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  1. Ok, going to amend that. Since the clay is white, I'm guessing it more recent (circa 40s) Brush Pottery, same glaze name. Some of the Brush McCoy shapes were carried over after the partnership dissolv...
  2. it's Brush McCoy in their Blue Onyx glaze.
  3. Celadon glazed vase could be relatively recent Thai or Vietnamese.
  4. Yamasan, mid-century Japanese.
  5. It's Robinson Ransbottom (RRPCo.)
  6. Check Elbee
  7. Its Brush McCoy in their Onyx glaze. Would date circa 30s-40s.
  8. North Carolina pottery for sure. Possibly one of the Cole family potters. I'd guess circa mid 1930s to very early 50s.
  9. It's a George Rumrill design, but not produced by Red Wing. My best guess is that your vase was produced by Florence Pottery, but it might have alternately been produced by Gonder. Your vase dates ci...
  10. West German. Check "Wächtersbach". 50s to 70s?
  11. Pretty sure those are actually Brush McCoy <i>Art Vellum</i>
  12. nice find! I live in OK so I see a lot of Frankoma. Actually toured the plant as a boy scout... I've seen and sold a few of the small puma figurines. Try to verify the glaze color, from what you de...
  13. Check Awaji Ware to see if you can confirm the form
  14. There's some RRPCo in there too... :-}
  15. You don't mention marks, but they're made in Japan circa the 50s-60s
  16. Cornelison Pottery - made in KY. I believe that mark dates circa 30-50s
  17. Sorry, I don't check this site nearly often enough. Reminds me of a Rumrill shape, but it's not Redwing. Might search "Ohio Rumrill" and see if you can find the shape w/ a positive ID
  18. Made in Colorado, can't think of the company name off-hand
  19. Yes, Alien Ware - search ebay for many more examples
  20. I believe they were made by Morton Pottery. The kind of thing given away as prizes at fairs/carnivals
  21. Somehow I ended up on the catalog mailing list for a company called Design Toscano. If I remember correctly, both pieces are (or were) sold by that company.
  22. Underscored mold number and inverted USA are both characteristic of later production Camark. I don't know of any other company that used that combination of marking quirks.
  23. I believe it's Camark Pottery
  24. What an amazing piece! I've found the most effective cleaner for pottery is Tilex "Soap Scum" remover (NEVER Tilex Mold & Mildew cleaner, it contains concentrated bleach, which may damage some cera...
  25. My best guess is Gladding McBean - perhaps from the Catalina Pottery line (after GMcB acquired Catalina Island molds) or Aurora Artware line. No suggestions on the initials.
  26. can't find the "similar" one you're referring to, could you provide a link?
  27. Wow, can't be too many of those still around. You could've ruled out RW by the clay color alone - I'm pretty sure that's Ohio clay. My two best guesses would be Roseville or Weller, but I've never see...
  28. It's Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. (RRPCo) of Roseville Ohio - not Roseville Pottery Co. Two companies are unrelated.
  29. Add a pic of the base, even if unmarked
  30. You spelled Hedi Schoop correctly - I've seen that planter before, is it marked Schoop? Can you add a picture of the base - even if unmarked?
  31. BTW, adding pictures of the bases, even if unmarked, helps a lot with identification.
  32. Pitcher with Irises is Brush McCoy from the "Loy-Nel-Art" line circa 1912
  33. can you add a pic of the base (even if unmarked)
  34. Roseville "Windsor" circa 1931 - a very nice find!
  35. It's Zanesville Stoneware Co.
  36. Red clay body rules Chloron out.
  37. Not familiar with any marks other than numbers on P&R wares. Still, your low bowl looks like P&R Pereco. Didn't find the form in the Sanfords text (quick flip through, might've missed it). The clay is...
  38. Peters & Reed?
  39. Add a picture of the base, but looks American made to me
  40. I can narrow it down to a few possibilities, since that thin, curdled green glaze wasn't very common. Already ruled out Red Wing (Nile Green), so that leaves Haeger (Geranium Leaf Green), Stangl (Appl...
  41. Scratch that guess. Just went through both Reiss RW texts. I found some similar forms, but no match. I can't quite tell from the pics, is it three or four-footed?
  42. Believe it's Red Wing in their Nile Green glaze. Is there a three-digit number under the glaze in the center of the base?
  43. Anxious to see what the base looks like, but you may get an ID w/o having to pull the felt. If no ID in a couple of days, pull the felt and add pics of the base, even if unmarked. One question, is the...
  44. Pfaltzgraff Pottery Co., from a short-lived art pottery line they produced circa 1932-37.
  45. No reason not to clean it. A very mild abrasive like "barkeepers friend" (available at Walmart) will remove the pencil-like marks you describe, as will a metal polish such as simichrome. (I'm assuming...
  46. It's Brush McCoy, shape 718. It's from the "Fawn" shape family circa 1933, in their "Art Vellum" glaze. You vase differs slightly from the example shown on page 86 of the Sanfords Brush McCoy text...
  47. It's a #H-70 vase produced by Gonder for George Rumrill circa 1942. Most of Rumrill's pieces were made by Red Wing. Shawnee, Florence and Gonder produced designs for Rumrill beginning circa late 30s i...
  48. Pic of the base please, even if the mark's illegible
  49. To answer #2: It's a Raku glaze, you can google that for a lot more info.
  50. Very nice, would you mind posting a pic of the base?
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