Canadian, EH ! A bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything. Been collecting things for about the past 35 yeaCanadian, EH ! A bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything. Been collecting things for about the past 35 years. Whatever would catch my eye. Started to get into Art Glass about 10 years ago. Still collect all sorts of other things too. To al CW's -- I hope 2015 brings to you all your TREASURES. Keep Hunting, and Picking...and Posting here!! ====================== DISCLAIMER - PLEASE NOTE: The USE OF ANY OF MY IMAGES on my PAGE (or posted by me on this site) cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE WITHOUT MY SOLE PERMISSION. They are for MY sole use on the site of Collector's Weekly only. Thank you!! ================== (Read more)


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Old BRUSH and COMB Set  - Accessoriesin Accessories
* Pres-Kwik *  Novelty Cigarette Dipenset - 1972 K-Tel - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Digi-Matic Calculator -- 1970's - Electronicsin Electronics
Murano Art Glass Bowl ( or a.ka Ashtray ) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Art Glass Bowl -- with Scroll Tip - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Art Glass -- Cat - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage PURPLE Czech Decanter - Art Glassin Art Glass
1977 Baccarat Sulphide Paperweight -- Franklin Mint  - Art Glassin Art Glass
SASAKI --- JAPANESE ART GLASS ( For Racer4 ) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Art Glass -- Small HEART Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. just loved it again here...
  2. Moon had this to say above: "Your ring is Chinese Export from the Deco period. Its called Silver Filigree and sometimes comes with adjustable band...very nice....highly collectable" Maybe that i...
  3. Wow --- This IS STUNNING!!
  4. Your Welcome yorkshire for your comment, and WELCOME to CW. Glad I was able to help someone
  5. Just found something that look like them. Says they are Gorham and Silver plate. I do not have the Mirror. Maybe that is why they were sold. Someone broke the mirror (now the set) so the decided...
  6. Thanks Manikin!
  7. @BB -- ?? What
  8. Your Hubby did good with your Gift -- Rusty Farm Gold !!
  9. ..for the lady that HAS everything - but this....LOL
  10. Love it....I have an very old Pillow with a cover on it with a Cross-stitched SCOTTY on it too. Will have to dig it out.....inspired by your post!!
  11. I wanted an El Camino back in the day. Zoom - Zoom !!
  12. At least those ones KEPT on working for a long long time. I still have an old one in my bathroom right now.
  13. Man-Cave...LOL
  14. Sweet !!
  15. I want one of these.....have to wait for Santa....LOL
  16. Mystery Solved -- I think
  17. ....maybe these help more.
  18. I had a Glass Vase that looked like it was signed FIC on it, but it was actually for Adam Jablonski -- Just very Wonky signature..... Plus I think it had a label too. I will have to go into the old...
  19. @ CW members loving my posts: Thanks for stopping by and Loving it -- Greatly Appreciated!! Trey nutsabotas6 --> thanks for the...
  20. Thanks for stopping by and Loving this. HUGS back to you all: surfdub66 Elisabethan fixitjmc SEAN68 --> Thanks for the comment also!! artdecogirl VioletOrange vintagelamp PhilDavidAlexande...
  21. Very idea. Guess?? -- Lundberg USA ??
  22. looks like some type of marker? Could be a something like a Train Track marker??
  23. ....Don't they have the date on the bottom somewhere? Or on the Silver label on the bottom??
  24. These Czech pieces with the applied details are just stunning. So glad to hear that LOETZBUDDIES that you have had wonderful luck. I guess these people selling these know the Quality of the piece, a...
  25. funny!!
  26. Alluring.....beautiful.....beckoning.....captivating.....charming.....enchanting.....engaging.....enticing.....fascinating.....glamorous.....gorgeous.....inviting.....lovely.....luring.....magnetic ...
  27. lol...everything has a value!! Even me. My son *values* me when I do his laundry...LOL
  28. Great digging for the answer on this one!! YAY for you... from me
  29. Wow --- Real Muscle Car !!
  30. I love, love, love, love, love this!! Did I mention that I LOVE it ? LOL
  31. @mikelv85 -- Mike, if I can help you find something on our budget, I will. They are too pricey for me too -- but every while a person stumbles upon one
  32. Is that an *EEK* due to seeing Eye4beauty link with Value/Price/signature on the one found:
  33. Nice find...those are the best, dug from the dirt !!
  34. Can you post another pic of the signature? Or rub some white powder over it and take a Pic? Thanks .....and Welcome
  35. lol............Now boys !!
  36. OMG -- Beautiful !!!!!
  37. Wow -- What a Stunner that is. It deserves another WOW
  38. Nice Score and Great Price!! Bet you can't wait to get that Beauty in your hands. Man, I would be scared for it in the shipping. You guys that buy those Great, old Decorated items and get them sh...
  39. ....any other pieces or just the one?
  40. it was a great find anyways ... i think
  41. Yes, I know but when I look at Ebay there are so many, many variations to this type....and having fun trying to figure it all out LOL
  42. \m/ Superb -- It ROCKS!!
  43. That is REALLY streamlined !! Love the look, style !!
  44. Sweet, super find - Sean!!
  45. I know we do not evaluations here -- but I am confused because there are so many different Jade type of stones (or looks ) and hard to tell when I try to research this myself. So which would you say?...
  46. Thanks for stopping by and loving this Curly-que Bowl ! Roycroftbooksfromme1 Trey PatSea vetraio50 DrFluffy --> Thanks for the comment also!! racer4four --> Thanks for the comment also!! ...
  47. Thank you for stopping by to Love this item. Much Appreciated !!! Roycroftbooksfromme1 --> Thanks for comment also!! Vladimir Trey SEAN68 --> Thanks for comment also!! Alan2310 jscott0363 -->...
  48. Stunning...and Welcome!
  49. Lovely grouping!! Spring? Whats that.....LOL. I guess it is somewhere around the corner here
  50. Sweet!!
  51. See more


African Wood Carving with Beads and Leather Wood purse more images Circa 1900s Arthur Craco "Dante" Mask 2 Pieces of Native American Pottery: Sculpted Face, Carved Stone Pipe, Red Clay Bear Thrift store glass bowl LAVORAZIONE ARTE MURANO ITALY For Dear Agram With Thanks!


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