Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamTapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamps, vinyl lp's, 1800-century glass, clocks, Arabia ceramics, name it. (Read more)


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  1. ........:)
  2. Oh yes, they are gonna rock and roll afterwords :)
  3. Try mild phosphoric acid treatment.
  4. Hi Looks original Perkins 1956 issue which was better than Elvis' version. Great single from golden era of rock'n'roll.
  5. No, it is close up. It is same size like Abu Record 1600, 1550....
  6. 90's Pioneer can be very good machine.
  7. Oh yes and there is benefits for playback also, like better sound quality.
  8. Mary Gregory it is.
  9. Oh yes, when cd came "they" sold it like superior audio format but why vinyls sounds so great? These Purple albums are just great, won't sell them. I'll kept my vinyls but sold my cd's when MP3 came...
  10. Nice coin, great story.
  11. Oh yes, Penn's are nice too.
  12. Thanks for watching.
  13. To bb. We know here(Finland) why we fight in WWII. Soviet Union attacks here in 1939, it was David and Goliath fight, soon or later we must to fall. So partnership with German was only option to survi...
  14. Nice Omega. With some dial glass polish it is family heirloom, from father to "son". These are build to last.
  15. Hi These are so called "rise porcelain". Name is coming those glazed tiny "holes" in side. If you look this cup through sunlight you can see these rice grain shaped decorations. These are made hundr...
  16. Thanks zowie.
  17. This seems to be JB's early one from 60's.
  18. Thanks racer :)
  19. Comes with optic stopper ;)
  20. Color can be emerald green also.
  21. Thanks sean and vetraio.
  22. This is from Holmegaard glassworks, desing by Jacob E. Bang.
  23. I can see only slovakia does it makes your timing in "new light"? Don't get me wrong, very nice piece anyway.
  24. I use to build these too. Maybe i add some photo soon. I remember there was lot work with these. We have "real" battlefield because we blew out these with firecrackers and little bombs :(
  25. Unusual item. Theme is from China. Is bottle inside glass?
  26. Great item. I wish that this item can talk, who is played with it? Frank Stokes, Sleepy John Estes....?
  27. Hi Nice clock, it is french style clock. Don't attach wire for it because risk of electric shock, there is maybe ungrounded wire.
  28. Hello I look again the marks and there is something difference with old ones can't be sure if it's original, it might but remember that Maissen, Delft and few other are most copied factories.
  29. This is canteen, i saw it in the museum collection. Dated 1850-1870.
  30. Stunning piece;) All i can say it is majolica item, it was very popular in 1890 to early 1900's. Looks old but can be repro also. Not necessary chinese made because many european(germany produce lot...
  31. Hi It is mark 52. Round 1890's.
  32. This is not "very" old but beauty anyway. This decorative is used from late 1800's to 1950's.
  33. Look these
  34. Is pendulum missing?
  35. Ed Forgelot can be clock dealers name not maker, look inside the clock and seek any markings.
  36. Hi Try to find serial no: from backplate or somewhere in the movement. Thats how i date my german clocks.
  37. I'll love it, do you have knifes? Did native americans use stone knifes or metal?
  38. Edit: latest knowlegde it was a desing team for these "löytö" items. Team members were Tapio Wirkkala, Erkki Vesanto...etc. So it isn't sure that designer was Tapio in this one.
  39. Cool picture i like it.
  40. Don't be i sell it too cheap. :(
  41. I would like to find a closed 50 -year-old ginger jar which would still intact and with ginger.
  42. Oh yes, thanks katherine :)
  43. I look your decanter(lovedecanters) and there is slight differences also, like crosses are deeper and wider cutted in this one. Anyway it was famous patter and made all over world.
  44. Hi Did you tried find info from patents?
  45. I think Pearl River Brand was ginger agricultural producer. Packed and exported by the china national foodstuff export corporation.
  46. Thanks racer and oldandsilly :)
  47. Thanks for commenting lovedecanters. Maybe England was 1780-1800 but not in here. Time frame is different because glassworkers moving around world and patters came along, these patters came in finla...
  48. It isn't. In Finland these items are made between 1900-1969 in Nuutajärvi glassworks. These "Antica" patterns are made worldwide so your Irish info can be right also.
  49. Congratulations! It is sure rare sleeve. I read somewhere that the first edition was destroyed in due course almost entirely.
  50. I beg your pardon?
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