Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamTapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamps, vinyl lp's, 1800-century glass, clocks, Arabia ceramics, name it. (Read more)


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  1. .....or you can also try carefully pull the knob.
  2. Nice watch. You can open it with knife etc. or sometimes pushing the knob will open backplate. Here you can find mfg:
  3. Looks Murano to me.
  4. Can you take photo from stamp?
  5. Flint has formed a closure of the surrounding rock. Native americans are noticed beauty of it and use it as decorative purpose. What KY meas and where is it?
  6. Amazing piece! This must be decorative piece for cutting, early knife etc. I think there is no many of these with flint eyes.
  7. Yes i know.
  8. Hi There is many swirl items are called name by "baccara" many these repro items are made pressed glass. This is most copied glass theme in the world. Real Baccara(France) items are made in crystal...
  9. I'am not expert for these but i would say these items are made over thousands of years like oil lamps in same area, in same traditional way by hands. You have to be almost museum curator to say are t...
  10. Very nice, if you find old scotch sigle malt jug i'am interested :) Is this old?
  11. Very nice i have all vintage like i do ;) Read ya, bye!
  12. Or mortal?
  13. So, is this(seal) like a note in letter that king is immortal?
  14. Sorry there is not private email option. I don't want to share my discogs user id here in public but i post my records here one at time. Collecting is another thing but i like listen all my records w...
  15. Ok. Then i'll see.
  16. Thanks Sean and Racer
  17. Oh, yes.
  18. :) ok, thanks i know it is most copied pattern.
  19. Can i sent my user in private then u can look them all?
  20. Buddy Holly was great, he had many great songs.
  21. All great!
  22. And i love ZZ-Top too...these are also part my collection that i won't sell. Older ones are better.
  23. There was least 3 big(later) names in Sun Records at same time. These labels with Elvis are pretty rare. I remember Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Johnny Cash. You have many great records here. My recor...
  24. 5 or 6 are serious collector or horter like i do :) I look your photos, thanks.
  25. Looks like spiritist board, don't use it ;)
  26. Very similar like my but marks don't match.
  27. I have few records from Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran.
  28. I have some but these aren't genuine first issues from 50's.
  29. Don't have many Beatles but i collect 50's rock'n'roll, 70-80's heavy rock and 80's new wave/punk music.
  30. Nice record find! Do you ever wish that this would be the "Butcher Cover" version lp?
  31. Very nice!
  32. Nice art deco piece maybe perfume bottle.
  33. Thanks racer, box was for candle assortments.
  34. Yes, not only plates but all kind of dinnerware.
  35. Nice story, i have heard this is perhaps oldest sales gimmick for Willow plates.
  36. You can use it for needle weight. Nice record ;)
  37. I like pic2 blue sky make reflects in glass many different shapes. Great photo!
  38. Don't mention it! Thanks to you :)
  39. Thanks Elisabet
  40. Thanks to all
  41. Thanks phil, the lights guide me in my way...............:)
  42. Truly gem, i like it much.
  43. Thanks :) both will do
  44. Is it really welded? How about casted together? Cast iron is very "hard" to weld, you can do it but you have know exact how to do it. Must be slowly preheated and sometimes even hammered welding ;) ...
  45. Can't find match. Making my bird you have to know something casting bronze or messina.
  46. Rose can you tell me more manufacturer etc.?
  47. All kind digital music format replicates analog sound. In analog sound is purest form. When pressing(packing..mp3,atrac) sound smaller space we loose details of sound. When you listen vinyls and then...
  48. I have quite large vinyl collection i can record them to md, dcc, cc & dat. I'am planning to change my car cd into md player. Old gadgets are simply better sounding & better made and build to last. ...
  49. Thanks sean & zowie
  50. Oh yes. One time they made best spincasting reels.
  51. See more