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  1. It would be unusual to find overlaid glazes on a camark vase. Solid or two distinct colors are the norm. Is it possible the green you're seeing is just clay reveal through the thinner areas of the gla...
  2. You probably know this but the Catalina was produced by Gladding McBean, not Catalina Island pottery. It's been my experience that Batchelder pieces run the gamut, but he operated a couple of differ...
  3. Went through both Gifford Camark texts and couldn't find the form, sorry.
  4. I'm about 80% sure it's Camark Pottery. If the clay is cornmeal-colored it would date production circa 1930 to mid 30s. Earlier and later clays burned to white.
  5. Base reminds me of those on more recent asian (likely Chinese) imports that you see at Pier One, Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby and similar.
  6. Royal Copley
  7. Reminds me of celadon glazed ware currently coming out of Thailand and Vietnam.
  8. Just FYI: SBM isn't a separate company, just an abbreviated mark for "Stewart B. McCulloch", used on pieces where a full mark wouldn't fit.
  9. It's Shawnee Pottery
  10. Yes. Lots of crystalline glazed pieces came out of China. Typically an unmarked white base. Usually the Chinese imports are lightweight, thin-walled cast ware (think reduced shipping costs). You descr...
  11. Not Newcomb. More likey one of the studio potters, within the last 20 years, that produced "in the style of" the most desirable pottery companies of the Arts and Crafts era. Could also be an Asian imp...
  12. Hoped the base might give me a clue, but no luck. I collected crystalline glazed vases until I ran out of room for more. I'm familiar with a lot of the markings, but don't recognize the look of the ba...
  13. Sorry, just re-read th OP. Can you add a pic of the base?
  14. Any markings?
  15. It's Maigon Daga
  16. Red clay dates production circa late 1954 to 1980
  17. Pinion?
  18. Yes Frankoma, glaze is Prairie Green
  19. I've never seen Awaji Ware with clay any color other than white. Compare with the rest of your examples. I can see why the glaze and form would make you think Awaji, but I think the lack of any mark, ...
  20. Funeral vase. Lots of USA companies made them including Red Wing, Monmouth/Western Stoneware and Uhl
  21. Yes, it's Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co.
  22. Pretty sure it's a ceramics class piece
  23. I've seen the form before, still with a foil label. Wish I could remember the company. I'm sure it was California, but one of the more obscure potteries. You might get lucky researching "California p...
  24. burnished plate/plaque, made in Mexico. Check the wares of the Ortiz family of Tonalá. Looks like the work of Angel Ortiz.
  25. I'm thinking one of the Kentucky potteries. Perhaps Bybee.
  26. I like it, but there's nothing about it that says McCoy to me. Sorry I don't have any suggestions on where to start looking.
  28. I've seen them ID'd as Glidden
  29. No, definitely not Uhl. Both Uhl and ZSC made this type of jug, but the bases, clay color and glazes were very different. They were made for companies that then resold them filled with things such as ...
  30. Wild guess: Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co? (RRPCo)
  31. It's a Nelson McCoy mark
  32. what you're referring to in the glaze is called "crazing". Sometimes it's intentional, in the case of your vase, it's not. Google "pottery glaze crazing" for more info than you want to know. As Wei...
  33. It's Shawnee from their "Lorraine Ware" line. Found it in a catalog reprint on page 55 of the Mangus Shawnee text.
  34. Not McCoy. Possibly Zanesville Stoneware Co.
  35. I like it. Wasn't sure on the signature but found another example with an unglazed base and clearer mark.
  36. Its a recent Chinese import - the kind sold at Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby & Michael's. Not trying to poop on the parade, sorry. It does have a nice glaze. You may find the hard water scaling is actuall...
  37. Think its just a flower pot. Sometimes the exterior finish is referred to as scratchware (or scratch ware). Camark made a line in the 40s-50s but theirs were glazed on the exterior also. Don't know wh...
  38. I'd agree. European, likely W. German
  39. Not Heath. Color's too dark for Bauer speckleware. Only company i can think of that might have made it is Pfaltzgraff, but their wares are typically marked.
  40. Check Jack Boydston
  41. Seen a lot of DW pieces, but never anything like that. Very cool!
  42. Reminds me of vases made mid-century for Raymor, a design consortium/importer. If you remove all the felt from the setting ring, you might find an impressed "ITALY". However, typically Raymor items ju...
  43. I get an Asian vibe from it. Perhaps Japanese? Just a guess but maybe it's for grating ginger or wasabi?
  44. it's a rutile glaze, possibly Canadian?
  45. Believe it's a recent Asian (probably Chinese) import. I've seen similar in Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, etc. Unglazed interior supports that.
  46. Wild guess: Chris Nowatski?
  47. Not sure from your post if you know it's RC or are asking if it is. It's Royal Copenhagen. The mark you reference is either the RC shield or more likely the artist mark. Compare Nordstrum's mark to s...
  48. Just going by the clay color, look at Uhl pottery for the shouldered jug. Possibly Zanesville Stoneware on the taller one.
  49. It's "Cyclamen"
  50. Might check Uhl pottery. Base and clay color look right
  51. See more