I want to wish everyone here - A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I hope 2015 brings you all your TREASURES you can find or dream of. Keep Hunting, and PickI want to wish everyone here - A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I hope 2015 brings you all your TREASURES you can find or dream of. Keep Hunting, and Picking...and Posting here!! ====================== Canadian, EH ! Always a bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! LOL, eh? Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything but LOVE Art Glass!! PLEASE NOTE: The images on my PAGE cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE without my sole permission. They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly information only. Thank you!! (Read more)


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Old Christmas Card - Made in Germany - Christmasin Christmas
Old Embossed Christmas Card - Christmasin Christmas
1907 - NEW YEAR GREETING Card - Christmasin Christmas
SUNBEAM - Vintage Electric Knife - Kitchenin Kitchen
Brownie Hawkeye Camera ( see Old Paper Ad for it ) - Camerasin Cameras
Salt and Pepper Shaker -- Washer & Dryer ( LOL ) - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sterling Silver Sewing Set (??) - Sewingin Sewing
Murano Art Glass Cufflinks - Accessoriesin Accessories
1970's - Psychedelic NECKLACE and EARRING Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1970's CELEBRITY( Corp.) CUFFLINKS & TIE CLIP - Topaz - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Stunning.....needs loving more than just once !! Your home is a Master Piece Collection !!
  2. Loved it again....stunning!
  3. Thanks for the Post!!
  4. Wonderful shape........color...........and Everything!!
  5. Grew up with this.....Here is a Visual of the Game: I showed this to my Son. He broke out laughing at this Game due to the graphics, and HOW simple i...
  6. Love it.....did you get from my closet.....LOL...... j/k
  7. Greeeeen with ENVY !! Love them!
  8. Love your home and the items you have in it -- AWESOME !!
  9. Oh W~O~W.....Love it, and the Neon lights! That is a stunning one!!
  10. [ ..........yawn.......... ] Every time I see someone YAWN -----> I YAWN !! Love the Post !!
  11. Love, love, love, love this Post !! The 1970's !!
  12. Looks SO real !!
  13. Love it -- Thanks to your post, I am going to post some old ones I have here!! Merry Christmas !!
  14. Did you see this?
  15. Stunning Piece there!! Thanks for posting!!
  16. You must have been Real GOOD !! Stunning!!
  17. Merry Christmas Ozmarty -- All the Best to you and your family. Do not sun-burn....LOL
  18. Love it! I do not think it would be call a true *Service Station Attendant Cap/hat* (aka the Gas Jockey with a Brim) -- BUT I think these were the ones (types) the mechanics wore in the back par...
  19. Beautiful......where is the Snow.......LOL
  20. Is it Black and White or Color? Has something similar to this
  21. Thanks for the Visual Post -- so I had to add a Audio link of it (for you) roflmao
  22. Thanks for the Loves: catteann kyratango melaniej surfdub66 --> Thanks for the Comment !! CindB gargoylecollector GlueChip bratjdd smiata Trey mikelv85 racer4four PhilDavidAlexanderMorris...
  23. Wowzer !!!
  24. ~ OMG ~ Stunning!! Dear Santa, I want one.......LOL
  25. Wonder IF the (HALF) *Mini Helmet* on there -- Might be one of those made by RIDDELL for the NFL? Is it marked anywhere for the Helmet? Is the sign marked at the back at all?? Neat item, Great Co...
  26. Tells a story..... Is it a Bronze or a Soapstone carving?
  27. So Canadian.....EH? Canuck here too -- so Love it!!
  28. LOL.....lets see the kids now days use one of these in their *back pocket*....LOL
  29. What a SUPER IDEA!! Love it!!
  30. Your Welcome surfdub66! Great Canadian Collectible!! Here are some more links for you to see/read. Some big time collectors of BMP do come from the UK as I have seen their sites. See if I can find...
  31. I would agree with LHF above.....Viking Glass Here is some other pics of Viking Glass:
  32. It would have had a label on it for: LAVORAZIONE ARTE MURANO ITALY There are some concerns IF it is actually made in Italy, or made in the *Style of Murano glass from Italy*. Some reading he...
  33. Love them! The Green crystals are probably made of either Acrylic or Lucite Here is something similar:
  34. It is Canadian -- BLUE MOUNTAIN POTTERY Fawn. Had one, and lots of other pieces. Here is a link on some info:
  35. I would have thought old....
  36. I love Hoosier Cabinet !!
  37. Stunning!! Santa could bring me one too...LOL
  38. Says HOLLAND on the bottom. I had some of these a long, long time ago --
  39. Do not know how I missed these -- Guess because it is that Time of the Season when your running around with your head cut off. Super and stunning collection!!
  40. Oh Wow -- CLOCK Cufflinks!! And Bugs Bunny!! I never saw ones like this before!! I hope kerry checks there out. I wonder IF he has ever seen some like this. Must be a little hard to wind the...
  41. Awww.....Sweet!!
  42. Super Collection there! Wow! ...And A belated Welcome to you too. Remember when Cufflinks were a popular Xmas Gift for our Dads? Glad to see you are collecting them!!
  43. ....Oh and also a belated WELCOME MisterEsoteric
  44. @MisterEsoteric - Thank you for your comment there. I can tell the passion in your post!! Yes, the mesh wrap around on Cufflinks always just set them off a bit more. They would catch you eye. I ag...
  45. Thank you for all the loves....and Merry Christmas: MisterEsoteric Jewels racer4four mikelv85 PatSea
  46. Thank you for the Loves and Merry Christmas: Agram.m Jewels racer4four PatSea mikelv85
  47. @ toolate2 -- Must be nice to to have all the SUN not SNOW...LOL @ Trey -- You do not know how we handle it -- with shovels, snowblowers, and some choice words every year! We never ...
  48. Thanks for all the loves and comments: Agram.m mikelv85 Trey --> Thanks for the comment also ! smiata SEAN68 racer4four vetraio50 PhilDavidAlexanderMorris --> Thanks for the comment also ! ...
  49. Thank you for the loves: walksoftly sklo42 racer4four mikelv85 PatSea Hugs back to all !!
  50. Great Music -- As I have them both !!!! Love them!!!
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