Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamTapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamps, vinyl lp's, 1800-century glass, clocks, Arabia ceramics, name it. (Read more)


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Abu-matic 20 - Fishingin Fishing
Victory 55 - Fishingin Fishing
Gloria 120 - Fishingin Fishing
Abu Record 1300 - Fishingin Fishing
Ryobi 3000 - Fishingin Fishing
"Antica" goblet from Nuutajärvi glassworks - Glasswarein Glassware
Blue vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
"Harald" drinking horn from Iittala glassworks - Art Glassin Art Glass
"Kasperi" jug from Riihimäki glassworks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pioneer CLD-2950 LD player - Electronicsin Electronics


  1. Thanks aghcollect and katherine for comments. I just notice that when i sent this, there is proper reels section, sorry.
  2. Oops there is reels :) i think my sight is going bad. Please change section.
  3. Hi Sorry can't say much(it is rare) about this reel but i like your reels i also collect them and i have also cat like yours :). First i saw this i think my cat is travelled now in America. These ma...
  4. Sorry, from there. I need edit functions for my commenting...hint....hint!
  5. I had bad memory from Burger King Benindorm Spain. We all 3 people got diarrhea from it. But like these neon lights.
  6. I think too it is pharmacy pottery very common styling for these.
  7. I'll love it, can't wait real mushrooms coming up :)
  8. Hi It is fishing lure for necklace, also called joint fish. It was very popular in early 1900's these are still in production.
  9. There is some noise only when starting to play. I like these discs they are stunning, big shiny format. Plays cd's as well.
  10. Very nice art nouveau piece, me like!
  11. Nice prism cutted vase. Did they sign these? First there was place then it came brand ;)
  12. Thanks to all :)
  13. Thanks zowie. I have say i hate this piece so it is sold today in flea market but still it is desing glass ;)
  14. Thaks to all likers ;) I don't collect art glass or pressed anymore. I like a most these late 1800's or early 1900's hand blown glasses. I always wonder and admire skills, who make these. In this gl...
  15. Amazing
  16. I like Abe but with numerology there is secret numbers to everyone and everything. Little bending with numbers you have suitable sequence to everything. :)
  17. Great vase, i have couple of these. Look here:
  18. Wayne's sites are great, there is also some export models.
  19. These 4 ???? are emoji's but not showing correctly here, thanks all to watching.
  20. Thanks rose again for sharing all this????
  21. Thanks vetraio, manikin.....????
  22. In chinese mythology dragon means kingdom. It is symbol rain and spring, and it is also adversary of greed and stinginess.
  23. I did some reserch and notice there is possibility that this yellow color cointains radium sulfate or uranium salt. I found also info that using of self luminous colors stopped 1963 in finland. I hav...
  24. Well, i don't tested it with UV light. But never heard that Riihimäki made uranium glass, consciously. But, never say never :)
  25. Red is made with spike mold technique.
  26. Thanks rose and no, this is not uranium glass.
  27. Lol :)
  28. Nice birds, what is blue one?
  29. Amazing collection.
  30. To zowie, there is fake items out there but these are easy to recognize.
  31. Hi and thanks ;)stwillia76, nice to know. Kiitos itsellesi.
  32. Must be ragdoll :)
  33. Painting style and details leads me advice this is quite new item, late 20th century. Rooster in china, it is symbol of warmth and life of universe it's also means the warlike courage. There is many ...
  34. They can be original Beatles movie posters, i'am not sure.
  35. Thanks Rose.
  36. Thanks Sean :)
  37. There is slight possibility that this can be early Nuutajärvi's glassworks made in 1850. There is lot of bubbles in glass mass and there is no copper rims like muraro items.
  38. This can be made with zanfirico latticino technique.
  39. No, laser disc is still alive and kicking;) in karaoke use. In japan LD movies production continued to late 20th century and there is lot LD movie enthusiasts here.
  40. Thanks for comments. Ruby(red) and cobolt(blue) will no longer be in production in the glass industry. They are harmful to workers health.
  41. I like this tumbler, shape is almost liquid.
  42. Thanks rose ;)
  43. :) i can't post just smiley...
  44. Hint to moderators, we aliens(this is google translate:))need edit function for commenting!
  45. I think this can be full bronze because cast layer is pretty thin and this is quite heavy. Real bronze was 80-90% copper and makes it heavy vs. thin cast iron layer. But this is my first statue can't...
  46. Check marks from clock's backplate or rear movement.
  47. Any marks in bottom?
  48. Looks like majolica, not sure, kind dark photo. Can you take picture from bottom.
  49. Thanks Zowie :)
  50. Ok, thanks.
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