I changed my profile pic in Memory of a friend of mine (R.I.P -- A.T.) was bullied to death via the internet. They lurked, they watch, they followed, and they Dis I changed my profile pic in Memory of a friend of mine (R.I.P -- A.T.) was bullied to death via the internet. They lurked, they watch, they followed, and they Dis her whenever they could. Long story short.... I am still grieving. Bullies know who they are. Shame on those!! ====================== Canadian, EH ! Always a bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! LOL, eh? Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything but LOVE Art Glass!! PLEASE NOTE: The images on my PAGE cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE without my sole permission. They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly information only. Thank you!! (Read more)


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My Clock -- Very Old Canon Shaped ( 19th Century ) - Clocksin Clocks
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Murano Art Glass Bowl  - Purple, white, and Amber - Art Glassin Art Glass
METAL Litho Tin Toy Car -- Friction Toy - Toysin Toys
Vintage LUCITE and WOOD Ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
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  1. LOL....I remember the push button tranny buttons..... I forget what kinda a car it was but it had like a fluid in the Speedometer to fill the bars up when you would speed was not a dial type
  2. Thanks for this Post too.......Nice to see some Canadian History collected across the Pond !!
  3. Thanks for the post....Love seeing these!!
  4. Love it!! My Dad used to have 1967 Plymouth VIP (4 door) in kinda a metal-flake Brown. The VIP was for Luxury as advised by Plymouth. I think they had a kinda low production roll (if I recall c...
  5. It is not Bittersweet............It is SWEET !!
  6. Beautiful .... Will see IF I can dig up anything. Finger crossed....LOL
  7. Thanks Kerry for the fast love -- I knew you would Enjoy!! You ever stumble upon them there??
  8. Neat.....would like to try a Real Boomerang.....probably knock myself out.....LOL Have you ever used one??
  9. C ~ L ~ A ~ S ~ S ~ I ~ C.....and STUNNING!!
  10. Love it -- It is FUNKY !!
  11. Have to say it again Sean68 - I love, love, love, love, love this piece. Your photos of it are just STUNNING!! The ~ W ~ O ~ W ~ factor
  12. Added more Info for ya all....and will post other one too ;-)
  13. Thanks for all the Speedy Loves Folks -- Great Old 18th Century Clock!! kerry10456 ------> Thanks for the Comment also !! ;-) vetraio50 ho2cultcha smiata Radegunder PhilDavidAlexanderMorris...
  14. Oh Super!! you had not put any info in the post - so I guessed....LOL Love it!! One of mine still has the back label too
  15. Awwww.....Sweet post Mani!!
  16. Great Item.....Great Story......GREAT Providence!!
  17. I do not *love what happened to you....Man O Man....Did it you get everything resolved and fix?
  18. Love that it lights up!!
  19. ...also found this here on CW
  20. Could be several makers....
  21. Super JOB!! Suddenly I feel like having a coke....LOL
  22. Isn't this what they call RAKU ?? I can't make out the mark very well either....
  23. Very Beautiful !!!
  24. Super find!!!!!!!!
  25. Ditto.............Love it also
  26. Awww...So cute!! Love it, and made so well!!
  27. Gotta love it when they are that old and they still light up, and work!! Quality made, not like things today. That is what attracted me to my Advertising clocks I bought!! I just love these...
  28. Super Find!!!!!!!!! Pam Clock, and the Mobilgas Horse logo....I would think maybe the 1950's era +/-
  29. OMG -- love IT
  30. ~ Stunning ~
  31. Stunning.....and Stunning photos as Well -- Love it
  32. Good finds there, eh?
  33. Green with envy!!
  34. What a Beauty.....and the Dress I Super too Proud Momma !!
  35. Stunning as always Mac -- Drooling here!!!
  36. Shore Bird?? I love these...had a few over the year....and Duck decoys
  37. Love the Cobalt Blue!!
  38. Cast Wheels on a chair....a repair? A Marriage ?? I do not know....?
  39. Love your collection!!
  40. Very, very Pretty!!!!
  41. Love it!!!
  42. ditto....Pic of bottom. Thanks
  43. Super Find!!!!
  44. Thanks for the Post///Love it!!
  45. Love it!!!
  46. You found this?? Man, why would anyone let go of this? I am going to come shopping with you......LOL
  47. Thanks for all the comments!! The one with the bigger handles, is only worth a couple $$ new.......LOL :
  48. Thanks Fran!! So GLAD you found a piece like this!! Magic !!
  49. Good thing you said what it was. I thought when I saw the first front pic -- " What the h*ll is that?" Now I see what it is - and it is Stunning. Super photo.
  50. These just take my breath away every time!! Love, love, love them!!! As I have some too....So it must be a Love connection!! LOL
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Bohemian Glass Collector Flooded Under 4" of Water :0 Victorian Pair Crab Boy Dish my little pony Funeral Announcement? Need assistance in identifying please! Picked up this Beauty at a thrift store yesterday, have NO knowledge about it ;-) NEMADJI ? large 15 pound planter Antique Tanned Animal Fur Rug or Display Art Glass Dishes Antique Colored Stuffed Animal Fish - Foam?


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