Canadian, EH ! A bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything. Been collecting things for about the past 35 yeaCanadian, EH ! A bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything. Been collecting things for about the past 35 years. Whatever would catch my eye. Started to get into Art Glass about 10 years ago. Still collect all sorts of other things too. To al CW's -- I hope 2015 brings to you all your TREASURES. Keep Hunting, and Picking...and Posting here!! ====================== DISCLAIMER - PLEASE NOTE: The USE OF ANY OF MY IMAGES on my PAGE (or posted by me on this site) cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE WITHOUT MY SOLE PERMISSION. They are for MY sole use on the site of Collector's Weekly only. Thank you!! ================== (Read more)


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Birch Bark - MINI Tee Pees - Souvenier // Toy // Native Craft - Advertisingin Advertising
Victorian -- Sterling Silver Bracelet & Key - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
"True" TRAMP ART - Frame - 72 Pieces - Folk Artin Folk Art
BLUE MOUNTAIN POTTERY -- CANADA - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
AIR CANADA stylized MAPLE LEAF - Francois Dallegret - Advertisingin Advertising
My 1970's Rocking Chair -- SEARS - Furniturein Furniture
Aurora Borealis --Blue Glass Crystal - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My 1970's Sterling Silver CHARM BRACELET - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
SEETUSEE GLASSWARE ( Mayfair ) -- Vintage Canadian Glass ( 5/of 5 ) - Glasswarein Glassware
VICTORIAN -- Mourning Jewelry Necklace/Locket - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Amazing Photo.....that is something you would see in LIFE Mag. Yes, very powerful pic. Thanks for the Post and the opportunity to see this, and share in your family history!!
  2. ...and Thank You SMOKEY for being part of the post !!
  3. ....and with label!! Love it when that happens!!
  4. Love does kitty! May we have a pic of very the back too? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the Post -- never saw a MUSICAL bottle stop. Better it plays Music.....than Yodeling....LOL
  6. OMG -- is this ever SWEET!! Now that is a Light!!
  7. ?? Still funny how the ID post was removed, and NOT by me. Then I marked this SOLVED....and it now says beside that box: """Err, this is still a mystery""". Yet I had a ID for it -- but that WA...
  8. S-s-s-s-s-stunning Sean !!! One man's trash - is another one's treasure!!!
  9. Great Find FORT !!
  10. Stunning, and a keeper. Ca-ching!
  11. Very Neat -- I like those! I just popped in for a second as Groceries to put away....but PACKRAT maybe you would also enjoy this post:
  12. Love them...Yeah, they look like Bubbles. Good name for them!!
  13. Love it -- I feel like I am at Home all over again, and still a Kid
  14. Oh, you should wear them. They look good in Summer, Winter, Special Holiday like Xmas. You should try.... Love yours!!!
  15. The three most widely used materials to test Bakelite. Left to right: 409 household cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner and Simichrome Polish. ~ ~ [Quoted from link below] and some really g...
  16. Love it... I have 3 little Teepee made the same way. Made of Birch Bark. Quite popular souvenir gifts too. Some are marked, some are not. I remembering us getting some when we were kids (around...
  17. Cool Pieces !!!
  18. Very Nice and Welcome! We do not do Appraisals here on CW
  19. Love them!!
  20. Love the New not have to have a big one. Super Table !!! Kitty likes it too!!
  21. Nice collection !!!!
  22. Mankin -- she know her items. Hope she pops in to see this!! She will be able to help
  23. I love the simple color combo of it -- which makes it more striking!!
  24. Wow...Stunning! Weighs 78 pound....OMG Then to take a 7 hours drive to get it, plus purchase a special base for it....WE know you love it. Great Story!!
  25. We have bought you over to the "Glass World" Addicting isn't it
  26. Thanks for the loves on this very Special item: Chrisnp VioletOrange --> Thanks for comment also! vetraio50 mikelv85 surfdub66 Rustfarm PatSea walksoftly --> Thanks for comment also! SEAN68...
  27. ...Thanks -- Finally found something that was not PINK...LOL
  28. Thanks for the Loves: DoubleDReid MacArt SEAN68 toolate2 ozmarty
  29. Thanks for the Loves: DoubleDReid gargoylecollector ;-)
  30. Thanks for the loves: pops52 SEAN68 DoubleDReid artislove --> Thanks for the comment also !! Aimathena --> Thanks for the comment also !!
  31. Thanks for the loves: SEAN68 DoubleDReid shareurpassion ---> Thanks for comment also !!! Moonstonelover21 AnneLanders Vintagefran smiata ---> Thanks for comment also !!! Manikin nittygritty...
  32. Thanks for the loves: DoubleDReid shareurpassion --> Thanks for the comment also! Shawnl86 --> Thanks for the comment also! Hedgewalker mikelv85 Aimathena Vintagefran
  33. Thanks for the loves: DoubleDReid ozmarty nittygritty1962 MacArt Vintagefran toracat Manikin Moonstonelover21 scottvez charcoal mikelv85 vetraio50 racer4four PhilDavidAlexanderMorris -...
  34. Thanks for the loves: ron1939 Radegunder pw-collector --> Thanks for the Comment also !!! Jewels fortapache toolate2 Bigsarge aghcollect gargoylecollector Moonstonelover21 Trey smiata S...
  35. @ Shareurpassion -- Sure, sounds good
  36. ?? hand blown Bavarian Bristol lamps
  37. Not sure ?? Could be "hand blown Bavarian Bristol lamps"
  38. Sean -- Did you think ?? that link might be the same company? You can ask them for their mark to see??
  39. Neat -- and Welcome!
  40. WOW Phil -- Thanks. Like I said, I was not finding anything about it. Thank goodness the paper thing was inside it. It still has the Box to it -- but their is NO writing or anything on the Box at a...
  41. lol....I think I had most of them at one time.....LOL See added pic....of what piece I had....LOL
  42. Thanks Phil for the comment and the love. My Dad had also built a 6 bedroom bird house (after the war) with shingles he cut to size, separate rooms, doorway, dual Pillars in the front, siding on it...
  43. Cute Glass !! Happy Australia Day to you -- Enjoy!! Here's Back at you Karen!!
  44. ...and Welcome too!!
  45. @PhilDavidAlexanderMorris - Thanks for finding that info. Amazing!! I could not find anything about him and this maple leaf. So Thank you very much!! ALSO - I am going to change my Avatar to thi...
  46. Thanks for the LOVES: Dandyscandy SEAN68 ---> Thanks for the Comment !!! PhilDavidAlexanderMorris ---> Thanks for the Comment !!! Cormoran1925 antiquerose jscott0363 ---> Thanks for the Comme...
  47. If it is -- this *little Hungarian* (magyar) here -- better try to find some pieces too
  48. Hi Roy -- Nice to see you over here too! I have no idea, but very lovely vase. Any wear on the base? I can not tell from the Pic. Again, Nice to see you here too.
  49. Super Shape !! I still have my MARX - "Best of the West" Western set (1960's era) . It is posted
  50. Ditto on the Stunning!! Great Collection there Double D
  51. See more


Circa 1900s Arthur Craco "Dante" Mask 2 Pieces of Native American Pottery: Sculpted Face, Carved Stone Pipe, Red Clay Bear Thrift store glass bowl LAVORAZIONE ARTE MURANO ITALY For Dear Agram With Thanks! Bohemian Glass Collector Flooded Under 4" of Water :0 Victorian Pair


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