North Dakota


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Wall Molding found in early 1900s auditorium - Art Decoin Art Deco
Little red glass bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nov. 2, 1963 Grand Ole Opry Brochure - Paperin Paper
Round, Heavy and What is THIS!? - Potteryin Pottery
White Glass Basket with Clear Spun Glass Handle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pearl Accordian - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Pin from Italy - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Glass overlay of jeweled flowers on Pin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Horse? Dragon? Brass - Animalsin Animals
Black/dark blue Egg with Flowers - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. :) and might I say, this has given me an appetite for more info. thanks
  2. Well, I am neutral as far as the SWASTIKA goes, since this IS completely the wrong direction to be considered one, thanks everyone
  3. well that makes me a little more curious about the shape and reason
  4. ? I am unaware?
  5. Windwalker, thank you but I think I have more information on Marmarth then theycould give me there, lol, I have sent pictures from my Mother's book she was going to publish, I could dig up the informa...
  6. The building is in Marmarth ND, it is the Barber Auditorium, this molding was found around the gym in the upstairs, I apologize for the question, NevadaBlades, I have a fast mind and a slow ...
  7. Thank you for the information, I wonder do you think that there was any specific reason, or suppose the bricklayers and builders were on one general plan?
  8. no but I definitely recognize the painting, my grandmother had it hanging in her bedroom forever, I starred it to sleep many a night, thanks for sharing
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PHOTO 1912-16 Leith,NORTH DAKOTA--TRAIN?  MIDDLE ON NOWHERE-WHAT ARE THESE GUYS GOING TO DO THERE? ENLARGE PHOTO! LE POILU WEAPON PAKISTANI 2-BLADED 'CANOE' POCKET KNIFE rare  art nouveau pottery vase with frog by LEON ELCHINGER National Cash Register...Model 8...With Top Sign...All Original from 1885