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  1. I can definitively rule out Roseville Imperial. Glaze is reminiscent of early production "Monterey Jade" line, by Monterey Pottery circa 1948 into the 50s. I'm certain I've seen the mark before, but c...
  2. Think Japan, circa early 60s to early 70s. Pretty sure I've seen them stickered before, but I can't think of the company name
  3. Possibly made by Royal Copley?
  4. I've seen the form before. Just a guess, Heager Pottery?
  5. I could have been unmarked or marked with a sticker. I did an image search for Niloak elephant and didn't find the form. So went to the books, it's shown in Chipmans Niloak text, 2nd ed., on page 231....
  6. Looks like a raised N on the front 'top' leg in your pic? Are you sure?
  7. I found them online identified as both Brush pottery and Shawnee pottery. There's on on etsy that states the mark reads "USA" and "712". Is there any chance there's a faint USA mark? Pretty sure I can...
  8. Note the raised "N" on one of his feet, they used that mark on smaller or unusually shaped pieces.
  9. Niloak Pottery, an uncommon form.
  10. I believe the heart-shaped surround was used by the BurleyWinter company and the crown by the Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. (RRPCo.)
  11. I've seen the form before. Can you add a pic of the base? Could the mark say "Horton"?
  12. 819 is the shape designation. Hall mass produced restaurant ware so it may not show up on sites such as I'd guess it's a baker of some sort
  13. Walter wasn't able to identify it either - sorry. I'll keep checking the post on the other forum periodically and post here should something come up.
  14. Posted, I'll let you know what I find out.
  15. I'm certain it says "Italy". There's an Italian pottery expert, and author on the subject, who frequents another pottery forum. I'm not sure I can post a link to the forum here, but I'd be happy t...
  16. Can you add a picture of the base?
  17. I agree, Belgian
  18. Couldn't find similar, or the initials, in either the Weller or Owens text. Those were my two best guesses. I agree, Ohio. Going to check book of marks for initials on a few other companies. I'll post...
  19. Exposed clay has polychrome coloration similar to that on raku. The artist might've used a technique called "wax resist" to keep the glaze from covering the exposed areas. Can you tell if the raised a...
  20. Gonder was my second guess, searched, nothing exact.
  21. Thought she might be Roselane. Did an image search - close, but not exact. Is she a very pale green (celadon), transitioning to pink towards the base - or pale gray to pink?
  22. Sorry, that should have read "with the shape number above"
  23. Base pic is inverted, but it reads "Dryden", with the shape number below. The tan clay color is consistent with earlier production, when they were still located in Kansas.
  24. Reminds me of Winart Pottery. You should be able to google that and find images of the glaze combo, but the company is obscure, so finding an example of the form may not be possible. I know they made ...
  25. I think your jar was made by Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. (RRPCo)
  26. I googled "usa 86" chamberstick and selected images from the result. Found one identified as McCoy Pottery.
  27. My first thought was that it was a tv lamp, but you don't mention holes for cord/switch. I'm pretty sure it's Royal Heager circa the early 50s.
  28. Markings look consistent with Treasure Craft
  29. It's likely the lid to a carafe. I don't recognize the grape & leaf motif, sorry.
  30. I believe the stylized AB in the center of the marking is for Arne Bang (or the Arne Bang workshop). Arne also worked with his brother Jacob. The bottom word is likely Danmark (Danish for Denmark). Wi...
  31. I believe it's Dryden Pottery (KS) but it might alternately be one of the Dakota Potteries - Rosemeade, Dickenson Clay Products/Dickota, etc.
  32. Awaji ware sometimes has similar basket weave covering. Base doesn't seem quite right for Awaji though. Is the interior clear glazed or unglazed?
  33. I can't help with info about the painting but the mark is shown on the site with the following information: "Might be of the Hotta Yu Shoten & Co. The use of the word "Shoten" indicates ...
  34. My vote is for contemporary Chinese, last 20 years. Absolutely beautiful glaze!
  35. Pretty sure it's a hobbiest piece.
  36. GOT IT! It's a Design West (aka Stoneware Design West) vase. California, circa 60s.
  37. Looks just like Red Wing's "Nokomis" glaze, but clay and markings are all wrong. Is the last line on the "W" is crossed at the top? Possibly making the mark DWT or DWJ? It's hard to tell for sure fr...
  38. Oops, that should be: then click images
  39. Try googling "Japan ikebana pottery", then 'images' and see if you can't find a pic of the shape (or better still) the mark. I think it's mid century and I've had a few pieces by the company but I'm ...
  40. Nice! Is the interior glazed? If yes, same as exterior glaze?
  41. Just looking at the base and was curious due to the color, does the base feel like it might have been flocked at some point? Kind of a velvety feel? Typically the flocking gets worn off almost entirel...
  42. Polychrome spherical is Haeger pottery, in their Peach Agate glaze. The tall blue vase is Cliftwood Pottery (circa 1920-40), shape #113, 14 1/2" tall.
  43. Trinket box or perhaps a butter dish? Can you do a pencil and tissue rubbing of the marking to bring out detail?
  44. Tinted clay is consistent with Princeton China, Chadwick China and a few others all circa the 40s.
  45. Early Haeger Pottery, circa 1930. Pretty sure that's their "Chinese Blue" glaze, but it might alternately be "Blue of Sky" glaze. Shape is "E-39b", in the size you describe.
  46. Hall pottery #1877 coconut mug.
  47. I'll go out on a limb, I vote Rosemeade because if the blue interior glaze
  48. Nice! I've seen a lot of Rookwood, but that's the first plate
  49. I'm pretty sure it's Mexican. Decorating style seems consistent with the Fantasía style produced in Tonalá and Tlaquepaque in the 1920s to 40s. Your plate may be newer than that date range. If it's 14...
  50. You don't give dimensions, but most likely it's a bean pot, minus the lid
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Flemington green Fulper pottery bowl Colourful Miniature  Double-Handle Japanese Pottery Vase- Any Information on it? Frank Willett pedestal plate Three Vases, Thisted Keramikfabrik (Denmark), 1920’s


PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.