Canadian, EH ! A bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything. Been collecting things for about the past 35 yeaCanadian, EH ! A bit of a pack-rat - which is a Good thing! Love finding Bargains. Collect a bit of everything. Been collecting things for about the past 35 years. Whatever would catch my eye. Started to get into Art Glass about 10 years ago. Still collect all sorts of other things too. To al CW's -- I hope 2015 brings to you all your TREASURES. Keep Hunting, and Picking...and Posting here!! ====================== DISCLAIMER - PLEASE NOTE: The USE OF ANY OF MY IMAGES on my PAGE (or posted by me on this site) cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE WITHOUT MY SOLE PERMISSION. They are for MY sole use on the site of Collector's Weekly only. Thank you!! ================== Better keep my words: Interesting....I did say Thank YOU and did post it there, did you Miss it? I am on Several different others are too as well as Facebook, and Etsy. Lots of people are on other forums. You state that I immediately posted it on another forum. Hmmmmm............."Do you Follow me on the Net (lurk)?" You say you did not Get a "Thank You" - therefore You "asked" to have Your ID removed? I seen several posts here where the mystery has been solved and and the title has not been changed, nor has the one that gave the ID gotten credit. That is no reason to have a ID removed from that post.....that kinda childish. This is CW SITE ------ posting our show and Tell and Hope to get an ID. If someone forgets to give me a Thank you for an ID, I take it with a Grain of Salt. I do not Some people are not on here everyday. I came to CW under my own username I had for years. You came on to CW under a diff identidy/disguise -- and only now posted your known username. I am not hiding under a different name. I knew who you were right away by your attacks on me. That were unmerited, malicious, untrue, and slanderous......even under a different username -- I knew it was You. It is your trait towards me. Anyhow -- Alan Post should have not been removed. He had a posted extra pics, and now lost those comment, and loves. Nor should ID be removed....and I am sure we are all mature enough here (?) that if someone forgot to acknowledge with a Thank you in the heading, or clicking the mystery solved button.....we can handle it without crying. Sure nice to have done, but we do not live in a perfect world. (Read more)


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Another Vintage Brooch -- Unknown - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1950's//1960's JEANETTE - Butterfly Glass Dishes (or Jeannette ) - Glasswarein Glassware
My Mom's Brooch - Vintage Black Onyx - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL - Animals - Art Glassin Art Glass
1961 - Ashtray and Trophy ( Curling ) - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Uranium Glass ( Salt or Pepper ) Shaker - Kitchenin Kitchen
( Possible ) Murano Art Glass - JACK IN THE PULPIT Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
( Possible ) Murano Art Glass Bowl ( Ashtray ) - Art Glassin Art Glass
MURANO ART GLASS - HEART BOWL ( or Ashtray )  Another heart one - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Art Glass Bowl  ( or Ashtray ) -- Heart w/Flip and Bubbles - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for the Loves, and comments. I enjoyed my time here -- I will be leaving CW Happy Collecting friends !!
  2. Thanks for the Loves, and comments. I enjoyed my time here -- I will be leaving CW Happy Collecting friends !!
  3. Thanks for the Loves, and comments. I enjoyed my time here -- I will be leaving CW Happy Collecting friends !!
  4. GoodBye CW.....I am leaving. Just like others have.....
  5. Oh, and PS....Whenever I referred to you real name in a Posts a LONG time ago(till you now posted it now) -- I noted you had those post removed too -- when I simply called you by your Real name. Tho...
  6. Whatever -- You stated you had your ID removed cuz I never said Thank you. Whatever. Yes, You did not know a thing about czech glass, as I recall. yes you have learned. Did you want a medal?? Bei...
  7. LOL......probably cuz of the label. I will keep my eyes open here for you in case I stumble upon one (at more of a discount) -- LOL. Never say never -- Fingers crossed (and eyes) LOL
  8. @WALK -- umm, looking around the Net -- I found one Just like yours in Canada ( Ontario ) and with the label. It would be an ideal replacement but a bit pricey. Do you do Ebay at all? If so, tell...
  9. Love this! Yes, I had some of these over the years - but now right now. See your vase had the same label as my little glass Bears do. Do not know how I missed this. I will let you know if I find o...
  10. Thanks for the post -- Love them!!! The older jewelry was made so fine!! Great post, and Thanks for sharing your family treasures!!
  11. OMG -- I remember these.
  12. Your Welcome Mike ~ So Glad for you!!
  13. Ahhhhh man......I am drooling again!!!!
  14. Phil ~ You the King of Collectibles !! Stunning!! Amazing !! Your number # 1. Your items, and your photography is so Special. You need to write a Book entitled: "Phil's Collection: A Master P...
  15. Found this for ya, says: [Quoted from above]: ""Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, A green glass Art Nouveau cl...
  16. BAZINGA -- Great find Mike. Could not happen to a nicer person. If I see anything of the liner that can help, will let you know. Congrats..... Just the way it is right now is Stunning too !!!
  17. Regards to your Husband too.....Proud of Each and Every Veteran that served in Wars. My DAD was with Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) for WWII. Thanks -- Nice to see some old Air Streams posted. ...
  18. SALUTES DrFuffy for comment @ post # 12 So glad to hear that!! Your my HERO as a SUPPORTER for Animal Protection !! Thank you !!
  19. Wow.....Thats a lot of Neat phones!!
  20. This is a Super Fine Picture!! Love it!!
  21. Interesting....I did say Thank YOU and did post it there, did you Miss it? I am on Several different others are too as well as Facebook, and Etsy. Lots of people are on other forums. ...
  22. Does MIKE Wolfe ever *Pop* on here ? I loooove their TV show. Big Fan of it!!!!
  23. What happened to ALL the comments and the other Posts you had on this item? There were 3 parts to this item -- with Comments -- and ID -- and Discussions. So where did they all go ??? Seems A...
  24. Okay Dokey -- I guess just make sure to get base shots with the next tote bin you open with the new posts. Sorry to have you re-open the others again. Base shots are very worthy !! I forgotten ...
  25. Lovely Piece!! Do you have base pics of these? Or is that another day photo session? LOL
  26. Stunning Piece Rick -- Always amazing what they can do with Glass !!
  27. Love it!!!
  28. So right!! Just like (for whatever reason ) I myself do not collect the Murano clowns. Just not my thing....LOL. They are nice, but I like Murano Glass with sparkles.......over the Murano clowns......
  29. I do love this piece....and the colors !! It would go on any shelf here.....LOL
  30. Thanks ARTISLOVE for the love on this item!!
  31. You would best as do not have a base pic to see. If you know where you got it, and can see the base -- You know they type of glass. Me -- I am just looking at a pic. Your most likely is MURANO as y...
  32. Hugs/and Thanks back on this Sexy Piece of Glass.....LOL toolate2 --> Thanks for the lovely comment!! gargoylecollector melaniej austrohungaro --> Thanks for the lovely comment!! Trey DrFluf...
  33. Love, love, love the colors combo -- and of course -- I love Murano Sparkle. A Sparkly type of Glass Gal here!!!
  34. Nice piece!! I am always a little leery about these -- as I have seen some New Chinese Glass that copy this style and other companies ( Novica ) making some fine copies of Murano Glass. I love t...
  35. Any Glow, curious ?? ....And Base pics please. Lovely colors !!!
  36. Wooden Hand Drill?? That is what we called it on the farm
  37. I have the Combine, the Baler, the Discer, tractor.....LOL. They are buried away in a box somewhere here.....LOL Gotta love Green and Yellow.... ;-))
  38. Can we see a base shot please? Thanks
  39. Love it -- had one!!!!!
  40. Very nice piece Alan. I love it and the Colors. Is there any wear on the bottom? As I can not tell. Can you post a bottom pic at a slight angle if there is any wear? Thanks
  41. Base pic please.....that would help greatly!!
  42. Look underneath on Marble area (very carefully) IF you can to see if any marks there.....just be very careful....
  43. Here is *Granny's* Blue Mountain Pottery Site:
  44. I think they re-used the molds at different many other companies did. Sometimes places even *sold* their molds to another. So yeah -- nothing easy in the world of Collectibles......LOL.
  45. Sweet !! I remember as a child we had something like this.... Childhood memories --> Thanks for the Post
  46. @ALAN -- Thanks, appreciate that. When I first started to collect Glass, I would get so frustrated when I would see something saying was this, and not. Still see that on Ebay to date. I have known ...
  47. @Ericocon - Make sure to post your Chalet Art Glass !!
  48. Thanks ERICOCON - for the post/credit. Glad those links could help you. Yes, this is an old mark!!! Glad I was able to help. Not sure what it is? Maybe a Candy dish, or just a decor piece, or it...
  49. Chalet Art Glass = Canadian, EH.... Gotta love those long not pick it up by those !!!!
  50. Beautiful Vase, could fool anyone. Stunning piece to still use as Decor!! I would have this in my home! You might want to admend your heading as you have a positive ID on it and so others viewi...
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Swirly serpentine Glass "XX Century" Murano ??,Part-6 Circular Glass"XX Century"Murano ?? Part-5 4 Agent Provocateur posters Bird Taking Flight - Vaseline Abbé Pierre Pacton & André  Minil , Ecole de Carriès , Grotesque Pitcher/Mask African Wood Carving with Beads and Leather Wood purse more images Circa 1900s Arthur Craco "Dante" Mask 2 Pieces of Native American Pottery: Sculpted Face, Carved Stone Pipe, Red Clay Bear


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