I changed my profile pic in Memory of a friend of mine (R.I.P -- A.T.) was bullied to death via the internet. They lurked, they watch, they followed, and they Dis I changed my profile pic in Memory of a friend of mine (R.I.P -- A.T.) was bullied to death via the internet. They lurked, they watch, they followed, and they Dis her whenever they could. Long story short.... I am still grieving. Bullies know who they are. Shame on those!! ====================== Canadian, EH ! Always a bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! LOL, eh? Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything but LOVE Art Glass!! PLEASE NOTE: The images on my PAGE cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE without my sole permission. They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly information only. Thank you!! (Read more)


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Trash to Treasure Find -- Real Signed Wood Plaque ( 4 ) Autographs - Hockeyin Hockey
Murano Bowl - Label -- Murano ( Fratelli Toso ) - Art Glassin Art Glass
1970's CELEBRITY JEWELRY -- Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Beaver Statue -- Bronze 1979  - Animalsin Animals
Small Ceramic Dish  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Small Glass Elephant - Art Glassin Art Glass
An Old Postcard entitled - "  Canadian Soldier " - Postcardsin Postcards
GLIT ( Iceland ) Ceramic Vase - LAVA - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
BLUE BIRD Toffee TIN - LUDLOW CASTLE - Advertisingin Advertising
Better Ask ..... Old D-Table - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Love it!!
  2. Stunning Post !! Thanks for sharing !!
  3. Awwwwwwwwww.......made me think of YOU !! Sweet!!
  4. Simple design -- yet so very Stunning !! IT is Fine Art !!!!!!
  5. I have one here on a bracelet. I believe mine to be Victorian as it was my Aunts and she had quite a bit of Victorian stuff in her home when she passed away in the early 1970's. There was stuff from...
  6. I do not know -- but when I saw it -- It made me think of my post here: ....maybe because the words in yours ...
  7. Love it!! W.G. was my fav player -- and especially when he was with the Oilers!!
  8. Thanks Rick -- Stunning I must say. Super good Pic of the label !! Thanks a Zillion!! I have never seen that label either !!
  9. Stunning Cobalt color!! Great Find/score!!
  10. First pic, at the top -- Goes that glass piece Glow ? Just wondering.....?
  11. Lovely !!
  12. Love the Post Sean!! Boy you find such wonderful things at your thrift stores! Amazing and Good Eye!!
  13. Neat....Thanks for the Post.
  14. Thanks for the loves: blunderbuss2 racer4four kivatinitz walksoftly vetraio50 aghcollect scruples
  15. @Rick55 -- Just post another post here with the label and make it 2/of 2 with a link to this post also.
  16. ...if I recall....Weren't the ceiling a lot higher in those 10 feet tall? J/K -- Love the Hair!!
  17. @Jewel -- Thanks for the reply!! And you keep being yourself too!! I LOVE your posts...and I love all Xmas Collectibles you have posted !! I LOVE CHRISTMAS !! Yah, the Elf thing with my collec...
  18. Keep us informed....
  19. Amazing -- Both items, and the Pics!! Thanks TC
  20. Very beautiful home and the snow there. Love your post jewels!! @JEWELS -- Also, Thanks for loving my post of my Collectibles have some Xmas fun (before it got removed). Saw you had seen it befor...
  21. Love it!! It has snowed here....and suppose to get down to -30 Celius with the windchill factor.....Brrrrr
  22. Found a *Caleca Arabesco* Covered Casserole Dish. Sounds like Arabesco is the maker: Says t...
  23. No marks of anything on it at all??
  24. Love it -- but they also Scare me a bit....LOL.....but very highly collected roflmao
  25. Love your post and Your photos Phil!! Ya freezing there today? I am.....LOL Also, Always make sure you go through my Grannies or Mom jewelry pieces when they pass on. Those are the memories an...
  26. Love it!! I have my Dads have an Extra flash thing for it too
  27. Superb find !! Love it!!
  28. Very Nice and Nice Find!! Scored !! You actually need some Gold to be added to the Glass to get the cranberry color, which is Neat!!
  29. ~ Stunning ~
  30. If you love Murano Art Glass -- Check out Fossilfly forum here: ....and you might want to post your item there too, as I am sure Charlie there would like to have...
  31. Thanks....Just call me Rose.....LOL Superb find!! Can you post a close up of the label for us here!!
  32. blunderbuss Thanks for the compliment!! Make SURE you post a pic of yours when you get it done!! Keep us posted! This is such a wonderful way to display pots - I LOVE it!!
  33. Thanks for the loves. I would say a PW....and I hope he brings me luck Trey gargoylecollector surfdub66 ---> Thanks for the Comment !!! ;-) sklo42 PhilDavidAlexanderMorris ---> Thanks for th...
  34. Try rubbing some black ash over the mark -- as it might help to accent it a bit better for you to read/post here. Worth a shot. Nice Piece!!
  35. Nice Piece!
  36. Super Cool Man Cave!! ~ Now I want a Barley Sandwich ~ ( aka BEER )
  37. Pretty colors on it! Think it is Modern Chinese by the base, IMHO
  38. Stunning Display!!
  39. Super Finds there CK. Nothing goes better with Coke ...... than Coke!!
  40. A++++ Find with the Label!!! Love it
  41. Something similar here: Stunning items you have!!
  42. Great Idea for a Display!! Superb !!
  43. Love the colors!!!
  44. Murano/Venetian Art glass I would say -- Stunning pieces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Lovely!! How tall? About 48 inches ???? Thanks for the Post
  46. Agree with TubeAmp....
  47. Nice decor item....I would say recent Chinese too. Does not have the Murano quality IMHO either. Lots of time they are Advertised as Murano -- but not true Murano Still Displays well -- makes a G...
  48. Foo Dogs....wonder IF 74 might be the year make? Not sure....??
  49. Good Design has NO Expiry Date....always useful !!!!
  50. Thanks for Sharing Your Dad Pic when he served !!!!!
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For Dear Agram With Thanks! Bohemian Glass Collector Flooded Under 4" of Water :0 Victorian Pair Crab Boy Dish my little pony Funeral Announcement? Need assistance in identifying please! Picked up this Beauty at a thrift store yesterday, have NO knowledge about it ;-)


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