Canadian, EH ! Always a bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! LOL, eh? Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything but LOVE Art Glass!! PLEASE NCanadian, EH ! Always a bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! LOL, eh? Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything but LOVE Art Glass!! PLEASE NOTE: The images on my PAGE cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE without my sole permission. They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly information only. Thank you!! (Read more)


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What do I have here? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
RADFORD VASE -- England - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
HULL POTTERY ( USA ) Pitcher - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
MEDALTA Pottery ( Canadian ) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Ceramic Horse (....In the style of Bitossi... ) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Unknown Ceramic Dog ?? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
BEAUCEWARE POTTERY VASE -- Canada - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
BEAUCEWARE Pottery Vase (with Sectional Frog) CANADIAN - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
ROYAL HAEGER POTTERY ( U.S.A ) - Ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Bohemian Art Glass ( Czech ) -- Eiffel Tower ?? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. okay, could this be STEUBEN ? I just found this and see (maybe) some similarities (??): Says there [Quote]: ""50B. STEUBEN...
  2. ?? COLIN HEANEY ?? Saul Alcaraz Just throwing some names out there as I troll the Net but still?? Love this item!!!
  3. Neat!! They look like Flowers ~ they look like people ~ they look like they are praying. Frosted Glass Praying Flower People
  4. Did it have a push lid on top? I remember some of these NOT having it was thought people would use it more if open. Can you see ( under the top) IF it had one....or not?? I like it...
  5. Love it!!!! Those colors so remind me of this item of mine (thorn Vase):
  6. Love it.............I think I have some pieces here....will have to post in a few days...
  7. Wow.....and Wow.......and WOW!!
  8. GREEN with Envy!!
  9. Darn *#@% Dog......LOL.....but love animals
  10. No idea ?? I am with you on this.....
  11. Nice JUNK !!
  12. LOL.....not a remote, cordless phone......about 7 inches long Use for Size comparison in my pics.....................LOL
  13. I do not find any other Seiei and Co here on CW yet, so neat. I have a few pieces here so that is why I recognized the mark......LOL
  14. I always try that site -- but I have too much problems trying to find a match, and finding the exact. My eyes start to get dizzy...............................LOL
  15. @ surfdub66 -- Hey -- Neat!! Loved it and posted a reply!!
  16. So pretty!! Thanks for directing me here to see your Radford piece too. Two in one week posted. Kinda neat, as I could not find any other before that. SWEET!
  17. Teco or Padre ???? No idea, but dripping with STYLE!!
  18. Just found out what this is called. It is S2 and it is called SERENADE SONGBIRDS. About 6.5 inches tall. Yes dated 1957 and was one of there most popular lines. The birds are chickadee on boughs. ...
  19. The plate is fits right below, as it is not on top Sweet Design !!!!
  20. @ Phil -- You mean this post here? No I had not seen that till now. neat the planter fits right under there. I thought it was on top, but it is underneath!!
  21. yes -- it has light gold (but not flakes or speckles) in it....see the first pic. it does have a polished rim too so ?? and ?? and ?? LOL
  22. See here for more info about SEIEI & CO: Scroll down about 3/4 of a page there:
  23. Do not recognize the pattern --- but I think I know the mark. It is SEIEI & COMPANY (1930's) I think. This Japan company was in business well before WWII and closed down in 1962 from what I know a...
  24. Yummmmmmy !!
  25. have a pic/post Phil?
  26. ReallyNice.........but sad like you say. Looks like he has fallen and can't get up....and struggling. This piece hits my heart.......some much emotion I think it has
  27. just giving this a *bump up* to see if any new thoughts on this item.
  28. I would leave as has *Character* I personally -- Want old stuff to look old. Not Brand new, and restored. That is just me, and my opinion. This shows/tells a story of age!!
  29. ....for Canadian Pottery, EH? roflmao -- LOL
  30. I can just heard this coming from that Radio: LOVE IT!!
  31. Smoking was everywhere. When I used to cut hair (Barber) -- WE -- while cutting hair would smoke. That would have been the early 1980's still. How times change.....
  32. Yup -- 2 posts on Beauceware Pottery on me. So better be on the Look-out for it now ( LOL )
  33. Oh man.................LOVE, LOVE THESE!! I was a Barber-Stylist for many a years, so these are close to my heart!!
  34. I just realize here that this is the FIRST POST of any Beauceware Pottery on CW. Sweet!! At least I could not find any other when I did a Search (??) I guess School is now Open........LOL
  35. lol...Bad Kitty
  36. S ~ T ~ U ~ N ~ N ~ I ~N ~G
  37. oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh......Love it!!
  38. Sean.....Had to LOVE your VERY FIRST POST on CW. Everything you have is Amazing since Day One !!
  39. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww....Sweet!!
  40. Wow..............and falls to floor. Lucky You!!!!!!!! < thud >
  41. OMG....What People throw out!!! Great score!!
  42. @racer4four -- Have you ever been there? I think it is bit of a drive (LOL) for you 9 hours. But just wondering if you been there in your travels......?? http://www.trishhunterfi...
  43. LOL.... Post us a pic of the label remnants taken straight on...and then we can see it better. You could be right too as You know more about Japanese Glass than me.....LOL. I was only going on...
  44. Thanks....yes, never knew. Just used it growing up!!
  45. another verbal LOVE on this item!!
  46. Who are the (movie) actors in those Signed Pics?
  47. What can I say but COOL !! (Does that help with the heat issues there? ) LOL I loved these guys growing up...Thanks for the Memories/post
  48. ...and Welcome!!
  49. Do not sell ....Keep them and Display them in your home/or garage
  50. place.....LOL
  51. See more


Crab Boy Dish my little pony Funeral Announcement? Need assistance in identifying please! Picked up this Beauty at a thrift store yesterday, have NO knowledge about it ;-) NEMADJI ? large 15 pound planter Antique Tanned Animal Fur Rug or Display Art Glass Dishes Antique Colored Stuffed Animal Fish - Foam? Antique parrot figurine Pete Fountain...Musician


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