-century for Raymor, a design consortium/importer. If you remove all the felt from the setting ring, you might find an impressed "ITALY". However, typically Raymor items ju...
  19. I get an Asian vibe from it. Perhaps Japanese? Just a guess but maybe it's for grating ginger or wasabi?
  20. it's a rutile glaze, possibly Canadian?
  21. Believe it's a recent Asian (probably Chinese) import. I've seen similar in Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, etc. Unglazed interior supports that.
  22. Wild guess: Chris Nowatski?
  23. Not sure from your post if you know it's RC or are asking if it is. It's Royal Copenhagen. The mark you reference is either the RC shield or more likely the artist mark. Compare Nordstrum's mark to s...
  24. Just going by the clay color, look at Uhl pottery for the shouldered jug. Possibly Zanesville Stoneware on the taller one.
  25. It's "Cyclamen"
  26. Its Monmouth Pottery. I can't direct you to a pic in a book, but I'm absolutely certain of that attribution.
  27. Not Muncie. Glaze reminds me of those used by Roseville on their Carnelian & Futura lines. However, the base and numbering font are inconsistent with Roseville. Thinking perhaps European?
  28. Might check Uhl pottery. Base and clay color look right
  29. Contemporary import from Indonesia/Bali. Google "Bali frog vase" for others.
  30. Think it might be Belgian.
  31. Not terracotta. When I look at the enlarged pic of her backside, there appears to be a mark or signature incised near the corner. Can you make out what it says?
  32. Not Grueby. Glaze is referred to as Chrome Red. Vase was most likely produced by one of the North Carolina potters circa the 30s. Using the search phrase "North Carolina chrome red vase" should start ...
  33. Congero is correct, it's part of a humidifier. Ceramic portion produced by Zanesville Stoneware Co.
  34. What a great vase! Halpern examples don't turn up often and are very desireable to collectors in both the US and Europe. You can read up here:
  35. Birds (eagle?) in or above circles, ovals or cartouches are much more common in USA manufacturer markings. However, the crossed 7s would indicate its likely of European manufacture. Went through both...
  36. its a recent Asian import, most probably produced in China. Made in the last 10 years.
  37. Can you add a pic of the base? Even if unmarked it can help a lot with attribution
  38. I suspect the mark is actually a shape designation number. Looks like 417?
  39. Perhaps Belgian?
  40. Perhaps Lorene or Ralph Spencer?
  41. It's a Haeger. Shown in the Paradis text on page 91. Identified as shape E-181.
  42. Several companies made a similar glaze. Stangl (Apple Green), Haeger (Geranium Leaf Green), Monmouth and a couple of others I'm drawing a blank on. Think early Haeger is a good possibility
  43. Google or search eBay for: Ozark Roadside Tourist Pottery
  44. Its a George Rumrill design, but not produced by Redwing. The double "r" marking (with one r reversed) indicates it was made by Shawnee Pottery. Rumrill's association with Shawnee began in April of '...
  45. Examples links:
  46. Stumbled on this vase pic doing an unrelated search. Ok, kind of late on the id but its Pfaltzgraff form a art pottery line they produced briefly circa the 30s (and possibly early 40s)
  47. The dark line on the rim is deliberate btw, not a glaze flaw.
  48. It's McCarty pottery of Merigold Mississippi. Plenty of info if you google it, kind of an interesting history as I recall.
  49. I've seen that combination of an ocher underglaze with a mottled matte green over glaze several times before. From memory, I believe it's Roseville? Looks like one of their forms also. If not, it's We...
  50. Sorry, its Ransburg
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