I changed my profile pic in Memory of a friend of mine (R.I.P -- A.T.) was bullied to death via the internet. They lurked, they watch, they followed, and they Dis I changed my profile pic in Memory of a friend of mine (R.I.P -- A.T.) was bullied to death via the internet. They lurked, they watch, they followed, and they Dis her whenever they could. Long story short.... I am still grieving. Bullies know who they are. Shame on those!! ====================== Canadian, EH ! Always a bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! LOL, eh? Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything but LOVE Art Glass!! PLEASE NOTE: The images on my PAGE cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE without my sole permission. They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly information only. Thank you!! (Read more)


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My Hummingbird Art Glass Feeder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Corn Flower Crystal Glass -- W. J. Hughes - Glasswarein Glassware
Italian Wine Bottle - Special or not? - Bottlesin Bottles
Wood Carved Shore Bird ( 2 of 2 ) - Folk Artin Folk Art
Wood Carved Shore Bird  ( 1 of 2 ) - Folk Artin Folk Art
Ceramic Bowls - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Art Glass Duck -- Canadian ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
September 11, 2001 - Paperin Paper
DALE TIFFANY - Mosaic Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Is this an Old Wood Frame ?? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. artislove serene_fuschia ------> Thanks for the comment!! inky catteann ------> Thanks for the comment!! ozmarty racer4four
  2. @serene_fuschia: No the glass area is about 2 feet tall if not a bit more. Very large Table lamps
  3. Thanks racer4four for the loves....... :hugs:
  4. Super Job there!!
  5. Love it -- Cute Find !!!!
  6. Your Welcome surfdub66 ;-)
  7. I would have guessed hummingbird feeder -- as I have one too. I will post mine later. It has canes in it, and they look well done? but do not know my maker either. Nice!!
  8. Thanks Jewels for the Love!
  9. ??Was this the mark your thinking of ? Paul Berman ??
  10. Unique....and :lovely!
  11. Super story, and Super finds....and Super person!! Hope all is well with you, EH ?
  12. Great Post!! Nice to see the Pics. Can't say I agree with redoing something with *character* to make it look brand new. I like Character on something Old. So I watch, but can't say I would ever hav...
  13. Thanks: Sean ----> For the comment also !! ;-) ...and aghcollect for the love !! ;-)
  14. OUCH -- on the waist thing!! Those poor ladies back then. to be all prim and proper -- all day
  15. Thanks for posting all these wonderful pieces of Glass!! Your opening the world to vintage Japanese quality Art Glass. Great Finds!!!
  16. Agree with mike.....the drips are Stunning!! Love them all also!!
  17. Ditto.....Double Awesome!!
  18. WOW....STUNNING!!!!!!!
  19. Stunning !!!
  20. I loooooooooooove it too!!
  21. Great Work you are doing to preserve (fix/restore) these!! Kudo's to You, Mani!!!
  22. Man -- Where are those Goodwill you go to?? Stunning treasures there !!!!!!
  23. Man---- You have a Super Goodwill there !!! WOW!!
  24. Awwwwwwwwwww.....Sweet. Thanks for posting it!! Never saw one before!!
  25. Super Advertising item. Love how so much was put into Advertising back then!!
  26. Thanks i always get the 2 confused.... Two heads are better than One!!
  27. Awwww..... Cute!!
  28. I love old radios too!! Thanks for the Post!!
  29. OMG -- Stunning !!!!!!!!
  30. loving it again, and again.....and again Phil !!
  31. Ditto........and CLASSIC Zoom, Zoom.........Grew up with these Muscle cars everywhere !!
  32. Stunning -- and what a great story to share and have experienced!!
  33. Love it, and Welcome from me!! We also had this game. Here is a VID to bring back memories...LOL I think the saddest part of everything is to Thi...
  34. I believe it is -- Indiana glass compote ( lidded) and pedestal with Ruby flash. Candy Dish. I think they are also called a wedding Box too
  35. Sweet Find !!
  36. Drop .. Dead.. ...Gorgeous ... WOW
  37. You should have tripped them.....LOL. Can you post a *bigger pic* so we can see the detail? That would help lots, thanks Looks like what is called a Hollywood Regency style of lamp, or in the s...
  38. Super Find !! I believe you can Date Coke items by the slogan they used. As TGBWC said, there some Coke Calender Pads listed to help complete your item.
  39. W ~ O ~ W ..... Love the style and the colors !!
  40. Ohhh - La - La ..... Super !!
  41. Great Find Racer -- Eye Candy 4sure !!!
  42. Beautiful!!
  43. Could this be called in the style of a *Serpent* Necklace? Great SCORE!!
  44. Stunning Pic !! Very Regal looking ..
  45. Superb !!!
  46. Super Collection there...Great finds.....and FAST !!
  47. Sweet...!!
  48. Sean hermoso! ¡¡Me encanta!! (( Beautiful Sean! Love it!! ))
  49. Stunning Sean !!
  50. Good find AR.........says AR....LOL
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For Dear Agram With Thanks! Bohemian Glass Collector Flooded Under 4" of Water :0 Victorian Pair Crab Boy Dish my little pony Funeral Announcement? Need assistance in identifying please! Picked up this Beauty at a thrift store yesterday, have NO knowledge about it ;-) NEMADJI ? large 15 pound planter Antique Tanned Animal Fur Rug or Display


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