Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamTapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamps, vinyl lp's, 1800-century glass, clocks, Arabia ceramics, name it. (Read more)


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Harlekiini by Nanny Still (Riihimäen Lasi Oy 1959) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Aino Aalto's Bölgeblick vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Chenghua Nian Zhi period or Cultural revolution era 1900-1960 - Asianin Asian
"Briljant" cocktail glass x2 by Tapio Wirkkala - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath LP - Recordsin Records
Travel Sawing Machine - Sewingin Sewing
Pink Floyd The Wall LP - Recordsin Records
The locomotive bottle from JL glassworks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bronze buckle from the pagan period - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
 Cross of Liberty 2nd class 1941 from Finland - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. This can be from Central-american, try Inca pottery. Bird theme was usual with Inca pottery legs.
  2. Asian influenses here, maybe very very old or repro from 1950's. Can you add better images from different angles.
  3. Some editing because ipad ;)
  4. Can't find anything for 49E.
  5. Hi Thanks for posting. I try to fix it but i still belive there is knob or switch somewhere.
  6. Pharmacy bottle?
  7. Yes it is.
  8. If you someday sell them u will surpriced how valuable they are ;) I must say there is collection, at least little one, because it takes up space for several meters of shelf space. I sold my records...
  9. That's right. Even these are mass product items these are only few in flea markets. Where they went to?
  10. From charts, i do not heard any good music for years. When we are talking for music there is not right opinion. These albums are here because most of them are quite valuable, wanted and they give many...
  11. H.A.C or HAU is Hamburg American Clock Co. Is german clock factory which made the clocks for export to America. These are very good quality clocks. They eventually merged with Junghans in 1930.
  12. Very nice Saab and somebody has taken care of it, lot.
  13. Thanks to all ;)
  14. Great find!
  15. There is also round Oiva Toikka's(signed in Nuutajärvi)bird and Armando Jacobino's(Nuutajärvi or Kumela) glass horse.
  16. Pictures are much better now, looks old but they always do. Chinese make copies from old items and they copy stamps too. It can be late 1800's. I wondering what is that stamp in center of bowl.
  17. Nice item, these are getting more valuable day by day.
  18. Medieval forest glass(germany) pattern but repro. Nice piece anyway.
  19. I like these curved shapes these remind me vienna style chairs from Michael Thonet.
  20. My opinion is fix this clock it is valuable and well made. Then you get very nice timepiece for years to come.
  21. It is real bowl allright all chinese bowl's are real but if you mean is this repro? This is very inresting one. Fish theme bowl, never seen like this one. Picture is not good but there is polychrome...
  22. Blue onion was originally Maissen decoration from 1740.
  23. To Zowie, don't know about that but there was 70's bottle too(yellow) with 70€ price tag on it, this was 45€. I think they thought that is some kind repro from original, yes it is but it is worth much...
  24. I want to smoke one of these.
  25. Hey thanks :)
  26. Original was "Fazzoletti" By Paolo Venini and Fulvio Bianconi in 1940's. This was bestseller from Venini glassworks.
  27. Oh yes. Thanks for posting.
  28. I like it, it is real gem.
  29. Thanks sean and pops :)
  30. Ok, thanks agh ;)
  31. "Pilkkiavanto" are made only 10 pieces.
  32. Tapio Wirkkala was master of glass. Wirkkala's favorite theme with glass was ice and many variations of it. Ultima thule, Minerva, Pilkkiavanto(eng. Ice fishing hole) etc.
  33. Who remember old story with related to these dogs. When sailor is at sea these dogs are looking from window the sea in the distance. While sailor is home dogs are looking inside home from window. ...
  34. I agree with the greyness in plate, blue color with lot of greyness tone is not good in chinese items etc. ming blue/white repros. I think it is from 1950's but nice plate anyway.
  35. Hi Are you sure that there is no so called invisible mark in behind. Look plate in bright light and turn it different angles and maybe you see Hong Kong hallmark from 1950's.
  36. Sorry, little yellow one is from Taiwan and down left.
  37. Hi I know this item it is from Finland like i do. Made by Kupittaan Savi Oy in Turku, Finland. This item is called "tuuliharja" or "liinaharja" i have it in Kupittaan Savi catalog. It is early 193...
  38. Real name is "Hiidennyrkki", don't know is there english translate for it but it is close enough. Look also "Hiidenkehto" and "Hiidenkirnu".
  39. Nice item like always, moonstone.
  40. It is same period anyway, mogiage pottery. Sizes does matter ;) in this case it is more valuable than others maybe 20-40$ more. Any cracks/chips are notable when assessing these items.
  41. Sorry can't find blown glass section.
  42. These old Marantz hi-fi's are well made and nice looking, later Philips ruined them.
  43. There is no question any kind!?????? This picture is related to....see link up!!!!!!!!
  44. This is related to: You might be right but ....if you read my answer all the way you can find that...releasing two ...
  45. Shimazu Satsuma vase Or
  46. You can see two screws in upper plate, attached to the pendulum rod. Before removing these whole clock mechanism...
  47. This is very nice clock. I have done some clock repair. I buy clocks from flea markets some are out of order, old clocks are easy with reparable. Opening the case and removing the pendulum rod upper ...
  48. Dutch's, english and many others made copys from chinese and japanese ceramics for long time. Early copies are from 1600 and 1700 century, Asian(east-india trade) theme was very popular then. Europea...
  49. Hi It is a mug(40 cl).
  50. Thanx Zowie
  51. See more